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lesbian cuckquean thread Anonymous 11/19/2019 (Tue) 05:32:49 No.486
"Please sleep with my girlfriend!"
What you experience as lesbianism is a polygynous adaptation that helps you get along with the other members of a harem. When women can be attracted to their man's other sex partners, it reduces tension and helps the harem work together. This is why you - a so-called "lesbian" - imagine your pretty girlfriend getting fucked by a hard cock.

Do the right thing. Edge your girlfriend until she agrees to fuck a man.
It doesn't matter that you're both lesbians. Your girlfriend has a pussy and pussies are made to be fucked by men. She's never going to have anything that isn't attached to or controlled by a man inside her pussy. She's going to suck cock and swallow sperm. She's going to get fucked properly, unprotected, she's going to enjoy a man's cum flooding her, surrounding one of her eggs, fertilising her. She's going to get fucked. Your girlfriend is going to get fucked, she's going to keep getting fucked, and you're going to help it happen.

Doesn't it feel good to accept it? Isn't it important to realise that this is what your lesbian feelings are for, to help her fulfil her biological purpose? It's hot and also correct. Natural. It's so easy to realise this, so relaxing, so sexy and right. When you decide to say yes, this is how it needs to be, this is what she's for, then suddenly everything falls into place and you can relax while she cums hard on cock. You can warm her up, show her how much you love her by licking her nice and wet before she takes a man into her. You can cuddle with her afterwards, kiss her all over to help her body relax and absorb cum. However you choose to express your lesbian feelings by getting your girlfriend fucked, you can enjoy discovering that as she takes cock more and more you love her more and more because that's how it's meant to be.

So do the right thing. Stay outside her. Get your girlfriend fucked by a man.
Open file (540.54 KB 650x947 78049848_p0.jpg)
Open file (391.88 KB 744x1052 62482888_p0.png)
>playing with her creampie afterwards
aikatsu cuck
Open file (644.51 KB 1280x1791 25.jpg)
Where's the part where the lesbian helping her gf get fucked also gets fucked?
Open file (2.21 MB 1920x1047 dd9.png)
>What you experience as lesbianism is a polygynous adaptation that helps you get along with the other members of a harem.
Severly disapointed in this post. it could have been the best post, but you blew it.
You would have preferred only the last two sentences?
sister cuck
Mostly F/f BDSM type of story, but there's a couple of scenes in it that are cuckquean that are very good.

That looks fun but thats not cuckqueaning is it? none of the girls are involved with the man.

And why is that tagged cheating?
Actual lesbian here. This stuff hurts, yo. God, why does it have to turn me on...
there is a lesbian cuckquean scene in the game SWEET VOLLEY HIGH
What is wrong with it? I genuinely want to know.

It’s okay to like what you like. What do you like about it? Why does it hurt?
Open file (237.85 KB 719x818 91B6d7H.jpg)
>>825 That just seems like bisexuality with extra steps
>>700 >what is wrong with it It began with something almost identical to a /g/ meme and then cuckqueaned me out of it as you can see from the image I posted
>>827 The behavior is bisexual but the person involved is a lesbian. You might compare it to political homosexuality in reverse.
>>490 >>830 I'd just like to interject for a moment. What you're referring to as lesbianism, is in fact, cuckquean/lesbianism, or as I've recently taken to calling it, cuckquean plus lesbianism. Lesbianism is not a useful sexuality unto itself, but rather another component of a fully functioning polygynous harem made useful by the cuckquean fetish, behaviours and vital femsub components comprising a full harem as defined by /cuckquean/. Many lesbians have a modified version of the cuckquean fetish without realizing it. Through a peculiar turn of events, the version of cuckqueaning which is widely used today is often called "lesbianism", and many so-called lesbians are not aware that it is basically the cuckquean fetish, developed by millions of years of natural selection. There really is lesbianism, and these people are experiencing it, but it is just a part of the fetish they really have. Lesbianism is a quirk: a polygynous adaptation that helps a woman get along with the other members of a harem. Lesbianism is a helpful part of a harem, but useless by itself; it can only function in the context of a complete male-led relationship. Lesbianism is best experienced in combination with the cuckquean fetish: the whole sexuality is basically cuckquean with lesbianism added, or cuckquean/lesbian. All the so-called "lesbian" girls are really getting off to imagining their pretty girlfriends getting fucked by a hard cock.
>>696 The heart wants what the heart wants, the pussy wants what the pussy wants.
Open file (286.10 KB 1024x967 h1ppd6p.jpg)
Open file (1.45 MB 2000x1123 79494401_p0.jpg)
Open file (1.32 MB 2000x1123 79784416_p0.jpg)
Open file (393.12 KB 800x1174 15.jpg)
>>834 >>836 >posting MFFM on /cuckquean/
Open file (76.45 KB 434x608 1370757089719.jpg)
>>832 Amazing. >>837 While I agree in principle at this point in time any post is better than no post.
>>838 Why did Reimu and Sanae dipped their hands in chocolate syrup
Open file (406.78 KB 800x1139 02_077.jpg)
Open file (305.54 KB 450x600 kaoru_Credits.png)
Open file (679.89 KB 1080x1420 1586024894823.png)
Open file (497.98 KB 1640x1185 80744595_p0.png)
Open file (665.72 KB 1200x1600 61306655_p0.png)
Open file (391.13 KB 1200x1600 61306655_p1.png)
"yass quean gay" ~this whole thread
>>921 I see no cucking, just two gay girls not telling each other they're into each other.
Open file (3.01 MB 2560x1440 76902094_p1.png)
>>938 where is the cuckqueaning you said there'd be cuckqueaning all I see is two girls and two niggers and a third girl tied up so where is the context there's supposed to be context but it's just two girls and two niggers and a third girl tied up where’s the relationship the fucking RELATIONSHIP? this is just two girls and two niggers and a third girl tied up /cuckquean/'s for cuckqueaning yet all you have posted is this pic of two girls and two n i g g e r s and a third girl tied up
Open file (90.89 KB 357x177 Double_nigger.PNG)
>>960 >>938 Are you saying there are...
A bit unrelated but... If a girl have a boyfriend and that boyfriend got changed into a girl and fucked by other guys/girls... Is that NTR or reverse NTR.
There was a good screencap on 8ch where a girl talks about how lesbians rape straight girls and will only kneel if you shoot them in the kneecaps. Does anyone have it?
Open file (28.93 KB 480x360 hqdefault.jpg)
>>825 >>827 >>830 >>831 Who cares. What it IS is the sexiest thing I've ever heard of.
Open file (681.96 KB 760x760 1588706385765.jpg)
Open file (1.01 MB 636x900 EPIC7fiVAAA_0Oe.png)
Open file (1.85 MB 1920x1080 78269445_p12.png)
Open file (619.87 KB 800x1100 82047186_p2.png)
>>1056 That fucking pube made it look like she had a crooked smile and now this picture is ruined for me.
