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Fantasy Cuckqueaning Thread 10/04/2019 (Fri) 00:19:30 No.357
It's October, and as such, I feel it's time we have a proper fantasy thread, to discuss all the elves, monstergirls, and other supernatural beings that are almost certainly going to steal your bf.
Open file (210.51 KB 1300x417 Puke.jpg)
>>1657 > bullied-beta-bitch nerd gets a harem for doing nothing but being pathetic. Also femdom Is it really too much to ask for a handsome, self-assured, successful man who actually merits having a harem? I mean I get that this wasn't written with the cuckquean audience in mind and I also think that I somewhat come at the fetish from a different direction than most of you anyway, but to me the whole point of it all is that a guy having multiple women willing to share him signals fitness (in the Darwinian sense) on a multitude of levels, which I find very attractive. And speaking from that perspective all this story does is disgust me to the extreme. When reading this I was cringing at what felt every second paragraph, switching to different tabs all the time to recharge my pain tolerance and I still only managed about a third of the story before skipping to the end, seeing that it was still shit even there, and then just closing the tab. 2/10
>>1660 Yeah, this one's pretty egregious. They start in with that shit in the first paragraph. I mean, I'm not looking for harem protagonists to be warrior-poet billionaires here, but there needs to be something to make him seem worthy and capable, something to make us root for him. I mean that's just basic writing, even a character that is a submissive should have some redeeming quality that makes you respect them. It's even acceptable for your harem guy to be a little pathetic at the start, to give them room to grow. But they do need to show some actual agency and take control at some point.
>>1657 What a shame. I've enjoyed some of Spider's stuff before even when it wasn't my thing. He's at his best when he writes froth. >this is slightly different from my usual fare, as I do not usually write harem >Anyway, I did it to do it if that makes sense, and don’t plan on doing any more. Can't fault someone for wanting to push their creative limits, but I don't think their heart was in this one. When you include lines like >Unsurprisingly, Will found this talk arousing. then we know you're not enjoying yourself. One line did get a laugh out of me though: >“Tongue out, you nerd stud!” Could also have used another editing pass or two. How many times does one need to rephrase "a wolf girl's sexual fluids" in two paragraphs? >>1660 >>1661 It wasn't a great read. The protagonist, such as he was, underwent no change. He got bullied, then raped, then his new wives fixed the problem, and then they fucked some more. End story. I scanned through and I'm fairly sure that he didn't take one action himself. I tried to look at it through a gender reversal lens, where a buncha buff guys break and enslave a girl, and it just came out as a pretty ordinary rape fantasy. So I guess that's what the story is, from a male submissive's perspective. Ah well.
Open file (241.84 KB 884x587 chattering cuckqueans.png)
>>1662 >pic Couldn't resist fixing it.
I don't agree that the man needs to have any particular qualities, but I'm just as happy to focus on the fact that I'm sharing with another woman rather than feeling submissive to a man. There are different angles on this fetish for sure. However, I did not enjoy this story either and I agree the writer's heart wasn't in it.
>>1665 >>1664 >>1662 >>1661 >>1660 In /monster/'s eyes hellwans go only on white nerds, if didn't get it.
Open file (315.70 KB 500x600 ClipboardImage.png)
>>1665 >There are different angles on this fetish for sure. For sure. Actually, one thing I did like in the story was the bond between the girls. It manifested as clumsy lezzing out, but the core sweetness was there. I think it'd have been better if he'd been overpowered by one girl initially, we think it's standard femdom, then the other two arrive and the first girl invites them in on things. Gives the scene structure and momentum, whereas right now it's a one-note AND THEN THEY REVERSE GANGBANGED. Add a bit towards the end where he surprises the girls by displaying some kind of sexual initiative (he doesn't have to give up the submissive position, subs can be creative too) and the first girl is happy about it (we can say it's because it's giving the other girls pleasure, but also could be because she likes her slaves less passive), and the story might be at the start of being saved. Tweak the final scene a bit to please people like >>1660 and >>1661 by having him stand up to yon bullies, but keep it as a malesub story by giving him the motivation of protecting his new wives' property (himself) rather than doing it for his own sake, and it might end up alright. >>1666 I know, Satan! But weren't these girls werewolves, not hellhounds?
