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Raising the Dead Anonymous 09/04/2019 (Wed) 04:22:04 No. 88
Continuing my story from the old board, as requested. I do post this on literotica in chapters, which you can find, under under "Raising the Dead...", here: https://www.literotica.com/stories/memberpage.php?uid=4256681&page=submissions

I'm not going to post the whole thing on here, because that'd be an awful lot of posts. I'll be starting where the chapters on literotica end, as of the writing of this post, which would be chapter 11.

"Will any of these security measures not, you know, make everything way worse and possibly kill us all?" Eli snarks.

"Have a little trust in me, baby," I tell him.

"I do have trust in you. I trust you to do something weird and probably unnecessary," he taps on the housing unit for the hornets again.

"No one's dead yet," I wave my hand, dismissively.

"Kind of a low bar, babe," he says, "If this is going to involve one of our bodies, I volunteer Iga to be it this time. I'm already lugging this fucking thing around and Eve has the b..."

"...big tits that you gave her..." He manages to stop himself, realizing that Eve is actually sitting right there.

Admittedly, she's a little occupied at the moment, and doesn't pick up on any awkward wording. Or the fact that the three of us stare at her, waiting to see if she reacts. She doesn't. Disaster averted. Sort of. She still has an explosive uterus and all, but she's no closer to finding that out.

"This'll be a first, but I'm going to actually -not- volunteer my body for something Eli wants," Iga objects.

I narrow my eyes at the extra wording. Kind of unnecessary. We all know you're a desperate slut, Iga.

"No one's body is getting anything put into it," I dismiss all this paranoid nonsense.

"Except Karen," Eve contributes between heavy breaths.

"Right, except Karen," I automatically say without thinking, "I mean... whatever, this won't need any elective surgery or attachment of hornets or anything," I wave my hand.

"Wait, what's going in Karen?" Iga asks.

"Eli's cock," Eve says, leaning her head back and grinding up against the policewoman's face, "He hasn't fucked her ass yet."

"Mm aph?" Karen looks up and says, or tries to say with her mouth heavily obstructed with cunt.

She's only said it for the tenth time, Karen, get with the program. It's not like the drugs are giving you brain damage or memory loss. That's very unlikely, probably. So you have no excuse.

"Yes," Eve responds to her, between pants, "He's going to take it. And hard."

"Uh oun aun aph," Karen mumbles, frantically shaking her head.

The shaking only seems to urge Eve on, given that the girl's mouth is buried in her pussy. She grabs her hair tighter and grinds on her face.

"Yes. He'll ravish you for me," Eve says, breathlessly, "I can't wait to hear you scream."

With that, Eve throws her head back and cries out, thrusting her hips like she had a cock to ram down poor Karen's throat. The poor girl's eyes go wide at the prospect of what's going to happen to her, while Eve cums on her face.
>>750 this is amazing anon, this has got to be the first smut that has me hooked on the plot! seems like we are gonna get a shtf moment very soon! I can't wait!!
(389.14 KB 1097x1020 c0290edc0da39513e0e3c52c639e541a.jpg)

It's a little awkward for a moment, sitting there while naked Karen gets creamed by naked Eve's pussy in front of the rest of us. Who are all fully clothed. And trying to have a conversation about what we're actually going to do. Not as awkward as it would have been at one time, since this weird shit is kind of our life now, but still.

Things go quiet after Eve finally stops moaning, and the two of them start to catch their breaths. I clear my throat to break the silence.

"So anyways," Eli jumps in, "What exactly did you have in mind, as far as using manifested genius to help the situation."

I clasp my hands and lean forward, "Well, I had a few thoughts on that... there's, you know, varying options..."

"No idea. Gotcha," he nods, presumptuously.

"That's not...!" it is, and I hate it when he can see when I'm bullshitting, "Mph! I just need a little time to collect my thoughts and look through some notes."

"That's fine," Eve's head pops back and she rejoins us, "While you figure that out, Eli will finish dominating Karen. You're good to go again, right?"

"I actually could use a little time, Eve. If you don't mind," he says.

"How much time? Specifically?" Eve demands of him.

"Not sure - Eve, it isn't a faucet, you know," he sighs, "What exactly is the terrible hurry?"

"As established, there is the potential for an angry mob to come and kill us all," Eve explains, "If that happens, you will not be able to sodomize Karen. So we must do so as soon as possible."

I mean, I can't entirely fault the logic.

"No one is getting killed by any angry mob!" I declare, "We have plenty of time to rectally violate Karen. Putting that pressure on Eli and his cock is not going to help, Eve."

Karen raises her hand like she's in school, "What if I don't want to be viol-"

She doesn't really get through the sentence before Eve and I burst into laughter. That's... that's the first time I think I've heard her laugh. She's got a surprisingly pleasant one. And, you know, an actual sense of humor. I feel like we sort of bond over the idea that Karen gets a choice in this. Eli and Iga don't laugh for some reason.

I finish my laughing and wipe a tear from my eye, "Look, I'll figure something out, but right now we do need to make sure the house is secure. There's a lot of doors and windows, and I think we need to make sure that nobody doing any snooping - and certainly no angry mobs - can get in. So we should probably split up. It'll give Eli's balls time to recuperate, as well," it's not really the balls themselves that need time to rest, but I won't bother to explain the intricacies of the male reproductive system right now.
>"there is the potential for an angry mob to come and kill us all... If that happens, you will not be able to sodomize Karen. So we must do so as soon as possible."

I'm a little surprised that Eve goes along with my suggestion that we need to batten down the hatches, given how gung ho she is about getting Eli up in Karen's ass, but she does. She takes Karen with her. The extent to which she treats her like a pet is a little weird, but it's better than letting Karen wander around the house and get into trouble, or potentially escape. Eli and Iga go off in separate directions, while I head to the study, where I keep my notes, making sure to secure doors and windows from opening or being viewed through on the way.

I really have no idea to expect from our fellow citizenry. There's a lot of weird, dumb yokels around, but I don't exactly know how violent they are. It may be shocking to learn that I'm not exactly a social butterfly, either in terms of skill at dealing with people, or overall desire to. I don't know how likely this is to become an uproar, or what they'll do. As such, how am I supposed to plan a way to defend us from it?

It's maddening.

It's not like I can just death ray them all. Probably...


I can't hide the hosue either. They know its here already, and they'll realize something's up when they can touch the invisible walls. Plus, that would make us all invisible, and as it turns out, invisible retinas means you can't see, either. Which is not helpful. Also, I don't want to deal with six weeks of intermittent hallucinations again. Or having to repeatedly assure Eli that he is, in fact, not seeing ghosts. Almost certainly, probably.

I have conquered death, but I don't have the body parts to make an army of Eves to crush the naysayers who dare defy me. That would also probably bring the feds here or something. And I wouldn't have time to really train them. It's taken this long just to get Eve to behave marginally normally, if you can call it that.

I simply can't think straight. This is a lot of pressure, having to save us all, and we still need to fuck Karen in the ass, too. Which I also cannot stop focusing on for some reason. She's got a fit rear, and I bet it would just bounce against Eli's...

Gah! I slam my head down on my desk.

"The planning going that well?" Eli puts a hand on my shoulder.

I didn't even hear him enter. Too lost in my own thoughts.

"Why can't people just keep out of the way of science," I mumble.

"I don't know, babe," he sits beside me and rubs my back, "Wasn't it Aristotle that said something about how the small minded will always dress their fears in a cloak of concern about the corpses of the dead being reanimated and used for deviant sexual purposes?"

"I think that was Nietzche," I correct him.

"Right. The point is that we can't control that, we can only control our reactions," he says.

"You think we can control their erections?" I lift up my head, questioning.

"I said react-"

"You might be onto something..." the wheels turn in my head, but it's just not quite clicking yet.

I furiously rub my temples and then bolt to my feet, "I just need. I need a moment of clarity."

I turn to Eli, "Get to your knees, boy!"

He crosses his arms, nonplussed by my demand.

