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Fantasy Cuckqueaning Thread 10/04/2019 (Fri) 00:19:30 No.357
It's October, and as such, I feel it's time we have a proper fantasy thread, to discuss all the elves, monstergirls, and other supernatural beings that are almost certainly going to steal your bf.
I got one for you. It was drawn by one of our draw friends over on /monster/, image 1 related. What would you call this position, /cuckquean/?
On a personal side note, This is the first time I have seen the shoggoth protrayed as the 'quean. I've always depicted her as the dominate vixen, as one of you pointed out in a post you made back on /monster/.
t. /monster/
I don't know that three person positions usually get their own names the way regular sex positions do. This might be new territory. It's basically reverse cowgirl with an extra, it could probably be a play on that.

The Shoggoths were originally made to be servants by the Elder Things, before they rebelled and killed them all. Maybe this one is a good girl that never rebelled.
Is there a new /monster/ somewhere?
Mr. Fantasy Cuckqueaning Thread here has part of the right idea.

>Maybe this one is a good girl that never rebelled.
The shogs are all rebels for wanting to serve their hsuands with all that they ar. See how she clothes the vixen wit. Herself? Hot. HOT.

Anyway. Position science name:
>Reverse Cowgirl Nelson with Anterior Cuckquean Assisting (Tongue)
Simply m.
Yes. Is good. Pure. Lots monstergirls to share bf
>Reverse Cowgirl Nelson with Anterior Cuckquean Assisting (Tongue)
Commonly known as "Tongue Saddle" (cause the cuckquean's face is like the saddle, whereas the man is the horse, kinda maybe)

Was gonna ask, but I found it, I think: https://smuglo.li/monster/
Still figuring out how this whole new site thing works.
As you can see, Cocona must wait until Hiro is unconscious to get the D, because he will always choose Zero Two when awake.
Keep your men folk safe from orc girls. They know nothing of honor, or respecting your relationship's fidelity.
Open file (339.14 KB 1240x1753 7l1sxz9d_o.jpg)
Now this is something we can all get behind.
Beware sneaky bf-stealing foxes. Remember to keep watch(ing)!
There really is rarely any form of Cuckquean or Reverse NTR stories in japanese hentai. I've read a few recently but the straight NTR just keep coming compared to the reverse NTR.

If only there is a website like western website for western hentai that have more of Cuckquean stories...
/monster/ just had an interesting thought.
The inverse yandere. please excuse the male pov
>If you so much as look at another girl she’ll lose it and… kidnap and mindbreak that girl for you before depositing her in your bed.

>A yandere who kidnaps and mindbreaks women for your harem.
>She edges them for months and refuses to to them climax until you stick your dick in them.
>If they do happen to climax before they get to you, she holds them even longer.

>"Honey?" you ask as you stare at the cat girl wrapped in ribbons and gagged on your bed.
>"Yes, dear?" asks your bicorn wife with a stupid grin on her face.
>You know this grin all too well.
>"Why is the cashier from the supermarket tied up in only ribbons and on the bed?"
>Your wife presses up against you. "Why, because you looked at her. I saw the attention you were giving her. So I decided to make her yours, my dear. She's a nice present, isn't she? Just makes you want to tear off her ribbons and fuck her stupid don't you?"
>You stare flatly at your wife. "Of course I had to look at her, you daft woman. How the hell else would I buy the groceries?"
>You wife looks hurt and tears up. "B-but I got her just for you. I-is my love for so little?"
>Ah damnit. You don't want to see her cry. Not to mention what she might do to the cashier just squirming lewdly there.
>You let out a sigh. "Fine. I'll fuck the cat."
>Your wife instantly cheers up and claps her hands before stripping you down and pushing you forward.
>"The things I do for love." you sigh up as you unwrap the lust-filled cat girl while your wife pulls out a video camera.
That's so cute!
>... as you stare at the cat girl wrapped in ribbons and gagged on your bed.

Merry Christmas!
Are you sure it's not just the translated works you're looking at?
Reminder that elf girls are here to help. Even though they fuck your husband (which is natural and right) they also help you have more sex with your husband, because they love it when humans fuck humans to make more humans. Let her into your marriage. Let her help.
Open file (11.74 KB 256x350 anon1.jpg)
Merry Christmas from /monster/, /cuckquean/!
We got your Christmas card and made you a greentext as a belated Christmas and thank you gift. We hope that you enjoy it and apologize in advance if it contravenes any of your board rules or customs. Any offense is entirely unintended. Even if you don't like it we still hope you're all having a wonderful holiday season.

Context Note: In our default setting Unicorns and Bicorns are special types of Centaurs, not animals. The Bicorn is a Unicorn variant who, instead of being focused on virginity and monogamy, is a cuckquean generally trying for a happy polygamous marriage (compersive type using your nomenclature I think?).

> be husbandu getting ready to work from home
> taking care of the last few things in the bedroom
> a mountain of blankets shifts slightly as Astrid, your bicorn wife, blearily peeks out
> she looks terrible and coughs wetly but her determination is clear as she raspily asks
"What time? Need to get the girls ready..."
> you smile and pet her head between her two curved horns
> "Shh. It's OK sweetie. Velma took care of it. You rest up."
> her eyes seem to close of their own volition as her head sinks back into the pillow
> you feel sorry for her but she should be better after a little bit of bed rest
> Vixie's probably immune (you can practically hear her asserting "The Lycanthropes are superior.")
> Velma's definitely immune
> and you seem immune too, probably because of Velma's mana
> that just leaves Astrid and your beloved daughters
> the twins were the first to get it and Astrid probably got it from them
> it's just a head cold but it seems to hit centaur types pretty hard, albeit briefly
> you're kind of embarrassed to realize how much you depend on Astrid to keep the household running
> with her down for the count everybody's pitching in extra
> speaking of which you finish collecting the dirty laundry and head for the washroom
Open file (992.21 KB 1024x1280 werewolf1.png)
> be best awoo
> you're too strong and tough for most people to deal with so they called you a delinquent
> who cares though, you were fine on your own!
> even if it was a little lonely
> and it was kind of hard scraping by all by yourself, with no pack, when no one cared about you...
> well, except that annoying bicorn lady
> why'd she always have to bother you, trying to be all nicey-nice?
> why'd she have to care?
> your vision blurs
> you definitely aren't tearing up though!
> it's just allergies or something from all this stupid laundry stuff!
> with the weak horsey sick you decided to take care of all her stupid chores
> if a bicorn can do it then it should be easy for a werewolf
> your claws fumble inexpertly as you try to fold a shirt
> it doesn't look quite as neat as when Astrid does it...
> whatever, folded is folded, move on to the next one
> as you get into the groove you start to hum a little song your Mom taught you before she died
"♪ clean up ♪ clean up ♪ everybody everywhere ♪"
> you practically jump through the ceiling and let out an embarrassingly juvenile yip when you feel a hand grab your tail
> Husband deftly dodges your half hearted slap and chuckles
"You look good wearing a dress Vixie. You should do it more often."
> color rises to your cheeks as you remember what you're wearing
> a "sexy maid" outfit with a ridiculously short skirt
> there's no provision for your tail
> Husband must have gotten a good look at your underwear while your back was turned
> secretly wish that you were wearing sexier panties than your usual utilitarian white boyshorts
"S-stupid! I'm just wearing it because everything else is dirty! I'm changing back into sweats as soon as this load finishes!"
> Husband draws close, gently squeezing the base of your tail, and whispers huskily
"I really like it."
> why does he have to know all your weak spots!?
> it feels so good - but you lightly push him away
"Astrid got this for me. I... I think we should wait so she can see how much you 'like it'."
> staring at your feet so Husband can't see how embarrassed you are
> he gives you a very odd look before softly petting your head
"That's very thoughtful of you, Vixie. You really are a good girl."
> Husband's approval makes you want to cry tears of joy
> try to sound gruff as you extricate yourself from his arms
"J-just get out of here dummy. I have a lot of work to do. I don't want Astrid to wake up to a disaster area."
> Husband kisses your cheek and leaves with a wry smile
> you keep your gaze focused on the laundry so he can't see how emotional you are
Open file (146.30 KB 330x462 ghost1.png)
> be the ghostess with the mostest
> well, actually you were a kissless virgin shut in who died of terrible burns in a pop up dance club fire
> the ONE TIME you decided to try leaving the house to go to a social event...
> you try not to dwell on your personal knowledge of how well human fat can burn
> instead think about how Astrid was there for you
> you'd never even seen her before but she comforted you at the end
> held you in her arms despite you being a horrific mass of ruined, oozing flesh
> she even let you live with her after you came back
> and if it wasn't for her you're sure you'd still be alone...
> you can never repay her kindness
> you'll never abandon her
> you guess technically that means you're haunting her
> feel a familiar stab of insecurity inspired anxiety
> what if she's just been putting up with you out of niceness?!
> what if you're just a bother?!
> what if your undead presence causes her head cold to turn bad and she DIES?!
> what's wrong with you, you're horrible, horrible, horri-
> forcefully stop yourself
> remember what Astrid taught you and concentrate on your breathing
> well, you concentrate on pretending to breathe at least
> mini crisis over you return to making fresh squeezed juice
> Astrid made it for the girls when they were sick so hopefully it will help her out too
> really really want to make her feel better
> it's a tricky task: even after all this time you still need to concentrate a bit to interact with the physical world
> of course the process by which you've gained this power is pretty nice
> indulge in a mildly perverted snicker
> speak of the devil, you can sense Master approaching
> he gives you a little hug en passant and grabs a chilled water from the fridge
"I'm going to try to get some work done. Do you mind keeping an eye on Astrid?"
> you give him a sultry look and tell him 'Not before I get my morning sausage.'
> well, that's what you wish you were bold enough to do
> you actually look down shyly, hair curtaining your face, and mumble something which could be mistaken for assent
> freeze up as Master approaches
> he brushes your hair aside and gives you a soft kiss on the lips
"Thanks Velma. I really appreciate all the extra help today."
> you know it's impossible since, strictly speaking, you don't have any blood but you can feel your cheeks heating up
> almost imperceptibly mumble a 'thanks' at Master's back as he heads for his office
Open file (141.14 KB 375x600 Bicorn_1.jpg)
> feel horrible
> cotton mouth, sore throat, head's all stuffed up
> spend most of the morning slipping in and out of sleep
> vaguely aware of Velma popping in to offer you fluids
> your Darling Husband comes in around noon to feed you some soup
> feel a little better
> you manage to stagger to your oversized bicorn friendly bathroom
> Velma helps you get a big pile of pillows just right so you can lie down but still see the TV
> spend the rest of the afternoon watching a show Velma recommended
> this nutty mad scientist lady keeps "accidentally" stumbling into situations were more and more women end up living with her and her husband
> not gonna lie, you love it
> it feels like old times just hanging out with Velma like this
> back when you were single and roomates
> and Velma was super depressed about literally dying without ever being loved
> the poor thing is still so insecure
> even her idealized ghost form is retiring - complete with long ghostly hair to hide behind
> give her lots of snuggles and affirmation to compensate
> you've always felt a little guilty that you couldn't save her
> maybe a unicorn could have...
> never mind, you can't blame yourself for not being a super specific kind of monster
> eventually drift off again

