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Cuckquean Stories Anonymous 09/07/2019 (Sat) 02:08:09 No. 110
Are stories the best medium for cuckquean porn? This thread is for the good ones you've found.
In Which an Elven Servant Suffers a Succubus to Live in Her Home originally from /cuckquean/'s elf thread and now at https://www.literotica.com/s/in-which-an-elven-servant-ch-01
A thirty-four part series in which the title is self-explanatory. Same author as Raising the Dead (continuing here at the impressively-numbered >>88) and Establishing Order within a Household. Chastity, cuckqueaning, elves, lots of teasing/denial, and all that other good stuff. Lorelei's inner monologue is a delight to ride along with and the story itself is very, very hot. It's great. Go read it. Now.

Establishing Order within a Household at https://www.literotica.com/s/establishing-order-within-a-household-ch-01
Same author as above. It's hot and delightful. Read it.

(Beware: Human_Primacy's literotica stories also include Little Bad Wolf, which is male cuckoldry.)

'Three Square Meals at https://www.literotica.com/s/three-square-meals-ch-01
>Starts off simple enough, soldier-turned-trader learns of valuable rare resources being sold underpriced at some rinky dink mining asteroid at the edge of the civilized galaxy from some old coot he keeps company from time to time and decides to head off and make himself a fortune via savvy merchanting. On his way back from said asteroid however he discovers a surprise stowaway onboard his ship, they agree to some quid pro quo after a bit of repartee that's when things start to take off. Turns out guy's got the magic touch or whatever because his parentage is only half human half something else which turns the ladies he sleeps with into super hot action babe versions of themselves and they start zooming about the known universe zapping slavers, totally-not-sentient-Alien/Bugs, weird four armed sharkmen and dragons all while his former stowaway turned XO/wife stays on a very active lookout trying to find new women to recruit into his harem/crew.
>Lots of different themes being explored including psychics/shapeshifting/subterfuge/GLORIOUSREVENGE/roleplay/promises of impregnation/ and the general space opera fare of there being some larger unknown baddie operating behind the scenes that they have to overcome. Pretty fun so far though there's some bits I don't enjoy so much. Main driving force atm seems to be the crew all working together to try and give the guy some closure about who his parents are/what happened to them. Honestly tho there's a lot goin on and I haven't even gotten through half of the story yet. To tell tha truth this seems like something that coulda shown up in older SciFi zines were it not for yanno, it bein porn and all.
This story is surprisingly addictive and fun. Cum inflation is a big part of the fetish content but it's handled with a light touch so I didn't mind it even though it wasn't my thing.

>Let's get some things out of the way first. Overwatch is a shit game made by a shit company that is trying their hardest to pozz away the audience by shitting out more tranny and nigger characters when their audience keeps asking them for waifus.
>Well, this questfic fixes that. The protagonist was abducted by the bad guys and heavily enhanced with cybernetics. Now he's on a mission to get all the attractive Overwatch waifus before Talon does. What's impressive is that despite being a quest, and thus beholden to the whims of the audience, the author manages to weave a fairly coherent plot out of it. There's quite a few mysteries regarding the protagonist, his past, the goals of the bad guys.
>Then again, the main focus of the story is smut, followed by action scenes, and man can Arl write some good smut. I don't know how cuckqueany the plot would rate among people here, but there's several instances where the heroines openly tell the protagonist to fuck other girls in front of them, getting all hot and bothered more women want him. There's even one scene with Angela/Mercy where she seduces some girl in a club for the MC and helps him fuck her.

Am not familiar with the site, is the story progress by which choice have the most vote?

would be nice if I can choose my own choice.
How the story goes mostly depends on what people vote on, yes, but you can also put your own choice in the pool for people to vote on, and the author can always invoke veto rights and decide to do something else, though that's usually considered impolite.

Sadly, Arl has been AWOL for a while now, though this isn't the first time he was away for an extended period of time (last time it was nearly a year).