"Pretty please?"
this is too funny
>>778 Eli is a good boy and understands the kind of demand that genius requires to work properly. One of the many reasons I love him. He doesn't actually get to his knees, but that's okay, it wasn't the important part. He does hoist me up and put me on my desk, knocking off a number of objects in the process, but I don't leave anything that important just laying around. I won't say -specifically- for this reason, but for reasons that are at least tangentially related. He tears my pants from around my waist, but not entirely off, just sort of leaving them below my knees once they're low enough that he can spread my legs open, at which point he just dives in. Unf. That's the stuff right there. I do try to jiggle my pants the rest of the way off, but I left my shoes on before I made the, um, request, so that I can't get free of my clothes is sort of my fault. No arguing about it now. He's going to do this how he wants, which is fine, even if it inhibits the extent that I can move around and shove his face in there. It is quite sufficiently in there, as it is. I've not had that many people go down on me, really - people in this house in recent times, notwithstanding - so I don't know if Eli is legitimately one of the greats, but he's really good, if you ask me. When I was tweaking the motor control in Eve's mouth, I used Eli as the pattern. The scans I have of his mouth are from something different entirely. Which I'm not supposed to mention again, per his request, but there's no sense throwing away good data. I'd ask Iga where he stands in skill, because I'm sure she'd let any guy go down on her, but let's face it, what are the chances of -Iga- getting any amount of men to do that for her? I do struggle to keep my balance a little as he gets me going, and he grabs my hips tighter and forces his tongue so far into me I almost think it's going to make me cough. But that's not even the main event, and once he starts working my clit, I collapse back on the desk. It occurs to me that he's eating me out while he was just fucking a new woman like an hour ago. A strange woman he just met, who'd never been with a man, and he made her cum all over his cock. I bet his cock's still wet from her. He'd certainly still smell like her. Fuck. How did I get to the point that my fantasies while I'm with my boyfriend are of him with another woman? I hope that horrible slut from the hospital didn't tell the townsfolk. People knowing I'm up here making crimes against nature is one thing, but it's kind of embarrassing to think that they'd consider me some weird cuckquean. I have a reputation to maintain. Even if they are a bunch of pea brained imbeciles whose opinions I don't respect. It's important that they respect and/or preferably fear me, even if I don't respect them. And it's not that I'm -ashamed- of the fact that I'm actively thinking about how my man is covered in Karen's pussy while he's got his lips around my clit and... doing that swirly thing with his tongue that I can't even figure out what the movements are, but fuck does it feel good... Ahem. I'm not ashamed, but I am worried that letting my man have whatever pussy he wants will make me look weak. I mean, I don't -let- him, so much as Eve coerces him, but that's not exactly better. The point is that it could make me look like I let him walk all over me, even though that's obviously not the truth. It's hard to be feared if they think I'm ineffectual in the bedroom or in my relationship. Unless... if Eli fucked the wives of all the men in town, that would be power to fear. The terrifying mad scientist with the golden-cocked boyfriend that will coax away women at my whim and cuck anyone who dares oppose me by making them cum like geysers on his cock! No. I need to not come up with plans while my pussy doing my thinking for me, which tends to happen when it's grinding on Eli's mouth. Or any other part of him.
>>783 >anon.cafe comes back >new update comes with it All smiles.
>>783 good to be back
>>783 Of course, recognizing my head is not in the proper place to do any real planning really doesn't stop me from thinking of other plans, because you can't just shut off genius. But most I come up with at the moment are not productive. Either just more perverted stuff that probably won't work or will invite disaster, or simplistic violent approaches. That is to say, simplistic in that the end result is just violence, not that I would use a simple approach to cause said violence. I do have my pride, after all. Still, even if my pervy ideas to stopping our impending lynching are mostly just the result of me thinking of what I find hot at the moment, that doesn't rule them out. A lot of the feasibility does, unfortunately. It's not that I -couldn't- transform every person in town, man and woman alike, into subservient, sexy young catgirls that I could rule with an iron fist, it's that there's no chance of that happening with the time constraints involved. That would be a tall order at the best of times. Though had I done that before, we wouldn't be in this situation. What Eli said just before I, um, requested his services, still has me thinking. Yes, he probably did say 'reactions', but that's not important. What if I -could- control erections? If I could do it remotely, on a large scale? If I could give or deprive men of their god given boners, from the safety of my own house? I could hold every bedroom in town hostage, make them fear and respect my power, and also not murder me for my transgressions against the very laws of nature. It's so brilliant, I think I'm gonna cum. That might actually have more to do with Eli simulating an out of control carwash on my pussy at the moment. Maybe. It's like fifty-fifty. Or I would be willing to give him at least half credit for the cunnilingus portion of this particular orgasm, if we weren't rudely interrupted at the most inopportune of times. "This is not securing the premises, Victoria!" Iga shouts in the most shrill, orgasm-retardant tone possible. She and the rest of the peanut gallery have assembled just outside the door, and are collectively gawking at the display with no respect for our privacy. Which is normal lately, but still. Eli lifts his head and looks over at them, necessitating me to grab him by the hair and pull his face back where it belongs, being that I'm really, really close. This sets off a Rube Goldbergian series of mishaps of balance, and I tumble forward, then back, then foward again, then to the right, and eventually tumble off the side of the desk and crash to the ground, taking Eli and his chair with me, and nearly yanking out a tuft of his hair in the process. Sorry babe. I blame Iga.
>>796 "Fucking, ow," Eli sits up, rubbing the side of his head where he thankfully doesn't have a blad spot, now, "Does no one in this house remember how to knock." "You neglected to close the door," Eve informs us. Fair enough. "Also neglecting to help secure the house," Iga adds. "I have the responsibility to use my genius to get us out of this, Iga," I pull myself to my feet, limping a little from a banged foot. "What does that have to do with getting a tongue halfway to your uterus?" she continues to be obtuse. "I have to think clearly, don't I?" I throw up my hands. "She has a point," Eve comes to my rescue. "Thank you, Ev-" "If Eli makes us all cum, we'll be in a better position to brainstorm," Eve nods decisively. Okay, so 'rescue' wasn't the right word. I rub the bridge of my nose, "He's not our personal... hey wait, you just got off with Karen, Eve, why the hell would you need it?" "That was nearly a half an hour ago, Victoria. Clearly I need to use him, now. You are being absurd," she says, "Besides, Eli is better at performing cunnilingus than Karen." "What - hey!" Karen exclaims, but Eve doesn't acknowledge her. I don't quite hold back a snicker. Rather the cut for a lesbian, I'd imagine, to be second place to a man at doing basically all she does. But that's our boy. My. My boy. Eli is my boyfriend. Not 'ours'. "His skills not withstanding, he's only one man," I argue, "You can't make him eat out four pussies in a row like that. His tongue's going to cramp up or something." "Also, I didn't agree to do that, physical limitations notwithstanding. Which is kind of more important," Eli adds. "Yes, yes," I wave a little dismissively at his concern, "The whole issue of what he wants, too." "You are right, we can't overtax his mouth," Eve relents, then narrows her eyes in thought, "We will all achieve orgasm by masturbating while we watch Eli violently sodomize Karen for our amusement." "V-violently?" Karen turns to Eve and tugs at her arm in concern. Yeah, that was a new addition. Eve keeps upping the ante on the whole thing. I'm not sure if this is some sort of mind game with Karen, but I think she might be over hyping it.
>>807 I agree to Eve's plan, primarily because she will never shut up about insisting it until Eli gets in that back door. What I don't agree on, is that the act should be performed on top of the desk in my study. I realize Eve might not understand me being particular about fluids being liberated all over my desk, especially since she walked in on me doing basically that. Not that I was able to reach full fluid liberation before we were interupted. I'm particular about which fluids. Everyone fucking on the slab downstairs is one thing, that place is made for messes, but this is my personal office space. However, picking my battles has been the most important lesson I've learned from this whole Eve episode. Well, no, it's probably beaten out by "fucking don't", but picking your battles is a close second. Karen is surprisingly compliant, considering how much Eve has been incrementally raising the level of savagery she expects to be enacted on the poor woman's ass. Probably past the level that Eli is willing to expose her too, fortunately. She has Karen lie on her back on the desk. I would have just bent her over it. Is it really anal sex if it's not in a doggy position? Yes, technically speaking, but it isn't the same. I do enjoy that we get to fully see her apprehension, though. Eve, rather presumptively, tells Iga and I to take a hold of one of Karen's legs, each, and spread her open. I don't care for her thinking she can just call the shots like that, but like I said, pick your battles. "Just go with it," I mouth to Iga, and we both grab her thighs just above the knee. She's pretty limber, we spread her quite wide. I try to see if I can get her to go full splits. For science. But it doesn't look like it's happening, and in any case, Iga isn't really cooperating with that. To my surprise, Eve doesn't get behind Eli. I kind of expected her to do what she did before, and manually put him in, like she's using him as a walking strapon. But not this time. She actually goes to the other side of the table, and stands over Karen, putting her hands on the side of her head, and stroking her hair. "Are you ready?" she asks in the nicest way that Eve can. Karen gives a non-committal headshake, "N-no, I don't think I can-" "Good, good," Eve responds, as if Karen had said the exact opposite of what she did, "He's going to fuck you now. Hard as he can. It's going to hurt, but it will feel really great for him. And that will make me happy. Are you ready to hurt? For me?" Karen doesn't respond, she just swallows hard. "Good," Eve coos.
