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Open file (591.12 KB 1407x2000 tei_00.jpg)
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Cuckquean Eromanga/Hentai Manga Thread #1 Anonymous 09/01/2019 (Sun) 15:09:27 No.6
This new place is looking nice. Time to decorate it with some good old fashioned smut. This thread is for cuckquean eromanga. Without further ado, let's try the one that I was posting when Endchan died weeks ago...

Kanojo ga Iru noni Uwaki Shite Tewi-chan to Sex Shita by Ippongui
featuring Udonge as a clueless and frigid girlfriend, and Tewi as an aggressive bunny-vixen.
Open file (445.65 KB 1075x1518 029.jpg)
>>1948 Rabbit rabbit rabbit rabbit rabbit. Have a happy New Year /cuckquean/.
Open file (530.42 KB 1075x1518 012.jpg)
>>1945 I fucked up. Here's the page before >>1946 Sorry
>>1949 Ffffffuck that was hot. Loved the little detail of Tewi holding back from the kiss because she knew Udonge wanted one. What a nice thing to have drop, thank you Anon!
Open file (20.69 KB 300x100 Rgm3kzk.png)
Does anyone know the name of this doujin I saw it as a banner?
>>1996 Something something #2-chan by Meme50, I think.
>>1996 it's from Menkui by Tosh
Open file (369.62 KB 1200x1674 00.jpg)
Open file (2.93 MB 2221x3107 04.png)
Open file (2.44 MB 2221x3107 05.png)
Open file (2.72 MB 2221x3107 06.png)
Open file (3.09 MB 2221x3107 07.png)
Here's Oideyo! Kunoichi no Sato Kan ~Shiren!! Kozukuri Kinshirei no Maki~ by Kougi Anmitsu (Ichiren Takushou) ! It's the timeless story of a man and a woman who love each other so much that they defy society's rules - society in this case being a village full of kunoichi that need to be impregnated - and eventually reach a state of happy matrimonial bliss where their private needs and society's needs (those being the aforementioned kunoichis' impregnation) are in harmony. https://exhentai.org/g/1819795/d259623a82/
Open file (477.30 KB 1280x1816 01-3.jpg)
Open file (539.47 KB 1280x1836 02.jpg)
Open file (523.14 KB 1280x1818 03-2.jpg)
Open file (492.21 KB 1280x1824 04.jpg)
Open file (517.86 KB 1280x1824 05.jpg)
Hey, you! Yeah! You ever seen a yandere cuckquean? You wanna see a yandere cuckquean? Here, check this out: Kawaii Boku wa, Mayu-san de Zettai Tokken Shuchou Shimasu! by Kirintei (Kirin Kakeru, Kouri) https://exhentai.org/g/1060557/edf0bf0e94/
Open file (381.67 KB 1280x1780 3[1].png)
https://nhentai.net/g/347048/ boy seduced by GF's older sister
Open file (368.98 KB 1280x1827 1[1].jpg)
https://nhentai.net/g/346511/ Competition between a bunch of women to become some guys mother, he fucks all of them
Open file (505.85 KB 1280x1816 61[1].png)
School kid moves in with his cousin, starts a relationship with her, his cousins boss seduces him, as an apology she gives the 2 of them tickets to a spa retreat where the cousin finds out her boss taught him how to please a woman. Later chapter has the boss get ganbanged by a judo club so you can stop reading after the spa but the MC doesn't get cheated on at least so far. https://nhentai.net/g/333414/
Open file (3.35 MB 1280x1808 088.png)
Open file (3.08 MB 1280x1808 089.png)
Open file (3.17 MB 1280x1808 090.png)
Open file (2.80 MB 1280x1808 091.png)
Open file (3.40 MB 1280x1808 092.png)
Shojo to Kanojo to Netorare to (The Virgin, the Girlfriend, and NTR) by Bekotarou is a nice shallow little cuckquean romp. The girlfriend has a cuckquean fetish so she invites her boyfriend to take her friend's virginity. Sex ensues! It's a fluffy, sticky, brainless little romp and I love it for that. https://exhentai.org/g/1880822/8cc5188abd/
Open file (1.46 MB 1718x824 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (2.26 MB 1280x1791 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (462.76 KB 1748x2400 baka.jpg)
>>2424 Wait, why's the vixen-mother referring to herself as a "cuckquean slut"? That's the opposite of what it should- >find gallery on exhentai >scanlator used second-hand downscaled raws >yet placed a TL notes page at the start of the file instead of the end so they could show off how well they understood the title's pun and sound effects >but fucked up and translated 差寝取りアクメキメ (netori akume kime) in shallow context as "cuckquean slut" (probably meant as a gender inversion of "cuckold" even though that wouldn't make sense there either) without understanding what they were looking at I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that if someone's going to try and show off as a scanlator, a fundamental chunk of their translation at least needs to be not completely wrong. Judging from their Twitter, (https://twitter.com/tengokuoh) they're Indonesian, so I suppose they don't grok the target language of English so well?
