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(9.53 MB 1158x1636 good girl.webm)
/cuckquean/ OC Thread: Resurrection Edition Anonymous 09/14/2019 (Sat) 00:49:05 No. 140
This thread is for /cuckquean/ OC. Anything's welcome including videos, shops, captions, and so on. Reposts from older versions of /cuckquean/ are welcome too.
(1.07 MB 1706x1000 lipstick.png)
(1.28 MB 1706x1000 concealer.png)
(1.19 MB 1706x1000 liner pencil.png)
(1.01 MB 1706x1000 foundation.png)
Some of /cuckquean/-tan.
(41.50 KB 455x600 1450352626561.jpg)
(961.75 KB 1234x1859 cuckquean-tan_manga-background.jpg)
High effort OC like this is why I stuck around on 8chan
(707.13 KB 1079x1339 HUMAN OWNED - Anywhere ver 2.jpg)
(674.08 KB 1190x1681 CQI Couture - Perpetual ver 2.jpg)
Thank you. I love making it. It's a lot of fun.
Do you have the source for the image you used in the fourth one? I like the style.
Good stuff by the way.
For single images: iqdb.org, saucenao.com, ascii2d.net, and google/yandex image search are your best bet. Manga pages would be saucenao, google/yandex, and e-/exhentai file search. Crops would mainly be found through google and tineye.com.
The saucenao website also has a browser extension that lets you use all of the above and a few extra though 2 clicks using your browser's context menu.

Google and tineye are especially useful for finding crops and images like >>141 where the resolution and ratio have been changed. In those cases it might also help to manually crop the images, to remove the OC modifications, before using the above sites. Google and ascii2d are your best bet for sourcing twitter images if they haven't been mirrored in one of the boorus already.

10/10, made me chuckle.
>fourth image
>have sex with your wife
Disgusting senpai >>308
(1.03 MB 1000x1456 love living life locked.png)
Here's some more fashion.
(1.00 MB 988x1920 metahuman_fertility_01.png)
(1.10 MB 849x1500 metahuman_fertility_02.png)
(394.77 KB 1104x1609 metahuman_anal_01.jpg)
(229.82 KB 800x1200 metahuman_anal_02.jpg)
It's important to keep your elves properly trained so that they don't get greedy for your man's cock in the wrong hole. The DoH MDO is here to help.
>allowing your elf to masturbate while watching
This is hardly advisable.
Your elf isn't serving you while watching, so it teaches her to associate pleasure with passivity.
You should only allow your elf to feel pleasure when actively serving or while being praised by you or your husband.
Elves should definitely be rewarded while doing those things. They should also associate pleasure with their mistress being regularly filled with strong, thick, virile human seed. Everyone knows that elves love to serve humans and if you only train them to love active sexual service then they can very easily take it too far and become the sole source of sexual outlet in the household. Many such cases! Everyone agrees that this is fun for all involved, but it threatens the production of a proper family’s highest calling: Producing pure human children. Properly-trained elves recognise and love that they are there to enhance a couple’s sex life, not to replace it.
Glad to see us talking about the proper usage of elves again. They need to be kept in place.
There are still ways for your elf to be active during sex without being a primary participant. You could allow them to touch themselves while they provide peripheral manual or oral service and during clean-up, or have her stand by with towels and refreshments. Hydration is important, after all.
As you say, elves do love to serve, so it's not good for her mental well-being if she's not given opportunity to be useful, especially during such important occasions as the conception of her future young master or mistress.
(122.08 KB 1290x1821 01db5b46fe63c28a0099fe2f6604e8fd.jpg)
You know, I used to think it was necessary to restrict an elf's access to her own pussy, and permission to masturbate. But as a human elf owner, married to a human husband, I've had plenty of time to observe our elf girl, and I've come to think that this might not be fair.

After all, my human husband is always involuntarily teasing her just by walking around in front of her, and her knowing that she can't have him whenever she wants, the way that I can. And surely she can smell it whenever he's even the slightest bit aroused, from clear across the house, whereas my senses are not keen enough to be alerted to his sexual needs all the time, the way an elf can. So clearly, she's quite taxed with the burden of being such an excellent source of sexual release for us both, that we don't use to her fullest extent all the time. Sometimes I have sex with my husband and his big human cock without even having her present, and she has to sit in the other room and fruitlessly grind her belted pussy against a pillow while she thinks about what we're doing. I mean, I assume.

