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Fantasy Cuckqueaning Thread 10/04/2019 (Fri) 00:19:30 No.357
It's October, and as such, I feel it's time we have a proper fantasy thread, to discuss all the elves, monstergirls, and other supernatural beings that are almost certainly going to steal your bf.
>>2572 >>2573 This is innovation. But how is hubby to sit next to her like that?
>>2574 I presume they park her in that handicap slot on the side of the aisle where there's no seat. Not that I'm saying being a cuck is a handicap. Per se. That or he just sits on her back.
Open file (792.21 KB 960x540 XlPI7C4.png)
>>2574 Centaur no Nayami had lots of thought put into what a centaur-accessible (+ snek-accessible, mermaid-accessible, etc.) world would look like. The usual way they did seating was to have centaur-sized couch seats (pic related). >>2575 >That or he just sits on her back. L-Lewd!
Sorry I didn’t want to turn this thread into just pictures of my OC Bicorn. If it’s too much let me know and I’ll stop
>>2578 No, no, it's fine. We're a slow moving board, so I say any relevant content is good.
Open file (204.58 KB 850x966 belfast4.jpeg)
Open file (156.25 KB 736x1080 kaga school girl.jpg)
Open file (1.90 MB 1231x1715 enterpriseandzuikaku.png)
/cuckquean/, who is the best vixen from Azur Lane?
>>2580 Enterprise should cuck every jap ship for historical reasons.
Open file (322.94 KB 790x826 happy_horse_tl.png)
Open file (230.51 KB 790x826 happy_horse_2_tl.png)
Be careful about cucking a unicorn, she may begin to like it
>>2599 I think I'm developing insulin resistance thanks to all these cute bicorns.
So...Sorry to steer the conversation away from the manga and anime and cartoon, but something got me curious. Myth is technically "Fantasy too right?" Kind of wondering, despite the notion that men has always been cheating on women more and that women like taken men more, how many cuckqueaning actually happens in myth? Only 3 I can think of are Hera, Penelope and Brynhildr. With Hera's husband being serial adulterer and Penelope's husband got raped by multiple women in multiple myth. And lastly Brynhildr got drugged to forget about her. Is/are there any others?
>>2629 Some apocryphal Abrahamic traditions hold that Adam fucked some other broad named Lilith, and may or may not have begat a race of evil demihumans in doing so. Not sure fidelity was expected back then, or even a formulated concept, but whatever. What's this about Brunhild being a cuck though? I can't find anything about that.
>>2631 It's been a while since I read the Nibelungenlied, but the basic structure of the legend is, Seigfried is a supernaturally powerful warrior, who wants a piece of the nearby Rhine kingdom. The reigning king, Gunter, agrees to let Seigfried marry his sister, Kreimhilde, on the condition that Seigfried help him marry the warrior-queen Brunhilde. He does so by using an invisibility cloak, and physically helping Gunter overpower the queen. Brunhilde is suspicious of foul play, so on their wedding night, she refuses to sleep with Gunter, physically overpowering him. At which point he begs Seigfried for help, who then disguises himself as Gunter, and deflowers Brunhilde. The two women discover this, and Seigfried is betrayed by Gunter and his knights. It's not quite cuckqueaning in any traditional sense, at least to my knowledge, but it's a shame no adaptation ran with that angle. The framework is there, with Brunhilde and Seigfried having an implied backstory, and the whole reason for the discovery being Kreimhilde' pride for her lover. She gets married off as a political tool later in the legend, and remarries, but is still treated like the villain after she starts calling for revenge. It's most fitting as a tragedy, I believe.>>2631
>>2632 All I'm getting here is male cuckoldry, and I feel baited and tricked.
