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Open file (5.05 MB 2477x3497 sneak peek.png)
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Virtual Youtubers/VTubers, Cuckqueaning, and (You) Anonymous 09/01/2022 (Thu) 02:03:47 No.3839
>see girl with cute voice and cute anime avatar >want my man to fuck her Simple as.
Can someone better at making threads than myself start a vtubwa general? Ever since that fad peaked during quarantine parasocial delusions have blown out my cuckquaning through the roof. [Moderator Note: Move-reposted from Cuckqueaning in Two Dimensions thread at >>46 - original posting time 08/30/2022 (Tue) 06:04:19.]
>>3840 I'm afraid I can't because I don't quite understand how vchewbers work with cuckqueaning (except character stuff like vids related) but I'm curious to hear how it works for you. >parasocial delusions have blown out my cuckquaning through the roof Make that really curious. [Moderator Note: Move-reposted from Cuckqueaning in Two Dimensions thread at >>46 - original posting time 08/30/2022 (Tue) 12:46:45.]
>>3841 >but I'm curious to hear how it works for you >see girl with cute voice and cute anime avatar >want my man to fuck her Simple as. [Moderator Note: Move-reposted from Cuckqueaning in Two Dimensions thread at >>46 - original posting time 08/30/2022 (Tue) 15:20:44.]
>>3842 >wanting your man to fuck the mold rabbit >wanting your man to fuck the vomit drawer rabbit [Moderator Note: Move-reposted from Cuckqueaning in Two Dimensions thread at >>46 - original posting time 08/31/2022 (Wed) 00:38:57.]
>>3843 >not wanting your man to reform her with the power of dick >not enjoying that she turns from bratty chatterbox to well-trained putty in his hands >not wanting to watch him fuck the smug out of her after every stream >not helping him to break and train her into a functional human bein- ...actually yeah let's not get ahead of ourselves; that'd need a miracle. I don't know about other couples, but we try to avoid crazy if we can help it. [Moderator Note: Move-reposted from Cuckqueaning in Two Dimensions thread at >>46 - original posting time 08/31/2022 (Wed) 02:13:01.]
>>3843 >>3844 He can fix her. [Moderator Note: Move-reposted from Cuckqueaning in Two Dimensions thread at >>46 - original posting time 08/31/2022 (Wed) 03:44:34.]
>>3845 >/pro/tuber That is a very flat raccoon. [Moderator Note: Move-reposted from Cuckqueaning in Two Dimensions thread at >>46 - original posting time 08/31/2022 (Wed) 04:00:33.]
>>3846 Exactly! That's why anon's caption says "He can fix her." After all, most creatures in the animal kingdom have to be impregnated before they develop notable breasts. He's doing his part! [Moderator Note: Move-reposted from Cuckqueaning in Two Dimensions thread at >>46 - original posting time 08/31/2022 (Wed) 07:08:23.]
Open file (532.12 KB 1000x563 image-asset.png)
>>3840 >>3842 >vtubers as fantasy vixens On the one hand some of them are cute enough that my imagination wants to use them as fuel to go places (or have my bf go places with them) but they’re in a place between character and real person that makes me feel confused. Like I don’t have any problem having people I know IRL star in my delusions, and the same goes for characters, but the knowledge that there’s a hidden person puppeting the streamer but also being the streamer kind of… short-circuits things, somehow. That said, it’s kind of tasty to imagine a situation where my bf’s a vtuber himself and I help him out behind the scenes, and where I set him up a collab with a shut-in independent girl vtuber that turns into a behind-the-scenes online friendship, which with my encouragement eventually leads to him going over to her place in between their streams for a bit of very private, very unarchived off-collabing. I imagine her starting her stream unusually bright and relaxed; of all the viewers, only I know that it’s because my man filled her up and gave her a little spanking for good luck just ten minutes ago, and that as soon as he returns home I’m going to find out how she tastes. It's not too long before she wants to see him in person again, and soon I end up managing her channel too so they'll be better synched; the more my bf opens up her sexuality and addicts her to him behind the scenes, the more she blossoms as a performer. Or swap things around and make me a tuber and my bf my manager. Viewers would see her and I having a silly little in-game contest to spice up our collab. I’d be in the lead but “accidentally” choke right at the last second; the chat would find it confusing but amusing that she ended up all flustered - after all, how could they know that I half-jokingly made a bet before we began that I’d have to lend her my boyfriend (not that either of us has boyfriends, of course; we’re vtubers!) if she won and that she accepted just a little too quickly? >>3843 >>3844 I'd ask, but I suspect I'd regret it. I love her cute puff-tail though. >>3847 I would like to know more! [Moderator Note: Move-reposted from Cuckqueaning in Two Dimensions thread at >>46 - original posting time 08/31/2022 (Wed) 07:34:14.]