>>1667 >I know, Satan! But weren't these girls werewolves, not hellhounds? Maybe they could have been hellwans, but I don't know.
>>1666 >ywn stud your smart white hubby out to an enthusiastic ashy nerdhellwan >ywn spread rumors that your hubby is a proud oppressor so you get home invaded by a squad of hellwans looking to extract reparations from his dick >ywn get to make chocolate-and-cream jokes before you clean up a hellwan's creampie Why live?
Open file (419.89 KB 900x580 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (70.94 KB 400x575 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (126.12 KB 800x401 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (388.29 KB 720x864 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (950.22 KB 1654x1365 ClipboardImage.png)
>>1666 It's basically a long running joke memeing about hellhounds being (literally) black. More serious stories tend to ignore it, but it's proven pretty persistent in more comic stuff. Jokes about being sexually aggressive but dumb, speaking in ebonics, being convinced that "they waz queenz", "Hey, where are the white bois at?", that sort of thing. Perusing the booru should give you the general idea: https://ourobooru.booru.org/index.php?page=post&s=list&tags=hellhound sage for off topic
Open file (1.43 MB 1093x1000 ClipboardImage.png)
>>1672 Then it's your choice whether to post your cock or to GTFO.
I'm sorry, but "hellwans"?
>>1677 (checked) It's /monster/'s shorthand for the Hellhound monstergirl. ワン (wan) is the sound dogs make in Japanese, and is often used as a very informal substitute for 犬 in speech, so hellhound -> helldog -> hellwan.
Why was my post deleted? Do I really need to post my duck. Ok >>1673
Broke rule: Any guro must be spoilered and accompanied by a warning in its post.
>>1679 Also I don't know how to take photo of my dick properly.
Broke rule: Any guro must be spoilered and accompanied by a warning in its post.
>>1680 >>1679 >Broke rule: Any guro must be spoilered and accompanied by a warning in its post That's not guro mods, that's just my dick. That's it. Did somone misimpreted my dick for guro?
Open file (223.99 KB 1280x720 girls_laughing.mp4)
>>1679 >>1680 >>1681 >it happened again
>>1679 >>1680 based mods
Sorry my harem story didn't work for you guys. It was an honest attempt, I generally write monogamy and femdom.
>>1699 It's okay, you tried. I read some of your other stuff and it was better (that quean tease in Seamed Gams tho!). Hope the continuation of Day of the Spike isn't as difficult for you. (Also why is the Concordat... like that?) >>1662 What is "froth"?
Open file (176.17 KB 453x326 1470675855.png)
>>1699 That's alright. We know you weren't writing it for us. Any femdom I try to write seems to come out as flavourless pap, so you did better outside your area than I do outside mine. Erotica's hard to write without one's instincts guiding the way. >>1700 >Hope the continuation of Day of the Spike isn't as difficult for you. Maybe it'll be a little smoother because the love interest is a single hivemind rather than multiple individuals. >(Also why is the Concordat... like that?) I assumed it was the worst parts of our world developed ad absurdum, where the ugly seek extermination of all Beauty and Truth. >What is "froth"? Imagine a meringue, mousse, or foam. Light, airy, and when put in your mouth the flavour it delivers is in part because of that fluffy frothiness. Some of Spidernon's stories have the same texture where they rollick gleefully along on their own terms and you can't quite believe that you're enjoying yourself as much as you are. Many come off as pastiches, but there's a little something extra that gives them sparkle. The examples that come to mind for me are Brush and Blade, Unmarried Goose Girl, the Shub-Niggurath stories/Firm stories, and the Maria series.
>>1700 I appreciate it. The Concordat is just ridiculously evil and unpleasant. >>1703 Thank you for the kind words. Hopefully the HiveMind works out okay.
Open file (1.11 MB 1400x1866 ClipboardImage.png)
>>1704 A moment of unforgivable hypocrisy: Please continue WanTrek! I love it and want to see how the Fucking Bicörn turn out.
Open file (100.55 KB 570x793 ai-journal.jpg)
>>1700 >Day of the Spike Reminds me a little of our discussions on AI cuckqueaning a long time back. If the girlfriend in this story is a hivemind who rebuilds and recycles her various bodies as she pleases, she'd be much like a the hypothetical AI vixen who iterates over different robowaifu body designs. Welcome to the vanguard of post-human sexism!