>>2633 No, Bryndhildr marry Sigurd (not Siegfried, thats the name for the German ver) after he saved ger from flaming stone bed. Because he is a warrior, one day, he got called by the kingdom and the princess of the kingdom fall in love upon meeting him. He is already married to Brynhildr so he refuse her approaches. When the princess consult the queen, her mother, she give her a potion that force amnesia. Sigurd later drink it when it's mixed with his meal during his stay in the kingdom. He forgot about himself and Bryndhildr and the princess, Gudrun then seduce him and he falls in love with her. Brynhildr and her daughter with Siegfried waiting for him but never come back. One day, the king of the kingdom who is the brother of Gudrun, Gunnar saw Brynhildr searching for Sigurd and he likes her. He tries to seduce her but she said only the man that can save her from a flaming bed may become her husband. Sigurd offers his help to make Brynhildr marry Gunnar, which the king accept. Sigurd then disguise himself as Gunnar and saved Bryndhildr from the flaming bed...Again. It was said that his memory returns during this time but he was already married with Gudrun and have child with her, alongside his vow to help Gunnar, makes him reluctant to take Brynhildr back. The one the other anon is saying is about Siegfried, Kriemhilld, Brunhilda, and Gunther. Which have different settings altogether but similar plot. In addition, Lilith was said to be the first wife of Adam who refuse to be submissive to him and they seperates, where God later give Adam his second wife, Eve. Thats not Cuckqueaning. Yeah Brynhildr is more cuckqueaned in the story.
>>2641 >>2633 Brynhildr and her daughter with Sigurd, not Siegfried. Sorry typo...
>>2641 >>2642 Shit, you're right. You're referencing the Norse version, the one the Ring opera was adapted from, right? I was thinking of the german adaptation. My bad.
>>2643 Yes lol, you are talking about Brunhilda the queen of Iceland who is portrayed to be crueler than Valkyrie Brynhildr.
Open file (733.74 KB 1551x1204 1626286129996-0.jpg)
Hello yes I would like to order one (1) tol 'nubis sister-wife please
Open file (92.40 KB 736x900 FAyfdVuWUAE8BB9.jpg)
October again, folks. You know what that means, girls: Monstergirls are going to abduct and have sex with your boyfriends, husbands, and men you know and just kind of like and hope things will go somewhere. Or possibly home invade, where they will make vigorous love to the man in your life, probably in your own bed. It's important to know this is coming, and accept it, as there's no stopping it. It's a beautiful and natural part of the cycle of life for them. How do you prepare and manage Cucktober?
>>2904 >have to spend night in spooky house to inherit long-lost uncle's estate >turns out the will was forged by poltergeist girl who steals your bf >hiking along Japanese mountain trail at night, hit mysterious invisible wall >invisible wall stops only you, nurikabe steals your bf >set out to provide that mysterious werewolf plaguing village is just a man in a suit who would get away with it if it weren't for your meddling >turns out that werewolf is neither fake nor a man, and she steals your bf >climb mysterious vine >fee fi fo fum, giant girl wants all your bf's cum >disturb ancient Egyptian tomb >end up bound in wrappings while resurrected mummy steals your bf >discover ancient city in Antarctica built with mind-warping geometry and full of secrets man was not meant to know >such as the shoggoths, who steal your bf
>You are working in your lab late one night >When your eyes behold an eerie sight >For your monster from her slab, begins to rise >And suddenly, to your surprise... >(She steals your man!) She steals your dear bf >(She steals your man!) It is a boyfriend theft >(She steals your man!) She rolls her hips so deft >(She steals your man!) Until there's no cum left >From your laboratory where your monster fucks him >To the master bedroom where the vampires suck him >The ghouls all come and line up as a flock >To get a ride on your bf’s cock! >(They steal your man!) They steal your dear bf >(They steal your man!) A grievous boyfriend theft >(They steal your man!) Your pussy’s left bereft >(They steal your man!) All while you schlick stage left >The zombies are having fun >The party has just begun >The guests include wild slimegirls and several monstrous nuns >The scene is rockin’, he’s done nothing but screw >You’re in chains, suspended for a better view >Your frustrated pussy drooling all the while >As he hammers a werewolf - doggy style! >(Who steals your man!) Who's stealing your bf >(Who steals your man!) There's really no contest >(Who steals your man!) It's his sexual quest >(Who steals your man!) To give them all his best >Out of their chambers the catgirls decant >Their bodies perfect and their clothing scant >They pounce on your man and start having fun >There's plenty of night left before he's done! >(All steal your man!) They all steal your bf >(All steal your man!) It’s a boyfriend theft fest >(All steal your man!) He has no time to rest >(All steal your man!) Drowned in their ample chests >Now everything's cool, it all went as you planned >Your bf was again the hit of the land >With your serum he has nothing to fear >When they come back to have another go next year! >(To steal your man!) To steal your dear bf >(To steal your man!) A halloween fuckfest >(To steal your man!) In which at your behest >(To steal your man!) He cums in all the guests