>>3847 >>3848 Impregnation guarantees titizenship. [Moderator Note: Move-reposted from Cuckqueaning in Two Dimensions thread at >>46 - original posting time 08/31/2022 (Wed) 09:17:39.]
>>3844 >>3843 You guys are a bit too harsh. All she needs is two proper parental figures aclimated enough to imageboard culture in order to properly comprehend her autism and spank and pound the slob out of her I volunteer. >>3848 >I'd ask, but I suspect I'd regret it. Too late! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vPCMliR9_Lo&t=124s [Moderator Note: Move-reposted from Cuckqueaning in Two Dimensions thread at >>46 - original posting time 08/31/2022 (Wed) 17:58:07.] [Moderator Note: This is the last post of the initially imported posts for the thread. You may now post in this thread for real. Enjoy!]
Edited last time by cuckqueanadmin on 09/01/2022 (Thu) 02:25:09.
Open file (18.11 KB 270x480 frame0.jpg)
>>3850 >Too late!
>>3850 >All she needs is two proper parental figures aclimated enough to imageboard culture in order to properly comprehend her autism and spank and pound the slob out of her I can feel the fantasy haze coming on, but fun imagination aside I wonder if this sort of thing could ever work in reality? Depressed girls with self-maintenance issues don’t get insta-fixed by a program of dick and titsmothered spanking, much as we’d all love to see that protocol tested in a study, and their care and feeding puts a lot of strain on those who support them. Seems like you’d need a couple with a very particular dynamic to pull it off without everything collapsing into the bad kind of sticky, exhausted mess.
>>3855 >Depressed girls with self-maintenance issues don’t get insta-fixed by a program of dick and titsmothered spanking, much as we’d all love to see that protocol tested in a study The time has come to found the Institute of Cuckqueaning.
>>3860 >Think you might be underestimating the effects of an emotionally stable yet stimulating environment and man-sharing camaraderie. I want to believe. The whole thing presses so many of my buttons that it’s scary, which is why I’m cautious of it. >cohabitation, housewifing and ofc dickings from an authoritative yet loving mate really helped me get my shit together It… really does help, yeah. I’m a lot calmer and able to focus when I get my regular morning maintenance spankings.
>>3951 Rushia/Nazuna a cute. She has unlimited queaning potential.
>>3963 Wasn't there some actual love triangle drama with her, another vthot, and some male, and that's why she's not at Hololive anymore?
>>3964 I only saw the chatter when she was fired, but from what I could gather the issue was a rumor that she was in a relationship with an utaite (independent producer-singer). This was bad because she leaned heavily into the girlfriend experience type stuff and explicitly encouraged her fans to be "loyal" to her by watching and donating to her exclusively, instead of encouraging them to partake of Hololive tubers in general, as was the way with other members of the firm. (His fans also seemed quite ticked off at the idea.) I don't know what happened with the rumors; while it's normal for idol management contracts to have clauses that trigger agreement termination if the idol enters an intimate relationship that is later disclosed to the public (the so-called "love ban"), that wasn't the problem. IIRC what got her fired was that in the midst of the heat from these rumors, she reached out to a Youtuber who specialized in covering Internet drama and provided company-internal chat logs to him that included information that could compromise the other girls' personal information, which is also grounds for immediate termination. I might not be recalling everything correctly since I was mainly interested in it as a matter of entertainment contract law at the sharp end. >>>/l/ will probably know more.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yhoXY2B4iBo Hey, little miss otaku! Heard you got a boyfriend, good for you~ He looks fun! Lemme borrow him for a bit, 'kay? It's not like I'll steal him or something; I'll give him back in perfect condition, maybe even a little better... I might look careless but I'm the type who takes care of what I borrow, you know?
>>3974 hehe, that's pretty good queany parody of that stream. pic unrelated.
>>3989 Are... are his balls going to be OK?
Open file (952.45 KB 1180x1500 7403_20210119001631_0.png)
>>3992 they're just motion lines. he got the same lines on his hips n butt but you didn't ask about that.
Open file (1.52 MB 1629x1621 ClipboardImage.png)
>>3993 I was looking more at how the left-hand girl (Botan?) seemed to have her weight on them. Maybe he's just thrusting up such that his sack is bisecting itself around her forearm.
>>3974 I really like this kind of dynamic where the vixen just strolls in all friendly to the cuckquean and helps herself to the man like it’s no big deal.
>>3993 Very tete.
Open file (14.11 MB 4255x4210 ClipboardImage.png)
>>4013 Tete tête-à-tête.
Open file (1.66 MB 1227x867 WHITE GIRLS.png)
Open file (957.03 KB 1180x1500 7403_20210121225002_0.png)
>>4044 Anon, I'll (check) your doubles but I am not going to check this whole 3 hour stream to see if it's queany and not board-rule-breaking bestiality content. Please tell us why you're linking this here, preferably with some timestamps?
