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Breast Thread Anonymous 01/23/2021 (Sat) 04:52:29 No.2022
Let's talk tits! Breast envy is best envy. What is your preference for your man to fuck in an ideal world? Bigger than you or smaller? Completely flat chested?
>>2022 Evidence for consideration.
Open file (2.28 MB 1920x1080 1613914800834.png)
Open file (1.39 MB 1293x951 1613915782755.png)
Open file (144.63 KB 1920x1080 1613921548864.jpg)
Open file (208.14 KB 1920x1080 1613921611406.jpg)
Open file (613.03 KB 1920x1080 1613939318927.jpg)
I found a bunch of Kim Possible breast envy edits, so I'll just dump those here.
Open file (263.81 KB 1920x1080 1613921674207.jpg)
Open file (595.08 KB 1920x1080 1613942403211.jpg)
Open file (352.53 KB 1920x1080 1613921860409.jpg)
Open file (254.34 KB 1920x1080 1613921737186.jpg)
Open file (163.88 KB 1529x1080 1613921798848.jpg)
Open file (1.01 MB 1920x1080 1613935314168.png)
Open file (1022.04 KB 1920x1080 1613937219113.png)
Open file (680.39 KB 1920x1080 1613943691895.jpg)
Open file (1.16 MB 1828x1080 1613932050408.png)
Open file (891.64 KB 1828x1080 1613932121885.png)
Open file (3.73 MB 768x6048 1613921992767.jpg)
Open file (186.96 KB 1920x1080 1613948717641.jpg)
Open file (1.14 MB 1828x1080 1613932185264.png)
Open file (401.95 KB 2376x2016 1613945240392.jpg)
Open file (665.43 KB 1920x1080 1613958630721.jpg)
Open file (80.96 KB 768x1024 poll1.jpg)
Found a thing: smalltitshumiliation.com
>>2194 Geez. That's... very harsh treatment of those poor flatties. I mean, of course the chestlets both desire and deserve it - as they must - but I personally feel that our less bountifully gifted cousins deserve not to be berated, but to be cherished as the sex toys they were meant to be. If a masochistic flattie asked really nicely, I suppose I could bring myself to make fun of her (more than I do by simply existing, of course) but I prefer to lay flat girls' heads on my ample chest, hold them still, and whisper dirty things in their ear while my man uses them in their proper role - living sexual amusements. See, well-endowed girls naturally monopolise high-quality men, but this is a problem. Just because flat-chested girls cannot and will never measure up to busty wide-hipped goddesses does not mean that they should be denied access to men. It would be unjust for a skinny girl to have her man taken by, say, a leggy D-cupped brunette and then be unable to stay around. Nature is nature. Flatties know this, deep down. Their genes must survive. They must secure a good mate. Every time they feel that gnawing in their gut while staring enviously at a better girl's rack, they step closer to their natural vixenhood, and thus closer to survival. Sneaking behind their more fortunate sisters' backs to offer themselves to husbands and boyfriends is simply the way things have always been. Large-breasted girls must understand that this process has been happening for hundreds, thousands of generations. It cannot be stopped. It is part of human heritage. They should work carefully to select a pretty, demure, and suitably desperate flat girl that they will give their husband or boyfriend access to. They can even pretend to be inferior sometimes, if they are masochists and that little fantasy is what they enjoy. Or they can enjoy pressing their flat counterpart's face into their generous chest as their man's virile cock spurts between her… we'll call them her petite hips, because we want to be nice. If they have bisexual or bicurious tendencies, they might even enjoy having their flat-chested guest service them in exchange for access to their man. Flat-chested girls sometimes protest (weakly) at first but we must remember that they are naturally bisexual under duress - they have to have been in order for their phenotype to survive!
>>2199 Posts like this are why I visit this board.
