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Open file (44.63 KB 640x640 4.jpg)
Actual Cuckqueaning General: Caught in the Act Edition Anonymous 09/13/2020 (Sun) 06:55:25 No.1465
I thought I'd try making a general to concentrate discussion of actual cuckqueaning in one cozy thread. Talk about real life cuckqueaning here! Things like >When was the last time you were cucked? >Have you had a favourite vixen? Has your man had a favourite vixen? >Does cuckqueaning mean Compersion or Humiliation for you? >How close do you like to be when they're in the act? >Have any of your girlfriends slept with your man? Do you think it's a good idea for them to do it? >Do you have any post-cucking rituals once you're alone with your man again? (If you're a man not participating in the IRL cuckqueaning lifestyle, please refrain from posting in here.)
Open file (211.09 KB 1200x800 camwhore wage cage.jpeg)
Open file (199.57 KB 759x2192 onlyfans power law 01.jpeg)
Open file (180.58 KB 639x2071 onlyfans power law 02.jpeg)
>>2172 My opinion is in >>1870 >One time when we were still experimenting with the idea I paid for my man to see a higher-end escort and helped him research it. It doesn't give you the full "punch" but it was okay as training wheels. Only applies if you live in a place where the sex trade doesn't consist entirely of those who are trafficked, STI-ridden, worn-out, or all three. It was okay as a "am I okay with him having sex with other girls" trial but I wouldn't get off to my man seeing hookers, no way. Nothing sexy about it and the majority of the sex trade in most places is pretty damn sketchy. He doesn't particularly enjoy it either. I dunno, maybe if there was a kind of escort who specialized in having sex that was fun to watch we might consider being customers. Maybe humiliation-type queans might enjoy using professional dommes who specialize in humiliating them? I can't see it working, personally. Side note: I bet Corona-chan's savaged the sex industry pretty bad, what with Onlyfans and camsites reducing online sex work to a power law distribution worldwide-competition hell.
>>2176 Are those images trying to claim that Onlyfans is somehow at fault becuase some of its posters are more popular than others? Of course a small portion of content creators are going to be wildly popular, that's the case with everything ever. They throw around words like "unequal" as if there's some reason every e-whore should make the same amount of money. Should Onlyfans disallow users the choice of who to support and instead forcibly assign fans to each girl so that they all get the same number? These creators are essentialy selling a product, some will always sell better than others. Don't get me wrong, Onlyfans is a blight on humanity, but they're not doing anything wrong in that specific way.
>>2177 The images point out that sales made through OnlyFans follow a classic "winner takes all"/power law distribution like any most online "creator" economies and that the "I just bought (and didn't totally rent for an hour) this suspiciously AirBnB-like home with OnlyFans money, you should sign up to sell pics of your butthole through my referral link so I collect a cut of your paltry sales" posts that flood Twitter etc. are unlikely to be genuine projections of earning power. >They throw around words like "unequal" as if there's some reason every e-whore should make the same amount of money. Should Onlyfans disallow users the choice of who to support and instead forcibly assign fans to each girl so that they all get the same number? Jesus, Anon, calm down. They're using the word "unequal" in a factual sense, not a pejorative one.
>>2177 From what I understand OnlyFans started out trying to be a competitor to Patreon, it's the thots that chose OnlyFans not really a conscious effort by OnlyFans My bet is it probably started when Patreon banned porn creators because of a US law that made websites liable for sex work organised on their platforms, OnlyFans is UK based so would be safe from it,
So, anyone having more luck with this year than the last?
Open file (93.54 KB 908x1000 shrug.jpg)
>>2696 Nah... but it's not like we've been trying to hunt vixens. The world's a different place now.
Open file (145.82 KB 1080x1270 20210829_214101.jpg)
>>2699 >The world's a different place now. Indeed.
>>2803 is that you? Does that mean your or the girl on the pic's husband/boyfriend are cucks too for wearing masks? how does that work.
