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(541.02 KB 1385x2000 riko_and_haru_vol03_ch16_057.png)
lesbian cuckquean thread Anonymous 11/19/2019 (Tue) 05:32:49 No. 486
"Please sleep with my girlfriend!"
What do you call a man who cucks a lesbian?
>>1302 A bull?
>>1302 An iron; they make things straight.
>>1305 >going through the overboard and trolling
i wanna fuck a lesbian while her wife watches from up close and eats the creampie and take both of them out for ice cream afterwards.
Open file (2.40 MB 2400x3000 83501753_p1.png)
Open file (1.16 MB 1852x2570 please cuckquean.png)
Greetings /cuckquean/ can someone draw /fascist/'s board tan being cuckqueaned, like her white boyfriend fucking the chick
>>1400 >>>/loomis/835 (4 minute difference) I unironically can't tell if you're a /fascist/ trying to cope with having a brown board-tan or an anti-/fascist/ trying to generate even more ""degenerate"" (race-mix, adultery) porn of the mascot as if the existing stuff isn't already. Whichever it is, I support your quest. t. overboard
>>1400 >>1401 I'd appreciate if you didn't draw that since there is already enough autism and division on the board but there's nothing I can do to stop it.
>>1402 t.Mutt with white father
Never posted here before, but remembered a doujin that'll fit in here. https://exhentai.org/g/819099/c57dcbb36b/
>>1420 Oh hey, this artist. Here's another one, all participants female this time. Anyone going to that artist's profile should be warned that they do all kinds of stuff, including men getting cucked and sissified. If you're not into that, put on your big girl panties or don't visit, because HentaiFoundry's tagging and filtering is not sophisticated enough to show you only one gender getting cucked.
>>1431 >put on your big girl panties or don't visit I had a look. No big girl panties required. It was just the usual male cuckoldry and sissy shit. Nothing particularly big or controversial about it. Thanks for the warning and for retrieving the few good pieces from there, Anon.
>>1429 >gnic >uff Good to see the old tongue alive and well.
Open file (533.19 KB 1000x563 84275726_p0.jpg)
>>1440 I don't understand what part of "lesbian cuckqueaning thread" this encompasses.
l think this thread has devolved from "Lesbian Cuckquean thread" into "Any FFM pic, no matter the context thread". Its fine in normal Cuckquean threads but not this one. The recent images didnt even suggest the girls are with each other. Only this >>1431 still does
Open file (452.49 KB 761x800 Dwcac0wVYAAiAkQ.png)
Just discovered this art. The artist posted it with this message: >They just announced that #soldier76 was gay! Hooray! I figured what better way to celebrate it than having him make love with another gay character? She is being demonized for her political beliefs: https://archive.is/J2F2s
Open file (8.33 KB 359x46 unknown.png)
I can't believe /cuckquean/ has its own vtuber now.
>>1481 wew, I didn't even know she was shipped with anyone. Details please?
>>1483 Weird stuff, thanks. Apparently Kiara the phoenix girl is possibly being cheated on by Mori Calliope the grim reaper apprentice with Watson Amelia the time-traveling detective? Except maybe not because Mori doesn't really acknowledge Kiara as her partner in the first place? Vtuber plots are strange. I found this comment with timestamps for the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QwBdIgLzOVA&lc=UgyzLSbt0L0OwKZwM8l4AaABAg
>>490 >>491 >>696 I hope this gallery I found fits here: https://exhentai.org/g/1657148/e4ceb9cc8a/ Lesbians Taking Dick Captioned Images
Open file (53.70 KB 991x465 listen.jpeg)
Her body is trying to tell her something but she won't listen.
>>1589 Can't fight nature. Hopefully she has a supportive girlfriend that will encourage her to have sex with men to explore these urges.
Open file (624.38 KB 1409x1800 LrR7Glo.gif)
>>1589 >Not in important things >Just in weird fantasies and dreams >implying that the weird fantasies and dreams aren't important Oh dear. She's not the brightest, this one. She's going to end up being ruled by this from the shadows.
>>1597 Yep, nothing big. Just her subconscious.
>>1601 Is that a whole booru dedicated to lesbians taking the D?
>>1601 Is the discord still active? The link in the pastebin is dead.

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