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lesbian cuckquean thread Anonymous 11/19/2019 (Tue) 05:32:49 No.486
"Please sleep with my girlfriend!"
>>1601 Is that a whole booru dedicated to lesbians taking the D?
>>1601 Is the discord still active? The link in the pastebin is dead.
Open file (1.38 MB 1910x1070 84979404_p0.png)
Open file (1.08 MB 1910x1070 84979404_p1.png)
>>1602 >>1601 The site seems to have died. It was alive the last time I checked on it.
>>1649 Yes, I noticed. I was posting things, and then there was a post on the forum, from the site owner, about how someone was posting loli/shota and that they deleted it and banned them. But for some reason, they appeared to have rolled the whole site back, including most of what I put up there that didn't fall under that. I asked about it, but after that they deleted the few forum posts that were there, then deleted the whole catalog of pictures. A couple got reposted, but then a few days later the whole site just disappeared. Never did find out if that discord is still there. I asked there, but again, forum got nuked even before the site did.
>>1650 Ouch that sucks.
>>1650 someone could always try making a new one
>>1650 It always starts with the loli/shota and then everything else gets nuked. It's the coal mine canary. When will people learn? At least some people learned a lesson about Discord. On another note, there's still a "working" imgur album in that pastebin but I can't figure out how to get imgur to even load on desktop anymore, and on mobile I can't get it to show me full res. Anyone know if there's a trick to it?
>>1650 Assuming it's the same LGD discord I am/was in, it's been basically deleted as well. All the porn channels are gone, as well as all of the channels period but one.
>>1692 Super lame. Was the same thing going on there? Considering the kind of people who run discord, I don't know if they'd even have a problem with that. >>1687 Couldn't say. Works on my PC. Try a different browser? >>1686 True. There's a lot of subjects that could use some boorus, like lesbians getting the D, a proper cuckquean, or a human supremacist one, but I personally have no idea what goes into actually setting up and maintaining one. My technical know-how on this internets stuff is limited.
Sort of relevant (lesbians want to start a family) https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph5f732bdfacfdb
How are there this many mangas about young girls angsting over whether to date women or "give up" and find a man?
>>1708 I think that it's a pretty common hiccup when the sexuality is developing, so it's a plot that resonates. The young lesbian is deeply confused about her girlcrushes, she sees other girls getting boyfriends, and has the idea that she'll try boys and maybe she'll get used to it and "get over" her homosexual/homoromantic impulses. She's also unfamiliar with and usually objectifies men (as many teenagers do with the opposite sex), so there's a dash of hubris added wherein she tells her ego that it'd be "easy" to "get" one. Sometimes it works like that, other times not. Adolescence is full of snares. And sometimes, just sometimes, that young lesbian's experience of this self-doubt metastasizes into a dark little grain that turns her on when she fantasizes about being raped straight, or offering her likewise-lesbian girlfriend to be cured.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sw8PKahFnI8 another cucking song When you believe in me, our time is just beginning Let's ripen the fruits of the flowering bud of love Tune your frequency to love's essence It's the sound of the honeybee's wings What kind of style do you desire to change into? The Little Mermaid transformed into a lovely pair of legs Mesmerize your identity with fashion and makeup Then I'll cast a spell upon you kurukuru・kyawawa・wawa sarasarasa・kyawawa・wawa Reach out and touch the bare pearl kushukushu・kyawawa・wawa yurayura・lala・kyawawa・wawa And become a jewel with an eye-turning aura Scatter your colorful, overflowing light kira・pata・shining kira・pata・shining Then wrap your magic carefully in sugar yuru・fuwa・shining yuru・fuwa・shining Transform yourself so you can change the world It's only just the first step The Bohemian Sky is the entrance to freedom So once you take off, those rules are gone The leading prophet is not quite understood It's ironic, because that's me Such a shame that approach isn't a suitable one But that is my love Before long your hand will drift away from mine Such talent is far from imagined For example, the beautifully charmed bare foot Will never be dependent kurukuru・kyawawa・wawa sarasarasa・kyawawa・wawa Like the antelope blowing in the wind kushukushu・kyawawa・wawa yurayura・lala・kyawawa・wawa A clever smile is just as mysterious Infuse your colorful, inner light kira・pata・shining kira・pata・shining Then enclose the love potion carefully in sugar yuru・fuwa・shining yuru・fuwa・shining Treasure the greatest spell from the bottom of your heart Because it's immersed in your charm When you believe in me, believe in yourself You know that effort has followed through
The story of Rapunzel is about Mother Goethels lesbian lover being taken away by the prince.
cropped out the man
>>1717 >cropped out the man I don't want to discourage you Anon, but I think maybe you missed.
Open file (764.90 KB 810x810 1606895597109.gif)
>>1763 I recognise that artist! Never been interested in their hyperpreg fetish but kind of admire how devoted they are to it.
Open file (31.43 KB 889x500 1607136614665.jpg)
Open file (30.66 KB 889x500 1607136588019.jpg)
Open file (32.37 KB 889x500 1607136678803.jpg)
Open file (58.46 KB 750x460 1607139691788.jpg)
Allegedly these are leaks from The Owl House but they're probably fake. Instead of deciding between the mainstream thread and the fan art thread I'll just post them here, since they do show lesbian cucking. Luz and Amity kissing, and the bully Boscha crying presumably out of jealousy after watching them.
Open file (259.56 KB 266x207 eugh.gif)
>>1649 >>1650 >>1687 >>1692 Oh, I was there. The moderators and their friends were outed as child groomers and it caused a brief but massive shitstorm, then they went into delete-fucking-everything mode to cover it all up because one of the admins lives in Mexico where loli is illegal. It was really pathetic, to be honest.
>>1731 I think there was a guy in the same position as the girl getting cucked, but on the left side of the glass (you can see a fingertip at the edge of the image)
>>1601 The fucking pastebin is privated due to pastebin taking the massive sitewide L. I pulled the Imgur album (just one of many links on there) out of my history: https://imgur.com/a/gCKx2z3
>>1942 Yay, one that ends happily.
Open file (5.95 MB 2894x3864 82162019_p0.jpg)
Open file (2.10 MB 2894x3864 82162019_p1.jpg)
https://dynasty-scans.com/chapters/misaki the girl who died was probably a cuck

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