Open file (3.08 MB 2900x2600 82104191_p0.png)
Open file (2.98 MB 2900x2600 82104191_p1.png)
>>832 Free and Open Sex Relationships play a valuable role in the social ecosystem. Sharing is caring.
>>1055 >picnic blanket Fucking cute. Adding that to the to-do list.
This song is basically about lesbian cuckqueaning. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5HepnmfBkgI
Open file (346.15 KB 976x1400 10.jpg)
>>1063 > Build a wall of books Between us in our bed Repeat, repeat the words That I know we both have said Relax into the need We get so comfortable Remember when I was So strange and likable I just want back in your head I just want back in your head I'm not unfaithful but I'll stray When I get a little scared When I get a little scared When I get a little When I jerk away From holding hands with you I know these habits hurt Important parts of you Remember when I was sweet and unexplainable Nothing like this person, unlovable I just want back in your head I just want back in your head I'm not unfaithful but I'll stray When I get a little scared When I get a little scared When I get a little scared When I get a little Run, run, run, run Run, run, run, run I just want back in your head I just want back in your head I'm not unfaithful but I'll stray I'm not unfaithful but I'll stray I'm not unfaithful but I'll stray I'm not unfaithful but I'll stray
Open file (2.35 MB 2315x3274 81531912_p0.jpg)
Open file (2.11 MB 2000x3581 71721550_p2.jpg)
Open file (233.71 KB 547x700 12987871_p0.jpg)
Open file (272.89 KB 507x509 1592834988725.png)
This kinda goes with the whole antler thing. As well as the chastity thing.
Open file (2.34 MB 2738x2000 82677488_p0.png)
>>960 I get that you're looking for an easy coom and women don't seem to ever want to do actual work like looking into the series theyre getting off to and learning things on their own but you're going to have to if you want to understand context, lesbians and yurifags dont get a whole subgenre dedicated to being cheated on. that picture is cuckquean and I can say that much but you're on your own. Learn to use a search engine you thot.
>>1141 Ok niggerposter
>>1145 being a cunt isnt going to make yuri ntr/cuckquean more popular.
>>1149 If popularity means some of the awful quality shit in this thread then I don't want it.
>>1143 This is really cute.
>>1153 The whole point is to do it in real life not be some masturbator
>>1199 Damn, that really looks like a male POV at first glance. >>1162 Says you.
Open file (85.94 KB 565x800 817489539.jpg)
riko does get with a man like her girlfriend wanted
Open file (1.26 MB 1559x2176 83442197_p0.jpg)
Sorry for interrupting, but are you girls actually cuckqueans/lesbians? Or are you just guys larping? t.A curious /fascist/
>>1280 are you actually a fascist or are you just larping lol
>>1280 >>1281 >being into fascism >not being a cuckquean >being a cuckquean >not being a fascist You two sit in the corner and think about your behaviour.
What do you call a man who cucks a lesbian?
>>1302 A bull?
>>1302 An iron; they make things straight.
>>1305 >going through the overboard and trolling
i wanna fuck a lesbian while her wife watches from up close and eats the creampie and take both of them out for ice cream afterwards.
Open file (2.40 MB 2400x3000 83501753_p1.png)
Open file (1.16 MB 1852x2570 please cuckquean.png)
Greetings /cuckquean/ can someone draw /fascist/'s board tan being cuckqueaned, like her white boyfriend fucking the chick
>>1400 >>>/loomis/835 (4 minute difference) I unironically can't tell if you're a /fascist/ trying to cope with having a brown board-tan or an anti-/fascist/ trying to generate even more ""degenerate"" (race-mix, adultery) porn of the mascot as if the existing stuff isn't already. Whichever it is, I support your quest. t. overboard
>>1400 >>1401 I'd appreciate if you didn't draw that since there is already enough autism and division on the board but there's nothing I can do to stop it.
>>1402 t.Mutt with white father
Never posted here before, but remembered a doujin that'll fit in here. https://exhentai.org/g/819099/c57dcbb36b/
>>1420 Oh hey, this artist. Here's another one, all participants female this time. Anyone going to that artist's profile should be warned that they do all kinds of stuff, including men getting cucked and sissified. If you're not into that, put on your big girl panties or don't visit, because HentaiFoundry's tagging and filtering is not sophisticated enough to show you only one gender getting cucked.
>>1431 >put on your big girl panties or don't visit I had a look. No big girl panties required. It was just the usual male cuckoldry and sissy shit. Nothing particularly big or controversial about it. Thanks for the warning and for retrieving the few good pieces from there, Anon.
>>1429 >gnic >uff Good to see the old tongue alive and well.
Open file (533.19 KB 1000x563 84275726_p0.jpg)
>>1440 I don't understand what part of "lesbian cuckqueaning thread" this encompasses.
l think this thread has devolved from "Lesbian Cuckquean thread" into "Any FFM pic, no matter the context thread". Its fine in normal Cuckquean threads but not this one. The recent images didnt even suggest the girls are with each other. Only this >>1431 still does
Open file (452.49 KB 761x800 Dwcac0wVYAAiAkQ.png)
Just discovered this art. The artist posted it with this message: >They just announced that #soldier76 was gay! Hooray! I figured what better way to celebrate it than having him make love with another gay character? She is being demonized for her political beliefs: https://archive.is/J2F2s
Open file (8.33 KB 359x46 unknown.png)
I can't believe /cuckquean/ has its own vtuber now.
>>1481 wew, I didn't even know she was shipped with anyone. Details please?
>>1483 Weird stuff, thanks. Apparently Kiara the phoenix girl is possibly being cheated on by Mori Calliope the grim reaper apprentice with Watson Amelia the time-traveling detective? Except maybe not because Mori doesn't really acknowledge Kiara as her partner in the first place? Vtuber plots are strange. I found this comment with timestamps for the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QwBdIgLzOVA&lc=UgyzLSbt0L0OwKZwM8l4AaABAg
>>490 >>491 >>696 I hope this gallery I found fits here: https://exhentai.org/g/1657148/e4ceb9cc8a/ Lesbians Taking Dick Captioned Images
Open file (53.70 KB 991x465 listen.jpeg)
Her body is trying to tell her something but she won't listen.
>>1589 Can't fight nature. Hopefully she has a supportive girlfriend that will encourage her to have sex with men to explore these urges.
Open file (624.38 KB 1409x1800 LrR7Glo.gif)
>>1589 >Not in important things >Just in weird fantasies and dreams >implying that the weird fantasies and dreams aren't important Oh dear. She's not the brightest, this one. She's going to end up being ruled by this from the shadows.
>>1597 Yep, nothing big. Just her subconscious.
>>1601 Is that a whole booru dedicated to lesbians taking the D?
>>1601 Is the discord still active? The link in the pastebin is dead.
Open file (1.38 MB 1910x1070 84979404_p0.png)
Open file (1.08 MB 1910x1070 84979404_p1.png)
>>1602 >>1601 The site seems to have died. It was alive the last time I checked on it.
