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Open file (2.31 MB 3072x4096 98238672r378634678.jpg)
Meta & Moving Thread Anonymous Board owner 09/01/2019 (Sun) 03:40:45 No.2
Hello anon! Did you miss us? Regroup here if this is your first time on /cuckquean/cafe! This is also the board's general meta thread, for all discussion concerning the board itself.
Edited last time by cuckqueanadmin on 11/27/2020 (Fri) 07:24:47.
Post on /cuckquean/ and ask for one.
Where do I find a hot cuckquean maid-gf that will cook and clean for me nya~?
I don't know but i thought that futa and other gayshit was looked down upon on /cuckquean/?
It is, yes.
Open file (48.56 KB 524x336 8kun invalid board.png)
Looks like 8kun has come back up and is already off to a rocky start as expected. The moderation login doesn't accept my credentials, all content on 8kun/cuckquean/ doesn't load, and any attempt to post on 8kun/cuckquean/ throws an "Invalid Board" error. I assume the board migration hasn't been properly completed for us yet. I'll continue trying to get back in when I'm able.

In the meantime:
- Please direct anons here. There's already a post pointing to end/cuckquean/ (and end/cuckquean/ has a post leading here) but it won't hurt to get in anyway.
- If you spot that the board content has been restored, please try to grab some of it. I already have the thread text, but what's important to grab is any OC or other unique content on the board. 8kun may go down thanks to DDoS or deplatforming at any time, so the copies you grab may be the only ones!
I can't even make it onto 8kun unfortunately the site keeps timing out for me.
Yeah, it's basically down again, as expected.
8kun is back up as 8kun.top. Some of the images on /cuckquean/ now load but I still can’t post, it just says “Invalid Board”.
The "mainframe test #1" is gone and a few more images load, but apart from that it's identically unpostable-on.
Looks like it's back and can be posted on.
Good to be back.
A lot of threads up right now are themed porn dumps and other slow moving content threads. Does anyone remember any of the old threads for more generalized discussion topics? It'd be nice to have some threads with participation, and we could use a few faster moving threads these days.
Hello there, /cuckquean/. I have some unfortunate news to deliver to you from our friends over at /robowaifu/. /robowaifu/'s board owner, Chobitsu, has not been active for over a month and the position of board ownership went to one of the JulayWorld admins going by the name "euphoria". I don't know what happened to Chobitsu but I personally doubt he an hero'd. If I recall correctly, back in the /robowaifu/ meta tread, someone who I personally believe to be Chobitsu stated he was a born again Christian.my reasoning for thinking this person was Chobitsu was because the bunker at that time was only 4 days old and I believe it was just a few of us posting

Regardless, let us hope that Chobitsu is able to return to his post as board owner of /robowaifu/ and advance robotics to a point where anime catgrill meidos in tiny miniskirts are a reality.

I posted this here because I didn't see a meta thread .
>advance robotics to a point where anime catgrill meidos in tiny miniskirts are a reality
Ffffuck. Can they be smug? They have to be smug. They’re not allowed to bend over for him if they’re not smug about it. They’ve got to be smug enough that having said smug dicked out of them is satisfying to watch.

Sorry to hear about your BO. I hope the Julay globals do a good job in the meantime.
>anime catgrill meidos in tiny miniskirts
>smug dicked out of them
You shouldn't torture us with things we can't have.
They would have to be smug. But it also needs to be regenerative smug, so that after it's been dicked out of them, it comes back.
Absolutely agree. I think a smug recharge interval of a week or so would work. Dickings during the recharge interval would not reduce the smug. Or should they? There’s something to be said for keeping the catgril maid humble with regular doses of cock. Very much a man’s job. Maybe only particularly rough sex would dick the smug out. If it’s, say, an ordinary blowjob or having him use her pussy then she should definitely be smug about draining him.

