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(948.43 KB 1300x1055 4c33e1aa0ac6b4a8e3aef43b4f1c374c.png)
Cuckqueaning in Two Dimensions Anonymous 09/02/2019 (Mon) 23:19:08 No. 46
Just because they don't really exist doesn't mean they shouldn't be cucked.
Self-cucking. Linking instead because Tor users can't post files.
Ignore the weird blank post, it didn't like the file for some reason.
(153.79 KB 1000x800 60-Sharing.jpg)
(153.79 KB 1000x800 60-Sharing.jpg)
And also that double post. Sorry folks, I'm new to this site and it keeps doing weird shit thay didn't happen on 8chan.
(100.30 KB 800x564 ae0hHtV61srcb6xo1_1280.jpg)
(639.07 KB 1048x1079 big_girls.jpg)
(380.91 KB 1140x1610 f799ffe4521481b29d49c0595b51a647.jpg)
(101.30 KB 676x948 harekon.jpg)
>in two dimensions
>posts 3D
Um, that's a drawing.
It's okay, anon. Your bf will just have to fuck other women that can see clearly.
(989.75 KB 1063x1500 1f4c8bbbf1d64da52faf2084e966cad3.jpg)
(98.17 KB 736x920 e16.jpg)
Be honest , /cuckquean/, how many of you would go out and buy a robowaifu for your bf/husband when they become real? They seem like the perfect girl, they're prettier than you and they don't say "no" or complain about stomach pains.

t. /robowaifu/ and /monster/
It would depend on how much independent personality they had. It might be fun to have one around but I don't think she'd trigger my fetish any more than a Tenga does.
Thinking about this more, I think the difference is the "buying" part. There's no seduction to a simple sex robot. But a fully-formed AI with a personality and the power of self-determination who I've bought a shell for, and who then immediately sets her considerable resources to seducing my boyfriend? That's kinda hot. She'd learn what kind of body he loves and order new custom parts for herself. Maybe she'd even buy another frame so she could have threesomes with him like in >>147 - swapping out her parts every so often to provide him the variety he craves. I prefer the idea of her AI being self-contained and separate (how creepy would it be if she could only be run remotely from Google's servers?) but for story purposes her being merely an appendage of some all-powerful vixen-AI is also OK.
I like the way you think in fact of course.
>in fact of course
What did Anon mean by this?
>What did Anon mean by this?
It's a deep postmodern philosophical question
Translate their thought bubbles to understand.
Some more.
Just wondering, is there any actual Canonically Cuckquean character in western comic? I've learn that King Auberon is a canonically cuckold from dc universe, wondering if there is any Canonically Cuckquean.
(189.99 KB 1007x582 2121269-onomi3.jpg)
Possibly any of the Star Sapphires? I know when the original crystal latched onto Carol in one of the timelines/worlds she ended up starting some weird cosmic competition to see which of Hal Jordan's love interests loved him the most. (Mind you it was mostly because the crystal is powered by love and whoever ended up winning it would have become its new hosts but Hal kinda made that point moot by tricking it.) Beyond that I can only think of Medusa of the inhumans and her fellow wives to Black Bolt, though some of her sister wives (co-wives?) definitely don't quite match human aesthetic preferences. Also not a cuckquean but Soranik Natu gets an honorable mention for once having a previously mentioned star sapphire show up and use her love powers on her and Kyle Rayner to show them their destined loves. Soranik saw Kyle and was super esctatic, Kyle saw his former flame Jade (deceased) and lied to Soranik about how he saw her because he thought Jade was dead dead (and then cosmic undead things happened that caused that decision to backfire.)
(346.43 KB 1218x1200 1067292-dicks_van_halen_shirt.jpg)
Found these by chance.
Has anyone else actually done this?
>go camping with bf and blonde friend
>come back from toilet
>hear moaning from inside tent
A creampie a day...
