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QTDDTOT #1 Anonymous 05/03/2021 (Mon) 03:08:40 No.2465
I'll start. What would your ideal living situation be? Would your vixen live with you and your man, would she live separately, what?
Open file (626.17 KB 656x926 1605686732482.png)
Open file (28.59 KB 256x256 938.png)
Open file (1.92 MB 500x382 500.gif)
>>2465 >What would your ideal living situation be? Would your vixen live with you and your man, would she live separately, what? My home's MY home, so I wouldn't want a vixen living with us. If she was a sister-wife that'd be a different story, but not a vixen. Conversely, I wouldn't want a sister-wife who I didn't want to live together with or who didn't want to live together with me. Likewise for hypothetical IRL kemonomimi girls owned as pets, who in my own taxonomy register as a kind of very junior sister-wife. Fucking war on drugs, where are my domestic animal ear girls?
Open file (292.87 KB 1072x1500 2.jpg)
Open file (493.85 KB 1072x1500 ErdROSuU0AA_ZfE.jpg)
Open file (334.59 KB 1072x1500 3.jpg)
Open file (465.70 KB 1072x1500 24.jpg)
Open file (316.23 KB 600x1770 25.jpg)
>>2465 >>2483 Kinda like yeah, I don't want vixen to live permanently. She would come for the weekend, have fun, then return back on Monday. That way there would be looking forward to something and not fatigue the cuckqueaning magic. Theres an ongoing with ghosts from TV come out and instead of killing they fuck. When another ghost comes, they have a threesome and the vixen ghost return happily back into tv.
Open file (56.09 KB 521x412 cute ghost returns.jpg)
>>2497 That TV vixen ghost is cute. >That way there would be looking forward to something and not fatigue the cuckqueaning magic. Exactly. This is very important.
>>2498 Thanks, its called Fear and Scream https://exhentai.org/g/1894131/317dbc1f53/ It has horror comedy and thicc ghost
Open file (1.13 MB 3129x4000 EhaJn7MXcAAEKY2.jpeg)
>>2483 >Fucking war on drugs, where are my domestic animal ear girls? Be careful what you wish for!
Open file (248.46 KB 891x1200 brownkejourou.jpg)
Hey /cuckquean/, would you be interested in having a fantasy CYOA with heavy themes of cuckqueaning? I had a few ideas for a CYOA and it would involve your Husband gaining a harem so you and him can create a massive royal family to take back his kingdom from a usurper. It could involve all kinds of monster girls like the ones from MGQ or MGE. There could even be gameplay mechanics like dice rolls and other things of the sorts. Does this sound like something you would partake in? I think at most I would need around maybe 1 or 2 anons playing along with me to keep the story going.
>>2622 That sounds like fun! I'd be interested.
Great. What kind of monster girls would you like to see in the CYOA? I have a few ideas but I'd like (you) to chose them considering this is a create YOUR own adventure. Also, what shall your husband look like?
Open file (3.90 MB 1060x8695 1504003561528.jpg)
Open file (478.02 KB 800x600 1504003684822.jpg)
>>2624 At the point you're asking these questions, I think it stops being a QTDDTOT and you should make a thread? To clarify, by a CYOA do you mean an interactive board thread adventure/quest where you act as game runner / storyteller, or do you mean the image format like attached? Either way it sounds interesting.
>>2630 Right of course, I will make the thread in a moment. It would probably be more on the lines of an interactive board thread, kind of in the same vein as D&D, effectively making me a dungeon master. Anyways I'll see you in the thread. Also I've been having trouble posting on /cuckquean/ for some reason. The captcha always fails and it makes it difficult to post. >>2630 >>2630
Open file (74.41 KB 1280x1163 Cruel.jpg)
Is holding your man's dick while he pees something the vixen gets to do, or a privilege reserved for his quean?
