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Raising a son Anonymous 12/19/2019 (Thu) 20:41:36 No. 559
*hits pipe
Tasty meme friend.
(237.10 KB 1052x1222 Screenshot_20191223-133910_Docs.jpg)
Thanks, I found a use for this meme within minutes of finding it.
So if I lost the man I love to another woman but secured a sperm donation, and then had his son, I could be cucked by two generations.
That's high-tier, Anon.
It's mostly already sorted out, too. There was a conversation a while ago and the end result is that I got a sperm donation from my beloved. So if I have a son I guess I get double cuckqueaned.
If he didn’t have sex with you to give the donation, does that count as another layer of cucking because you were also cucked out of the pleasure of being cummed inside?
(9.69 KB 166x193 shamiko6.jpg)
>it's a real situation
How would that conversation even go? "Hey, I know you're married to someone else but I want to have a child with you as the father, can I have some jizz please?"
Maybe. I would like to feel that someday. Truth is I've never had sex.
Along those lines. We've always been very close. I told him I wanted to have a child, but I don't understand people well and can't socialize properly so I wanted a donor and if his wife is okay with it I'd like it to be him.
>cuckquean virgin conception
I refuse to believe it. This has to be a Christmas prank on us.
...is she going to give birth to the cuckquean messiah?
This all happened pretty early in the month. My virginity isn't really a Christmas-related thing, though I do see how it could be seen that way. I just never wanted to give it to anyone other than him, and he doesn't want me.
Your situation is giving me a lot of feels, Anon. I suppose it’s good that he agreed to donate, at least. Will the child know who their father is? Will he be involved as a father in any way?
No. They only agreed on the condition that I not tell the child who its dad is or try to have him involved in its life.
It’s sad that the child will grow up without a father, but it’s sadder that you’ll have to lie to the child when it asks about him. In a normal sperm donation situation you wouldn’t know the father’s identity either so you wouldn’t have to lie, but this isn’t that.

Plus, y’know, the child will be a constant reminder of how you’re not with the man you want to be. That’ll doubtless come through as you raise it.

These aren’t happy feels.
It's still made me very happy. The happiest I've been in as long as I can remember. I have a lot of love to give and I'm going to do my best.
>>595 came to this whole board in order to recover some OC that I remembered being in 8chan, but Im really lost got here after kinda giving up just enjoying the smut to console myself and your story, if true, well it was some feels could you please report how are you doing now? Kinda invested in the story
>>1572 What OC were you looking for?
>>1574 It was a random post from a femanon that described her specific brand of cuckqueaning she's enjoy In that long post, she talked how she didn't want to be the passive pne in the triangle (almost word by word iirc) and that she would take on a very active role towards the vixen The detail and passion which she described everything was very hot and endearing it ended with the vixen becoming pregant, and her embrazing her from behind and telling her that her son was as much the vixen's as it was hers Iit was a random comment in one of the threads that lasted the more, but...I checked a lot of archived thread links in endchand looking for it and nothing I spent like a whole afternoon looking for it, because I wanted to introduce my gf to the idea using that post The post had several replies reacting to how hot it was
I guess by now this femanon has had a virgin birth.
Open file (3.26 MB 2482x1771 ClipboardImage.png)
>>1576 I'm still telling myself it wasn't real, but if it was then I hope she and the child every happiness and success.

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