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Anonymous 09/03/2022 (Sat) 16:11:24 No.3879 [Reply]
why isn't sharing your man with men allowed here or a common thing among cuckqueens in general? women view gay porn almost as much as actual gay men so it's not like women who like to see men fuck each other are anywhere close to a tiny minority among straight/bi women. additionally, isn't the whole point to get off on your man fucking people unlike yourself? people who please him more and provide things you can't? isn't him fucking someone totally unlike yourself who can provide experiences unlike what you possibly could a perfect fit for that bill? not trying to shit on the culture here but I find it strange how few other cuckqueens are into it and I'm curious as to the reasoning. lesbianism seems allowed here as long as a dude is still involved somewhere along the process (usually lesbians letting their partner fuck a dude or women who also want to have sexual contact with the vixen) .
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>>3900 Oh yeah I'm just talking about the fantasy of liking gay men in general. I'm sure plenty from rl and yaoi camp can't stand the other but it's a lot less rare than people here seem to think and it's disproportionately rare in a place like this. I suppose my real question was why it seems outright rare when most other female dominated porn spaces have ot aplenty if it isn't a majority. Not trying to argue, I probably come across as more intense than I mean to
Some women like male-male action, but definitely not all. Some are disgusted by MSM. cuckqueanadmin-dono might be one of those. I knew this bi guy who broke up with his girlfriend, and for years afterward if she so much as had allergies or a cold she would text him to say something like "you better not have given me anything you fucking faggot" and that was their only contact. She was his childhood friend too, sad stuff. Life sure isn't anime.
>>3879 Pretty much what >>3889 said. I noticed both here and in other places that undesirable elements were attracted when the topic of the other woman actually being the other man came up, and that putting in a rule against it hurt nothing, so that's why we have the rule. This thread's broader than just the rule question so it's fine to have it, but in future if you have meta stuff please post it in the meta thread.
Open file (86.47 KB 438x630 shocked.webm)
>>3914 >for years afterward if she so much as had allergies or a cold she would text him to say something like "you better not have given me anything you fucking faggot" and that was their only contact. She was his childhood friend too, sad stuff. Wow. Nasty little tale, that.
>>3914 >for years afterward if she so much as had allergies or a cold she would text him to say something like "you better not have given me anything you fucking faggot" Based!

Open file (3.95 KB 192x144 download.jpeg)
Would telling my husband about this fetish Ive developed open up Pandora's box? Anonymous 06/23/2022 (Thu) 02:20:55 No.3638 [Reply]
Hi, happy to have found this place. So we are in our paye 20 marries 8 years. Kids. We are very happy and active sexually. This started a few years ago, we were talking about just women we considered pretty and what made them pretty and i mentioned a girl that worked at a coffee shop we go to as being literally the most beautiful women I had ever seen. He disagreed and said that was me ofc lol. But she was a redhead and it just kinda prompted me to ask if he ever had sex with a red head (I was a virgin when we met he was a college guitar playing party one night stand guy though) and he said no. And I don't know what switched on inside of me but it was SOMETHING. I just thought this amazing man with this amazing cock never gave his cum to a beautiful red haired maiden? And now he stuck married to me, a plain brunette? And I thought of him fucking some Irish girl in like a meadow and it is literally the hottest fantasy I have ever had. He has a job where he is away quite a bit and so I masturbated while he is gone (obviously with his knowledge and pictures sent to him) and these types of fantasies have seriously just developed. I don't know if I would actually want this or just fantasy as we are fairly conservative and monogamous but I do know he is also a pretty typical masculine heterosexual male so he would definitely think it is hot. I think I would just like to hear more about his past sexually and maybe women he finds hot and what he likes about them? I read about male brains being automatically drawn to attractive women and I thought about how hot it is that it applies to my husband. He has always been very loyal and is a great provider, faithful, respectful, etc. I just can't stop thinking about how his cock would be so hard if he had some beautiful woman all over him that was new and different from me. Cuckolding is such a turn off for me too. Like I want to show my husband how I am so much his that I even thinking sharing him is hot. I am glad I found this place and was able to get this out. Advice? How do I bring it up?