(541.02 KB 1385x2000 riko_and_haru_vol03_ch16_057.png)
please sleep with my girlfriend!
We had a pretty good lesbian cuckquean thread once upon a time. Hopefully this time 8kun stays up long enough to grab a full copy of all our threads.
Aw, that's really sweet.
(282.02 KB 1200x900 trainplay_0.jpg)
(282.25 KB 1200x900 trainplay_1.jpg)
(287.31 KB 1200x900 trainplay_2.jpg)
(294.01 KB 1200x900 trainplay_3.jpg)
(297.99 KB 1200x900 trainplay_4.jpg)
Girls sharing their girlfriends and themselves with men is the highest form of lesbianism.
(297.96 KB 1200x900 trainplay_5.jpg)
(340.81 KB 1200x900 trainplay_6.jpg)
(347.24 KB 1200x900 trainplay_7.jpg)
(980.17 KB 1061x1500 c2d293f11ecf37df801244a62d1748a2.jpg)
A few more.
>filename related
Lucky vixen.
(353.26 KB 2000x1812 Hinata helps Sakura.jpg)
(222.25 KB 1097x850 Hinata cucks Sakura.jpeg)
(348.01 KB 1153x869 Sakura cucks Hinata.jpg)
which of these has the best chemistry for cucking in the primary Narutoverse triangle?
(126.33 KB 964x645 cuck inception.jpg)
or maybe this one wins. I'm not sure who is supposed to be cucking who in this scenario
(50.04 KB 564x1003 1575698414584.jpg)
(296.22 KB 1292x1991 1575501281247.jpg)
(616.95 KB 508x575 1575856547265.png)
(1.28 MB 1680x2538 RCO004_1493961461.jpg)
(1.30 MB 1680x2529 RCO005_1493961461.jpg)
(1.25 MB 1680x2554 RCO006_1493961461.jpg)
(1.25 MB 1680x2562 RCO007_1493961461.jpg)
(1.40 MB 1680x2595 RCO011_1493961461.jpg)
Cuckqueany bit from the comic adaptation of X-Men Evolution. Rogue's jealous of Jean being with Scott, then Mystique poses as Jean to rub her face in it.
(1.54 MB 1453x489 1574928928807.png)
This cuckquean wife is happy when Jucika/Krampus steals her husband.
(2.02 MB 2000x2000 1577236621770.png)
(77.50 KB 694x600 1577146262450.jpg)
(220.89 KB 689x892 1542925615462.jpg)
(233.46 KB 990x765 1551345091176.jpg)
(243.68 KB 976x785 1445361643519.jpg)
(860.35 KB 1198x627 1518453424392.png)
(67.90 KB 900x714 1577146423078.jpg)
(265.55 KB 765x990 1551359728331.jpg)
(49.39 KB 720x544 1577196662316.jpg)
(920.43 KB 2400x3000 1580500675247.jpg)
The human girl Claudia cucking the elf girl Rayla with Callum. From the cartoon 'The Dragon Prince'.
(168.67 KB 1280x1600 0-2.jpg)
(261.89 KB 1280x1600 1-2.jpg)
(273.67 KB 1280x1600 2-2.jpg)
(328.66 KB 1280x1600 3-2.jpg)
Here's the rest of this, in color. Still a work in progress.
(266.43 KB 1280x1600 4-2.jpg)
(278.58 KB 1280x1600 5-6.jpg)
(306.68 KB 1280x1600 6-5.jpg)
Promising! Please show us more as it emerges.
Open file (148.71 KB 768x960 7-4-768x960.jpg)
Open file (153.16 KB 768x960 8-5-768x960.jpg)
Open file (109.71 KB 768x960 9-4-768x960.jpg)
>>775 Just to be clear, I'm not the artist. But here is the rest of it. I'll post more as it becomes available (assuming it stays on topic).
>>795 New pages.
