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Breast Thread Anonymous 01/23/2021 (Sat) 04:52:29 No.2022
Let's talk tits! Breast envy is best envy. What is your preference for your man to fuck in an ideal world? Bigger than you or smaller? Completely flat chested?
>>2225 Peculiar men, like those who wish their women to resemble the female form, not farm animals. And I was mistaken, it must be your husband who is the dwarf. They're the only ones who like exploring such cavernous holes.
Open file (3.94 MB 3150x2240 71257071_p0.png)
Open file (2.22 MB 1778x1000 71262721_p0.png)
>>2227 Peculiar men like those who want to embrace immature younglings, taking away their innocence while not producing any offspring. Maybe I was too harsh, that's why you're offended, to the point of calling my husband a dwarf. No harm done, I'm fine because you'll never be able to enjoy motherhood since you're a tool to vent lust. After having kids, indeed you won't be as tight as you were when young and that's when elfs are useful. My job as female is done in keeping my species moving forward, my man can sleep with as many elfs he likes because by the end the day I'm the one he's in love with. So, keep crying chestlet!
Open file (79.53 KB 962x1280 7 - Copy.jpg)
Open file (58.93 KB 634x1280 17 - Copy.JPG)
Open file (108.08 KB 640x640 30 - Copy.jpg)
Open file (95.86 KB 1130x1280 46.JPG)
Will the same size work?
>>3089 Symmetry can be nice.
>>2207 >>2210 >>2218 >They want to be "raped" in a controlled way, that's one way I can describe. It's contradictory, I know. In short they want a young looking, rich man that is not shy to use force to have his way with them. Hitting the nail on the head here. There's a difference between rape and ravishment. You want to be attracted to the guy, but you also want him to not care about what you want since it's all about what he wants. He has no control of his urges, you're just so desirable that he has to have you and he isn't going to take no for an answer. It just so happens that you want him too, so your interests are aligned here and that resolves the contradiction for me. I wouldn't say I have a rape fetish, I have a ravishment fetish, and I think the popularity of bodice rippers is evidence I'm not alone. But what the fuck do I know, I'm a worthless cuck anyway.
A fantasy just came upon me out of nowhere, and I would like to share it. I'm not thinking nor typing so straight right now - apologies for any clumsiness. I was blessed with enough boob that envy is never a problem (at least, on my side of things), and I'll admit that cuckqueaning's emphasis on breast envy has given me a little bit of a taste for boobmogging. So how do I square the circle of—— Fuck it, I can't string a coherent argument together right now so I'll go straight to the idea. I want to be used as a bondage rack. I want to lie face-up on the bed and have my bf lash a squirming flattie to me. She would be face up too, and her arms and legs would be tied to mine. Ideally she'd be shorter than me, so her head nestled just below my chin, cushioned by my breasts. (Reality problem: Gravity means said breasts would kind of fall away to either side, so she'd actually rest on my sternum instead. Maybe a shelf bra to keep everything in place? Anyway.) He'd tease the poor girl into a squirming puddle first. I'd be a little stronger than her, so I'd be able to use myself to position her arms and legs where they need to be, occasionally giving her a little kiss on the head and helping out by whispering a dirty morsel or two. I'd be able to feel every pull and twitch of her body, and she'd be absolutely exposed and helpless—but very comfortable. When he finally slides into her I'd push my hips up to help give the best angle. He's nice and tall so I'd also have no problem watching his face close up and even stealing a cheeky little kiss or two while he gives the flattie more than she bargained for. Of course IRL all contact with vixens is done using protection but in the fantasy she begs for his raw cock; we tease her about it before I join in the request for him to slip off the condom. I help push her back against him as he thrusts and when he's close I suddenly wrap my legs around his waist and buck, locking them into a nice deep creampie. The only weakness of this setup is that I wouldn't be able to clean up straight afterwards, but I'm sure I'd be able to convince my bf to let me have a little post-coital cleanup facefucking at least while the well-fucked flattie lies in her bound daze. Come, Anon, for we have such boobmogging to show you...
Broke rule: Any guro must be spoilered and accompanied by a warning in its post.
Everyone on this board is dudes. This thread is proof.