Open file (301.09 KB 520x678 worried laughter.png)
>>818 >He's going to fuck you now. Hard as he can. It's going to hurt
>>818 "Not to spoil the mood, but we might want to address the lube question before we rush any appendages into poor Karen," I feel the need to point out. Someone had to say it. I mean, it's not like she has a self-lubcricating butthole. That's an invention I'm a good six months away from really perfecting. Or it will be when I get time to actually work on it. And the last thing we want is Eli to get any chafing on his cock, it's something I think we can all agree on, even Karen. "You make a good point. Iga, get to your knees and take care of that," Eve announces. Iga looks like she's going to protest at being ordered around, but then doesn't. Any excuse to shovel cock into her mouth will triumph over her pride. I quirk an eyebrow, "Why did you automatically jump to Iga?" "You should focus on collecting your thoughts, not being busy with sucking cock," she tells me. "Well, I guess that makes-" I start before she ruins it. "And Iga is far superior at fellatio, anyways," she states insanity as fact. "Beg. Pardon?" I say through clenched teeth. "Iga is better at performi-" "I heard what you fucking said, you ignorant corpse bitch!" I snap, suprising even myself with the aggression. No one insults my dick sucking abilities. She just stares at me for a moment. Maybe I got too bold. I can't tell if she's offended on account of her face being a stoic mask. "If it makes you feel better, I'm better than you both," Eve says. It does not. Karen cranes her neck up a little, "It does look like she-" "Adults talking!" I remind her of her place, "How would you even know, Eve? You don't have a cock to gauge these things." "No, but his responses are rather clear, and I've had time to study both of your methods," Eve says, "Your techniques are primitive and simple, though Iga's is slightly better. You also both have inferior biology to begin with." "Hmph!" I grab Eli's shoulder, "Tell her that I'm better at sucking your cock, baby!" He casually looks down at Iga, who is throat deep on his shaft, then up to me, then to Eve, then back to me, "I... I don't imagine there's an answer to this that's going to improve things for myself, or anyone else." "See, Eve?" I point at her, "He wouldn't be afraid to say it while his dick is in another woman's mouth if it wasn't true." Eve, Eli, and Karen all look a little confused, like I haven't said something entirely rational and logical. Genius is a burden, sometimes.
reading all this makes me want to write my own fic. But I am not sure if I can do good lol.
>>821 None of them have any rebuttal, that much is clear. But regardless, any further discussion on the matter is derailed by a loud popping sound that Iga unnecessarily makes as she removes Eli from her mouth. "All ready!" she cheerfully announces as she gets to her feet and urges Eli and his now drenched cock towards Karen. Eli puts his hands on Karen's thighs and pushes them apart as Iga and I take hold of them again, as well. He grabs her and scoots her down a little, for the most optimal position. "Okay, Karen. I'm going to start off real slow, so you can get used to it," he tells her. "No. Go fast. Shove it all in at once. Fuck her like a piece of meat," Eve says, very matter-of-factly. Eli just stares at her for a second, then looks back to Karen, "Just try to relax." Eve shoots him an annoyed look, but doesn't say anything. She's either getting better at not being a tyrannical bitch about everything, or she's just biding her time and will make us regret our behavior later. We all hold our breath as he enters her. It's a tight fit to say the least. I'm not sure he was lubed up enough, to be honest. He spreads her open real slow with his cock. Her breath gets heavier, and then we're greeted with the standard sharp gasp of 'Oh fuck there's a pole of meat in my ass and it doesn't fit' that's associated with the first anal. And honestly, every time after that, if he's doing it right. Which Eli most certainly does. Her thighs flex a little and try to close, but nothing that really puts any strain on those of us holding her in place. She's taking it rather well, all things considered. A lot of whimpering and pained noises as she squeezes Eve's hands and looks up into her eyes. Weird, considering that Eve wanted her savagely plundered. You're lucky Eli's such a sweetheart, girl, and decided not to do that. At least not yet. He does pick up the pace, though, and starts to really use her as the walking fleshlight she is. She doesn't respond... quite the way I expected. The noises increase, the gasps and whimpers get faster, but they aren't as pained as I would have though. Her hips arch and she actually thrusts back. I could give her credit for knowing who's pleasure this is about, but I don't think that's why she did it. The spirit of scientific curiosity fills me and I thusly fill her pussy with my first two fingers. She's actually quite wet down there. Is she getting off on this? She hasn't been bullshitting about being a lesbian, has she? Or maybe she's some sort of anal savant who instantly gets into it on the first try. Whatever it is, it's fucking hot, and I think we all agree, judging by the silence in which we watch her start push back on Eli's cock. There's no missing it, now, she's fucking him. And those moans aren't about pain anymore.
>>823 I'm always happy when this story updates.
>>823 Of course, now that it's so very clear how she's fucking him, and he's fucking her, I can't help but be aware of the fact that he is not fucking me. A travesty in and of itself, but the fact that it's happening immediately following the very rude interruption of him showing off his top pussy-eating game just makes it worse. I could masturbate, as Eve suggested we all do. I'm tempted to, since this is very pleasing to watch, but the fact that Eve wanted it makes me reluctant to indulge. Not so much about letting her 'win', as much as it is about not encouraging behavior. But if it was about letting her win or not, she certainly fucking won't be. It's the principle of the thing. Eve does begin touching herself, however. Well no, that's not accurate. She moves to the side of the table and starts using Karen's hand to finger herself, but I'm still counting it as masturbation. I'm not saying that means that -I- win, but I don't think I have to. It is a clever move, however, to make use of our newfound cocksock's free appendages to her benefit. It's such a good idea that I decide to do the same. With Eve having moved from the end of the table, it leaves Karen's face open to my own, um, use. So fuck it, I'm going to take advantage. I know it doesn't really matter to split hairs at this point, but just for the record, it's not gay to make another woman lick your pussy if your boyfriend happens to be fucking her. It's transitive properties. I'd explain in greater detail, but that's not really important right now. Climbing up is a little awkward, but Eli gives me a helping hand and a smile as I do so, like the good boy he is, and Karen is quite cooperative, not hesitating to put her mouth right to my pussy the moment I kneel over her face. She's certainly more eager than I expected. I blush a little as Eli and lock eyes. I'm not going to say it's romantic that we're both having sex with a policewoman that we kind of, sort of abducted, but it's a lot closer to it than that sentence would seem to imply. He reaches out and squeezes my hand with a smile. I squeeze back, but that's more because Karen shoves her tongue surprisingly deep into me and manages to hit all the right spots along the way. A little moan escapes me and I bite my lip. I'm glad it's not gay, like I established, because I think I'm enjoying this quite a bit. Eli must be, too, because he picks up the pace. Probably from seeing me getting on top of Karen like this and asserting my dominance. You know how guys are. It does make the balance a little harder, since he's pounding her harder and she's already not a stable surface. I nearly tumble forward, but catch myself on one of her tits. Which turn out to make great handles, so I naturally make use of them as such. Eli laughs at the cleverness of my ingenuity, and leans in. We share a slow, deep kiss while we use this woman as our sex toy. I feel strangely close to him, right now. I also feel not so strangely close to orgasm. I break the kiss to gasp in as I get right to the edge. Gravity has other plans, however. Karen chooses this moment to quite presumptively jump ahead of me in the orgasm department, because she's oddly gone from 'lesbian afraid of penis' to 'nympho anal slut' in the past few minutes. She screams into my pussy and starts bucking madly, throwing my balance and sending me tumbling downwards. I don't know she's cumming because of the sounds or the motion. I know she's cumming because she's also chosen this moment to become a squirter, and her pussy erupts in copious amounts just as I fall foward, spraying all over my face. I don't really have an appropriate reaction to that one. Not that I have time for it. Her violent bucking inadvertently throws me off to the side and I roll off the desk for an unplanned trip to the ground. I stop by Iga for a visit, on the way. She doesn't so much catch me as she absorbs impact and we split the general discomfort of impact between us. When we find the wherewithall to disentangle ourselves and get up, we find that Eli has joined us down here. Without me in the way, Karen has jumped up on Eli and caused him to fall backwards to the ground, now proceeds to use his cock like a carnival ride. I don't know if you can describe a sound as 'slutty', but if you can, that's the noise she's making. And still soaking his lower stomach with splashes of uterus juice. That girl is going to be dehydrated.
The three of us uninvolved in the fast paced sodomy going on just sort of look at each other, each of us just as perplexed by the sudden change in Karen's behavior. "Is she, um... done yet? Or...?" I wonder aloud. "Doesn't look like it," Iga contributes the obvious. I just grumble, "She needs to finish. Was almost there." Eve takes that as an invitation. She steps over Eli's legs and grabs me around the waist, proceeding to jam her two middle fingers into me and starts jackhammering. Iga is no help. I don't really know what I'd expect her to do, but whatever it is, she doesn't do it. Not how I imagined I'd finished, but I don't get much of a choice in the matter. Eve has gotten good at this, and in just a moment, I'm completely in her power. I ride her digits as she practically picks me up with them, and in barely half a minute, my pussy is pulsing over her hand. It goes hazy for a moment, but she doesn't stop until my body is done convulsing. When I regain my faculties, I'm sitting in the desk chair and Eli and Karen are on the ground catching their breath, with a noticeable amount of semen dripping out of her ass. Time stands still for a moment as I think. Then I slam my fist down on the desk and bolt to me feet. "I've got it!" I declare, triumphantly. "Got what?" Iga apparently forgot the purpose for this whole endeavor. "It!" I reiterate. "Eve, I need you to go get the radio transmitter from the upstairs storage room!" I bark, "Iga, I need you to gather every tarp we have and bring them down to the foyer!" Iga looks perplexed, "What is the-" "Now!" I clap my hands, "There's no time to explain, but I can get us out of this mess!"