>>3518 >tfw bf hasn't once let me help him pee >just says things like "huh?", "what did you say?", and "is this some kind of meme?" when I ask
>>2465 I don't remember if posting is allowed here if you are a guy, but I saw this board when I was on my way to /comfy/ and recently came into situation where I might need help. I by accident got myself into a relationship with a girl online, and she is the best and I love everything about her, from her voice to personality, the thing is, she wants me to bang others cause she feels it's the only way she can know I'm getting pleased. And, I don't know. It feels a bit cruel to do it to her. It kinda turns me on, I admit, but it's not "me" if it makes sense. I never was anyone who went out of his side to sleep with women. I feel conflicted about it and would like to hear some thoughts. Anything really.
>>3540 There's a male advice thread on the board, they may be able to help you more >>2371
The SVTFOE booru has aparently been taken down. I was wondering if anyone knew anything about that and if there was an alternative? I only recently discovered this because suddenly I was looking through some nice stuff. This is annoying. ..and sad...
Open file (16.54 KB 242x300 image4_1.jpg)
So I've found I can practically track my cycle based on how interested I am in cuckquean stuff, since that seems to be around when I'm ovulating. I find it kind of funny that when I'm supposed to be getting knocked up is when I really want to watch another woman get bred. Does this kind of thing happen to anyone else?
>>3715 It's kinda like that for me too, insomuch as the hornier I am in general, the more I fantasize about cuckqueaning. But it makes sense, right? In a sister-wifing kind of situation our cycles would have matched up and hubby would have plenty for both of us... yeah, ngl, everything checks out if I imagine egging them on while he breeds her into the mattress, then since he's so riled up him grabbing me right afterward and putting a baby in me too.
>>3717 > In a sister-wifing kind of situation our cycles would have matched up and hubby would have plenty for both of us Why didn't I think of this? This makes so much sense! Thanks anon.
Hey /cuckquean/, what are your thoughts on strict monogamy and loving faithfulness with your hubby?
Open file (16.72 KB 600x600 litany of bait.png)
>>3913 Sounds like it'd get in the way of me getting cucked, but I'm all about loving faithfulness to my one hubby. (what answer were you expecting?)
>>3913 Love it. So fulfilling that I do it all the time and he does it when he's not fucking some other floozy's brains out.
>>3916 I was expecting more adamant confirmation of cuckqueandom, to be honest. But uh, since I'm a male haremfag, keep at it, girls. Have a nice day.
Hi /cuckquean/. /Christian/ here. Isn't it nice that such in-congruent boards can come together and share a website like this peacefully? Peaceful co-existence is such a beautiful thing.
>>2483 >, so I wouldn't want a vixen living with us. >Conversely, I wouldn't want a sister-wife who I didn't want to live together with or who didn't want to live together with me. fucking lol. Reminds me of women not wanting to go in public in their bras, but are ok going in a bikini
>>4247 Cock or GTFO.
Open file (12.36 KB 236x236 bruh.jpg)
>>4248 my cock!? what? why? I mean Im not pretending to be a tranny or anything
>>4264 Whether John, Juan, or Sean, You make us yawn— You don’t belong So post your schlong Or get begone.
>>4264 He's not 'pretending' to be a tranny either
>>4248 Dear, were you perhaps meaning to reply to >>3943?
Question: What sort of relationship would you want with your vixen and why? Would you want a sweet sister-wife you cuddle with, a doting motherly figure, or a smug fox that delights in teasing you? I do love the idea of comfy cuddling. Also, would you have a preference in her appearance or would you prefer her to only reflect your hubby's tastes? If yes for the former, what would you have her look like? Would she tower over you or be so tiny that hubby could carry her like a newspaper? Would she have mammoth mommy milkers that put yours to shame or be so flat she has breast envy just looking at you?
>>4297 Honestly, the best vixens we've had were the chill ones who I got along with like an acquaintance or friend both inside and outside the bedroom. I remember having breakfast out with one vixen the morning after. It just felt uniquely nice to be casually sharing a meal and interesting conversation with a girl who I'd just watched my boyfriend fuck. Sexually, I've found that I enjoy teaming up with fellow subs so vixens who're able to switch into that mode are ideal. As to appearance, I don't really have a particular preference for body type. Petite, slim, flat vixens he can throw around and manhandle are just as good as buxom bombshells. It's more important to me that they not turn out to be ugly on the inside.
