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Cuckquean Stories Anonymous 09/07/2019 (Sat) 02:08:09 No.110
Are stories the best medium for cuckquean porn? This thread is for the good ones you've found.
In Which an Elven Servant Suffers a Succubus to Live in Her Home originally from /cuckquean/'s elf thread and now at https://www.literotica.com/s/in-which-an-elven-servant-ch-01
A thirty-four part series in which the title is self-explanatory. Same author as Raising the Dead (continuing here at the impressively-numbered >>88) and Establishing Order within a Household. Chastity, cuckqueaning, elves, lots of teasing/denial, and all that other good stuff. Lorelei's inner monologue is a delight to ride along with and the story itself is very, very hot. It's great. Go read it. Now.

Establishing Order within a Household at https://www.literotica.com/s/establishing-order-within-a-household-ch-01
Same author as above. It's hot and delightful. Read it.

(Beware: Human_Primacy's literotica stories also include Little Bad Wolf, which is male cuckoldry.)

'Three Square Meals at https://www.literotica.com/s/three-square-meals-ch-01
>Starts off simple enough, soldier-turned-trader learns of valuable rare resources being sold underpriced at some rinky dink mining asteroid at the edge of the civilized galaxy from some old coot he keeps company from time to time and decides to head off and make himself a fortune via savvy merchanting. On his way back from said asteroid however he discovers a surprise stowaway onboard his ship, they agree to some quid pro quo after a bit of repartee that's when things start to take off. Turns out guy's got the magic touch or whatever because his parentage is only half human half something else which turns the ladies he sleeps with into super hot action babe versions of themselves and they start zooming about the known universe zapping slavers, totally-not-sentient-Alien/Bugs, weird four armed sharkmen and dragons all while his former stowaway turned XO/wife stays on a very active lookout trying to find new women to recruit into his harem/crew.
>Lots of different themes being explored including psychics/shapeshifting/subterfuge/GLORIOUSREVENGE/roleplay/promises of impregnation/ and the general space opera fare of there being some larger unknown baddie operating behind the scenes that they have to overcome. Pretty fun so far though there's some bits I don't enjoy so much. Main driving force atm seems to be the crew all working together to try and give the guy some closure about who his parents are/what happened to them. Honestly tho there's a lot goin on and I haven't even gotten through half of the story yet. To tell tha truth this seems like something that coulda shown up in older SciFi zines were it not for yanno, it bein porn and all.
This story is surprisingly addictive and fun. Cum inflation is a big part of the fetish content but it's handled with a light touch so I didn't mind it even though it wasn't my thing.

>Let's get some things out of the way first. Overwatch is a shit game made by a shit company that is trying their hardest to pozz away the audience by shitting out more tranny and nigger characters when their audience keeps asking them for waifus.
>Well, this questfic fixes that. The protagonist was abducted by the bad guys and heavily enhanced with cybernetics. Now he's on a mission to get all the attractive Overwatch waifus before Talon does. What's impressive is that despite being a quest, and thus beholden to the whims of the audience, the author manages to weave a fairly coherent plot out of it. There's quite a few mysteries regarding the protagonist, his past, the goals of the bad guys.
>Then again, the main focus of the story is smut, followed by action scenes, and man can Arl write some good smut. I don't know how cuckqueany the plot would rate among people here, but there's several instances where the heroines openly tell the protagonist to fuck other girls in front of them, getting all hot and bothered more women want him. There's even one scene with Angela/Mercy where she seduces some girl in a club for the MC and helps him fuck her.

Am not familiar with the site, is the story progress by which choice have the most vote?

would be nice if I can choose my own choice.
How the story goes mostly depends on what people vote on, yes, but you can also put your own choice in the pool for people to vote on, and the author can always invoke veto rights and decide to do something else, though that's usually considered impolite.

Sadly, Arl has been AWOL for a while now, though this isn't the first time he was away for an extended period of time (last time it was nearly a year).

Also, harem autist here, so fucking glad this board survived Endchan cucking out. Anyway, I have a few more suggestions to give:

>Power Mage series by Hondo Jinx
Guy has to magically marry 7 women from 7 mage orders to unlock his full potential while being hunted down by the magical popo, who have shoahed the majority of his kind already, and another power mage that wants to kill him to absorb is power.

The first two or three chapters are really bad. Not badly written, mind you, just offputting because the books opens with the protagonist, a former bull rider, rescuing a cat thrown into the sea via telekinesis. Not the most auspicious of beginnings, but luckily the author quickly reveals that the protagonist is a top alpha chad that isn't afraid to unload a MAC-10 into an SUV full of gangsters or show his wives who is in charge.

About the only complaint I have is that the story suffers from the same kind of problem most other modern pulp books suffer from, the pacing of the plot is frenetic and the cast rarely has time to actually sit down and talk, or share in their intimacy. Granted, with Power Mage it's not as bad since there are moments of downtime, but it's hard to believe that the three books currently out barely cover two weeks of events, if that.

Three books out, fourth one coming on September 25th.

>Shadow Rogue series by Mike Truk
It's almost unbelievable that the same guy that wrote the Five Trials (featuring a protagonist that pisses his pants, literally, at least five times in the first book) wrote this. The protagonist here is an ex-thief trying to get revenge on his crime "family" for betraying him in a world vaguely inspired by Forgotten Realms, and he's not hesitant to kill his opponents or be proactive and do shit instead of constantly reacting to the antagonists. The two books are also pretty hefty, especially for the harem genre, being nearly three times as long as titles from other authors.

Two books are currently out.

>Ave Xia Rem Y by Mat Haz
If you ever wanted to read a xianxia tale (chink high fantasy) but were put off by the drivel actual chinks shit out at ant speed, this is the title for you. While the title is short for "A Very Cliche Xianxia Harem Story!", the story is anything but. While the author does use the usual xianxia tropes and cliches, he does so in a mature and often unexpected way. As an example, the all too prevalent cliche of the protagonist butting heads with the son of the leader of the local big sect doesn't lead to the sect getting exterminated by the protagonist - instead it's treated as a spat between children by all related adults, and the young scion isn't some suicidal caricature of a human there to be a stepping stone for the protagonist.

Or another example, two young prodigies of rivaling sects meet and have a heated argument, instead of either of them doing something stupid they both realize their little spat could have far reaching consequences for them, their families and sects and just... walk away. People in the story actually behave like thinking, feeling humans, with actual motives for doing what they do.

Also, the protagonist himself is anything but cliche. While a tad precocious for his age, he's still a child, adults are still more mature and wise than he is. Instead of being an arrogant murderhobo that can do as he pleases, he's taciturn and humble and even cries the first time he is forced to take a human life in self-defense.

tl;dr - if you have ever been interested in reading one of those Chinese webnovels but were put off by how repetitive and shit they were, read this one.

About the only criticism is the slow update speed, one chapter every two weeks, and some people seem to dislike the slow pacing, but I genuinely love the mellow atmosphere and how the story is more focused on character interactions and growth and less of fights. To put things into perspective, the story is now at about 100K words and there has only been one actual lethal fight the protagonist has been involved in.

>A Warm Place by Crystal Candy
Combines survival in a ice age post-apocalyptic Earth with basebuilding and smut. It's not really that high brow, and there's not much of a plot to speak of beyond the protagonist banging every female in sight, exploring buildings for stuff and killing whatever bad guy he meets, but it's a fun, light read.
I’m so glad that more of us are finding this new home.
Open file (172.83 KB 2000x2000 D9ZTX7CXoAApLUs.jpg)
>If you ever wanted to read a xianxia tale (chink high fantasy) but were put off by the drivel actual chinks shit out at ant speed
Good work, Anon. I kekked a topkek.
Just wanna confirm but I imagine this is also the thread we would use to post stories if we write something right?
Yes, that’s right.
I tried to write a thing, not so good at it tho so I only have the intro so far, I'll try and post the next bit either a little later tonight or tomorrow morning.

"Hmmm, let's see-diminutive, grows near shallow slow running water, nice full petals, an excellent shade of maroon, and just a hint of blood orange bleeding in towards the stem oh yes you're exactly what I've been looking for. Now just hold still for a moment dear while I-"


"Eh? Wai-WHA!"

The young lady yelped in surprise, tipping over into the stream next to her as a sizeable blur darted between her and her intended target. Adding insult to injury the blur followed her into the water source with tremendous force, embedding itself into the streambed alongside her with a resounding splash and guaranteeing that not a millimeter of her remained dry.

"Oh blazes, not again. HEY REINA-GET SOME DRY SHEETS, QUICK! I'm so sorry about that miss it was an accident I swear-here let me help you up."

"Pfft-pfft *cough* Wha-what just happened?"
A look of bewilderment settled on the lady's face as she wiped the water from her eyes, allowing her sight to alight on the figure of the voice she'd heard earlier, a chestnut-haired youth reaching out to help her up from her current predicament looking somewhat disheveled after having apparently rushed down the hill next to the stream. His face showing an interesting mixture of concern and chagrin.

"Ah, that would have been a shield that shot past you-mine, in fact, sorry. You're not hurt are you miss?" The young man queried as he helped her up.

"No, just quite thoroughly wet and chilled. Er, my apologies I don't quite recall having done anything to earn shields being launched at my person mister…."

"Michael, and no that really wasn't supposed to happen miss-"

"Adalinda, Ada will do however."

"Miss Ada, *sigh* I know I just apologized but let me do it again; That really shouldn’t have happened I’m sorry that it did and I’m glad you weren’t hurt. Listen, my home's not too far from here I can put the fire on and see if I can get some spare clothes from my neighbor for you to wear while yours dry off. Please, it's the least I can do to make it up to you."

"Well, a rather sudden shock and impromptu drenching aside I am quite alright and most grateful for that apology, thank you Michael. Formalities aside I suppose I'll have to impose on you, goodness knows wet dress isn't the most comfortable of fashions this time of year. If you would kindly lead the way I- oh oh dear I almost forgot, pardon me but I don’t suppose you would mind helping me pick a certain flower, I believe I last saw it over-"


Ada jumped in the direction of the sudden frantic voice that boomed from the hill Michael had come down from only to be met with the sight of yet another blur making its way towards her. Albeit not moving as quickly as the previous blur had, it was still moving at a rather incredible speed that it took Ada a slight moment longer than usual to recognize the figure as a raven haired girl rushing over with what appeared to be a hastily clumped together assortment of fabrics. Long enough in fact for Ada to be caught off guard once again as the girl started to throw the sheets of fabric on her.

“Sorry! Sorry! I’m really really sorry about all that-here let me get you dried off- Please don’t be mad at Michael I was just trying to-”

“-TO TELL ME to be more careful with my shield when I went and made a complete fool of myself. Again, sorry about that. Reina thank you for getting something to dry Miss Ada here off with. Miss Ada, this is Reina, the neighbor I mentioned earlier, Reina do you think you have some clothes you could lend her while hers dry off at my place?”

“What? But that’s not wha-”

*COUGH* “Reina please, I’d really appreciate it and I’m sure miss Ada would like to get dry as soon as possible.”

“I, uh, clothes yeah definitely. Here let me just help her-”


Reina and Michael jumped in shock at the ear-piercing mournful wail that emanated next to them only to see miss Ada physically crumble towards the ground crestfallen, her sight locked onto Reina’s feet, or rather the ground beneath them where a single crushed flower could be seen sticking out from under Reina’s shoes.

“A-aaaaah no, I was so close”- *Hic* *hiiiiiiii*

As soon as Reina jumped off of the flower Ada reached out towards the crushed blossom and gingerly tried to lift it back up into its full upright position in between sobs, only for her to freeze in place as one of the petals fell off in defiance of her wishes.

“Miss ada? Are you alright?” Michael asked as he and Reina exchanged concerned glances. When no reply came Reina proceeded to kneel on the ground in front of Ada.
“Ah, uh, um Mi-Miss Ada was it? I’m really, really, really, reaaaaaaally sorry about that. H-here I’m sure it’s not as bad as it looks.” Reaching out to try and lift the flower up the rest of the way Reina was shocked when Ada’s eyes zeroed in on her hands as they touched the crushed blossom her pupils dilating so much they seemed to almost start to deform into slits. Each little movement of Reina’s arm that brought the flower closer to its original upright position mirrored in those slits as they traced the path blossom’s path until finally Reina was holding it fully upright.

“S-see? It’s not that bad, I’m sure it can be nursed back to health.” Reina watched with bated breath as Ada’s eyes seemed to slowly shift back into shape.

“Y-yes I see. Y-you may be correct, I apologize for losing my composure.” The forlorn girl stammered, finally seeming to regain her senses. “Thank you both for your concern I’m just-” Ada’s voice cut off as her pupils slammed back into slits, irises seeming to quiver as the flower’s petals peeled off nearly simultaneously leaving only a single petal clinging to the stalk by a perilous fibrous strand.

“I, ah Miss Ada?” Reina asked, face draining of color as she watched the flower and girl undergo nearly simultaneous breakdowns. “I-I’m sure there’s still something we can do, right Michael?”

“Uhhh yeah, yeah of course! Look, don’t worry about the flower, I’ll look for another one and Reina can try to nurse this one, let’s just get you dried off and changed first.”