Open file (40.82 KB 1201x340 1631774036716.png)
Open file (392.27 KB 535x472 1631844499130.png)
Open file (92.80 KB 759x636 Vaxed infertile.jpg)
Open file (56.75 KB 828x805 E4t4nMXVkAEjie8.jpg)
Open file (72.80 KB 762x876 0_Sv3TVrodQHbjlPHO.jpeg)
In the short term it might be harder for your unvaxed bf to score, but in the long term, fertile purebloods will be the new harem masters.
>>2866 >third pic >actual article at https://www.local10.com/news/local/2020/12/20/study-investigates-effects-of-covid-19-vaccine-on-male-fertility/ is about how the study was at the time being performed by the University of Miami and had not yet been released The study in question has since finished and the results were reported: https://physician-news.umiamihealth.org/miller-school-study-in-jama-shows-covid-19-mrna-vaccines-do-not-impact-male-fertility/ >“This is the full life cycle of sperm and 70 days is sufficient time to see if the vaccine impacts semen parameters,” said Daniel C. Gonzalez, a medical student at the Miller School and the study’s first author. “We measured semen volume, sperm concentration, and the total amount of moving sperm and found there were no declines in any of the parameters as compared to the baseline analysis. https://miami.cbslocal.com/2021/06/17/university-of-miami-study-male-reproduction-not-affected-by-pfizer-moderna-covid-vaccines/ >University Of Miami Study: Male Reproduction Not Affected By Pfizer, Moderna COVID Vaccines >The results are that the vaccines had no impact on sperm levels after individuals were evaluated three months after receiving the vaccine. >Forty-five men, ages 18 to 50 years old, took part in the study which took place from January until the end of April. The study's publication is here: https://jamanetwork.com/journals/jama/fullarticle/2781360 as "Sperm Parameters Before and After COVID-19 mRNA Vaccination". The DOI is doi:10.1001/jama.2021.9976 if you want to pull from SciHub or something. I wouldn't mind my husband gathering a repopulation harem but alas, the unvaxxed sperm meme is shaping up to be pretty retarded. Back to working on the catgirl serum!
>>2868 It takes a minimum of five years of study to establish fertility issues, and if some of the theory plays out it'll likely be 2023 before people really begin to notice a problem. >One study showed an a drastic, abnormal increase in sperm count >Study then purposefully omits quality of the swimmers and other pertinent info >This is usually a sign of the body giving one last try to reproduce before becoming sterile due to some kind of toxin >Pfizer has paid legal fines in the past for paying off researchers and ignoring dangerous situations Pure blood studs aren't off the menu *yet*
Two inchoate posts were deleted. Please keep vaccine-related topic drift under control; whatever your opinion on that situation, we can all agree it's barely related to cuckqueaning.
Open file (262.56 KB 1440x864 10183845trim.jpg)
What would your ideal IRL cucking be like, /cuckquean/? If you could have any place, time, vixen(s), and details you wanted, how would you want it to go? Make it stuff that you feel is somehow achievable; this is about your ideal actual cuckqueaning rather than complete fantasy - something you could one day actually have happen if the stars go your way. Mine would be something like: >Really nice high up hotel room with big windows looking out onto the city, a huge bed, and a few other pieces of comfy furniture >Two of my single friends as vixens, one who has slept with my guy before and one who has not >Vixens are friendly and comfortable towards me, each other, and my guy >I am locked in a high-quality chastity belt under a classy black-and-white maid outfit with head frill >Room stocked with cheese and meat as well as plenty of drink for everyone to enjoy between rounds if we please >Long, languid session of sex that lasts all afternoon and evening >Every piece of furniture in the room used for sex, no holes barred >When I'm not watching from any angle I please, I putter around in my cute maid outfit making sure everyone is hydrated, fed, lubricated, and generally in peak condition to fuck as much as they can >I also occasionally sidle in for a kiss and an affectionate breast/butt groping >I have plenty of oral and hand contact including fluffing, cleaning up, holding the vixens open, and guiding my guy’s dick to where it needs to be >Happy chatting and laughing in between bouts of sex; whole thing has a relaxed, happy, yet lewd atmosphere >We break for dinner and I change out of my maid outfit while all four of us dine somewhere nice together >We return to the room and my guy watches as the vixens help me back into my maid outfit, as I insert my tail plug through the belt’s ass-ring, then finally as I teasingly strip each of the vixens for him, making sure to make little adjustments to their lingerie as I go >We open the curtains, turn off all the lights in the room, and the vixens present doggy-style with their arms resting on the broad, low windowsill so they’re facing outwards to the beautiful view of the lit-up city; my guy alternates between them and I help guide his dick each time he swaps. (Feels really exhibitionist, but the truth is that any viewer outside would never see us in the wash of the city, not really.) >I suck his healthy load out of both vixens’ pussies and clean their mixed juices off his dick with my mouth before I strip and we all wash each other clean under the nice big shower head and collapse happily into bed >I fall asleep cuddled up against my guy, with one vixen cuddled against his other side and the other vixen cuddled against my other side >Briefy wake in the night to a vixen’s head bobbing in his crotch as she extracts herself a midnight snack Even thinking about it leaves me feeling really satisfied.
