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(7.12 KB 300x100 CQ banner.gif)
Banners Anonymous 09/14/2019 (Sat) 01:14:49 No. 142
Looks like we lost a lot of banners and the ones we have are still from 8/cuckquean/, so let's make some more.
Something old, something new.
All three added, thank you!
(3.97 MB 366x206 TayuTayu2.gif)
(4.06 MB 365x268 AnotherLadyInnocent.gif)
I don't know that I have any of the banners, but I know someone made banners out of these two gifs.
(175.98 KB 300x100 watching-them_anoncafe.gif)
(29.12 KB 300x100 husbands-dick_anoncafe.gif)
Here are two more banners for you.
Both added, thank you!
What's the source on the second one?
It’s good. I’ll post it a little later.
Looking at the 8ch banners we are still using, I can't help but think we should just have future banners say /cuckquean/ and maybe the little venus-with-antlers symbol. In case we have to move again.

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