So I think you should allow your elf to masturbate vigorously, it's the only way that they'll let off all that steam. You don't even have to allow her one of our artificial penis inventions that vibrate with caged lightning. She'd be perfectly happy with her own fingers. I would even say to let them out of their chastity belt sometimes, when no one is even having sex with her, in case your husband brushes up against her suggestively and she feels the urgent need to rub her pussy.

And you really should have her there as an active participant whenever you have sex. It might sound radical, but I would even say let her have first dibs on your husband, allow her to have vaginal sex with him, and take his first, fullest load of semen, instead of the usual sloppy seconds and anal sex we tend to allow our elves. A happy elf is a productive elf, and letting her be penetrated by your husband on a regular basis won't spoil her, like I used to tell her all the time while I flaunted my unbelted pussy in front of her and made her lick my pussy to get ready for my husband while she had to go without.
(72.17 KB 625x703 1569896596503.jpg)
I found this. I know there's one with the definition of cuckquean too but I don't have that one.
(588.41 KB 1280x1844 scan00019.jpg)
Is this what happens when the mommy IS an elf and goes looking for the next closest elf around?
>"Short" List Of Grudges
>2nd pic
Is that fucking real?!
It was posted in a /cuckquean/ OC thread.. So, y'know.. Use your judgement.
(C92) [Pan to Butterfly. (Tokei Usagi)] Isekai no Hanayome -Bride of a different world- (Kono Yo no Hate de Koi wo Utau Shoujo YU-NO) [English] [Highest Judge]
(246.95 KB 719x1016 01.jpg)
(247.03 KB 719x1016 02.jpg)
(304.12 KB 719x1016 03.jpg)
(260.08 KB 719x1016 04.jpg)
(267.41 KB 719x1016 05.jpg)
Superior flat 'quean helps blonde tittymonster friend get a creampie, bleached for your viewing pleasure.
(299.10 KB 719x1016 06.jpg)
(284.36 KB 719x1016 07.jpg)
(269.19 KB 719x1016 08.jpg)
(220.00 KB 719x1016 09.jpg)
I really like the little out-of-shot cleanup blowjob in the last one. It's a nice detail.
Damn Anon, that’s good stuff. I really like the second-hand mana bleed thing you put in there too, I thought it was a nice touch.
Actually I stole it from halfchan, I didn't create it myself.
Huh. It reminds me a lot of the captions that the one chastity-obsessed Anon made. Maybe they fell back to there when 8chan went down.
(863.50 KB 1386x1629 monster christmas card.jpg)
(856.19 KB 1386x1629 a christmas card.jpg)
(868.99 KB 1386x1629 robowaifus christmas card.jpg)
I made some Christmas cards for other boards. Merry Christmas to us, too.
(1.31 MB 2082x1095 1579134587165.png)
More from halfchan
>>693 What board is posting cuckquean content?
(504.80 KB 1280x1668 1580001642218.jpg)
the BLEACHED and Caption threads on /trash/ occasionally have cuckquean content, and /h/ and /d/ much less occasionally have cuckquean and reverse ntr threads.
Looks like our secret plans leaked.
>>1337 What's an auithor?
Open file (228.72 KB 528x528 secret secrets.jpg)
>>1338 That's a secret.
Here's some good /cuckquean/ OC content between some of the board tans. It's between /fascist/'s and /monarchy/'s board tans, Grace chan and Integralist chan. Grace is on the left while Integralist is on the right. There is a lot of autism between those two boards and even more if you throw in /liberty/ so it makes the image even cuter/funnier depending on how you look at it.
Any of you have that one Mero pic from ages ago that contrasts normal gfs and cuckquean gfs?
Some good OC in this thread. I don't have any of my own but I want to express appreciation. I don't really get the fake videogame vids but I like the captions and other pictures.
>>1433 (checked) Thank you, Anon. >I don't really get the fake videogame vids They're pretty deep.

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