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Virtual Youtubers/VTubers, Cuckqueaning, and (You) Anonymous 09/01/2022 (Thu) 02:03:47 No.3839
>see girl with cute voice and cute anime avatar >want my man to fuck her Simple as.
>>4229 Why would he ever fill the yabbit up when he can bust on her moldy face instead?
>>4301 >changing your behavior on an anonymous imageboard where no one knows a thing about you because there might be a higher number of people watching than usual yeah that makes sense, now watch this drive (of my man's cock into a vixen's vagina) >>4304 kek >>4305 Why not both?
Open file (93.30 KB 863x588 Pippa gf.png)
>>4302 Pippa's more of a 'tears into you with knives while her boyfriend fucks you violently' kinda girl. The only things that have ever been shown to get her going are guro and ryona, anything related to actual sex has her either laughing or disgusted. And with the attitude you've mentioned you know she's the one doing the ryona in her fantasies.
Open file (487.00 KB 629x786 pippa demon core.png)
>>4300 >AH-NAWN DAHT KEFAY Is this the "ASMR" of which I have heard so much?
>>3849 Very underrated post.
>>4308 >can't get pregnant if there's no uterus *taps forehead*
>>4326 Anon, you know that deliberately stirring this sort of inter-board thing is terrible etiquette, right? Even if they are halfchanners, it’s still rude.
Open file (962.33 KB 1600x1200 @a_dogart 2022-03-27.png)
>>4321 >>4300 Thanks for the rare pippes, suckers!
Open file (327.97 KB 1080x1380 no pippanties.jpg)
>>4303 Put a shirt on, sparky!
>>4308 >The only things that have ever been shown to get her going are guro and ryona, Sauce?
>>4335 I'm not really sure just how true that is, but she did have a lot of fun shitposting back when Comma Dentata stapled her vagina shut. https://nitter.unixfox.eu/pipkinpippa/status/1518721031413936129
Open file (101.75 KB 1000x750 FbkljI0X0AA2r8C.jpg)
>>4326 What I deduced from that thread: there's a seething lum-hater amogus
>>4338 She's probably just frustrated that her man's oshi isn't lumi. The solution is obviously for her to be subjected to pic related.
Open file (92.65 KB 680x275 ultra mega queaning.png)
Okay, which one of you cucks started the whole wemi-lumi eggs convo?!
>>4340 not me some previous thread talked about buying her eggs and putting them into a chinese tradwife but i cant find the post anymore but it kind of went from there don't look at me
>>4338 >>4339 >how I sleep knowing that some innocent honest-to-God Lumi hating woman is now currently slandered as a cuckold by the internet's largest imageboard because of my reckless horni shitposting
Open file (2.95 MB 494x498 Yuri smug.gif)
>>4342 You say slandered. I say being put on the path to realizing her secret desires this entire time.
Open file (638.11 KB 1150x767 peak cuck material.png)
>>4339 I don't know who that Lia girl is but unf!..
>>4335 One of her Hatoful Boyfriend streams, can't recall which. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C0ihU5mftIc https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kzA7MyxFsXM And also this recent clip https://youtu.be/5CLqlkmowQM?t=226 She's also gone into it in a couple of MC streams and on twitter once or twice as well.
>>4342 inb4 she ends up developing that fetish anywa yas a result
Open file (162.32 KB 1200x1013 Pippa.png)
Open file (163.84 KB 1200x1013 IRL.png)
>>4236 Same
>>4306 Creampie and a massive facial? I like the cut of your job, especially when Pippa’s pretty face is the one sporting a massive load
>>4355 *jib
Open file (51.95 KB 570x520 question_mark.jpg)
>>4370 You're very kind to bring us something, Anon, but forgive me—what has this to do with us? Without context it's just the kind of thing one used to hear posted on ancient /soc/ voice threads.
>>4371 She was brought up earlier >>4216 >>4229 and either read it or fate just happened to be accomodating.
>>4372 Those clips don't seem to have anything to do with cuckqueaning or how she was brought up ITT though. Is there some context missing that would make it clear? Please don't take this the wrong way, but it seems a huge stretch to say that a yandere moment and talking about being territorial/competitive have anything to do with cuckqueaning.
Anyone got link to the site of AI generated waifus?
>>4430 If you're looking for our AI thread, >>1871 If you're looking for the neural network generation of anime girl headshots by Gwern, https://www.thiswaifudoesnotexist.net/
>>4430 >>4446 More likely anon is looking for the one Pippa used in her recent stream. https://novelai.net/
Open file (6.56 MB 3978x3090 Brideoffrankenstein.jpg)
Open file (65.68 KB 395x323 Fhpja9OaYAA3Cc2.png)
Open file (123.23 KB 1280x720 mLJg0h2s.jpg)
Open file (155.44 KB 1280x720 flavr.jpg)
Did Pippa just got cucked by her own creation?
>>4451 So the sexy little redneck vixen got cucked herself huh? That’s fucking hot
You know, it's weird to say this given I don't even watch her, but I'm starting to admire Pippa in some small and slightly horrified way. There's an integrity to her schtick.
Open file (9.05 KB 358x141 images.jpg)
>>4567 >There's an integrity to her schtick. She indeed did deliver feet pix.
>>4598 I think she said she'll deliver armpits at 250000 subs too.
>>4109 Confirmed; Ghost will let Pippa cuck Mrs. Ghost. https://youtu.be/pNdZp7IerA8
so if there was one chuuba you'd share your man's cock with, but you'd let her swallow or get splattered by all the cum, who would it be?
>>4803 Please rephrase, which part is the dilemma?
>>4804 not really a dilemma--you give your man a double blowjob, but the chuuba gets all the cum--which chuuba are you doing this with?
>>4805 Noel seems like she'd make for a fluffy uncomplicated tittyvix, so I pick her.
Open file (87.81 KB 850x696 Ina r34.jpg)
>>4803 Ina. She seems like the kind of girl who would be flattered that you're sharing your boyfriend with her, and the morning after she'd help you make breakfast. She might even make a joke about how after your bf is done eating his pankcakes, he can have someone nearly as flat for dessert.
Open file (257.20 KB 681x842 ina headpat.png)
>>4807 Comfy.
Open file (155.57 KB 1000x1000 Ichika-Noel breast envy.jpg)
Open file (754.98 KB 702x914 Ichika handbra.png)
Open file (197.75 KB 2048x1536 Ichika doots.jpg)
Open file (151.14 KB 1200x946 Ichika sweat.jpg)
Open file (1.52 MB 1794x1482 ichika slepe.png)
>>4806 Speaking of tittyvixen vtubers, what does /cuckquean/ think about Fairy Ichika? She currently sports a Japanese U-cup IRL and has managed to do a 30-hour Ring Fit stream while having them. You can audibly hear meaty thwacks when she runs, which seems to be something that not even Noel manages. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3HT2ToAm-UY https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fah6l0WhEwg
>>4807 she'd be flattened
>>4821 >30-hour Ring Fit stream >tortured herself until she got 150 viewers >that sobbing >for 150 viewers
>>4834 never knew guns can look inbred
Open file (354.53 KB 1024x768 AI phox.jpg)
>>4849 Anything can now look inbred, thanks to the magic of AI!
>>4852 what if your man is an only child and you use AI 3D waifu printing to make him the sister he never had
Open file (322.39 KB 512x512 bigbrain.png)
>>4856 Then she'd steal him from me with her giant AI designed brain.

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