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Mainstream cuckqueaning thread Anonymous 01/16/2020 (Thu) 05:58:02 No.695
Post any non-pornographic movies, tv shows, commercials, books, comics, etc. involving cuckqueaning.

I'll start with this Pewdiepie video which I found interesting. It's about ads for a mobile game, Lily's Garden. They feature the main character having her fiance cheat on her with her own mother. In a later ad she falls for a hot new guy, and then in yet another ad the new guy is making out with her friend. The actual game may have nothing to do with this, it just looks like a puzzle game. Interesting that cuckqueaning is popular enough that it's being used as clickbait though. I've noticed similar ads for other mobile games in the past too.
American Dad - S10E02 - Poltergasm https://youtu.be/nMQdPfItM6o 0:55-1:38
Open file (73.48 KB 1466x901 FSj9X9gUcAMJZYG.jpeg)
I don't have the full context since I never watched it, but apparently Cortana gets cucked in the Halo tv show and even watches them make out. Who's "them", I don't know.
Open file (30.08 KB 670x132 AccuratePerTvCanon.png)
Open file (873.43 KB 1176x644 ClipboardImage.png)
>>3425 The retarded TV show canon gives that incident some decidedly fucked up vibes. Still technically cuckquean...?
Open file (2.25 MB 1280x640 809.webm)
Open file (256.54 KB 500x464 1652438771502.png)
>>3425 >>3426 Cheif cucks Cortana almost as hard as this show cucks anyone who wanted something even remotely good.
Open file (31.03 KB 493x512 20220519_062508.jpg)
Open file (23.65 KB 466x412 20220519_062556.jpg)
Open file (121.57 KB 2048x944 20220519_062528.jpg)
Open file (54.88 KB 1000x1000 20220519_062610.jpg)
Open file (160.75 KB 1169x1879 20220524_212059.jpg)
Open file (142.89 KB 1169x1634 20220524_212103.jpg)
Open file (177.63 KB 1169x1962 20220524_212105.jpg)
Open file (112.01 KB 1169x1358 20220524_212107.jpg)
>>3426 Re: the "being a mom is the ultimate and final cuckquean" thing
Open file (2.16 MB 290x222 tenor.gif)
>>3440 What in the goddamn?!
Open file (38.82 KB 640x397 20220527_032907.jpg)
Posted for the quote on the top right.
>>3494 Namaste.
>>3481 I remember reading this a few days ago after it got posted in a discord server I’m in but I just realized the cuckquean angle
Open file (2.56 MB 720x720 _5jFnV3pGknDhxdF.mp4)
>tfw you're an orc girl and your half-orc daughter gets magically aged up and seduces your human king husband
Open file (203.65 KB 720x720 laughing demon girl.webm)
>>3550 >those sound effects
The Lightbringer book series by Brent Weeks has not one but two cuckquean bits in it. In the first two books there are a number of scenes between one of the main characters and her ex-fiance, who had to break off the betrothal for plot reasons, despite both of them still being in love. During that time we learn about his relationship with his mistress. In books 3-5, another of the POV characters has her boyfriend stolen by another woman, and we even get sex scenes between those two. Even discounting those parts, the series is a very engaging read, if a bit daunting at first.
Open file (159.22 KB 976x1125 20220626_182122.jpg)
Open file (90.38 KB 693x900 bqrprccef9y81.jpg)
Open file (1.45 MB 2016x2012 acs_0014.jpg)
>>3647 >>3648 What the fuck is handmaiden's tale even about? I know it has something to do with an authoritarian regime taking over America but it just comes off as softcore porn that is meant to cater to women. Isn't the entire shows message just "traditionalism bad"? It also baffles me that they would use the conservative Christian Right as antagonists. Wouldn't the Muslims in the middle east be a much better villian if they were trying to say that traditionalism is bad? I can't take a shkw like that serious if they're using conservative Christians as enemies for that purpose. God, if the Conservative Christian Right were half the monsters they often get accused of being, our world would be a better place. I do think the dresses in this show are kind of cute, same with the leather boots. Would make my stupid lesbian cucks walk around dress as them while I led them by a collar.