>>4044 >WHITE GIRLS oh good, my most very favorite psyop
>>4088 what the fuck happened to Ghost's voice
>>4089 Shouting at bronies for a decade straight took its toll.
Jesus, at least pick a more openly seductive/sexy chuuba for your vixen fantasies, not the reddit rabbit
Open file (132.25 KB 800x1200 FbGRPaCX0AAji2b.jpg)
>>4106 What the fuck did you just fucking say about my oshi, you little cuck?!...
>>4107 Pippa’s cool and all and I do very much want to empty my nutsack all over her face but she’s no vixen
>>4108 She want to cuck Ghost's wife.
Open file (1.37 MB 500x499 cock-or-gtfo.gif)
You know what would be a very hot situation? A 2view Vtuber, having her fans stolen by a strong vtuber who sends her the footage of the 2view's fans cancelling their memberships. As she falls deeper and deeper into sadness, the strong vtuber drags her in as a collab partner going forward, who serves as a footstool to the big vtuber, while she's forced to watch as her now Vixen Vtuber drags her former fans to her bedroom for steamy love making. Slowly, the now 0views develops sexual attraction to her vixen, as her former fans were both women, and she starts to enjoy the feeling of her Vixen just lording over her how much better she is at satisfying the fans than the now cuckquean ever was. If the cuckquean is especially well behaved during the streams, the vixen may even let her lay in bed with the Vixen, while the Vixen ties her up and gives her a magic wand toy, while fondling her much smaller chest and allowing her to feel the Vixen's tits on her face, while listening to a fan have sex with her vixen in the background. I get this isn't quite as cuckqueany as normal, but lurking the Lesbian Cuckqueaning thread has me acting up at the moment, and I just enjoy the idea of a cuckquean slowly learning she actually is okay with sharing because she is actually attracted to her vixen on a physical level.
>Pippa will never kiss you like she kisses Bird Prisoner https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ymCi7LHoDkM Why live?
>>4116 Like, do you actually want a pic of my cock? That’s actually kinda cute NGL. Maybe I’ll do a cum tribute later and put my cock in the frame
>>4203 Ooh, now that’s a good candidate for a vixen. Lumi fucking your bf would be pretty fucking hot ngl
Open file (782.33 KB 2894x4093 smug whore.jpg)
>>4216 I think Lumi would have a very clinical and unaffected approach to any relationship but especially one where she's the vixen. She'd be in it purely for the genes and resources, and while she'd be great to get along with there'd never be any love or even excitement for the sex.
>>4217 As long as this smug Stacy lets him cum on her face then it’s okay
>>4217 >imagine her face when your man instead fills the moldy autistic flip pink bunny with all of his thick Aryan semen again and again into a perpetual impregnation state, not sparing a single spermatozoo for her eugenics project
>>4229 I have a hard time imagining Pippa doing anything sexual with another person.
Open file (161.43 KB 854x480 an-non dot cafe.webm)
>>4044 This post got enough clicks to show up on her algorithm. She might even be masturbating to the thought of cucking (you) right now.
Open file (10.36 KB 470x109 watched.png)
Open file (9.58 KB 1102x82 watched 2.png)
Open file (27.36 KB 654x246 prank.jpg)
>>4300 unironically yes she has a huge thing about putting other women in their place sexually (directly and indirectly)
>>4301 >implying im not an exhibitionist
>>4301 >just standing there >watching >not participating >enjoying it Yep, sure sounds like they're cucks to me. Welcome to the club sisters.
>>4229 Why would he ever fill the yabbit up when he can bust on her moldy face instead?
>>4301 >changing your behavior on an anonymous imageboard where no one knows a thing about you because there might be a higher number of people watching than usual yeah that makes sense, now watch this drive (of my man's cock into a vixen's vagina) >>4304 kek >>4305 Why not both?
Open file (93.30 KB 863x588 Pippa gf.png)
>>4302 Pippa's more of a 'tears into you with knives while her boyfriend fucks you violently' kinda girl. The only things that have ever been shown to get her going are guro and ryona, anything related to actual sex has her either laughing or disgusted. And with the attitude you've mentioned you know she's the one doing the ryona in her fantasies.
Open file (487.00 KB 629x786 pippa demon core.png)
>>4300 >AH-NAWN DAHT KEFAY Is this the "ASMR" of which I have heard so much?
>>3849 Very underrated post.
>>4308 >can't get pregnant if there's no uterus *taps forehead*
>>4326 Anon, you know that deliberately stirring this sort of inter-board thing is terrible etiquette, right? Even if they are halfchanners, it’s still rude.