Open file (79.36 KB 912x912 ClipboardImage.jpg)
>>3159 Let me guess. You posted your dick at >>3158 and the BO deleted it as guro so now /cuckquean/ is definitely all men because a board of women would have flocked to praise your uninvited member?
>>3160 It's all men because all you ever post is stuff men would post. In this instance, lewds exclusively of naked women. Why should I believe anyone here is not just a dude getting his rocks off?
>>3160 It's all men because all you ever post is stuff men would post. In this instance, lewds exclusively of naked women. Why should I believe anyone here is not just a dude getting his rocks off?
>>3160 ♂ Ace ♂ Detective ♂ here does seem like the dick-posting type, yeah.
Open file (170.37 KB 396x372 01.png)
>>3161 any girls into this would be pretty bi no? besides, satisfying the man is priority #1 no? the posted content makes total sense.
Open file (777.38 KB 1250x1183 ClipboardImage.jpg)
>>3161 >>3162 >I'm telling you! /cuckquean/ is all men, I can prove it! >behold: They've posted breasts! In the breast thread!
>>3161 You were expecting dicks being posted everywhere, didn't you? Well, I'll break the news for you. Only gay men (well, mostly) are interested in dicks. Males are mostly visual, that's why traditional porn is consumed by dudes. I'm not saying chicks don't rub to photos/videos, just saying men are the target. The setting, foreplay, mind-games with humiliation, that's what I like. For me, sex is the bonus and it comes only at the end. But I digress, better start posting dicks and buffed dudes, I guess.
Open file (250.58 KB 1268x1134 20220613_145054.jpg)
Open file (87.92 KB 768x683 maid breast envy 01.jpg)
Open file (234.67 KB 850x850 maid breast envy 02.png)
New contribution to the discourse.
Open file (122.64 KB 960x944 20220629_090647.jpg)
>>3629 Both are ridiculously small.
>>3655 Stop trying to present Biden in a positive manner!
>>3668 Asian bodies are beautiful!
>>3161 Absolute cope and seethe LMAO. Go back to crystal cafe/dilate/whatever. YWNBAW.
Open file (47.21 KB 600x626 you are not people.jpg)
>>3775 >ultimate cope seethe dilate.png >no dilate >unbased >yikes >y'all >whole web of oh-sweetie-no Twitter language
>>3777 (checked) They're not sending their best.
>>3777 >>3778 I've seen fags unironically use "pickme girls", in freaking /jp/ of all places. I got banned for "racism outside /b/" for semi facetiously posting spoiled pic related. Add the fact they "memed" 4chan gold accounts to reality with their shitty captchas they are openly reddit 2.0 at this point only with shitty captcha only shittier because they can't even play any video format other than soundless webms.
>>3777 Seen pics from this artist a lot. Who is the artist?
Open file (348.83 KB 1881x2048 EE0a8pJUcAAdunF.jpeg)
>>3795 She's 上官绯樱, @jokanihyou on Twitter.
Open file (858.91 KB 498x331 boobs-anime.gif)
Remember ladies, always inspect potential vixens to ensure they're busty enough for your man. Don't want any shirt stuffers to slip through, he already has you, after all!
>Be you >Monster's DOTR happens: monstergirls of all stripes are popping out of portals and coming for your hubby >Cute monster girl after monstergirl ride your man's rod and you couldn't be happier >Husband keeps getting healthier and fitter with each one he brings home >It makes you want to lick the sweat off his abs when he gets done fucking his girls >But for all that you're enjoying yourself, you can't help noticing a theme with all these new lovely qts >They all to a one, are massively taller than you and have great stonking tits >Seriously, the only ones that don't have massive melons at your eye level are the ones with gigantic milk tanks that can rest ontop of your head >And the rest of their figures are to die for to say the least- theres so much lovely Cake you can't help but want to take a nibble >Makes you feel like a flat midget- and might end up one if you monsterize >You can feel yourself starting to change day by day, its to early to tell what you're turning in to, but you can tell its on its way. Wat do? You could turn into a titcow monstergirl like the rest, end up a legal loli monster, or end up something else. You got a preference in what you turn into and why?
Open file (4.12 MB 200x257 zell-ching.gif)
>>2194 small tits are perfect, why humiliate them?