Open file (1.30 MB 2401x2401 84650305_p1.jpg)
Open file (661.72 KB 846x800 83912627_p0.jpg)
Open file (926.72 KB 4701x2643 81476676_p0.jpg)
>>2199 Oh my! Aren't you a devilish one? I specially adore nerdy flatties, they look so cute when trying to put an adult image with their undeveloped bodies. It's like seeing a toddler trying makeup for the first time. You can't help but smile and encourage them. Bonus points if they stuff their bra and it ends up unbalanced. The little ones trying too hard, so adorable!
>>2202 You shouldn't make fun of disabled people. How would you feel if you grew up without a chest? No, it isn't right to rub flatties' faces in it. They know very well what the score is, so what's at issue isn't whether they've lost the evolutionary race, but what should be done with them; I advocate kind and proper management of their modest assets through cherished vixenhood. However, we haven't yet considered the problem of flat girls who improperly form relationships with men in absence of a better-breasted girl. Pride comes before a fall, but I personally don't think they necessarily deserve to have a random tittymonster invade their relationship without warning. All kinds of friction might result. (You can insert your own breast-themed friction quips here.) But it'll happen, so it's sensible to help the breastless properly accept the inevitable. Therefore: Flatties, make good friends with a girl who has normal, adult-sized tits. When a real woman inevitably starts fucking your man, you don't want it to be some bitch who'll completely monopolise his time and energy. You want it to to be a close friend, who cares about you, and who will consider your relationship with him. After all, the last thing you want is to be eating creampies out of some girl you hate. Plus, it's so much easier on your man when his girls get along. Think about it for a while, really properly imagine it in detail, and you'll come to realise that this is the best thing.
Open file (253.37 KB 1032x1398 76069882_p0.jpg)
Open file (419.71 KB 800x835 77739305_p0.jpg)
Open file (1.04 MB 858x1200 81277635_p0.png)
Open file (971.83 KB 1000x1413 81281353_p0.jpg)
>>2203 >How would you feel if you grew up without a chest? I can't conceive that. I grew up with a pair of good puppies, E cups now that I'm older. Sure they were a problem during PE, but now they're the key to the world of male attention and desire. You do raise some good points, though. Indeed I don't want to eat a creampie from a nasty bitch, hell no! I once managed to convince a japanese chick to have her way with my honey. She then asked for some money to buy clothes for the occasion 'cause she was short on cash. I was so excited to have an asian vixen that I gave her money without thinking twice and then, she vanished afterwards. Such a rookie mistake, I was so ashamed, fuck this world! Excuse me, I'm getting sidetracked... Have you actually spent some time with titlets? If you give them an inch they'll take a mile, they will think you're crap just because you showed sympathy. And, oh God! Is there anything more annoying than a confident flattie? One advantage they have is to be young looking and I have to give them that. I'm a cake now and I can see how sometimes youth can give the best orgasms to a man. Well, to finish this up. Sure, be friends with flatties. Let them know your man well, but always be on your toes. They can fuck you up if you're too lenient with them.
This is probably the only place I can read someone said something good about having big boobs. Women usually complaints about having big boobs...And flat chests would wish they can relate.
>>2206 If women complaint so much about big boobs, why there are so many fucking breast augmentation surgeries being made? At least until covaids happened, today things are different. I'll let you in a secret: WOMEN LIE... like... a lot. Surveys? They lie. Favortie traits in men? They lie. Sex drive? They lie. Women lie because we they don't want to give the impression of being shallow whores. For instance, rape is the most prevalent fetish among women, but very few would admit that.
>>2205 I'm sorry to hear about that asian girl taking advantage of your kindness. That's the unfortunate reality of dealing with the flat chested, so many are used to having to do whatever they can to get by, since their body didn't provide. But they're not all like that. There's traits to look for that can make it a more certain thing that you've found a quality vixen. It's best to look for slender women with a small chest, of course, but also for reliability, grace, kinships with nature, sharp features, and even pointed ears. Which it just occurs to me, describes elves to a T. Now that I think about it, most of my vixens have been elves. As a large breasted human woman, I get tired lugging around these absurd mammaries all day. It's always nice to have a lithe, gamine pixie in my home to have excessive amounts of sex with my husband, so I don't have to worry about pleasing him. It takes a load off my mind, not to mention my back! Sometimes he seems to actively prefer fucking a tight elven pussy to mine, and I think that's just fine. After all, that's what they're there for.