>>2948 Sounds really nice and romantic. Did you mean to post this here or make a new thread? This could be a good thread idea on its own I think
>bf’s lost all his pandemic fat and is training his way back to his ♂NICE♂BODY♂ >the sexier he looks the more I find myself imagining him with other girls If I didn’t know I was a cuckquean I’d be really confused right now. Starting to feel the stirrings again, but now that we’re in our thirties and both out of practice I’m worried that it won’t be as easy to find vixens. I’ve got some single friends who could really use some dick, but I dunno… feels like I should keep those worlds apart. Anyone else eyeing off getting back into things?
Open file (53.32 KB 605x902 disgusted.jpg)
>>4530 Anon, you might have taken a wrong turn somewhere. This is /cuckquean/, not your shitty blog.
helo am boi. where find wife? need be chubby and loving. promise to lift for her until her heart snuff out.
Nice to see this thread back at the top of the catalogue, even if it looks like it wasn't by good means. How we all doing? Been dwelling a lot on fantasy lately so I thought it'd be nice to ground things by relating one of my favorite IRL moments. One of my recently-single girlfriends had been failing to conceal her admiration for my man, and since we're such a caring and considerate couple we took her out to one of our favorite lounge bars to unwind. He's a natural flirt, very physical, so it didn't take more than a drink and a bit before she was giggling and practically wriggling in place—did I mention she'd already been eyeing him off? yeah?—and I could turn the conversation a little dirty. She bit and after a few lighter topics and another drink porn came up. We all liked 2D, so it was natural that that meant doujinshi/eromanga—doujins, as the kids say. I already knew she was into yaoi but she had no idea of my tastes, so when I offhandedly (ha!) complained that it was hard to find threesomes where one of the girls was mainly watching the other girl get fucked instead of playing with her, her jaw nearly hit the floor. "Is that... is that really a threesome, though?" she asked. Her blush was so deep I could see it creeping down her neck, even in the low light. "Who cares? A threesome can be anything you want," said my guy, all but rolling his eyes at me. "Wanna try?" So we went back to our place. She was trying to play it cool but I could tell she was nearly jumping out of her skin with nerves and anticipation both. She'd come straight out with us from her work, so she asked to quickly borrow our shower to freshen up. After she'd gone in, Boyfriend pushed me against the wall, quietly called me a cheeky little bitch, and gave me what I refer to as his gonna-cuck-you kiss, which is a quick, furious affair wherein he holds my neck with one hand and never quite lets me latch to his lips so I have to struggle and steal whatever I can. "She seems jumpy," I murmured, after he'd finished. "Mmmm," he mmmmed, then pulled off his shirt (he does this thing where he grabs one corner with his opposite arm and then peels it off in one motion, I love it) and unbuckled his belt. "I'll take care of it. You get things ready." I don't know what he did in there with her but it was no more than a couple of minutes until the water stopped and she suddenly burst grinning out of the bathroom door, dragging him by the hand, both hastily toweled-off and hot to trot. I felt like I was guiding landing aircraft, so quickly did they end up on the bed together. He pulled her into a sitting straddle so they could make out. She's of partially Chinese descent, so she has just enough ass that his strong fingers looked absolutely delicious digging into it, spreading her open just enough for her to feel (and me to see!) that delicious little tug around both her openings, and after he'd warmed her up to a healthy body blush and glistening pussy she gave a hot little