>>1649 Yes, I noticed. I was posting things, and then there was a post on the forum, from the site owner, about how someone was posting loli/shota and that they deleted it and banned them. But for some reason, they appeared to have rolled the whole site back, including most of what I put up there that didn't fall under that. I asked about it, but after that they deleted the few forum posts that were there, then deleted the whole catalog of pictures. A couple got reposted, but then a few days later the whole site just disappeared. Never did find out if that discord is still there. I asked there, but again, forum got nuked even before the site did.
>>1650 Ouch that sucks.
>>1650 someone could always try making a new one
>>1650 It always starts with the loli/shota and then everything else gets nuked. It's the coal mine canary. When will people learn? At least some people learned a lesson about Discord. On another note, there's still a "working" imgur album in that pastebin but I can't figure out how to get imgur to even load on desktop anymore, and on mobile I can't get it to show me full res. Anyone know if there's a trick to it?
>>1650 Assuming it's the same LGD discord I am/was in, it's been basically deleted as well. All the porn channels are gone, as well as all of the channels period but one.
>>1692 Super lame. Was the same thing going on there? Considering the kind of people who run discord, I don't know if they'd even have a problem with that. >>1687 Couldn't say. Works on my PC. Try a different browser? >>1686 True. There's a lot of subjects that could use some boorus, like lesbians getting the D, a proper cuckquean, or a human supremacist one, but I personally have no idea what goes into actually setting up and maintaining one. My technical know-how on this internets stuff is limited.
Sort of relevant (lesbians want to start a family) https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph5f732bdfacfdb
How are there this many mangas about young girls angsting over whether to date women or "give up" and find a man?
>>1708 I think that it's a pretty common hiccup when the sexuality is developing, so it's a plot that resonates. The young lesbian is deeply confused about her girlcrushes, she sees other girls getting boyfriends, and has the idea that she'll try boys and maybe she'll get used to it and "get over" her homosexual/homoromantic impulses. She's also unfamiliar with and usually objectifies men (as many teenagers do with the opposite sex), so there's a dash of hubris added wherein she tells her ego that it'd be "easy" to "get" one. Sometimes it works like that, other times not. Adolescence is full of snares. And sometimes, just sometimes, that young lesbian's experience of this self-doubt metastasizes into a dark little grain that turns her on when she fantasizes about being raped straight, or offering her likewise-lesbian girlfriend to be cured.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sw8PKahFnI8 another cucking song When you believe in me, our time is just beginning Let's ripen the fruits of the flowering bud of love Tune your frequency to love's essence It's the sound of the honeybee's wings What kind of style do you desire to change into? The Little Mermaid transformed into a lovely pair of legs Mesmerize your identity with fashion and makeup Then I'll cast a spell upon you kurukuru・kyawawa・wawa sarasarasa・kyawawa・wawa Reach out and touch the bare pearl kushukushu・kyawawa・wawa yurayura・lala・kyawawa・wawa And become a jewel with an eye-turning aura Scatter your colorful, overflowing light kira・pata・shining kira・pata・shining Then wrap your magic carefully in sugar yuru・fuwa・shining yuru・fuwa・shining Transform yourself so you can change the world It's only just the first step The Bohemian Sky is the entrance to freedom So once you take off, those rules are gone The leading prophet is not quite understood It's ironic, because that's me Such a shame that approach isn't a suitable one But that is my love Before long your hand will drift away from mine Such talent is far from imagined For example, the beautifully charmed bare foot Will never be dependent kurukuru・kyawawa・wawa sarasarasa・kyawawa・wawa Like the antelope blowing in the wind kushukushu・kyawawa・wawa yurayura・lala・kyawawa・wawa A clever smile is just as mysterious Infuse your colorful, inner light kira・pata・shining kira・pata・shining Then enclose the love potion carefully in sugar yuru・fuwa・shining yuru・fuwa・shining Treasure the greatest spell from the bottom of your heart Because it's immersed in your charm When you believe in me, believe in yourself You know that effort has followed through
The story of Rapunzel is about Mother Goethels lesbian lover being taken away by the prince.
cropped out the man
>>1717 >cropped out the man I don't want to discourage you Anon, but I think maybe you missed.
Open file (764.90 KB 810x810 1606895597109.gif)
>>1763 I recognise that artist! Never been interested in their hyperpreg fetish but kind of admire how devoted they are to it.
Open file (31.43 KB 889x500 1607136614665.jpg)
Open file (30.66 KB 889x500 1607136588019.jpg)
Open file (32.37 KB 889x500 1607136678803.jpg)
Open file (58.46 KB 750x460 1607139691788.jpg)
Allegedly these are leaks from The Owl House but they're probably fake. Instead of deciding between the mainstream thread and the fan art thread I'll just post them here, since they do show lesbian cucking. Luz and Amity kissing, and the bully Boscha crying presumably out of jealousy after watching them.
Open file (259.56 KB 266x207 eugh.gif)
>>1649 >>1650 >>1687 >>1692 Oh, I was there. The moderators and their friends were outed as child groomers and it caused a brief but massive shitstorm, then they went into delete-fucking-everything mode to cover it all up because one of the admins lives in Mexico where loli is illegal. It was really pathetic, to be honest.
>>1731 I think there was a guy in the same position as the girl getting cucked, but on the left side of the glass (you can see a fingertip at the edge of the image)
>>1601 The fucking pastebin is privated due to pastebin taking the massive sitewide L. I pulled the Imgur album (just one of many links on there) out of my history: https://imgur.com/a/gCKx2z3
>>1942 Yay, one that ends happily.
Open file (5.95 MB 2894x3864 82162019_p0.jpg)
Open file (2.10 MB 2894x3864 82162019_p1.jpg)
https://dynasty-scans.com/chapters/misaki the girl who died was probably a cuck
>>2005 Well if she wasn't before, she is now! I bet she hears the mother having sex with her husband sometimes and touches herself shamefully. Can you imagine being the husband though? "Honey, our daughter says she's my lesbian ex from high school... I'm inclined to believe her."
Open file (1.68 MB 850x1200 ClipboardImage.png)
>>2005 >>2012 Would this count as a karmic reward or retribution?
Yami to Bōshi to Hon no Tabibito is the anime that created the meme of the lesbian lover coming back as the daughter of one of the couple
https://e-hentai.org/g/1173478/61077956ef/ this needs to be translated into english
>>2033 (checked) Sometimes the queany element in these is so subtle I don't even see it...
>>2034 We must accept that the senses of a true connoisseur are unavailable to we plebs. I suspect lesbian cuckqueaning pipettes and reagents are involved.
Open file (1.91 MB 1333x1600 87272436_p6.png)
Open file (1.83 MB 1333x1600 87272436_p8.png)
here is some cuck from Assault Lily https://www.pixiv.net/en/artworks/87272436
Open file (2.98 MB 4200x4200 87428642_p0.jpg)
Not entirely cuck themed, but it felt too nice to not post.