Open file (5.30 MB 2912x4093 catgirl box.jpg)
Open file (1.55 MB 865x1240 what's in the box 01.png)
Open file (269.14 KB 1116x1600 what's in the box 02.jpg)
Open file (61.50 KB 600x756 9f0.jpg)
>>3638 Ha, yeah, sounds like you're one of us. I know exactly that sudden moment where that SOMETHING lights up and that's it, can't put it out, you know it's there now. And then suddenly you're fantasising about him with girls you saw on the street, girls in shops, your friends, even random imaginary girls, and it's scary how good but also natural it feels, like why wouldn't you want this... yep. Pandora's box? Yeah, maybe, but it's possible to be careful and wise in opening it. I've been through this before, myself, and there's a fair bit of collected wisdom from other 'queans who've done likewise but exactly what will apply to you will depend on exactly how your personal version of the fetish develops and how things play out. A good way to start is to say that it's completely okay to only want this as fantasy or as a naughty secret that stays between the two of you: there's no cuckqueaning law that says you've gotta get your hubby balls-deep in a real readhead within X months of you first discovering the urge. Since you've already fantasised about this, you have some idea of the sorts of things you like about it, which is good for the conversations that might ensue when and if you bring it up to your husband. When most people hear the word "cuckqueaning" they hear "cuck" and automatically think of stereotypical male cuckolding - which I also find disgusting, so don't think you're alone there - as well as things like humiliation, the other woman mocking the cuckquean, forced bisexuality, and all that stuff. Some cuckqueans like that end of things (we call them "humiliation-driven"), but there's also the type of cuckqueaning that's all about the sheer giddy joy of your man fucking other girls, without humiliation (which we call "compersive"). They're not mutually exclusive, either - many mix a few elements from one into their main style, or want different mixes depending on their mood. There's a lot of different things we each like and things we don't; every 'quean has her own unique shape. So think about your fantasies, and think about what parts of them really appeal as well as what sort of things don't appear in them. Experiment inside your own imagination, just like you've already been doing, and remember the results. As for bringing it up, the way I did it was in stages. My man already knew that I was cool with him looking at other girls; sometimes I'd even quietly point them out to him so we could talk about it, just like you did. It wasn't creepy or anything. To me when another women is beautiful or cute or sexy it's always been just a fact, another interesting topic, rather than a threat. Everyone likes having something in common with their spouse, and I don't know of any hetero man who doesn't like the topic of pretty girls. So we already had that, it was like a happy and comfortable hobby or shared interest. Sometimes he'll still shake his head and comment that he can't believe I'm not actually bisexual. The next thing was to show curiosity and appreciation for his sexual background. I'd asked him from time to time about them before, not too much at once - it wasn't an interrogation - and once he felt comfortable about it I was able to get him to divulge some of the things he did with them. When he did, I listened, asked questions about things I was curious about, and told him sincerely when something sounded hot and that I enjoyed that he had experience before he came and broke me in. The important thing here is the sincerity; it's true that many men aren't tuned-in to the same things women are but they have their own way of listening (though often that way can be "sometimes"), and they'll be able to pick up subconsciously if you're faking enthusiasm. That shouldn't be a problem for you, since it's one of the things you want. Show your enthusiasm with touch: As he opens up, encourage him by touching his leg, stroking his chest, kissing his neck... all these things are hard to mistake as anything other than 'yes, absolutely tell me more'. Men deep down want to please and impress their women, and once he has the idea that his sexual background is something you appreciate and enjoy, or even are proud of, he'll be proud of it too. Obviously you don't want him to become a blowhard or brag about it, but that's down to his personality and your timing. From there, it's escalation and encouragement. He points out a girl to you? Smile, nod, touch him, bite your lip, whatever you do to show him you're into him doing something. Tell him that you're happy he's with you and that it's natural for a man to notice pretty girls, so you don't feel threatened or unhappy. The key thing IMO is to phrase things in terms of HIS hypothetical attraction to them, rather than giving him the idea that you're bisexual (though don't get me wrong, it's cool if you are) and are merely letting off steam of your own. If things go well he'll become comfortable expressing that he's sexually attracted to other women (because he is) and will accept your assurances that this doesn't make you feel threatened, like he's going to cheat on you, or like you feel entitled to cheat on him. The latter point is important since many guys have heard stories of girls who use FFM threesomes to then later insist on MMF threesomes or encourage their men to go with other girls as a prelude for asking for a fully open relationship. After all that, finding the right moment and method to tell him that you're presently imagining him doing things to that girl you just both discussed and are surprised to find you quite like the fantasy is much easier. I hope that helped. It was still a bit long even though I kept back a lot of stuff we don’t know is relevant yet. Feel free to ask more, and to look around. There’s lots of good stuff squirreled away on /cuckquean/.
>>3638 whatever you end up deciding with your partner, communication and honesty are key. even if you end up not going through with it. godspeed anon!