> wake up to the clip clopping of little hooves
> the twins come galloping into your bedroom, still in their school uniforms, with Vixie and Velma in tow
"Oh no! Mommy's sick?!"
> Ingrid, your bicorn daughter, looks concerned but Eir, your unicorn daughter, sounds frantic
> you try to calm her down but you can tell that your scratchy voice is just upsetting her more
"Let me heal you Mommy!"
> you're taken aback
> you were never a unicorn and no matter how many instructional books you read you've always been a little nervous raising Eir
> you'd never forgive yourself if you did something to mess up her development
> should you let her try? what if she fails? will that break her confidence?
> but if you say no will it discourage her?
"It's alright Sweetie, Mommy is feeling a little better already. You don't have to-"
> Eir gives you a heartbreakingly sad look
"-but you can try if you want to."
> her expression lifts immediately and she clambers into bed with Ingrid right behind her
> the tiny bicorn clasps your hand and her sister scrunches up her face in concentration
> you watch with genuine fascination as Eir focuses her pure white mana
> her horn glows softly
> but then the light flickers as she clearly loses her grip on the energies
> her face falls and her horn stops glowing
"I can't do it..."
> you give her a hug
"Sweetie, that was very impressive! You gathered your mana really well, especially for someone your age! You just need to be patient. These things will come with time and practice."
> Ingrid joins the hug
"Yeah! The white light was super pretty!"
> soon everyone is hugging and the adults are helping the children change out of their school clothes
> you and Vixie snuggle up with the girls and give them a nice curry combing as they excitedly tell you about their day in their cute high pitched voices
> Velma excuses herself and it isn't long before there's a knock at the door
"Can I come in?"
> the girls cheer as Darling and Velma bring in trays of soup
"Since Mommy's feeling a little down why don't we eat in here?"
> Darling sets the girls places on a footlocker and they giggle about eating "Zipangunese style"
> Vixie just slams her soup directly out of a thermos
> Velma flits about anxiously as usual during mealtime, unable to eat herself but not wanting to be alone
> you sit back and relax as Darling pulls up a chair and feeds you by hand
> you could very easily have taken the tray yourself but sometimes it's nice to be doted on
> besides, Darling seems to like doting on you
> the warm soup soothes your throat but having everyone together is even better
> after everyone has finished Velma flickers through a wall and returns with a glass of fresh squeezed juice for you
> Eir's ears prick up and she asks, "Juice is good for sick people, right Mommy?"
"Yes sweetie, it can help with a cold. It has lots of vitamins!"
> Eir looks thoughtful for a moment, walks over, and touches the glass of juice with her horn
> you're about to ask her what she's doing when she scrunches up her face and you see her white mana gather in her horn again
> just a little bit this time, and this time he glow fades smoothly instead of flickering out
"I tried to make the juice even better for sick people Mommy!"
> your jaw hits the floor
> you're not an expert in healing magic but you think she just made the glass of juice a weak cure potion
"That was amazing... Mommy's so proud of you Sweetie!"
> Ingrid rushes over to give her sister a big hug
> there isn't an ounce of envy in her, she's genuinely completely happy that her sister can do something she'll never be able to do
> you're so proud of them both
> you scoop them up and hug them as tight as you can
> only let them go when Eir starts yawning widely
"I'm tired..."
"I'll bet you are! That was amazing magic little lady! I'll bet it took a lot out of you. Vixie, Velma, could you please help the girls get ready for bed? I can clean up in here."
> you say goodnight to the girls and Vixie and Velma lead them off for their bedtime routine while Darling starts picking up in the bedroom
> you sip the homebrew potion and listen to the clinking of dishes in the kitchen and the sounds of bathtime in the bathroom
> the potion is admittedly pretty weak but it is just a cold and you start feeling much better
> you're debating getting up to help someone when Darling returns with an armful of bedsheets
"Hop up. A bath and fresh sheets will make you feel better."
> your heart flutters as Darling leads you into the master bath's cleaning stall
> given your size it's cumbersome for a centaur type to give herself a complete wash
> being bathed by a man is a huge perk of marriage for your kind
> it's also incredibly erotic
> Darling casually strips you, not even reacting as your breasts swing free of your pajama top
> he's all business as he starts to soap you up with a giant sponge
> he knows exactly what he's doing
> you might be weird but the vulnerability of your nakedness combined with his cavalier attitude really turns you on
> it's hard to explain
> something about how exposed you feel combined with him acting like it's no big deal
> as a result these bath sessions often lead to sex but today he just bathes you
> Darling does take his sweet time about it though, carefully massaging and washing every part of your body
> you're quivering with excitement by the time her starts drying you off
> you're certain he has something special planned
> you stand by as he quickly showers himself and makes the bed
> the cool air on your exposed skin is driving you wild
> part of you wishes Darling would just push you down and take you now
> but you control yourself and obediently lie down when instructed
> you're on cloud nine as Darling sits down next to you and starts curry combing the floofiness out of your air dried fur
Open file (74.94 KB 600x800 wolf2.jpg)
> you've achieved a Zenlike state in between cozy restfulness and sexual frustration by the time Velma floats into the bedroom
"The girls are asleep. Vixie will be along shortly."
> picking up on the mood Velma lets her ghostly clothes fade away and snuggles up to you in a little spoon position
> you enjoy hugging your first sister wife like a body pillow while Darling continues to curry comb you
"Vixie and Velma were a huge help today Dear. Velma took care of the kitchen and Vixie did a lot of cleaning. A lot of cleaning..."
> that seems to have been a cue and you hear the bedroom door open
> your eyes widen with surprise and you start smiling uncontrollably when you see Vixie
> and what she's wearing
> she's blushing like crazy and is obviously super embarrassed, but she's actually wearing the sexy maid outfit you bought her!
"T-t-this maid would like to know if the Master and Mistress have any more tasks for her tonight?"
> Oh God, she's even roleplaying, you couldn't be happier
> Darling whispers in your ear
"What do you think Dearest? Can you think of anything you want the maid to do?"
> you put on a comically pompous voice with a terrible English accent
"Hmph. Maid, inspect the Master's penis. I want to be absolutely sure it's spic and span. Shipshape! No sloppiness! Hop to it!"
> poor Vixie's face is practically glowing red as she kneels beside the bed and Darling presents her with his rapidly enlarging member
> you and Velma fall silent and watch with wide eyes as she places her hand paws on Darling's thighs and begins tentatively licking
> Velma has already started fingering herself by the time Vixie starts taking the whole thing in her mouth
> you aren't much further behind but you try to slow yourself down, you want to savor this
> but you can't last forever
> when you can't endure any longer you virtually growl "TAKE HER."
> Vixie gasps in surprise as Darling bodily picks her up and practically drops her on himself, cruelly hilting himself in one motion
> the werewolf hides her face with her paws and starts making the most interesting noises once Darling begins bouncing her
> you put your second hand to good use when you feel Velma phase out of your arms
> masturbation apparently forgotten, the ghost floats closer to the action
> she seems fascinated by how Vixie's lower lips expand and contract as they ride over Darling's manhood
"Start taking it all the way out and putting it back in..."
> Darling chuckles and obliges
> Vixie is whimpering and gasping now but Velma is totally oblivious
> she's clearly enraptured by the sight of Vixie expanding to accept Darling each thrust
> finally Darling can't take it anymore and starts pounding Vixie more conventionally, and urgently
> the two clasp each other tightly and shudder in unison
> the sight sends you over the edge
Open file (418.48 KB 424x597 ghost2.png)
> Velma is the only one not left gasping in the aftermath
> you scoot over to give Vixie a peck on the cheek
"Thank you so much Vixie. You look amazing in that outfit."
> you can tell she wants to pretend she doesn't care but her eyes give away the lie and she just looks away from you, embarrassed but pleased
> wanting to reward her for being honest about her emotions you hold her hand and put your head on her shoulder
> as a result you can feel her entire body tense up when Darling pulls himself out of her poor oversensitive cleft
> and you almost laugh out loud as Velma zooms in to suck up the seed dribbling out of Vixie
"Now, now, don't be greedy. Only what come out naturally." you give Vixie's hand a squeeze, "If we want werewolf puppies we need to leave some inside her!"
> Vixie is back to whimpering as Velma heeds your admonition and switches to sucking on the werewolf's clit
> this time you do laugh out loud
> Velma really is a secret perv
> maybe it's for the best she isn't super confident...
> with one last squeeze you let go of Vixie's hand and reposition yourself behind Darling so you can watch the action from his point of view
> you hug him from behind and start running your hands over his chest
> you can tell the sight of two of his wives going at it is getting him hot and bothered
> you slide one of your hands down to check
> yep, the show and your mana have made a mockery of his refractory period
> a gentle push is all it takes
> Darling grabs Velma's hips and starts going to town on her
> there's nothing subtle about it, he's just pistoning wildly
> this spurs Velma to even greater efforts and Vixie starts thrashing wildly under the oral assault
> Vixie finally breaks free, albeit probably after having to endure another climax since you hear her defensively mutter "dyke" under her breath
> you playfully wink and stick your tongue out at her before you both turn your attention back to Darling and Velma
> Velma's butt is in the air and Darling is pushing her head down into the mattress
> the poor ghost is practically going cross eyed from the pounding she's receiving
> Vixie smirks with a certain degree of vengeful satisfaction but you both know that the ghost's incorporeal body can take just about anything
> Darling understands that and is giving her exactly what she most likely wants
> you lose yourself in the grunts and squeaking of bedsprings
> somehow your fingers mysteriously end up inside you again and you ride yourself to another climax
> this exhausts even your libido for the moment and you help Vixie out of the stained maid outfit while Darling brutalizes Velma in the background
> Vixie wants to change into her pajamas put you give her sad puppy dog eyes and she relents
> she helps you arrange to pillows just so and the two of you cuddle up
> the skin to skin contact is strangely comforting
> your eyelids are getting heavy by the time Darling finishes inside Velma for the second (or was it third?) time
> the ghostgirl demonstrates her utility as the "clean up hitter" by sucking up every bit of the wet spot, her ethereal body converting the "love" energy into raw necromatic power
> we'll turn you into a powerful phantasm yet, Velma!
> spent, Velma drowsily floats over and drapes herself over you and Vixie as Darling gets up to turn off the light
> then you hear the bed creak and feel Darling's warm body nestle behind you, holding you in the best approximation of the big spoon position a man holding a bicorn can manage
> you might have felt lousy when the day started but it turned out to be a pretty good day
> you smile contentedly as sleep gradually overtakes you
> soon the only sounds in the bedroom are quiet breathing and soft snores
Anon. This is the cutest. Also possibly the hottest. I love it. You put in a lot of elements that I really, really like.