Open file (141.17 KB 372x486 cute elf question.PNG)
>>856 oh my. what's about to happen?
>>856 Entirely possible that I oversold my confidence on the subject of my saving everyone from certain doom. I will own up to that. Not out loud or anything, and what they don't know won't hurt them. Right up until the point where it could possibly hurt them. But it'll be far too late by then anyways, and I don't expect it'll happen. I do have a plan. It just isn't as concrete, or tested, or generally as complete as I made it out to be. But that can really be said about almost anything in science, at least when I do it. I didn't fully expect Eve's reanimation to work, but here we are. Of course, failure there wouldn't have meant certain peril for us all. Success did, yes, but we didn't know that at the time. Still, if I can reanimate a dead brain and body, then controlling the living brains and bodies of the collective of yokels of this town, that don't understand the sacrifices required for greatness, should be a snap. I hope. I won't bore anyone with the specifics of my plan. It's very intricate and would require a genius level intellect to comprehend, anyways. That's why it's so iffy to begin with, so many variables. On top of which, it's got so many levels of genius, that even I, Victoria F. Stein, struggle to understand the brilliance of my own plan. That and everyone would bitch and generally be difficult about the whole thing. Cross to bear, yadda yadda. What would actually, really help, is if I could find what I'm looking for in this colossal mess that is my 'not entirely successful projects' room. Not failed, as certain assistants like to call it. Nothing's cataloged or organized right. This is probably Iga's fault. If she can't get the name right, how can she organize it? I'm not sure if I asked her to, but it seems the most likely. It's like the whole room is mocking me. So many different variations on ray guns, and all of them would solve the problem succinctly. Well, not the Micropenis Transfiguration Projector. That one would just be funny. But disintegrating an angry mob would have too many long term implications that would just make things worse. I'd end up having to destroy the whole town, eventually. Which would add an extra twenty minutes onto just about any errand I have to do, and also probably have some other negative consequences. And Eli would be upset with me. I do believe, however, that I can use a variety of radio waves at the right frequencies to stimulate and inhibit certain patterns of neurons. Normally, the signal would be too weak to be relevant at any sort of distance, but if they're showing up on my doorstep, it might be enough. Hopefully it doesn't fry out anyone's prefrontal cortex in the process. Figuratively. And maybe literally. But that probably won't happen. I give it a good 40% chance that it absolutely, probably won't. Eurek- No. That's not the one. Yeesh, I've tried to mess with people's brains almost half as much as I've tried to create a reliable death ray. And I could focus better if it wasn't for that weird, inconsistent slurping sound that I can't quite pinpoint. Almost like some amateur with no technique is giving a blowjob in here. Oh.
>>891 It is actually kind of refreshing to occassionally be wrong. It's a change of pace from the burden of having to always be right. Granted, I wasn't -that- wrong, but still incorrect in a very technical sense. I did not hear fellatio. But I did hear oral sex. Which, I don't know how you make that much noise by eating pussy, but here we are. They're just in the next room. I'm not surprised to find Karen on her knees. Her position as being our not-sex slave kind of predisposes her to it, on top of the whole lesbian thing. Though I had thought maybe we'd converted her after the most recent foray. Old habits, I guess. I am, however, surprised to find that it's Iga standing between her and the wall. One would have thought Karen would have needed to get some books or a stool for Iga to stand on to be at proper crotch height while on her knees. You know, because Iga is short. But Karen manages anyways. Hopefully she doesn't get a neck cramp from leaning downwards. I hate those. It's also surprising because Iga's engaging in sapphic activities without the urging of any third party. It's typically been at Eve's urging. Or at my own. Which was just a means to arouse Eli, by the by. I'm not into that stuff. Except when it's a matter of sexual urgency. Mouths are mostly the same between men and women. I mean women have softer lips, but lack the firm jaw and rough stubble. I wouldn't be much of a scientist if I didn't take inventory of the particulars of each experience. I digress. Iga is riding girl tongue of her own complete volition. I think she's perhaps finally accepting that she's an inferior woman, physically and intellectually, and that she'll never get a man of Eli's caliber on her own, and that she might as well avoid the disappointment by lezzing out. I approve. Maybe she'll stop trying to bogart Eli's cock all the time if she goes full dyke. There are more important things to worry about at the moment, though. I clear my throat, to no effect, so I try again, more loudly. Iga's eyes fly open and she gasps in surprise. Okay, maybe that wasn't in surprise. That may have been more 'in cunnilingus' than 'in surprise'. "This is getting the tarps?" I demad, raising my hands in the air.
>>898 "Already did it!" she gasps out, steadying herself on Karen's shoulders, "We only have like two. They're down in the lab." "What?" I say, "That's nonsense, I very vividly remember there being at least-" "Beetle-Pigeon incident," Iga succinctly reminds me, using Karen's hair as a handle. "Oh," the memories come flooding back, "Oh right. Yeah those tarps, they... they needed to go." I shiver a little at the memory, then snap myself back to the matter at hand. Namely, Iga liberating sexual fluids all over the floor of my storage room. "That doesn't explain... this," I gesture at Karen continuing to bury her face. "You didn't ask me to explain this," Iga retorts. "I..." I pause, as she's actually, technically got me there, "Right. What is-" "Exactly what it looks like," she proceeds to grind her pussy into Karen's face like a cat in heat. "...Right. Why?" I ask. "Aren't we kind of past the point of being weird about unexpected sexual activity among our housemates?" she points out. "Fine, I guess that's fair. Just a little surprised to find you lezzing out up here," I tap my teeth, "Wait, no. What's the opposite of surprised?" "Are you... ah," she clenches her eyes shut, "Are you seriously judging me on this? After you were using her face for a bicycle seat? Talk about dyking it up." "Eli was otherwise occupied, that doesn't count!" I shout. "Oh, I'm Victoria, I let my boyfriend fuck strange women and use that as an excuse to get all sapphic and act like it doesn't count, then pretend like other people are strange degenerates, but totally not me!" Iga performs a fairly unflattering impression of me. I narrow my eyes at her and cross my arms, but she doesn't seem to notice. She's a bit occupied. Karen pokes her head up from below, "I really don't mind it, I was so amazed with-" Iga forcefully shoves her face back down, "Talking isn't licking!" "Look, she's a little taken with our Eli," Iga says, turning to me, "She's become enamored with anal sex for some reaason, and she was following him around like she was expecting him to trip and fall into her ass or something." "It is a very weird development," I say, examining the girl under Iga. "I know, right?" Iga throws up her hands, then quickly moves them back to press Karen wit ha vacuum seal to her cunt. "Probably completely natural though, and not the result of anything chemical," I make sure to point out. "Eli and his cock need some rest, and she was all amped up, so I thought I'd give her something to occupy herself with," Iga says. "And you're doing so in the storage room, because...?" "Oh, I was looking for that AI-driven vibrator, see if maybe that could keep her busy. But no such luck, so I improvised," she explains. "Iga that's a terrible idea. You do recall that thing's behavior?" I remind her. "Yeah, but you broke its legs off before you put it up here, so its ability to do harm is minimized by at least like 30%," she argues. It doesn't really matter. A robotic phallus with a personality disorder is a minimal problem compared to what's going on now, anyways, so no point in pursuing it any further. "In any case, c'mon, I could use your help with finding what I'm looking for here," I turn to go back to what I was doing. "Coming!" Iga shouts after me, but doesn't proceed to follow. Which takes me a moment longer to process than it probably should have.
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>>923 >it's still going! It's nice to see that some things continue as normal.
>>923 Iga does actually manage to be of some use. When she finally joins me after concluding using Karen's face as a carnival ride, she joins me in my search. Most of what I'm looking for actually predates her arrival at the house, but she has enough of an understanding of science and technology that I can actually communicate to her what I'm looking for and she understands. Mostly. I don have to break it down a little bit when she doesn't understand the difference between 'thing' and 'thingie', 'long' and 'longish', and 'humming' and 'buzzing'. But overall it's easier to convey the concepts to her than it would be to most people. I do have to occasionally deal with her attitude about 'what exactly my plan is' and 'how this is going to help, even remotely'. It's not that I'm bothered by her asking, I can't properly convey all of this at the moment, and we're running short on time. It's more the skeptical tone she has, implying that what I'm doing is somehow not practical or helpful. She's seen me raise the dead, a little more faith in my abilities wouldn't be the end of the world. We carefully set the sensitive pieces equipment into the wheelbarrow and we're off. I'm not sure why I had a wheelbarrow up here, but that's looking a gift horse in the mouth. Which may have been what happened, literally, because there's teeth marks from a large herbivore all over the rim and handles of this thing. I'm completely blanking on that one, though. Maybe for the best. When we manage to get it down the stairs, which is hard with a wheelbarrow and kind of makes me rethink the usefulness of it, we find that Eve has indeed brought down the transmitter, as I requested. Among a few other pieces of equipment that are not the transmitter. I guess I didn't really describe it in detail, but she figured it out. With that done, she has apparently elected to move on to more odd sexual shennanigans, right in the middle of the lab, because why wouldn't she. She has Eli sitting in a chair, with her standing behind him. She's resting her hands on him, one pair holding his shoulders, the others on the sides of his head. She isn't holding him in place or anything, but I definitely get the impression that leaving that position is not an option. She's not actually doing anything to him, just focusing him to watch Karen. Who is sitting in a chair across from them, completely naked and vigorously masturbating. "Hey, Eve," I cautiously announce myself, "What's... um, what's going on?" "Exposure and conditioning," she says flatly. "...For whom?" I set the wheelbarrow down. "Karen," she responds, "She must get used to being an object of arousal for Eli." "I think she was already into it, last I saw," Iga says with a little snort. "She has become very attached to heterosexual sex, in particular anal," Eve contines, pushing Eli's head back when he turns to acknowledge Iga and I, "but she currently sees him as just a walking penis, or elaborate dildo. She needs to be attracted to him as a man. She is not properly bisexual yet. We will fix that." "That's... kind of sweet. In a psychotic kind of way. We need to do this right now?" I ask.