>>1773 >Husband of the Swarm/Day of the Spike I just caught up on this to the end. I loved it. Madcap mixtures of pop culture, video games, and other cultural feedstock built into this fever dream of a universe is normally the sort of thing I hate, but it's done with such unconcerned panache here that I found myself adoring it. I think Spidernon's writing is at its best when it's silly and weird, because that's when, strangely enough, it feels the most real. There's an intoxicating sense of honesty behind all of the stories that take place in the Firm universe(s?), and this one is no exception. It was nice to see a submissive male character with a proper character arc. I don't know if it was in some small way down to our previous criticism of the werewolf reverse gangbang story—after all, some of Spider's stories before that one had already done it properly—but I saw many of the weaknesses we criticised being very particularly addressed, and I was pleased with the results. The way that the main character's story of overcoming was treated as a farce—but an important farce that was to be respected and had real consequences—made complete sense and I didn't feel that it diminished his victory one bit. It looked like a very difficult balance to pull off. Bravo. To the sex. I expected to be grossed out by the hivemind girlfriend's various xenomorphic bodies, but they just came off as cute. How the fuck does someone make a swarm of tiny vagina-slug-faeries or a gigantic titty caterpillar who lactates blue milk cute? Well I saw it happen, right there in that story, and I've still no idea how it was done. Amazing. I know that fucking the different bodies of a hivemind isn't technically cuckqueaning, and that this was written from a submissive male PoV, but some of the sex scenes still managed to inadvertently push a couple of my buttons. The way her various bodies cooperated was pretty hot, and—not gonna lie—if I was a galaxy-spanning all-consuming hivemind I would probably not do nearly as well at thinking up such terrifyingly cute forms to fuck my husband with. Plus that scene at the end, the way the Suk-Suk forms were eventually put to use... damn. Damn. Overall I recommend giving it a try, and you'll quickly know if you want to keep reading all the way to the end or not.
Open file (579.67 KB 843x1280 this.png)
Open file (291.82 KB 512x512 is this.png)
>>1669 >ywn get to make chocolate-and-cream jokes before you clean up a hellwan's creampie >a hellwan's creampie Just thought of a new term for that...
>>2905 >>2906 See this is the classic /cuckquean/ halloween content I like to see.
>>2910 Cuck-ween, if you will.
>>2905 >>2911 Nice. >>2906 *applause* >Their bodies perfect and their clothing scant I'm gonna imagine the r's being rolled like a purr here. >>2908 Do they make, like, spicy Oreos with a pinch of cayenne? That's what I'm imagining. >>2907 Oh shit is this finished? I read part 1 forever ago and decided I'd check back eventually. Not gonna lie though, the comically evil Earth government both squicks and depresses me a bit.
>>2913 >Do they make, like, spicy Oreos with a pinch of cayenne? That's what I'm imagining. I happen to be in the middle of baking right now and this has put me in a terrible dilemma. Even if the idea I've just had does end up yielding delicious spicy chocolate biscuits with a creamy filling that's both delicious and novel to eat, I'd never be able to serve them to guests.
>>2911 I should be angry, but I am not. >>2913 >r's being rolled like a purr That’s how I read it too. > the comically evil Earth government both squicks and depresses me a bit. Yeah. Misery, ugliness, and humiliation inflicted for its own sake isn’t easy thing to see; I gathered that was rather the point. Cones in eyes indeed. >>2915 >Anon, these are delicious! “T-Thanks, you too.” >What do you call them? “Hellhound Creamp—NO WAIT—I-I mean… Hellfire, uh, Creams…” >Still haven’t finalised the name, huh? Wow, the way that I can suck out the filling like this to soothe the heat from the spice is really fun, too. “H-Haha, yeah, I, um… I like that part a lot too.” >This was an experiment, right? Can I see your recipe notes? “My n-notes!? I, I, er…” (Smash cut to close up pan of Anon’s notes, complete with doodle of grinning dog-woman with flaming eyes pointing expectantly between her spread legs. Smash cut back to Anon.) “…I don’t really keep notes. All in my head, y’know?”