Open file (962.33 KB 1600x1200 @a_dogart 2022-03-27.png)
>>4321 >>4300 Thanks for the rare pippes, suckers!
Open file (327.97 KB 1080x1380 no pippanties.jpg)
>>4303 Put a shirt on, sparky!
>>4308 >The only things that have ever been shown to get her going are guro and ryona, Sauce?
>>4335 I'm not really sure just how true that is, but she did have a lot of fun shitposting back when Comma Dentata stapled her vagina shut. https://nitter.unixfox.eu/pipkinpippa/status/1518721031413936129
Open file (101.75 KB 1000x750 FbkljI0X0AA2r8C.jpg)
>>4326 What I deduced from that thread: there's a seething lum-hater amogus
>>4338 She's probably just frustrated that her man's oshi isn't lumi. The solution is obviously for her to be subjected to pic related.
Open file (92.65 KB 680x275 ultra mega queaning.png)
Okay, which one of you cucks started the whole wemi-lumi eggs convo?!
>>4340 not me some previous thread talked about buying her eggs and putting them into a chinese tradwife but i cant find the post anymore but it kind of went from there don't look at me
>>4338 >>4339 >how I sleep knowing that some innocent honest-to-God Lumi hating woman is now currently slandered as a cuckold by the internet's largest imageboard because of my reckless horni shitposting
Open file (2.95 MB 494x498 Yuri smug.gif)
>>4342 You say slandered. I say being put on the path to realizing her secret desires this entire time.
Open file (638.11 KB 1150x767 peak cuck material.png)
>>4339 I don't know who that Lia girl is but unf!..
>>4335 One of her Hatoful Boyfriend streams, can't recall which. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C0ihU5mftIc https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kzA7MyxFsXM And also this recent clip https://youtu.be/5CLqlkmowQM?t=226 She's also gone into it in a couple of MC streams and on twitter once or twice as well.
>>4342 inb4 she ends up developing that fetish anywa yas a result
Open file (162.32 KB 1200x1013 Pippa.png)
Open file (163.84 KB 1200x1013 IRL.png)
>>4236 Same
>>4306 Creampie and a massive facial? I like the cut of your job, especially when Pippa’s pretty face is the one sporting a massive load
>>4355 *jib
Open file (51.95 KB 570x520 question_mark.jpg)
>>4370 You're very kind to bring us something, Anon, but forgive me—what has this to do with us? Without context it's just the kind of thing one used to hear posted on ancient /soc/ voice threads.
>>4371 She was brought up earlier >>4216 >>4229 and either read it or fate just happened to be accomodating.
>>4372 Those clips don't seem to have anything to do with cuckqueaning or how she was brought up ITT though. Is there some context missing that would make it clear? Please don't take this the wrong way, but it seems a huge stretch to say that a yandere moment and talking about being territorial/competitive have anything to do with cuckqueaning.
Anyone got link to the site of AI generated waifus?
>>4430 If you're looking for our AI thread, >>1871 If you're looking for the neural network generation of anime girl headshots by Gwern, https://www.thiswaifudoesnotexist.net/
>>4430 >>4446 More likely anon is looking for the one Pippa used in her recent stream. https://novelai.net/
Open file (6.56 MB 3978x3090 Brideoffrankenstein.jpg)
Open file (65.68 KB 395x323 Fhpja9OaYAA3Cc2.png)
Open file (123.23 KB 1280x720 mLJg0h2s.jpg)
Open file (155.44 KB 1280x720 flavr.jpg)
Did Pippa just got cucked by her own creation?
>>4451 So the sexy little redneck vixen got cucked herself huh? That’s fucking hot
You know, it's weird to say this given I don't even watch her, but I'm starting to admire Pippa in some small and slightly horrified way. There's an integrity to her schtick.
Open file (9.05 KB 358x141 images.jpg)
>>4567 >There's an integrity to her schtick. She indeed did deliver feet pix.
>>4598 I think she said she'll deliver armpits at 250000 subs too.
>>4109 Confirmed; Ghost will let Pippa cuck Mrs. Ghost. https://youtu.be/pNdZp7IerA8
so if there was one chuuba you'd share your man's cock with, but you'd let her swallow or get splattered by all the cum, who would it be?
>>4803 Please rephrase, which part is the dilemma?
>>4804 not really a dilemma--you give your man a double blowjob, but the chuuba gets all the cum--which chuuba are you doing this with?
>>4805 Noel seems like she'd make for a fluffy uncomplicated tittyvix, so I pick her.
Open file (87.81 KB 850x696 Ina r34.jpg)
>>4803 Ina. She seems like the kind of girl who would be flattered that you're sharing your boyfriend with her, and the morning after she'd help you make breakfast. She might even make a joke about how after your bf is done eating his pankcakes, he can have someone nearly as flat for dessert.