>>933 "It's best not to wait," Eve replies, "To get the maximum effectiveness out of conditioning, it needs to be frequent and it needs to be timely." "...Even when we're in-" "Yes," she promptly informs me. "Right," I consider how to navigate this, "Look, I don't want to rush anyone. And I don't want to be all doom and gloom about this. But our very literal doom and the associated gloom do seem rather imminent, and maybe we should be using our time more constructively." Eve slowly turns her head to me and instigates a look of... not quite anger, but certainly intense annoyance. That was apparently the wrong response. "Eve, we are very much in real danger. Now I have a plan, but it doesn't involve masturbation," I say. "You're free to prepare your plan," she tells me, and turns back, "We will continue here." "Okay, but, Eve!" I snap, and her head snaps back to me immediately after, looking less than amused. I continue anyways, "I need help with the equipment. The transmitter you brought down, especially. It's heavy stuff, and Iga and I are going to have a hard time without you or Eli helping." She stares, "Don't you have something you created to help you move-" "Yes I do, as a matter of fact, Eve, I have you!" I declare. She just looks back, "I'll help you prepare your devices, if you help me with Karen." "Thank you!" I sigh with relief, "I just need to... wait, what was that last thing?" "Help me with Karen," she repeats. "...How?" She gives me a look like it should be utterly obvious. Of course.
>>979 I rub the bridge of my nose, "Fine." I walk over to our guest who doesn't even appear to notice me at first. She's slouched down in her chair and knuckle deep in her cooch. She's... really into it. Writhing around, all sweaty, the whole works. I doubt I can really help with this in any way that she doesn't have it handled already, but a deal's a deal, and I don't have the time to fuck around. Well, yes, we are fucking around, but you get my point. Feeling a bit impatient, I grab Karen by the hair and hoist her up out of her seat. She cries out in pain and surprise, but doesn't fight me. "All right, enough messing around," I promptly bend her forward and shove two of my fingers into her, from behind, "Hurry up and cum with my Eli watching so that you can get used to the idea of being a sperm receptacle, and so on and so forth." "Fuck!" she shouts as I jam my digits into her. She leans forward and steadies herself on the chair. Eli and Eve get a profile view of me working her, while she acts like and attention hungry whore. "Very to-the-point, babe," Eli remarks, smirking at me. I sigh, "The things I do for science." "Does this really qualify as-" he pauses as Karen lets out a gasping moan, "-qualify as 'for science'?" "It involves Eve. Transitive property," I yank on her hair as she slouches down, "Quit squirming." "So I guess it's not gay if you're doing it for science?" Eli asks. "Oh, don't you even start with me," I squint at him, elicitng a little laugh. "Wouldn't the process of having Victoria work her defeat the purpose of conditioning Karen to want to focus on pleasing me?" Eli tilts his head up towards Eve. I open my mouth to explain it, but Eve beats me to it. She sharply pushes his face back down to observe us, "No. She is still aware that you are observing and the purpose of her being allowed to be pleasured. Whether she does it herself, or Victoria does is immaterial." I nod, that was actually very on-point, "Thank you Eve. Boys just don't get science, sometimes." "And since Victoria is directly beneath you in the hierarchy, it basically like you're doing it by proxy," Eve continues, after the point when she should have clearly stopped. I furrow my brow, "What exactly is this hiera-" "Oh god, oh fuck, I'm almost there!" Karen screams, quite rudely. "Quiet, no one cares when you cum," I chide her, giving her ass a harsh slap. Which seems to be what she needs to send her over the edge. But no sooner does her pussy start to clamp down on my fingers, than the room echoes with a series of loud bangs from the front door. We all jump in surprise at the suddenness, and I unfortunately manage to put Karen off balance, and she tumbles forward, along with her chair, crashsing to the ground mid-climax. We all stare at one another, wondering if it's what we think it is, and if it's too late to do anything. Except Karen, she's busy fingering herself on the ground, trying to salvage her orgasm.
>>1020 >"Quiet, no one cares when you cum," Fucking brilliant. It’s no wonder Eli loves Victoria the best, what with her sharp wits and superlative understanding of science.
>>1020 It doesn't even occur to me that Iga is not with us until I nearly crash into her as she comes down the stairs. Fortunately, her overall lack of mass means that she just bounces off of me and we both manage to stay on our feet. "What's happening?!" she hurriedly asks, "Where are you going?" "Where have you been?!" I reply with my own question. "Setting up the cables for where you said you wanted the transmitter, right above the doorway," she informs me. "Thats... very helpful, actually, thank you, Iga," I'm a bit taken off guard that she was being so productive. "I might ask the same of..." she sniffs the air, "Nevermind. Who's banging on the door?" "I don't know, but I'm certainly not answering it!" I shake her by the shoulders, "I need to get a better look without them seeing me, it can't be anything good." I move her to the side and proceed upstairs, Iga in tow. An empty bedroom sits above and to the right of the front door, giving a clear view of what's in store for us down there. There's another loud knock before we get there. "Get down, get down," I hurriedly whisper as we approach the window. "I don't think they can hear us from down there," Iga whispers back. Iga and I crouch beside the window and peer from behind the curtains. Okay, maybe 'clear view' wasn't accurate, the awning obstructs a full view of the porch, but it's enough to make it clear that there's multiple people down there. I don't recognize any of them, but then I probably wouldn't recognize any of the local plebians. "How many do you see?" I whisper to Iga. "Five? Maybe six?" she whispers back, "Why are we still whispering?" "Stealth is a state of mind, Iga, you can't remain undetected if you don't remain in that state, whether they can actually hear you or not," I continue to whisper, "They do look a little agitated, but it's hard to tell from here. Is six enough to qualify as an angry mob?" "Not a very effective one, at least," she replies, "Kind of limited in what they can do. More of a rowdy gang. I think it officially becomes a mob at ten." "I'm a little insulted by their lack of committment to the endeavor, if I'm being honest," I say. "There could be more coming. Maybe it's a first time mob and they just didn't coordinate properly," Iga speculates. "Who is it at the door?" Eve asks, in full volume, standing in plain view of the window, from behind us.
>>1029 "Eve!" I yelp, jumping and managing to bang my head surprisingly hard against the windowsil that, "Ow! Get down! They'll see you!" "They don't appear to be looking in this direction, they're quite focused on the door," she dismisses my concerns, "Especially the one with the axe." "At least cover your tits, Eve," Iga says, facepalming as if she can compete with me. Eve is wearing her robe, actually, it's just not closed, thus defeating the purpose of its function. "Why? My breasts are immaculate," Eve displays her humility, "More people should see them. And regularly." "I mean, you're not wrong, technically speaking, but now is not really the time for anyone to see any of you," I try to explain. "So maybe don't stick 'em in the window," Iga adds. "Wait, axe?" I finally catch that and go back to peeking out the window, "Iga, was he there before?" "Hard to say, they keep moving. But there's definitely six now, if there weren't before," Iga says. "Argh! This is all turning out very not-to-plan!" I pull at my hair, "Eve, did you at least bring the-" Without a word, she lifts up a large rectangular metal box with her left hand. Er, one of her left hands. "Good!" I feel some marginal relief, "Bring it up to the top floor balcony, the one above the front door. I think that'll be the best position for maximum transmission. And hopefully they won't be able to see too clearly what we're doing from that angle. At least the ones already at the door. So we'd better hurry before more arrive. Or they get restless and break down the door and storm the place with pitchforks." "Victoria, I don't think it's going to be a literal torches-and-pitchforks mob," Iga rolls her eyes, like she's got any idea what to expect. "I'm expecting it as a bare minimum," I say, "The knocking is very angry, though, so let's get this done while they're still on the porch and in prime transmitter range. It'll be harder if they get past the-" My eye twitches. From below, I hear what is almost certainly the sound of the front door opening.