>>2915 This wouldn't be a problem for me because I like apparently innocent things with dirty secrets. I might even pretend I am a succubus in disguise and that my spicy devils food will corrupt the partaker. Anyway, get your partner to serve dessert instead? >>2916 >>Anon, these are delicious! >“T-Thanks, you too.” kek
Open file (2.46 MB 382x498 eyebrow motion.gif)
>>2917 >get your partner to serve dessert instead?
>>2915 >>2917 So far, both of my experiments that aimed to create a hellhound creampie biscuit have ended in failure. My first experiment succeeded in making a deliciously spicy, soft cocoa biscuit dipped in tempered dark chocolate that worked well with an Italian style buttercream flavoured by a raspberry and/or cherry liqueur, but the reality of that sort of biscuit is that all attempts at structure simply melt away in the oven, even when you use a form, and dipping such a soft biscuit in melted chocolate is a fucking nightmare. Using a little sprinkle of dried, powdered raspberries in the shape of the hellhound's eye flames on top of the chocolate worked better than I expected, though. I tried an American style for my second attempt; the structural results were more or less the same, plus their style of buttercream not only overwhelmed any attempt at flavour but also gave me what feels like sucrose poisoning. I only sampled two, then had to eat salmon to get rid of the sugar-nausea. I think I'll throw the rest out. I don't know where to go from here. Ideally I want to get a little deniable flourish in there that suggests vulval lips enclosing cum to the dirty-minded but appears merely decorative to everyone else. Oreo biscuits are a wafer, but I don't think that style would respond well to 3D forming. Perhaps a tuile or a snap base would work, but I can't imagine how one might get enough spice or cocoa in there to properly carry the theme, nor how one might be able to integrate any kind of filling. Here is a picture of a baking monster girl to make this something other than an incongruous baking blog post on an obscure fetish board.
Open file (819.96 KB 960x540 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (2.55 MB 1600x898 ClipboardImage.png)
>>2978 Maybe bake the structure separately and add the cream after like a Boston cream doughnut? If you want a lot of structure you could maybe mess around with something like devil's food cake or brownie mix. And if it gets too rigid to inject the cream with a pastry bag you could mess around with carving them to accept the filling, kind of like a stuffed raston (pic related). That option could also give you some deniability on an unusual shape for the hole to inject cream into... (And after writing all of that, I realized I just described a Little Debbie cupcake or a chocolate Twinkie. Is that what those have been this whole time?!)
>>2980 I did consider going for more of a filled cake than a biscuit like you suggest, but I thought it would be very difficult to bake in the kind of structure that doing a cake that subtly evoked a pussy would require without it looking obvious, crude (in the crafting sense), or otherwise vulgar. I suppose one could do it with special food-grade silicon molds, but I've not the materials nor commitment to the idea to go to the trouble of making them. Lots that one can do flavour-wise, though - one of my early ideas along these lines was a kind of shaped spicy chocolate lava cake that would spill out with some kind of condensed milk-based sauce when cut into. This would probably be around the time I might start reflecting on how my life choices have lead me up to the moment of making this kind of post, if I had any shame left. >stuffed raston I had no idea what this was, so I looked it up and ended up loving the original recipe: >Take fayre Flowre and the whyte of Eyroun and the yolke, a lytel. Than take Warme Berme, and pute al these to-gederys and bete hem to-gederys with thin hond tyl it be schort and thikke y-now, and caste Sugre y-now there-to, and thenne lat reste a whyle. An kaste in a fyre place in the oven and late bake y-now And then with a knyf cutte yt round a-bove in manner of a crowne, and kepe the crust that thou kyttest, and than caste ther-in clarifiyd Boter and Mille the comes and the botere to-gederes, and kevere it a-yen with the crust that thou kyttest a-way. Than putte it in the ovyn ayen a lytil tyme and than take it out, and serve it forth. Sounds delicious; I might try it after (if) the Hellhound Creampie Biscuit Problem is put to bed.