Open file (572.56 KB 1280x870 vanguard.jpg)
Open file (395.12 KB 1200x848 of.jpg)
Open file (188.56 KB 1202x922 post-human.jpg)
Open file (134.95 KB 996x778 sexism.jpg)
>>1707 >Welcome to the vanguard of post-human sexism!
>>1707 >Reminds me a little of our discussions on AI cuckqueaning a long time back. I can't find this thread at all, but it sounds interesting. Was this on the old board? I really don't understand why the board owner doesn't spool the old threads into the new board before it's too late, given the frequent doom predictions for 8kun or whatever they're calling themselves now.
>>1713 >I really don't understand why the board owner doesn't spool the old threads into the new board before it's too late, given the frequent doom predictions for 8kun or whatever they're calling themselves now. It's called 8kun now, yes, and I haven't done it for a few reasons: 1) The size of all content from the previous version of the board (of which I have two separate backups by different means) is about 12GB. I'm hesitant to dump all that into Anon.cafe, which has limited resources that have to be shared between all boards now and into the future. I have it on good authority that we are not subsidized by rich eccentrics for whom money is no object. 2) Being an imageboard, there are a limited number of threads we can keep on-catalogue. If I dump in a lot of threads, that will either kill existing threads or push some of the restored threads off the board anyway. 3) No available software that I presently know about exists to take 8kun dumps, parse them, and load them into a LynxChan database. I've seen some who claim to have written some, but they've chosen to keep it to themselves rather than open-source it because it seems to be one of the ways they attempt to recruit boards to their own place. I had hoped that /robowaifu/'s BUMP archival software (which I got working and used to grab one of my two backups) had a way of re-posting into a LynxChan database, but no dice. So that's the situation, which broadly boils down to money and time. If you want to go for a makeshift solution, you might go to 8kun, pick out the threads you'd like to preserve, and push them into a service like archive.is, then post the archived links in relevant threads here to act as a reference.
If you could choose, which kind of non-human or demi-human vixen would you most want to share your man with?
Open file (864.50 KB 2105x1455 1593208931766-0.jpg)
Well the whole debate on Spidernon's story has got me wondering if there is a range of malesub/femdom compositions which could be /cuckquean/ approved. Does the guy have to embody/develop a little dominance, or can some other sense of character value or development stand in as long as it's well defined and turns him into more than a non-agent to be acted upon? On the other hand, to what degree could the dynamics between the quean and vixen qualify a story? If the relationship between the women fleshed out, in the spotlight, and has a satisfying power element to it, could it scratch that itch by proxy even if the male isn't quite pulling his weight as an agent?
>>1734 >can some other sense of character value or development stand in as long as it's well defined and turns him into more than a non-agent to be acted upon? I think so. It’s true of most fiction that a character is defined by what they pursue and/or by what pursues them. How can we care about what happens to them if there are no stakes? A character that does nothing and goes nowhere isn’t interesting unless you’re writing an anti-plot like Waiting for Godot (and even those sorts of characters expend a lot of effort and try a few different ways to go nowhere). >to what degree could the dynamics between the quean and vixen qualify a story? If the relationship between the women fleshed out, in the spotlight, and has a satisfying power element to it, could it scratch that itch by proxy We already know this is possible because some cuckquean stuff focuses on the dynamic between quean and vixen to the point that it can feel pseudo-lesbian at times. In these, the man is often pretty generic and faceless, a symbolic means to the real end. Such works usually play to the humiliation-quean side of things, though I have seen a few compersive works that focus on the relationship between the women without involving the man much at all. As for doing this kind of dynamic where the man is explicitly submissive, I don’t know because that’s not really my thing. I guess one could write a story about a domme who lends her male sub out to one of her friends - that has a few different dynamics you could explore. There doesn’t necessarily have to be a sexual power dynamic between the women in these stories either. In the example idea above you could make the two women co-dominant or platonically equal to each other and you’d still get a satisfying story as long as you fleshed out their relationship as friends or ex-colleagues or enemy spies or whatever you want to do with it. In the case where the submissive man is also a fleshed out character, you could relegate him to secondary status but it would still be more satisfying if he changed from the experience of being shared. For example, he might be worried about performing or being over-excited by a new woman, or worried for his dominant’s reaction to the reality of him fucking another, then that worry drains, intensifies, or changes as the sex unfolds. He might be proud to be put out to stud and determined to make his mistress look good, then abruptly find he’s not as enthusiastic about the sex as he thought he was, and that has to be solved. I guess the point I’m making here is that to be /cuckquean/-“approved” a story has to have characters that things happen to, not happen at. As to the objections further above, it’s nice to root for an underdog, but we have to like, sympathise with, or otherwise have a reason to be aligned to that underdog. If we merely find the underdog contemptible without having a reason to care about him then all we end up doing is cringing and wishing we were watching someone else. There has to be a bit of light and a bit of shade on the canvas, you know?