Michael stepped forward to try and collect Ada, only for her body to suddenly go limp as she collapsed forward into Reina, the raven haired girl shrieking at the sudden mass piling onto her as she quickly reached out to support the now insensate girl.

“O-oh uh, Michael what do we do, she’s not dead is she!?”

“Don’t just jump to that conclusion she’s obviously still alive!” Came the befuddled retort as Michael leaned over and gingerly lifted Ada off of Reina. “Look I’m not sure what just happened but obviously she really cared about that flower enough for the shock of it falling apart to cause…..whatever this is. Get some dry clothes and meet me at my place, we can sort all this out after we make sure she’s not going to catch a cold.”

Theres actually a significant amount of books with "Cuckquean" theme on amazon. I am not going to say they are a lot, but am sure theres like more than double dozen of them.

If only they are free....which they aint...
Does amazon have their own tag for such books? About how much do they cost? If it's not too expensive, I might be able to grab some and share, if I'm not too retarded to find them.

Just search cuckquean and theres 20 pages of those books. I consider those a lot.

And kindly share it with us here after buying if you do not mind.
>If only they are free....which they aint...
There's ways around that. You still have to fork over $10 for a one month Kindle Unlimited subscription, but using Calibre with a DRM removal plugin and an older version of Kindle for PC you can download all the Kindle Unlimited books you want and store them on your hard disk.

I've been doing this for years now, paying every few months as soon as enough harem books have been published and have never had any problems.
Also, if you're not willing to give Amazon money, you can go over to Mobilism and search for your book, or use their monopoly money points to request someone to upload the book for you.

Tried the Mobilism app, tried to download a random book just for trial. It sent me to the Centfiles.com to download. Nothing is happening. Can't download the book. Can't read the book online either. Tried 3 other books, they all sent the file to Centfile.com and none of them works as expected.

Is this not a scamming app?...
I signed up for the Mobilism website. I find that the download links usually either have a couple of ads you have to click out of first, or they try to get you to download an .exe, or they have an ad that looks like it's the button you're supposed to click to download. But if you're careful generally you can download everything without a problem. Unless the link is dead, in which case you can PM them and ask them to reupload it.

Apparently only the centfiles are dead or not working and the 3 books I tried to download just for the sake of first impression, all use the centfiles.

That being said I only found 5 Cuckqueanish book there. Havent read all though
What books are you specifically looking for? As long as they're on Kindle Unlimited I can download them for you and upload them here.

Also, anyone found any other good harem stories out there, fanfiction or otherwise?

No specific book, although I do want to see a story where the Vixen steals the reluctant husband from the wife.

All 5 books I got from mobilism tells the stories about cheating husband or the wife is willingly share.