Open file (1.81 MB 1500x1077 ClipboardImage.png)
>>2425 It goes further than that. The full phrase fragment they were trying to translate was >年の差寝取りアクメキメさせてもらいます They read the first part as >(年の)(差寝取り) and translated as "netori of the year" (absurd result) instead of properly reading it as >(年の差)(寝取り) meaning "age-difference netori" (i.e. a lover being stolen by someone much older or younger than them, but usually older). Simply Googling the phrase would have turned up endless JAV results of young men cheating on girlfriends with said girlfriend's MILFy mother. Then they translated アクメキメさせてもらいます as "claim the title (of cuckquean slut)". アクメ here is an orgasm and キメ look like emphasis katakana, rendering the latter part of the phrase as きめさせてもらいます, that being read (アクメ)(決めさせて)(もらいます) meaning here to "receive a clinching orgasm" (same word used when the outcome of e.g. a judo match is decided), indicating she's been defeated - which matches the pictures. The whole phrase sounds hilariously like it's being shouted by a sports commentator. So the full phrase would be - accounting for the usual Japanese love of pun-rich mouthfuls in the climactic moments of their porn - something roughly like: >I've been defeated in a man-thieving-MILF orgasm by my daughter's boyfriend - fifteen years my junior - using me as a meat toilet!
Open file (704.71 KB 632x904 ClipboardImage.png)
Even machine or amateur translation is fine. There are many interesting untranslated "Cuckquean" or "Reverse NTR" out there...Like this one. A story about a couple who went to a woman for sex advice and end up being her...Slave. I think this kind of relationship happens a lot irl too. [Sho-Kun, isnt it bad if you just selfishly cum by yourself?] [Ah, Amamiya-Chan, did you put the collar on?] [Aaah, playing with toys sure is fun]
>>2442 Certainly, but if you’re going to have a crack at amateur translation, then you should at very least be familiar with the language you’re translating to. I’m as amateur as they come, and I still managed to figure out >>2426 with some quick googling and dictionary use. Overconfident ESLs and their consequences have been a disaster for the scanlation race.
Open file (772.40 KB 1390x2000 01.jpg)
Open file (959.14 KB 1400x2000 02.png)
Open file (1.10 MB 1400x2000 09.png)
Open file (1.40 MB 1400x2000 11.png)
Open file (1.16 MB 1400x2000 12.png)
Here's a lovely SAO doujinshi called Etsuraku no Sono/Garden of pleasure by Geiwamiwosukuu!! (Karura Syou) https://exhentai.org/g/1898042/e2f08aab91/ Asuna and Kirito will soon consummate their marriage in the real world, and Suguha is worried that she'll no longer be able to serve as Asuna's substitute. Asuna here is a lovely, understanding cuckquean - and her reaction to seeing a dripping creampie will be of no surprise to anyone on this board.
