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Worldbuilding/Fantasy Anonymous 08/19/2020 (Wed) 04:20:17 No.1331
Let me start us off with some questions. 1: What is the best way to establish cuckqueaning in our culture? Legislation? Social change? Blood rituals? Hyper-sentient AI? 2: What should the average Ratio of men to women be? 1:2? 1:10? 3: Why is Cuckquean the superior fetish and lifestyle? Please support your argument by citing a peer reviewed clinical study. Shitposts are also allowed. 4: How advanced must a machine be in order to cuck you? When does a rumba become a romantic rival? 5: Do elf males exist?
>>1331 Wtf that last pic has 2 heads>>1331
Open file (200.85 KB 1551x1577 1588948949416.jpg)
>>1332 Two mouths+breast envy=board relevant IMO
>siamese twin breast envy Incredible, I never imagined I'd see this. Reminds me of a rumor I've heard that when a siamese twin has sex, the one of them who isn't the partner of the guy just does their best to zone out or focus on something else in the room the whole time.
>>1340 That’s interesting. You’d think being joined at the hip (literally) would mean they’d be more likely to share a man but the truth is probably that in real life sharing a body makes them very keen to delineate themselves as individuals, including keeping seperate partners. That’d be quite tough. The opposite case in fantasy, where you have those who are the same person but control multiple bodies (gestalt hiveminds, Helltaker’s Cerberus, etc.) is a bit simpler. There was an eromanga about a slime girl who aggressively claims and copies the bodies of other girls that her boyfriend wants to fuck, and later on in the series she splits into sub-selves that have a little rivalry with each other (to their boyfriend’s confusion).
Open file (4.72 MB 2489x2502 vs.png)
Would the chad 'Female Fantasy Character designed to appeal to men' cuck the virgin 'Female Fantasy Character designed to appeal to women'? (Original is from here https://twitter.com/NiftuCal/status/1295986849123651585 but I cropped out the unseemly part.)
>>1345 That sounds good, do you have a link?
>>1345 I'm going to need a link, anon.
>>1347 They both look good to me but I think there's some humiliation potential if they swap clothes. >>1331 Legislation and social change seem important because a democratic form of government with huge majority women seems more likely to result in some female supremacist dystopia than hot quean time. But definitely have a skewed gender ratio. Necessity seems the most reliable way to make cuckqueaning or harems happen, as we saw in that one Chinese town with the 1:3 M:F ratio. I think it shouldn't be more than 1:3 or 1:4. Any more and I think the man just can't split attention that many ways, even when "attention" just means ensuring a quean has time and a good vantage point to watch him spend time with a vixen. And so beyond that point I think a household dynamic becomes dominated by relationships between women that have nothing to do with the man. Though in establishing gender ratio we do have to consider homosexuals. Do we just let them do their own thing and only worry about the ratio of bi/hetero persons? Does the all-governing AI just keep them from being born, along with sociopaths and imbeciles? The AI can be a rival when it can be a person, IMHO. But I think every person will draw the line differently. Elf males... up to you I guess. If you want to have interspecies arrangements you are going to need to answer the question of how those other species maintain their populations. Maybe the female elves are immortal and attrition is negligible. Maybe elves are all mages and magically combining egg cells to make a zygote is just how they do it. Maybe they don't have a genetic process and any male of any species can "father" an elf, but it's more like the magical essence of the two is mixed. If you are doing weird scifi that has elves maybe they long ago switched to external womb machines and mostly decided inelegant males weren't needed anymore, not realizing until too late they wanted some around.
How does society in your settings handle/view Queans raising another woman's/womens' child(ren)? This in relation to their Man having a/several Vixen(s) living with them or nearby.
Open file (1.55 MB 1920x2152 1598039572294.jpg)
>>1351 Trying to eliminate elf males entirely seems like needless autism. Just have the majority of elves live amongst themselves in the forest. Every now and then the whispers about human males brings an odd female elf out to see for herself if the legends are true.
>>1351 >we do have to consider homosexuals. Unless we want a war, a eugenic solution, or terrible illness, a large portion of the males being gay/bi would help the gender ratio in terms of childbearing relationships. In terms of lesbians, they should be taught to at least tolerate cock once or twice in thier lives as payment for living in a large, mostly female family. Thankfully, the amount of true lesbians out there is quite small compared to the about of Bi women so i don't think it is too much of a problem. In a similar vien, I think the Trans/other identity discussion deals with such a small portion of the population that is is negligible.