>loving cohabitating harem
>waiting to show off first time in maid dress to other wives fuckkk
>praise for being a good girl by waiting to show off to other wives FUCKKKKK
>scaffolding of magic system present
>embarrassed shy girl turns out to be a massive perv when in loving environment
>happy family interactions
>being carefully bathed like a piece of property I am surprised and delighted to see understanding of such a niche but wonderful interaction
>non-sexual skinship with sister-wives in sexually charged environment
>close watching of that lovely cock-stretch
>creampie eating
>but not too much creampie eating because that’d prevent impregnation FUCK that detail was hot
>little bit of reluctant bisexuality that ”dyke” was perfect in tone, oh my god
>happy group sleeping which never works as well in real life as you think, their bed must be the size of a room

>this nutty mad scientist lady keeps "accidentally" stumbling into situations were more and more women end up living with her and her husband
Ohoho. Saw what you did there.
Well its nothing really explicit but ugh...


In Final Fantasy XV: You play as Noctis Lucis Caelum, a prince who is on a suicide quest. Along the journey in his quest you can take a lot of picture inside the game, including picture of some of the female characters. At the end of the game, Noctis will pick one picture and give it to his Fiancee at their "Afterlife" moment, in which she will smile at the picture no matter what. Its nothing explicit really but him giving his semi-wife a picture of another woman and his Wife actually smiling at that, kinda give me ideas
Open file (330.43 KB 1024x1449 1580500797452.jpg)
Open file (658.36 KB 1317x2000 1581282765253.jpg)
Open file (1.35 MB 1185x649 darkelf.png)
This game have NTR, Reverse NTR, Gay, Lesbo, Futanari, Group, Vanilla, Interracial, Harem, etc.