>>2207 Doesnt that means women want to get raped? It cant be your fetish if you dont want it.
Open file (212.60 KB 828x1169 74022697_p0.jpg)
Open file (568.76 KB 1020x723 75762017_p0.png)
>>2208 Be careful with elfs, my dear. They may look fragile, petite and cute, but once your man gets hooked on them, there's no way back. He will not want your body again. I go to this book reading club and one of the girls shared her story about how she lost her husband to the housekeeping elf. I'll keep this short, since we're talking breasts in this thread. One day she caught the elf flirting with her husband, at first she thought the elf was just harmlessly playing around with him and allowed them to lay down together on her own bed while she watched. Since the elf was so slim and had small chest, she couldn't compete with her, the wife. She was the women in control. This went on for a while and as in your case, she had more free time to herself and could do other things, like going to the book reading club, while her husband was sharing the sheets with the elf. Now her husband don't want to comfort her anymore, he always comes up with an excuse when she asks to sleep together. When she threatened to fire the elf, her husband became furious and made her, his own wife, wear a chastity belt as a punishment. Have you ever heard that? The female human wearing the belt?! What's going on in this world?! >>2210 It's kinda hard to explain. They want to be "raped" in a controlled way, that's one way I can describe. It's contradictory, I know. In short they want a young looking, rich man that is not shy to use force to have his way with them. I have to be honest and say that I could be projecting, but that's how I feel when I hear my friends talking openly about their desires and I relate to them.
Open file (290.67 KB 850x1268 1614287184762.jpeg)
Open file (181.89 KB 850x1035 1614287222111.jpeg)
>>2205 >anon's thirst to be cucked by exotic sideways vagina got her grifted Ouch. Was she Japanese-Japanese, Western-Raised-Japanese, or Not-Actually-Japanese-But-Pretending? I'm sorry to hear it went like that, in any case. >Have you actually spent some time with titlets? If you give them an inch they'll take a mile, they will think you're crap just because you showed sympathy. And, oh God! Is there anything more annoying than a confident flattie? It's an unfortunate fact that some of the mammarially challenged have succumbed to the yellow stain of breast ressentiment. It can be a very ugly thing. One mustn't pretend to know what they're going through (how could we?) nor give false sympathy. That just risks feeding the complex. I think the key - apart from the normal precautions we must all take against crazies of all stripes - is to give them a chance to flourish without letting them delude themselves into thinking they're in charge, or chaos will erupt. The flourishing of a flattie is different in kind to the flourishing of a real woman, and I think it's up to everyone to recognise and encourage this, >>2206 >Women usually complaints about having big boobs Ah, yes. Muh back pain muh breast reductions muh male gaze. Often this is simply exaggerated chestlet cope, or the result of women being made ashamed of having something that not everyone can have. It's true that problems occur when large breasts appear on a frame unable to support them, but this is the exception rather than the rule that it's falsely made out to be. Complaints about depictions of breast size are likewise often leveled by those who've no hope of having a proper set themselves and who burn with titless rage they're unable to openly admit. Very sad. >>2210 What you coom to is not necessarily what you want to have happen in real life. Most "rape fantasies" are more like "ravishment fantasies".