I wonder why do Reverse NTR manga dont get colorized by people like NTR hentai? Not like I am into colorized, just wondering.
https://nhentai.net/g/71408/ I am not sure if this is considered Cheating/Netorare/Swinging, the story takes infidelity so casually and tries to makes it a joke. There is this part: "Boyfriend: No I dont wanna cheat on my girlfriend!" "Clubmate1: I send her away so you can!" "Boyfriend: You are right! Thats so clever" "Girlfriend: What the fuck? you are supposed to be my boyfriend!" "Clubmate2&3: Yay lets fuck her boyfriend!" "Girlfriend: Well I do wanna fuck him too" "Also Girlfriend: THATS MY BOYFRIEND!" Also, it seems we can post link without any images now, without having someone bitch about not uploading the whole story's images. Nice.
Open file (763.51 KB 1270x1600 1.jpg)
Open file (555.73 KB 1125x1600 27.jpg)
Open file (401.56 KB 1125x932 67 copy.jpg)
Open file (293.94 KB 1063x703 68 copy.jpg)
Open file (167.50 KB 1008x446 099 copy.jpg)
>>3301 in the Male Advice Containment thread asked after a source, so I decided to post it here instead: >Source on those 3 comic pages? The story is called "Master & Maid & #2-chan" (ご主人とメイド2号ちゃん) and it was collected in the book Menkui! by tosh, published in 2010. It's wonderfully silly and light. That whole volume has a lot of delightfully queany stuff and was one of the things that properly awoke me to parts of my own fetish.
Open file (476.24 KB 1075x1517 1.jpg)
Open file (647.08 KB 1075x1517 21.jpg)
>>3303 >>3301 >3 comic pages Whoops, I apparently can't read. The source for the third page is "Tiny Evil 2" by MonsieuR (MUK). It's a lot more tilted towards the humiliation/actual-reverse-NTR side of things, but in my opinion manages to somehow dodge a lot of the wretchedness that can often show up on that end of the spectrum. Be warned, though, even though the girl is a doll her short stature, small breasts, and habit of calling the guy onii-chan means this is classified as lolicon, and when I glanced at other books in the Tiny Evil series it was pretty much straight-up lolicon stuff with no queaning; Tiny Evil 2 seems to have been a happy accident.
>>3303 >>3304 Thanks anon! I thought it'd be a struggle to find these, but then I realized I just needed to include "Expunged Galleries" when searching a certain site. I'm glad to learn there was a sequel to Tiny Evil!
Open file (758.60 KB 1366x768 Screenshot (32127).png)
Open file (712.27 KB 1366x768 Screenshot (32131).png)
Open file (737.41 KB 1366x768 Screenshot (32137).png)
Open file (852.56 KB 1366x768 Screenshot (32141).png)
Have you ever heard of a hentai called Fencer of Minerva? It's set in a world very obviously based on the setting of John Norman's Gor novels where female sex slavery is normal. The main character is a girl named Diana who ends up becoming a sex slave to Sho, her long-lost childhood friend. Anyway, Sho ends up screwing a couple of other girls over the course of their adventures, and Diana's completely okay with it.
Open file (386.33 KB 1024x720 wonderful.png)
Open file (363.68 KB 1024x720 glance.png)
Open file (394.20 KB 1024x720 right before her eyes.png)
>>3686 I had never heard of it, so I found a copy and had a skim. Gotta say I was very pleasantly surprised; thank you for the recommendation anon.
>>3686 Is Gor worth the time to check it out?
Open file (161.11 KB 817x1341 Tarnsman of Gor2.jpg)
Open file (45.93 KB 282x465 464698.jpg)
>>3689 I read a few of the novels earlier in the series a long time ago and I remember them being fun pulpy sword-and-planet romps. They're not long or obtuse, so chewing through a couple shouldn't cost you too much time.