Open file (4.99 MB 960x10723 A0NN3M5.jpg)
>>2263 Nice, thank you anon. But when are we getting CYOA where we're the girl arranging to be cucked? I've seen ones where we're the guy arranging to be cucked... And what do they say about chasing rabbits? lol at that petite Isl*m reference tho
>>2267 Then make a CYOA to your liking!
>>2267 Would you prefer a CYOA where you find a vixen for your man, or one where you find a bull to knock up your GF?
>>2272 I would like the one wher bull to knocks up the girlfriend or wife
>>2272 >Would you prefer a CYOA where you find a vixen for your man Yes please! >or one where you find a bull to knock up your GF? No thank you! I know it's supposed to be for lesbian cuckqueaning but I immediately got the male-cuckoldry skeeze-reaction off this bit.
>>2272 >>2275 Even if it's a CYOA for finding a vixen for your man (or woman - this is the lesquean thread after all) I wonder if there's some appeal in having a little section about who your partner is, before we get into the vixen picking? Or about who you, the cuckquean, are? You could of course pick whatever matches you and your actual partner (or husbando/waifu) but you could also construct a fantasy scenario, like the one I saw in the worldbuilding thread "well, I'm an elf, and my dear husband is a strapping human man / lusty orc / many-tentacled beast, and I just can't keep up with his needs" or "I'm the wrong species/race and I want my partner to have children with his own kind." Of course there should regardless be the option "it fuckin' turns me on and I'm honest and don't need an excuse."
>>2272 I want the bull to knock up the girlfriend, by the way that is called an Iron when a male cucks a lesbian girl,
>>2282 >by the way that is called an Iron when a male cucks a lesbian girl Is it? I’m familiar with it as rhyming slang for “poof”, i.e. a derogatory term for gays.
>>2263 Nice. Does this person have any other work, cuckquean or not? How'd you find 'em? I tried to look 'em up and didn't even find this CYOA. >>2282 Never heard this and kinda suspect you made it up.
>>2333 it is in this thread
>>2334 >Source: dude trust me
>>1304 here it is!
>>2338 That anon is probably just you. But cute joke I guess.
>>2339 no it is not
>>2340 >Source: dude trust me
>>2338 That doesn't even make sense. An iron makes things flat, not straight.
https://dynasty-scans.com/chapters/picnic Yuu does not want to see pussy even though she has a lesbian lover
So I have a bit of a story to tell you all. I am technically not a lesbian, bisexual female, and this story will be told from my perspective, the vixen. I had this intense cuckquean relationship with this lesbian couple for a few months. Basically, I knew them from my local college and I was friends with the non-cuckquean girl of the relationship. Her gf who was the cuckquean was kind of brash and a little rude. I actually didn't know they were into it until they told me. Basically they had a very specific fantasy they wanted me to play out. I would fuck the girl I was friends with using a horsecock strapon and various bad dragon dildos. It was a crazy relationship with a lot of perks like having my back and feet rubbed by the quean and getting dinner made by my non-cuckquean friend. Her cooking was pretty good and she had a big butt too. A few times the cuckquean asked me to cockslap her with the strapon and that was pretty funny. I know we're on /cuckquean/ and all but are there any other vixens here?
>>2470 >are there any other vixens here? I've seen one or two post over the years but I don't think that many vixens tend to self-identify as such. >I had this intense cuckquean relationship with this lesbian couple for a few months I can't really identify with your story on any axis but it sounds like you had fun and they had fun, so that's good!
>>2470 Sounds like you had fun and they made you very welcome! Wonder why they decided to confide in you? Gotta admit that I lol’d when I got to the horsecock part - maybe they picked you because you just give off a horsecocked homewrecker vibe. But I’m curious: Were you relegated entirely to strap-on duty? If so, did you find that particularly satisfying, sexually? Also, if you don’t mind me asking, why’d it end? They’d had their fill? Not a lot of vixens tend to drop by here, like >>2473 says I don’t think the majority of girls who fill a vixen role think of themselves in those terms. You’re welcome all the same. Thanks for adding “watch boyfriend cockslap a brash lesbian” to my never-to-be-finished cuckqueaning bucket list.
>>2489 >Sounds like you had fun and they made you very welcome! Wonder why they decided to confide in you? I did have fun! I think they decided to tell me because I was good enough friends with her gf and I guess they thought I was attractive. One aspect I think might have made me more attractive to them or at least to the quean was my feet, oddly enough. I have actually had experiences with foot fetish before although that's a story for another time and it's not /cuckquean/ related. but I didn't think it could happen with girls. During that time period I was going to college in that area, a friend of mine had got me a nail salon gift card so I was getting my nails done a lot. more specifically, I kept getting a french pedicure and I guess it really turned the quean on. >But I’m curious: Were you relegated entirely to strap-on duty? If so, did you find that particularly satisfying, sexually? I wasn't entirely relegated to strapon duty. That was certainly a very fun part of it. I actually admit the part that I enjoyed the most was wrecking that dumb slut's gf. I wasn't a large fan of her at first but once I realized she was just kind of dumb feminist slut who was a cuckquean, it turned me on even more. There was this one time in particular that me and her gf were dirty talking her and I fingered her before calling her a dumb feminist cuck and she had an orgasm. >Also, if you don’t mind me asking, why’d it end? They’d had their fill? the relationship kind of ended when I left college. I had finished the classes for what I needed to do and then I left. We had one final session together where they licked my feet like image related and I had them take turns riding the horsecock strapon. We left on a good note. Speaking of that, I have a question to ask for the lesbian cuckqueans. Do you have foot fetish? How do you integrate it into your sex life?
>>2490 >I have actually had experiences with foot fetish before >but I didn't think it could happen with girls I briefly looked into this a while ago and I've only heard of it manifesting in lesbians in any statistically significant amount. I've seen a couple of apocryphal accounts of women attracted to men's feet at a fetish level, but the supermajority of both male and female foot fetishists seem to be attracted to women's feet. (This isn't counting women who like to briefly kiss feet as part of a submission ritual or be stepped on for masochistic/submissive reasons, of course - that has more to do with feet as a symbol pointing to the actual locus of arousal rather than as a fetish object in and of themselves.) On a side note, weirdly your experiences register to me more as a cuckolding "bull" type of role rather than what one would think of as the classic cuckqueaning vixen. I think it's because all members of the arrangement were women and your role strongly involved wielding an exaggerated strapon. (Is "wielding" the right general verb for what you did with that strapon? It feels right. "Wearing" seems insufficient.) This is the first time I've seen an account of this particular arrangement with these particular dynamics involved.
Open file (1.72 MB 1488x2105 89752189_p0.jpg)
getting her girlfriend ready to be cucked
https://dynasty-scans.com/chapters/i_hope_its_sunny_tomorrow I think the baby comes from a cucking session
Open file (1.70 MB 1280x1920 73538043_p1.jpg)
The link to a short eromanga involving a woman giving birth to a horse foal while another woman mocks her has been removed. For the subhumans who need such things to be made clear: A woman being forced to somehow fall pregnant by a stallion so that her vagina is destroyed in giving birth to its foal is considered NOT CUCKQUEANING, no matter how much lesbian overtone has been lazily slathered on top. No ban has been issued, but now that a board rule has been made explicit, such material will be met with a ban in future.