Catgirl robomaid smugchanics is definitely an emerging field that requires further study.
Open file (1.13 MB 720x1100 1571679680361.gif)
Place was hard to find. Glad to be back though. Any other bunkers i should know about? i don't want to lose you all again.
Open file (173.35 KB 642x718 live feed.jpg)
>>970 Welcome back Anon! I'm so happy you found your way back. Seeing anons find us again warms my heart. I think our fallback is still Endchan or (in a pinch) the old 8kun board. Have you seen the new webring structure? I like it, it's very nostalgic.
>>973 For me at least, This place is slower, and sometimes files don't load right. But the webring is actually pretty nice
>>970 >>976 Welcome back friend! Why are you namefagging by the way?
>>978 meant to only do it once. i was the writefag that made the requests thread back in the day. would probably take more if i get the time.
Open file (108.27 KB 356x481 ClipboardImage.png)
Just gonna leave this here
>>438 >>439 If we have a lesbian quean thread and we have hetero quean why wouldn't we have futa which is in between those two?
Seems the Animu bunker is gonna die, figured I would mention it https://prolikewoah.com/japan/res/7642.html
Open file (24.09 KB 184x314 oo.png)
>>1203 Yeah, I saw all that too. All this drama keeps happening! I'm glad that our little café doesn't seem to have any of this seething clique nonsense going on. I like my imageboard hosts like I like my cuckqueaning: Cozy and drama-free.
Open file (1.21 MB 2050x1674 story of cuckquean.png)
Open file (415.05 KB 2050x642 cuckquean memento mori.png)
This is now the meta thread. Here are two posts from the old meta thread that I thought were worth saving. It's scary when ordinary warnings come true.
Hello, meta thread. I want to say something. I'm very glad this board exists. It used to be so hard to find anything about this fetish. Even where it existed, it wasn't tagged in any consistent way, but now we have a word for it. However I notice that while this place collects cuckquean content from all kinds of random places, it isn't ideal as a repository. The nature of imageboards like this is that once a board gets... about twice as many threads as we have now, they'll start being deleted. And I don't want that to happen. Some of what's here I don't think is anywhere else now. Is there any sort of thread archive site that works with anon.cafe, that we can make use of? I don't mean starting a booru or whatever; sometimes your text posts are lovely and worth preserving too, if you take my meaning. I mean I touch myself reading them.
>>2031 If you mean like the 4chan archives, I don’t know. If there’s a LynxChan-compatible archiving site out there then maybe. The admin of /robowaifu/ made an application called BUMP that allows a user to archive a board, but the installation process requires you to compile it from C++ source using whatever libraries it wants. Archive.is and other archive sites allow you to capture a page but they don’t pull down the images associated with it. Wayback machine might capture us but also purges porn. In the end, I suspect thread content will only live as it always has: If anons feel it’s worth keeping and reposting, they’ll screenshot and keep it to be reposted later. >The nature of imageboards like this is that once a board gets... about twice as many threads as we have now, they'll start being deleted. I think 70 threads are the max right now, so they’ll start dying when they’re pushed off the end of page 7.
whats the source of the banner with the animu chick masturbating in a wedding dress?
>>2039 It's from Swing Out Sisters.
Open file (537.97 KB 492x827 IKvsBO4.png)
>>2037 >I think 70 threads are the max right now, so they’ll start dying when they’re pushed off the end of page 7. That's less time than I thought... ono
https://youtu.be/-CdML89eFQw I fucking hate this board
>>2061 Don't... don't let your man have a vixen that looks like that, girls.
Open file (162.04 KB 500x500 Elaina_horrified.gif)
>>2061 >>2062 I'm not going to watch it based on the ugly thumbnail, but the title is >My Wife is Engaged to Another Woman Does the relationship here involve the man sharing his wife with the other woman? If so, that ain't cuckqueaning but cuckolding.
>>2068 Didn't watch the whole thing. They described it as polyamorous, so it's entirely unclear.
Open file (396.43 KB 256x168 1408938659505.gif)
>>2073 >polyamorous Ah, then it isn't cuckqueaning so much as just plain old lame. I wonder why poly pod-people are always such uggos?
>>2068 I look at it as the pink-hair bitch getting cucked by the man, which makes it cuckqueaning again. =) It's pretty obvious she'd rather the man fuck off. >>2074 >Ah, then it isn't cuckqueaning so much as just plain old lame. I wonder why poly pod-people are always such uggos? A lot of polyamory is just incomplete people trying to form a complete relationship from multiple incomplete relationships at once.
>>2061 literally this but gender swapped https://youtu.be/tKTOcvkePL8
It would appear that old /cuckquean/'s exhumed inanimate husk has been scrubbed from 8kun, together with other old boards like /monster/. According to anons on /monster/, there was a demand to scrub all 2D loli which the dead boards didn't receive, so they were deleted.
>>2246 Damn. Well, was it archived?
Open file (353.81 KB 1598x837 i.png)
>>2246 /cuckquean/ on 8kun stills there. It was just the whole site fucking up.
I've added our bunker addresses to the sticky. The first fallback is https://8chan.moe/cuckquean/ (onion http://4usoivrpy52lmc4mgn2h34cmfiltslesthr56yttv2pxudd3dapqciyd.onion/cuckquean/ with fallback domains https://8chan.se/cuckquean/ and https://8chan.cc/cuckquean/ ) and the second fallback is https://endchan.net/cuckquean/ - please record them somewhere on your computer so that you have them when needed. Also remember to save Anon.cafe's fallback file at http://tew7tfz7dvv4tsom45z2wseql7kwfxnc77btftzssaskdw22oa5ckbqd.onion/special_static/anoncafe_fallback.txt to your computer as well. If Anon.cafe goes down for an extended period of time and the fallbacks in its file don't work, we'll spin up one of the bunkers. Remember to save things you want to keep! All this may disappear tomorrow without warning.
>>2329 damn that's hot, just a shame so much cum spills out though, how is she meant to get pregnant like that?
>>2331 That's a good point. Better do it again.
No sure where to post, but figured the meta would do. I need advice in regards to cuckqueaning and more or less how I should proceed on some stuff or ways to approach things as I have no idea what Im doing, but didnt see anywhere other than here. So, should I just launch into it here or make my own thread?
>>2366 How polite. Are you a woman or a man? If a man and you’re not in an active cuckqueaning relationship, maybe make a male advice containment thread. If a woman, probably the Actual Cuckqueaning General would work, a general advice thread for women, or you can post your own thread if it’s a big enough question.
>>2367 Got it, thank you. Itll likely need its own thread but I wasnt sure how things work here.
Open file (10.19 MB 720x404 Foursome.webm)
Literal years ago I came across this board when it was known as 8chan, and found this hot clip. It was so good that I had no choice but to save it so I could enjoy it offline. All this time I had it on my phone, and I occasionally tried to find the film that was used as the source but so far I've had no luck, so I was wondering if some kind person would do me the favor of identifying the actresses featured in it? Just one of the actresses' name would be good.
Open file (9.60 MB 716x404 Lipstick_2.mp4)
>>2379 Oh! I put that together years ago as a little experiment, but you've got the first version without the introductory arps. Here's the finished version. The source is "Hindsight (Part 4)" by Pretty Dirty, featuring Adriana Chechik, Mia Malkova, and Remy LaCroix. Don't bother with the earlier parts of Hindsight; I looked it up just now and apparently they're just run-of-the-mill girl-cheats-on-boyfriend shit.

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