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Open file (1.24 MB 2500x1000 Pregnancy Envy.png)
Pregnancy thread Anonymous 11/03/2019 (Sun) 21:59:11 No.449
What role does pregnancy and impregnation play in your cuckquean fantasies (or reality)?
I fantisize about my boyfriend impregnating other girls, but not so much about them being pregnant. I can only imagine what having multiple pregnant wives around must be like.

Also, that comic is super-cute. None of my usual reverse image searches bring anything up for it; where's it from?
Your boyfriend is a lucky guy. I wish my gf would have cuckquean fantasies, but it's just a me thing.
>Also, that comic is super-cute. None of my usual reverse image searches bring anything up for it; where's it from?
>it’s all inflation or fat fetish
I kind of expected it but I’m still a little disappointed.
Open file (140.06 KB 1400x950 sibling surrogate.png)

H..How does that work? Does it mean he and his wife are no longer like Married Couple and more like two people sharing the same family with the same house and same bill?

Does he still have actual intimacy with his wife or just pretending in public? Does his relationship with the S-I-L means more than just sex?

Also what about night? after sex and he wants to sleep? did he stay with the sister and went back to his wife's room afterwards?

That sounds so vague.
Open file (524.20 KB 912x2862 1521011040298.jpg)
Open file (85.22 KB 450x552 1565430296980.jpg)
>holding the sister's hand hurt the wife
Damn. Guess that's what happens when you don't have the fetish. Holding the vixen's hand while I watch hubby rail her sounds blissfully comfy to me.
Was in the thread that was capped from - he didn't get too deep into the details before the thread got trashed, but IIRC the implication was that after the disastrous attempt at a three-way they basically divided the intimacy between each other. So he would be romantically intimate with his wife, go on dates, have dinner, etc but wouldn't be physically intimate with her, and he and the sister-in-law fucked but were more like friends-with-benefits without romance.
>>449 Bump
I'm pretty divided on how I think about the significance of impregnation in cuckqueaning. On the one hand, pregnancy can be hell, and can really do a number on your body. Isn't it better to spare your vixen that trouble? To let her stay pristine and fit and beautiful while you waddle around and deal with weird swelling and stretching and so on? On the other hand, isn't it the ultimate sign of your man's approval, that he wants his scion to have your genes? Isn't it the ultimate sign that you belong to him, to carry his child? In fantasy, I think we square this circle for the super humiliation driven queans by having them be surrogates for the vixen's children. In reality, well, you should do what's best for the children so they're fit and well provided for.
Open file (78.07 KB 359x358 unhappy strawberry.jpg)
>>2283 First image is super-cute. >tfw no catgirls to accompany us on honeymoon Can't help but notice that the last image stands out as blatant race-mixing propaganda cloaking itself in superficially /pol/ attitudes.
>>2298 > Can't help but notice that the last image stands out as blatant race-mixing propaganda cloaking itself in superficially /pol/ attitudes. So is a lot of the /monster/ stuff when you think about it; it's just that those races don't exist. But it's just some random raceplay caption I found (I think on this board); I don't think it's that deep or even consistent.
>>471 > but wouldn't be physically intimate with her Did he say why he wasn't having sex with his wife?
>>2298 Raceplay isn't always /pol/ shit; it's just a different kind of dirty talk in the end. And bleached is based, IMO.
Send this to your fertile vixen (from your man's phone of course) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6vb9EFXfuf8
My fiancée has admitted that, for a long time, she's fantasized about being pregnant at the same time as another woman, and by the same man. She says the idea gives her powerful good feelings she has trouble putting into words or even understanding.
Out of curiosity how many here are turned off by it and want absolutely no pregnancy involved in their cuckquean fantasies?
Open file (186.74 KB 926x1200 1611908403102-2.jpg)
>>2534 For me it's neutral, but one thing both my man and I agree on is that absolutely no vixens are to receive his seed IRL. The usual concerns aside, I think it's deeply wrong to bring a child into the world under bad circumstances for the sake of fetish. As for pregnancy in a committed polygynous arrangement, I don't have any objections but I don't fantasise about it like the fiancé of >>2522 seems to. >>2522 >powerful good feelings she has trouble putting into words or even understanding I have that but for other parts of this fetish. It's hard to explain, like being next to a comfy fireplace you can't see.
