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Open file (41.88 KB 900x348 01.jpeg)
found out Anonymous 03/13/2021 (Sat) 01:35:33 No.2285
you are now in this situation. gentlemen, how do you handle the situation? how do you tease your gf? is there anything specific you wanna try? ladies, where do you take it from here? also more stuff like this welcome.
lol where did you find that?
>>2285 Trawl through the content in her folder, tease her relentlessly about the themes present in the situations and types of girls occurring, and then when we're out in public, remind her of everything that resembles the content in her folder.
Oh hey, I found it. https://yuki.la/r9k/57647671
>>2305 What a great thread >Ruby keeps getting betrayed
>>2323 Dunno, find it kinda disgusting how those anons turned it into being about male cuckoldry and pathetic roleplay to that effect. Still a few good posts I guess.
>>2324 >find it kinda disgusting how those anons turned it into being about male cuckoldry and pathetic roleplay to that effect This.
>>2324 it's r9k what did you expect?
>>2324 fr, some fags really ruin everything :/
Open file (75.64 KB 1000x712 bigshrug.png)
>>2285 >gentlemen, how do you handle the situation? If she wants to pursue it I wont object but all I'm gonna do is shrug and put on a stupid face like this. but also seriously start working out more because of how self conscious I am already.
>gentlemen, how do you handle the situation? A very long and drawn out conversation if she wants to pursue it and also relentlessly calling her "quean"
>>2447 I'd call mine "Quean" but in the Ugnanda Knuckles accent.
Open file (1.38 MB 480x360 ecstatic.webm)
>>2285 >gentlemen, how do you handle the situation? outside: "oh, honey, there's nothing to be embarrassed about, we can talk about this like adults." inside:
Dont know where else to put this and dont want to create a new thread so... https://lolcow.farm/g/res/79947.html Check this thread out.
>>2611 buncha combative cunts in that thread who can't understand the difference between having a fetish and making it real. Mostly not worth the read but I liked this bit: >I'm desperate and guys with long-term gfs give the best head so there's that.
>>2285 I don't know if I would ever go through with actually doing it IRL unless we went to a LOT of deliberation beforehand. But I would absolutely LOVE to have a cuckquean gf nevertheless. All I want is to make her sit on my lap and then start quietly talking to her ear about how I'd fuck each and every one of her pretty friends with my deep, smug voice, smirking as she blushes and buries her face in her hands, begging me to stop but also getting uncontrollably wet. Oh how much fun we'd have exploring all the different ways I could tease her about it!
>>2285 >found out now fuck around
>>2285 Play cuckquean porn while you fuck.
>>2285 I know how to because I did. She's not really into teasing/abuse, but she is really into compersion. Mostly she's just really, really into the fact that I last way longer than she does in bed, and she really like the idea of me fucking my way through a harem while she's in a corner so well fucked she couldn't join in even if she wanted to.
Open file (669.30 KB 1280x720 cuck translation.png)
Not sure if relevant to the thread and sorry if males are not normally allowed to post openly in this board but did not know where else to ask. I recently found out that my fiancée is a quean after I was falsely accused from a third party that I was cheating. At the beginning I thought she was baiting me into admitting guilt but right now I am rather convinced she gets off to the prospect of me fucking other girls. How do you think I should handle this? polite self-sage in case my question is not appropriate for the board
There's a thread for that: >>2371
I would never date a tranny which is what made that post in the first place. But on the off chance my gf had that folder after (pic related) I'd instantly ask if she has any girlfriends that share this fetish so we can play it out. Anything for you baby
>>2814 im a cis man anon.
>>2833 ha, you cant trick me!

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