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Cuckqueaning and harems Anonymous 05/09/2021 (Sun) 20:47:26 No.2503
I wonder how cuckqueaning might work when it comes to harems, whether in the broader "one guy, three or more gals" sense or the narrower, more historical sense.
>>2503 >Please Do Not Repost Why didn't you listen? As for harems, your partner can be like an eunuch, this is fully in the fictional zone though, I expect this practically never happens
Open file (253.45 KB 1200x900 pregnant elf.jpg)
Open file (210.95 KB 900x1100 pregnant elf2.jpg)
Open file (112.72 KB 957x800 rezero cuckquean.jpg)
Open file (1.05 MB 1200x4471 MHA cuckquean.jpg)
You know what I dont really get about Cuckquean is why occasionally you see captions where the "wife" is untouched? Just impregnate them all. You should think of the "wife" as just the first to be impregnated, she is the queen bee. Then go and impregnate all the other lesser females while she watches or does something else. She might have first dibs on getting impregnated but she isn't the only one.
>>2769 Could someone translate the text in the first pic?
>>2775 My japanese isn't that great (at least not for translating) but honestly it's doesn't really seem worth it anyway, sorry to say. All the speech bubbles seem to be from the same person (or maybe two), and it's all in some kind of sleazy slaver tone giving a backstory infodump in dialogue like one of those bad examples you see in amateur fiction, or otherwise stating obvious facts. In short: >She's beautiful and unmistakably of royal blood. >Since the elf kingdom was destroyed, pureblood royal family slaves... [something] >[some other stuff about the war], she's a really good purchase. >Talking about her pregnancy. There's nothing here that hints at any sort of harem/cuckquean arrangement. Quite the opposite, unfortunately.
>>2887 >it's just the usual shit Aw, that's a shame. Not unexpected, but still a shame.

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