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Open file (146.81 KB 2160x2761 cuckquean_updated.png)
Open file (130.71 KB 2160x2425 vixen_updated.png)
Anonymous 05/18/2020 (Mon) 17:38:28 No.1000
Using the power of 1000 GET I resurrect the terminology thread! I also banish "cuckcake" as a term forever. By the power of numerals let it be done. >Why's "cuckquean" spelled funny? Orality and Literacy in Early Middle English edited by Herbert Pilch 1996 pp26 (https://books.google.com/books?id=jBVIrowvY_sC&lpg=PA26&ots=wgirgXLRdr&pg=PA26&redir_esc=y#v=onepage&q&f=false) is part of a long section on the translation of the Middle English "quene" and mentions that the Middle English Dictionary shows the root as OE cwene- a) a woman; b) a lowborn woman … harlot … term of abuse; but OE cwēn - a) a pre-eminent female noble… … etc. It goes on to explain quean and queen as having their distinctions in the Old English roots of cwene and cwēn. Bascially queen evolved from a term of high praise while quean evolved from a derogatory one. http://www.etymonline.com/index.php?allowed_in_frame=0&search=cwene shows Old English cwene "woman," also "female serf, hussy, prostitute" (as in portcwene "public woman"), but I don't know where they sourced that from. Less reliable wiki sources are somewhat confused. https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/cwen under derived terms shows cwene (woman, wife, prostitute), but https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/cwene shows its definition as simply a woman. https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/quene also lists the Old English root of "quene" being cwene "woman, wife, prostitute" >What's all this "compersive" and "humiliation" I keep seeing mentioned? Compersion is joy in another's pleasure. You already know what humiliation means. Compersive cuckqueans do not feel humiliated by their men fucking other women and get their kick out of the joy they feel while he does it. Humiliation-driven cuckqueans feel humiliated by their men fucking other women and get their kick out of this humiliation. The two tend not to understand each other very well, and humiliation-driven cuckqueans tend to ignore the existence of their compersive cousins.
Open file (975.46 KB 300x229 drunk fairy.gif)
I never understood the "cake" term in the first place. Was it just a synonym for "vixen" used by fat women trying to shoehorn their way into a good thing?
Open file (205.78 KB 1600x1724 shrug.png)
>>1009 No. "Cuckcake" predates "vixen" by a long time. No idea where or how the "cuckcake" term originated. /cuckquean/ coining "vixen" in late 2014 was a response to how cringey the term "cuckcake" was, but "cuckcake" was then in wide use among those discussing cuckqueaning elsewhere. It still is, I think. Guess there's no helping it now. Splitting hairs over terminology can get silly but words are important when they form foundations.
Open file (124.25 KB 378x470 pressure points.PNG)
>>1012 Vixen definitely has better branding so it will win long-term. Everyone loves foxies. What other terms are there in cuckqueaning tho? Is there anything that needs a name? I saw in another thread people were talking about threesome sex positions not having names...
>>1022 There’s no term for the man in a cuckqueaning relationship. I think that’s fine because there’s only ever one man in a cuckqueaning relationship (excluding fully-lesbian cucking, which has always struck me as lesbian cuckolding rather than cuckqueaning for some reason). A long while ago there was some attempt to give names to different types of vixen. The compersive cuckquean vs. humiliation cuckquean distinction isn’t going anywhere either because that would mean one of the two has to give up the cuckquean term. One suggestion was to refer to compersive cuckqueans as simply “queans” and humiliation cuckqueans as “cuck-queans” to leverage the humiliating connotations of “cuck” but in my opinion this is confusing and loses something of the delicious naughtiness of compersive cuckqueaning. Also it loses the punchy mouthfeel of “cuckquean”. The fact is that both humiliation cuckqueans and compersive cuckqueans get cucked and there’s no way around that. In order to give something a name it has to have a distinct pattern to it so that it’s recognisable as it’s own thing, and it has to help communication. Naming threesome positions on the other hand? That I can get behind. Under. In front of. Anyway. What’s the position called when the vixen is being penetrated doggystyle and the cuckquean’s head is under the penetration, able to watch, lick, and drink?