Edited last time by cuckqueanadmin on 07/27/2021 (Tue) 06:29:39.
>>696 You want me to fuck your girlfriend?
>>2694 Thanks for taking car of this. Not something I would really like to see here. I'm currently out of eye-bleach.
Open file (80.78 KB 322x289 1576008430.png)
>>2694 >A woman being forced to somehow fall pregnant by a stallion so that her vagina is destroyed in giving birth to its foal is considered NOT CUCKQUEANING I loled. You should put that verbatim in the rules.
>>2694 Well now that just makes me more curious.
Open file (438.92 KB 892x741 E7a3tCcXoAACmFF.png)
>>486 Reminder that lesbians who take cocks are heckin valid af
>>2718 You will never be a woman.
>>2720 Anon said "take cocks" not "have cocks", silly.
Open file (61.82 KB 554x554 1627189906415.jpg)
>>1059 Oh Christ, that is a pube, isn't it?
Open file (7.29 KB 319x298 anger.png)
>>2735 Its like 70% niggers. If you include impregnation its like 90% niggers. why is this bullshit?
>>2768 Blacks disproportionately consume and pay for porn; this includes commission/Patreon/etc. flows to Western “rule 34” artists, some of whom learn that blacks = bucks.
>>2772 Do you have a source on this? I've literally never heard this before and always assumed blacks in porn was because of (mostly white) interracial fetishists. Is there a world of black-on-black porn I just don't notice or do blacks not like black porn much?
>>2778 >I've literally never heard this before Consider: Have you heard any discussion of porn consumption/buying demographics before? It is not widely scrutinised outside the industry, which tends to suit the porn companies just fine. I'm afraid I do not have sources to hand, but this >always assumed blacks in porn was because of (mostly white) interracial fetishists idea is much the same confusion as those Pornhub maps showing "ebony" as the top search term in Southern United States - it's not because the Southern Whites overwhelmingly wish to drill for oil, but because those states correlate with high black populations searching for videos of black women. I do not know why people don't imagine people of colour seeking and consuming porn (perhaps it is that the "default person" in most peoples' heads is White?), but they definitely do. Likewise, there are simply not enough White cuckolding/interracial fetishists to account for the volume of BMWF content produced. Such porn is produced mainly as a power fantasy for disenfranchised Black men; I personally suspect that media focus of White cuckolds is a kind of accidental fig leaf for this, since acknowledging the real audience might get uncomfortable for the industry quite quickly. You can seek out OKCupid's data on racial dating/response patterns for yourself to see exactly how many Black men prefer Black women versus White women, which may help explain why there is BMBF porn, but not as much as BMWF. I have heard that even accounting for the higher propensity of its Black audience to spend money on it, much interracial (BMWF) porn is actually produced at a loss. The reasons for its continued production volume and high levels of promotion within the industry are beyond this board's scope, but if you'd like to know more you might seek out one of the political boards elsewhere and ask them about the demographics of ownership and management within the porn industry, etc.
>>2780 >I'm afraid I do not have sources to hand Scratch that! I found one: Here's a PDF of Race and Trends in Pornography Viewership, 1973-2016, that was published in the Journal of Sex Research, Volume 56, 2019, Issue 1 by Perry and Schleifer. From the abstract: >Analyses reveal that black Americans in general are more likely to view pornography than whites, and they are increasing in their pornography viewership at a higher rate than whites. Moreover, black men are more likely to consume pornography than all other race-gender combinations An additional interesting tidbit about worship service attendance vs. porn viewership by race: >frequent worship attendance only moderates trends in pornography viewership for white men. By contrast, regardless of attendance frequency, black men and women show increasing rates of pornography use >while religious commitment is generally thought to inhibit pornography use among Americans in general, our results indicate that more frequent worship attendance seems to only moderate the pornography use of White Americans in general and White men over time. The authors also include references to other racial pornography consumption studies, if you want to dive deeper: >the few studies of pornography consumption that have included measures of racial identity often show similar results (Brown & L’Engle, 2009; Buzzell, 2005; Hennessey et al., 2009; Patterson & Price, 2012; Perry, 2016; Wright, 2013; Wright, Bae, Funk, 2013) Increased consumption is not just among blacks, but all non-Whites: >Among the studies that have included measures of race or ethnicity in their analysis, the findings have been fairly consistent with non-whites, and black Americans in particular, being more likely to view pornographic material than whites, either at all or in greater frequencies. >found black and Hispanic adolescents were more likely to have been exposed to sexual content than whites >being a black male or black female was associated with exposure to adult magazines, X-rated movies, and Internet pornography. Other studies using nationally-representative samples have reported similar patterns. >non-white men and women were more likely to report viewing X-rated movies than whites, but primarily in later waves of the GSS, suggesting that this white/non-white difference in pornography viewership may be growing more pronounced over time They also note general lack of research in this area: >the question of how race potentially shapes the demand side of pornography―namely who views pornography and how these patterns change―has been all but ignored The GSS has some limitations, but it is a good "big picture" view that correlates with what we hear from the back-channels of the industry itself. Much of the data that academics might need to really dive into this is locked away in private research, of course, and porn companies who hold detailed data tend not to be open or truthful about it with the public because the truth is not at all flattering.
>>2782 >Consider: Have you heard any discussion of porn consumption/buying demographics before? Yes, but this is interesting material nonetheless, so thanks for finding it. >while religious commitment is generally thought to inhibit pornography use among Americans in general, our results indicate that more frequent worship attendance seems to only moderate the pornography use of White Americans in general and White men over time. >Increased consumption is not just among blacks, but all non-Whites Given that the GSS is USA only, I suspect this is down to American culture war crap. White men are more 'conservative' and their libidos are gross and oppressive, while for others media representation and sexuality are 'empowering' and so on. Undoubtedly the political boards have a lot of of theories about (((who))) is responsible but I don't respect basically anyone on either side of the USA political polarization. Make porn for everyone and let everyone touch themselves in peace, that's my view, and it's not one that seems represented in that fight because there's no political points to be scored in leaving people the fuck alone. Eh, this turned into a rant. Let me post a smol lesbean cuck thing I found as apology: https://dynasty-scans.com/chapters/secret_in_the_office_kitchen
Open file (109.82 KB 547x481 snug smug.png)
>>2791 >Given that the GSS is USA only, I suspect this is down to American culture war crap. White men are more 'conservative' and their libidos are gross and oppressive, while for others media representation and sexuality are 'empowering' and so on. The study did not engage with these attitudes, though they were careful to pay lip service to the "not nature but nurture" dogma. Indeed, this study was presented to chip away at precisely those pillars, so suddenly concluding the opposite—that it must all be "culture war crap"—seems like a strange response. The USA is where much of this porn is produced and its status as a dominant cultural power means it's where the agenda leaks from, hence >>2768 noticing and asking the original question. One might not be interested in the USA's long-term scuffles, but the weapons used in the USA's scuffles are, unfortunately, interested in one. Regardless, we seem to have satisfactorily established that the emphasis on black men with white women in the pornography mentioned by >>2768 likely has less to do with some secret swelling of White cuckolds and more to do with market demands from the Black side of things. This seems, to me, pretty sensible.
https://dynasty-scans.com/series/riko_haru_irukawa_hot_springs Here is the manga the original post comes from
Open file (235.74 KB 1280x530 1630282117816.jpg)
On 4chans /u/ board they call a girl who loses her lover or crush to another girl a YAYA
>>2804 >YAYA Interesting. Where'd the term come from and does it have a deeper meaning?