Open file (257.20 KB 681x842 ina headpat.png)
>>4807 Comfy.
Open file (155.57 KB 1000x1000 Ichika-Noel breast envy.jpg)
Open file (754.98 KB 702x914 Ichika handbra.png)
Open file (197.75 KB 2048x1536 Ichika doots.jpg)
Open file (151.14 KB 1200x946 Ichika sweat.jpg)
Open file (1.52 MB 1794x1482 ichika slepe.png)
>>4806 Speaking of tittyvixen vtubers, what does /cuckquean/ think about Fairy Ichika? She currently sports a Japanese U-cup IRL and has managed to do a 30-hour Ring Fit stream while having them. You can audibly hear meaty thwacks when she runs, which seems to be something that not even Noel manages. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3HT2ToAm-UY https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fah6l0WhEwg
>>4807 she'd be flattened
>>4821 >30-hour Ring Fit stream >tortured herself until she got 150 viewers >that sobbing >for 150 viewers
>>4834 never knew guns can look inbred
Open file (354.53 KB 1024x768 AI phox.jpg)
>>4849 Anything can now look inbred, thanks to the magic of AI!
>>4852 what if your man is an only child and you use AI 3D waifu printing to make him the sister he never had
Open file (322.39 KB 512x512 bigbrain.png)
>>4856 Then she'd steal him from me with her giant AI designed brain.
>>4821 Those videos make me feel sorry for the titfairy.
>>4904 How would you help cheer her up?
Open file (342.48 KB 1170x1399 minigirl tycoon.jpg)
>>4906 Build her a tiny theme park.
Open file (106.29 KB 1797x260 ferry post that i made.PNG)
>>4907 you responded to me with my own post, what the fuck
>>4913 Please wake up. Your family misses you. We all miss you.
Open file (277.83 KB 440x384 Wah.PNG)
>>4828 Inaf! No, it didn't just take me 3 weeks to get your pun. Shut up. I love it.
Open file (907.85 KB 2400x3000 ClipboardImage.png)
So YouTube suggested this to me and... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LVj5PO2kWTc Well, fuck. It's official: I like Pippa now.
>>4922 >cucked by her own mother >mamakin adopting the chat Look at us! We are the Pipkin now.
Open file (87.61 KB 700x529 no more pika.jpeg)
Open file (424.75 KB 748x957 hogwarts war crimes.png)
What a shame. Nothing to do with cuckqueaning, but... a shame.
Open file (40.36 KB 681x246 tenmadotr.png)
Open file (9.80 KB 350x270 poeversion1-3137699395)
>>4980 Please tell me the one on the right is ironic? I can't even tell any more...
>>4984 It's a parody of a certain other image.
>>4985 >>4986 I know about the image, I was talking about the sentiment.
>>4987 The person who drew the parody did so as parody, but the people whose attitudes the parody comments upon seem to hold them sincerely.
>>4982 Hadn't seen anything of her before, but I have now. I like her.
>>4990 Would he?
Open file (7.52 MB 2150x3035 ClipboardImage.png)
>>4991 He liked her when I excitedly showed him a few clips while waiting for her guerilla HP stream to end so I could show him the start of that (I kinda ended up loving her)... plus she's 1) using a foxrig, 2) seems like she'd enjoy a good rough throwing-around, the firecrackers almost always do, and 3) obviously a huge pervert, so that's three points in her favor. On the other hand, can you imagine the noise? Final verdict: Yes we joked about it, of course we did, but I'm not going to post the answer because there's a real person behind that rig, you know? No need to make it creepy. Or creepier, at least.
Open file (1.89 MB 1967x1481 ClipboardImage.png)
>>4994 Update! I have been instructed to post the following quote "for honesty's sake", a response to her immediately cutting the screen as soon as she was sorted into Hufflepuff: >This girl's great. Makes me want to tie her up and fuck her butt. This is high praise! It usually takes at least three sessions before he wants to both tie up a girl and train her rear. I love you, you fucking asshole.
>>4994 you should send her a superchat that says you wish she could date your boyfriend
>>4996 What, and cuck her chat?
Open file (355.31 KB 2268x2852 pipgun.JPG)
It's her birthday! Will you say something nice about her, /cuckquean/?
>>4998 I know! I caught a little bit of her stream, saw a cute RHCP parody song animation someone made for her. Looked like it was drawn with a mouse, which means SOVL >Will you say something nice about her, /cuckquean/? She's based. I mean that unironically. Over the past six months I've gradually gone from regarding her as the pink meme rabbit who I only hear about when she does or says something shocking to realizing she's actually pretty good. There's this core of admirable determination to her performance now, a certain poise that has to be earned. Sure, she still shrieks and makes her meme noises and generally carries on but under it all is a genuine, raw, volatile desire to entertain by self-expression. Seems like she's maturing, polishing herself, and it actually makes me a little excited to see where she'll go next. Is this what guys into idols feel? If it is, I can understand a little of why they behave as they do. Anyway, I'm happy for her and I hope she has a wonderful birthday.
