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Cuckqueaning in Two Dimensions Anonymous 09/02/2019 (Mon) 23:19:08 No.46
Just because they don't really exist doesn't mean they shouldn't be cucked.
Open file (10.00 MB 1280x720 chie invites naoko.webm)
It's December 23. Do you know where your boyfriend is? Of course you do! You sent him over to his female best friend's place, after all. He's a little flighty about this whole thing but he'll get into stride soon...
>>1900 Disappointingly, he swore he didn't do anything but you know better; did he think you wouldn't taste the indirect kiss she left around his cock?
Open file (319.77 KB 1667x2000 EplMj76XEAALBTe.jpeg)
Open file (262.05 KB 1667x2000 EplMj76XUAESOPj.jpeg)
Open file (209.23 KB 1667x2000 EplMj77WwAErL-V.jpeg)
Open file (176.17 KB 1667x2000 EplMj78XMAIZZ17.jpeg)
>>1901 Don't worry, in a couple of days he'll be over it and that's when you'll send him back.
Open file (989.69 KB 400x225 walking away.gif)
>>1909 Yes, I got them from the artist's Twitter after seeing edits on a booru. That artist usually leans towards pretty nasty male cuckoldry, so it was a surprise to see them use their self-insert character for some of the reverse. Even though I like their art style itself, I can't in good conscience recommend them. >these two similarly themed pics >similarly themed >multiple men Anon, I...
>>1913 I'm a blind bitch and I don't know what to tell you.
>>1914 That's okay Anon! I made the same mistake and got excited at first glance. Merry Christmas!
Stumbled on this gem of a sequence.
Open file (191.57 KB 1184x1400 EqdWlj8XAAAPnoW.jpg)
Open file (112.57 KB 1000x1100 EqdWnBhXIAAYCz_.jpg)
Open file (513.43 KB 1446x2048 Eop5AQfXIAkYKG8.jpg)
>>1900 >>1901 >>1902 ThiccWithaQ is one of the best artist for cuckquean material. I wonder, does she label herself as the the one fucking or the one being cucked?
>>1964 >one of the best artist for cuckquean material Are we talking about the same ThiccWithaQ? Because the one I know who was posted up thread just mostly does generic cheating/slut type stuff; they don’t really go closer than kinda-cuckqueaning and even that’s accidental at most.
Can't believe I'd never seen this before.
Open file (2.48 MB 1749x1051 evenicle.png)
Open file (3.17 MB 1919x1079 eveenicle.png)
What kind of girls ask this lol
Open file (3.26 MB 1919x1079 cuckquean.png)
Open file (3.23 MB 1919x1079 cuckqueveniclean.png)
Open file (3.24 MB 1919x1079 Cuckqueeveniclean!.png)
Open file (3.24 MB 1919x1078 this game is totally.png)
You girls may wanna try this game. Evenicle
Open file (3.26 MB 1919x1079 cuckquean.png)
Open file (3.23 MB 1919x1079 cuckqueveniclean.png)
Open file (3.24 MB 1919x1079 Cuckqueeveniclean!.png)
Open file (3.24 MB 1919x1078 this game is totally.png)
You girls may wanna try this game. Evenicle
Open file (7.08 KB 132x123 alicesoft grin.jpg)
Open file (76.61 KB 387x100 akamaru.png)
>>2196 >>2197 Awwww yeah, that's an Alicesoft game for sure!