>>2804 Yaya's are the losers of an all lesbian love triangle
Open file (625.10 KB 1362x2000 otome_085.png)
Open file (429.84 KB 1358x2000 otome_086.png)
Open file (503.52 KB 1356x2000 otome_088.png)
Open file (550.73 KB 1359x2000 otome_087.png)
>>2804 >>2807 What do they call the girl(s) that loose to cock in a lesbian relationship?
https://www.tsumino.com/entry/4266 here is the full manga
Open file (1.14 MB 1080x1920 90864273_p0.png)
2girls are a couple pansexual and demisexual I wonder if they do cucking? https://www.pixiv.net/en/artworks/90864273
>>2835 No such thing.
>>2805 The manga, novel and anime called STRAWBERRY PANIC!
https://dynasty-scans.com/chapters/brighter_than_the_lightstick_encore I wonder if she is going to watch her idol lover on the " casting couch"?
>>3011 How is this cuckquean related?
>>3012 I ask this about a lot of things posted in this thread. I think in this case it's the implication that she'll have to cuck the witch by dutifully marrying a prince. In general I think it'd be nice if we posted short comments with our links instead of just the bare link.
>>3013 >I think it'd be nice if we posted short comments with our links instead of just the bare link. That would imply we had the wherewithal to string a sentence together.
Open file (383.13 KB 787x750 FDvlsqxagAAZNhw.jpg)
how do i cure aids pls halp
Open file (1.28 MB 1600x900 94569719_p4.png)
Open file (1.27 MB 1600x900 94569719_p6.png)
Open file (2.08 MB 714x720 syaro.webm)
Open file (659.54 KB 724x1024 Symphogearlesbians.png)
I think these two are lesbians.
Open file (955.15 KB 1240x1754 FGwAkNJWUAQo6JE.jpg)
so anyway
>>3078 >>3081 why are they both blank?
>>3097 Only Vixens are allowed to see these posts. Please understand.
>>1280 LARP Why would women come to this shithole?
>>3114 It's true that this is one of my least favorite threads.
>>3114 aw thats a bummer.. i thought there was at least more women than average on this board. it is a female fetish after all.
>>3118 Pretty sure that anyone pretending to know demographics on this anonymous image board is lying.
Open file (430.33 KB 1624x2185 born_to_be_disgust.jpg)
>>3128 This thread is such a cesspit.
>>3130 are you by any chance a lesbian
>>3131 You aren't that's for sure.
>>3132 correct! i have a meaty shlong
>>3134 Then post it or GTFO
>>3128 Fuck off We are racist in /cuckquean/
>>3140 you know im not gonna do that :)
Open file (209.54 KB 929x448 732.jpg)
they need a man to take the lead
Open file (4.06 MB 640x272 01.gif)
Open file (219.78 KB 1280x1790 25.jpg)
[Aweida] Yuri, Sakimidareru 3 was pretty good. The series in general, though the last out of 1-3 was overtly on-topic.
>>3171 Now this is good. I hope she gets to come with her as a maid for the manor, and her room is right next to the wall with the marital bed. Maybe they can all play together and she'll have his daughter out of wedlock.
>>1420 This story reads like an ugly orc wrote it.
>>1772 That lot are the ones who constantly aggravate ACK on cuckchan, and a million other random places on the interwebs. Figures that anyone more devoted to threadshitting than a literal delusional autist would have to have some sort of serious malfunction.
Open file (2.17 MB 2900x4096 21.png)
Open file (480.48 KB 1198x1200 extra 01.png)
Open file (305.02 KB 1024x837 extra 02.png)
>>3564 Any sauce other than dynastranny-scans?
Open file (239.50 KB 1280x720 20081113-kkk-m_0.jpg)
>>3141 This. I always yell slurs at my black and asian vixens while they get colonised by my bf!
Open file (392.71 KB 1740x1076 99749368_p0.jpg)
Open file (2.79 KB 469x78 ClipboardImage.png)
>>490 >>491 Indeed, you should become a real gold star lesbian. Pic related; it's an informative Tumblr post I ran across.
>>3834 We're so lucky that a reliable site like Tumblr managed to survive its porn purge and not become a hollow shell.
Open file (383.08 KB 520x411 ClipboardImage.png)
>>914 kek >>3834 >>3865 Time to post this Tumblr screenshot, because why should >>695 have all the dumb mobile game ad fun?
Open file (831.87 KB 1268x1892 1663393998596716.jpg)
Open file (3.46 MB 2135x2735 Alan_Moore_(2).jpg)
>>832 It's funny because the install gentoo guy got cucked by a girl.
https://nhentai.net/g/131856/114/ girl fucked straight by her sister that is a cuckquean
>>4020 >an nhentai link in the lesquean thread leads somewhere nice for once Its cute, light, and fun! Thank you for recommending it Anon.
>>4018 You got a source on that.
>>4032 I was joking because the Gentoo guy and that Moore guy in my picture, the author of Watchmen, have the same fat hobo look and the later is notorious for getting divorceraped by his ex who left him for another woman, yet he is such a cuck that can't help but romanticize lesbianism and him getting cucked both in interviews and his comics.
>>4085 this was the most ridiculously hilarious shit ive ever read, and with great art to boot, thanks for this
Open file (707.40 KB 4049x2810 FeYP3Y6UUAAts8z.jpg)
Open file (1.02 MB 4096x2898 Fhbs3sOVUAAKJAg.jpg)
Open file (320.91 KB 614x512 gloria quean.png)
My favourite. https://exhentai.org/g/1639735/fcba66f2c4/ Too bad the colour levelling on the English scanlation is so shit.
>>4815 Which one? Doesn't look at all /cuckquean/-relevant to me, even by this thread's standards.
https://e-hentai.org/g/2476036/1e501d560c/ Here is a manga it is in Japanese though.
Open file (1007.67 KB 1200x1264 nice copy.png)
>>5112 That's no obstacle. Finally, something relevant!
>>5112 PAGE 55: AUGUSTA SAYS: I don't give a flying fuck about my ex's first love! I AM COMMING! AHHHH! PAGE 58: XAVERA SAYS: I am complete, you have my heart.