>>1023 I'm about to tuck in for the night, no immediate answer for your posed position, but a tangentially related thought for a standard: Threesome positions ought to be named relative to the cuckquean. You know. To distinguish them from un-cucky threesome positions. And also to subtly influence all relationships towards being more cuckqueany because everything is propaganda in the Age of Aquarius and we're the first ones to start naming these positions.
>>1023 What’s the position called when the vixen is being penetrated doggystyle and the cuckquean’s head is under the penetration, able to watch, lick, and drink? No idea yet but I’d like to share a little tip about this position. If you want to practice - assuming you have tits, a boyfriend with sufficient length, and an imagination - you can lie down and have him straddle you with him facing towards your feet. Have him fuck your tits from this position and use your eyes/ears/imagination/tongue. He can even alternate between your tits and your mouth. Not as much fun as the real thing but definitely still fun on its own. If you don’t have tits then I suppose you can try a naizuri version of this by using your hands more.
>>1026 >naizuri I had no idea what it was and now I have a new fetish
>>1000 Spotted this in the wild. Our final years-long victory over "cuckcake" continues to build!
>>1290 Confirmed. It would appear that the symbols that I made for the definition graphics at >>1000 that I made all those years ago were recently grabbed by some halfchan photoshoppers and have now entered limited use in their raceplay threads. Poor things are having to use the resized rasters instead of the original vector files.
Open file (66.98 KB 313x372 homu disgust.PNG)
>>1335 Tried to go over and say hi, let them know I found their stuff nostalgic and holy shit halfchan got worse somehow. >Tor banned >VPN banned >Any conceivable method of obscuring your real IP address banned >unless you pay us and create a nice data trail
>>1335 I really like that harem symbol. Something about its lines and layout seems very confident and free. Really nice memetic dynamics encoded in there. Good job to whoever put that together.
>>1336 Unfortunately, the onslaught of normies has costed the very soul of 4chan. The hordes that once felt disgusted by the very mention of 4chan now run rampart, clinging on the edginess and imitating the now dead imageboard culture 'ironically' on 'le 4chan'. Like a lesbian with a dildo. Ironically, it became the very thing that separated it and made it unique. Now, 4chan has become just another forum. Poetry.
>>1392 and onward we wander
why the antlers?
>>3066 They’re historically a symbol of someone who gets cucked. When a man was cuckolded, he was usually the last to find out, so it was said that he had horns (i.e. everyone else could see them but he couldn’t). Lots of references to this concept in Shakespeare etc. So when cuckqueaning was coined, it was natural that symbolic horns/antlers came along too, since a cuckquean wears her horns happily.
>>1012 >/cuckquean/ coining "vixen" in late 2014 Oh Anon, that’s surely a typo, that would mean we introduced the term eight yea- Eight years ago. Oh dear.
>/cuckquean/ coined terms in 2014 that were in widespread usage in 90s usenet stories
Open file (914.48 KB 3548x4096 excited.jpg)
>>3475 >widespread usage in 90s usenet stories Really? This is very big news if true! Very exciting to think there might be a cache of forgotten cuckqueaning culture on the old Internet. You're sure they were using "vixen" in the cuckqueaning sense of being "the other woman" rather than in the more general sense of "a woman considered to be sexually attractive"? Can you tell us more?
>>3475 >>3478 >Source: dude trust me
Does dogging have it's own cuckquean version of term? Wondering if theres less known cuckquean related term
Open file (373.59 KB 540x324 chiyo peeking.gif)
>>3618 I don't think so, nor do I suspect one will emerge. If you went dogging to watch your hubby at it it'd still just be him dogging. >>3619 Yep, we saw that the Bleached people cut out the raster version before: >>1290 >>1335
>>3620 Catting lmao? Also is there any cuckquean related terms with only 6 or 7 alphabet? 1 to 3 would be to short after 4 words=Mare 5 words=Vixen 8 words=Cuckcake 9 words=Cuckquean what about 6 and 7?
>>3621 We don't need a cuckquean version of every sexual term, y'know. >4 words=Mare AFAIK that one never really caught on. Also, did you mean "4 letters"?
>>3622 Yes that, is there any for 6 and 7? curious

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