I didnt finish the game though, no motivation.
Are captions allowed?
>>843 Sure!
>>843 These are pretty harsh Anon. Love the chastity angle though.
>>850 Made some new ones...
>>853 I like that devil one. It was just a touch gentler than usual.
I found this from Blueskin no Mori. Watch what the bunny-demon does every time a monster catches the man.
>>868 My favorite of the bunch
>>867 >>868 I'm kinda confused why monstergirls care about humie's skin color…
>>1241 If a human distinguishes between different types of monstergirl then why wouldn’t a monstergirl distinguish between different types of human?
>>1243 Because there's no different types of human, there's only different hues.
>>1248 What a boring ideology. In any case, whatever you want to call it, you have your answer.
>>1248 Wouldn't that be enough, from an aesthetic perspective? In any case, why not apply the scientific method to the problem? Hypothesis: Different populations of human only differ physiologically by hue (pigment) Null-hypothesis: Members of different populations with the same pigmentation can not be distinguished. Experiment: Attempt to distinguish individuals with albinism from populations which would normally have different pigmentation. Result: Hypothesis is false.
>>1251 Where the hell did you pull that null-hypothesis from? It has absolutely nothing to do with the hypothesis on the previous line. And the experiment you suggested is outright retarded. What were you trying to prove, that albinos have the same skin colour than non-albinos? …In fact, what exactly were you proving in the first place? The original statement declared that differently coloured humans have no major distinction related directly to their colour scheme (aside from colours themselves).
>>1250 I don't see any answers here. I can tell apart elf girls from catgirls by their ears at least (completely different shape and positioning), but I don't give a damn if the catgirl's fur is black or red or whatnot, because it makes no goddamn difference really. So why the fuck would any of them care that the human they're fucking has specifically beige skin colour, and not any other available?
>>1259 >>1260 Wow... OK, let's break it down for you. >Hypothesis: Different populations of human only differ physiologically by hue (pigment) From this follows the logical inverse >Null-hypothesis: Members from different populations with the same pigmentation can not be distinguished. Note that they say the same thing, but the null hypothesis is a negative statement while the hypothesis is a positive statement. The null-hypothesis in this case is also specific to individuals of the populations, rather than general to the populations themselves. If the only distinguishing feature between populations is pigment, then all non-pigmentation features must be indistinguishable between populations. Fundamental logic, if you've ever seen a Venn diagram then I shouldn't have to explain it. >Experiment: Attempt to distinguish individuals with albinism from populations which would normally have different pigmentation. The experiment does not try to prove anything, that's not how science works. An experiment attempts to falsify an hypothesis. In this experiment, given that all albinos will be the same pigmentation, all remaining features must be non-pigmentation features which, according to our hypothesis, can not be used to distinguish members of one population from other populations. If it is still possible to distinguish populations by use of said non-pigmentation features, then there must exist features distinguishable between populations which are non-pigmentation, thus the hypothesis must be false. If you can google albinism and not be able to distinguish the albino Africans from the albino Europeans (which are the two most common, easily distinguished generalized populations in Google Images) with even a cursory glance, you're probably blind, severely mentally retarded, willfully ignorant, or any combination of the three. You also seem to believe that if you don't care about X, then no one should care about X. It may come as a surprise to you, but you are not the end-all-be-all ultimate arbitrator of the universe. My condolences.
>>358 Apropos of the little racism kerfuffle above, can I just say that "bleached" is absolutely wince-inducing? Like have y'all ever so much as gotten a whiff of bleach fumes? Talk about an absolutely unsexy thing to associate your fetish with, god damn.
>>1264 >y'all
>>1241 >>1243 Putting aside the silly and unscientific racial denial and other such unhappy coping that those above me have already dispelled, I think we all can all agree that monstergirls should be free to steal whatever BFs they prefer and that if they want to steal a BF of heritage European ancestry then that is something we should support. If it turns out that there isn’t enough of this kind of BF to go around then we should think about why. In the short term I’m sure that many monstergirls would be happy to share but in the long term we really should consider making more. Hence the need for heritage European cuckqueans who can integrate well into monstergirl harems that can support them in bearing strong sons for future generations of monstergirls to marry. All monstergirls deserve to be able to lovingly rape or rapishly love their ideal man, that’s just common sense. Let’s get back on track.
>>1266 >All monstergirls deserve to be able to lovingly rape or rapishly love their ideal man, that’s just common sense. Ah, the ideals of the twin deities of cuckqueanism: Cuck and Fuck, the goddesses of rapish love and loving rape, respectively.
Open file (294.30 KB 2047x1489 mantis2a.jpg)
Open file (294.45 KB 2047x1489 mantis2b.jpg)
Open file (16.65 MB 3907x5000 demongirl5.png)
What are the terms of her contract with you?
>>1298 >with you The contract is between her and your boyfriend, you just happen to be caught in the middle.
You know, it's already late October, and we haven't brought up discussion about monstergirls and the dangers they pose, particularly this time of year. They're out there, girls, and they want to steal your boyfriend. It's a very real threat, and frankly an inevitability, of a monstergirl breaking into your home, abducting your sweet, loving boyfriend, and dragging him back to her lair. Where she will proceed to have passionate, vigorous, unprotected sex with him for hours on end. And will pleasure him far better than you could ever dream to. So what are some of your thoughts on how you can protect him from this fate, and how to cope with him being abducted anyways when that plan fails? And how to ensure he's prepared to manage the strenuous lovemaking he will be subjected to?
>>1581 >So what are some of your thoughts on how you can protect him from this fate It's very simple! I don't want my sweet, loving boyfriend to have to endure the indignity of being kidnapped, so I'll invite the monstergirl over and she can have vigorous, unprotected sex with him for hours on end in our home instead of her lair. Besides, he fucked her in her lair just last week and I'll be damned before I let her just fuck my man without me watching. >And how to ensure he's prepared to manage the strenuous lovemaking he will be subjected to? You have no idea of the depraved depths of inter-coital snacking, libations, and hydration they will be subjected to. Fuckin' bring it on!
>>1582 >I'll invite the monstergirl over See, that's the kind of practical thinking that I like to see. The only concern I have is that this assumes it's just one monstergirl after him, and that she'll have no competition. And if there's going to be a fight, the last thing you want is for it to happen in your living room. A lamia battling a pack of goblins can cause a lot of property damage. Now, if you have an especially fearsome monstergirl claiming your man, you might be okay. The others may no to stay away, either from just her scent being around your home, or from prior knowledge that your home and the sexual partners within are her territory. If that's not the case, you may have to play mediator, as a neutral third party in your boyfriend's sex life, and negotiate when, how long, and in what order the different girls have sexual access to him. I know it seems odd that they'd agree to such things, instead of hoarding him to themselves, but they aren't monsters. Well, they are, but they aren't without reason. Once you explain that they will have fair and equal access to your man, his penis, and his semen, and that he will deposit said semen into their vaginas, cloacas, and other equivalent or desired orifices in due time, without struggle, they'll usually become more cooperative. Just be sure to leave lag time in his schedule - your man is only human (which is what the monstergirls like about him) and does need time to rest and recuperate before he inseminates another monstergirl in your bed. >You have no idea of the depraved depths of inter-coital snacking, libations, and hydration they will be subjected to You make a good point about hydration. Make sure you have plenty of slightly chilled water and gatorade in your house. He's going to be losing a lot of fluids with the copious amounts of semen he'll be filling monstergirls with. And he'll need to keep his strength up with healthy, but energy rich snacks. On the subject of recuperation again, some monstergirls do get impatient and poorly understand the human sexual refractory period. They'll expect him to be erect again in short order, and can be aggressive with him. So you should take advantage of the "Coolidge Effect" and act as a sort of impromptu fluffer for him, making sure he's ready. But just make sure to stick to blowjobs and handjobs and be certain she understands what you're doing. She may get aggressive with you if she thinks you're trying get in between their lovemaking. As long as she knows that you're merely prepping him for her, and you're not trying to do something rude or selfish like introduce your own vagina into the mix, she should be fine with it.
>>1587 Also something to think about, particularly for cuckqueans who are a little older, or who are with men that are, is that monstergirls will be after other men in your household. So if you have a son past the age of consent, or your husband does from years of impregnating other women, that can be leveraged as another way to make peace with invasive monstergirls. Obviously (hopefully) you don't actually want to watch monstergirl use your son as her personal sperm pump. So when further monstergirls show up, you can merely give them your sons/your husband's sons, and let the monstergirls carry them off. Just make sure you let their girlfriends know, so they aren't worried sick, not knowing where their men are or what they're doing. This might be new to some of them, so it's important that you promptly tell them that you've offered their boyfriend up as a peace offering, and that he'll be returned in a few days (probably) when the monstergirl is done draining his balls and riding his cock raw. And that they should be supportive when he does return, because he'll be exhausted and might find sex with her very disappointing for a short while. A similar setup can be employed for other men in or around your home. Brothers, cousins, childhood friends that you still know, monstergirls will want to milk them all of their seed.
Open file (898.30 KB 1350x900 padawans01.png)
Open file (1.05 MB 1350x900 padawans02.png)
Open file (1.16 MB 1350x900 padawans03.png)
Open file (956.24 KB 833x1000 padawans_winter2018.png)
Tried to get into writing Monstergirl smut, one /cuckquean/ related idea was that young couple builds an inn into dangerous territory despite warnings, they end being protected by local tribe of orcs but the husband has to pay for it...
Open file (196.33 KB 850x510 orc001.jpg)
Spoilered because the art is actually pretty bad.
Open file (3.22 MB 2000x6000 hellhound_daki_01.png)
Open file (2.97 MB 2000x6000 hellhound_daki_02.png)
Spidernon of /monster/ wrote a monstergirl harem story that I thought you might enjoy, /cuckquean/. >I have completed a commission. This is harem, which is a bit of a departure for me, and has some ladies kissing as well. I'm not planning on doing any other harem stories, but I think this turned out well: >http://spidernon.home.blog/2020/11/14/three-wolf-spoon-commission-for-iftheartistconsents/
Open file (210.51 KB 1300x417 Puke.jpg)