Also, harem autist here, so fucking glad this board survived Endchan cucking out. Anyway, I have a few more suggestions to give:

>Power Mage series by Hondo Jinx
Guy has to magically marry 7 women from 7 mage orders to unlock his full potential while being hunted down by the magical popo, who have shoahed the majority of his kind already, and another power mage that wants to kill him to absorb is power.

The first two or three chapters are really bad. Not badly written, mind you, just offputting because the books opens with the protagonist, a former bull rider, rescuing a cat thrown into the sea via telekinesis. Not the most auspicious of beginnings, but luckily the author quickly reveals that the protagonist is a top alpha chad that isn't afraid to unload a MAC-10 into an SUV full of gangsters or show his wives who is in charge.

About the only complaint I have is that the story suffers from the same kind of problem most other modern pulp books suffer from, the pacing of the plot is frenetic and the cast rarely has time to actually sit down and talk, or share in their intimacy. Granted, with Power Mage it's not as bad since there are moments of downtime, but it's hard to believe that the three books currently out barely cover two weeks of events, if that.

Three books out, fourth one coming on September 25th.

>Shadow Rogue series by Mike Truk
It's almost unbelievable that the same guy that wrote the Five Trials (featuring a protagonist that pisses his pants, literally, at least five times in the first book) wrote this. The protagonist here is an ex-thief trying to get revenge on his crime "family" for betraying him in a world vaguely inspired by Forgotten Realms, and he's not hesitant to kill his opponents or be proactive and do shit instead of constantly reacting to the antagonists. The two books are also pretty hefty, especially for the harem genre, being nearly three times as long as titles from other authors.

Two books are currently out.

>Ave Xia Rem Y by Mat Haz
If you ever wanted to read a xianxia tale (chink high fantasy) but were put off by the drivel actual chinks shit out at ant speed, this is the title for you. While the title is short for "A Very Cliche Xianxia Harem Story!", the story is anything but. While the author does use the usual xianxia tropes and cliches, he does so in a mature and often unexpected way. As an example, the all too prevalent cliche of the protagonist butting heads with the son of the leader of the local big sect doesn't lead to the sect getting exterminated by the protagonist - instead it's treated as a spat between children by all related adults, and the young scion isn't some suicidal caricature of a human there to be a stepping stone for the protagonist.

Or another example, two young prodigies of rivaling sects meet and have a heated argument, instead of either of them doing something stupid they both realize their little spat could have far reaching consequences for them, their families and sects and just... walk away. People in the story actually behave like thinking, feeling humans, with actual motives for doing what they do.

Also, the protagonist himself is anything but cliche. While a tad precocious for his age, he's still a child, adults are still more mature and wise than he is. Instead of being an arrogant murderhobo that can do as he pleases, he's taciturn and humble and even cries the first time he is forced to take a human life in self-defense.

tl;dr - if you have ever been interested in reading one of those Chinese webnovels but were put off by how repetitive and shit they were, read this one.

About the only criticism is the slow update speed, one chapter every two weeks, and some people seem to dislike the slow pacing, but I genuinely love the mellow atmosphere and how the story is more focused on character interactions and growth and less of fights. To put things into perspective, the story is now at about 100K words and there has only been one actual lethal fight the protagonist has been involved in.

>A Warm Place by Crystal Candy
Combines survival in a ice age post-apocalyptic Earth with basebuilding and smut. It's not really that high brow, and there's not much of a plot to speak of beyond the protagonist banging every female in sight, exploring buildings for stuff and killing whatever bad guy he meets, but it's a fun, light read.
I’m so glad that more of us are finding this new home.
(172.83 KB 2000x2000 D9ZTX7CXoAApLUs.jpg)
>If you ever wanted to read a xianxia tale (chink high fantasy) but were put off by the drivel actual chinks shit out at ant speed
Good work, Anon. I kekked a topkek.
Just wanna confirm but I imagine this is also the thread we would use to post stories if we write something right?
Yes, that’s right.
I tried to write a thing, not so good at it tho so I only have the intro so far, I'll try and post the next bit either a little later tonight or tomorrow morning.