Open file (255.81 KB 640x4727 ch. 66.jpg)
Came across this pornhwa called "Keep it a secret from your mother", so technically not manga but close enough. You can ignore most of the series and focus on the last 3~5 chapters and you'll get a story about a mother cucking her daughter. The story is still on-going, so I don't know it is going to veer in that direction or not, but just those chapters about a woman fucking the man her daughter has feelings for right in front of her it's just something I wish I could see more often. https://chapmanganato.com/manga-nh991116
Open file (1.76 MB 2082x3015 005.jpg)
Open file (1.59 MB 2082x3026 011.jpg)
Open file (1.98 MB 2078x3008 012.jpg)
Open file (1.81 MB 2083x3022 016.jpg)
Open file (1.69 MB 2084x3027 017.jpg)
It's a little rough, but there is some seriously next-level stuff going on in the 28 pages that comprise HomuHika-chan no Ecchi Hon by Dorayakiya (Inoue Takuya) Can I interest you in loving sister-wifing? Cum-swapping? How about creampie eating? All a bit humdrum and normal, won't satisfy your advanced tastes? Then how about a cucked vixen, a vixening cuckquean, denial-creampies, semen provenance play, and the mastermind of the whole thing sustaining a double-reacharound self-cucking until the very last moment? Thought so. Here you go: https://exhentai.org/g/2341339/4316ee8d12/ Ain't marriage grand?
Open file (693.63 KB 1280x1842 yan yan.jpg)
385650 deffo got some undertones
Open file (119.21 KB 775x1030 Egyptian Queen.jpg)
Open file (154.95 KB 888x1131 ffcolr50.jpg)
Open file (441.76 KB 491x600 batearth.jpg)
Open file (209.19 KB 1018x1200 frank_frazetta_familiars.jpg)
>>3691 Frazetta art was life goals for me, too bad my genetic heritage gave me Twilight Princess instead. ;_;
>>4262 Id LOVE a twilight princess-esque vixen
Open file (675.99 KB 2140x3000 001.jpg)
Open file (796.61 KB 2122x3000 002.jpg)
Open file (581.16 KB 2121x3000 003.jpg)
Open file (1.56 MB 2120x3000 004.jpg)
Open file (1.40 MB 2121x3000 005.jpg)
Been a while huh? As a little Christmas present I give you: Mizugi no Tewi-chan to Uwaki Shite Sex Shita by Ippongui That's right, it's more for some more quean Reisen and vixen Tewi.
Open file (1.52 MB 2122x3000 006.jpg)
Open file (1.38 MB 2123x3000 007.jpg)
Open file (1.86 MB 2122x3000 008.jpg)
Open file (1.44 MB 2124x3000 009.jpg)
Open file (1.41 MB 2125x3000 010.jpg)
Open file (1.55 MB 2124x3000 011.jpg)
Open file (1.71 MB 2122x3000 012.jpg)
Open file (1.64 MB 2126x3000 013.jpg)
Open file (1.93 MB 2124x3000 014.jpg)
Open file (1.80 MB 2124x3000 015.jpg)
Open file (1.51 MB 1413x2000 016.jpg)
Open file (1.75 MB 2128x3000 017.jpg)
Open file (1.44 MB 2122x3000 018.jpg)
Open file (1.26 MB 2124x3000 019.jpg)
Open file (1.57 MB 2122x3000 020.jpg)
Open file (1.48 MB 1414x2000 021.jpg)
Open file (1.68 MB 1413x2000 022.jpg)
Open file (1.52 MB 1413x2000 023.jpg)
Open file (781.81 KB 1409x2000 025.png)
>>4659 Rabbit rabbit rabbit rabbit rabbit rabbit. Have a merry Christmas /cuckquean/!
>>4660 certainly an amazing Christmas present
>>4656 >>4660 Merry Christmas to you as well anon. Thank you for the present.
Open file (4.36 MB 2732x1908 002_hyoshi_mihiraki.png)
Open file (5.53 MB 1935x2732 021.png)
Open file (6.09 MB 1935x2732 022.png)
Open file (3.61 MB 1935x2732 023.png)
Open file (4.27 MB 1935x2732 030.png)
Manmaru Meido no Shihaisha-sama <<Goshujin-sama>> by Gatakomanchi (Komagata) Whew - this one's... this one's pretty good. Yeah. No fancy remarks this time, just... good. https://exhentai.org/g/2421726/896ce766b7/
>>4908 That’s full of male cuckoldry you double nigger. Nhentai was a mistake and so were you.