>>1657 > bullied-beta-bitch nerd gets a harem for doing nothing but being pathetic. Also femdom Is it really too much to ask for a handsome, self-assured, successful man who actually merits having a harem? I mean I get that this wasn't written with the cuckquean audience in mind and I also think that I somewhat come at the fetish from a different direction than most of you anyway, but to me the whole point of it all is that a guy having multiple women willing to share him signals fitness (in the Darwinian sense) on a multitude of levels, which I find very attractive. And speaking from that perspective all this story does is disgust me to the extreme. When reading this I was cringing at what felt every second paragraph, switching to different tabs all the time to recharge my pain tolerance and I still only managed about a third of the story before skipping to the end, seeing that it was still shit even there, and then just closing the tab. 2/10
>>1660 Yeah, this one's pretty egregious. They start in with that shit in the first paragraph. I mean, I'm not looking for harem protagonists to be warrior-poet billionaires here, but there needs to be something to make him seem worthy and capable, something to make us root for him. I mean that's just basic writing, even a character that is a submissive should have some redeeming quality that makes you respect them. It's even acceptable for your harem guy to be a little pathetic at the start, to give them room to grow. But they do need to show some actual agency and take control at some point.
>>1657 What a shame. I've enjoyed some of Spider's stuff before even when it wasn't my thing. He's at his best when he writes froth. >this is slightly different from my usual fare, as I do not usually write harem >Anyway, I did it to do it if that makes sense, and don’t plan on doing any more. Can't fault someone for wanting to push their creative limits, but I don't think their heart was in this one. When you include lines like >Unsurprisingly, Will found this talk arousing. then we know you're not enjoying yourself. One line did get a laugh out of me though: >“Tongue out, you nerd stud!” Could also have used another editing pass or two. How many times does one need to rephrase "a wolf girl's sexual fluids" in two paragraphs? >>1660 >>1661 It wasn't a great read. The protagonist, such as he was, underwent no change. He got bullied, then raped, then his new wives fixed the problem, and then they fucked some more. End story. I scanned through and I'm fairly sure that he didn't take one action himself. I tried to look at it through a gender reversal lens, where a buncha buff guys break and enslave a girl, and it just came out as a pretty ordinary rape fantasy. So I guess that's what the story is, from a male submissive's perspective. Ah well.
Open file (241.84 KB 884x587 chattering cuckqueans.png)
>>1662 >pic Couldn't resist fixing it.
I don't agree that the man needs to have any particular qualities, but I'm just as happy to focus on the fact that I'm sharing with another woman rather than feeling submissive to a man. There are different angles on this fetish for sure. However, I did not enjoy this story either and I agree the writer's heart wasn't in it.
>>1665 >>1664 >>1662 >>1661 >>1660 In /monster/'s eyes hellwans go only on white nerds, if didn't get it.
Open file (315.70 KB 500x600 ClipboardImage.png)
>>1665 >There are different angles on this fetish for sure. For sure. Actually, one thing I did like in the story was the bond between the girls. It manifested as clumsy lezzing out, but the core sweetness was there. I think it'd have been better if he'd been overpowered by one girl initially, we think it's standard femdom, then the other two arrive and the first girl invites them in on things. Gives the scene structure and momentum, whereas right now it's a one-note AND THEN THEY REVERSE GANGBANGED. Add a bit towards the end where he surprises the girls by displaying some kind of sexual initiative (he doesn't have to give up the submissive position, subs can be creative too) and the first girl is happy about it (we can say it's because it's giving the other girls pleasure, but also could be because she likes her slaves less passive), and the story might be at the start of being saved. Tweak the final scene a bit to please people like >>1660 and >>1661 by having him stand up to yon bullies, but keep it as a malesub story by giving him the motivation of protecting his new wives' property (himself) rather than doing it for his own sake, and it might end up alright. >>1666 I know, Satan! But weren't these girls werewolves, not hellhounds?
>>1667 >I know, Satan! But weren't these girls werewolves, not hellhounds? Maybe they could have been hellwans, but I don't know.
>>1666 >ywn stud your smart white hubby out to an enthusiastic ashy nerdhellwan >ywn spread rumors that your hubby is a proud oppressor so you get home invaded by a squad of hellwans looking to extract reparations from his dick >ywn get to make chocolate-and-cream jokes before you clean up a hellwan's creampie Why live?
Open file (419.89 KB 900x580 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (70.94 KB 400x575 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (126.12 KB 800x401 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (388.29 KB 720x864 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (950.22 KB 1654x1365 ClipboardImage.png)
>>1666 It's basically a long running joke memeing about hellhounds being (literally) black. More serious stories tend to ignore it, but it's proven pretty persistent in more comic stuff. Jokes about being sexually aggressive but dumb, speaking in ebonics, being convinced that "they waz queenz", "Hey, where are the white bois at?", that sort of thing. Perusing the booru should give you the general idea: https://ourobooru.booru.org/index.php?page=post&s=list&tags=hellhound sage for off topic
Open file (1.43 MB 1093x1000 ClipboardImage.png)
>>1672 Then it's your choice whether to post your cock or to GTFO.
I'm sorry, but "hellwans"?
>>1677 (checked) It's /monster/'s shorthand for the Hellhound monstergirl. ワン (wan) is the sound dogs make in Japanese, and is often used as a very informal substitute for 犬 in speech, so hellhound -> helldog -> hellwan.
Why was my post deleted? Do I really need to post my duck. Ok >>1673
Broke rule: Any guro must be spoilered and accompanied by a warning in its post.
>>1679 Also I don't know how to take photo of my dick properly.
Broke rule: Any guro must be spoilered and accompanied by a warning in its post.
>>1680 >>1679 >Broke rule: Any guro must be spoilered and accompanied by a warning in its post That's not guro mods, that's just my dick. That's it. Did somone misimpreted my dick for guro?
Open file (223.99 KB 1280x720 girls_laughing.mp4)
>>1679 >>1680 >>1681 >it happened again
>>1679 >>1680 based mods
Sorry my harem story didn't work for you guys. It was an honest attempt, I generally write monogamy and femdom.
>>1699 It's okay, you tried. I read some of your other stuff and it was better (that quean tease in Seamed Gams tho!). Hope the continuation of Day of the Spike isn't as difficult for you. (Also why is the Concordat... like that?) >>1662 What is "froth"?
Open file (176.17 KB 453x326 1470675855.png)
>>1699 That's alright. We know you weren't writing it for us. Any femdom I try to write seems to come out as flavourless pap, so you did better outside your area than I do outside mine. Erotica's hard to write without one's instincts guiding the way. >>1700 >Hope the continuation of Day of the Spike isn't as difficult for you. Maybe it'll be a little smoother because the love interest is a single hivemind rather than multiple individuals. >(Also why is the Concordat... like that?) I assumed it was the worst parts of our world developed ad absurdum, where the ugly seek extermination of all Beauty and Truth. >What is "froth"? Imagine a meringue, mousse, or foam. Light, airy, and when put in your mouth the flavour it delivers is in part because of that fluffy frothiness. Some of Spidernon's stories have the same texture where they rollick gleefully along on their own terms and you can't quite believe that you're enjoying yourself as much as you are. Many come off as pastiches, but there's a little something extra that gives them sparkle. The examples that come to mind for me are Brush and Blade, Unmarried Goose Girl, the Shub-Niggurath stories/Firm stories, and the Maria series.
>>1700 I appreciate it. The Concordat is just ridiculously evil and unpleasant. >>1703 Thank you for the kind words. Hopefully the HiveMind works out okay.
Open file (1.11 MB 1400x1866 ClipboardImage.png)
>>1704 A moment of unforgivable hypocrisy: Please continue WanTrek! I love it and want to see how the Fucking Bicörn turn out.
Open file (100.55 KB 570x793 ai-journal.jpg)
>>1700 >Day of the Spike Reminds me a little of our discussions on AI cuckqueaning a long time back. If the girlfriend in this story is a hivemind who rebuilds and recycles her various bodies as she pleases, she'd be much like a the hypothetical AI vixen who iterates over different robowaifu body designs. Welcome to the vanguard of post-human sexism!
Open file (572.56 KB 1280x870 vanguard.jpg)
Open file (395.12 KB 1200x848 of.jpg)
Open file (188.56 KB 1202x922 post-human.jpg)
Open file (134.95 KB 996x778 sexism.jpg)
>>1707 >Welcome to the vanguard of post-human sexism!
>>1707 >Reminds me a little of our discussions on AI cuckqueaning a long time back. I can't find this thread at all, but it sounds interesting. Was this on the old board? I really don't understand why the board owner doesn't spool the old threads into the new board before it's too late, given the frequent doom predictions for 8kun or whatever they're calling themselves now.
>>1713 >I really don't understand why the board owner doesn't spool the old threads into the new board before it's too late, given the frequent doom predictions for 8kun or whatever they're calling themselves now. It's called 8kun now, yes, and I haven't done it for a few reasons: 1) The size of all content from the previous version of the board (of which I have two separate backups by different means) is about 12GB. I'm hesitant to dump all that into Anon.cafe, which has limited resources that have to be shared between all boards now and into the future. I have it on good authority that we are not subsidized by rich eccentrics for whom money is no object. 2) Being an imageboard, there are a limited number of threads we can keep on-catalogue. If I dump in a lot of threads, that will either kill existing threads or push some of the restored threads off the board anyway. 3) No available software that I presently know about exists to take 8kun dumps, parse them, and load them into a LynxChan database. I've seen some who claim to have written some, but they've chosen to keep it to themselves rather than open-source it because it seems to be one of the ways they attempt to recruit boards to their own place. I had hoped that /robowaifu/'s BUMP archival software (which I got working and used to grab one of my two backups) had a way of re-posting into a LynxChan database, but no dice. So that's the situation, which broadly boils down to money and time. If you want to go for a makeshift solution, you might go to 8kun, pick out the threads you'd like to preserve, and push them into a service like archive.is, then post the archived links in relevant threads here to act as a reference.
If you could choose, which kind of non-human or demi-human vixen would you most want to share your man with?
Open file (864.50 KB 2105x1455 1593208931766-0.jpg)
Well the whole debate on Spidernon's story has got me wondering if there is a range of malesub/femdom compositions which could be /cuckquean/ approved. Does the guy have to embody/develop a little dominance, or can some other sense of character value or development stand in as long as it's well defined and turns him into more than a non-agent to be acted upon? On the other hand, to what degree could the dynamics between the quean and vixen qualify a story? If the relationship between the women fleshed out, in the spotlight, and has a satisfying power element to it, could it scratch that itch by proxy even if the male isn't quite pulling his weight as an agent?