>>5113 Long story... Xaveria and Augusta, the two girls are raised together in secluded place. They naturally fell in love. One day, both are told they'll be sent to the Moloch Citadel, the "Country of Tears" where live the evil gods. The gods, Baal and Seth, captured them, but have no idea why humans are sending these women. Seth tore the letter since he doesn't want to bother with human's deceits. Spy or trap, the gods decided to claim the women as their wife, although that's if the women survive. The union would transform them into god, but with almost 100% failure rate. Miraculously, both girls survived. Seth commented Augusta (the black haired girl) transform too smoothly, and that she looks like Baal's mother. Anyway, the girls try to persist with their love, while the gods who don't understand why two girls would be in love with each other, want to win their wives over. Back at the kingdom, the two kings (the girls' fathers) talk about what happened. The black king was descendant of a god, and the white king are their guardian. When their kingdom was established, they have a pact with a god (Baal and Seth's father, who soon went into hiding after), to return all children born like gods; and to 100 years later send women to be his sons' wive. The sons don't seem like they know about the deal (they only got told to keep the northern path open). Since Augusta was born like a god, it's decided she will be sent as sacrifice. White king probably gives his daughter too for that, even though he doesn't need to. Because the gods can read mind, the girls are raised in isolation so they won't tell anything to the gods.
>>5119 Thank you for the summary anon
>>5112 PAGE 55: AUGUSTA SAYS: I don't give a flying fuck about my ex's first love! I AM COMMING! AHHHH! PAGE 58: XAVERA SAYS: I am complete, you have my heart.
>>5112 sorry I made a mistake in the translation here is the correct one... PAGE 55: AUGUSTA SAYS: I don't give a shit about your first love! PAGE 58: XAVERA SAYS: I am complete, you have my heart.
>>5118 >>5122 >>5144 What? Why the obsession with those lines in isolation? Are they giving you trouble? I assume they are, given how you're trying to render them. Shall we have a closer look? (By page 55, I assume you mean 56.jpg, but let's also include 55.jpg to help with context.) [55.jpg] Seth (participating, spoken): どこで仕込んだか知らんが感謝するぜ >Dunno where you were brought up, but - heh - I’m grateful. Augusta (participating, nonverbal utterance): ううっ Xaveria (observing, thought): オーガスタと同じ / 勿忘草の花の色の… >The same forget-me-not blossom hue as Augusta's... Seth (participating, spoken): 百年待った完璧な女だ >The perfect woman for whom I waited a hundred years. Xaveria (observing, thought): …まさか… >...it couldn't be... [56.jpg] Seth (participating, spoken): お前ってさあ、バアルの母さんに似てるの / 俺の初恋の人 >After all, you take after Baal's mother - my first love. (Unexpected declarative-の has a passionate vulnerability here.) Augusta (participating, spoken): おっまっえっのっ初恋なんか知るかあああああああ >W-What would a bastard like you know of first love? <segue into ripping orgasm> (lit. You [hated] know of something like first love?) Xaveria (observing, thought): 確かに親が誰かも何も知らない 頭が破裂そう / 彼らは何千年と若く美しいまま / ばけものじゃないかみさま >Certainly, I've no idea who my parents are; it feels as though my head will burst. >These two remain young and beautiful no matter how many thousands of years pass. They're not monstrous - they're gods. Xaveria (observing, spoken): …アル / バアルさま / あなたはオーガスタのお父様なの? >-aal. Lord Baal. You're Augusta's father, aren't you? So we see that rendering >おっまっえっのっ初恋なんか知るかあああああああ as >I don't give a shit about your first love! is misleading. Augusta is not expressing disdain for Seth's first love - Baal's mother - with that line but rather calling him a monster who can't love at all, much less for the first time. Likewise, the closing line in 60.jpg needs to be taken in context. Most importantly, it's not Xaveria who says it, but Baal. Observe: [57.jpg] Baal (spoken): それはわからん / だがお前は俺の最初のつがいだ / 百年待った花嫁 >I dunno about that, but you're my first. The bride for whom I waited a hundred years. Xaveria (thought): 繋がった部分が疼く/ あ…だめなのに / 勝手に腰が動きはじめる >A gnawing ache where we join. Ah... terrible as it is, my hips have begun moving of their own volition. Xaveria (thought): このかみさま赤ちゃんを子宮がほじがってしまってる / 美しい私のオーガスタ / あなたはこのかみさまの娘なの? >My womb will bear this god's baby. My beautiful Augusta - you're this god's daughter, aren't you? Xaveria (thought): このかみさまがほじがってる / 私の赤ちゃんはあたらしいかみさまの子で / 私は… >The same god whose child I'll bear - my child, a new god. I... Baal (spoken): ...お前の頭の中は騒々しくて愛らしい >...Such lovely commotion within your head. [60.jpg] Baal (spoken): 器は完成しているあとはお前の心を寄越せ >"After you've fulfilled your role as vessel, surrender your heart." We can tell that Baal, not Augusta, said >器は完成しているあとはお前の心を寄越せ because of the style of speech, the choice of second-person pronoun, and what is said. The most obvious part is that 寄越せ is conjugated imperatively. Baal, who finds Xaveria irresistible (as he must) sees and enjoys the turmoil she feels at her body surrendering to him, and with this final line indicates that he wishes to possess her heart after he's used her to bear his child. Does it make sense now?
>>5145 Correction: >"After you've fulfilled your role as vessel, surrender your heart." should read >Once you're fulfilling your role as vessel, surrender your heart. That is, she is to hand over dat kokoro once she's pregnant, not after she's carried their child to term (as the first translation msitakenly suggests).
>>5145 Can we get a full English translation of this Manga please?
>>5151 >>5157 Here's a start.
Open file (1020.63 KB 500x281 50% of lesbian couples.gif)
Not sure if relevant to thread main reason why I became bi is because men are much easier to please than girls. He is sad? Have sex with him? He is emotionally devastated? have sex with him. He is angry? Have sex with him. We are both angry? Have hatesex with him. He is tired? Have oral sex with him. Not that I don't kinda miss the unneseccary drama to spice things up a bit but sewar to God seems like girls do not know where to draw a line between soap opera and complete dysfunctionality.
>>5174 >seems like girls do not know where to draw a line between soap opera and complete dysfunctionality I think it's what happens when someone becomes addicted to emotion in itself.
>>5175 Would not consider it a problem per se if they made any significant attempt to deescalate. Maybe it's my problem and I'm going for the wrong type of girls but it seems like they really try to hurt you, devaluate you and make you feel undesired whenever they are angry at you and I see that kind of behaviour more often than not in the few heterosexual couples in my small social circle.