>>4990 >cuckquean_robot_and_ai_thread.wmv
>>4997 Pippa cucks her chat with Ghostpolitics all the time, it'd be no big deal
Open file (256.08 KB 1622x1554 Fpc2bjdXoAE7sHW.jpg)
>>5005 It'd be funny but it'd also feel like forcing my fetish into somewhere it doesn't belong, which I think is a rude, weird, and creepy thing to do. Like, if someone sent a supa mentioning feet for no— okay, bad example. I'm sure Tenma and her chat would take it all in stride, but if it wasn't timed to be relevant to something she was doing or talking about then it'd feel like I was trying to hijack. I loathe when male cucks try to subject everyone else to their fetish by slipping it in and trying to normalize it everywhere they can, so I just don't feel comfortable doing the same.
Open file (276.11 KB 1367x1693 soundproofing.jpg)
>>4994 >>4995 To be fair, it's downright natural to want one's boyfriend atop a foxy pocket rocket. He has to strap her down for her own safety. And if she gets unacceptably loud, well, that's why God made your breasts the perfect size to smother a noisy little mofu-mouth. Checkmate, atheists.
Open file (107.13 KB 850x1202 Mold Rabbit.jpeg)
>>4999 >She's based. She has her moments. Her streams aren't always my speed since I prefer more chill vibes, but the clips can be funny. https://youtu.be/CyLhrbQLyjM
>>5014 >that's why God made your breasts the perfect size to smother a noisy little mofu-mouth. Checkmate, atheists. It's not my fault, it's in God's plan! He made the smolfox so much louder than my man. >>5031 Footshit's always such an anatomymog. Just look at those kneecaps, damn. Probably shouldn't be shooting my mouth off about Pippa's development when I'm mostly watching clips. Now that I've actually watched one of Tenma's streams and gorged on her clips, I think she'd be my choice for loud and frenetic because I find her funnier, pound for pound. Pineapple for pineapple?
>>5031 Who's your chillchuuba of choice, Anon?
Open file (1.20 MB 3419x4096 Ceres Fauna.jpg)
>>5036 You guessed it already, Fauna. She has her high energy moments for sure, but overall she's a soothing force in the chaos of media. I'll just put her vods on in the background while I work or cook or do whatever else I'm doing. Honorable mention goes to GirlDM, she's usually pretty chill and I like her sense of humor. Being a cute catgirl doesn't hurt either.
>>5033 Feet are hard to draw well so foot material accidentally filters for higher artist skill. Seems like doing a foot fetish pic would be the kind of challenge some might take on for its own sake.
>>4600 So 3 months?
>>4988 she deserved better
Open file (1.47 MB 1000x1573 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (610.38 KB 1240x1254 ClipboardImage.png)
>>5045 She did seem to have hit an inflection point even before all of this Hogwarts nonsense, yes. The explosive growth phase is where a lot of enterprises tend to shake themselves apart; I hope she'll be able to survive success. >>5046 She did. She was already planning to retire, but was also clearly looking forward to playing a game that was special to her as one of her last highs. Hope she got to enjoy it in private. It's a a lot of fun, I really enjoyed it myself. I'll always remember Pika as the one who got me to acknowledge vtubers as their own thing. Hope she'll do well after this. Remember Monoe? >>5040 Yeah, that was my point. If you look at that Pippa pic you can see that the hands are well done, too. My guess is that it was done straight from reference, but it still proves skill. >>5039 Seen a couple clips where she bursts into science mode. She seems good and I love her design—dem horms! I usually have to avoid English speakers if I'm using VODs as background noise for work, though.
Open file (212.78 KB 1403x564 oh god.jpg)
>imagining pippa as a vixen >ever (Warning: Might be guro.)
>>5057 Probably for the best; we prefer our vixens at least four and a half pineapples tall.
>>5059 Depending on the pineapple, that can be pretty tall. Who are the tallest vtubers, anyway?
Open file (92.98 KB 680x1164 bignsmall.jpg)
Open file (45.60 KB 640x752 endof.jpeg)
>>5081 Depends. If you count male vtubers, they'll nab all places. Of the better-known girls, Hololive's Sana was a cosmic-scale giantess who topped out the tape at 1,697,840km but "with limiter" she was 169cm. Coco was 180cm. The present tallest is Indonesian Holo girl Kaela Kovalskia at 173cm, a fact backed by a single (one (1)) google search.
>>5081 Yet another reason we should encourage our men to eat more pineapple.