This author makes quite some book about cuckqueaning. Though doesnt seems like you can get it for free without Kindle. Unless there is an app that have those book for free.
>This author makes quite some book about cuckqueaning.
She does seem to have a pattern, yeah.
Foreword the intro paragraph is intended to be there as world building. As I mentioned in my post in the spam thread, this story was originally supposed to be for /bleached/ so if it doesn't seem /cuckquean/ related right away, that's why. I have plans to make chapter 2 about Nicholas bring back his cute black concubine back to his harem. Sorry to blue ovary you on the first chapter. Also I have no idea when I will finish this story as I am also working on a non-/cuckquean/ automaton story for /monster/. I hope you're able to find enjoyment out of this and please give me any constructive criticisms you might have. Shaniquua was a cute, young, black girl who lived in Detroit. On the surface, she hated White men but deep down, the only thing she has ever wanted is to be roughly colonized by a strong aggressive White man and made into his slave. If you looked at Shaniquua’s browsing history, you’ll find a lot of White male Black female porn; this is because Shaniquua was absolutely obsessed with big… White… COCK. Shaniquua had a thing for Slavic men but couldn’t date them because of the hood rules. Only the dumb niggers she despised in her hood could date other races. She hated niggers; there has never been a black man in Shaniquua’s life that she respected. In her mind, they were stupid monkeys that existed to serve the White man. Their women would be tribute to their masters as a thank you for being allowed to exist… This is merely one of Shaniquua’s sexual fantasies. Our story begins on a cold night in the south side of Detroit. Shaniquua hoped she would not get raped by a nigger; If I was a White man, it wouldn’t even be a crime since all black women belong to White men anyways. “Ah… fuk nigga… it’s cold as sheeit” Shaniquua said to herself in Ebonics. Even though niggers can’t take the cold, she was indeed right, it was 12 degrees Fahrenheit outside. As she was walking down the street a slope around 10 feet tall was ahead of her. This slope had a lot of black ice on it and she had no boots on for this. She knew that it might cause her to slip and fall down the slope if she tried walking up it, but she wanted to get home fast. With all her proud, hard-working, independent, Whoopi Goldberg, Black Woman spirit in her, she started climbing the slope. She managed to get around 10 feet up the hill before her converse started to lose their grip on the ground. “aww sheeit nigga imma finna fall down dis fuken hill!” Shaniqua screeched in Ebonics. She tumbled down those ten feet and hit the ground with significant force. The price to pay for having a big black ass to seduce the White boys… even though she’s never even had a White cock near her. “Agh! I fuken blme dez dahm negros out hura! You fugin niggas da rason I ain’t ga no whyte cock!” Shaniquua was in bad pain at this moment. She had probably bruised her thigh badly and it wouldn’t look nice on her light skin, which her clothes concealed. She tried to get to her feet, but it was too difficult; the pain was too much. Out of no where she hears a voice that makes her get panties get drenched in excitement. “well young lady, if you stay on your knees any longer, I’m going to have to put cute slave collar on you.” Shaniquua looks towards the direction of the voice and sees a beautiful White man walking towards her in a nice coat brown, leather trench coat. ‘f-fuk off… w-w-wh-….” Shaniquua can’t finish her sentence in the presence of such a god like the man in front of her. “young lady, why don’t you take my hand I can help you up. My name is Nicholas and I think you need my help” Shaniquua looks at him with embarrassment before unconscionably saying “yes, master” she makes direct eye contact with him while saying this and he gives an unsurprised smile to her before saying something that made Shaniquua very happy and horny. “why don’t you come back to my plantation, you’ll be nice there. I can spot you White worshipping sluts from a mile away. You’ll be a good addition to the harem; it could use some dark chocolate.” Shaniquua nods in silent submission and takes her new owners’ hand.
>>790 holy fuck that was formatted horribly, sorry about that.
>>790 > “Agh! I fuken blme dez dahm negros out hura! You fugin niggas da rason I ain’t ga no whyte cock!” Shaniquua was in bad pain at this moment. Fucking lost it.
>>790 sauce of vids?
Its sad that there arent many translator group who is interested in translating more Gyaku NTR hentai huh? Some looks really good too...
Open file (1.20 MB 1444x4201 ClipboardImage.png)
Idk where else to post this so...ugh...
>>989 That story’s a little sad. I guess a lot of people don’t get the smooth and happy introduction to cuckqueaning I did.
Post some hot prompts so me or someone else can maybe use them. Also, i'm looking for good ideas for novellas as well. Some prompts i'm working on now include, Fantasy protag is disowned from his fathers house because step mom in a bitch and wants her daughter to inherit instead. His only inheritance is an elf slave that loves him very much and has been takeing care of him since he was born. he must regain his honor by creating a [s]harem[/s] adventuring party and doing great things. man orders a sex android. turns out she has an unwiped military personality chip. Instead of getting her back to the factory to be fixed, he takes pity on her and lets him live in his house. she grows to love him as he begins to mature and court other human women. lonely and depressed girl feels that no one cares about her and fantasisies about being somones slave. neighbor boy is nice to her, and she confesses. Neighbor boy is initially not into it, but does what he can to help such as letting her live with him. She is so gratefull she tries to convince him to attain more slaves, or at least a mistress. an orphan girl is taken as a fantasy-vikings slave. his wife is thrilled and acts as a mother she never had. the wife in infertile, and wants husband to go out and collect pretty young women to do what she can't. there are also shadow monsters and other plot things and stuff. Future solider is thrown into a stone age world by a evil scientist where he must battle warchiefs, take thier daughters as wifes to unite them into a great nation, and stop a the scientist from takeing over the world. man buys his step mothers debt and forces her to be his and his wifes maid. wife transitions from feeling strange about it, to feeling empowered. those are just a few to show what stuff i'm into. i do modern, fantasey sci-fi, whatever. incest does not bother me much, and i like the kink, so long as the power dynamics aren't too screwy. While i enjoy darker stories, i tend to always end in catharsis. I have experimented writing femdom/futa/trap stuff, but its very hit or miss with me. I won't do explicit cuckolding, and never focus on it if it is incidentally required for the plot. also, sex between girls doesn't really count. especially if he ordered it
>>1034 shit. that was supposed to be it's own thread. oh well, this works too.
Open file (191.83 KB 540x304 1584232889004.gif)
>>1034 Some of those prompts could be good. Do you have any finished writefagging to post? >[s] The context of this post begins to take shape. >I have experimented writing ... trap stuff Good for you! Please don't post it here. The other woman is not the other man. /cuckquean/ is not for male homosexual content. >I won't do explicit cuckolding Excellent; this won't be a problem because male cuckoldry content is banned on /cuckquean/.
Open file (878.29 KB 1456x1056 1578884136284.jpg)
>>1036 here is a short one. tags include BDSM, and non-con(implied assisted rape) title is "Great Gift" His girlfriend was a freak. Gregor knew this, and still he knocked on the door to her apartment when she had been suspiciously vague on why she wanted to see him. He had not been dating Rachael for a too long but things were going smoothly so far. Her ideas of what made a fun surprise’s were extreme, but so far, nothing he wasn’t prepared for indulging. Edible underwear, handcuffs, stuff like that. His own tastes were relativity tame, but Rachel seemed to revel in the strange and perverse. He was a bit nervous about what she had planned for their “two month anniversary”. “Door’s opeeeeen!” She sang from inside. Gregor grimaced. He really hoped her roommate was gone. Tracie was a grad student, and couldn’t be too happy about Rachael’s and Gregor’s noisy nights. He opened the door and sighed in relief as he saw no sign of Tracie. “In my rooooom!” He heard her call. The door was cracked open. Gregor emotionally prepared himself to veto whatever she had in store. It this was more extreme than last time, then he wasn’t sure if he was ready to indulge her fantasies. He opened the door and took in the sight. The rose pedals leading to the bed was a nice touch. He saw her in her new lingerie, deep red and bold, which was not surprising. However, he was frozen by what he saw her arms around. It was her roommate, Tracie, dressed in absolutely nothing but a gag, ropes, and Racheals arms. Racheal was an athlete with short, auburn curls that bounced with any movement. Her roommate Tracie was a bookworm with a long black ponytail tied tight. That wasn't the only thing tied tight anymore, as ropes around her breasts pressed and squeezed them till they were perky. Tracie squirmed, but her arms were tied behind her back tight enough to force her chest out. Her legs were tied apart to present her shaved pussy to Gregor. Racheal seemed ecstatic as she toyed with her friends breasts, mostly amusement, but he could see a splash of envy snarl up Racheals face as well. “Surprise!” She chirped. Tracies face was red and hard to read. He could only see the eyes, which were wide and anxious. She squirmed and said something muffled by her gag as Racheal asked, “Do you like my present?” “Racheal.” Gregory blinked. “Is that Tracie?” “Of course silly!” She pinched a tit and Tracie yipped, “I noticed you were looking at her a lot last time you were here, so I decided to tie her up just for you! And Look!” Her hands went down and spread Tracie’s lips. She whined as her moist opening was presented. Her legs clenched, unable to close “She wants you too!” Racheal growled with anticipation. “Get over here big guy, before she escapes!” Her naughty smile was as sadistic as it was seductive. “You have no idea how long it took to tie her down!” Gregor was concerned. “Did Tracie actually consent to this?” Tracie wriggled and grunted and bounced as Racheal said, “Of course!” Tracie's eyes were wider. “Don’t worry, we have a safe word.” “But she’s gagged.” "Well, more of a safe tap out." "But her arms are tied up" She bit her lower lip. “It will be fine! Shut up and fuck her!” Gregor paused another second to think before he sighed and unbuckled his trousers. Tracie wasn’t screaming or crying. In fact, after taking off his shirt she seemed still and patient. Racheal’s hips ground against Tracie and Tracie stared at Gregor’s cock popping out of his boxers. “Right heeere!” She pressed her friends button as she spread her even wider. Tracie groaned as she was played with. Gregor went to the bed and put his hips between Tracie’s legs. He’d be lieing if he said she wasn’t beautiful. In fact, she had a lot more curves than Racheal. Racheal seemed to notice this as well. Another flash of jealousy flew across her face, but was quickly masked by a playfull bite of the ear and slap of Tracies ass. Tracie gasped, “You ready?”. Racheal coo’ed. Tracie’s eyes were wide and her hot body was shaking. He probably would have asked her out instead of Racheal if she were more his type. However, she had been so bitchy when he met her that he hadn’t given her the time of day. There was a small part of him that remembered her cold, aloof attitude from before. There was none of that here and now. “Hurry up and stick it in!” Racheal was bouncing, her eyes locked onto his cock. Gregor obliged, he aimed and pressed. The effect on Tracie was immediate. Her eyes closed and her head titled back as he entered her. She growled against her gag and he sank himself in to the hilt. “See Tracie, ” Racheal pet her roommates trembling head and drooling face, “I told you he was big!” He pulled back and pressed again. And again. Tracie toyed with the clit and whispered into Tracie’s ear, “I told you you’d like it!”
Open file (62.77 KB 729x878 1585733321909.jpg)
>>1037 Tracie groaned as Gregor continued. Regardless of how she had felt before, she seemed to be enjoying herself now. Her lids lowered and her breasts bounced in time with Racheals hair, “Just relax, it will feel a lot better if you just let it happen. ” Her groans became louder and her body began to rock as much as her binds would let her. “Good, good, just like that!” Racheal was drooling with desire. Gregor could see her panties dampen. “How about I try this,” She bit her lower lip as one hand continued teasing the clit, and the other reached around under Gregors cock and Tracie’s pussy. “Hhmph!” Tracie eyes went wide and Racheal giggled. “How do you like it here?” Racheal asked under her breath, “You always act like you have a stick up your butt anyways! Haha!” She giggled and ramped up the intensity. “Does it really feel that good? With only only one finger?” Tracie looked surprised, and confused, but not in any pain. “Teehee, you like it don’t you! You little slut!” She licked up Tracie’s side. Tracie shivered, her breasts bouncing with Gregors thrusts. “How about two fingers?” Just as Tracie seemed to be getting used to it, her eyes widened again. “You act like such a good little girl all the time, but you really like this don’t you.” Tracie was biting her gag and beginning to sweat as her hips ground against Gregor and Racheal. He rammed into her as she began to howl from behind her gag. “You like my boyfriends thick cock in your tight cunt?” Gregor couldn’t tell if she was nodding or just relaxing with the thrusts, “You like my fingers up your ass” Tracie shook, “You going to come? You like it in all your holes?” She bit down on Tracie’s nipple. Tracie whimpered, “Not yet you cunt! I want my boyfriend to breed you first. You’re going to be his whore from now on, got it?” “Um, Racheal?” Gregor was torn between enjoying the sex and getting freaked out, “You want to chill a bit with the dirty talk?” “Just role playing honey. We have an understanding, i promise.” Racheal assured him. “Keep fucking her good.” She sped up her assault of Tracei’s ass and clit. “You getting close Greg?” “Um, yea,” “Hear that?” Racheal breathed down Tracie’s neck, “You’re going to get to feel him come in you. You ready for that? You want his spunk inside? You want his baby batter?” “Uh, hate to ruin the mood,” He was just on the edge, “But, um, is she on any birth control or,” “Don’t worry about it. I'll take care of everything.” She dismissed him. “She wants it, right?” she kissed where she had bit before. “She’s close. She needs it. Give it to her babe. Give it to her!” She wasn’t resisting, so he obliged. He felt her pussy contract as he shot inside. Her face was contorted into the same confused and surprised ecstasy she had been showing since he had entered her, but now it was completely overpowered by pleasure and sex. As he came inside he felt her coming with him. Her legs clenched against the binds and her insides tightened against him. “Just like that!” Tracie ground her hands into Tracie during the climax. “You love it don’t you! You whore!” She was slick with sweat and growled like an engine as she gripped his cock like a vice and humped his hips with hungry perversion. She came for a very long time, and even as Gregor was recovering he saw her shaking, and he saw Racheal forcing Tracie to keep riding that high for as long as possible. “Hehe, ” She giggled as Tracie seemed to finally run out of steam. “Good slut. Hey, Greg, get over on the other side!” She patted beside Tracies panting face and moved opposite him.. Greg moved, slowly drawing his tool from Tracies shivering body. It was half hard when Racheal laid down her face next to Tracies and pulled Gregor’s half erect cock to rest on the shuddering, post-climactic girls face. “Smile for the camera Tracei!” She took off the gag as she posed for a selfie with her tied up victim, taking her phone from the bedside table. Tracie, seemingly half awake and half in exhausted pleasure, smiled as she panted, her tongue out like a dog. Racheal held up a peace sign as she took several pictures. Several of them had Racheal positioning the cock at least halfway in Tracies gasping mouth. Her cheeks shone with sex, hers and his, from his cock smearing on her. “Perfect!” She gave her friend a smooch on the cheek and untied her binds. Tracie rested, not moving, even though she was now able. “That was amazing Greg!” She hugged her boyfriend over Tracie’s heaving body. “Uh, right. Is Tracie okay?” “She’ll be fine.” Racheal shrugged, “She told me she was a virgin, so her first real climax from a guy must be pretty mind blowing.” She giggled and pet her friends face as she said it, “Anyway,” she toyed with his dick, still slippery and sliding on Tracie’s face, “Ready for another go while she rests up? I’m more than a little exited after that show!”