>>449 I already have a thing for preg stuff, I find it hot/cute simultaneously. In a way it appeals as a dom thing, where only 1 girl gets to enjoy the wonders of pregnancy at a time, while the other gets to do subservient tasks to the pregnant one, like being a maid. However I also find preg harem stuff hot, so I guess it could be just that I want multiple chicks around me showing off their bellies in a way that signals that the one in their is mine.
Open file (6.47 KB 271x186 uematsu hands.jpg)
OK, ok, ok. Follow me on this one. In-vitro fertilization of the Vixen's egg. BUT you are the one carrying it. Oh my fucking god, just imagine. You're getting all the drawbacks but she gets to perpetuate her bloodline..
>>4299 What the fuck
Open file (93.54 KB 908x1000 shrug.jpg)
>>4309 Sometimes you've just got to roll with whatever you see.
>Isekai Hubby >Find out random disappearances start happening all over the world >Been going on for a while, but its recently ramped up in scale, sometimes entire groups vanishing >Your husband becomes a victim of one these occurrences while he was out at work >Months pass and you start to give up hope of ever seeing him again as more and more people go missing with no leads >Friends and family are there for you, but it doesn't fill the hole in your heart >Then one day, you start to hear stories of tears in the air, of portals, and weird people coming out of them >Its a few days after that is when you get the call >Its your hubby, safe and sound, >And hes coming home with a surprise for you >The moment he drives up and steps out of the car you're wrapped around him in a hug, his hands rubbing your back as you bury your face in his chest >A chest thats a lot more firm and muscly than you remembered, a lot of him is fitter in fact >Before you can get too handsy, the other passengers in the car get out and distract you from 'catching up' with your hubby >Two of them were honest-to-god catgirls like from your chinese cartoons, tiny and cute, one dark of hair and tail, the other a snow white >And they were both pregnant- heavily pregnant enough that the long dresses they wore did nothing to hide their size >They both eyed you curiously, linked arm in arm while the third woman in the passenger seat came around to say HI >She towered over you, her mammoth breasts right at eye level for you- and you were nearly smothered by them when she walked a bit too close to you >Your exposure to marshmallow hell was brief before she pulled back while with a series of, "I'm sorry, I'm so sorry!" >She pulled back enough for you to see the embarrassed smile on her face, "Sorry, I've only started growing these since," she awkwardly gestured to her own pregnant belly, "You know. I'm still not used to them. You're ** Right? Hubby told us all about you" >You numbly nodded to her and took a moment to let your brain spool up >You thought she was human at first, but once you got over the massive set of distractions, you saw that her ears tapered to a sharp point >Like an elf's >"I know this is a lot to take in and will need a lot of explaining, but could you take them inside and get them something eat?" your hubby said as he climbed back into the car, "I still have to go pick up the others and I don't want to leave them alone for too long." >You wish him a safe drive on reflex and then hes off, leaving you in the driveway with two cute cat girls and an elf too thicc for any hentai to take her >All of them pregnant >You start to feel dizzy and vaguely gesture over to the front door before making your way over yourself >Wait a second, did he say 'others'? What do?
>>4299 based. But seriously, I've had this fantasy too when I'm feeling submissive and humiliation-driven. >>4314 nice. Based on my personal experiences... What I'd do is start cooking because pregnant women get hungry and I want to impress my new sister-wives.
>>4314 Flee to the bathroom to cry. Fail to cry. Start undressing. Look at my own unimpressive figure Start masturbating while berating myself suddenly hop back into my clothes put on a bathrobe and hurry outside to tend to them
Open file (97.38 KB 500x334 laughingpanther.jpg)
>>4317 Imagining this from the new arrivals' perspective.
>>4299 I'm not sure if the fact I'm back on my old meds and this sounds hot as fuck are connected