"Hmmm, let's see-diminutive, grows near shallow slow running water, nice full petals, an excellent shade of maroon, and just a hint of blood orange bleeding in towards the stem oh yes you're exactly what I've been looking for. Now just hold still for a moment dear while I-"


"Eh? Wai-WHA!"

The young lady yelped in surprise, tipping over into the stream next to her as a sizeable blur darted between her and her intended target. Adding insult to injury the blur followed her into the water source with tremendous force, embedding itself into the streambed alongside her with a resounding splash and guaranteeing that not a millimeter of her remained dry.

"Oh blazes, not again. HEY REINA-GET SOME DRY SHEETS, QUICK! I'm so sorry about that miss it was an accident I swear-here let me help you up."

"Pfft-pfft *cough* Wha-what just happened?"
A look of bewilderment settled on the lady's face as she wiped the water from her eyes, allowing her sight to alight on the figure of the voice she'd heard earlier, a chestnut-haired youth reaching out to help her up from her current predicament looking somewhat disheveled after having apparently rushed down the hill next to the stream. His face showing an interesting mixture of concern and chagrin.

"Ah, that would have been a shield that shot past you-mine, in fact, sorry. You're not hurt are you miss?" The young man queried as he helped her up.

"No, just quite thoroughly wet and chilled. Er, my apologies I don't quite recall having done anything to earn shields being launched at my person mister…."

"Michael, and no that really wasn't supposed to happen miss-"

"Adalinda, Ada will do however."

"Miss Ada, *sigh* I know I just apologized but let me do it again; That really shouldn’t have happened I’m sorry that it did and I’m glad you weren’t hurt. Listen, my home's not too far from here I can put the fire on and see if I can get some spare clothes from my neighbor for you to wear while yours dry off. Please, it's the least I can do to make it up to you."

"Well, a rather sudden shock and impromptu drenching aside I am quite alright and most grateful for that apology, thank you Michael. Formalities aside I suppose I'll have to impose on you, goodness knows wet dress isn't the most comfortable of fashions this time of year. If you would kindly lead the way I- oh oh dear I almost forgot, pardon me but I don’t suppose you would mind helping me pick a certain flower, I believe I last saw it over-"


Ada jumped in the direction of the sudden frantic voice that boomed from the hill Michael had come down from only to be met with the sight of yet another blur making its way towards her. Albeit not moving as quickly as the previous blur had, it was still moving at a rather incredible speed that it took Ada a slight moment longer than usual to recognize the figure as a raven haired girl rushing over with what appeared to be a hastily clumped together assortment of fabrics. Long enough in fact for Ada to be caught off guard once again as the girl started to throw the sheets of fabric on her.

“Sorry! Sorry! I’m really really sorry about all that-here let me get you dried off- Please don’t be mad at Michael I was just trying to-”

“-TO TELL ME to be more careful with my shield when I went and made a complete fool of myself. Again, sorry about that. Reina thank you for getting something to dry Miss Ada here off with. Miss Ada, this is Reina, the neighbor I mentioned earlier, Reina do you think you have some clothes you could lend her while hers dry off at my place?”

“What? But that’s not wha-”

*COUGH* “Reina please, I’d really appreciate it and I’m sure miss Ada would like to get dry as soon as possible.”

“I, uh, clothes yeah definitely. Here let me just help her-”


Reina and Michael jumped in shock at the ear-piercing mournful wail that emanated next to them only to see miss Ada physically crumble towards the ground crestfallen, her sight locked onto Reina’s feet, or rather the ground beneath them where a single crushed flower could be seen sticking out from under Reina’s shoes.

“A-aaaaah no, I was so close”- *Hic* *hiiiiiiii*

As soon as Reina jumped off of the flower Ada reached out towards the crushed blossom and gingerly tried to lift it back up into its full upright position in between sobs, only for her to freeze in place as one of the petals fell off in defiance of her wishes.