Open file (146.81 KB 2160x2761 cuckquean_updated.png)
Open file (130.71 KB 2160x2425 vixen_updated.png)
Anonymous 05/18/2020 (Mon) 17:38:28 No.1000 [Reply]
Using the power of 1000 GET I resurrect the terminology thread! I also banish "cuckcake" as a term forever. By the power of numerals let it be done. >Why's "cuckquean" spelled funny? Orality and Literacy in Early Middle English edited by Herbert Pilch 1996 pp26 (https://books.google.com/books?id=jBVIrowvY_sC&lpg=PA26&ots=wgirgXLRdr&pg=PA26&redir_esc=y#v=onepage&q&f=false) is part of a long section on the translation of the Middle English "quene" and mentions that the Middle English Dictionary shows the root as OE cwene- a) a woman; b) a lowborn woman … harlot … term of abuse; but OE cwēn - a) a pre-eminent female noble… … etc. It goes on to explain quean and queen as having their distinctions in the Old English roots of cwene and cwēn. Bascially queen evolved from a term of high praise while quean evolved from a derogatory one. http://www.etymonline.com/index.php?allowed_in_frame=0&search=cwene shows Old English cwene "woman," also "female serf, hussy, prostitute" (as in portcwene "public woman"), but I don't know where they sourced that from. Less reliable wiki sources are somewhat confused. https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/cwen under derived terms shows cwene (woman, wife, prostitute), but https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/cwene shows its definition as simply a woman. https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/quene also lists the Old English root of "quene" being cwene "woman, wife, prostitute" >What's all this "compersive" and "humiliation" I keep seeing mentioned? Compersion is joy in another's pleasure. You already know what humiliation means. Compersive cuckqueans do not feel humiliated by their men fucking other women and get their kick out of the joy they feel while he does it. Humiliation-driven cuckqueans feel humiliated by their men fucking other women and get their kick out of this humiliation. The two tend not to understand each other very well, and humiliation-driven cuckqueans tend to ignore the existence of their compersive cousins.
20 posts and 14 images omitted.
Open file (373.59 KB 540x324 chiyo peeking.gif)
>>3618 I don't think so, nor do I suspect one will emerge. If you went dogging to watch your hubby at it it'd still just be him dogging. >>3619 Yep, we saw that the Bleached people cut out the raster version before: >>1290 >>1335
>>3620 Catting lmao? Also is there any cuckquean related terms with only 6 or 7 alphabet? 1 to 3 would be to short after 4 words=Mare 5 words=Vixen 8 words=Cuckcake 9 words=Cuckquean what about 6 and 7?
>>3621 We don't need a cuckquean version of every sexual term, y'know. >4 words=Mare AFAIK that one never really caught on. Also, did you mean "4 letters"?
>>3622 Yes that, is there any for 6 and 7? curious

Open file (129.98 KB 600x892 1503265144457.jpg)
Celebrity Queans Anonymous 03/20/2022 (Sun) 00:25:05 No.3214 [Reply]
I remember in the old 8kun forum dozens of images about Pam from The Office getting cucked by Emily Blunt. I thought I saved them all, but I can't find them anywhere. Are there any other famous Cuckqueans?
>I remember in the old 8kun forum dozens of images about Pam from The Office getting cucked by Emily Blunt. I thought I saved them all, but I can't find them anywhere. 8kun is still up, isn't it? They might still be there! https://8kun.top/cuckquean >Are there any other famous Cuckqueans? You may want to check the "mainstream cuckqueaning thread" at >>695
Open file (210.27 KB 1589x2300 1403458539671.jpg)
>>3241 That was the first place I looked; unfortunately none of the images are working on that site anymore. It is where I found out about this place though, so I wondered if someone else saved that stuff.

Open file (4.78 MB 640x360 lakesidefun.mp4)
Anonymous 09/05/2019 (Thu) 16:39:38 No.98 [Reply]
Welcome to the webring!
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The button on the top-right.
Open file (248.67 KB 875x619 thick automaton.jpg)
Happy Thanksgiving, /cuckquean/! t. your friends at /robowaifu/ and /monster/ also, where is your meta thread? I don't think you have one.
>>1738 Thank you, /monster/ and /robowaifu/! Those are a very cute turkey and robutt. I hope you all had very nice Thanksgivings.
>>1738 >also, where is your meta thread? I don't think you have one. Thank you for pointing that out. Our meta thread at >>2 is now properly marked. Happy thanksgiving to you all too!