Not lewd but I found this translated short manga on some repost site and don't know where else to put it. I liked how the angel trains him to go get another girl. "The Uninvited Cupid" https://imgur.com/gallery/fLVCJK5
Open file (298.36 KB 987x2047 Fdjpnaw.jpg)
Open file (273.83 KB 1000x2048 72TdOn1.jpg)
Open file (250.42 KB 1145x2048 OgWsWwM.jpg)
Open file (1.32 MB 960x2048 TQMCiJF.png)
Open file (317.25 KB 1076x2048 yOPLSyE.jpg)
>>1178 >posting links >of images >on an imageboard >from imgur >when we have the technology
Open file (353.24 KB 1446x2047 vqC4uA3.jpg)
Open file (367.75 KB 1226x2048 k63YIly.jpg)
Open file (297.05 KB 1182x2048 pF1WpkS.jpg)
Open file (249.23 KB 968x2048 nSfjbBm.jpg)
Open file (336.81 KB 1219x2048 HnZBoHN.jpg)
Open file (278.61 KB 1078x2047 ivcEmUz.jpg)
>>1194 is definitely heart-warming, don't know how people here will react without lewds
>>1193 >>1194 >>1195 No lewds is fine! I think it's a very sweet little story.
>>1193 >>1194 >>1195 I like it. Thanks for tgat
Open file (557.42 KB 1287x1800 1594512590472.jpg)
Open file (665.59 KB 1287x1800 1594034761871.jpg)
Open file (723.87 KB 1272x1780 1588553561099.jpg)
Open file (94.46 KB 732x1024 1595590584729m.jpg)
Where is that from? >>1202
KALUKALU is a short Vocaloid doujin about two robot maid(?) girls of the same model, one dominant and one submissive. One day the submissive one decides she wants some of the man's dick too. https://e-hentai.org/g/483881/cbe912ac11/
Open file (362.68 KB 1280x1805 0001.jpg)
>>1214 Oh, that's a good find! The second one is also worth checking out: https://exhentai.org/g/997688/44129022d5/ >two robot maid(?) girls of the same model Those are Vocaloids, Anon. They're mascot characters for voice packs used in the Vocaloid singing synthesis software, Hatsune Miku being the most famous one.
>>1210 I love this. Not only the girl is cute but the other hottie is sexy and takes the initiative. Also her cute imaginations makes me so horny.
Open file (1.62 MB 1287x1800 3_582648_1287_1800.png)
Open file (62.62 KB 1000x1000 v1.jpg)
>>1233 >Restraint is poisonous to the body, Senpai I just noticed she has a mole on her right tit. Hnnnng Need moar jealous girls Dump the whole thing?
I just read about 100 chapters of a manhwa called “Immortal swordsman in the reverse world” (and yes, that a cultivation story set in the world with gender-swapped roles, with protagonist secretly being from normal world). That was one weird read. Half of the time the guys and the girls behaved like the opposite gender (“Stop crying, I'll buy you that bag” – says the *girl* to her *boyfriend*) which is probably the intention, but other times the roles are back to normal (like, women are still the ones dressing feminine, wearing makeup and perfume, with only a few exceptions). The weirdest thing was, however, the protagonist's attitude towards relationships. One moment he sets his eyes on a girl, remembers she was his lover in his original world, and decides to make her his girlfriend (swearing eternal love and stuff, and apparently meaning it); then, almost right after that, he's heading to another girl's house and bangs her. I was wondering what he's gonna do once the girls inevitably find out about each others' existence… Turns out, the answer was ‘nothing’. That's right, when they discuss it, the general line of the dialogue goes like this: “You're the one I hold dearest in my heart.” “Why do you smell of perfume?” “I was banging another woman just now.” “Hey! I don't want you to cheat on me!” “Imma do it anyway.” “…Okay then…” And that's where it always ends, really! Are all his girls just happen to be queans? (Or is it cucks, considering the roles are supposed to be reversed?…) And then, in a recent chapter, there was this delightful dialogue… Have they accepted the situation to that level already?
