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Open file (346.89 KB 500x900 1574658437077.png)
Star vs the Forces of Evil: In Memoriam Anonymous 11/25/2019 (Mon) 06:23:24 No.493
The series is dead but the threads on 8chan were some of our most popular. I wasn't crazy about how it ended but I'll always appreciate the show for the spectacular cucking in the second season, all the cute vixenfus, and how much great fan content it resulted in. For old times sake, let's post any new cuckquean fan art or stories we've come across, discuss the show, and share our favorite memes, cartoons and stories from the old threads.
Open file (398.27 KB 1167x881 1564864353754.jpg)
Open file (83.18 KB 500x500 1565246044249.png)
Open file (158.86 KB 560x350 1565327233278.gif)
Open file (548.58 KB 1200x750 1560635375658.png)
Janna has become generally accepted as the post-game winner, based on the answers given in the reddit AMA.
Open file (2.34 MB 2700x2200 1577501946476.png)
Open file (80.78 KB 450x1079 157750595192684326.jpeg)
Open file (1005.85 KB 900x600 1577504791036.gif)
Open file (1019.91 KB 1200x1800 1577504994103.jpg)
Some newer fan art. Last one is old but recently colored.
Open file (2.44 MB 7460x3144 1583898302092.png)
Open file (2.48 MB 1573x3140 1583898622116.png)
Open file (1.62 MB 1892x3142 1583898686366.png)
Open file (3.92 MB 3963x3143 1583898771330.png)
Open file (274.61 KB 1937x1703 1583899793607.png)
Over on halfchan /co/ people have been developing an AU where Marco goes on heavy metal-inspired adventures in the Neverzone with his party/harem of mostly brown girls from various shows (Janna from his own show, Anne from Amphibia, Connie from Steven Universe, Luz from The Owl House). Star is the villain. It's about as autistic as you'd expect, but it's pretty fun and resulted in some neat art.
Open file (1.15 MB 1145x2363 1583900774926.png)
Open file (740.55 KB 2798x880 1583902255027.png)
Open file (361.99 KB 1600x1200 1583901530943.png)
Open file (1.42 MB 1200x1200 1583901856053.png)
Open file (900.39 KB 3675x1521 1583918279342.png)
Open file (2.65 MB 4889x7000 1583903412675.jpg)
Open file (599.74 KB 2500x2000 1583895660777.png)
Open file (550.28 KB 949x1197 1583896452314.png)
Open file (3.02 MB 1290x1821 1583904132451.png)
>>816 First two from >>599 are also from this AU, I believe.
I can't believe that the show ended before i could finish jarcuck. i have two excuses tho. One my life got pretty crazy, and the other is that i was really bummed out about the show after the jarco break up. I'll go back to finish it one day, but for now i have to finish a few commissions before i can even consider it
Just want to thank you all for getting me into the show (and the fetish) through the power of the memes. I'll post some old content here as well.
>>1163 How can cuckqueaning be evil though?
>>1166 More like forces of evil made her a cuckquean and love it, otherwise she would've been a nice little girl.
>>1169 >Cuckqueans >Not nice girls They just want their boyfriends to be happy.
>>1030 Looking forward to it.
>>816 There's a lot more of this crossover harem stuff now.
>>1852 That's an interesting development. How did that come to be a thing?
Open file (584.79 KB 820x650 1608026072764.png)
Open file (202.59 KB 819x901 1608003812427.png)
Open file (2.19 MB 2562x1575 1608037593894.png)
Open file (223.20 KB 1539x1535 1608009316261.png)
>>1854 Marco being surrounded by cute girls in the show and lusted after by at least a few of them made rule 34 about him in harem situations pretty natural. It probably helps that he's a likable character for those who self-insert in the scenario. And for drawfags and writefags on /co/ crossing over different shows is pretty normal, and the show already featuring dimensional travel helps. Anyway you can see some of the AU autism that kicked it all off here: >>814 >>815 >>816 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wtkm6Km9TdA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ew4WmzoiYi0
>>1857 You can find more harem stuff by searching on svtfoe.booru.org but for now I'll just post more on topic stuff, i.e. where Star or someone else is watching.
Open file (397.57 KB 900x600 1608008051771.png)
Open file (490.28 KB 900x600 1608088485192.png)
Open file (480.02 KB 900x600 EpU-P97XYAEQwdf.png)
Open file (23.84 KB 1075x1119 1613254150653.png)
Open file (25.58 KB 1075x1119 1613254213295.png)
Was this cartoon a watershed moment for cuckqueaning on imageboards? I'm trying to think of another work that brought it so much into the popular consciousness of imageboards but I'm coming up blank.
Star dominantly getting her fan to fuck her man. I forget the terminology for this arrangement. I was going to attach these to the post but the uploader keeps giving me a failure message so I found them online: https://rule34.paheal.net/post/list/DZK%20StarFan13/1
>>2472 >Star dominantly getting her fan to fuck her man. I forget the terminology for this arrangement. It's just cuckqueaning with a 'quean who is dominant towards the vixen and a vixen who's submissive to the 'quean. I don't think there's a special term for it. >the uploader keeps giving me a failure message Probably their fuckoffhueg resolution; I saw that anon.cafe's thumbnailer sometimes doesn't have the resources to process them in time.
Open file (123.17 KB 1024x724 1630791146321.jpg)
Open file (1.34 MB 1000x2608 1630800052996.png)
Open file (59.74 KB 152x166 ClipboardImage.png)
>>498 >that ohnarev edit It's an immensely gratifying feeling to see your edit get used again, especially in a collage. Have a thing I saved from an old thread
>The series is dead Is Daron Nefcy working on anything new?
>>2857 looks like she directed some sort of woke school house rock in 2021 and that's about it https://www.imdb.com/name/nm4302325/?ref_=tt_ov_wr
Open file (132.10 KB 494x1814 star lap.jpg)
Open file (758.34 KB 2250x2850 RhzKTSc.jpg)
I happened to discover archives for all 5 of the 8chan Star vs threads. May be useful since all the images and some of the threads on 8chan/8kun are now dead. https://archive.ph/hvCBb https://archive.ph/QxvW5 https://archive.ph/VD9pS https://archive.ph/yUINn https://archive.ph/ypojn The threads just have thumbnails but it should be easy to find the original images using a reverse image search. Or if not, you could try searching for the original file name elsewhere (i.e. on desuarchive, in case it was posted on 4chan). You can also find most if not all other 8chan cuckquean threads here: https://archive.ph/http://8ch.net/cuckquean* You should be able to find images from those threads using similar methods.
Open file (1.11 MB 1920x1080 1685904833401105.png)
The pilot just leaked: https://files.catbox.moe/6iur52.mp4 Mostly not on topic but at one point (around 3:10) Star's teacher asks "How'd you like it if your man left you for an older woman?" and Star chews suggestively on her wand as she thinks about it.
I hate that the archive boards are only thumbnails. Can't find original pieces anymore. Gotta settle with what I got, unless someone here has a secret archive.
Open file (1.49 MB 1500x2160 StarVsEarth_Page04.png)
Open file (1.44 MB 1500x2160 StarVsEarth_Page05.png)
Open file (1.58 MB 1500x2160 StarVsEarth_Page06.png)
Open file (1.67 MB 1500x2160 StarVsEarth_Page07.png)
Open file (1.44 MB 1500x2160 StarVsEarth_Page08.png)
>>6039 Talented fella, that Incognitymous.

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