Open file (1.13 MB 752x786 godlike yippee 32.gif)
>>5136 >join vtuber company >become more autistic >become gayer >become more shut-in Satanic gaybeams I'm telling you
Open file (9.31 MB 1280x720 GAY FROGS.webm)
>>5154 Many such cases!
Open file (6.59 MB 640x360 the colress art.mp4)
>>4980 Gone, but never forgotten. In totally unrelated news, a new vtuber just dropped who might be able to cuck you and boil water. https://youtu.be/MyNgCYePfek
Open file (527.40 KB 512x655 chi.gif)
>>5195 >vshojo Huh, well. There you go.
Open file (2.85 MB 1447x2046 ClipboardImage.png)
>vixen fucking my man while wearing my clothes >I'm kept naked and completely ignored by both no matter what I do or what noises I make through my gag Thanks for the new subfetish, Internet. Anyone seen this sort of thing before? Does it have a name yet? (Replacement play, maybe?)
>>5198 kinda hot tbh
>>5198 Does she get to borrow your wedding ring too? Asking for a friend.
Open file (67.23 KB 256x256 sweating succ.jpeg)
Open file (186.24 KB 640x383 Quean Booty Call.PNG)
>>5198 What really does it for me is how the action lines seem to imply she's either shaking her butt to get his attention or trying to hip check the vixen out of the way (the second seems more likely, her arm looks to be pushing Mio as well). The gag limits my ability to speak so of course he can't hear my pleas, but when he's even ignoring my obviously available and fuckable hole so he can take her when I'm literally trying to shove it in the way? There's no question about that being deliberate, and there's also no question about it being extremely hot. Thanks for sharing Anon. >>5201 Only if she uses my man's pre or cum as lube to get it off. I'd prefer it to also go on a chain around her neck than on her hand too, something about it bouncing there between her breasts paints a very pretty picture to me.
Open file (41.20 KB 720x596 IMG_9672.jpeg)
>>5212 >Only if she uses my man's pre or cum as lube to get it off. I'd prefer it to also go on a chain around her neck than on her hand too, something about it bouncing there between her breasts paints a very pretty picture to me.
>>5212 >Only if she uses my man's pre or cum as lube to get it off. You'd have to lick it clean after that, of course. >pic I was assaying a crack about how considerate it was of him to tape her open before turning his attention to her better-endowed friend, but got distracted by the shock discovery of adhesive strips purpose-made for butt spreading. Points for their putting some design into the things instead of sticking strips of medical tape in a gucchied up box. Also: Sauce? Saucenao yields no match and this "Katsis" doesn't show up in the usual places, at least for me.
Open file (551.66 KB 500x373 Happy Mercury.gif)
>>5217 >You'd have to lick it clean after that, of course. Yes. Yes please. Can she tenderly stroke my cheek while I do that ? Forehead kisses would also be appreciated. >Sauce? KatsisMaki is their twitter handle. I don't think they do a lot of cuckquean stuff, their description includes "I draw almost any fetish" so I believe one of our quean sisters commissioned it and it's just a drop in the bucket of fetish art. Though I haven't actually looked at much of the artist's work, so maybe I'm wrong. I wasn't willing to look through their stuff to find more as I lack a twitter account, but if you want to take one for the team on that front then I wish you godspeed.
Open file (634.09 KB 1600x1600 1600319687568465920_1.jpg)
Open file (705.28 KB 1600x1600 1600319687568465920_2.jpg)
Open file (749.62 KB 1600x1600 1600319687568465920_3.jpg)
Open file (742.11 KB 1600x1600 1600319687568465920_4.jpg)
>>5218 Everything has its price. One need not pay in time and effort given the right tools, but I know of no instrument that hedges against seeing silicone-lipped catgirls farting clouds of fluorescent vapor. In any case, paying that particular piper has confirmed your hunch: Cuckqueaning was but one dalliance of many, and there's little to recommend the rest. With apologies for being offtopic, here's what was left in my pan (none of which seem to have been commissions).
Open file (7.69 MB 4961x5370 dear.png)
Open file (1.73 MB 3300x3508 1598569876716720128_1.jpg)
>>5221 These two as well. There's a 15MB PNG version of this second image but I refuse to upload it to Anon.cafe on ethical grounds, those being that it is an atrocity to distribute something as PNG after overlaying it with a layer of noise, attempt at a high-ISO effect or no.