>>1238 Just to be clear: the purple-haired girl is his official girlfriend, short-haired one is her friend/hench, and the one with glasses is class rep who was recently accused of having a crush on the guy.
>>1238 Oh, and there was also this scene… One girl declares her rights for the guy in front of another, while saying she's gonna stay over, at that other girl's house. In the end she annoyed him and he brought her back to her car (which of course wasn't broken), but ended up fucking her before returning to pinkette's home.
>>1238 >>1239 >>1240 Manhwa does tend to have certain moments that suggest it was written by aliens who’ve only had humans described to them. The panels you posted suggest that the creator simply doesn’t have a good grip on their own work rather than any actual cuckquean subtext. I marvel that you made it through 100 chapters of what looks like drivel.
>>1234 >I just noticed she has a mole on her right tit Technically that's what the other girl is imagining. So either she has a very detailed imagination or she's been watching her rival a little too closely.
>>1244 >Manhwa does tend to have certain moments that suggest it was written by aliens who’ve only had humans described to them. That kinda problem is not exclusive to manhwa; I distinctly recall that the classic Spiderman cartoon had its protagonist behave exactly the same (except he himself somehow failed to notice that he was trying to get in panties of a girl while on a quest to save “the love of his life”… my best guess was that he was very bad at counting to one). >I marvel that you made it through 100 chapters of what looks like drivel. Well the adventure part was fairly interesting, as long as you don't have allergy for xianxia in general.
>>1240 Meanwhile, I'm wondering why that rifle is 3/4 his height.
>>1252 They’re all ants, right?
>>1252 Maybe the rifle was made for europeans and looks bigger when an asian holds it. Or maybe the artist is lazy and copypasted it from a photo (or 3D render) without bothering to scale.
>>46 >they don't really exist Do you even technology? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b8tf68o8uxI Can't wait for the day I'll only interact with my husband as a possessive anime girl on his phone pouting over him fucking other women in front of my eyes
Open file (478.58 KB 1125x701 1579780188468.jpg)
>>1292 >holiday_with_robowaifu.jpg Cute. CUTE! It’s rough but that somehow has a charm of its own. Where’d this come from Anon?
>>1292 >>1294 Nevermind. I found out where it came from and now I feel bad. Still a cute picture once divorced from context.
>>63 >>64 Have a care, anon. If the files you download from boorus have filenames starting with "sample", you clicked the wrong thing and aren't getting the full resolution version. There's too little cuckquean porn so every pixel is precious~ >>1283 Are you hoping to be mind-uploaded to a machine, or are you thinking more of a mocap thing like vtubers / project melody? >>1292 >>1295 Well you can't just say that and not share with us. Put a warning on the link if appropriate?
I can't find a caption thread so I guess I'll put these here.
>>1513 How about starting a caption thread, Anon?
Open file (1.44 MB 255x192 blushy fidget.gif)
>>1517 Do I dare Disturb the universe? In a minute there is time For decisions and revisions which a minute will reverse. For I have known them all already, known them all: Have known the evenings, mornings, afternoons, I have measured out my life with coffee spoons; I know the voices dying with a dying fall Beneath the music from a farther room. So how should I presume? Or less poetically, I don't get on imageboards that much and I'm worried it's not good etiquette to make a new thread that will be mostly reposts from a couple of existing threads.
>>1520 It's absolutely good etiquette and you should do so right away
Open file (133.50 KB 1200x775 1602108867820.jpg)
Open file (126.82 KB 1200x775 1602108893900.jpg)
Open file (211.81 KB 1200x1532 1602108956761.jpg)
Open file (99.44 KB 1200x775 1602109019133.jpg)
I want the ginger Nazi skinbyrd brocon to watch her brother get fucked.
Open file (217.83 KB 2299x2250 1602113931904.png)
>>1543 Non-canon fan art follow-up

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