>>1038 I like it, the dominate cuckquean with a compersive appreciation of how nice it is for her man to fuck a curvier woman is a nice twist.
Maybe one of you can help me? I'm looking for stories about women using other women to take a cream pie. Like they're fucking, boyfriends about to impregnate them and they say use my passed out sister instead. Can't involve interracial shit.
I could have sworn I read a long literotica story about a white woman whose husband was fucking tons of asian woman, or vice versa I can't remember. Does anyone know the title? Literotica's search and tag system is so shit.
>>1785 That isn't much to go on. Do you remember anything else about it?
Harvesting story links from the old board! My thanks to the anon who originally posted and summarised so many of these. There's some erotic audio also mixed in. http://www.asstr.org/~rache/lds_01.htm (three parts) An infertile women wants to give her husband children and begins to develop cuckquean fantasies. A very hot story but you can really tell the author is quite fucked up. http://www.literotica.com/s/my-girlfriends-rival (two parts) A guy cheats on his gf with his extremely attractive co-worker. Meanwhile his gf's jealousy of her flirtatiousness and amazing body develops into an obsession to the point that she gets off on her while fucking her bf. This intense crush ends up with lesbian sex (of course). Not sure if this true cuckquean as his gf doesn't find out about the affair within the story. http://www.literotica.com/s/the-rationalization-imperative Man fucks his niece which somehow wakes up his wife sleeping next to them in the same bed (shocking). She's upset at first but is talked into accepting it's OK for him to do this. Short and silly. http://www.asstr.org/~Kristen/09/wrecker.txt http://www.literotica.com/s/wicked-stepsister Girl is forced to watch her tied-up boyfriend being raped by her step-sister. http://www.literotica.com/s/tied-up-and-forced-to-watch The title explains everything. http://www.literotica.com/s/stolen-joshua Women loses her husband to another women. http://www.literotica.com/s/the-loving-husband-ch-01-1 (seven parts) Wife helps her friend get pregnant by offering the services of her husband. It seems that it's not enough for her so she pushes him to see more women. http://www.literotica.com/s/kim-and-kate-ch-01 (two parts) Cheating triggers a cuckquean fetish in his wife. I think it's unfinished but hopefully more parts coming. http://www.literotica.com/s/daddys-little-psychopath (eight parts) Evil genius daughter controls both her mother and father. Completely over the top but good. Still ongoing. Enslaved by my husband 1 and 2 (most of the cuckqueaning is in chapter one): http://www.literotica.com/s/enslaved-by-my-husband http://www.literotica.com/s/enslaved-by-my-husband-ch-02 A wife tries to revive her ailing marriage… by submitting completely to her husband. http://www.literotica.com/s/the-birthday-disaster Wife tries to arrange a threesome for her husband's birthday when she sees his wondering eye. It backfires http://www.literotica.com/s/teaching-her-a-lesson-2 http://soundgasm.net/u/BadGirlUK/F4M-I-cant-help-it-shes-cute-but-im-100-straight-mild-cuckquean-sexting http://www.reddit.com/r/gonewildaudio/comments/2yu11j/f4a_remember_that_girl_we_talked_about_sequel_to/ http://cuckqueandesire.tumblr.com/post/113714948196/thank-you-for-the-submission-kelly-i-fell-into http://fetstories.com/heather/on-becoming-a-cuckquean/ Women is forcibly trained to become a cuckquean against her will. http://soundgasm.net/u/BadGirlUK/F4M-Marriage-Counselling-Cuckquean-cuckcake-POV-cheating-script-by-uLondonKinght2014 https://www.literotica.com/s/pink-ch-01-1 https://www.literotica.com/s/pink-ch-02 https://www.literotica.com/s/pink-ch-03 >those scenes where one sub doms the other https://www.literotica.com/s/cuckquean-anita-the-insufficient It's BadGirlUK here again, not sure if i've linked all my audios, there's 12 now, you can find them here: http://www.reddit.com/r/cuckquean/comments/312t4u/cuckquean_erotic_audios_12_enclosed/ https://cuckstories.wordpress.com/2015/04/26/a-sisters-revenge/ https://www.literotica.com/s/a-cuckquean-story-the-first-time Her husband and a beautiful blonde girl can't keep their hands off each other. There's a great bit where she's made to put on the blonde girl's panties. I hate my Man-Whore roommate, but he's hot http://soundgasm.net/u/BadGirlUK/F4M-I-hate-my-Man-Whore-roommate-but-hes-hot-voyuerism-cuckquean Girl has to deal with her promiscuous roommate. Starts with the purest form of cuckqueaning, ie the girl has no physical relationship with the man at all. Forced to…. watch http://soundgasm.net/u/BadGirlUK/pt1-Forced-to-watchcuckqueanhusband-cheatingvoyeurismhumiliation http://soundgasm.net/u/BadGirlUK/PART-2-Forced-tocuckqueanhusband-cheatingvoyeurismhumiliationmy-fantasysome-ff http://soundgasm.net/u/BadGirlUK/PART-3-Forced-tocuckqueanhusband-cheatingvoyeurismhumiliationmy-fantasysome-ff Forced cuckquean.
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>>1790 Continued. Some of these links are bound to be broken. two INCEST cuckquean audios also http://soundgasm.net/u/BadGirlUK/F4M-Stealing-Daddy-from-Mommy-inc-impreg http://soundgasm.net/u/BadGirlUK/F4M-Watching-Dads-infidelity-evidence-voyeurism-incest-masturbating-real-orgasm https://soundgasm.net/u/BadGirlUK/F4FM-Our-daughters-flirty-classmate-threesome-age-ddlg-fdom-some-daddys-blackmail-cuckquean Babysitter Voicemail, 2 parts - [Part 1](https://soundgasm.net/u/BadGirlUK/F4M-The-Babysitter-Voicemail-2-parts-Part-1-no-age-seduction-hawt-cheating): no age, seduction, introductory affair, hot descriptive reminiscing sex scenes. & [Part 2](https://soundgasm.net/u/BadGirlUK/F4M-Babysitter-Voicemail-2-parts-Part-2-age-jailbait-filthy-talk-sneaking-orgasm): age, jailbait, filthier talk, angry sex, more reminiscing but whilst getting off. https://soundgasm.net/u/BadGirlUK/FF4M-collab-with-uSheWantsToMoove-Becoming-a-Cuckquean-cuckquean-cuckcake-voyeur-cheating 'she's cute but i'm straight' Part 1: https://soundgasm.net/u/BadGirlUK/F4M-I-cant-help-it-shes-cute-but-im-100-straight-mild-cuckquean-sexting and Part 2: https://soundgasm.net/u/BadGirlUK/F4A-Remember-that-girl-we-talked-about-Sequel-to-Shes-cute-but-im-straight-Threesome-FFM-Cuckquean-Virgin https://soundgasm.net/u/BadGirlUK/F4M-Wank-off-for-BadGirl-its-really-not-cheating-is-it-JOI-cheating-lil-bit-of-trash-talk I really enjoyed https://www.literotica.com/s/obedience-8 - especially the part where the 'quean is put away behind a folding screen. SpacerX's stories are huge and for cuckqueaning, Reasonable bounds and My Wife, The Mad Professor are probably best, though Becoming the Perfect Daughter is also in the theme. http://www.spacerxstories.com/mainMenu.htm Monstergirl harem question with a Bicorn https://anonkun.com/stories/mge-bellum-nuptias/jQPdJvZ3LAzSGKsJx/home Warning, has 2 yaoi scenes at the moment There are also some other quests on anonkun that can kind of fit into the theme Another quest on a different site https://forum.questionablequesting.com/threads/a-world-of-your-own.3428 Not quite cuckqueaning but has a large harem and it sort of seems to be heading that way a bit with the main female character. And I forgot, if you don't mind anime fanfiction A-Z Mark II has a bunch of really good fics: http://www.mediaminer.org/user_info.php/103307 http://www.mediaminer.org/user_info.php/100786 Second link is his first account that was banned for some reason but they didn't stop him from making another, has an Eva fic that's interesting and finished elsewhere Unexpected Circumstances + Home is an Ai Yori Aoshi with Aoi building her boyfriend a harem Valiant Champion Or Something Like It is a Louie The Rune Soldier fic with Ila accepting his relations with all the other girls Probably the closest to cuckqueaning Payback by warpwizard, http://www.mediaminer.org/user_info.php/70052 Also, a great fic even if you don't get into the wider setting (which is very ridiculous and dark) is Happy Anniversary by Tiek Mo Shet http://www.mediaminer.org/user_info.php/68043 There also seems to be a reasonable collection here that I haven't gone through yet. http://www.cuckqueanz.com/p/cuckqueanstories.html STORY TITLE: Winemaker's Journey in Gensokyo AUTHOR(S): Serial ATA ORIGINAL SOURCE:https://www.touhou-project.com/storylist.php and control-F for the title SETTING: Touhou CHARACTERS: Daiyousei is the cuckquean, while the MC is working his way through the rest of the cast. TAGS: cuckquean, compersive, " I want to watch you fuck any woman you desire. I doubt you'd have trouble finding willing partners." STORY TITLE: A King's Harem AUTHOR(S): TeezyMcGee ORIGINAL SOURCE:http://games.adult-fanfiction.org/story.php?no=600088250 SETTING: Zelda CHARACTERS: Zelda (cuckquean), Link, Kina TAGS: cuckquean, compersive, threesome Here's another one, in an original setting, where a young prince gets an elf that has been raised to be his sex slave, and she is in the process of convincing him to build a harem to help slake his lusts. " “Master, I was raised by Madam Pritcher - a brothel madam. She always told me, taught me, that she thought monogamy was unnatural. She said that in her experience, men naturally preferred to have several women and the practice of monogamy was what drove them to the bordello.”" STORY TITLE: Elf Slave AUTHOR(S): ThunderHawk3 ORIGINAL SOURCE: http://www.hentai-foundry.com/stories/user/ThunderHawk3/16247/Elf-Slave SETTING: Original CHARACTERS: Aysa (cuckquean?), Mark, Nicole, Lillian TAGS: cuckquean, compersive, threesome
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>>1791 Continued further. Shinji reads some porn Maya and Misato were passing around and decides to seduce Maya. Maya later convinces him she wants him to get more into the harem side theme of the porn. "Well, I thought she might be next on your list of women to seduce," Maya replied. "I was going to say that I wouldn't mind." STORY TITLE: It’s Always the Quiet Ones AUTHOR(S): ORIGINAL SOURCE: https://sites.google.com/site/warpwizard/evalemoncontestarchive-asunauthorizedasi Click link to ELC4 archive then itsalwaysthequietones.htm SETTING: Evangelion CHARACTERS: Maya (cuckquean), Shinji, Asuka TAGS: cuckquean, compersive, “Under my rule, Shirou can have as many mistresses as I order him to.” STORY TITLE: Caren's Wondrous Plan to Take Over the World AUTHOR(S): Mereo Flere ORIGINAL SOURCE: https://sites.google.com/site/tatariarchive/home/tmffc/caren SETTING: Fate/kaleid liner PRISMA☆ILLYA CHARACTERS: Caren Ortensia (cuckquean), Ilya von Einzbern, TAGS: cuckquean, compersive, >Ann leaned over, kissing Kayleah on the lips, her hand reaching out to stroke Kayleah's belly. She wasn't showing yet, but Kayleah carried her brother's child as well. >"I think it's time for you to be bred, Ann," Fatima declared. "You are ovulating today, right?" STORY TITLE: The Battered Lamp AUTHOR(S): mypenname3000 ORIGINAL SOURCE:http://storiesonline.net/s/10043/the-battered-lamp SETTING: Original CHARACTERS: Kyle, Aaliyah, Fatima, Christy TAGS: cuckquean, compersive, harem, modern fantasy, incest An HP/Frozen cross, I can't say I really like either setting, but they have spawned a large number of fanworks, some of which are pretty good. > Eventually when Ginny came back to the room, she found Anna as essentially a cum-filled mess smiling nearly deliriously on the cum soaked hotel bed. Meanwhile she quickly noticed Elsa being bent over the balcony railing by her husband. The white haired girl with a Norwegian accent was squealing with joyous cries as her pussy was fucked silly by Harry’s thundering thrusts. Ginny smiled at the display while feeling no jealousy. Instead the young woman removed her swimsuit pieces and deviously wondered which of their friends Harry would like to have bouncing on his cock when they get back from their vacation… STORY TITLE: Ginny Potter's Problem AUTHOR(S): Lonegladius ORIGINAL SOURCE: http://www.hentai-foundry.com/stories/user/Lonegladius/21191/Ginny-Potters-Problem SETTING: Harry Potter, Frozen CHARACTERS: Gabrielle, Ginny, Elsa, Anna TAGS: cuckquean, compersive, Everything by QueanLeah (all 4 stories) is good, and it's a good addition to the lack of queaning stories on literotica. STORY TITLE: AUTHOR(S): QueanLeah ORIGINAL SOURCE: https://www.literotica.com/stories/memberpage.php?uid=2373523&page=submissions SETTING: Modern CHARACTERS: originial TAGS: cuckquean, compersive, https://www.literotica.com/s/anime-convention-harem-ch-01 I enjoyed this story. If you like harem animes and going to cons you'll definitely like it. It's still ongoing. The most recent chapter was written in December 2016. >In Flight https://www.fanfiction.net/s/6556187/1/In-Flight Shirou from FSN is the protagonist of Sekirei and things get a lot more lethal. Doesn't really focus all that much on the lewds but it has a great number of scenes where Shirou is a badass. I wish there had been less focus on fights and exposition and more on harem interactions, but oh well, it's still a compelling and fast paced story. Completed. >Here In My Arms https://www.fanfiction.net/s/5235165/1/Here-In-My-Arms Rosario + Vampire fanfic where the protagonist goes the harem route. Very well written with a lot of focus on character development. Sadly fighting scenes aren't the author's strong point and they tend to drag on for too long. Has a lot of lewd scenes. >Kyon: Big Damn Hero http://soulriders.net/brian/fanfic/kbdh/ (don't read it on FF.net, that version doesn't have many chapters) A Haruhi fanfic where Kyon gets shit done and most of the female cast ends up in a relationship with him. Very well written, though the constant pandering to TVTropers does grate on the nerves, but the complex and intriguing plot and great character development more than make up for it. No lewds, but plenty of cuddling action. Sadly the author decided to an hero before finishing it so we'll never know how it ends.
