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Touching the Vixen Anonymous 09/28/2019 (Sat) 01:18:28 No.340
How much physical contact do you like to have with the vixen while they fuck? Direct sexual contact like touching her pussy, ass, or tits directly? Close but indirect sexual contact like spreading her? Close but nonsexual contact like hugging, having her rest on you like a bed, holding her arms/legs? Close to the action but no contact like being under them or behind them? A little way away like on a chair or couch? Distant but within eye/earshot? In a different place altogether?

Do you prefer a different level before or after they fuck?
Seems like something that's completely up to the vixen, really. She's the one having sex, and it's really up to her if you're allowed to be there at all. That being said, I think maximum cuckquean involvement is best, if the vixen allows it. You should be doing everything in your power to make the experience as pleasurable and comfortable for them both as you can. Acting as a pillow or backrest for her, licking her clit while she's getting penetrated, whatever works. That fourth image in OP, that's something that should only happen if the vixen says it's okay. If you've got time to rub your clit, you have time to rub hers, instead. Sort of like "If you've got time to lean, you've got time to clean", but sexier.
I like to be close by so I can watch everything or help spread/hold her from time to time but I'm repulsed by the idea of any direct sexual touch between us. The things >>346 says perhaps work for humiliation cuckqueans but I just find them silly. Of course I'm going to touch myself a little while I take it in. It's hot. Unless my boyfriend tells me not to, of course.

>that's something that should only happen if the vixen says it's okay
>the vixen says it's okay
Yeah, no.
>>346 >>350 the duality of women

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