Open file (355.78 KB 3328x2400 Smug Cat.jpg)
Open file (27.36 KB 384x473 Chestlace.jpg)
Open file (193.95 KB 1280x1280 Goth Cat.jpg)
>>5221 >I know of no instrument that hedges against seeing silicone-lipped catgirls farting clouds of fluorescent vapor. >paying that particular piper has confirmed your hunch: Cuckqueaning was but one dalliance of many I salute your service Anon, have some eye bleach for your sacrifice. You also have my gratitude, what you found will make fine additions to my collection. I, too, have been in those mines. In my many years of sourcing erotica, I feel sometimes as if I have already found all the cream that has risen to the top, and now I'm looking for diamonds in the rough. I regularly find that when such a diamond exists, there's no hidden cache of good stuff to be unearthed, it was just an exception to the artist's or writer's usual fare. It's still worth hunting for, but it makes the whole effort take more effort for slimmer reward. I wish I had the creative power some of you Anons have so I could add more to our collection of blessed hentai, but even if my little bit of dredging isn't much at least it's honest work.
>>5212 > I'd prefer it to also go on a chain around her neck than on her hand too, something about it bouncing there between her breasts paints a very pretty picture to me. I'm... going to pretend I'm mature enough to be above horny button mashing, okay? >tfw coming home and Vixen is wearing the chain and everyone pretends nothing is different but (you) know you'll be asked to surrender the ring soon >tfw it's become a ritual to go to the bathroom at the tail end of dinner and surreptitiously leave the ring underneath the napkin before you get up >tfw coming back flushed each time >tfw the mind games when sometimes the ring is still there cause they felt like playing mind games and every so often she just leaves again and you lay awake wondering if/when he'll sneak out to get blown in the car
>>5268 >vixen and hubby have moved to the couch by the time you return >heart fluttering, you peek under the napkin >...damn >ring's still there >guess nobody's having their second dessert tonight >you slip it back on and go to pull the usual trio of after-dinner espresso shots >a lovely chat over coffee later, you rise to walk her to the door as any good hostess should >and when she clasps your hands for the parting peck on the cheek, you feel her thumb brush over your ring >"Well then," she says, "have a safe trip home." >Huh? >your eyes flick down between her breasts >where the lowest point of her chain, hitherto hidden by angle of view, is revealed to bear a golden ring >a golden ring that looks exactly like the one presently around the fourth finger of your left hand >without another word, vixen pivots and struts back down the hallway as though she owns the place >dead silence aside from her footsteps and your heart's sudden thundering under your throat >and just before the lounge door closes the brief, sharp hiss of her skirt's side zipper >your pussy knows that sound as surely as Pavlov's dogs recognized his bell, >and so suddenly you're struggling to draw breath to pant with, pulse-drum beating time behind your clit, >as with shaking hand you pull off your ring and raise it so that the light catches its inner rim, >where you know what you'll see engraved, no question- >yet instead: a simple, perfect little heart >next to today's date
What would a deliberately cuckquean vtuber be like?
>>5297 One straightforward way of interpreting it would be to have a GFE-style chuuba embedded in a company or unit who encourages her chat to view her colleagues' streams as well as her own. This is quite normal on its face, but if she showed unusually genuine interest and delight at her chat's mingling with other chuubas and asked them to tell her about how much they enjoyed such-and-such a recent stream, but maintained an affectionate and slightly possessive attitude toward them as a group, I could see it registering as a little queany. The critical part would be to hit that balance of intimate and compersive such that ordinary cross-promotion ends up feeling a little fizzy and naughty to all involved. The chuuba'd have to be quite the entertainer to pull it off.
Where does that fishead find all the qt ones?! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=etUjjvqs1oo
Open file (2.00 MB 396x240 bounce.gif)
>>5362 >crab ʰᵉʰ Where the cuckqueaning tho
Open file (522.33 KB 2964x3512 peepkingpeeper.jpg)
>>4999 >>5031 Peepa was fun in small doses but lately it seems like all she does is yell, at least in the clips I saw. It kinda feels like she's reaching for her volume knob for no reason because that's her thing now and she can't think of anything else. >>5033 >filename Checked. >>5040 You know what I wanna see more of? Non-sexual feet. Feet are funny. I think feet rising up from out of frame and bothering someone is hilarious. Animu girls (and guys) should be able to use their bare or besocked feet for purposes other than standing on penises or holding them with soles suspiciously visible and well-rendered. Reclaim feet from feetfags! Up with platonic footery!
>>5434 Very true. Bonus points for retaliation.
Open file (162.90 KB 744x1099 media_F2-5xvZXUAA-CCl.jpg)
>>5533 >tummy rubs >ear whispers >relentless teasing >holding him in her while he cums Breaking News: overly aroused tard wife causes minor flood, forcing road closure. When asked for comment she told channel 4 "Catgirl twins." We will have more for you as this story unfolds.
>>5534 They're bitches, not felines.
Open file (16.05 KB 640x360 Oh well.jpg)
>>5535 hmm, less hot. Shame..
Open file (67.90 KB 554x390 flood risk.jpg)
>>5155 >FFFFFFRRRRRROOOOOOOOGS Gets me every time.

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