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Silly Twitter meme Anonymous 06/18/2020 (Thu) 09:14:53 No.1090
Where do you take your boyfriend for dinner, and what do the waitresses do with him?
>cat girl chipotle VERY_fast_cuckquean_moving_at_incredible_hihg_speed.png
>clown girl chuck-e-cheese's I thought they were too underrated to have a store.
Open file (462.13 KB 1536x636 1577828133492.jpg)
Going to be a hard pass on clown girls, but an enthusiastic yes on cat girls. Everyone seemed to decide on Goth IHOP, but I can't help but feel like it's a missed opportunity to not have Shorstack IHOP. On the other hand, Tomboy Eugenic White Supremacy (see picture). There's just too many options.
>>1094 Clowns and goths not white enough for you? Prefer the caramel tomboy? Poser.
Preemptive apology for potential derail. Catgrill and Chill master race. >>1094 >Tomboy Eugenic White Supremacy (see picture). I read the source that last line references. It's literally asserting that tomboys are wiggers. >In the chapters that follow, I explore the way in which the nonwhiteness of ostensibly white tomboys is not merely "skin deep". In addition to being associated with nonwhite or, at least, dark white skin tones, these genderbending female figures are connected with an array of stereotypes about racial Otherness in general and blackness in particular. Possessing behavioral tendencies, physical characteristics and narrative roles that place them in dialogue with what Toni Morrison would characterize as "American Africanism", these ostensibly white figures seem to distance themselves from, and often even disavow, their Caucasian identities. 8ch/pol/-style crossboarders need to stop trying to cope so hard. I see this on every second board. You like crossdressing """"race-traitors"""" and that's actually ok. You're anonymous, you don't need to rationalize it for us.
>>1097 >Catgrill and Chill Fuck it, I'm trademarking and franchising this. It will become the restaurant of choice for weeb men, "Good Food meets Good Taste"®.
Open file (348.01 KB 586x505 1591816512253.png)
Open file (85.39 KB 708x677 1592113372018.jpg)
Open file (403.23 KB 1000x618 1592446587732.jpg)
Open file (232.23 KB 1555x1200 1592142031050.jpg)
Open file (212.26 KB 529x667 1592499083025.png)
>>1094 >Everyone seemed to decide on Goth IHOP, but I can't help but feel like it's a missed opportunity to not have Shorstack IHOP. There's Dunkin Shortstacks for that.
>>1097 I'd actually not read any of the sources on that, someone posted it on a discord server a few days ago. My knowledge of that image didn't go beyond the image itself. So, you know, maybe fucking chill.
>>1097 >Catgrill and Chill God DAMN. What a term. I’m not even mad. You have no idea how much I want this to exist. >Had a long week, Friday rolls around. >Hubby and you are looking forward to date night but didn't make any plans to go out. >Arrive home first. >Nekomeido greets you happily at the door, dressed neatly in her uniform and frill as usual. "Good evening Mistress! I've laid out a casual ensemble for yourself and Master. Will you be taking dinner here first or eating out tonight?" >"I think we'll be spending a quiet evening in this week, Kaitey." >Little slutkot blushes a little; she knows what that might mean. "Of course, Mistress. I- uh- how shall I-" >You'd think that being casually railed every day or so would take the sheen off contact with her humans, but Kaitey always seems thrilled at the prospect of being included in date night. >(One time you actually dressed her up and took her out with you on the date as an attendant; she sung to herself for nearly a week.) >Fuck, she's too cute, you can't help yourself. It's too much fun to spoil her. "Nothing special. Cook something light and then ditch the uniform for something loose and sloppy. You'll be joining us on the couch tonight." >Kaitey's face lights up. "Yes Mistress! Um..." "Something else, Kaitey?" >Kaitey's hands grip the front hem of her short skirt and she looks down shyly. "Does Mistress wish to ensure her maid is in order for tonight?" >This fucking cat, you swear to God. >You see her bits nearly every day and still she requests inspection. >Side-effect of the bonding, you suppose. >Like the compulsive morning oral: >Each sunrise an imaginary coin is flipped– >Heads you get a show, tails you get a licking. >ANYway, >you decide to indulge her. "Go ahead, Kaitey." >She smiles shyly and opens her mouth wide. >Teeth pearly-white, slightly elongated canines cute as usual, tongue pink and clean. >You lean in and take a sniff of fresh minty breath. >She seems to like it when you do this, nearly did a little dance when you did it on a whim once to tease her, and you've made it a part of the routine ever since. >Catgirls are weird. >Next she lifts her skirt. >As she pulls down her panties, a string of syrupy clear juice pulls between the fabric and her pussy >Her little shock of pubic hair has been groomed into the shape of a cute little heart. >Completely smooth pussy lips; she doesn't grow hair there anyway. >You nod and she turns around, then hitches her skirt up and uses both hands to spread her buttocks. >Even her arsehole is somehow pretty– >Can't beat science, you guess. >She'll have already cleaned herself back there in anticipation of her humans' return. >Ever since you suggested that Hubby try sodomizing her she's become strangely casual about anal sex. >Like she's still all coy and blushy about getting his dick in her pussy but she treats getting reamed like a fun extended hug, good for a quickie wherever and whenever. >Even keeps a little bottle of silicone lube in every uniform pocket. >That was your suggestion. >Maybe a thigh band with a little lube and hygiene pouch attached might be nice, come to think of it… >AHEM >ANYWAY "Very good, Kaitey. As usual, very well done.” >She gives a happy little chirrup, pulls up her underwear, and trots into the kitchen to begin preparing what a Culinary Class 7-qualified nekomeido considers “light”.