>>1031 "What the hell is he doing?!" I exclaim, probably a little too loudly. "It could be the cop," Iga shrugs. "No, Karen was given specific orders to stay put until I come back," Eve says, "Eli is less likely to be compliant to my commands." "He's also too smart to do something like that! Ahh!" I pull at my hair again. "Maybe he's trying to stall them?" Iga offers. "But he knows the plan! Goddammit!" I turn and start running towards the stairs. "Victoria!" Iga shouts as I get to the door. "What?!" "Transmitter?" she gestures to the machine on the floor. I hold up my hands and groan in frustration. I can't be everywhere at once. Not yet. At some point I will have that power. Mental note for that. But not now. "And does he know the plan?" Iga then asks, "Because I, myself, am not completely clear on the finer det-" "Not the time for that, Iga!" I snap. "Yes, the time was like an hour ago," she complains about things we can't help. "Look, just... just go on damage control. Go downstairs and see what's happening and if you can keep things from escalating any further," I tell her, then turn to Eve, "Eve, grab the-" "What... you mean at the door?" Iga talks more, isntead of moving. "How else would you do that, Iga?" I throw up my hands. "It's just... I mean... then they'd see me. And they'd know that I live here. And that I know you. It's..." My eyes widen in frustration and I purse my lips. Is she completely fucking serious? She raises her hands in defeat and backs up, "You know what? It's fine, I'll just go see what's happening. Desperate times, desperate measures. When Iga finally departs, I turn my attention back to Eve, "Eve. Transmitter. Upstairs. Let's go."
>>1043 "What the hell are they even doing down there?!" I say as I squint, looking down over the balcony. "Victoria, were we not in a hurry?" Eve complains from behind me. "Yes, yes. It's just... there's more of them now, and they seem to be talking, but they're not really, you know, doing anything," I sigh in frustration, "What kind of fucking lynch mob even is this?" "Victoria..." Eve reiterates. "Right..." I stand and pull back my hair, "It's... try turning it. Like 20 degrees to the right. The angle should be pretty wide, but the strength can vary, so I want it as focused on them as we can get it." She goes to turn the transmitter, then stops, "My right, or your right?" "Universal right, Eve. True right. Obviously," I say. I'm greeted only with a blank stare, "That isn't a thing, Victoria." "The hell it isn't! Which one of us is the doctor here?" I exclaim. More blank staring, but not as long this time, "I've actually yet to see any evidence that you are, in fact, a doctor of anything, now that it occurs to me." My palm feels drawn to my face, but I restrain it, "My right, Eve. Just turn the damn thing." She rotates it... probably a bit more than 20 degrees, but it's close enough that I don't feel the need to nitpick. Though I do note that I -could-, if I were so inclined. I walk back behind the trasmitter to examine the angle, "I think it's about good..." I lick my finger and stick it up, "I don't think the wind is going to come into it." I can feel Eve's expression from behind me. "What?" I ask. "Wind doesn't effect radio-" "I know that wind doesn't effect radio signals, Eve!" I snap, a little too loudly, "It's not the signal, it's... Nevermind that right now. I just want to make sure... give me a boost, will you?" She helps me climb up onto the transmitter assembly and I carefully angle the antenna. From above, I can spot the crowd gathering down by the porch. I swear it's even larger now. I crane my neck for a better view, but unfortunately I don't control gravity. Yet. I tumble forward, only to be caught by a variety of very quick hands, keeping me from hitting the floor and possibly from falling off the balcony. "You should be more careful," she says, quite flatly. "Did you need to catch me by my tits and crotch, Eve?" "No. No I did not. That was a choice, and I stand by it," she says, "Would you prefer I let you fall?" "Um... no. Thank you for catching me," I clear my throat, "You can put me down, now." She does as I ask, but then suddenly shoves a hand down the front of my pants and forces a finger into me. Did not expect that. I don't know why, considering Eve, but still. "Eve!" I shout, again probably too loudly, "Of all the moments that are not the time, this is one of them." "You felt warm when I caught you, I wanted to confirm my suspicion," she says, pressing deeper into me. "What suspicion is that, detective?" "You are aroused right now. Your pussy is both warm and wet," she says, pulling her finger free and holding it up, rubbing moisture between her thumb and forefinger. "Of course I am, Eve, even if it's not much, we're doing science up here, everyone gets turned on by science!" I point out the painfully obvious. She tilts her head to the side. "Yes they fucking do, Eve, it's a fact," I say to a blank expression, "Look, let's just get down there before something else goes wrong. It's as ready up here as it's going to get."
>>1070 "So, no, she didn't really specify exactly where she was going, just that she would be out of town, and likely out of the country, for an indeterminate amount of time. We don't really know her all that well, really, but it is such a nice house, so how could we turn down the request to watch it? I mean, free rent, right?" Iga is standing on the porch, door open, prattling on about something or the other, when I approach. Eli is beside her, with the hive unit for the Homing Hornet Holocaust by his feet. I really do need to get that tracker detached, it's getting a little silly that he's lugging that thing around everywhere. Iga's also got Eli right at her side, and has her arm around his waist like they're a couple. Getting a bit presumptuous again. I swear, she acts like she owns Eli, instead of me. I gesture for Eve to stay put and out of sight, and she seems to comply. At least for now. I pull the door wide and march directly out with them. Time to take charge. They opened the door to the mob, it can't get any worse. "All right, you illiterate yokels, what do you think you're doing on my property?!" I announce to the group. The response is more sedate than I expected. There's also more of them than I expected. They just kind of stare in confusion. At me, at Iga, and between each other. I didn't think it was a complicated question. I know they're dumb, but are they really that dumb? In the silence, I can hear Iga's hand impact with her face. One man finally speaks up, "You said she left to conduct brain research in other-" "Yes obviously that was a lie!" Iga shouts, rubbing the bridge of her nose. "She is here!" someone shouts, followed by a chorus indecipherable yelling and people raising hands and implements in anger. One in the back actually has a pitckfork, and I have to admit I kind of appreciate the dedication to tradition. No torches, but it is a daylight mob, so that's maybe to be expected. I sigh and clench my eyes, "Again, what the hell do you all want?" "You've made a monster!" someone angrily shouts, followed by, "...um, again!" "And you're a graverobber!" someone else contributes, "We have a witness!" A woman is ushered to the front of the crowd, which I quickly recognize as that corpse-counting bitch. My eye twitches. "It's true. She's made a monster. Out of corpses. Or something," she says, as if unsure of herself, then looks up at us on the porch and mouths, "Sorry," with a shrug.
>>1104 >One in the back actually has a pitckfork, and I have to admit I kind of appreciate the dedication to tradition. No torches, but it is a daylight mob, so that's maybe to be expected. Victoria is such a classy lady, and understanding too.
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>>1104 "This is absurd. Don't tell me you ignorant hicks actually believe this drivel?!" I demand of the group. There's a brief silence, followed by a resounding chorus of "Yes!" from among them. "This isn't the first time we've had this problem up here!" a man up front shouts, then turns back to the crowd, "You all remember the thing with the doplin?!" "I said I was sorry, goddammit!" I shout, "And that was really your own fault anyways. It literally had it written all over it to not stare into its eyes, but some of you idiots just couldn't help yourselves!" "If you haven't done anything this time, where are all the bodies?" someone asks. "How should I know?" I throw up my hands, "You just assume that I took them because she said so, you're just going to trust her word? All these bodies disappeared on her watch, doesn't this seem a little convenient that she's got someone to blame it on, when the only common factor is her?" A man in the middle of the crowd clears his throat after a moment of silence, "No one ever said they all disappeared on her watch." Shit. "Look, that's just basic logical extrapolation, if that's something you stupid rednecks would understand," I argue. "She was kidnapped!" someone shouts, echoed by, "And one of our officers disappeared up here, too!" "It's, um, it's true!" the bitch speaks up again, in a fake sobby voice, "She wasn't content with making an abomination for perverse lesbian sex acts. She subjected me to all sorts of deviant sexual experiments. She said it was for the good of science!" There's a lot of disapproving stares and comforting of her for her obviously fake story. "The short one, too! She helped her!" she adds. "Oh you traitorous bitch, I want my fifty bucks back!" Iga screams and lunges forward, only to be held back by Eli.
>>1113 "Enough!" the sound of Eve very much not stay out of fucking sight erupts behind me. My palm makes one of its frequent trips to my face. I guess the diplomatic approach, if we could call it that, is out at this point. I had this under control, or at least, not entirely out of control. One can practically hear my sphincter clench in irritance. I almost trip as she walks forward between us, pushing us all aside. I nearly trip over the collected bundles of tarps on the side of the porch. Which I'm noticing are not laid out like I asked Iga to do. At least I think I asked Iga to do. In either case, if this goes badly, she's cleaning up any fluids liberated on the front walk. It probably won't, though, maybe. "I demand that you all leave our property at once," Eve shouts, standing there in her robe. Karen wanders out at her side. Good, we're all here now. Also, what the fuck does she mean 'our' property. "Karen?!" a woman rushes from the middle of the crowd to the front. I didn't expect that to be the first reaction. "Oh... um, hi Chloe," Karen sheepishly smiles and waves her hand. "Where the hell have you been?!" the woman shouts, "The police said you disappeared on duty! You've been here? Are you alright? Did they hurt you?" "Oh, no, no, no, I'm fine, sweetie," Karen dismisses the allegations, fortunately. "That's all you have to say?!" the woman demands. "No... I... I have a lot to say, it's just... we'll need to have a long discussion later. About Eve here," she pats Eve's arm and then averts her eyes, "and penises." The woman does not look at all amused by this. I assume this is the briefly mentioned girlfriend. I feel sort of bad for her. I also feel oddly smug and aroused by her outrage and confusion, knowing that my boyfriend has emptied his balls into her lover's every orifice. "I'm sorry, what do you mean pen-" the woman starts, but is cut off when other members of the crowd advance. "Who the fuck are you?!" there's a resounding shout. "I just said, she's Eve-" Karen meekly reiterates before Eve steps forward onto the edge of the first step of the porch. "I am the monster!" she boldly announces, before pulling the cord on her robe and pushing the whole thing off of her shoulders. She's nude underneath, but I think we all assumed that. Shuts the group entirely up in an instant. I'd like to think they're admiring her beauty, and thus my work on creating her. But it's probably the crisscrossed stitch marks and extra arms that have their attention.