Open file (176.88 KB 1170x1346 20220718_132105.jpg)
>>3700 The only way I can describe her looks is aggressively average
I saw the Elvis movie and thought it was pretty good, if a bit overproduced in a few places. Anyway, there's a scene where Priscilla leaves Elvis and he asks if it's about the women he sleeps around with, and she responds by saying she doesn't care about that and is just upset about his drug use and how he doesn't seem to have time for her or their daughter anymore. I don't know if the real Priscilla was fine with Elvis screwing other women, but it's pretty hard not to read cuckquean subtext (or let's face it, just plain text) into that exchange.
>>3705 Sounds less like she encouraged it and more that she was able to put up with it, just not with the drugs and absence. It's not really cuckquean if you don't like it but put up with it.
Open file (121.21 KB 1426x992 20220726_222142.jpg)
I guess this is probably also cheating, not cuckqueaning, but posting anyway cause it's funny.
I've been on a bad movie kick lately, and in the surprisingly-fun Hell Comes To Frogtown (1988) the titular Sam Hell is found to be one of the few virile males left in what remains of post-Apocalyptic America after he falls into the hands of Medtech, an order of warror-nurses whose mission is to ensure that humanity doesn't die out. After Hell literally signs his dick over to the government and Medtech takes samples of his sperm, they decide he's more valuable as a mercenary and send him to rescue a group of fertile women who've been kidnapped by a frog-like mutant warlord. To ensure he doesn't run off instead of completing his mission, he's forced to wear an explosive codpiece and assigned to a cold, calculating, infertile officer-nurse called Spangle and a tough, aggressive gunner-nurse called Centinella. Naturally, the adventure thrusts the Sam and Spangle together, Spangle's ice-cold demeanor eventually melts, Hell's cocky care-less attitude gives way to determination, and the two fall in love. There's a scene early on where, simultaneous to Spangle struggling with the first stirrings of a crush on Sam, she single-mindedly has him impregnate a fertile woman they've stumbled across and then celebrates the next morning when her tests show the girl's fallen pregnant. The movie ends with Sam and Spangle in the driver and passenger seats of a vehicle full of rescued girls, planning to take their honeymoon... after Sam's finished impregnating the girls, of course. If you enjoy 80's schlock-action-comedy, I recommend this movie, and not just for the surprisingly up-front cuckquean aspects. If you're in the US or have a VPN with US nodes, you can watch it for free with ad breaks on Tubi.
There's this new movie coming out called 'Don't Worry Darling' directed by Olivia Wilde starring Florence Pugh and Harry Styles as a happy couple in a 1950s setting. Styles' character works for a mysterious company founded by Chris Pine. I first heard about it because Chris Pine's character was said to be inspired by Jordan Peterson. Wilde is a feminist Democrat and it looks like the movie is going to be a sort of anti-trad thriller along the lines of the Stepford Wives. I gather that the 1950s setting is going to be a fake world the women are trapped in in some way. The cuckquean angle comes from the fact that Wilde got into a relationship with Styles while making the movie, while at the same time she's also directing him having sex with Florence Pugh. It seems like there's gonna be a heavy erotic element to it as Wilde talks a lot in interviews about how hot it is, how there just aren't good sex scenes in movies any more, and how her movie centers the female point of view and female pleasure. Wilde also appears in the movie; in the trailer she smugly comments about how the main couple "only have time for each other". I sort of fell down a rabbit hole of videos dishing dirt about Wilde and it's hard to tell how much is legitimate as Harry Styles' fandom seems to go after every woman he's associated with. Anyway, I won't get into that stuff because it's off-topic. The movie looks interesting to me. Even though it's propaganda, it feels sort of like The Handmaid's Tale or Mad Men where the feminist talking points are partly an excuse for fantasizing about oppression. https://youtu.be/bW9aRVXIwaY
>>3878 you should stop reading so much erotica, it makes your prose stilted and forced.