“Miss ada? Are you alright?” Michael asked as he and Reina exchanged concerned glances. When no reply came Reina proceeded to kneel on the ground in front of Ada.
“Ah, uh, um Mi-Miss Ada was it? I’m really, really, really, reaaaaaaally sorry about that. H-here I’m sure it’s not as bad as it looks.” Reaching out to try and lift the flower up the rest of the way Reina was shocked when Ada’s eyes zeroed in on her hands as they touched the crushed blossom her pupils dilating so much they seemed to almost start to deform into slits. Each little movement of Reina’s arm that brought the flower closer to its original upright position mirrored in those slits as they traced the path blossom’s path until finally Reina was holding it fully upright.

“S-see? It’s not that bad, I’m sure it can be nursed back to health.” Reina watched with bated breath as Ada’s eyes seemed to slowly shift back into shape.

“Y-yes I see. Y-you may be correct, I apologize for losing my composure.” The forlorn girl stammered, finally seeming to regain her senses. “Thank you both for your concern I’m just-” Ada’s voice cut off as her pupils slammed back into slits, irises seeming to quiver as the flower’s petals peeled off nearly simultaneously leaving only a single petal clinging to the stalk by a perilous fibrous strand.

“I, ah Miss Ada?” Reina asked, face draining of color as she watched the flower and girl undergo nearly simultaneous breakdowns. “I-I’m sure there’s still something we can do, right Michael?”

“Uhhh yeah, yeah of course! Look, don’t worry about the flower, I’ll look for another one and Reina can try to nurse this one, let’s just get you dried off and changed first.”

Michael stepped forward to try and collect Ada, only for her body to suddenly go limp as she collapsed forward into Reina, the raven haired girl shrieking at the sudden mass piling onto her as she quickly reached out to support the now insensate girl.

“O-oh uh, Michael what do we do, she’s not dead is she!?”

“Don’t just jump to that conclusion she’s obviously still alive!” Came the befuddled retort as Michael leaned over and gingerly lifted Ada off of Reina. “Look I’m not sure what just happened but obviously she really cared about that flower enough for the shock of it falling apart to cause…..whatever this is. Get some dry clothes and meet me at my place, we can sort all this out after we make sure she’s not going to catch a cold.”

Theres actually a significant amount of books with "Cuckquean" theme on amazon. I am not going to say they are a lot, but am sure theres like more than double dozen of them.

If only they are free....which they aint...
Does amazon have their own tag for such books? About how much do they cost? If it's not too expensive, I might be able to grab some and share, if I'm not too retarded to find them.

Just search cuckquean and theres 20 pages of those books. I consider those a lot.

And kindly share it with us here after buying if you do not mind.
>If only they are free....which they aint...
There's ways around that. You still have to fork over $10 for a one month Kindle Unlimited subscription, but using Calibre with a DRM removal plugin and an older version of Kindle for PC you can download all the Kindle Unlimited books you want and store them on your hard disk.

I've been doing this for years now, paying every few months as soon as enough harem books have been published and have never had any problems.
Also, if you're not willing to give Amazon money, you can go over to Mobilism and search for your book, or use their monopoly money points to request someone to upload the book for you.

Tried the Mobilism app, tried to download a random book just for trial. It sent me to the Centfiles.com to download. Nothing is happening. Can't download the book. Can't read the book online either. Tried 3 other books, they all sent the file to Centfile.com and none of them works as expected.

Is this not a scamming app?...
I signed up for the Mobilism website. I find that the download links usually either have a couple of ads you have to click out of first, or they try to get you to download an .exe, or they have an ad that looks like it's the button you're supposed to click to download. But if you're careful generally you can download everything without a problem. Unless the link is dead, in which case you can PM them and ask them to reupload it.

Apparently only the centfiles are dead or not working and the 3 books I tried to download just for the sake of first impression, all use the centfiles.

That being said I only found 5 Cuckqueanish book there. Havent read all though
What books are you specifically looking for? As long as they're on Kindle Unlimited I can download them for you and upload them here.

Also, anyone found any other good harem stories out there, fanfiction or otherwise?

No specific book, although I do want to see a story where the Vixen steals the reluctant husband from the wife.

All 5 books I got from mobilism tells the stories about cheating husband or the wife is willingly share.