>>2198 How could you tell lmao
Open file (1.62 MB 1356x975 cuckqueantag.png)
This game really need Cuckquean Tag
Open file (291.74 KB 1200x980 1.jpg)
Open file (296.50 KB 1200x980 2.jpg)
Open file (298.24 KB 1200x980 3.jpg)
Open file (298.36 KB 1200x980 4.jpg)
Open file (296.51 KB 1200x980 5.jpg)
Just opened sad panda and this amazing set was one of the first galleries. (Hame Dragon)
Open file (314.34 KB 1200x980 6.jpg)
Open file (308.18 KB 1200x980 7.jpg)
Open file (311.26 KB 1200x980 8.jpg)
Open file (325.99 KB 1200x980 9.jpg)
Open file (308.01 KB 1200x980 10.jpg)
Open file (304.93 KB 1200x980 11.jpg)
Open file (308.75 KB 1200x980 12.jpg)
Open file (315.23 KB 1200x980 13.jpg)
Open file (303.85 KB 1200x980 14.jpg)
Open file (308.21 KB 1200x980 15.jpg)
Open file (315.47 KB 1200x980 16.jpg)
Open file (303.53 KB 1200x980 17.jpg)
Open file (290.72 KB 1200x980 18.jpg)
Open file (303.27 KB 1200x980 19.jpg)
Open file (303.69 KB 1200x980 20.jpg)
Open file (961.54 KB 1638x2048 EvI103YXIAENK0u.jpeg)
Open file (937.10 KB 1638x2048 EvI103VWgAQovlv.jpeg)
Open file (150.54 KB 1098x1337 Eu5JqBxWgAE74oy.jpeg)
Open file (336.10 KB 1373x2048 Eu5TH7hWgAc9jxS.jpeg)
Open file (3.36 MB 720x720 1575866203435.mp4)
Open file (357.10 KB 1900x2000 ExNmEbNXEAQDNOD.jpg)
Open file (328.75 KB 1900x2000 ExNmEbPXIAcYMxa.jpg)
Open file (254.37 KB 1900x2000 ExNmEbUXMAM-Nz1.jpg)
>>2306 More from this artist. There's also some "futa being cucked by other futa" pics on there but I'm not sure if that fits here. Remember if your Twitter image link is only the best resolution and quality if it ends with &name=orig
Open file (280.01 KB 1900x2000 ExNmEbbW8AAgRzM.jpg)
Open file (309.94 KB 1895x2000 ExNmIowWUAEHsvV.jpg)
Open file (285.58 KB 1900x2000 ExNmIpHW8AAaPmH.jpg)
>>2352 conclusion of this set.
>>2401 Has this been brought up in the Cuckquean Hentai thread?
Open file (1.78 MB 1183x1080 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (292.06 KB 1769x2048 E1ozsciXEAA53c5.jpeg)
Open file (288.15 KB 1769x2048 E1ozschWYAIrY36.jpeg)
Open file (314.02 KB 2047x1723 E1ozscmWEAYmj34.jpeg)
Open file (316.07 KB 2047x1723 E1ozsclXEAEf_w8.jpeg)
Open file (299.73 KB 2048x1862 E1ozvrEX0AIcGtH.jpeg)
Open file (293.58 KB 2048x1862 E1ozvrIX0AMj3AB.jpeg)
Open file (292.08 KB 2048x1862 E1ozvrJX0AQGzHT.jpeg)
Open file (293.58 KB 2048x1862 E1ozvrKXEAInRku.jpeg)
Open file (278.91 KB 2048x1862 E1oz0GeXIAcT9hO.jpeg)
Open file (373.73 KB 2000x2000 E1oz4xMX0AAuY16.jpeg)
Open file (236.27 KB 1561x2094 ErAx19MXEAAteCA.jpeg)
>>2542 >>2543 God damn. Even though the art's a little rough, it's got so much heart.
>>2543 Aw, she finally admits she likes it. I hope the artist keeps making cuckquean material like this - it seems to be working out for 'em. >>2545 Not as rough as your man's cock inside me last night lmao gottem
Open file (30.04 KB 576x439 oh you.jpg)
>>2548 >Not as rough as your man's cock inside me last night lmao gottem
Open file (2.89 MB 1106x720 double bunny.webm)
>>2306 >>2352 >>2353 >>2542 >>2543 Damn, this shit is the GOAT.
Open file (18.59 MB 830x540 minus8 parodius.mp4)
>>2560 >soundless cuckchan webm You poor thing. That animation's too much fun to be slashed up and silenced like that. Here you go.
Open file (3.70 MB 1100x452 527.gif)
>>2571 oh my god its a full blown music video
Open file (263.79 KB 850x1189 01.jpg)
Open file (261.08 KB 850x1189 02.jpg)
Open file (271.36 KB 850x1189 03.jpg)
Open file (271.74 KB 850x1189 04.jpg)
ayo the pizzas here
So the same artist as >>2542 and >>2543 (mooncancer00) has other stuff, and I'm pleased to report that they seem to really, really get cuckqueaning. Here's all of what I grabbed; it's so cute!
>>2942 I accidentally left out two of the panels because they weren't uploaded separately to r34. Here they are.
>>2940 >just do me a favour and watch the whole thing back tonight before you sleep, okay~? Oh my. Charlie’s so lucky to have a vixen who looks after her so well, isn’t she? All these little stories are incredibly cute.

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