>>3878 >beastly babymaker >all of the rest of... that Holy shit Anon.
>>3881 I'm more sober now and read that shit back. I (with all requisite shame) stand by my goofy fantasies. But it's not sourced from erotica it's sourced from weed and hard liqour mixed with autistic fetishes. I'm no writer as you can tell >>3881 I'm laughing too anon. Horny autism is a finely tuned cringe machine
Open file (243.52 KB 1200x800 laughing mantis girls.jpg)
>>3878 I have encountered the occasional genderswapped version of this fantasy (or fear, i.e. the "dogpill" incels talk about sometimes). I guess I should've expected something like this to pop up here sooner or later, board rules be damned. Thank you though anon, I haven't laughed so hard in weeks.
Open file (224.72 KB 401x404 1399838079034.png)
>>3899 Congratulations on being the subject of our first legitimate board report in living memory. >/cuckquean/ is not for extreme fetish material including scat, bestiality, grievous torture, snuff, etc. Do not post such content on /cuckquean/. The rule even specifically pointed out bestiality as one of the examples. Don't post that sort of thing again, okay?
>>3918 Dang, I knew I shoulda screencapped that post. Not to repost here, of course, but if I wanted to inflict it on people elsewhere. Also I thought we'd had legit board reports before.
>>3927 It's still on the Google cache of the main page.
Open file (510.30 KB 661x798 DP0kjERUIAA7RiK.png)
>>3927 >>3929 It's totally going to end up in a cringe compilation one day, isn't it?
>>3927 Rather than "living memory" maybe I should have said "that I can remember". Our next-oldest board report was from December of 2021, which only goes to show that my memory isn't very good. >I knew I shoulda screencapped that post. You shoulda. I know I did.
Open file (77.25 KB 721x661 20220906_201819.jpg)
>>3944 Found on twitter. The replies are a blackpill. https://twitter.com/GreenTextRepost/status/1567304084927164417
>>3945 I don't understand. Why are the replies a blackpill? They seem pretty normal to me.
>>3947 A lot of people saying it's an excuse for her to cheat on him, he's already being cheated on, he's a hypocrite for being okay with the idea, she's gonna gaslight and guilt trip him if he goes along with it - just a lot of negativity and people incapable of understanding the concept or believing a woman could want that. Maybe there are more positive comments since I posted it though.
>>3948 Why expect positivity from Twitter of all places? Aside from the general cultural image of a happy relationship of any kind having taken a carpet-bombing campaign to the point that most can't imagine it could really exist, the very concept of a woman enjoying cuckqueaning causes most peoples' eyes to glaze over, and hard. It goes against a lot of different parts of cultural conditioning that exists at levels deeper than most people realise. If all this wasn't the case, we wouldn't need a place like /cuckquean/ to talk about cuckqueaning.
In the Marvel Ultimate line of comics, Valkyrie was a 19 year old human Thor fangirl who gained superpowers and went on to date Thor. She gets killed and Thor travels to the afterlife to try to get her soul back. Thor manages to resurrect Valkyrie, but at the cost of becoming stuck in the afterlife himself. Hela, goddess of death (you'll remember her from the movie 'Thor: Ragnarok') agrees to release him if he impregnates her, which he does. Enchantress shows Valkyrie a vision of Thor fucking Hela. Ironically Hela only ends up releasing Thor when another warrior worthy of Valhalla dies to take his place, and that ends up being Valkyrie when she dies again, so they never get to be reunited.
I don't know the context for this but it's cute.
Open file (830.85 KB 1988x3057 1663217391147173.jpg)
>>4008 That's like something out of a hentai parody,
>>4011 Very cute. >>4015 Feels like recent comics often read as parodies of themselves.
>>4025 That's not a recent comic.
>>4028 Shows how much I know about comics, I guess.

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