Open file (1.91 MB 1125x1575 1600557972337.jpg)
>>1724 Foxgirls for sure. They are literal vixens after all.
POV: You're holding the robowaifu's wrists.
>>1724 >>1756 My vote is for foxies as well. It's hard to go past them fluffy tails.
For those ITT who’re interested, the next part of the Husband of the Swarm/Day of the Spike story came out. >>1707 >the girlfriend in this story is a hivemind who rebuilds and recycles her various bodies as she pleases The story above identifies a failure mode in iterative waifu development and now I need to order a new pair of sides.
>>1773 There's that one doujin by Date about some slime monster falling in love with a guy and nomming every girl he likes/sleeps with so it can mimicry as them. I guess it's technically somehow cuckquean stuff, but still kinda iffy, plus the constant murders of perfectly good vixens and the fact that the main "girl" is actually some asexual slime thing. Should I dig it up?
>>1774 >the main "girl" is actually some asexual slime thing How dare you. She's a yandere slimegirl, emphasis girl. But yeah, the digestion of vixens rubbed me the wrong way. Feel free to post it over in the eromanga thread.
Open file (153.89 KB 727x194 moist copy.png)
>>1771 >last pic I didn't know that I wanted to see my bf's handprint on a foxgirl's butt, but it turns out that life's a fuckin' adventure of discovery.
Open file (699.95 KB 2300x1900 Epg-CNQXcAMbP5n.png)
Open file (630.45 KB 2300x1900 Epg-CMgXUAEyYNF.png)
Open file (137.58 KB 615x615 trustworthy squire.png)
>>1885 Checks out.
>>1890 Yep, I mean he says himself that she's trustworthy. Would she wear such revealing clothing if there wasn't strong trust between them? Plus, having her big fat titties out in the open will sexually intimidate any would be temptresses that wish to sully his honor. She will of course have to stay close by at all times, including sharing rooms at inns, eating together, and showering together. This constant vigilance will keep him safe.
>you will never arrange to have your wolfgirl bff customised and delivered to hubby like this Bad feel.
>>1893 Why aren't When are you gifting him a nice, petite, wrapped vixen (sub-quean?) for Christmas? Order now from cuckquean industries! Gamer girl headphones and glasses sold separately
>>1896 Do they come in models other than asian? You know, in case you got him one last year and you want to try something different.
>>1896 >ribbon bondage I've always appreciated that CQI doesn't charge extra for gift-wrapping. It's that eye for detail, you know? >>1897 You can see why the asian line is their mainstay. I hear they'll shortly be adding a short slim redhead model presently developed under the codeword Firecracker, and a bouncy glasses-girl blonde developed under Spark Plug. Hopefully the market responds; I know I would.
Open file (410.87 KB 915x1280 just look.jpg)
Open file (57.86 KB 1220x662 summary.png)
Open file (1.03 MB 1732x3200 EqJ7Tn3U0AAdqEM.jpeg)
Open file (2.20 MB 1732x3200 EqJ7UI4UcAAh_nK.jpeg)
>>1893 Fox boxes are becoming very popular.
>grab these screenshots >monstergirllovehotel...? >strange name, but I guess I'll have a look- >HEY GUYS ANOTHER UPDATE THIS TIME WE ADDED A TRIPLEDICKED FUTA AND A HORSECOCK MONSTERBOY PLEASE GIB PATREON SHEKELS Every fuckin' time.
>>1938 unfortunately, thats the best long term and most money making form of patreon games.

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