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Open file (104.28 KB 640x1141 1597180801728.jpg)
>i'm a white man's whore >also, i'm sexually abstinent Possible cuckquean detected.
how Should a male go about getting into thiS type of relationShip no bulli
>>1309 First, you should fix that S-shift. I hear there’s a prescription cream that’ll clear it right up. Second, from a post long ago: >Stumbling on a cuckquean is how it happens. You may find it difficult to use as a prerequisite. Often the tendency won't even manifest until one is in a committed LTR, and even then it depends greatly on the kind of partner they're with. If a cuckquean is aware of her tendencies, chances are that she will keep it hidden until she's comfortable revealing it. If you're looking for a 'quean, you may be reducing the chance that you are that kind of partner. >Rather than looking for a cuckquean, perhaps you would be better served becoming a person whom a girl would feel good submitting to in this way and sharing. >The only solid hint is that fetish people (submissives specifically) will give a better chance than the general population.
>>1310 thankS, alSo my S key iS broken, long Story. any other Specific thingS that are preferred in potential male partner?
A study found that WMAF relationships are 4 percent less likely to succeed than other relationships where as every other interracial relationship with white males and non-white females was more likely to succeed than WMWF. Not sure how that applies to cuckqueaning.
Open file (240.12 KB 801x1064 1477072589943.jpg)
>>1320 Huh I don’t think either of those was the one posted on the GG thread. It was on 8chan.moe
>>1324 The one in either case that you're referring to is exactly the top image in that post >>1320 and is old data. Incorrect and outdated. Asian women have the lowest divorce rates for white men.
>>175 I know it's been a year since that post, but does anyone know where such content actually went to? I've missed /wmaf/ discussions.
>>1430 Am curious at this "Collectively meltdown"
I need more of Asian qts cucking white women. FFM with blonde women sucking ass to mouth from an Asian qts anus is my fetish.
>>1320 What do White women find in Asian males that makes divorce so less likely? Math homework?
>>1644 salaryman money
>>1644 Asian men are cucked so hard by their women over here, real nice guys are left in the dust. If a half decent white girl is willing to give an Asian guy the time of day, she can easily score a family oriented high earning guy well above what she could in other "circles". if only my sister had stayed with her two real nice nerdy asian boyfiends in HS, now an engineer and a doctor respectively, instead of the cholos and Mafia wannabies she wound up with, her life might have been much better
What about Asian men who cuck their women by fucking white women?
> ingtld I miss this person so much!!
Old ingtld image I had
>>2216 Is there an archive of this person's stuff?
>>2215 >I miss this person so much!! I think it's for the best that they ceased operating; they were killing the thing they loved.
>>2255 Yeah, you're probably right. (I just wish they didn't delete their blog.)
Open file (176.88 KB 799x1117 1617232102555.png)
>>1170 I don’t think cock or gtfo is real
Broke rule: Any guro must be spoilered and accompanied by a warning in its post.
Open file (647.98 KB 347x576 ClipboardImage.png)
>>2434 You can't stop anons from posting cocks dammit!
Open file (269.12 KB 705x588 Fantasy.jpg)
I guess this thread is where all interracial content goes? This is from a thread on /tv/ about this stupid Buck Breaking movie.
lol, tight asian pussy BTFO by BWC.
>>2812 Godamn the first image is something else made me diamond's
>>2820 Cock or GTFO
>>2821 Unless you are a Asian girl with a phat ass you ain't gonna see it.
Open file (166.22 KB 500x500 elaina_disgust.gif)
>>2823 >>2824 Cuckchan's not sending their best.
Open file (73.38 KB 471x669 1632680996625.jpg)
Saw this on /pol/; thought it was cute.
Open file (2.41 MB 828x1792 1638372434472.png)
This is the first case I've heard of where an asian woman incubated a 100% white baby (not as a surrogate). https://archive.md/VeYu1
>>2826 >cuckchan >on a cuck board So your from cuckchan I take it?
>>2824 >Asian girl with a phat ass hahah stop lying on the internet, asian girls have flat asses and that's a GOOD thing >>3368 >photo-shopped sex doll is an totally representative of asian girls Your a manchild that has never met an asian woman irl lol
Wish there was more porn of ass to mouth where the dick goes in Asian asshole and then into a blonde girl's mouth. So rare. https://www.xvideos.com/video290967/euro_dude_fucks_japanese_girl_and_hot_blonde_in_schoolgirl_uniforms But then look at the comments on this video. Too many simps for white women are ruining the possibilities of the above. We need more Asian and white ass to mouth where white women savor the flavor of Asian girl asshole.
>>3053 Cuckchan has a lot of cuck porn, but most of it isn't cuckquean.
>>238 Is the last pic really the same girl? Can't tell because they arr rook same.
Open file (36.19 KB 351x440 5 Star Post!!.jpg)
>>1185 >rice instead of wheat Flawless!
>>244 >image 3 is a meme A meme based in reality, pussy still tite doe
F for Abe. He died a martyr so that Japanese women would get creampied. ;_; F
Open file (195.61 KB 1200x1803 604403_7536611.jpg)
Never touched an Asian. Are they as squishy as they look? https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJscuyRDS0irw1ah9YGEhjw/videos
>>3719 >>3727 I think anyone'd be squishy under that masseuse's fingers. Damn. Now I want a massage.
https://youtu.be/SUWm46yHkHw https://youtu.be/A38nwYmL3dU My YouTube recommendations for some reason
Open file (75.17 KB 816x1024 20220810_002057.jpg)

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