Open file (160.08 KB 1200x1191 Shirt for vixen.jpg)
Found this out on the internet and my first thought was "Wow, how cool would it be if I went over to visit my BF and a surprise vixen was there wearing this?" What kind of outfits would you like your vixens to wear?
Open file (204.42 KB 1800x2100 ishi1.jpg)
Open file (197.08 KB 1800x2100 ishi2.jpg)
Open file (343.70 KB 1699x2048 another.jpg)
>>4854 Ha, nice to see someone made that shirt IRL.
>>4855 Whoa, the vixen needs me? Okay. I'll do it. I'm going to use my mouth for you, vixen. I've got your back, vixen!
Open file (34.16 KB 622x832 IMG_4768.jpg)
Open file (1.15 MB 850x1131 Service.png)
Open file (354.55 KB 509x482 Charlie.PNG)
>>4855 >>4858 We need a matching "I'm here for moral support" shirt. I'm here to serve and I know my place.
>>4859 >>4858 >Oral support gf Sounds like a girl that only exists to get her bf up to full mast before the vixen arrives, then clean them both up afterwards while praising them. Either that or shes the most orally fixated of a harem of girls dedicated to honing their skills at one kind of sex act for the sake of hubby.
Open file (328.03 KB 640x457 Happy ending.PNG)
Open file (619.33 KB 510x610 Cleanup.PNG)
Open file (327.87 KB 433x613 Service With A Slurp.PNG)
>>4861 Anon, stop, my pussy can only get so wet!
>>4861 >while praising them Deeply, deeply underrated part of the experience right here. It's very soul-nourishing when you can see that someone's absorbed your sincere praise. I've never had the opportunity to have a... a kouhai-vixen? You know, a vixen who's a little sexually insecure, hasn't fully blossomed yet. Anyway, imagine being able to let such a vixen know how well she wrung your hubby's load out of him in between lapping it back out of her, and then seeing your praise help her to gain confidence with every new round. That hubby's a fuckin' stud goes without saying, but it never hurts to say so anyway; I'm reliably informed that it lands best straight after pulling away from cleanup fellatio. Spurring them on during the act is also a lot of fun. There are just so many uses to which a tongue may be put! >a harem of girls dedicated to honing their skills at one kind of sex act for the sake of hubby "Vaginal!" "Oral!" "Anal!" "Manual!" "...Humping?" By your powers combined, I am... >>4859 I just looked to see if Mooncancer had done any more Charlie comics, and oh... oh yes... yes he had. Thanks for the reminder, Anon.
Do you prefer dynamics where the vixen is dominant over the cuckquean, or ones where the cuckquean is dominant over the vixen?
>>4954 Neither! I like cooperative dynamics the most. The vixen and I are there for the same reason and I'm already being dominated by my man, after all. Lots of queans like being dominated by the vixen though; more power to them. If I had to choose one or the other, I could probably be coaxed into dominating the vixen in limited ways, like helping to pin her from behind if she wanted to struggle or smothering her face in my tits if she wanted some SBH, but for me it would be less about dominating her than helping her pussy wetter for my man's benefit. I'm kind of single-minded in that respect.
Open file (3.50 MB 1125x1590 meme.PNG)
Is this true?
Open file (80.79 KB 960x828 573.jpg)
Open file (148.21 KB 1036x1440 Giovanna.jpg)
Open file (383.06 KB 944x985 Giovanna_GGS.png)
Ladies, what would you do if Giovanna showed up out of nowhere, defeated your man in single combat, then took him home for a victory fuck? https://www.youtube.com/shorts/Y9FGfZbSEuY
>>4960 not even fucking close
>>5079 I've wondered if any of the girls here have been bullies themselves, but it feels really doubtful with how all the regulars of the board seem to be cuckqueans rather than vixens.

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