>>98 Hank Hill is having a good time

Cuckqueaning and harems Anonymous 05/09/2021 (Sun) 20:47:26 No.2503 [Reply]
I wonder how cuckqueaning might work when it comes to harems, whether in the broader "one guy, three or more gals" sense or the narrower, more historical sense.
>>2503 >Please Do Not Repost Why didn't you listen? As for harems, your partner can be like an eunuch, this is fully in the fictional zone though, I expect this practically never happens
Open file (253.45 KB 1200x900 pregnant elf.jpg)
Open file (210.95 KB 900x1100 pregnant elf2.jpg)
Open file (112.72 KB 957x800 rezero cuckquean.jpg)
Open file (1.05 MB 1200x4471 MHA cuckquean.jpg)
You know what I dont really get about Cuckquean is why occasionally you see captions where the "wife" is untouched? Just impregnate them all. You should think of the "wife" as just the first to be impregnated, she is the queen bee. Then go and impregnate all the other lesser females while she watches or does something else. She might have first dibs on getting impregnated but she isn't the only one.
>>2769 Could someone translate the text in the first pic?
>>2775 My japanese isn't that great (at least not for translating) but honestly it's doesn't really seem worth it anyway, sorry to say. All the speech bubbles seem to be from the same person (or maybe two), and it's all in some kind of sleazy slaver tone giving a backstory infodump in dialogue like one of those bad examples you see in amateur fiction, or otherwise stating obvious facts. In short: >She's beautiful and unmistakably of royal blood. >Since the elf kingdom was destroyed, pureblood royal family slaves... [something] >[some other stuff about the war], she's a really good purchase. >Talking about her pregnancy. There's nothing here that hints at any sort of harem/cuckquean arrangement. Quite the opposite, unfortunately.
>>2887 >it's just the usual shit Aw, that's a shame. Not unexpected, but still a shame.

Open file (74.06 KB 800x1117 demongirl.jpeg)
What's your ideal Vixen like? Anonymous 08/28/2021 (Sat) 06:17:33 No.2800 [Reply]
Describe what your dream Vixen would be like, either if you're a quean or a male with a quean gf. Or if you are a Vixen (does this board have any?) describe what your ideal quean would be like. Appearance: Height, weight, breast size, ethnicity, hair color, skin color, body type, etc. and anything else you would like to add You can also post a picture, either art or real of your ideal specimen. Personality: What should the Vixen be like? How should she treat the quean? Purely mean, dominant, disregardful, playfully mean, mean but gentle, considerate?
7 posts and 10 images omitted.
>>2870 >But how would you prefer your man to react? I love the idea of her being all high and mighty at first but then have the smug fucked out of her. Though even then, I'd still like her to be smug and dominant towards me, just that she would now know her place. Maybe she'd forget it every now and again, so he can put her back. >Isn't Zone relatively well-known Yea, but this particular video started influencing tik tok, so it's more out in the open I guess?
>>2872 >her being all high and mighty at first but then have the smug fucked out of her Yes. >this particular video started influencing tik tok, so it's more out in the open I guess? I went looking for the music on YouTube (because it fuckin' slaps) and all the comments are just as you'd expect. A new generation of perverts awakening; you love to see it.
Open file (46.63 KB 543x380 fd3.jpg)
>>2873 >A new generation of perverts awakening; you love to see it
Open file (2.24 MB 1200x1092 1630846686340.png)
>>2872 The kids are alright.
>>2876 this restores my faith in humanity

Helltaker Anonymous 06/19/2020 (Fri) 10:46:38 No.1093 [Reply]
Helltaker is pretty comfy. also, general game thread.
7 posts and 5 images omitted.
>>1155 >My least favorite thing is the gameplay switch-up at the end - and it's the only part you miss content by skipping! I was really getting into it until they pulled that shit.
>>1108 In Kamidori you'll pick one of three main girls (there are plot differences between routes) but you'll dick basically every other female character besides the other two main girls in a given route. It's also a remarkably fun Fire Emblem style game (and does some things that I actually like better than "real" FE)
Open file (667.89 KB 1024x576 ClipboardImage.png)
>>1979 I remember Kamidori! It was remarkably fun, far more than I ever expected it to be. Life intervened and I never finished it, alas.