(it said it reached maximum file capacity when I tried to attach a picture)
>>1121 The limit's been raised. Feel free to repost with your image if you like.
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>>1113 "Enough!" the sound of Eve very much not stay out of fucking sight erupts behind me. My palm makes one of its frequent trips to my face. I guess the diplomatic approach, if we could call it that, is out at this point. I had this under control, or at least, not entirely out of control. One can practically hear my sphincter clench in irritance. I almost trip as she walks forward between us, pushing us all aside. I nearly trip over the collected bundles of tarps on the side of the porch. Which I'm noticing are not laid out like I asked Iga to do. At least I think I asked Iga to do. In either case, if this goes badly, she's cleaning up any fluids liberated on the front walk. It probably won't, though, maybe. "I demand that you all leave our property at once," Eve shouts, standing there in her robe. Karen wanders out at her side. Good, we're all here now. Also, what the fuck does she mean 'our' property. "Karen?!" a woman rushes from the middle of the crowd to the front. I didn't expect that to be the first reaction. "Oh... um, hi Chloe," Karen sheepishly smiles and waves her hand. "Where the hell have you been?!" the woman shouts, "The police said you disappeared on duty! You've been here? Are you alright? Did they hurt you?" "Oh, no, no, no, I'm fine, sweetie," Karen dismisses the allegations, fortunately. "That's all you have to say?!" the woman demands. "No... I... I have a lot to say, it's just... we'll need to have a long discussion later. About Eve here," she pats Eve's arm and then averts her eyes, "and penises." The woman does not look at all amused by this. I assume this is the briefly mentioned girlfriend. I feel sort of bad for her. I also feel oddly smug and aroused by her outrage and confusion, knowing that my boyfriend has emptied his balls into her lover's every orifice. "I'm sorry, what do you mean pen-" the woman starts, but is cut off when other members of the crowd advance. "Who the fuck are you?!" there's a resounding shout. "I just said, she's Eve-" Karen meekly reiterates before Eve steps forward onto the edge of the first step of the porch. "I am the monster!" she boldly announces, before pulling the cord on her robe and pushing the whole thing off of her shoulders. She's nude underneath, but I think we all assumed that. Shuts the group entirely up in an instant. I'd like to think they're admiring her beauty, and thus my work on creating her. But it's probably the crisscrossed stitch marks and extra arms that have their attention.
>>1123 As soon as they shut up, though, they become whatever the opposite of shutting up is. There's a lot of screaming and pointing. Seems to be a mixture of shock and anger. Not as much noticing of her perfect figure, though that's hard to discern through yelling in a mob. The phrase "Bitch has four arms!" is heard a few times, but they might be the same person repeating. You'd think the sight would inspire something more profound, but this is the crowd I'm working with, so it's probably the best you'll get. There's a few repetitions of variations on "There's actually a monster!" as well. Which is disappointing. You'd think they'd have a little more faith in my abilities if they felt strongly enough to form an angry mob. I mean I know I was actively trying to dissuade them of that fact, but c'mon. We all knew I had a monster. "You rightly fear me, you pathetic savages!" Eve points at them with all four index fingers. Not gonna lie, a little proud of her commanding presence and instinct to talk down to them. She's learned well. "Now leave this place at once!" she repeats her demands. "Why should we just..." a man speaks up, but then shrinks back when Eve stares daggers, "...right, monster." There's a few iterations of "You can't take us all" going about, at this point. To which Eve responds, "I absolutely can. But I don't have to." She produces a remote control. From where, I'm not sure, considering she's entirely nude. I'm fairly certain she did not have it a moment ago. "There is a bomb inside of me," she declares to the group, "I am not afraid to die, I have the conviction that none of you inferiors have. And I can be re-assembled and reborn." Barring the fact that she's over-estimating my ability to put her back together if she activates the device inside of her, when in the ever living fuck did she find out about that?! And how does she think she has the remote for it? I clear my throat, "Um, Eve. We might need to have a chat about that-" "Scatter like the roaches you are, or I will destroy us all!" "Whoa, whoa, whoa!" Eli uses his power over Eve to pull her back from the edge, grabbing one of her arms and stepping forward with her, "Let's just calm down and discuss this in a less overtly insane manner. If we could." "He's right," I try to use the opening to take back control of the situation, "No one's blowing anyone up today. That would be entirely impossible anyways, as it is an -implosion- device, and that's not how it works." "Victoria..." Eli impatiently whispers. "That's not important, though," I give up explaining the specifics, "Look. Let me just come clean. Yes, I did steal a bunch of corpses from local morgues. And some from neighborhing counties. And yes, the staff member on duty, now present, extorted sexual favors from Eli here in exchange for looking the other way." I do manage to elicit suspicious looks at her from that, so bonus. "Yes, these were possibly some of the bodies of your friends and loved ones," I continue, "and yes I did cut apart these remains into a patchwork body that fit my own designs, and I used electrochemical processes to reanimate this body into the walking affront to the natural order standing beside me right now. But in the end, is all that really so much to sacrifice for such amazing scientific progress?"
>>1126 Victoria’s got a fuckin’ point.
>>1126 There's an exceptionally angry round of shouting. I can't really make out any specifics of what's being said, but I think it's safe to assume this is a 'yes, that's too much of a sacrifice for science, because we're a bunch of easily frightened luddites'. "Okay, okay. I'm hearing that you're angry. I get that," I explain, "If my IQ was barely room temperature, I'd probably feel that same way. But listen. I think I can change your minds." I pull out my own remote and back up a little, afraid that they're going to rush us and get all lynchy any moment, now. "It would be helpful if you could stand in line of sight of the upper balcony above us. And if you'd remove any potential hats with any sort of metal lining," I explain. I clench my teeth and hit the button to activate my transmitter. Should've probably grabbed a tarp, just in case. Nothing. Well this is embarrassing. I click again. Still nothing. So I rapidly hammer at the button, generating a great deal of jack and squat, respectively. Shit. There's an expectant look on their collective faces. Or as much as you can discern from their ordinary vapid stares. They seem confused, and worse, are potentially questioning my genius. Which we can't have. Time to improvise. I look around for possible avenues to express my intelligence in a way that will, if not make the situation better, and least make these people regret being here today. "Fuck it," I say, and turn to my side, where the hive unit for the Homing Hornet Holocaust sits, and promptly kick it, sending it tumbling off the side of the porch and into the bushes. A firm grip on Eli's arm in one hand, I grab one of the tarps crumpled up on the other side of the porch with the other, and do my best to toss him forward, directly into the crowd. He stumbles with the unexpected yank, but travels vaguely where I expect him to go. I unfurl the tarp and through it over the two of us as I lunge forward and tackle him to the ground. He more just kind of falls, as opposed my weight actually pushing him down, but the end result is the same. I quickly pull the tarp tightly around us like a blanket, and do my best to tuck all the openings underneath our bodies, to seal all entrances.
>>1136 I am a little envious that Iga gets to see the carnage unfold around us, while I'm bundled up in here. Not, you know, that envious, cause holy shit it sounds terrifying. Also, I hope she's okay. Eve, too. Maybe Karen. Hopefully they have the sense to run inside and lock the door as soon as my plan became evident. There's a significant amount of screaming and running. We get stepped on a couple times, but nothing too bad. We aren't really in the path of egress, so we're pretty safe. Actually trampling us would require running towards the house, and even these people aren't that stupid. Still, I do my best to protect our heads and Eli's dangly bits from getting stepped on directly. Priorities. It does go on longer than I expected. I figured people would flee the area post-haste and leave nothing but the sound of buzzing hornets, but they spend an inordinate amount of time screaming that's well within earshot. I don't know if they think they can fight the hornets, or they're trying to help other people who were less equipped or not smart enough to move when the buzzing started. It's like they forgot how to run away. I reassert that the group is collectively a genetic dead end. Eventually, the sound does die down, and we're left with mostly the sound of the hornets, and our breathing. Eli is uncharacteristically quiet, considering what just happened. "Are you okay, baby? You didn't get stung did you?" I ask. There's a moment of silence. "Are you-" "I'm fine," he says, tersely. "Okay. I'm getting a feeling that you're a little upset with me," I comment. "You don't say?" he says with a sigh. "I'm sorry baby, I wish I could've warned you, but the idea didn't occur to me until the heat of the moment. You can't predict genius," I explain. He sighs again, but this is an 'I'm still annoyed, but not angry in any lasting way, and things'll be fine when we get out of this precarious situation' sigh. I'm quite familiar with it. He's no good at staying mad at me. "How long?" he asks. "For the hornets? Um, awhile. It can be hard to measure these things in an exact fashion," I reply. "Got it. No idea," he asserts. "That's not true," it absolutely is, "Hornets are fickle creatures, and these are non-standard hornets. They'll either return to the hive unit or die sometime in the next twenty minutes or hours, once they have no further hostile movement." "Aren't they being drawn specifically to me, though?" he makes a relevant point. "They are, but there's only so long they can be agitated before they need to rest," I tell