gasp and twitched back against him when he grazed an experimental finger across her butthole. (Yes!) But then she sighed and half-whispered, "n-no, not today..." which was totally understandable; anal's a very intimate thing, not something you do the first time you sleep with someone else's boyfriend in front of them, no matter how much that someone would enjoy seeing their boyfriend's balls slap against your empty pussy. My guy only touches new girls there as a quick check anyway, to see if it's a total no-go zone or whether he's clear to use it to enhance things during, say, doggy style. Anyway, I'm getting side-tracked. Favorite moments, right. He'd just finished with her in missionary, which he uses to make sure a new girl's accustomed to him and his size before switching to anything more adventurous, and they were going to switch to a bit of doggy style. So he pulls out and steps off the bed, ready for her to get into position, when she sits up, shifts into a low kneel on the bed, and uses her mouth to clean his cock. You, dear readers, are well aware that cleanup blowjobs are not a matter of course, no matter what hentai would have us believe. I can't do them because I taste terrible to myself (bf likes my taste though, so that's all good) even though other girls' juices usually taste OK. But my friend, this petite half-Chinese vixen, was kneeling there on our bed with her eyes closed in rapture, submissively sucking herself off my boyfriend's dick (he, uh... didn't have a condom on at that stage, which was deeply irresponsible of all involved, including me—only time that's ever happened) and it nearly melted me into a steaming puddle on the spot. Pic not a precise representation of what I saw, but you get the idea. That was a really fun evening.
>>4534 Re-reading this I just noticed >He'd just finished with her in missionary might be taken to mean that he came in her condomless, which he absolutely did not do. He's got very good control over when he comes, and he put on a condom soon after this. (Yes, I know he should have been wrapped from the start; we were being very naughty.) "Finished" here means "finished with missionary" as in they were switching positions in the middle of things and she just went in for a suck, it wasn't the classic cum-and-juice cleanup blowjob. Okay? Okay!
>>4534 >>4535 Meanwhile, inside Anon's brain...
>>4540 Lol, that's really good, but what was going on inside mine at the time was closer to pic related. I wasn't as experienced a quean as I am today, see, and I might have had a recurring fantasy involving my friend... and, well... I have no excuse, just that you should do as I say, not as I did.
Open file (202.45 KB 1031x485 img.png)
>>1522 >I remember a time our first vixen was spread-eagled face down on the bed making choked moan-whimpers with her fists full of sheet while my man pounded her, and he looked up and into my eyes before giving the happiest "isn't this awesome?" grin >>1685 >If lipstick marks him as her territory then why's he coming home to hilt in me right afterward? Checkmate! >>4534 >this whoel fucking thing
Open file (110.97 KB 882x649 Sex tape.png)
End of the relationship or the beginning of husband sharing?
>>5423 Isn't that reddit? It's more likely the beginning of the threadditor realising he's gay.
>>5423 >wife does wrong >be the one to sleep on the couch fuggin redditors man
Open file (2.94 MB 1920x1080 corpse party.png)
>>5423 >I was hanging out with some bodies for the day what
>>5425 That doesn't sound very unlikely. >>5426 Chivalry isn't dead. >>5429 Probably meant buddies.
Open file (254.54 KB 1170x1094 Work Wife.jpg)
>He is gonna fuck his work wife while watching the sunrise. >His wife will be masturbating while watching them. What a visionary trio.
Open file (1.39 MB 540x304 r.gif)
>>5456 >having a double household income to feed your fat NEET tard wife ass She is living the dream!