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>>1792 You know the drill. >Path of the King https://www.fanfiction.net/s/7657235/1/Path-of-the-King Likely featuring the most badass and catchy summary of any fanfic I ever saw. Basically, Shirou actually is a superhero before the Holy Grail war begins and shenanigans happen. The fic just got updated and the author has a good grasp of the universe and how to make it interesting and play with reader expectations, though the latest arc did drag for a bit (which the author acknowledges) and the story hasn't even reached the beginning of the Holy Grail War. Still worth a read. Ongoing. Here's a bunch more that I feel don't have enough content and haven't been updated in a long time to justify giving a quick summary, but can amuse some people here and get on their radar if they get updated eventually. https://www.fanfiction.net/s/4837176/1/For-the-People https://www.fanfiction.net/s/5380842/1/Code-Geass-Lelouch-of-the-Second-Chance https://www.fanfiction.net/s/8639799/1/Harem-of-Angels https://www.fanfiction.net/s/10368030/1/Deadlock https://www.fanfiction.net/s/11200588/1/Even-so-the-Service-Club-continues-to-interact-in-peace https://www.fanfiction.net/s/8346396/1/Fate-Extra-The-Midnight-Sea https://www.fanfiction.net/s/10816524/1/Champion-of-a-Distant-Dream https://www.fanfiction.net/s/9559194/1/Dragon-Emperor-of-the-Heavenly-Storm >Best of Both Worlds http://storiesonline.net/s/47809/the-best-of-both-worlds Basically girlfriend decides to share boyfriend with her best friend and things snowball from there. Not much of a plot here, it's a very fluffy read with next to no drama or plot twists. Still, it's a very fun read. >Flight of the Code Monkey http://storiesonline.net/s/74251/flight-of-the-code-monkey I'm somewhat hesitant to recommend this one. It's very well written, the protagonist is likeable and the haremettes are well developed, but half the chapters are wasted on some caveman kind on some planet that has nothing to do with the plot of the protagonist and it got so boring reading about him wandering around the wilderness with only a dog for company that I gave up and just started skipping his chapters. Also, the science fiction setting is wasted because there is next to nothing sci-fi about it. 500 years in the future 1911 and Styer AUGs are the best infantry weapons around and bioscience's greatest achievement is telepathic bees or whatever. Also, the bad guys are white supremacists (in space). >Call Girl Cheerleader http://www.lewdlibrary.com/category/stories/call-girl-cheerleaders-by-richard-bissell/ This one is more fun, if not terribly original. It's mostly masturbatory fantasy of a middle aged guy attracting a bunch of jailbait cheerleaders with the usual drama that follows. Still, well written, hot erotic scenes and a fun romp. >anything by Colt45 http://storiesonline.net/a/colt45 Not the most prosaic writer but his stories are all fun and interesting and all basically feature a man ending up with a harem. Incest is also heavily represented. Love Hina fic - Legacy - (which is a monstrous 500+ pages long) where Naru gets cucked due to her anger issues and has to share MC with everyone. https://www.mediaminer.org/fanfic/view_st.php?id=149015&submit=View Pretty good as far as harem stories go, and certainly a much better ending than the source material had, and most of the rest of the author's output seems to be centered around harems. I imagine his Negima fic is also like that but I don't much like the IP so I can't be bothered to check it out. Becoming Flexible by Rallynoangels https://www.literotica.com/s/becoming-flexible >"Let me see those glutes!" Talia continued. Her black hair and eyes commanded an embarrassing amount of authority. She was a Mediterranean beauty with perfect, healthy proportions. Alex bit her lip in anxious silence as the woman once again began touching her husband. The perfect woman pushed her breasts against her husbands back, her hands and hips against his. She continued, "Lower, downward facing dog position," My Sister Moves In by Imstillfun https://www.literotica.com/s/my-sister-moves-in-1 >I looked over at Tina. She still seemed to be sleeping. I bent a little forward and threw one leg over Dave. In this position I reached back and guided his cock to my pussy. He had to help but in moments he was deep inside me. After a few thrusts I started to cum again. I moaned. David shushed me. I looked at Tina and my heart skipped a beat. Her eyes were open. With a playful smile she brought her fingers to her lips and silently shushed me. I moaned and came again.
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>>1793 The more I parse that original thread, the more awestruck I am by the dedication on display. There's a couple good stories with Pyrrha from RWBY as a cuckquean. >Jaune could not get enough of sharing Emerald's pussy with Pyrrha, loving the twisted indulgence of being down there with his girlfriend to eat a girl out together. By now, her blatant fetish for seeing him fuck other girls was obvious, and he was admittedly loving these threesomes, but here he had something special and sweetly indulgent, something he could share with Pyrrha as they worked together to bring Emerald closer to the edge. STORY TITLE: Pyrrha’s Quest For Jaune’s Satisfaction AUTHOR(S): NidoranDuran ORIGINAL SOURCE: https://archiveofourown.org/works/8315614/chapters/19042450 SETTING: RWBY CHARACTERS: Jaune, Pyrrha, RWBY, Emerald TAGS: cuckquean, compersive, harem, >Pyrrha nodded and smiled. She thought everything - from scenes planned to those impromptu - had been done to perfection. “It was. And thank you two again for playing along. I know it’s a strange kink, but it gives me a huge thrill.” STORY TITLE: RWBY: The Video Call AUTHOR(S): Kickberry ORIGINAL SOURCE: http://www.hentai-foundry.com/stories/user/Kickberry/25512/RWBY-The-Video-Call-Patreon-Request SETTING: RWBY CHARACTERS: Jaune, Pyrrha, RWBY TAGS: cuckquean, , > So come on, don't pretend me and Yang giving you a titfuck and taking turns sucking the rest off isn't turning you on right now. STORY TITLE: Like Mother, Like Daughter AUTHOR(S): NidoranDuran ORIGINAL SOURCE: http://www.hentai-foundry.com/stories/user/NidoranDuran/25508/Like-Mother-Like-Daughter SETTING: RWBY CHARACTERS: Jaune, Pyrrha, TAGS: cuckquean, compersive, And one with Blake and an OC >"Look at her go," Blake purred, leaning against your back, pushing her breasts up against you. "I thought I was bad in my heat but she looks like all she can think about is cock." A peck on your cheek makes you shiver, a reminder that your girlfriend has bought you a slutty kitty to play with and that she is completely okay with everything you do to her. STORY TITLE: Heat wave AUTHOR(S): NidoranDuran ORIGINAL SOURCE: http://www.hentai-foundry.com/stories/user/NidoranDuran/23495/Heat-Wave SETTING: RWBY CHARACTERS: Blake, Kali, OCs TAGS: cuckquean, compersive, I see people have been asking for some Avatar fics, and the best I managed to find is this: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/11787436/1/Birth-by-Flame Basically, Zuko finds out his grandfather left a law in place according to which he needs to father an heir before his 18th birthday. Not the most original plot idea ever, but it works well enough to get Mai to allow Ty Lee to sleep with him, she eventually gets the dick herself and finally everyone's favorite psychopath, Azula, joins in on the action too. http://archiveofourown.org/works/7165721/chapters/16266056 A Fire Emblem fanfic, fairly smutty, with good writing. I wouldn't hazard to call in cuckqueaning, it's more of a harem, but the protagonist is forced, due to circumstances, to sleep with other women. https://archiveofourown.org/works/12299994 Short and sweet FSN fanfic, and it doesn't really touch on the harem aspect all that much (just acknowledges that is the current situation). Shirou of an unspecified route is living with the girls, plus Mordred, and wants to make her pregnant. Very good characterization of her.
Open file (1.98 MB 1600x1030 ClipboardImage.png)
>>1794 Thank goodness we had people who bothered to explain what they were posting instead of just dumping links. Love makes all the difference. Signed, Your Useless Whore Of A Wife written by NoPineOnMyApple read by naughty_charlotte [Fucked Up] [Letter] [Narrative] [50s Housewife] [l bomb] description of [cheating] mentions of [beating] [belts] [lingerie] [blowjob] [rough sex] [anal] [gag] https://soundgasm.net/u/naughty_charlotte/Signed-Your-Useless-Whore-Of-A-Wife The babysitter's extra-marital duties written by flos_legere read by ohnoitsM https://old.reddit.com/r/gonewildaudio/comments/8i3wqj/f4fm_script_fillthe_babysitters_extramarital/ https://soundgasm.net/u/ohnoitsm/the-babysitters-extra-marital-duties I dunno if translated jap works are acceptable or not but this WN/LN has a succubus who wants her BF to make a harem and pretty much coerces a DFC oni into becoming his mistress. https://www.novelupdates.com/series/he-made-a-harem-when-statuses-became-visible/ https://www.maddertranslates.com/translations/en/wn/04-2/ The past few chapters in this have been pretty good for cuckquean stuff. >"For Egil-sama to have sex with someone and for that someone to be blissful, it means that other women have also realised Egil-sama’s charm. To be able to have plenty of people know my husband’s charm, I cannot be happier." >It will be nice if someday their relationship turns into one where they both can love each other. >ーーIf it turns into that kind of a relationship, I will be able to do the play that I wanted to. >Ufuu. Ufufuu. >“Eleanor? What’s wrong?” >“No, it is nothing” >No good, no good. My smile unconsciously escaped because of my delusions. Yep, seems like one of us. I enjoyed this one https://archiveofourown.org/works/2388167 It's by Sierra Lee, who is also the creator of The Last Sovereign (>>3285). Some of her other fics are hit-and-miss though. >> Also, is there anything to recommend that's on the Kindle store? by Kassandra Wylde https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B012R1GLNE/ https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B013K7VAXK/ by Alexandra Noir https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07DLV29GQ/ by Betty Bloom https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/d/B0789JFBTH/ by Victoria Hayes https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B017KVDUQC/ by Leda Lakynn https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01MQ3IHTZ/ by Lacey Maudlin https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01G0OHX7W/
>>1795 A little break while I laugh at this little gem I turned up in there. >>no female from /cuckquean/ is allowed to post here >We must have insulted him somehow - probably by telling him to post cock or GTFO and to stop telling us about how great his imaginary harem would be - but I honestly don’t remember him.
Open file (678.21 KB 735x1200 ClipboardImage.png)
>>1796 Back to it. https://www.novelupdates.com/series/erogenous-beauty-salon-by-succubus-girls-i-started-the-milking-course/ Today I bring something a bit on the smuttier side of Japanese novels. This story is your typical coming of age story, wherein boy loves his childhood crush next door, girl next door is scared of dealing with any "worldly desires" he has and rejects him. Causing her to inadvertently chase him into the caring arms of a bevy of bodacious and beautiful beautician succubi. Resulting in him marrying and impregnating one of the succubi (who then proceeds to encourage him to have sex with as many other succubi as possible) as well as moving to her world just as the girl next door starts to realize her true feelings and regret her course of action. https://forum.questionablequesting.com/threads/conduit-rwby.6471/ RWBY story with much heavier emphasis on the quest mechanics, but the plot is good (read the Story Only Thread, which covers a fairly large chunk of the story). Basically, the protagonist is a walking battery that can move around the magical energy from one heroine to another, the catch being he has to sleep with them first and they're henceforth "married" for life to him. The beginning is rather cuckqueany because Schnee has to come to grips with the fact her boyfriend will be sleeping around with other women, though her angst doesn't last long and she warms up to the idea pretty quickly. Outsourcing- "shrewd wife taps ready teen for booty duty" https://www.literotica.com/s/outsourcing This features a truly devoted quean, a perky and insatiable vixen, and a dumb but loveable protagonist. Also, it's not cheating because it's just anal. Pleasure by Proxy- "Boyfriend of a paraplegic is given the offer he can't refuse." https://www.literotica.com/s/pleasure-by-proxy The backstory for this got unusually dark, at least in my opinion, but the story itself is bang on. Sierra's Amazing Mouth - "It's not what you think . . . it's so much better!" https://www.literotica.com/s/sierras-amazing-mouth Steer clear of this one if you don't like incest (mother-daughter). On the other hand, the voyeuristic elements and the dirty-talking may make up for it. And Mom Makes Three- "Sean wants his mother and so does his girlfriend Erin." https://www.literotica.com/s/and-mom-makes-three Again, steer clear if you don't like incest (mother-son, this time). But the girlfriend is nice and kinky, as (to nobody's surprise) is the mother. Pleasure By Proxy’s author also did a very, very queany series called Like A Natural Man in which a wife catches, schlicks to, and then blesses her husband’s infidelity with the maid. https://www.literotica.com/s/like-a-natural-man-ch-01 https://www.literotica.com/s/like-a-natural-man-ch-02 https://2slow2latemtl.icu/2019/02/04/the-world-of-otome-games-is-tough-for-mobs-v2-side-story/ Light Novel about a guy reincarnating into the world of an otome game and having to deal with everything that entails. This specific chapter is a sidestory from the POV of one of his love interests who was also supposed to be the 'villainess' of the otome game l, I thought some of her inner dialogue would resonate well here. I'd like to give a shot-out to Animecon Harem ( available at: https://www.royalroad.com/fiction/21414/animecon-harem and elsewhere - the author's Patreon had a bunch of unedited chapters available). Not the best story out there, the protagonist being a bit of a henpecked bottom bitch, but it's a fun read. I could recommend Rokujouma, since we're on the topic of Japanese LNs. It's a pretty good story, you can safely ignore the summary since it doesn't do it justice and makes it sound like a dumb mish-mash of ideas that would seemingly work horribly together. In reality, the author does an excellent job of weaving the various plot threads (magical girls, ghosts, galactic empires, underground people, sentai team, etc.) together into a coherent whole, and goes to great lengths to show how the protagonist and the heroines grow into a close group of friends, and how the girls then decide to entrap the protagonist so he can't choose only one of them. About the only downside is that it's a pretty slow burn initially (you can just watch the anime that covers the first 6 or 7 volumes and not miss much nuance) and that there's no lewds at all. In fact, the whole thing is incredibly PG, to the point the most extreme intimate thing that happened was one heroine kissing the protagonist. Also, it's an officially licensed series, so you can pirate the epubs of the official releases, and when you catch up to those continue with the fan translated ones (that were done by the same guy that is currently translating/editing the official releases). The story is pretty much ending, with only two volumes renaming to be translated in English (30 and 31), followed by a bunch of after-story volumes and what-ifs.
Open file (2.17 MB 1296x1812 ClipboardImage.png)
>>1797 Still going. https://lightnovelstranslations.com/i-became-a-cheat/chapter-206-under-the-new-moon-teaser/ Not sure how well recieved this series as a whole would be with how hackneyed some of the writing is but at the very least this chapter was pretty fun. https://mangapark.net/manga/i-was-told-to-relinquish-my-fiance-to-my-little-sister-and-the-greatest-dragon-took-a-liking-to-me-and-unbelievably-took-over-the-kingdom-ten-kashiwa Read.The.Title Okay, here's an original work that's excellent: http://www.hentai-foundry.com/stories/user/Cambrian/34877/Just-Relaxing-Service-Original A woman's husband knows of her desire to be cheated on so he hires a "masseuse" that he takes as a mistress and impregnates alongside his wife. I've been reading three square meals (https://www.literotica.com/s/three-square-meals-ch-01) and i really like it. It's a very, very long ongoing story by now. It's a space opera and to be honest i like the action more than the "action". Mostly focused on the male main character, but the main girl is very prominent and usually responsible for recruiting more girls. Dragon Knight Prophecy (https://www.royalroad.com/fiction/24412/dragon-knight-prophecy) over on RoyalRoad. And yes, I'm aware of the reputation that site has, but this one is genuinely good, and the author seems to be a fucking machine. In under three months he's already written around 2,000 pages of text - and it actually all flows very nicely, though there's a few spelling mistakes due to the pace at which he is publishing chapters. The story is a tad cliche. Big bad army is attacking a bunch of kingdoms that used to be an empire, so a talented paladin general decides to make a desperate gamble and goes on a quest to tame the dragon to fulfill an ancient prophecy that would give him the political clout to unify the kingdoms and form a united front. Things don't go as planned, of course, and the dragon turns to be female and able to turn into a human form - and is genuinely adorable. Unlike many Western authors this guy knows how to make female characters appealing. I also like that the magic system isn't complete bullshit, the protagonist has access to a repertoire of spells but that only ever gives him an edge in a fight. Ave Xia Rem Y (https://www.royalroad.com/fiction/15193/ave-xia-rem-y), or as the author calls it in a rather self-deprecating way "A Very Cliche Xianxia Harem Story!" Don't be fooled by the title though, it's anything but cliche. Unlike chinkshit that inspired it, here people actually behave like normal humans, the protagonist isn't an arrogant murderhobo, he doesn't stumble upon disrespectful young masters all over the place he has to kill for not giving him face. It's a rather mellow tale of a nice boy being born in a not so nice world where characters are aware of the inherent problems of having cultivators all over the place. There's a fair bit of philosophical musings by a character that fulfills the role of an older brother to the protagonist (and by his father and cranky old master) about the relationship of power, morality and doing what is right (or what you believe to be right). Hell, the protagonist is so human that he cries the first time he is forced to kill an opponent (being that he is only 11 years old). The only downside to a story that is beautifully written and paced is the update speed. One chapter is posted every two weeks, though the author has stuck to this schedule for the past 3 years so I don't really fear he'll give up on the story anytime soon. Bad part is that the amount of detail put into character development and interactions means the plot is moving along fairly slowly. For a story that claims to be a cliche harem it has yet to actually introduce any of the protagonist's future wives, and the author is a dick by putting an interlude focusing on the father's mysterious past right after the MC was informed there's an arranged marriage in his future and he's about to meet his wife. Still, I would recommend this story to anyone, even if you've already read chinkshit and think it's all garbage, since this is the one exception that proves the rule.
