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lesbian cuckquean thread Anonymous 11/19/2019 (Tue) 05:32:49 No.486
"Please sleep with my girlfriend!"
>>5151 >>5157 Here's a start.
Open file (1020.63 KB 500x281 50% of lesbian couples.gif)
Not sure if relevant to thread main reason why I became bi is because men are much easier to please than girls. He is sad? Have sex with him? He is emotionally devastated? have sex with him. He is angry? Have sex with him. We are both angry? Have hatesex with him. He is tired? Have oral sex with him. Not that I don't kinda miss the unneseccary drama to spice things up a bit but sewar to God seems like girls do not know where to draw a line between soap opera and complete dysfunctionality.
>>5174 >seems like girls do not know where to draw a line between soap opera and complete dysfunctionality I think it's what happens when someone becomes addicted to emotion in itself.
>>5175 Would not consider it a problem per se if they made any significant attempt to deescalate. Maybe it's my problem and I'm going for the wrong type of girls but it seems like they really try to hurt you, devaluate you and make you feel undesired whenever they are angry at you and I see that kind of behaviour more often than not in the few heterosexual couples in my small social circle.
>>5174 Men aren't quite as simple as that, at least in my experience, but then I'm not comparing a relationship with one to a lesbian BPD batterfest. Never understood even getting up to soap opera level, myself. Like, why go out of your way to feel worse? There's no audience, no end credits, only your own limited allotment of life. The rest of the world's already trying hard enough to ruin your day more often than not, no need to shit where you live. >>5175 >>5176 Yeah, it's not a pleasant thing to see happen. I'd say the best-case scenario is for two of those types to end up entangled with each other so their misery's contained but more often than not they end up either teaming up or still finding ways to involve others in the industrial quantities of domestic drama they generate.
Open file (800.08 KB 1440x1080 104849463_p0.png)
>>5197 Que?
>>5209 el gordo calvo cabrón
>>5228 that's cuckoldry you dope
>>5174 >>5180 As a man I think it's more a case of we're not all that complicated, most of the time. With women, I've noticed that they often think that there's some hidden meaning to things, or stuff said, instead of taking it at face value. I don't know why women think this way about men, but in most cases, you'll know what a man is thinking as he'll usually let you know.
https://www.reddit.com/r/betawomen/comments/1187wve/her_new_fwb/ My Alpha girlfriend (re: fiancée) has recently started seeing a male friend with benefits. We all hung out on Thursday night, and I woke up to them cuddling on the couch, fast asleep on Friday morning. When I was at work, Alpha let me know that they had sex once I left. I had a lot of feelings of jealousy and anxiety, but Alpha spent Friday night telling me about their time and comforting me, before I ate her to a few orgasms, and she made me cum for the first time in a LONG time. On Sunday night, we had some friends, including Him, over for a games night. They sat together and I liked to watch them cuddle up and be playful. After all our friends left, he stayed, and we all cuddled, talked and ate food. Alpha was tired so she went to bed, but He still wanted to stay and chat. We got on really well, and eventually we were cuddling, my head on his lap, him stroking my hair. I was getting turned on by his touch, and our talks about sexual things, so I placed his hand on my tit. He started off slowly grazing my nipple, twirling his fingers around it. It made me incredibly wet. He went lazily, for a long time, slowly increasing the intensity. I began to moan softly and hope for more. He teased and teased and I couldn’t take it and lifted my shirt for him, and begged him to go harder. He sat me up and leaned me into him, taking both nipples in both hands, pulling, tugging and twisting them firmly while whispering that I was such a good girl. I was so firmly in sub space and we locked eyes as I moaned. Eventually he told me that I needed to get to sleep, and so I whispered in his ear “yes sir”. He really liked that and pulled me in to hug and kiss me, with a firm grip on the back of my head. I walked him out with another deep kiss and many thank yous, and I went to lay with Alpha with sore nipples and a weeping, horny cunt.
>>486 I think you're all genuinely cute and I wish I was a girl so that I could enjoy the other side of the weird, frustrating-but-feels-good feeling that comes with this fetish. Male cuck stuff doesn't hit the same
>>5246 >there's some hidden meaning to things, or stuff said, instead of taking it at face value >As a man Men can be extremely cryptic too. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=91-7TWmO1e8
Open file (17.09 MB 5098x3999 110131361_p0.png)
Open file (17.51 MB 5098x3999 110131361_p1.png)
>>5512 >/r/cuckquean >one of only two comments is from a male cuckold Sasuga Reddit.
Open file (7.21 KB 259x194 Played yourself.jpg)
>be me >huge bi cuck, love the idea of my imaginary GF cheating on me with a boy I think is cute >naturally disgusted by male cuck content >confused and slightly intrigued about how gender swapping a fetish makes it go from gross to hot in my head >"the GF is getting stolen either way, why hot when it girl with stolen GF and not boy with stolen GF?" >intentionally consume some male cuck content, then genderswap the MC in my head for science >get turned on >MFW I realize I watched cuckshit and it made me wet Why do I do stupid shit like this Anons? I don't want my brain to be this smooth anymore, I think all the porn is finally cooking my brain. Please save me by posting more cute pictures of lesbians losing their girlfriends to glorious cock.
Open file (9.03 MB 1280x720 5Ky68.webm)
Open file (8.97 MB 1280x720 XmB7a.webm)
Open file (3.85 MB 480x358 30a.gif)
>>5568 >intentionally consume some male cuck content
>>5569 The POV on the second one is fantastic, thank you Anon!
Open file (48.64 KB 608x382 lesbian grandpa.jpg)
Not sure if it's more appropriate for this thread or the age difference thread.
>>5574 You are welcome. >>5577 >>5579 So many posts on that sub read like they were written by men. Wouldn't mind if they didn't pretend they were women.
You don't have to just watch. You can be physically intimate with your gf when she is getting fucked by a man. https://rule34video.com/videos/3133286/triss-shani-threesome-pewposterous-4k/ https://rule34video.com/videos/3133287/triss-shani-threesome-pov-pewposterous-4k/
Open file (781.90 KB 1280x720 m3RsaxeK1X8-1fpt.mp4)
Not a canon couple, but still... https://www.pixiv.net/en/artworks/111027327
https://nhentai.net/g/171793/179/ lesbian girl NTRs herself from her crush
>Look everyone she is swallowing all the cum. Well clearly not all of it. Also, filming it so she can watch it later sounds hot. https://twitter.com/BewyxAnims/status/1697676741420957724
Tracer already had gf. It should've been her instead of Widowmaker. https://twitter.com/cawneil
>>5713 With phone in her hand for a moment I thought she was watching them. Maybe we'll get a sequel and she will.
Open file (627.70 KB 2297x1996 EGhaJ8xVAAEPWFN.jfif)
Open file (677.06 KB 2297x2352 EGhaJ8wU4AESnsn.jfif)
Open file (687.53 KB 2297x2968 EGhaJ85UUAAWNrF.jfif)
Open file (424.15 KB 2297x1400 EGhaJ8wU0AAELUQ.jfif)

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