Open file (241.78 KB 1005x1150 F2ub5JBXgAAK1mJ.jpg)
Not trying to bring up the "can cuckqueaning involve trannies and femboys" discussion again, just saw this posted somewhere and found it interesting. She seems to have expected, consciously or not, some kind of validation from the idea of her husband pursuing women who are essentially her, but younger. Now that it isn't happened, she's kind of flipped out. I kind of wonder if she'd have a similar reaction if they were exclusively women of a different body type or race. Maybe and she'd find something wrong with any women he slept with and this whole thing is cope about something she thought she was emotionally prepared for, but wasn't. Or maybe she does find trannies gross; wouldn't be the first time cringey reddit virtue signaling apologies have been ingenuine. I don't really have a point to make, just wanted to share.
>>5528 >Our children are also unsure how to feel about the entire ordeal.
>>5529 Yeah. Reddit. What is there to say.
Open file (143.99 KB 1242x930 wait_what.jpg)
Open file (408.13 KB 850x671 fluff tail.png)
>>5528 >how it would allow us to explore our sexual fantasies safely Wait a minute, just which sexual fantasies apart from the ones that specifically involve fucking people other than your spouse (or your spouse fucking other people) require opening the marriage to "safely" "explore"? Is it not safe for them to explore their fantasies with each other? (Also: This is the kind of therapeutic-sexology language that's evolved to signal openness and honesty while actually serving to conceal and misdirect, but in her defense the culture pushes it so hard that many people don't know how to talk or think about sex and relationships without it, which leads to all sorts of trouble that there's no time to go into here.) Anyway, if we put aside the simmering patches of red haze woven through that post and take her at the first-level version of her word (especially given the offhand mention that she's a) still having sex with him and b) not had sex with anyone else yet) then we can surmise what she wants us to: her husband wouldn't explore the kinky shit she wanted (there being a conspicuous gap as to exactly what that means - not what the kinky shit is, but what it means in the context of the relationship's other vitals) and she hoped that the simultaneous jolt of being able to dip his nib in other ink and the idea that she might explore her ♀deep♀dark♀desires♀ with other men instead would alchemize him into someone more sexually available, confident, and exciting. Instead, he went straight for maleman man ass. Whoops! Turns out her reserved romantic of a middle-aged husband took less than a week to jump dickfirst into a bountiful supply of maximally supple enhormoned butthole, the many and diverse owner-operators of which are all willing to fuck him in his marital bedroom, possibly with his wife and kids(!) in the house. Huh. She doesn't wonder in that post how many of them were prostitutes, but I do. Now she's telling Reddit that "doesn't know how to feel", which means she knows what she feels but not how to explain it to herself in terms that'll pass inspection, those I suppose being something other than the fear she's been turned into a beard (or was one for the past 20 years) and that the gold she was expecting to pop out of the other end of this open relationship alchemy attempt has turned out to be not even lead, but tar. Which is not to say I'm scorning her, claw-sharpening tone aside. She says she's "SO CONFUSED" now, but I think she had to have been pretty confused before she got sold on the idea of an open marriage as the solution. I think she felt, at some level, that her husband had other needs that he did not want to reveal to her, and she turned out to have been right. She saw what the present culture allowed her to, framed those facts in the way the present culture allowed, applied a solution based on principles the present culture pushed, then got results the present culture insists she's bad and wrong to be upset about. Poor thing.
Open file (92.13 KB 706x237 Animal crossing.png)
>>5459 Is this you?
I was cucked for the first time last weekend. The previous time was more of a 3-way to make them both more comfortable, but this time I managed to get them alone and it just took a little while (and 2 glasses of wine) for them to get over some jitters. I waited in the lounge and could hear her moaning through the walls, with the bed gently knocking the floorboards. I knew the second he was leading up to coming inside her because he starts to thrust deeper and bottoms out, so suddenly her moans turned to breathless gasps and prayers. We're trying to get her pregnant, so I coached him to make sure she just lies still for 10 minutes or so, but after maybe 5 minutes I heard the shower running and eventually she comes down looking embarrassed. We talked about it while he was showering and she was feeling ashamed about enjoying him so much, but I reminded her that I'm really into that. After he came down, looking downright pleased, rather than ashamed like the first time, we had something to eat and I drove her home to set a date for our next pregnancy checkup.