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>>1798 Okay! That's all the links from the old thread. I hope we enjoy those links above that are still alive!
>>1799 Finally, two PDFs that were posted in that thread.
>>1796 >Because I deserve it Is there any bigger signal that screams "I'm a piece of shit that'd be lucky to get a crack whore?"
Open file (153.71 KB 520x748 pandS_drink.png)
>>1803 If there is, I don't know of it.
>>1789 https://www.literotica.com/s/carlys-wmaf-fantasy-pt-01 Found it, I thought wife was in the title which was throwing me off. It's not especially well written.
https://archiveofourown.org/works/18021575/chapters/42580646 Visiting Menagerie, a RWBY fanfic by DardalionWrites Weiss (futanari) is sent to Menagerie during a sex festival where having sex with random people is acceptable. Her partner Ruby (not at the festival) encourages her to cheat on her with as many women as possible. https://archiveofourown.org/works/23309611 Summer's Helping Hand, same fandom and author as above. Summer tries to get Jaune and Ruby together (they have crushes on each other), but inadvertently starts having sex with Jaune instead.
>>1806 >Visiting Menagerie Huh, looks like it actually gets into some of the less sexy issues of carrying out the fetish and the consequences on your partner + those around you.
If any of you perverts have posted erotic works via Pastebin, please be aware they've just force-privated any pastes with adult content and will probably delete them soon, so you probably want to go and grab backups if you haven't already.
>>1796 I have vague recollections of some anon who couldn't shut the fuck up about his fantasy harem, but details escape me.
Open file (48.91 KB 680x742 NiceTrips.jpg)
>>1888 This may have happened more than once.
https://archiveofourown.org/users/Selene_Sokal/pseuds/Selene_Sokal The author...Whom judging from the name, is a woman, made a lot of "Cuckquean" stories, but most of them are "Soft" Cuckquean where the girl in the relationship are encouraging their men and barely any humiliations happens. There's some that do, but most of her works are that.
> http://www.hentai-foundry.com/stories/user/Cambrian/34877/Just-Relaxing-Service-Original > A woman's husband knows of her desire to be cheated on so he hires a "masseuse" that he takes as a mistress and impregnates alongside his wife. This is an amazing story. Last chapter is extremely good!
>>790 I really wish someone would give the sauce for these videos, I've tried to look for them myself but to no avail.
>>826 >>2343 >Coming back one year later almost to the day to repeat your sauce request That's some dedication. I don't know about where the webms themselves came from but I can tell you that the second one is Jezebel Vessir and the third is Maserati XXX.
https://www.literotica.com/s/daddy-daughter-date-days Wife encourages her husband to get closer with their daughter by going on "dates", but winds up eating his cum out of her at the end. There's a kinda weird self insert by the author but a good story overall.
Open file (765.02 KB 1278x720 confused_dog_girl.png)
Open file (180.76 KB 1438x957 raging cock.jpg)
Open file (160.55 KB 846x900 laughing serval.jpg)
>>2709 >There's a kinda weird self insert by the author but a good story overall. You convinced me to read it, Anon. Let's see how we go. >She was a blonde bombshell with a perfect cheerleader-gymnast body (5'4", 120 pounds, 32c tits; unlike her mother who was slightly taller, slighter heavier, and had massive 38D tits). Why... why do their bras' band sizes matter? Does the author think that a bigger torso to mount them on makes for better tits? >"Consider it done," Dan said, his cock raging. Are you not entertained? Is that not why you are here? >by knowing she was teasing him relentlessly by walking around on the soft carpet with her nylon-clad feet Actually kinda educational. Is walking on carpet a common feature of pantyhose fetish? I never thought its admirers would have preferences for the material being walked on. >Yet seeing his daughter wearing his favorite colour of nylons (something his wife had only worn once in the past two months, for the funeral) ... had him wallowing in an eroticized mess. Have you or a loved one suffered whiplash damage from reading erotic stories online? You may be entitled to compensation; please call... >"I'd love something creamy," she said, hinting at his cum, although she could mean something innocent. Can't hate the blow-by-blow explanatory commentary on the flirting. >his hot daughter was wearing a garter-belt and stockings... which were without a doubt the sexiest lingerie there possibly was. Is this true? It feels true. Has a survey been taken? Experts consulted? I would like to settle the Facts About Lingere. >Her pussy juice had leaked out of her and onto the leather chair, since as has been said, she wasn't wearing any panties... It's these kind of little details that keep me reading. What kind of movie theater has leather chairs? Is this an alternate reality? A stockingverse? >...Chelsea said, as she slid her right hand into the sheer nylon stocking. Huh. Is this what it's like for people who look at the cuckqueaning fetish without themselves having it? I'm just absolutely baffled; stockings go on legs. Isn't that the point? I thought the leg part was important, but now the world's upside-down and pantyhose handjobs exist. >"Does this feel good, Daddy?" she asked, slowly stroking his nice fat cock, knowing this monster would really stretch out her pussy, it being thicker and longer than her boyfriend's, and it felt really good and would likely gape her asshole in amazing ways... as, just like her mother (although she didn't know that yet), she loved a dick slamming into her asshole. Hold up, I'm confused. Let's review: 1. She knows his cock will feel really good and gape her asshole in amazing ways. 2. Her mother loves a dick slamming into her asshole. But... 3. She doesn't know (that) yet. What is "that" that she doesn't know? It can't be that she'll enjoy his cock in her butt, because the previous sentence stated in no uncertain terms that she knows that. But she also already knows her mother likes anal! Earlier in the story she eavesdropped on her mother offering her father anal in no uncertain terms: >Chelsea was walking around the corner into the kitchen, but she stopped just in time, as she heard her mother shock the shit out of her. ... "Get your daughter the prom dress she wants, and you can pound my ass tonight," her mother was saying, rubbing her father's cock for a moment. Chelsea saw, almost interrupting them. And then it's re-confirmed that she herself likes anal: >"If we were sharing the same bed, I'd suck this big cock and have it inside me all the time," she said, imagining it inside her mouth, in her pussy, and in her ass. It's a mystery, is what it is. All I ask from my porn is a little bit of semantic coherency. >"You've got such a great cock, Daddy," she purred, as he took it out of her mouth ever so briefly to say those delicious several words. We're melting, egos dissolving, relational systems breaking down, daughter is daddy and daddy is daughter and daughter is purring as he withdraws his own cock and complements it from her perspective, gaté gaté, paragaté, parasamgaté, Bodhi! Svaha! >"You've wanted Daddy's cock for some time, haven't you, baby girl?" he asked, reminding them both how taboo this activity was, by referring to himself as 'Daddy' and his daughter as his 'baby girl.' I imagine these asides being delivered in disinterested sotto voice. It's like having real-time autism subtitles, I love it. >"Oh, I think we've engaged in some wild sex scenes today," Dan said, thinking of getting caught behind the waterfall, and being blown by his daughter while talking to his wife. If they were well-written, readers should find those scenes pretty hot. >If they were well-written, readers should find those scenes pretty hot. >If they were well-written >as the most intense orgasm imaginable erupted through her like a tornado touching down. Not a bad simile here. I quite like it. >This could turn out to be the greatest story silkstockingslover would ever write... Possibly true
Open file (563.76 KB 754x813 faggot laughter.png)
>>2726 >Jasmine was shocked at what she was being pulled into, yet she was instantly intrigued as she quickly succeeded in processing what was happening. Through her years of correspondence and writing, she had discovered that incest was a very common fantasy, easily among the most-read stories on Literotica (illustrated ones also got lots of reads, or perhaps only looks), way more than any other category by far. In fact among her top 25 most-read stories, they were all either incest or illustrated, although that didn't match her best scores at all. Backseat Mommy currently stood at almost four and a half million reads for example, while her top non-incest or illustrated story was ranked at number six: Accidental Gangbang at 1.56 million.., and in case you're curious, Jasmine's only non-incest or illustrated stories with at least a million reads were: Blackmailed: Cheerleader's Cherry (anal), Bedding the Babysitter (lesbian), and My best Friend's Mom (mature). Fucking lost it. I thought the self-insert that anon referred to was the awkwardly-written father character, but it's the lesbian teacher! >"Nice cock," Jasmine admired, impressed by his length and girth. >"Thanks," Dan said, looking down at his still flaccid cock. >"I hope you vote me five stars," Jasmine smiled, as she slipped out of her shirt. >"I always do," Dan said. "For every story." Anon, you have given us a great gift. I haven't giggled this much at a story in a long time. And the sex scenes, while a little awkward, are still fundamentally hot.
>>2726 >>2727 Anon your commentary gave me a good giggle. Do you recommend actually reading this for myself or nah?
>>2728 Depends. Do you like father-daughter incest, bisexual teenage cheerleader-valedictorian sluts, the "daughter takes over" flavor of humiliation-driven/sapphic-tinted cuckqueaning, and self-impressed Internet meta-rotica? If so, sure! Give it a whirl. I don't feel like I wasted my own time on it, anyway.
>>2727 >Anon, you have given us a great gift. I haven't giggled this much at a story in a long time. I'm glad you thought it was funny! I also really loved your commentary; you picked the story apart far more thoroughly than I did. I guess I was too hot and bothered for in depth literary analysis when I first read it (the idea of being replaced by a younger, hotter copy of yourself via your daughter really does it for me). You also got me thinking. I kinda wonder how it would feel to get cucked while trying to write well thought out literary criticism, preferably in a position similar to the OP pic.
>>2732 >the idea of being replaced by a younger, hotter copy of yourself via your daughter really does it for me Out of curiosity, does it have to be your daughter in order to hit your strike zone? What if, say, it was your much younger sister? (Or, to add SFF elements, someone like your younger doppelgänger or clone?) >I kinda wonder how it would feel to get cucked while trying to write well thought out literary criticism, preferably in a position similar to the OP pic. One of the things I enjoy most about that pic is how the girl getting fucked kinda looks like she’s half-trying to read the book as well to see what's so interesting. But that aside, I tried to imagine it, and...
>>2749 “Before we commence this debacle, some housekeeping: It's legitimate to accuse me of being a cuck or a terrible writer; both are true. But you can't say I didn't read the book. I know I did—I was there.” Late afternoon sun peeked through the bedroom windows, warm on Anon's back as her fingers rattled across her keyboard. She was in her element, with a demitasse of espresso in reach of her left hand, a trashy novel laid out on a little reading stand in front of her like a frog ready for dissection, and her husband on their bed behind her slamming his cock into a pretty little thing. Bridget—that was her name—seemed to be finding it difficult to keep her moans contained. Not that Anon needed quiet to work; just as some writers swore by white noise, her best work flowed alongside the lusty soundscape of her husband's casual adultery. The regular squeak of springs and Bridget's panting moans together told Anon that he was using the relaxed, regular strokes he favoured when he was luxuriating in his sexual plateau and in no hurry to peak. “The standard adulation for novels like this is that they have a strong female protagonist who is—I quote—‘a badass’,” she typed. “The teenage girl whose head the writer sticks us inside is always found to be amazing yet relatable. A feminist icon! ‘Women of all ages can identify with her struggle’, because apparently our struggle boils down to picking one of the men who fight over us. Huh. But then, what do I know about feminism? I've not burned a bra in years…” Anon allowed herself a little squeeze of the polished plug nestled snugly in her rear, relishing the splash of aching warmth it sent through her loins. She imagined the bedroom for a moment to be a stone bedchamber lit by flaming braziers, and she a faithful little slave-scribe loyally serving her Master even as he slaked his lust behind her. Which, of course, was all true save the stone walls and firelight—no wonder she felt as though she were sitting in a puddle of warm honey! Through the happy pink hum of subspace's shallows, Anon heard Bridget gasping something. “…me—aaah!—the, the remote—mmMMmm!—control, c’moooo—ooOH!—” Her husband's voice, felt more as delicious baritone resonance in her belly than heard as words, rumbled in reply as Anon's fingers continued their dance across the keys. Anon's husband could be quite a workout if you weren't used to his long fuse, so it was no wonder Bridget wanted to adjust the air conditioning. “…story goes out of its way to prevent her from having to exercise any agency while yelling loudly about how much agency she has,” Anon continued, “She's prevented at every turn from having to make decisions and especially from bearing their consequences. She is protected by men, directed by others, blessed with lucky accidents, forced into every difficulty except having to make a choice of her own. She never acts with consequence, but her life is constructed to appear that she does. (That discomfort that just started twisting under your belly? I'm sure it's nothing, better pour yourself another glass of wine; you've been feeling very stressed and I hear drinking qualifies as self-care now.)” Anon was halfway through a satisfied sigh when the remote-controlled vibrator in her pussy buzzed to life. Being plugged and allowed to happily simmer in her own juices was Anon's usual state while her husband—no, her Master—had his cock in other women, but her Master liked to have the option of teasing her when he was in the same room. The rest of Anon's breath forced itself out of her throat as a most undignified squeak as she clung to the edge of her desk. Hot lightening arced up Anon's spine as she panted, trying to keep herself from making the situation worse (better?) by squeezing against the plug. She wasn't allowed to cum without permission, of course, but her Master usually kept the vibrator's bursts nice and short, just enough to deliciously remind her pussy who owned it. But this was going on for longer than usual; perhaps Master was feeling sadistic today? She could work with that. Breathing deep and steady, Anon swivelled around to face the bed. Her Master was on all fours, his tall frame easily pinning Bridget—a pretty, bubbly blonde girl whom Master had struck up conversation with in a supermarket checkout line some weeks before—on her belly as his hips pumped against her pleasantly elastic rear. With a start, Anon realised they were both watching her, and that Bridget held the vibrator's remote control in her hand. “Easy now, Bri,” breathed Master, voice steady and commanding, “you don't want to give her too much.” “Don't I?” Bridget panted, a naughty little grin spreading across her lips as she thumbed the remote.