Open file (826.57 KB 550x800 1599397161941.gif)
>>1331 Of course elf males exist, and of course the majority of relationships involving elf females are with elf males, just like the majority of relationships involving human women are with human men. This is to be expected for any race. That's not to say relationships between humans and elves don't happen though. However, as a species that normally only procreates a few times over a lifespan of centuries, elves are adapted to extremely infrequent coupling, maybe a couple times a *year* on average. Curious elves who seek out a relationship with a human partner are often shocked and even intimidated, then, to discover that for humans a "healthy" sex life is several times a *week* (to put this in perspective - it'd be like a human finding out their partner needs to have sex hourly in order to stay satisfied). While elves don't have any difficulty *physically* adapting to keep up with this level of demand, the *mental* exhaustion of what, from the elf-perspective, must feel like literally *constant* sex is often overwhelming. This enormous gap in sex drive leads to the failure of nearly all monogamous relationships between humans and elves. Most relationships between humans and elves that do last involve opening the relationship to one or more additional partners to help 'share the load'. In some cases, an elf will seek out other elves, typically siblings or friends from their village. In others, a mutual human friend may be invited into the relationship. This makes cuckold/cuckquean-dynamics almost universal in relationships between humans and elves, though not always the dynamics one might expect. In group of elves servicing a single human, it's actually the elf at the *bottom* of the pecking order who usually has the most sex, while the more dominant elves prefer to abstain and avoid the stress of 'excessive' coupling and may even manipulate or bully the more submissive members into enduring a greater share. In cases where another human is invited into the relationship the resulting dynamic depends on whether or not the elf is strong-willed enough to maintain a hold on the majority of their partner's attention and emotional investment: If so, the elf dominates and the new human (while well-treated and well-loved) is relegated to the position of a marital aid, and if not, the new human will quickly dominate the less sexually active elf.
>>1441 But anon, if elves are so unsexual in this setting, why does the girl in your gif have nipple piercings and love having her womb kissed? srsly tho I like what you wrote.
Open file (207.74 KB 1000x759 1599527391955.jpg)
>>1443 Elves aren't unsexual in this setting, they can be just as passionate and loving. I'm sure elves like trying on a new pair of slinky lingerie or enjoying foreplay as much as humans do, and I'm sure elf couples making love can wake the neighbors with the best of them. It's just that they're not adapted to doing so at the same pace that humans are used to. It's like... suppose you love riding thrill rides at the amusement park - the roller coasters, the drop shots, the swinging ships, etc and you make a point of going on one trip to someplace like Six Flags or Busch Gardens every summer. You have a great time every time and by the time you get back from your trip you're spent. Then one day you meet a nice person, the two of you hit it off, and it seems like a good thing.... until, after a few weeks of dating, you find out they're a full-blown adrenaline junkie who spends their weekends skydiving, free-climbing, and street fighting and their vacations running with the bulls, swimming with sharks, and wrestling bears and shit. You're no stranger to thrills, you're not "unthrilling", but this person's living at a completely different speed than you. Even if you still love about them, even if you're totally on board with doing some or all of those things with them, at the end of the day you are just not built to operate that pace, and if you try you're going to wind up exhausted and miserable.
>>1444 (checked) I bow to your trippy wisdom. That all makes sense. Please enjoy this picture of elves practicing sharing before they try to nab a human man.
>>1454 Apparently "connection failed" only happened for the pic. Tch.
>>1354 nice
What concerns me about settings with unbalanced gender ratios is the role of women's rights. It seems to me that women exercising a society-wide tyranny of the majority over men isn't in the spirit of the fetish. So do we strip the vote from women? Do we strip the vote from everyone because an AI or deity is in charge? Do men (and possibly some women) get more rights, or like magic powers or something? On the other hand, all these monstergirl captions that get posted seem to posit a society where vixens are first-class citizens and men are... treated better than queans, but maybe not equal to vixens. So maybe that's acceptable to some of us. I guess there's a potential third option where women are legally equal but in practice a lot of them are just submissive in general. That would be another situation that's different from how humans seem to work in reality.
>>1354 Holy crap, does anyone know any other similar to this?
>>1494 unbalanced gender ratios feels like a bit of a cop out
>>1558 Anything else requires a bunch of incels or a bunch of male cuckoldry / reverse harem shit. So it's practically a requirement really.
>>1559 What about if a large part of the male population is volcel, like monks? Maybe a vow of celibacy is necessary for men to practice magic or something.
>>1494 You could just not have v*ting.
>>1560 I'd hardly call that voluntary. And anyway it'd only get you a society run by wizards who artificially inseminate women. >>1562 Yes that was covered under "strip the vote from everyone"
>>1559 >Anything else requires a bunch of incels Are you suggesting this like it's absurd or unrealistic? t. IT sector, lots of co-workers male and female are STEMcels.
>>1565 No, I'm suggesting that it's unsexy, undesirable, and contrary to the spirit of the whole idea.
1. Greater acknowledgement and forgiveness of male infidelity. Men are virile creatures with a strong desire to mate and spread their seed far and wide. We shouldn't excuse rape, but if the sexual parties consent, wives and girlfriends should excuse sexual playing around. This won't lead to total patriarchy, and it will probably give more feminists the 'well I can cheat too' scenario, and it's in mutual madness that cuckqueanry can better flourish. 2. 1:4 biologically, 1:10 with gynoids and domesticated anthro lovers. Men should have pets to play with, men should have toys to play with, men should have as many lovers and toys as they desire. The robots can be customized to look like any woman, real or animated. 3. Women as a whole deserve to be cucked anyway, all the better for them if they get off to it. Socially constructive degeneracy. 4. If the machine can elicit feelings of love, it can establish feelings of jealousy in people. The machine just needs the correct chassis for the correct mood. 5.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CzbUeubAGxY

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