>>5174 Men aren't quite as simple as that, at least in my experience, but then I'm not comparing a relationship with one to a lesbian BPD batterfest. Never understood even getting up to soap opera level, myself. Like, why go out of your way to feel worse? There's no audience, no end credits, only your own limited allotment of life. The rest of the world's already trying hard enough to ruin your day more often than not, no need to shit where you live. >>5175 >>5176 Yeah, it's not a pleasant thing to see happen. I'd say the best-case scenario is for two of those types to end up entangled with each other so their misery's contained but more often than not they end up either teaming up or still finding ways to involve others in the industrial quantities of domestic drama they generate.
Open file (800.08 KB 1440x1080 104849463_p0.png)
>>5197 Que?
>>5209 el gordo calvo cabrón
>>5228 that's cuckoldry you dope
>>5174 >>5180 As a man I think it's more a case of we're not all that complicated, most of the time. With women, I've noticed that they often think that there's some hidden meaning to things, or stuff said, instead of taking it at face value. I don't know why women think this way about men, but in most cases, you'll know what a man is thinking as he'll usually let you know.
https://www.reddit.com/r/betawomen/comments/1187wve/her_new_fwb/ My Alpha girlfriend (re: fiancée) has recently started seeing a male friend with benefits. We all hung out on Thursday night, and I woke up to them cuddling on the couch, fast asleep on Friday morning. When I was at work, Alpha let me know that they had sex once I left. I had a lot of feelings of jealousy and anxiety, but Alpha spent Friday night telling me about their time and comforting me, before I ate her to a few orgasms, and she made me cum for the first time in a LONG time. On Sunday night, we had some friends, including Him, over for a games night. They sat together and I liked to watch them cuddle up and be playful. After all our friends left, he stayed, and we all cuddled, talked and ate food. Alpha was tired so she went to bed, but He still wanted to stay and chat. We got on really well, and eventually we were cuddling, my head on his lap, him stroking my hair. I was getting turned on by his touch, and our talks about sexual things, so I placed his hand on my tit. He started off slowly grazing my nipple, twirling his fingers around it. It made me incredibly wet. He went lazily, for a long time, slowly increasing the intensity. I began to moan softly and hope for more. He teased and teased and I couldn’t take it and lifted my shirt for him, and begged him to go harder. He sat me up and leaned me into him, taking both nipples in both hands, pulling, tugging and twisting them firmly while whispering that I was such a good girl. I was so firmly in sub space and we locked eyes as I moaned. Eventually he told me that I needed to get to sleep, and so I whispered in his ear “yes sir”. He really liked that and pulled me in to hug and kiss me, with a firm grip on the back of my head. I walked him out with another deep kiss and many thank yous, and I went to lay with Alpha with sore nipples and a weeping, horny cunt.
>>486 I think you're all genuinely cute and I wish I was a girl so that I could enjoy the other side of the weird, frustrating-but-feels-good feeling that comes with this fetish. Male cuck stuff doesn't hit the same
>>5246 >there's some hidden meaning to things, or stuff said, instead of taking it at face value >As a man Men can be extremely cryptic too. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=91-7TWmO1e8
Open file (17.09 MB 5098x3999 110131361_p0.png)
Open file (17.51 MB 5098x3999 110131361_p1.png)
>>5512 >/r/cuckquean >one of only two comments is from a male cuckold Sasuga Reddit.
Open file (7.21 KB 259x194 Played yourself.jpg)
>be me >huge bi cuck, love the idea of my imaginary GF cheating on me with a boy I think is cute >naturally disgusted by male cuck content >confused and slightly intrigued about how gender swapping a fetish makes it go from gross to hot in my head >"the GF is getting stolen either way, why hot when it girl with stolen GF and not boy with stolen GF?" >intentionally consume some male cuck content, then genderswap the MC in my head for science >get turned on >MFW I realize I watched cuckshit and it made me wet Why do I do stupid shit like this Anons? I don't want my brain to be this smooth anymore, I think all the porn is finally cooking my brain. Please save me by posting more cute pictures of lesbians losing their girlfriends to glorious cock.
Open file (9.03 MB 1280x720 5Ky68.webm)
Open file (8.97 MB 1280x720 XmB7a.webm)
Open file (3.85 MB 480x358 30a.gif)
>>5568 >intentionally consume some male cuck content
>>5569 The POV on the second one is fantastic, thank you Anon!
Open file (48.64 KB 608x382 lesbian grandpa.jpg)
Not sure if it's more appropriate for this thread or the age difference thread.
>>5574 You are welcome. >>5577 >>5579 So many posts on that sub read like they were written by men. Wouldn't mind if they didn't pretend they were women.
You don't have to just watch. You can be physically intimate with your gf when she is getting fucked by a man. https://rule34video.com/videos/3133286/triss-shani-threesome-pewposterous-4k/ https://rule34video.com/videos/3133287/triss-shani-threesome-pov-pewposterous-4k/
Open file (781.90 KB 1280x720 m3RsaxeK1X8-1fpt.mp4)
Not a canon couple, but still... https://www.pixiv.net/en/artworks/111027327
https://nhentai.net/g/171793/179/ lesbian girl NTRs herself from her crush
>Look everyone she is swallowing all the cum. Well clearly not all of it. Also, filming it so she can watch it later sounds hot. https://twitter.com/BewyxAnims/status/1697676741420957724
Tracer already had gf. It should've been her instead of Widowmaker. https://twitter.com/cawneil
>>5713 With phone in her hand for a moment I thought she was watching them. Maybe we'll get a sequel and she will.
Open file (627.70 KB 2297x1996 EGhaJ8xVAAEPWFN.jfif)
Open file (677.06 KB 2297x2352 EGhaJ8wU4AESnsn.jfif)
Open file (687.53 KB 2297x2968 EGhaJ85UUAAWNrF.jfif)
Open file (424.15 KB 2297x1400 EGhaJ8wU0AAELUQ.jfif)
I'll be honest, I went into this thread hoping for something as kinky as lesbians cucking lesbians. Though I know that's virtually non-existent in terms of media since I have looked and found basically nothing...
>>5951 There's plenty of that, actually You're not going to see it on a board used exclusively by gay men, though
>>5952 >There's plenty of that, actually Where? I've dug around on places like sad panda and others and there's very little. R34, the boorus with nothing. Even captions would do but nada.
>>5953 >dug around What do you mean by that? None of it is tagged, if that's what you were expecting. It's just randomly in any yuri works which contain groups (also often untagged) or 3P. For example, this series https://e-hentai.org/g/2132292/21641422e5/ or like a third of the chapters in Taesan or just randomly in the 3P anthologies.
>>5954 >What do you mean by that? I just mean I went searching for it and found very, very little. I am aware of Yuri Bloom already though unfortunately. Specifically the third part where she asks her friends to fuck her girl. That's some great stuff and ideally the kind of lesbian cuckqueaning I'd like to find. >None of it is tagged And that's the sad part since it makes it a bit hard to find except by chance. Like sure 3P "yuri" doujinshi will probably have parts where two girls are just with each other. The main thing I want is something akin to Yuri Bloom where it's very clearly cuckqueaning because one girl is getting off to the thought/seeing the other two girls strictly being with one another.

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