>>2753 Anon’s hands flailed then clung to the bottom of her swivel chair, as the vibrator quickened, forcing spikes of pleasure up her back. “Anon's been kind to me,” Bridget continued with a rebellious glint in her eyes, “so I want us to cum together. Oh, God, I'm almost…” “Oi,” growled Master, “don't play with what you don't understand. I'll have the remote back, now.” “Oh yeah?” grinned Bridget, wickedly. “Come get it!” As Master reached for the remote, she quickly thumbed its knob again and shoved it underneath her. Anon didn't watch the struggle unfold between Master and the wriggling, giggling Bridget because she was trapped in a struggle of her own, wholly dedicated to desperately tamping down the swelling pleasure touched off by the vibrator's spike to near-maximum speed. Anon breathed out hard and pushed, dropping her pelvic floor as though Master were about to take his pleasure from her butt. If she allowed herself to squeeze, it would all be over—the plug would touch her overstimulated pussy off like a spark on a powder keg. She could let go, allow the thrashing orgasm to wash over her. It wasn't her fault that Bridget's kind but naive desire to share pleasure had come to this, after all; Master would understand! But it wasn't worth it. Anon had asked—no, begged—her beloved Master to control her orgasms; she craved her body being under his full control more than she craved any other pleasure in the world. And so she managed, somehow, to keep herself on the very edge for what felt an eternity. A small click sounded and the vibrator stopped. Anon whimpered a little, trembling, as she willed her twitching, arching body back into compliance and opened her eyes. Master had the vibrator's remote in one hand, his other resting on the put out-looking Bridget's back. His gaze locked with Anon’s, and she smiled and shook her head, still panting from the effort of surviving Bridget's little kindness. “I…” Anon paused and swallowed. “It's okay, I managed... I didn't cum.” Bridget pushed her lips forward in a bratty little pout. “But I've been having such a good weekend with your Alan, Anon,” she huffed, using Master's given name, “and you've been so nice—it's just not fair that I hog all the fun!” “Believe me,” Anon panted, still recovering, “I’ve had more fun this weekend than I've had in a good long while. The whole orgasm thing is just... it's part of how I like it to be.” “I don't really get it, but—EEK!” Master's hips had ceased pumping since the struggle over the remote began; Bridget had been occasionally trying to thrust her butt back against Master's hips without much success. But suddenly, without prelude or warm-up, Master wrapped his arms over Bridget's shoulders and started an aggressive, bed-rocking stroke, slamming his thick cock all the way to the root. Bridget, held fast in his arms, could only cry out in incoherent surprise. “No,” purred Master in his beautiful baritone, “you don't get it. But that's alright; you're not here to get things, you're here to get fucked.” He punctuated the last word with a particularly hard slam that forced Bridget's eyes wide as her mouth opened in a helpless gasping half-scream, then raised his head and locked his piercing blue gaze with Anon's. “Isn't that right, pet?” Anon found herself wearing the kind of grin usually found only on lovestruck schoolgirls. “Absolutely, Master.” It was true; what else was there to say? Below, Bridget let out the twitching, gurgling, helpless cries of her latest orgasm. Master's hips didn’t miss a beat as they spanked against the blonde's beautifully bouncy butt. “Back to your writing now, my Pet,” Master smiled, raising his voice over the cumming shambles of a woman underneath him. “Yes, Master,” Anon chirped, back straightening happily as she swivelled her chair back around and poised her fingers over the keyboard once more, “thank you, Master.” And as the sun warmed her back and she sipped a dram of now-tepid espresso, allowing her mind to sink back into a half-finished paragraph, Anon wondered who could possibly be a happier woman than her. (-FIN-)
>>2749 >Out of curiosity, does it have to be your daughter in order to hit your strike zone? I thought about it a bit, and yea, I think so. I have a thing for incest, and I am a quean, so the daughter cucking is an excellent overlap. Both are great separately, but together they become more than the sum of their parts. >What if, say, it was your much younger sister? (Or, to add SFF elements, someone like your younger doppelgänger or clone?) Younger sibling hits too close to home since I have younger sisters and we aren't very close so I think that contaminates the fantasy. For a clone, he's with someone who isn't selfsame as me so it's kinda hot but it's too close to being me for it to really set off the feeling of being cucked, if that makes sense? >>2753 >>2755 This, however, does give me the warm, cuckie feelings. Thank you Anon, you are too kind.
>>2757 >the daughter cucking is an excellent overlap That makes sense. You refer to being replaced; is humiliation also an essential part of it for you, or the requisite switches also flicked by a more compersive scenario where you condone and assist your daughter's joining the marital bed? Hm! "Rebellious teenage daughter who wants her daddy for herself not so rebellious after being taught to share by cuckquean mother" might be worth tucking away for later. >For a clone, he's with someone who isn't selfsame as me so it's kinda hot but it's too close to being me for it to really set off the feeling of being cucked, if that makes sense? I know exactly what you mean because I have much the same response. It's a strange little exception that leaves me feeling more nonplussed than anything else. "Ha ha! I am your clone, here to seduce your husband and replace you!" "But if you're my clone, you're also a cuckquean, right?" "That's right! I shall seduce your husband, replace you, and then, uh, hand him back!" >Thank you Anon, you are too kind. Glad you enjoyed it. I had fun writing it; got to take inspiration where it finds me!
>>2759 >You refer to being replaced; is humiliation also an essential part of it for you, or the requisite switches also flicked by a more compersive scenario where you condone and assist your daughter's joining the marital bed? I think both are great. The humiliation appeals to my subby side, and compersion makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. I think most of the time compersion appeals to me more. I like that warm comfy feeling and it stays with me even after I've finished the story. Humiliation is more intense, but I think all that brain wiring is so carnally driven that I burn out on it faster and the good vibes don't stick around as long. >Rebellious teenage daughter who wants her daddy for herself not so rebellious after being taught to share by cuckquean mother. If I could satisfactorily write this, I would. This sounds like a great story prompt and I haven't seen it play out really. There are a few that get close, like Deserving Daddy, Buttholing, or Tastes Like Candy, but in those it is all just cheating; no fun cuckquean times to be had. There's a bit of humiliation in Tastes Like Candy but it isn't revealed to the wife that she got cucked and she probably wouldn't be into it, so not as satisfying as it could be. There are a decent number of stories where a daddy's girl upsets the established order by usurping her mother to get back at mom and out of her unbridled love/lust for her father. The fact that I haven't found a cuckquean twist on that theme is disappointing.
>>2764 >I like that warm comfy feeling and it stays with me even after I've finished
>>2755 dis cute >>2759 If you just hand the husband back and forth with your clone isn't it just equals sharing a partner? I think that's comfy too. "My own clone! Now both of us will be cuckqueans!"
An active writer that does both explititly cuckquean stories (that are usually humiliation based) and implicit compersion with a helpful girlfriend or wife aiding their man in building a harem is Selene Sokal. She also does incest so be warned if that's not your thing. The humiliation angle isn't my thing but the scent of other women definitely is and those fics are awesome for it. https://archiveofourown.org/users/Selene_Sokal/pseuds/Selene_Sokal explitily cuckquean https://archiveofourown.org/works/22213069/chapters/79917700 https://archiveofourown.org/works/22213069/chapters/83443042 compersive girlfreinds https://archiveofourown.org/works/22213069/chapters/63399565 https://archiveofourown.org/works/22213069/chapters/55664233 https://archiveofourown.org/works/22213069/chapters/70354122 https://archiveofourown.org/works/33644803 https://archiveofourown.org/works/32139097
Some Connie Mahashwaran cuckqueaning from Steven Universe https://archiveofourown.org/works/25696879
I decided to see whether one of those writing AI services that're all hot-'n-whatnot righth now could write passable cuckqueany porn. I'd like to share the results. This was done using HoloAI (writeholo.com) which is apparently one of the services that does not censor no-no subjects and even has a dataset meant specifically for erotica. Since this was my first attempt and I didn't want to overtax the poor thing, I prompted it from a male PoV, reasoning that it might have an easier time with it. I used the Erotica dataset, with the Anal category and the tags kitsune, cuckquean, loving-wives, and threesome. I gave it a scenario involving two kitsunes who are both married to the second-person (you) using the following memory entries whose style I copied from some other prompts I saw: >Your name is John, a human male who is married to Mitsuko and Himari. >Mitsuko and Himari are your wives. >Mitsuko and Himari are sisters. >Mitsuko and Himari both enjoy watching you have sex. >Mitsuko is a timid twenty-three year-old kitsune woman with blonde hair, blue eyes, and a single cream-coloured tail. >Himari is a bold twenty-four year-old kitsune woman with black hair, hazel eyes, a single tan-coloured tail, and spectacles. >Mitsuko is curious about anal sex. >Focus on how Himari enjoys watching Mitsuko try new types of sex with you while Himari masturbates. Things got off to a rough start, and by "rough" I mean "the AI kept trying to give the foxgirls dicks of their own". (My personal favourite snippet from these attempts, referring in part to the husband's penis: "I think we both have very sexy dicks,” says Mitsuko, sadly, “I just wish I had the confidence to use mine…”") So I added one more line to the memory entries: >Neither Mitsuko nor Himari have a penis. That seemed to clear things up a bit, and the AI stopped trying to futa everything up. Here's its output. Parts where I added text of my own is shown in italics, and aside from the initial prompt, I usually did this when the generator got obsessed (you'll know it when you see it) or otherwise needed to be nudged along. Raindrops pelt against glass behind thick pleated curtains. A crack of dusk-light spills in from the street outside and blankets your apartment in a soft cerulean wash. Wall hangings sway gently in the dehumidifier's draft. The potted plants' little leaves stand silhouetted behind a snarl of hastily discarded clothing strewn in a trail up to the bed, and on that bed are your kitsune wives Mitsuko and Himari, both dressed in their best thigh-high stockings, waiting for you. "Darling," says Himari in a sultry sigh, "Mitsuko has something to ask you." "I..." Mitsuko trails off, blushing furiously, and stares down at the bed before gathering her courage. "I... I was thinking..." "More than thinking," giggles Himari, "she's done lots of research and preparation with some help from me, her dear sister. Isn't that right, Mitsuko?" Mitsuko moans softly as her sister's fingers gently press against the plug softly nestled in her butt. "We were thinking that perhaps... perhaps," she whispers, "you might like to... um, explore my... rear tonight." "Mmmhm!" agrees Himari, brightly. "Mitsuko's always been interested, you know. In being assfucked, that is. It should be quite a show!" "So..." Mitsuko says with a hopeful little smile, "perhaps you'd like to claim all of me tonight, husband?" "I think you've earned it, darling," you say, stroking a hand over Mitsuko's hair. "But I don't want you to be disappointed if I'm not up for the challenge." You look down at her small upturned face. "I'll do my best." "And I'll be watching," purrs Himari, her tail flicking back and forth across the sheets. "Oh, yes, I'll be watching!" "Then I'm going to sit down on the edge of the bed now, sweetheart, and give you a few minutes to prepare yourself." "Yes, dear," Mitsuko coos, her face brightening and blushing. "Do that." You pull your shirt off and drop your trousers, stepping out of them in one smooth motion. Mitsuko gasps softly at the sight of her husband's - your - beautiful cock, still slightly swollen from this morning's impressive orgasm. Your shaft is as hard as granite and a little drop of pre-cum gathers at its tip. "Cocky little thing," Himari mutters with a pleased smile, her eyes lingering appreciatively on the mushroom head. She slides her hand up along your length, giving you a tender squeeze. "Always such a gentleman, too." You pat her head. Good girls deserve headpats, and Himari is a very good girl. Mitsuko crawls forward and sniffs your cock, delicately, savouring its scent. "May I go first tonight, Husband?" she asks, looking up at you pleadingly. "Please say yes," begs Himari, who is already settling back against the pillows and licking her fingers, ready for a nice slow schlick.