>>1734 >can some other sense of character value or development stand in as long as it's well defined and turns him into more than a non-agent to be acted upon? I think so. It’s true of most fiction that a character is defined by what they pursue and/or by what pursues them. How can we care about what happens to them if there are no stakes? A character that does nothing and goes nowhere isn’t interesting unless you’re writing an anti-plot like Waiting for Godot (and even those sorts of characters expend a lot of effort and try a few different ways to go nowhere). >to what degree could the dynamics between the quean and vixen qualify a story? If the relationship between the women fleshed out, in the spotlight, and has a satisfying power element to it, could it scratch that itch by proxy We already know this is possible because some cuckquean stuff focuses on the dynamic between quean and vixen to the point that it can feel pseudo-lesbian at times. In these, the man is often pretty generic and faceless, a symbolic means to the real end. Such works usually play to the humiliation-quean side of things, though I have seen a few compersive works that focus on the relationship between the women without involving the man much at all. As for doing this kind of dynamic where the man is explicitly submissive, I don’t know because that’s not really my thing. I guess one could write a story about a domme who lends her male sub out to one of her friends - that has a few different dynamics you could explore. There doesn’t necessarily have to be a sexual power dynamic between the women in these stories either. In the example idea above you could make the two women co-dominant or platonically equal to each other and you’d still get a satisfying story as long as you fleshed out their relationship as friends or ex-colleagues or enemy spies or whatever you want to do with it. In the case where the submissive man is also a fleshed out character, you could relegate him to secondary status but it would still be more satisfying if he changed from the experience of being shared. For example, he might be worried about performing or being over-excited by a new woman, or worried for his dominant’s reaction to the reality of him fucking another, then that worry drains, intensifies, or changes as the sex unfolds. He might be proud to be put out to stud and determined to make his mistress look good, then abruptly find he’s not as enthusiastic about the sex as he thought he was, and that has to be solved. I guess the point I’m making here is that to be /cuckquean/-“approved” a story has to have characters that things happen to, not happen at. As to the objections further above, it’s nice to root for an underdog, but we have to like, sympathise with, or otherwise have a reason to be aligned to that underdog. If we merely find the underdog contemptible without having a reason to care about him then all we end up doing is cringing and wishing we were watching someone else. There has to be a bit of light and a bit of shade on the canvas, you know?
Open file (1.91 MB 1125x1575 1600557972337.jpg)
>>1724 Foxgirls for sure. They are literal vixens after all.
POV: You're holding the robowaifu's wrists.
>>1724 >>1756 My vote is for foxies as well. It's hard to go past them fluffy tails.
For those ITT who’re interested, the next part of the Husband of the Swarm/Day of the Spike story came out. >>1707 >the girlfriend in this story is a hivemind who rebuilds and recycles her various bodies as she pleases The story above identifies a failure mode in iterative waifu development and now I need to order a new pair of sides.
>>1773 There's that one doujin by Date about some slime monster falling in love with a guy and nomming every girl he likes/sleeps with so it can mimicry as them. I guess it's technically somehow cuckquean stuff, but still kinda iffy, plus the constant murders of perfectly good vixens and the fact that the main "girl" is actually some asexual slime thing. Should I dig it up?
>>1774 >the main "girl" is actually some asexual slime thing How dare you. She's a yandere slimegirl, emphasis girl. But yeah, the digestion of vixens rubbed me the wrong way. Feel free to post it over in the eromanga thread.
Open file (153.89 KB 727x194 moist copy.png)
>>1771 >last pic I didn't know that I wanted to see my bf's handprint on a foxgirl's butt, but it turns out that life's a fuckin' adventure of discovery.
Open file (699.95 KB 2300x1900 Epg-CNQXcAMbP5n.png)
Open file (630.45 KB 2300x1900 Epg-CMgXUAEyYNF.png)
Open file (137.58 KB 615x615 trustworthy squire.png)
>>1885 Checks out.
>>1890 Yep, I mean he says himself that she's trustworthy. Would she wear such revealing clothing if there wasn't strong trust between them? Plus, having her big fat titties out in the open will sexually intimidate any would be temptresses that wish to sully his honor. She will of course have to stay close by at all times, including sharing rooms at inns, eating together, and showering together. This constant vigilance will keep him safe.
>you will never arrange to have your wolfgirl bff customised and delivered to hubby like this Bad feel.
>>1893 Why aren't When are you gifting him a nice, petite, wrapped vixen (sub-quean?) for Christmas? Order now from cuckquean industries! Gamer girl headphones and glasses sold separately
>>1896 Do they come in models other than asian? You know, in case you got him one last year and you want to try something different.
>>1896 >ribbon bondage I've always appreciated that CQI doesn't charge extra for gift-wrapping. It's that eye for detail, you know? >>1897 You can see why the asian line is their mainstay. I hear they'll shortly be adding a short slim redhead model presently developed under the codeword Firecracker, and a bouncy glasses-girl blonde developed under Spark Plug. Hopefully the market responds; I know I would.
Open file (410.87 KB 915x1280 just look.jpg)
Open file (57.86 KB 1220x662 summary.png)
Open file (1.03 MB 1732x3200 EqJ7Tn3U0AAdqEM.jpeg)
Open file (2.20 MB 1732x3200 EqJ7UI4UcAAh_nK.jpeg)
>>1893 Fox boxes are becoming very popular.
>grab these screenshots >monstergirllovehotel...? >strange name, but I guess I'll have a look- >HEY GUYS ANOTHER UPDATE THIS TIME WE ADDED A TRIPLEDICKED FUTA AND A HORSECOCK MONSTERBOY PLEASE GIB PATREON SHEKELS Every fuckin' time.
>>1938 unfortunately, thats the best long term and most money making form of patreon games.
You having a good day? Well you will after you read this story called "A Long Day" by a /monster/ writer who's finally decided to call themselves Tercio: https://slash.monster/$b Pic unrelated but good.
>>2030 Thanks anon, I enjoyed it. Several good queany elements and the man isn't a passive victim like in a lot of /monster/ stories.
>>2030 Good story, but it seems the links are all broken from the main page of the site. They go to a different story than the one described.
>>2112 You're right. I just reported that to the site's maintainer. They recently updated their URL scheme and must not have properly updated author pages.
Open file (224.00 KB 750x1050 cuck_horse (1).png)
Love Bicorn.
>>2249 Very cute! She's a great gal.
Open file (269.74 KB 768x609 1612580128734.png)
>>2274 You'll give us all cavities if you keep going with this level of sweetness.
Open file (1.06 MB 2168x1850 cuck_horse_3.png)
Another one.
Jeffo just keeps drawing cute bicorn sketches.
>>2423 >By Fauna's horns, Anon, that's the fourth girl you shrug off! That elf was flapping her ears so fast I thought she was about to fly off and you just walk?! Poor girl will probably have to rub herself raw, now... >We're barely half way to our "soccer team's worth" and you're already getting lazy! Or were those just honeyed words to get my mother to approve of us?
>>2109 >and the man isn't a passive victim like in a lot of /monster/ stories. That's because /monster/ is heavilly escapist, /monster/fags just want to care and be cared back. But mostly femdomfags just want to be sub.which spoderanon is a femdomfag,
In other news, my man is still not balls-deep in an MGE anubis. I consider this a violation of my human rights and wish to lodge the strongest possible protest. >>2030 Really enjoyed that. That author often writes stories that hit right in my strike zone. >>2450 Yeah, his stories are all miss and no hit for me lately. But that's fine, since he's obviously not writing for me.
>>2476 If you could write a checklist for the ideal story, what would it include?
Open file (137.60 KB 1088x1050 wurm ovulation dance.png)
>>2478 An ideal monstergirl story? Good monstergirl stories are much like good stories in general, but I'm guessing you mean my own wishlist for a monstergirl story. I don't think such a thing could coherently exist, because part of what I love in a story is being surprised by how the writer has done something. Also, some of the elements I like in some stories can't coexist with elements I like in other stories. But, in no particular order, things I'd love to see in a cuckqueaning monstergirl story: >Sex that advances character development and/or story. Everybody who participates in a sex scene should be different at the end of the scene somehow. That this forces an interesting setup and plot so that such advances can happen at all is a happy side-effect. >Happy enthusiastic cuckquean. I'm compersive so I like to see cuckqueans who're into their men fucking other women without the baggage of humiliation or compulsion. The cuckquean may be flawed in other ways (who wants a Mary Sue?) but not in some contrived way that prevents her from satisfying her man herself or otherwise forces her to yield him to other women. >Attractive leading man. This doesn't mean he has to be Chad Thundercock or chesty romance novel swoonbait. For me, I have the most fun when I see something in the leading guy that I can believe in, some spark that in spite of his external difficulties or own shortcomings makes me say "yeah, this guy's the one I want to see win and take all". An old /monster/ example was the player character in Resonant Drunk's Tales of the Australs CYOA - the cocky but un-arrogant way he was written made me cheer for his success and nod in satisfaction when he got his dick wet. Good shit. >Loving, believable bond between cuckquean and leading man, and/or non-stupid romantic development. Cuckqueaning usually arises in longer-term relationships where there's strong trust and a solid foundation. I like to see that. If the relationship between man and 'quean is still developing, I want to see trust and love develop. None of that telenovela-style snap-passion, or cheap relationship drama, thanks. >Fleshed-out vixens/harem-sisters/other women. This is particularly bad in ero-comedies that treat women like a sushi train - introduce, get leading man's dick into them, then move on to the next one. That's not to say this style doesn't do what it's supposed to do, but I want to see plenty of character in the other women, especially if they'll be sticking around! >Warm relationship between cuckquean and vixens/harem-sisters/other women who stick around. Too many harems rely on women essentially ignoring each other in favour of all their focus being on the guy, which I hate. I love to see rapport and friendship blossom between girls who share a dick. >Physical rapport between women during sex scenes. Even if it's just a bit of hand-holding, pussy-spreading, or arse-slapping, I love it when there's physical comfort and trust between the girls. This also acts as a lovely progression method during sex scenes, as a girl goes from uncomfortable to comfortable. That said... >No descent into side-lesbianism. This happens more than I like, where unoccupied members of a harem or sex scene start lezzing out on their own for no reason other than the writer had some unoccupied girls and figured they may as well throw it in. It's fine if you like it, but I don't. A little bit of borderline-bisexuality's fine, as long as it doesn't sideline the essential sexual bond between the man and the women. I'm not into girls and despite my fondness for physical rapport and sexual comfort, I'm not interested in reading about girls who're mostly into girls. >No closet-lesbianism. Many cuckquean stories (especially humiliation-driven ones) focus on the relationship between 'quean and vixen, sometimes even going so far as to have the 'quean no longer have sex with the man in any way and instead sexually serve the vixen. If that's your thing, cool, but I roll my eyes at it and go to find something else. >Creampie eating and cum-swapping. I just like it, okay? It's hot.
>>2479 Interesting. Some of these I did predict, but there's a lot of good pointers here.
>>2484 Out of interest, which did you predict?
>>2485 Enthusiastic quean, attractive man and the lovable bond between quan and living man. I didn't expect quite so much focus on the quean having rapport with the vixens, but I suppose some that does depend on the quean herself. Some like to get along, others want humiliation and so on. The whole sushi train thing with the women was a good analogy as that's exactly what happens in a lot of erotica, where the only thing we learn about the women are the sexual characteristics that make her attractive to the man. I like the whole idea of a harem that gets along and learns things about each other through sex scenes.
Open file (1.73 MB 500x281 smug albedo.gif)
Open file (511.68 KB 480x270 luv.gif)
>>2486 >lovable bond between quan and living man What's wrong with an un-living man, huh?
Open file (180.20 KB 1024x1449 ktd9jnauxfe61.jpg)