>>1101 >Well into the evening now and you're in hubby's arms on the couch. >His solid frame always makes you feel small and vulnerable somehow even though you're taller than many men. >TV playing some streaming service shit you're not really following. >Main character's sidekick slash love interest is kinda hubby's type though. >(Well, one of his types. His overall type, as far as you can tell, might be "female".) >Quiet wet sounds from the south end of the couch where Kaitey, dressed only in a pajama top, slowly and rapturously worships hubby's fat cock with her mouth. >Well, not only a pajama top– >She's also got some permanent marker on her butt where you decided to scrawl some calligraphic kanji earlier in the evening. >What? It made hubby laugh and Kaitey do that giggle-squeal she does when she's ambushed. >You squeeze hubby's hand where it rests on your left tit and pull it away. >Lazily flop down onto the floor, make your way to where Kaitey is at work with eyes closed and hands making bread on hubby's midsection. >You peck her on the cheek to bring her out of her cock-haze and then devote some of your own attention to hubby's right testicle. >Kaitey senses the shift in gear and climbs up to rest her body on hubby's, mewling happily as she swallows his saliva-slick cock with her drooling pussy. >Damn, what a view! >Poke your tongue against that part of the cock base where hubby's urethra becomes visible; >He moans and hardens visibly. >Kaitey languidly rides him just the way he likes when he wants things to really last. >End up tasting some of their combined fuck-juices as they trickle down to where you're licking. >Maybe you'll swap out with Kaitey in a little while– >Or maybe let her take his load first so you can enjoy drinking it out of her– >There's plenty of night left, after all… >for Catgrill and Chill.
No one responded so I just wanted to say I enjoyed the catgrill and chill greentext.
>>1140 oh yeah, I was distracted by the overboard and never responded. I loved it too, thanks anon.
>>1140 >>1144 You're both very welcome.
>>1099 >we sell coffee and ass How much do they sell for the coffee and ass combo deal? I want it all.
>>1099 Yeah but doesn't IHOP serve something literally called a "short stack"? I do feel like IHOP gets more weirdo groups at night tho.
Open file (325.25 KB 780x730 EOp_CXuWAAMXadq.png)
>>1459 >>1460 >>1459 >>1460 We have had this discussion before about bringing faggoty shit in here. And I say this as a connoisseur of fine faggoty shit, that we need to fucking not. We are a board about cuckqueaning. Women whose men are fucking other women. Or sometimes women whose lesbian partners are fucking men and/or women. Not women whose men are fucking other men. It's not even an issue of it being an objectionable thing. Like I said, I'm down for some femboy stuff, but the problem is that it shows acceptance of the wrong crowd, who then become a fucking cancer and do nothing but try to insert their other fetishes in here and we stray further from god's light. It's like if you act too accepting of people into futa, furries, feet, inflation, etc. They're like fucking termites. That being said, I have no idea what the fuck a "cuckking" is supposed to be, so forgive me if I misread the situation and sperged out unnecessarily.
>>1462 k I don't know why it doubled the reply things, but whatever.
>>1462 Well said.
>>1462 I don't remember posting this.
>>1167 >Yeah but doesn't IHOP serve something literally called a "short stack"? WTF I love IHOP now!
>>1462 Thank you Commissar Vi, truly heresy grows from idleness.
>>1462 >>1464 Agreed and based.
>>1472 God spoke through you, anon.
>>1097 >You like crossdressing """"race-traitors"""" and that's actually ok this is very shallow and stupid. no point in elaborating

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