>>2964 "I will," you say, taking Mitsuko's chin in your hand and pressing your lips to hers. "I won't let you down." Mitsuko smiles back, and you kiss her tenderly for several long seconds, then press her head down towards your crotch. "Open your mouth, darling," you whisper in her ear. "Go ahead and swallow my cum. It's delicious, you know." "Mmm," Mitsuko moans, obediently opening her mouth. "Come up onto the bed," you tell her, and Mitsuko climbs over her sister, their tails brushing lightly against each other. "Sit up here, Mitsuko," Himari urges, waving her hands in the air, "I want to watch you get fucked by my husband. Do you like the thought of it, Mitsuko? Having him fuck you with that big, thick cock of his?" Mitsuko blushes and nods, smiling, as you settle behind her. "Good girl," Himari purrs , stroking your shoulder. "You're such a good sister-wife to me, Mitsuko. Such a loyal little bride." "Oh, yes," Mitsuko breathes, her eyes closing in bliss. "I love being your sister-wife, Himari." "Well, I can't imagine that you'd be happier than with my husband's big, fat dick in your ass," Himari tells her, sitting up on her elbows, "but we'll see." "You like that idea?" you ask, pushing your cock into Mitsuko's quivering rear hole. "Um... um..." she squeaks, her cheeks growing even more red as you slide in slowly. "Um..." Himari reaches out and caresses Mitsuko's cheek, running a fingertip along her lips. "We've been thinking about this," she says in a hushed voice, "and we've come to a decision." "What is it, dear?" you ask. "You'll be fucking Mitsuko's ass, of course," says Himari with a smirk. "But when you're done there, and she's gotten off, we'll ask her if she'd like us to fuck as well.” You nod. "That sounds fair." "I know that it might seem rather... unorthodox, but I think that we should offer the opportunity to her. Because, after all, being buttfucked isn't all about you two. We both enjoy watching our darling Mitsuko try new things, don't we?" "Mmm," you hum, gently rocking your hips in and out of her snug little hole. "Mmm." "And she likes the attention, doesn't she, Mitsuko?" "Oh, yes," Mitsuko whimpers, nodding as she focuses her full attention on the sight of your beautiful cock plunging in and out of her ass. "So much, so very much!" "She loves being treated like a whore," Himari continues, wrapping her tail around your neck and pulling you in close to her body, "doesn't she, dear?" "Oh, yes," Mitsuko whispers, a faint blush spreading across her cheeks as she clutches your cock and strokes it. "Oh, yes, I love being a slut!" "A very cute, very sexy, very submissive, very dirty, very bitchy slut," Himari coos, stroking Mitsuko's hair and squeezing her hip, "with a fantastically tight, perfect ass." "Oh, yes," Mitsuko moans, burying her face in her sister's shoulder. "I am a... a whore, a slag, a filthy little cunt!" "And she really is eager to please, isn't she?" Himari presses, kneading your balls and gently squeezing your shaft. "Isn't she, Mitsuko?" "Yes, she is," Mitsuko gasps, arching her back and tilting her pelvis back to meet your thrusts. "I'm your fucktoy, your cock-slut! I'm always open for you, always available!" "Always!" agrees Himari, rubbing her tail against your scrotum. "Your husband's slut. Always your husband's cock-tease and cum-bucket. Oh, Mitsuko, how you love getting fucked and making your husband cum!" "I'm a nasty, dirty, whore, just like Himari says," Mitsuko admits, her face flushed and glistening with sweat. "I'm always for you, always at your disposal, always ready to take your big, fat cock in my mouth and in my ass. And I'm so... so wet right now, I'm just dying to have you fill me up with your cum, your lovely, beautiful, long, thick, heavy, hot, wonderful cum." "My husband's cum," Himari purrs, her tail flicking against your chest and the back of your neck, "hot and sticky and dripping from his balls." "Yes," Mitsuko agrees, "yes, my dear husband's cum, such a sweet, delightful thing. It's my favourite thing in the world." "You'd like to suck your husband's big, fat cock, wouldn't you, Mitsuko?" Himari asks, pushing you away from her and kneeling between her sister's legs. "You'd like to slurp up all of my husband's cum." "I would, I would, I want to taste my husband's cum," Mitsuko moans, wiggling her little butt at you. "I want to lick it off of you, I want to eat it, I want to swallow it." "I'm going to make you a real cum-bitch," Himari tells her, grinning, "and you're going to be good for my husband, aren't you, Mitsuko?" "Yes, dear, you can count on me," Mitsuko promises, biting her lip and looking at you with big, beautiful eyes. "Good," Himari smiles, rubbing her fingers through Mitsuko's long, black hair. "I'm glad that you're with us, Mitsuko." "I want to be with you," Mitsuko says, looking at you with shining eyes. "I want to do anything you ask, I want to serve you and obey you and fuck you any way that you want me to. You know that, don't you, Husband?"
"You are a good, obedient wife, aren't you, Mitsuko?" you ask. "I am," Mitsuko says, smiling and bobbing her head up and down. "I love you, my dear husband. I'm your very obedient wife, and I want to be with you, I want to be with you and Himari, I want to be with you, I want to be with you and Himari, I want to be with you and Himari." "And we want to be with you, too," Himari says, pressing her lips to Mitsuko's and giving her a tender kiss. "I can't imagine a better slut for my husband than you, Mitsuko. I love you, my precious, loyal little sister-wife." "I love you, too, Himari," Mitsuko smiles, wrapping her arms around her sister and kissing her tenderly. "I love you both. Please, Husband, please fuck my tight little ass. Fuck it hard and fast and deep, give me your load and let me drink your cum, please, please, please." "As you wish," you say, and pull your cock free of Mitsuko's rectum. Himari grabs a pillow and kneels on it, spreading Mitsuko's ass cheeks and pushing her finger up into her well-fucked rear hole. "Go ahead, my love," Himari says, turning to look at you. "Fuck your wife's ass. Fill her full with your cock." You nod and reach for your cock, stroking it slowly as you admire the sight of Mitsuko's tiny, white asshole, slick and gaping, before you lean forward and push your hips forward and drive your dick inside her. "Oh, fuck," Mitsuko breathes, her body writhing as you fuck her. "Oh, yes, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck!" "Wow," gasps Himari, her fingers working deftly between her legs, "that's so fucking hot!" "Oh, yes," Mitsuko groans, her body tensing and relaxing as you fuck her, her ass muscles squeezing and releasing your cock. "Oh, yes, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck!" "She's going to cum soon, you know," comments Himari between her own moans, "she gets rather... repetitive when she's on the cusp. It's - ah! - a kind of compulsion." "I'm going to cum, too," Mitsuko moans, "so close, I'm so close, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please..." "Jesus," you sigh, bringing your open palm down on Mitsuko's butt with a firm slap, "I know this happens every time, but having to spank my fluffy-tailed wife like a malfunctioning CRT is a little... uh..." "Oh, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please-" And it is then, as she gasps out her sixty-fourth "please", that Mitsuko has her first anal orgasm. Her tail, hanging down, thrashes wildly and her beautiful, small face, with her big, green eyes, her perfect lips, and her long, pale hair, is stretched back in ecstasy. Her ass clamps down around your cock, gripping it with a hot, wet, tightness, and her face contorts and she makes these strange, high-pitched noises and her tongue, sticking out of her mouth, lolls around like a dog's. Then, just as quickly, it's over. Mitsuko slumps back against the bed, panting and clutching at her head. "Fuck, that was intense," Himari says, laughing, shaking her head and running her fingers through her black hair. "I can't imagine how you can handle that shit." "I love it," Mitsuko whispers, her cheeks flushed, her eyes dazed. "It's so much better than I ever imagined. I just want to keep doing it." "That's it," you say, pulling your cock from Mitsuko's ass, "we're going to have to get you a harness." "I want to wear a collar, too," Mitsuko says, "a big, metal one." "You'll do anything," Himari says, caressing her sister's cheek, "for our pleasure, won't you?" "Anything," Mitsuko agrees, looking at you with adoring eyes.
>>2966 "And, of course, we're going to have to find you some more toys," Himari says, grabbing your cock and stroking it. "And I'm sure we'll need to get you a video camera." "I want to see you fuck someone else," Mitsuko says, looking at you and giving you a smile. "I want to watch you fuck other girls, I want to watch you fuck your wives, I want to see you fuck anything that moves." "I want that, too," Himari says, kissing Mitsuko's soft lips, "but we've got to do it the right way. We've got to use a condom and lots of lubricant and-" "But," Mitsuko says, kissing Himari, "if you want to fuck another girl, I want to be with you." "Oh, me too," Himari says, squeezing Mitsuko's hand. "Me too." "I'm yours," Mitsuko says, and smiles at you lovingly. "I'm yours," Himari says, giving you a tender kiss. "We're all yours." "Husband," Mitsuko says, leaning up and wrapping her arms around your neck. "Make me your slave. Make me your wife. Make me your cum-slut." "I will," you say, and kiss her. "And, I hope," Mitsuko says, hugging you tighter, "that you fuck your wives often." "Always," you say. "And, if you don't fuck them often enough, well, that's a problem," Mitsuko says, pressing her breasts against your chest. "We'll make you take care of it." "You are an insatiable little slut," you say, and kiss her. "I am," Mitsuko says, and kisses you back. "You love being fucked," you say. "Yes," Mitsuko says, smiling at you, "and I love fucking you." "Yes, you do," Himari says, kissing Mitsuko, "you absolutely do." "All yours," Mitsuko says, and pulls you into her embrace. "You two," you sigh, your arms enfolding Mitsuko and Himari, "are so fucking hot." "As are you," Himari says, her lips finding yours, and kisses you passionately. ————————————————————— "So," Himari says, as she finishes cleaning herself off, "that was intense, wasn't it?" "I had no idea it could be like that," Mitsuko says, gazing at you with awe, her eyes wide and her face flushed, her hands clinging to your body, her legs spread to give you access to her sex. "Well, you know now," Himari says, smiling, "it's not something to mess around with." "It's like, you know," Mitsuko says, shrugging, "there's nothing like the real thing." "Exactly," Himari says, putting her finger to Mitsuko's nose, "so, how do you feel about doing the whole fucking-your-wife-in-the-ass thing for us regularly? How does it sound?" "Well..." you say, considering, "I mean, you know, it's really only fair." "Thank you, Husband," simpers Mitsuko, still coming down off the aftershocks of her anal orgasm, "I can't believe how good that felt." "I'm glad you liked it," Himari says, "I want you to have as many orgasms as you possibly can. You've earned them, haven't you?" "I certainly have," Mitsuko says, looking at you with a smile, her cheeks pink, her eyes glazed. "I'm so happy to be one of your wives." "Good," you say, "because I love you." "I love you, too," Mitsuko says, wrapping her arms around you and squeezing you. "I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you-" "Oh God," you say, catching Himari's gaze, "it's happening again." "It's alright," Himari says, caressing Mitsuko's head, "I'm here. You're safe. We've got this." "I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you..."
>>2967 And so, sandwiched between your fluffy-tailed wives, you listen to Mitsuko's chants of "I love you" and your cock swells and you fall in love. But it's not just the chants that make you fall in love, it's the absolute trust. The fact that these two beautiful, powerful, intelligent, confident, gorgeous, powerful, loving wives are your entire world. That, coupled with their absolute willingness to accept you and give you everything, makes you fall in love with them. The three of you go through the motions of married life: you eat dinner together, you fuck each other, you take baths together, you go to work, you go to school, you meet your parents, you celebrate holidays, you argue, you have fights, you laugh, you cry, you kiss, you hug, you fuck, you shower, you fuck some more, you fuck all night long. You are husband and wives, and you love each other with a passion that is impossible to describe. It's as though you and your wives had been waiting for the other all your lives. As though, in a way, you've always known that you were destined to be joined in holy matrimony. It's as though, finally, the universe had heard you and answered you. It's a feeling of perfection, of bliss, of completeness. You have never loved anyone or anything more. And you are three of the happiest, most contented, most satisfied people alive. (THE END) Sorry for the huge textdump. Honestly, I was very surprised that the AI managed even this level of output. There were a few hiccups along the way where I had to reject its suggestions, but once the sex scene got started it churned out generic smut quite well, and even seemed to be able to properly handle the three characters and their relationships. It's not winning any awards, but hey!
Not sure anything about this is gonna pan out into a good story. And even if it does not sure it'll be legible because machine translationl. But the art is nice at least https://www.novelupdates.com/series/im-fine-with-being-the-second-girlfriend/ https://elloscans.wordpress.com/2021/09/22/im-fine-with-being-the-second-girlfriend-illustrations/
>>2986 >not sure it'll be legible because machine translation What are you talking about, Anon? It was lovingly human-translated by only the finest ESLs for that smooth mouthfeel and crisp finish. I have no idea how you got that mixed up, haha! See, here’s the TL note for the first part: > TL Notes: Hello guys, this is Butter. So that’s it for the first part of the prologue. Do stick around for the next parts. I assure 100% excitement. I have checked with 5 + sources for each word to find the best word to be used in translations. See? The best of all possible words used, says so right there. Do you check five sources when you choose each and every one of your words? Didn’t think so. Anyway, this novel is apparently much-beloved among its readership for being extremely immoral in a dark and unexpected way. I didn’t spot many plot details, but I suspect that it’s less cuckqueaning and more the girlfriend also having other male partners. But I might be wrong; anyone who actually ends up reading it or its translation, please let us know which it is!
Found an old tumblr post I thought was worth preserving/spreading (not mine) Just need to vent. I don't want anyone to confuse this as me being unhappy with my relationship. I'm actually feeling more fulfilled than ever now that my husband's girlfriend has moved in with us. I like seeing him so happy each day knowing that everyone he loves is under one roof. I know that it's exciting for them to finally be living together after months and months of being in love, and I'm sure it's amazing for them to be able to make love on the drop of a hat. It's just that they're CONSTANTLY doing so. For example, I woke up on Friday and he wasn't in bed, so I went to check the guest room and sure enough he was there giving her oral. After I was finished getting ready an hour later, they were still in there and she was grinding on top of him. Keep in mind this has happened almost every morning for two weeks. When I came home, he was working in his office and she was still at work, so I went to have some time with him before she got home. We got about 20 minutes of kissing and touching in before she walked through the door and suggested we start making dinner. We started, but halfway through they started making out and rubbing each other, so I told them they should go upstairs and take it to the bedroom and I'd call them when dinner was ready because the kids were in the other room. They went, and when dinner was ready I called up to them to come back, so they came and ate dinner and washed the dishes, but then quickly went back to the bedroom. I put a movie on for the kids and went upstairs hoping to join, but found he had already had his orgasm and was back to licking her. She looked close so I didn't want to disturb. I went back to watch the movie with the kids and they soon joined, only to leave without inviting me about 20 minutes later. When I went to check the bedroom, he was eating her out AGAIN. I went to try to give him a blowjob, but he said he didn't think he could cum again so he would prefer if I stopped. But of course he kept licking her. They were in there until I went to get ready for bed, and then she went to the guest room. And that's how it's been since she moved in. Constant sex. I'm not angry that they want to enjoy sex together, and I'm not even angry that they don't want to include me yet. I'm slightly peeved, but whatever. But the whole point of her moving in was to become a part of the family. Her and my husband are going to have children of their own at some point, and we wanted her to integrate into our family first. Locking themselves into bedrooms to make love for most of the time doesn't achieve that. My husband says it won't be like this forever and that it's just hard for them to be around each other this often without wanting to make love to each other. He reminded me of our honeymoon. And I do understand that, and I get how unfair it is for them to move in together for the first time and have the responsibility of being part of a family. Most couples get a month or so where people understand why they stay in bed all day. I just still can't pretend it doesn't get to me a little.
>>2995 That's kinda sad. Even if the husband and new girl are in their honeymoon period, they should both show some consideration to the first wife. Interesting how the post doesn't mention any input on the situation from the new girlfriend either - reckon that their little arrangement's heading for the rocks unless there's a warm and trusting bond between women.

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