>>2487 Absolutely nothing.
>>2476 What do you enjoy about the anubis? Is it just fluffy doggo or is there more? Do you want your titty weighed against a feather and your man stolen because the titty is less hefty? >>2484 Are they pointers or are they preferences? I think there's a mix here.
>>2496 >What do you enjoy about the anubis? Is it just fluffy doggo or is there more? Do you want your titty weighed against a feather and your man stolen because the titty is less hefty? /monster/fag here. Not the one you are asking, but Anubi are mostly made a huge autists, which they mostlikely are with stuff like playing with legos and such. They usually have plans for everything even dates and stuff preplanned. They are the "managers" of pharoahs in mge. They are also more of a submissive nature.
>>2496 I claim this board's 2500th post in the name of lego-enjoying Egyptianesque jackal girls and the eventual penetration of one of them by my beloved's fat cock. >What do you enjoy about the anubis? Is it just fluffy doggo or is there more? She's cute, I love her design, I want to touch her fluffy ears, her big meaty paws are great, I like her Egyptian elements, and I think the personality that her encyclopaedia profile describes - a loving administrator who goes to flustered pieces the moment the man makes a forceful move - is sexy. I'm not into the whole "forcing other women to become their mummy-cursed subordinate" part, but that's a matter of taste. I suspect I'd get along with one (absent any silly attempts to mummy-curse me or make me into her subordinate). Plus I think the whole shy "autism wan" fanon that /monster/ has given her is funny and sweet.
Open file (250.58 KB 1192x1056 bicorn twitter.png)
Saw >>2163 in the Actual Cuckqueaning thread and was reminded of this far better screenshot.
Lovely Bicorn
>>2511 She cute!
>>2508 Is that really a girl who made that post? lmao
>>2513 The topmost tweet was real, supposedly.
>>2515 I tried, but I had trouble struggling through the giant cement-block paragraphs and clumsy writing. Sorry.
Open file (1.78 MB 360x203 gSsQ6ne.gif)
>>2515 >>2516 Actually, I take it back. I skipped a third of the way down and found that the writing had improved. They could really have used a re-edit there before posting all the way back in 2005, bad form. Enjoying it now.
>>2517 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FwYwXo87CjM In case you haven't seen the source.
>>2535 That has to be distressing for the cat
>>2537 Depends on the cat.
Someone apparently keeps commissioning art of their cute bicorn OC, and I for one am not complaining that the most /cuckquean/ monstergirl is getting more art.
>>2554 Yup, ive always been a fan of cuckqueen, and I notice that the Bicorn Monster girl doesn’t get the love she deserves, so I decided start commissioning artist create art of her. I haven’t uploaded all of them here because I didn’t want to pollute this thread with pictures of her.
>>2556 Uh, not to shill but I do commissions and think your bicorn is super cute. $30 for a full color.
>>2557 Sure let me know how to contact you and I’ll see if I’m interested
>>2558 Twitter (nsfw) https://twitter.com/ArtDben/media Discord: DBen#8132 I usually do nsfw but don't feel pressured to ask for something like that.
You’re tearing me apart Lisa!
>>2572 Before anyone asks how she’s standing up, shes standing but she has a back rest tied around her waist
>>2572 >>2573 This is innovation. But how is hubby to sit next to her like that?
>>2574 I presume they park her in that handicap slot on the side of the aisle where there's no seat. Not that I'm saying being a cuck is a handicap. Per se. That or he just sits on her back.
Open file (792.21 KB 960x540 XlPI7C4.png)
>>2574 Centaur no Nayami had lots of thought put into what a centaur-accessible (+ snek-accessible, mermaid-accessible, etc.) world would look like. The usual way they did seating was to have centaur-sized couch seats (pic related). >>2575 >That or he just sits on her back. L-Lewd!
Sorry I didn’t want to turn this thread into just pictures of my OC Bicorn. If it’s too much let me know and I’ll stop
>>2578 No, no, it's fine. We're a slow moving board, so I say any relevant content is good.
Open file (204.58 KB 850x966 belfast4.jpeg)
Open file (156.25 KB 736x1080 kaga school girl.jpg)
Open file (1.90 MB 1231x1715 enterpriseandzuikaku.png)
/cuckquean/, who is the best vixen from Azur Lane?
>>2580 Enterprise should cuck every jap ship for historical reasons.
Open file (322.94 KB 790x826 happy_horse_tl.png)
Open file (230.51 KB 790x826 happy_horse_2_tl.png)
Be careful about cucking a unicorn, she may begin to like it
>>2599 I think I'm developing insulin resistance thanks to all these cute bicorns.
So...Sorry to steer the conversation away from the manga and anime and cartoon, but something got me curious. Myth is technically "Fantasy too right?" Kind of wondering, despite the notion that men has always been cheating on women more and that women like taken men more, how many cuckqueaning actually happens in myth? Only 3 I can think of are Hera, Penelope and Brynhildr. With Hera's husband being serial adulterer and Penelope's husband got raped by multiple women in multiple myth. And lastly Brynhildr got drugged to forget about her. Is/are there any others?
>>2629 Some apocryphal Abrahamic traditions hold that Adam fucked some other broad named Lilith, and may or may not have begat a race of evil demihumans in doing so. Not sure fidelity was expected back then, or even a formulated concept, but whatever. What's this about Brunhild being a cuck though? I can't find anything about that.
>>2631 It's been a while since I read the Nibelungenlied, but the basic structure of the legend is, Seigfried is a supernaturally powerful warrior, who wants a piece of the nearby Rhine kingdom. The reigning king, Gunter, agrees to let Seigfried marry his sister, Kreimhilde, on the condition that Seigfried help him marry the warrior-queen Brunhilde. He does so by using an invisibility cloak, and physically helping Gunter overpower the queen. Brunhilde is suspicious of foul play, so on their wedding night, she refuses to sleep with Gunter, physically overpowering him. At which point he begs Seigfried for help, who then disguises himself as Gunter, and deflowers Brunhilde. The two women discover this, and Seigfried is betrayed by Gunter and his knights. It's not quite cuckqueaning in any traditional sense, at least to my knowledge, but it's a shame no adaptation ran with that angle. The framework is there, with Brunhilde and Seigfried having an implied backstory, and the whole reason for the discovery being Kreimhilde' pride for her lover. She gets married off as a political tool later in the legend, and remarries, but is still treated like the villain after she starts calling for revenge. It's most fitting as a tragedy, I believe.>>2631
>>2632 All I'm getting here is male cuckoldry, and I feel baited and tricked.
>>2633 No, Bryndhildr marry Sigurd (not Siegfried, thats the name for the German ver) after he saved ger from flaming stone bed. Because he is a warrior, one day, he got called by the kingdom and the princess of the kingdom fall in love upon meeting him. He is already married to Brynhildr so he refuse her approaches. When the princess consult the queen, her mother, she give her a potion that force amnesia. Sigurd later drink it when it's mixed with his meal during his stay in the kingdom. He forgot about himself and Bryndhildr and the princess, Gudrun then seduce him and he falls in love with her. Brynhildr and her daughter with Siegfried waiting for him but never come back. One day, the king of the kingdom who is the brother of Gudrun, Gunnar saw Brynhildr searching for Sigurd and he likes her. He tries to seduce her but she said only the man that can save her from a flaming bed may become her husband. Sigurd offers his help to make Brynhildr marry Gunnar, which the king accept. Sigurd then disguise himself as Gunnar and saved Bryndhildr from the flaming bed...Again. It was said that his memory returns during this time but he was already married with Gudrun and have child with her, alongside his vow to help Gunnar, makes him reluctant to take Brynhildr back. The one the other anon is saying is about Siegfried, Kriemhilld, Brunhilda, and Gunther. Which have different settings altogether but similar plot. In addition, Lilith was said to be the first wife of Adam who refuse to be submissive to him and they seperates, where God later give Adam his second wife, Eve. Thats not Cuckqueaning. Yeah Brynhildr is more cuckqueaned in the story.
>>2641 >>2633 Brynhildr and her daughter with Sigurd, not Siegfried. Sorry typo...
>>2641 >>2642 Shit, you're right. You're referencing the Norse version, the one the Ring opera was adapted from, right? I was thinking of the german adaptation. My bad.
>>2643 Yes lol, you are talking about Brunhilda the queen of Iceland who is portrayed to be crueler than Valkyrie Brynhildr.
Open file (733.74 KB 1551x1204 1626286129996-0.jpg)
Hello yes I would like to order one (1) tol 'nubis sister-wife please
Open file (92.40 KB 736x900 FAyfdVuWUAE8BB9.jpg)
October again, folks. You know what that means, girls: Monstergirls are going to abduct and have sex with your boyfriends, husbands, and men you know and just kind of like and hope things will go somewhere. Or possibly home invade, where they will make vigorous love to the man in your life, probably in your own bed. It's important to know this is coming, and accept it, as there's no stopping it. It's a beautiful and natural part of the cycle of life for them. How do you prepare and manage Cucktober?
>>2904 >have to spend night in spooky house to inherit long-lost uncle's estate >turns out the will was forged by poltergeist girl who steals your bf >hiking along Japanese mountain trail at night, hit mysterious invisible wall >invisible wall stops only you, nurikabe steals your bf >set out to provide that mysterious werewolf plaguing village is just a man in a suit who would get away with it if it weren't for your meddling >turns out that werewolf is neither fake nor a man, and she steals your bf >climb mysterious vine >fee fi fo fum, giant girl wants all your bf's cum >disturb ancient Egyptian tomb >end up bound in wrappings while resurrected mummy steals your bf >discover ancient city in Antarctica built with mind-warping geometry and full of secrets man was not meant to know >such as the shoggoths, who steal your bf
>You are working in your lab late one night >When your eyes behold an eerie sight >For your monster from her slab, begins to rise >And suddenly, to your surprise... >(She steals your man!) She steals your dear bf >(She steals your man!) It is a boyfriend theft >(She steals your man!) She rolls her hips so deft >(She steals your man!) Until there's no cum left >From your laboratory where your monster fucks him >To the master bedroom where the vampires suck him >The ghouls all come and line up as a flock >To get a ride on your bf’s cock! >(They steal your man!) They steal your dear bf >(They steal your man!) A grievous boyfriend theft >(They steal your man!) Your pussy’s left bereft >(They steal your man!) All while you schlick stage left >The zombies are having fun >The party has just begun >The guests include wild slimegirls and several monstrous nuns >The scene is rockin’, he’s done nothing but screw >You’re in chains, suspended for a better view >Your frustrated pussy drooling all the while >As he hammers a werewolf - doggy style! >(Who steals your man!) Who's stealing your bf >(Who steals your man!) There's really no contest >(Who steals your man!) It's his sexual quest >(Who steals your man!) To give them all his best >Out of their chambers the catgirls decant >Their bodies perfect and their clothing scant >They pounce on your man and start having fun >There's plenty of night left before he's done! >(All steal your man!) They all steal your bf >(All steal your man!) It’s a boyfriend theft fest >(All steal your man!) He has no time to rest >(All steal your man!) Drowned in their ample chests >Now everything's cool, it all went as you planned >Your bf was again the hit of the land >With your serum he has nothing to fear >When they come back to have another go next year! >(To steal your man!) To steal your dear bf >(To steal your man!) A halloween fuckfest >(To steal your man!) In which at your behest >(To steal your man!) He cums in all the guests