Open file (653.26 KB 864x1119 73828612_p0.jpg)
Open file (1.05 MB 1250x1000 73855475_p0.jpg)
Open file (465.92 KB 800x1142 73831219_p0.jpg)
>>2212 Oh! I loved the pictures you posted! First time I fantasized about being a flattie helping a titmonster vixen, better not get used to it, though. >Was she Japanese-Japanese She was the real deal, even showed me her passport. That's why I got air headed, I was thinking about all the possibilities so much that she easily managed to swindle me. Just imagining my honey being meekly served by a yukata wearing vixen, oh my! Another little thing. In that post I said I was a cake, what I meant to say is that I'm a "Christmas cake" now, I'm over 25 (actually in my 30's) and that's why I'm so interested in younger vixen and the japanese girl I mentioned, she was 22 years old. >letting them delude themselves into thinking they're in charge Yeah, good idea. They're like chihuahua dogs, barking a lot, but incapable of doing much. Let them believe.
>>2211 >Have you ever heard that? The female human wearing the belt?! What's going on in this world?! That's pretty crazy. As a human woman, I find that quite unacceptable, the idea that I, a human, would be denied while the elf is allowed free reign. At the same time though, maybe it is for the best. Clearly the husband is enjoying the elf a lot, and that's what it's really about. So if he's got to sacrifice his wife's sexual satisfaction so that he can enjoy pounding that elf pussy while she cums all over his cock, maybe it's not so bad. Not that the elf cumming is the important part, but I have to think that she would gush all over him, again and again.
>>2211 >They want to be "raped" in a controlled way, that's one way I can describe. This here is important. Fantasy has the fantasizer in complete control at all time, even if the fantasy is of the loss of control.
Open file (1.46 MB 1500x1500 d81e0j4t69k61.jpg)
So sad when friends have a falling out
Open file (360.35 KB 950x659 71705706_p1.jpg)
Open file (806.70 KB 1770x1254 71390189_p0.png)
>>2217 >As a human woman Sure thing, knife ears. Go back to cleaning and being a cum rug, your kind disgust me. You and your petite body, always tight pussy and cute moans. Damn all of you! I'm better than you, I've got some knockers, you're all flat as board. That's why you will aways be just the cock warmer, a side dish to our husbands.
>>2220 That's harsh slander against both myself, a human, and our precious elves. Maybe if your brain developed instead of your tits, you wouldn't be such an obscene bodied oaf! I bet you're a dwarf!
Open file (2.71 MB 1920x2621 72973500_p0.png)
Open file (163.95 KB 724x1023 72523834_p0.jpg)
>>2224 How dare you! Ample bosom is a sign of femininity, maturity and fertility. It's no wonder why some kind of... peculiar men obsesses over the features (or the lack thereof) of elfs. It's always easier for a man to have his way with an elf than with a female human because elfs are always in heat for human shaft. Which makes them the consolation prize or just a sex relief tool for men with high sex drive and that's the case of my husband. After he is done with our elf, my husband's attention is all towards me. I'm the mother and queen of our home, in control, specially over the money. In other words, I pay for the elf, she's actually mine. Read that again and think about it, my dear! Just because you can be seen as a mistress, in reality you're the lowest form of life living among humans. Honestly, I pity you. Your "male" elfs make our soyboys look like masculinity incarnated. By the way, dwarfs don't have elf servants. Not that I'm aware of. Rest assured, I'm human.
>>2225 Peculiar men, like those who wish their women to resemble the female form, not farm animals. And I was mistaken, it must be your husband who is the dwarf. They're the only ones who like exploring such cavernous holes.
Open file (3.94 MB 3150x2240 71257071_p0.png)
Open file (2.22 MB 1778x1000 71262721_p0.png)
>>2227 Peculiar men like those who want to embrace immature younglings, taking away their innocence while not producing any offspring. Maybe I was too harsh, that's why you're offended, to the point of calling my husband a dwarf. No harm done, I'm fine because you'll never be able to enjoy motherhood since you're a tool to vent lust. After having kids, indeed you won't be as tight as you were when young and that's when elfs are useful. My job as female is done in keeping my species moving forward, my man can sleep with as many elfs he likes because by the end the day I'm the one he's in love with. So, keep crying chestlet!

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