>>2978 Oh, you're actually trying to make it look like a... Well, now I understand your reluctance to serve it to guests! I thought you were just going for a spicy Hostess cuckcupcake like >>2980 describes. Maybe that can be the version for normies guests. Also! If you succeed I would love pictures and a recipe. Or at least the recipe. I bake, just... not well enough to suggest things like the other anon. (I'm going to tell my beloved this is why I deserve to be cucked. Giving him silly reasons is one of our things.) Unrelatedly: Salmon is a nausea cure? What? I wouldn't have guessed seafood could do that.
>>3007 >Oh, you're actually trying to make it look like a... Deniably! I’ve had some promising sculptural results by jumping off from tuiles à la cigarette russes. It turns out that an idealised vulva is shaped a lot like the leaves of a little plant, given the correct framing. >If you succeed I would love pictures and a recipe. Or at least the recipe. I bake, just... not well enough to suggest things like the other anon. (I'm going to tell my beloved this is why I deserve to be cucked. Giving him silly reasons is one of our things.) But if I share the recipe and you successfully make it then won’t you have double reacharound cucked yourself out of deserving to be cucked? >Salmon is a nausea cure? You’re as surprised as I was. I just suddenly felt the overwhelming need to eat salmon over the sugar-sickness’s miserable buzz. As soon as I got my mouth around some, lo - I was delivered from the buttercream’s cloying malaise.
>>3008 >It turns out that an idealised vulva is shaped a lot like the leaves of a little plant, given the correct framing. Or the petals! People use that metaphor for a reason. >But if I share the recipe and you successfully make it then won’t you have double reacharound cucked yourself out of deserving to be cucked? No! I'm still a stupid slut who needed a better girl to teach her!
Open file (376.71 KB 2300x1900 FC_4p4iXMAMI6qn.png)
Open file (484.10 KB 2300x1900 FC_4qAjXsAAAU63.png)
Open file (549.12 KB 2300x1900 FC_4qEXWEAQvniz.png)
Open file (473.54 KB 2300x1900 FC_4qCPWUAI0VcP.png)
This Baalbuddy comic isn't cuckquean material itself, but it made me think. Imagine if your partner doesn't have second sight but you do. And then some slut spirit shows up and starts draping herself on your partner. All. The time. And you just have to deal with that because you don't want to sound like a madwoman who not only believes in spirits but gets jealous of them. Meanwhile your partner sometimes says stuff like "Ah, I feel oddly cool down there suddenly... but it feels kinda good."
>>3014 The worst part of that situation would be that the spectral slut, who I imagine might get quite smug once she figured out I could see her, would never end up having that smug dicked out of her.
Inter-monstergirl cuckqueaning? Here's Monster Girl Quest's Alice recruiting vixen Tamamo for a little session with her man Luka.
>>3008 Hey baking anon, I dunno if you still come here, but I happened to see two things that reminded me of you.
>>3763 I feel very remembered! Baking and other cooking had put more on my thighs than I wanted so I had to forego experimentation with all that sugary stuff. I still have my notes and molds but since I'm also working hard at long-term body improvement, it might be a little while before I have another try at the idea. >that level of shortcrust sculpting Hot fucking damn.
Open file (89.77 KB 750x787 20220906_205254.jpg)
Nothing can keep her from your boyfriend now.. 🧛‍♀️
Not directly related, but it made me laugh to imagine a wolfgirl vixen pitching herself in this way.
4000 GET is hereby claimed in the name of catgirl maids for domestic use.
Inviting your submissive monstergirl friend to help you warm your husband's bed had seemed like such a good idea at the time—she'd been secretly in love with him for a while, and you two already got along famously: What wasn't to like? Turned out she had more in common with you than either you or she suspected. Now there are two keys around hubby's neck, and soon his bed will be even warmer.

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