>>1773 >Husband of the Swarm/Day of the Spike I just caught up on this to the end. I loved it. Madcap mixtures of pop culture, video games, and other cultural feedstock built into this fever dream of a universe is normally the sort of thing I hate, but it's done with such unconcerned panache here that I found myself adoring it. I think Spidernon's writing is at its best when it's silly and weird, because that's when, strangely enough, it feels the most real. There's an intoxicating sense of honesty behind all of the stories that take place in the Firm universe(s?), and this one is no exception. It was nice to see a submissive male character with a proper character arc. I don't know if it was in some small way down to our previous criticism of the werewolf reverse gangbang story—after all, some of Spider's stories before that one had already done it properly—but I saw many of the weaknesses we criticised being very particularly addressed, and I was pleased with the results. The way that the main character's story of overcoming was treated as a farce—but an important farce that was to be respected and had real consequences—made complete sense and I didn't feel that it diminished his victory one bit. It looked like a very difficult balance to pull off. Bravo. To the sex. I expected to be grossed out by the hivemind girlfriend's various xenomorphic bodies, but they just came off as cute. How the fuck does someone make a swarm of tiny vagina-slug-faeries or a gigantic titty caterpillar who lactates blue milk cute? Well I saw it happen, right there in that story, and I've still no idea how it was done. Amazing. I know that fucking the different bodies of a hivemind isn't technically cuckqueaning, and that this was written from a submissive male PoV, but some of the sex scenes still managed to inadvertently push a couple of my buttons. The way her various bodies cooperated was pretty hot, and—not gonna lie—if I was a galaxy-spanning all-consuming hivemind I would probably not do nearly as well at thinking up such terrifyingly cute forms to fuck my husband with. Plus that scene at the end, the way the Suk-Suk forms were eventually put to use... damn. Damn. Overall I recommend giving it a try, and you'll quickly know if you want to keep reading all the way to the end or not.
Open file (579.67 KB 843x1280 this.png)
Open file (291.82 KB 512x512 is this.png)
>>1669 >ywn get to make chocolate-and-cream jokes before you clean up a hellwan's creampie >a hellwan's creampie Just thought of a new term for that...
>>2905 >>2906 See this is the classic /cuckquean/ halloween content I like to see.
>>2910 Cuck-ween, if you will.
>>2905 >>2911 Nice. >>2906 *applause* >Their bodies perfect and their clothing scant I'm gonna imagine the r's being rolled like a purr here. >>2908 Do they make, like, spicy Oreos with a pinch of cayenne? That's what I'm imagining. >>2907 Oh shit is this finished? I read part 1 forever ago and decided I'd check back eventually. Not gonna lie though, the comically evil Earth government both squicks and depresses me a bit.
>>2913 >Do they make, like, spicy Oreos with a pinch of cayenne? That's what I'm imagining. I happen to be in the middle of baking right now and this has put me in a terrible dilemma. Even if the idea I've just had does end up yielding delicious spicy chocolate biscuits with a creamy filling that's both delicious and novel to eat, I'd never be able to serve them to guests.
>>2911 I should be angry, but I am not. >>2913 >r's being rolled like a purr That’s how I read it too. > the comically evil Earth government both squicks and depresses me a bit. Yeah. Misery, ugliness, and humiliation inflicted for its own sake isn’t easy thing to see; I gathered that was rather the point. Cones in eyes indeed. >>2915 >Anon, these are delicious! “T-Thanks, you too.” >What do you call them? “Hellhound Creamp—NO WAIT—I-I mean… Hellfire, uh, Creams…” >Still haven’t finalised the name, huh? Wow, the way that I can suck out the filling like this to soothe the heat from the spice is really fun, too. “H-Haha, yeah, I, um… I like that part a lot too.” >This was an experiment, right? Can I see your recipe notes? “My n-notes!? I, I, er…” (Smash cut to close up pan of Anon’s notes, complete with doodle of grinning dog-woman with flaming eyes pointing expectantly between her spread legs. Smash cut back to Anon.) “…I don’t really keep notes. All in my head, y’know?”
>>2915 This wouldn't be a problem for me because I like apparently innocent things with dirty secrets. I might even pretend I am a succubus in disguise and that my spicy devils food will corrupt the partaker. Anyway, get your partner to serve dessert instead? >>2916 >>Anon, these are delicious! >“T-Thanks, you too.” kek
Open file (2.46 MB 382x498 eyebrow motion.gif)
>>2917 >get your partner to serve dessert instead?
>>2915 >>2917 So far, both of my experiments that aimed to create a hellhound creampie biscuit have ended in failure. My first experiment succeeded in making a deliciously spicy, soft cocoa biscuit dipped in tempered dark chocolate that worked well with an Italian style buttercream flavoured by a raspberry and/or cherry liqueur, but the reality of that sort of biscuit is that all attempts at structure simply melt away in the oven, even when you use a form, and dipping such a soft biscuit in melted chocolate is a fucking nightmare. Using a little sprinkle of dried, powdered raspberries in the shape of the hellhound's eye flames on top of the chocolate worked better than I expected, though. I tried an American style for my second attempt; the structural results were more or less the same, plus their style of buttercream not only overwhelmed any attempt at flavour but also gave me what feels like sucrose poisoning. I only sampled two, then had to eat salmon to get rid of the sugar-nausea. I think I'll throw the rest out. I don't know where to go from here. Ideally I want to get a little deniable flourish in there that suggests vulval lips enclosing cum to the dirty-minded but appears merely decorative to everyone else. Oreo biscuits are a wafer, but I don't think that style would respond well to 3D forming. Perhaps a tuile or a snap base would work, but I can't imagine how one might get enough spice or cocoa in there to properly carry the theme, nor how one might be able to integrate any kind of filling. Here is a picture of a baking monster girl to make this something other than an incongruous baking blog post on an obscure fetish board.
Open file (819.96 KB 960x540 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (2.55 MB 1600x898 ClipboardImage.png)
>>2978 Maybe bake the structure separately and add the cream after like a Boston cream doughnut? If you want a lot of structure you could maybe mess around with something like devil's food cake or brownie mix. And if it gets too rigid to inject the cream with a pastry bag you could mess around with carving them to accept the filling, kind of like a stuffed raston (pic related). That option could also give you some deniability on an unusual shape for the hole to inject cream into... (And after writing all of that, I realized I just described a Little Debbie cupcake or a chocolate Twinkie. Is that what those have been this whole time?!)
>>2980 I did consider going for more of a filled cake than a biscuit like you suggest, but I thought it would be very difficult to bake in the kind of structure that doing a cake that subtly evoked a pussy would require without it looking obvious, crude (in the crafting sense), or otherwise vulgar. I suppose one could do it with special food-grade silicon molds, but I've not the materials nor commitment to the idea to go to the trouble of making them. Lots that one can do flavour-wise, though - one of my early ideas along these lines was a kind of shaped spicy chocolate lava cake that would spill out with some kind of condensed milk-based sauce when cut into. This would probably be around the time I might start reflecting on how my life choices have lead me up to the moment of making this kind of post, if I had any shame left. >stuffed raston I had no idea what this was, so I looked it up and ended up loving the original recipe: >Take fayre Flowre and the whyte of Eyroun and the yolke, a lytel. Than take Warme Berme, and pute al these to-gederys and bete hem to-gederys with thin hond tyl it be schort and thikke y-now, and caste Sugre y-now there-to, and thenne lat reste a whyle. An kaste in a fyre place in the oven and late bake y-now And then with a knyf cutte yt round a-bove in manner of a crowne, and kepe the crust that thou kyttest, and than caste ther-in clarifiyd Boter and Mille the comes and the botere to-gederes, and kevere it a-yen with the crust that thou kyttest a-way. Than putte it in the ovyn ayen a lytil tyme and than take it out, and serve it forth. Sounds delicious; I might try it after (if) the Hellhound Creampie Biscuit Problem is put to bed.
>>2978 Oh, you're actually trying to make it look like a... Well, now I understand your reluctance to serve it to guests! I thought you were just going for a spicy Hostess cuckcupcake like >>2980 describes. Maybe that can be the version for normies guests. Also! If you succeed I would love pictures and a recipe. Or at least the recipe. I bake, just... not well enough to suggest things like the other anon. (I'm going to tell my beloved this is why I deserve to be cucked. Giving him silly reasons is one of our things.) Unrelatedly: Salmon is a nausea cure? What? I wouldn't have guessed seafood could do that.
>>3007 >Oh, you're actually trying to make it look like a... Deniably! I’ve had some promising sculptural results by jumping off from tuiles à la cigarette russes. It turns out that an idealised vulva is shaped a lot like the leaves of a little plant, given the correct framing. >If you succeed I would love pictures and a recipe. Or at least the recipe. I bake, just... not well enough to suggest things like the other anon. (I'm going to tell my beloved this is why I deserve to be cucked. Giving him silly reasons is one of our things.) But if I share the recipe and you successfully make it then won’t you have double reacharound cucked yourself out of deserving to be cucked? >Salmon is a nausea cure? You’re as surprised as I was. I just suddenly felt the overwhelming need to eat salmon over the sugar-sickness’s miserable buzz. As soon as I got my mouth around some, lo - I was delivered from the buttercream’s cloying malaise.
>>3008 >It turns out that an idealised vulva is shaped a lot like the leaves of a little plant, given the correct framing. Or the petals! People use that metaphor for a reason. >But if I share the recipe and you successfully make it then won’t you have double reacharound cucked yourself out of deserving to be cucked? No! I'm still a stupid slut who needed a better girl to teach her!
Open file (376.71 KB 2300x1900 FC_4p4iXMAMI6qn.png)
Open file (484.10 KB 2300x1900 FC_4qAjXsAAAU63.png)
Open file (549.12 KB 2300x1900 FC_4qEXWEAQvniz.png)
Open file (473.54 KB 2300x1900 FC_4qCPWUAI0VcP.png)
This Baalbuddy comic isn't cuckquean material itself, but it made me think. Imagine if your partner doesn't have second sight but you do. And then some slut spirit shows up and starts draping herself on your partner. All. The time. And you just have to deal with that because you don't want to sound like a madwoman who not only believes in spirits but gets jealous of them. Meanwhile your partner sometimes says stuff like "Ah, I feel oddly cool down there suddenly... but it feels kinda good."
>>3014 The worst part of that situation would be that the spectral slut, who I imagine might get quite smug once she figured out I could see her, would never end up having that smug dicked out of her.
Inter-monstergirl cuckqueaning? Here's Monster Girl Quest's Alice recruiting vixen Tamamo for a little session with her man Luka.
>>3008 Hey baking anon, I dunno if you still come here, but I happened to see two things that reminded me of you.
>>3763 I feel very remembered! Baking and other cooking had put more on my thighs than I wanted so I had to forego experimentation with all that sugary stuff. I still have my notes and molds but since I'm also working hard at long-term body improvement, it might be a little while before I have another try at the idea. >that level of shortcrust sculpting Hot fucking damn.
Open file (89.77 KB 750x787 20220906_205254.jpg)
Nothing can keep her from your boyfriend now.. 🧛‍♀️
Not directly related, but it made me laugh to imagine a wolfgirl vixen pitching herself in this way.
4000 GET is hereby claimed in the name of catgirl maids for domestic use.
Inviting your submissive monstergirl friend to help you warm your husband's bed had seemed like such a good idea at the time—she'd been secretly in love with him for a while, and you two already got along famously: What wasn't to like? Turned out she had more in common with you than either you or she suspected. Now there are two keys around hubby's neck, and soon his bed will be even warmer.

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