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Anonymous 11/12/2022 (Sat) 15:34:32 No.4427
>tfw no wifepoints app or chart
May you elaborate on what that is, why you want it, and how it relates to /cuckquean/?
>>4428 A secondary meme, probably.
Open file (142.13 KB 640x244 FQP5IoJXMAIwLUp.png)
>>4427 Ah, that. >>4428 The cuckquean version of good boy points. Do this and that, get points, spend them on being allowed to touch yourself.
>>4452 Where’d it originate?
>>4453 It probably originated just now with this thread, with OP trying and failing to get others to recognize the context clues of it. Sounds like OP is meant to be a vixen to one of the dopes who didn't get the joke rather than a cuckquean.
>>4427 You can just get a piece of paper and give your boyfriend a sheet of stickers. Now you have wifepoints. If you want to get extra fancy just make a chart yourself and print it.
>>4433 Nice digits. Any rule64 on this meme?
>>4452 >being allowed to touch yourself >implying I have the self-control not to itf https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dS6rV4p38Yo
Open file (96.61 KB 807x1200 horny dungeon.jpg)
Open file (154.99 KB 752x1063 morning_after.jpg)
>>4464 We have special undies for girls like us, Anon. They're very shiny and fun, and you might resist a bit at first, but you'll come to enjoy them with time.
>>4455 >implying I don't want the added humiliation of being cucked by someone more autistic and silly than I Gimme one of the bitches in pic related as a vixen; that's the shame that hurts so good. Also I had to look up good boy points. Get out chicken tender, get in dickin' tender. >>4462 this >>4467 Cute and sexy.
Open file (3.79 KB 68x69 Vixen.PNG)
>>4472 >Gimme one of the bitches in pic related as a vixen >The Monkey's Paw curls Your Vixen has been assigned, Anon. Enjoy!
>>4472 My bf did pick up an autistic vixen once, actually. Female autism isn't as obvious and she masked well during their initial encounter so he didn't realize she was an aspie - thought she was just a bit awkward and shy, as many academics are - until they were already in bed relaxing in between their first and second tumble. The topic of the Japanese having heated toilet seats happens to come up (as it does) and she suddenly has a minor freakout, says that she can't stand the idea because she's sensitive to temperature and it'd feel like someone else's leftover body heat. My bf's lying there next to this girl listening to her chatter away about this and apparently that was the moment something clicked and all the other little weird things he'd noticed lined up to the realization that he was in bed with an autistic girl. Didn't stop them from going for a second tumble though; he said once he knew what was going on it was more fun in its own way because by then she'd lowered her guard and her body reacted differently than he was used to. The part that made me laugh was that partway through their second fuck she just cuts off a moan halfway through, stares at him, and says out of the blue with completely flat affect >"I'm tired." "Okay," he says, "would you like to stop?" She thinks for a second and then grins and says, >"No. This is fun." and so that was that, the train kept rolling. >>4467 Cute!

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