>>4299 I thought of a racial angle on this a while ago, I think I might have posted it in one of the racial threads. In vitro fertilization of a non-white girl with the white vixen's fertilized egg. So i.e. an asian girl carrying her blond white husband's blonde white girlfriend's blond/e white baby in her asian womb. Not trying to derail the conversation but I don't think it got any responses when I posted it before so I thought I'd bring it up again.
>>4353 extremely good angle especially if you mix in a lil' bit of real world breeding patterns in >third world greencard mail order bride for older techie husband >refuses to knock her up >gets a younger model on the side (they look the same age because Asian but the cuck KNOWS) who works under him >she's still working on her career and will for quite some time >"How about it, wifey? Wanna help out? :)" >>4316 Glad someone gets it! >>4309 ..sorry
>>4349 I'm quite curious what meds turn someone queany a/o create a preg fetish. >>4358 Basically what happens in Singapore I believe.
>>4360 I can't imagine you'd find that particular thing documented, but then adjustment periods can produce some absolutely wild states, especially if the prescription was switched over quickly enough that they can interact (e.g. where concern of acute symptoms reasserting themselves doesn't permit a tapered transition). Occam's razor says it's half coincidence, half shitpost.
>>4360 >>4365 benzos gaba activity does numbers on the horny circuits and im usually too anxious to be horby
Does anyone else find themselves imagining that they're running a eugenics program with their man as breeding stud? For me it's a vague, hazy fantasy that comes in fits and starts, each time the details slightly different. I imagine running genomic analysis, advancing the field of predictive genetics, and using it to gather him only the most eugenically fit women to breed. I medically examine them beforehand, quantifying and cataloguing all the ways in which they're fit to bear his children. I answer their questions, confirm their cycles, make sure they're maximally ready to contribute their bloodlines to the grand project that will outlive us all. This is a fantasy, so naturally they're completely on board with my objectives. I study him too, for I want to know everything about him all the time, and together we work to tweak his diet and exercise to make his sperm as healthy and numerous as possible. As we drift to sleep together each night, I cup my hand around his scrotum and fancy that I can feel his balls filling with all the new lives he'll be creating the next day. Naturally, I have to be present for the breeding sessions themselves. How I imagine them differs from moment to moment. Sometimes the girl is nervous, sometimes raring to go. Sometimes I'm just an observer, sometimes I'm a little more involved in a sexual coaching and direct assistance role. Whatever it takes. And at the end of each day I debrief him from my knees, interrogate him in between mouthfuls of his scientifically adulterous cock about how each of these women made him feel, how much pleasure they brought him, what he liked and disliked. I catalogue this and use it to find him even better matches. I am one of the breeding subjects too, for the future belongs to those who show up, but like all subjects I only receive his seed when the union has the highest chance of bearing fruit. I wouldn't want to steal other girls' chances to conceive by skimming his cream, after all. No? Only me?
Open file (221.76 KB 1200x675 Fve5qzuWIAEF9AT.jpg)
Open file (216.71 KB 1200x675 Fve5s4DWcAAgwRI.jpg)
Open file (172.71 KB 1200x675 Fve5-buWcAA8w9K.jpg)
Open file (174.98 KB 1080x915 Fve5ejBWcAI-RRu.jpg)
Open file (524.51 KB 781x753 Fve5g8BWYAA8A88.jpg)
Ran into this while indulging my breeding kink. The first three are more my jam, since the part of breeding I like best is the "fuck your babies into them" part, followed closely by the "fuck your babies into me" stage. I do like how the following panels imply he's still pumping this harem of breeding sluts full of his cum on the regular, like any good aspiring patriarch. The fantasy of being part of a perpetually pregnant harem turns me to pudding, but my logistics obsessed brain struggles to ignore the exorbitant costs of raising all those babies the further along everyone is in their pregnancy which makes erotica about those later stages less hot to me. It doesn't seem like there will be any more art in this series, and while they have some other breeding art that I like a lot of it squicks me out (interracial, NTR) so if you go looking into their portfolio, do so with care.
Open file (220.11 KB 1200x1085 Fve5iBMX0AEWS7N.jpg)
Open file (403.37 KB 700x525 Fve5BSTX0AM5DYE.jpg)
>>5219 Cont

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