Open file (1.67 MB 350x340 Liru Thumbs Up.gif)
>>5668 Congratulations! Was the choice for you to jump straight to waiting in the lounge rather than watching in person this time yours or theirs? >could hear her moaning through the walls, with the bed gently knocking the floorboards. I knew the second he was leading up to coming inside her because he starts to thrust deeper and bottoms out, so suddenly her moans turned to breathless gasps and prayers Hot. >she was feeling ashamed about enjoying him so much, but I reminded her that I'm really into that Very good; vixens sometimes need looking-after too. >looking downright pleased, rather than ashamed like the first time Oho, it begins! That laid-back, almost smug glow a man settles into after he finishes bedding a vixen is irresistible. So, how did you enjoy finally becoming one of us?
>>5669 I really wanted to watch when he pinned her down to fill her up, but he told me he didn't think he could perform with me just watching from the corner of the room. Personally, I think he wanted to really enjoy himself and couldn't help feeling a little guilt if I was in the room but not participating. I enjoyed it a lot more than being on the sideline, and it's kind of a delayed gratification thing. Once she was gone, he was all over me and I had his full, undivided attention.
Open file (287.97 KB 1756x1176 Untitled.png)
>Wife says she is still in love with him. >He gets to take part in threesomes. >His response is divorce. Really? Some people are really ungrateful. This would still be cuckqueaning right? If they remained married he would be her man. She just wouldn't get the dick(or would she? some punishment game or something), which is something some of you are into.
Open file (130.66 KB 916x801 Stop affair.png)
How does getting outdone by a normal relationship sub feel?
Open file (51.17 KB 640x645 brain damage.jpg)
>>5759 >sub Also, not cuckqueaning.
>>5770 She lets her husband "cheat" but I guess because she hates it(does she really?) it doesn't count.
Open file (24.58 KB 739x437 nigger_cattle.png)
>>5785 Answer's in the sticky at the top of this board: >the fetish of cuckqueaning - an arrangement where a woman enjoys her partner having sex with other women. In real life it is open, consensual and encouraged by the woman - distinguishing it from cheating
what do you cuckqueans do to mitigate fear complex when: not only is the man not prepared to spend the majority of best share resources on you, but that he might decide to give you zeero and drop you like a rock? Does the idea that you're sharing but best in the pack need to be maintained? Or do those that want the worth -less dynamic over them prevail in the community you've got going here?
>>5798 >not only is the man not prepared to spend the majority of best share resources on you >best in the pack I'm not a cuckquean because I'm entangled in fevered evopsych stories of what the grownups are thinking about in the other room, I'm a cuckquean because it is one of my sexual fetishes and watching my man slake his thirsts with another woman is fucking HOT. If you're asking about the fear that one's man might leave one for a vixen, the answer, at least for me, is that I don't have that fear in the first place because of how intimately I know and trust my man. (Some vixens aren't on the same page; we've had one or two who perhaps thought I'd put him up as table stakes they could play for, which was really just more tedious than anything else.) I'd imagine many other cuckqueans are the same. As to the idea of ranking, you'll find that among those who care for it, it depends on the type of cuckqueaning they do - compersive queans often enjoy the top or co-equal spot, some humiliation queans want to be on the bottom of the pile, yet others of both types find themselves preferring some particular combination separately relative to man and vixen.
>>5668 >We're trying to get her pregnant, Our current vixen has brought this up because her partner is a girl, but honestly I'm a bit worried that once she's pregnant she'll be off, which would be a shame because she's really good at it.
>>5946 To be fair, if she falls pregnant she'll have a little more on her plate than just fucking your man - the first trimester especially can be pretty rough.
Open file (24.29 KB 1297x130 Untitled.png)
>I want you to fuck women that look like my bullies. Is this the biggest cuck ever?
>>6034 >crystalcafe if you avoid their /b/ most of their threads are quite good. Most of them are in relationship too
>>6010 >>6034 White worship’s a hellava drug.

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