him. We just lay in silence for awhile, with nothing to do. Naturally, my mind keeps going, and I can't help but notice something a little strange when I reach into my pocket. "Hey babe, wanna hear something funny?" I ask with a nervous laugh. "I sure don't," he responds, so I continue. "This," I pull up the remote control as if he can see much of it in the dim light under the tarp, "...Isn't the right remote." He doesn't say anything, so he must expect me to go on, "It's actually, kind of, the remote for the device inside of Eve." "Kind of?" "Kind of in the scientific sense, meaning precisely," I elaborate. "I see," he clears his throat, "This is the one that you sewed up inside her, with the bomb?" "Implo-" "Don't," he jumps on that one quickly. "Right. Well evidently I did not, since it's in my hand right now, and not inside her uterus," I explain, but he isn't seeing the humor. "So there was never any risk of her exploding?" he asks the obvious. I bite my lip on the explosion-implosion subject, "Correct." "And this is also what she thought she had a remote for, just now on the porch?" he asks. "Also correct. No idea how she knows about that, or how she thought she had the controller for it," I reply, "I'm going to just assume this is Iga's fault, until further notice." "And why did it do absolutely nothing when you hit the button, instead of killing us all in the most violent fashion imaginable?" he puts out a little hostility, again. "Oh that," I clear my throat and open up the back of the remote, "No batteries." "So does Eve have the remote for... whatever the hell you were trying to activate?" "That's a solid hypothesis," I nod. We fall back into silence. At least it isn't a hot day, or us being bundled up on the walk like a human burrito would be miserable. It's still not great, but at least we get to be close and alone, which is something that happens too infrequently, lately. "Hey baby..." I say coyly, "Since we've got some time to kill, you wanna fool around?" He lets the buzzing of very angry hornets answer for him.
>>1138 >He lets the buzzing of very angry hornets answer for him. So, "yes", right?
>>1138 oh man, I do not envy that situation. hornets are scary...
>>1138 "Oh, come on babe, don't be like that," I coo to him. "Victoria. Hornets," he very unsexily points out. "They can't join in," I inform him. He gives me more silence, so I continue, "C'mon, it's not like they can get in here." "So if you were running an experiment, and you had to keep a variable group and a control group separate, and one of them involved hornets, you'd be comfortable with a wrapped up tarp keeping them separate?" he asks. "Y-yes. Sure. That'd be fine," it wouldn't, but if getting that dick is on the line, I'm okay with a little white lie. And if he thinks getting all analytical is going to do anything but get me -more- lubed up, I'm not sure he remembers who he's talking to. "Mhm," he remains unconvinced. "Okay, fine, be that way. You don't have to actively participate, but it's not like you can get away," I lay out the facts for him. "I'm sorry, what? How would- Hey!" he shouts in surprise as my hand invades his pants. "Just relax and let it happen, baby!" I say upon grabbing his cock. "No means no, Victoria!" he very half-heartedly wrestles with my hand. "That's statistically untrue!" I shout. "What does that even mean?!" he shouts back as he fails to prevent me from working him into an erection. "People say no all the time when they really want it!" I hurriedly explain, "The data backs this up! Case in point you already being hard." "The hell it does!" he argues, "And that's not how penises work!" "It doesn't matter, I'm the genius here, and in a proper world, I'd be the upper class entitled to cock whenever I want it!" I tell him how it is, "It's prima nocta!" "That's insane, and that's not what prima notca is. And it's neither night, nor the first anything!" he continues to argue, but has largely stopped physically resisting.
>>1177 I know victoria isn't actually gonna get laid but damn do I want her to
>>1177 We finally get to the point where he starts resisting the inevitable. Which I like to think is a metaphor for my entire sex life. And my scientific career, for that matter. He sighs in defeat and just lays back, "You're thoroughly impossible, you know?" I grin and kiss him, as I slide down his pants to get better access, "The true mark of genius is trying the same thing, but more forcefully, until it works. Einstein said that." "He absolutely didn't, but I'd be lying I said your enthusiastic stubbornness wasn't part of what makes me love you," he pats my head and relaxes while I work his cock, "Though you are crazy if you think actual sex is going to happen in the confines of this tarp. It's a bit constrictive. Also, I'm still going to be mad if I get hornet stings on my genitals." "You say that, but you also once said I couldn't raise the dead!" I nibble his lower lip and give his cock an extra hard squeeze. "-Shouldn't-, I think was how I phrased it," he says, "And there were no hornets involved." "Details," I giggle and enjoy his groans as I get more firm with his cock. "Speaking of, this isn't exactly over, the whole thing with Eve," he says, "It's not like everyone being stung by insects is going to make them be any less made with you." "Shush, you're killing the mood," I tell him. "There's a mood? In here? Right now?" "Yes, and I know how to stop you from ruining it. It'll be hard for you complain with your cock in my mouth!" I exclaim and quickly shimmy down and put my money where my mouth his. My money in this metaphor being penis. "I think you have your phrasing backwards, Victoria," he laughs, "That's not... oh... I... perhaps you're right." I silence him with the power of fellatio, and am left with nothing but the sounds of his reaction to my scientifically perfect technique at oral sex. It's captivating enough that I don't even notice that the other sounds have silenced as well. Namely, the hornets. It doesn't take long to get him near the edge. He's right, proper sex is ill advised in here, even if I'm not about to admit it, but that doesn't mean I can't have my fun. I slow down and draw it out, teasing him and enjoying our moments together. Until someone totally ruins it. We almost get flipped when someone grabs the side of our human tarp-burrito and yanks the whole thing open and off of us, flying in the breeze like a sail. "Victoria that was brillia-" I hear an excited Iga begin to exclaim, but is suddenly cut short. She's cut off because my careful, calculated control over Eli's penis is thrown off with the tarp. I turn my head back at the disturbance, and my hand quickly takes over. Muscle memory. In that moment, he goes off, ejaculating an impressively copious and powerful orgasm, especially considering how much we've been making use of that particular biological function in recent days. Said function sprays up into the air like a mortar and comes down upon the face and upper body of poor Iga. And Eve. And that horrible woman from the morgue. And Karen. And some other woman, who I think is Karen's girlfriend from the crowd. It is a significant amount. I should make sure Eli doesn't become dehydrated. To my credit, the reflexes take over and I don't stop stroking him until he's done. I'm not about to allow my baby's orgasm to be ruined. He seems satisfied. They are less so, since it looks like I just jerked him off onto their collective faces. Which I did, but that was entirely incidental, and I don't think I could have arranged that on purpose if I tried. What am I saying? Of course I could.
>>1204 "You were saying about my brilliance, Iga?" I say when Eli finishes. I stand up, leaving him there to rest. I suspect he needs it. She slowly wipes semen off of her eyes and from around her mouth, "...Right. The hornets. That was amazing. You were hiding that up your sleeve the whole time?" I'm a little perplexed. Of all my genius accomplishments, this last minute improvisation is pretty minor. I look around at the insects fallen dead on the ground, around us. Apparently they had a short term expiration engineered into them. Clever, but I don't actually remember doing that. "...Yes? I mean it just sort of struck me at the moment," I shrug. "It was well executed," Eve does not bother wiping any of the ejaculate from her face. She seems utterly unfazed by the whole semen artillery strike. "I do wish you would have told us," Eve continues, "Karen grabbed her girlfriend in the panic, but she got stung a little. How far back does the amnestic affect?" I look over at Karen, who's carefully cleaning the semen off of the face of her companion, a very confused, spacey looking, but I'll admit kinda cute, woman. I approve of Eli's cum splashing on her face. I turn back to Eve, "It's... I'm sorry, the what?" "Her memory?" Eve follows up, "How far back will it affect?" Looking out across the lawn, I see a few members of the mob wandering around aimlessly, like they're in a daze and don't know where they are. Of course! The hornet stingers, the venom, they must have contained the amnestic. That's actually quite brilliant. I don't even vaguely remember doing that, either. How apropos. "Right! Well that's a complicated question," I confidently reply, "Memories aren't an exact science, probably. But she seems mostly functional, and seems to still recognize Karen. So I would gauge the amount of time... um, mediumish?" "This memory stuff is a bit scary, so I'm just going to scoot," the horrible morgue woman says the first thing I agree with. "...Which is what I would be saying if I wasn't amazed by that ejaculatory display," she sidles up to Eli, who is getting up, and grabs his hand, "Think you can give a repeat of that, hon?" I promptly and forcefully slap her hand away from his, and proceed to stand between them. "I'm just glad no one died," Eli says, pulling his pants back up. "But she's not in any physical danger?" Eve reiterates about Karen's girlfriend. "You're awfully concerned about her well being. Are you developing a sense of compassion?" I chuckle, "Yeah, I think she's fine." "Good," Eve replies, and grabs Eli by the hand, pulling him towards her. "We must begin training her to take Eli's cock at once," she follows up by grabbing Karen with a second hand, and the girlfriend with a third. Eve turns to the house with the three of them in tow and hurriedly walks inside, closing the front door behind her. I turn to Iga, who offers a shrug. Yeah, same. The two of us walk to the door. Well, three, but she's not getting in. At least that's the plan, until I discover that none of us are getting in. Locked. Looking in the window, I can see Eve, Eli, and the rest going up the stairs. "Eve!" I shout and pound on the door, "Eve open the door! Come on, Eve!" The End
>>1205 >The End Awww, so soon? But it seems an okay moment to lift away. Thank you for this story. I really enjoyed it. I love the way you manage to get a lot of comedy out of your narrator's PoV in this and your other stories. It's been a bit of an influence on my own writing.

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