Open file (5.53 MB 2400x3391 00.png)
Open file (1.78 MB 1218x1720 10.png)
Open file (1.90 MB 1218x1720 15.png)
Open file (1.83 MB 1218x1720 26.png)
Open file (2.16 MB 1218x1720 27.png)
InCha Couple ga You Gal-tachi to SEX Training Suru Hanashi by Bottle Ship Bottler (Kazakura) Shy couple Akiho and Suzune haven't made any progress in their two years of being together, until their old friend Sayu reappears. Sayu has blossomed from the quiet introvert they knew into blonde-bombshell gyaru, and when she finds out that Akiho and Suzune are still virgins, she and her gyaru pack decide to help the nerdy couple have the best first time they can. This one's got a volatile set up and might seem to teeter on the edge of an undesirable direction, but don't be shaken off—there's a lot to enjoy, especially for those who love pushily bisexual vixens, as well as a satisfying payoff. First in a series of four. https://exhentai.org/g/2013759/6b2b790a72/
Open file (761.11 KB 1062x1500 003.png)
Open file (822.62 KB 1062x1500 008.png)
Open file (915.06 KB 1062x1500 012.png)
Open file (776.81 KB 1062x1500 016.png)
Open file (801.02 KB 1062x1500 019.png)
One of the nicest things about watching one's man at play is seeing how certain women relax into him after a while, how playful and spontaneous they become once he's put them into the right headspace. Being part of such a state is wonderfully healing, and that's where my love of happy harems comes from. It's rare to see that chill, happy lustiness represented as well as in Bokura ga Sefure ja Nakunaru Hi -Zenpen- / The Day We Became More Than Fuckbuddies (Part 1) by Herio Though this isn't queany—it's a casual threesome work with the promise of light romantic drama to come—the happy-harem vibes are impeccable. They all know and like each other already. The guy's handsome, laid back, and self-assured. The girls are comfortable, horny, and enjoy watching and touching each other without turning it into a bisexual thing. The sex is hot and hums along as it only can when everyone's sexually settled into each other. There's just about the cutest womb-kiss X-ray shot I've ever seen. Porn often focuses on high-chasing; it breaks taboos, strains relationships, throws us around in the hope that we'll feel something underneath the arousal, that that will be what hooks us and keeps us consuming it. It's rare to see something deeper, something nourishing. You ask me why I love sharing my man? Experience a vibe like this and you'll understand. https://exhentai.org/g/2477830/9febd854f5/
Open file (191.19 KB 1667x2086 smugcoon.jpeg)
>>4967 >The girls are comfortable, horny, and enjoy watching and touching each other without turning it into a bisexual thing. Ah yes, I too appreciate straight girls being able to perve on and touch each other heterosexually.
Open file (776.97 KB 1022x1500 0124.jpg)
Open file (869.32 KB 1022x1500 0125.jpg)
Open file (825.83 KB 1022x1500 0126.jpg)
Open file (958.52 KB 1022x1500 0127.jpg)
Open file (943.56 KB 1022x1500 0128.jpg)
NTR chapter from Arsenal's Mating Sex Days tank about a girl who dreams of what her boyfriend is getting up to with his sister when she's not around. She then finds a way to be around.
Open file (966.36 KB 1022x1500 0129.jpg)
Open file (873.82 KB 1022x1500 0130.jpg)
Open file (848.90 KB 1022x1500 0131.jpg)
Open file (950.60 KB 1022x1500 0132.jpg)
Open file (921.32 KB 1022x1500 0133.jpg)
Open file (874.86 KB 1022x1500 0134.jpg)
Open file (848.33 KB 1022x1500 0135.jpg)
Open file (846.41 KB 1022x1500 0136.jpg)
Open file (955.13 KB 1022x1500 0137.jpg)
Open file (927.49 KB 1022x1500 0138.jpg)
Open file (992.39 KB 1022x1500 0139.jpg)
Open file (709.76 KB 1022x1500 0140.jpg)
Open file (693.08 KB 1022x1500 0141.jpg)
Open file (791.55 KB 1022x1500 0142.jpg)
Open file (971.35 KB 1022x1500 0143.jpg)
>>5063 >>5064 >>5065 >>5066 That was good fun. Thanks for posting it Anon.

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