Open file (192.17 KB 1000x1125 001.jpg)
Open file (393.56 KB 800x1032 002.jpg)
>>4695 Because some of them like and want it! There are also large-breasted girls who like to be humiliated for the size of their chests sometimes, too, but they're probably not as common.
Would you want to rest your head on soft boobs after the vixen has her fun or watch your bf rest his head on her tits after he is finished?
Open file (129.97 KB 890x1024 1693604632105588[1].jpg)
Open file (904.83 KB 1786x2500 1693608938069780[1].jpg)
Why should they envy? They should enjoy their friends' bountiful chests alongside the man's(doesn't matter whose man he is) dick. Women need not be enemies but be sisters. Everybody likes having their heads sandwiched between boobs right? Whether it's when your dick getting squeezed out or when getting your womb filled up, you will be wrapped in a cozy feeling. What about you ladies with beautiful bosoms? Won't you feel surrounded with that same cozy feeling when two people share the comfiest pillow as you lay sandwiched between them?
Open file (288.23 KB 800x1142 104511528_p0.jpg)
Open file (193.65 KB 1280x1811 1647163710444.jpg)
Open file (2.35 MB 1700x2400 1675318980004272.png)
Is it hypocritical to love huge boobs, massive flotation devices, absolute titcows, but you wouldn't want to lug those jugs yourself? At least not everyday.
>>5656 Of course not. How else would beautiful jug-lugger/naizurist symbiosis form? Loving something on others doesn't mean you must want it for yourself, and it's tranny logic to insist otherwise.
Open file (503.33 KB 2026x2865 1617945433216.jpg)
Open file (96.12 KB 1000x979 1613188308387.jpg)
Open file (852.31 KB 868x1228 1647237520354.jpg)
Open file (2.66 MB 1313x1871 1644881119044.png)
>>5659 Thats a fair point. To have big boobs, jiggly jugs, cuddly calcium cannons, you also need there to be small boobs. If everyone has big boobs, then no one does. Although I wouldn't mind if the average cup size around the world was a little bigger. Okay, a lot bigger. I want my cozy cleavage cuddles. But it does feel like a guilty pleasure enjoying the though of jolly jug luggers bursting buttons and struggling to squeeze into bras I could use as a parachute,
>>5666 (hello, Satan) Feeling a touch guilty over being such a bazonglemonger is part of the fun, naturally. I personally feel that a flatter girl's desire to have her face pressed against mountainous milkers is neither strange nor wrong, just a little naughty.
>>5641 >Why should they envy? Benis haver here. I am dangerously deep into flat is justice territory, what I enjoy the most in big boobs is how unwarrantedly jealous and insecure they make my gf, she is all adorably pouty and cute when that happens.
Open file (1.37 MB 500x499 IMG_0253.gif)
>>5675 You know the drill.
>>5676 I hope you don't mind one with 2 heads. https://i.imgur.com/hSJCXB8.jpg
Open file (199.73 KB 625x700 Sandwich.jpg)
>>5675 >what I enjoy the most in big boobs is how unwarrantedly jealous and insecure they make my gf, she is all adorably pouty and cute when that happens. It can definitely be cute but I'd rather they eventually come to enjoy what is a gift to humanity.
Ever since I read all that stuff about bags and backpacks in the other thread I can't stop fantasizing about my husband and I keeping a convenient little flattie around for his sexual relief. I'm very subby myself but the idea of taking our pet pettan for a walk on a leash or casually bullying her by pressing her head against my cleavage like it's normal (because in my fantasy it is) or putting out a bag for her to obediently climb into like a trained animal is just too good. Not even in a mean way, just like it's natural for things to be that way. Feels like small-breasted girls being pets is gonna be my new autistic pervert fantasy world conceit for a while.
Open file (2.11 MB 1360x768 Show Butt.mp4)
Open file (1.24 MB 1360x768 Brand.png)
Open file (947.27 KB 1360x768 Slave.png)
>>5698 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5A68WEdTNbQ I know Tohru is far from a flattie but a dragon maid sounds great regardless of the bust size.
Open file (105.52 KB 406x310 ea5.png)
>>5698 >like it's normal I-is it not?

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