This author makes quite some book about cuckqueaning. Though doesnt seems like you can get it for free without Kindle. Unless there is an app that have those book for free.
>This author makes quite some book about cuckqueaning.
She does seem to have a pattern, yeah.
Foreword the intro paragraph is intended to be there as world building. As I mentioned in my post in the spam thread, this story was originally supposed to be for /bleached/ so if it doesn't seem /cuckquean/ related right away, that's why. I have plans to make chapter 2 about Nicholas bring back his cute black concubine back to his harem. Sorry to blue ovary you on the first chapter. Also I have no idea when I will finish this story as I am also working on a non-/cuckquean/ automaton story for /monster/. I hope you're able to find enjoyment out of this and please give me any constructive criticisms you might have. Shaniquua was a cute, young, black girl who lived in Detroit. On the surface, she hated White men but deep down, the only thing she has ever wanted is to be roughly colonized by a strong aggressive White man and made into his slave. If you looked at Shaniquua’s browsing history, you’ll find a lot of White male Black female porn; this is because Shaniquua was absolutely obsessed with big… White… COCK. Shaniquua had a thing for Slavic men but couldn’t date them because of the hood rules. Only the dumb niggers she despised in her hood could date other races. She hated niggers; there has never been a black man in Shaniquua’s life that she respected. In her mind, they were stupid monkeys that existed to serve the White man. Their women would be tribute to their masters as a thank you for being allowed to exist… This is merely one of Shaniquua’s sexual fantasies. Our story begins on a cold night in the south side of Detroit. Shaniquua hoped she would not get raped by a nigger; If I was a White man, it wouldn’t even be a crime since all black women belong to White men anyways. “Ah… fuk nigga… it’s cold as sheeit” Shaniquua said to herself in Ebonics. Even though niggers can’t take the cold, she was indeed right, it was 12 degrees Fahrenheit outside. As she was walking down the street a slope around 10 feet tall was ahead of her. This slope had a lot of black ice on it and she had no boots on for this. She knew that it might cause her to slip and fall down the slope if she tried walking up it, but she wanted to get home fast. With all her proud, hard-working, independent, Whoopi Goldberg, Black Woman spirit in her, she started climbing the slope. She managed to get around 10 feet up the hill before her converse started to lose their grip on the ground. “aww sheeit nigga imma finna fall down dis fuken hill!” Shaniqua screeched in Ebonics. She tumbled down those ten feet and hit the ground with significant force. The price to pay for having a big black ass to seduce the White boys… even though she’s never even had a White cock near her. “Agh! I fuken blme dez dahm negros out hura! You fugin niggas da rason I ain’t ga no whyte cock!” Shaniquua was in bad pain at this moment. She had probably bruised her thigh badly and it wouldn’t look nice on her light skin, which her clothes concealed. She tried to get to her feet, but it was too difficult; the pain was too much. Out of no where she hears a voice that makes her get panties get drenched in excitement. “well young lady, if you stay on your knees any longer, I’m going to have to put cute slave collar on you.” Shaniquua looks towards the direction of the voice and sees a beautiful White man walking towards her in a nice coat brown, leather trench coat. ‘f-fuk off… w-w-wh-….” Shaniquua can’t finish her sentence in the presence of such a god like the man in front of her. “young lady, why don’t you take my hand I can help you up. My name is Nicholas and I think you need my help” Shaniquua looks at him with embarrassment before unconscionably saying “yes, master” she makes direct eye contact with him while saying this and he gives an unsurprised smile to her before saying something that made Shaniquua very happy and horny. “why don’t you come back to my plantation, you’ll be nice there. I can spot you White worshipping sluts from a mile away. You’ll be a good addition to the harem; it could use some dark chocolate.” Shaniquua nods in silent submission and takes her new owners’ hand.
>>790 holy fuck that was formatted horribly, sorry about that.
>>790 > “Agh! I fuken blme dez dahm negros out hura! You fugin niggas da rason I ain’t ga no whyte cock!” Shaniquua was in bad pain at this moment. Fucking lost it.

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