>>1108 I can recommend Dungeon of Lulu Farea and its sequel Demon World Country Frel Hades ~Marry the Demon World's Women~ There are too many games where the male protagonist just fucks a lot of girls separately and the girls themselves seem dissatisfied and compete for attention. In this game, first our protagonist meets a nice slime girl, who exploits her rivalry with a zombie girl to get her to give him a chance. Then that zombie girl entices her best friend, a mummy girl, to join the relationship. Then both of them help create a nice date experience for him and a cat girl. And so on. Unfortunately our protagonist has somewhat of a... typical Japanese hentai game view of consent ethics that wouldn't fly in the real world, and he's a dumbass sometimes. But if you can handle a bit of that I think it's a fun game. The writing made me chuckle a lot. It's also interesting if you like puzzle-y gameplay. Kind of like a better Tower of the Sorcerer. You can cheat if you don't want to think, though. I recommend grabbing the unofficial decensored version of the first game because it has better engine. https://f95zone.to/threads/the-dungeon-of-lulu-farea-kill-screw-marry-galaxy-wars.2612/ https://f95zone.to/threads/demonic-nation-florehades-get-married-with-women-in-the-demonic-realm-final-galaxy-wars.42228/
>>1982 yuela best girl

Open file (212.43 KB 800x1000 succubus princess.jpg)
Open file (243.65 KB 900x638 monster girl dungeon.jpg)
Open file (112.64 KB 900x553 alien monster girl.jpg)
CYOA: /cuckquean/ Quest Anonymous 06/28/2021 (Mon) 05:44:02 No.2649 [Reply]
This thread is dedicated to the creation, playing, and management of a /cuckquean/ CYOA. Since I am GM(game master) I will be offering (you) the players several adventures we can go on. Here they are. Royal Usurpers >You and your husband were the prince and princess of a kingdom known as Far Castle. You have been recently kicked out of the kingdom by a treacherous back stabbing relative of your husband. Worse yet, a cruel and evil witch who associated with the traitors has given you a terrible cursed mark making sure that you can no longer give birth to children! Your objective in this CYOA is to find your husband a suitable mother or figure out a way to cure yourself of this cursed mark. Along the way you'll also need to create alliances and it just so happens that a near by kingdom ruled by monster girls happens to be allied specifically with your husband due to his father sharing an alliance with them in the past. Monster Girl Milking: Vixen Dungeon >You and your Mercenary Boy Friend have recently accepted a quest that requires you to enter a near by dungeon to collect a few items exclusive to the monster girls that inhabit that dungeon. More importantly, you'll need to collect at least a gallon of succubus milk, concentrated demonic energy, and locate a powerful monster girl in the center of dungeon, that being a demigod monster girl who has a unique specialty for Fertility magic. However, things aren't that simple and you'll come to found out real quick why this area is called "Vixen Dungeon." Space Queans: All Out War You and Your husband are delivery truck drivers, or in a sense. You both work as a delivery service for an interstellar delivery agency however there has been a major event in the news recently. 2 major militant and matriarchal species have been fighting over a world said to possess a plant capable of helping each race reproduce. Both of these races, the Kasarians and the "Guardians" both require males of other species to reproduce. This said plant was supposed to make each race more fertile than thought possible. In this CYOA, your main quest will be to resolve the incident peacefully and help discover if the plant really does exist, and if the properties of it are true. You'll be sharing your husband along the way of course, did you really expect 2 alien races that rely on males of there races to not have a piece of him? There are also other questions i would like you all to answer. >What personality should your husband have? >Should you have a husband at all instead this should be a lesbian /cuckquean/ CYOA? >Are there any specific kinks you'd like to say? Like maybe you'd like to lick your vixen's feet or maybe hear your significant other degrade you? Also feel free to work with any of the ideas I have presented. If you have any kinds of questions to ask, go ahead. I'll be back on here in about 2 hours, probably.
11 posts and 10 images omitted.
>>2776 yes... I'm sorry if I made a mistake I'll start over if I need to.
>>2774 >Far castle more like "fark us all" amirite >My men are in quite high spirits, but I wanted to know about you. How are you doing my princess? Tell him I'm tired, sweaty, and very concerned about the future, but the tent is nicer than any fugitive could reasonably expect and the variation he's just brought to my diet brightens my day almost as much as seeing his face. Ask if there is any other news about... anything really. (If you are doing the slow-paced week-to-respond arrangement, you I would suggest giving us a little more at once to respond to than "How are you".) (Also the OP mentioned a witch's curse mark and plans to cure ourselves and/or find hubby a girl to breed and/or ally with monster girl kingdom - is any of this already in play for us to discuss or do you plan to narrate that out instead of skipping over it? Either is fine with me.)
>>2777 Not a "mistake" per se, more like there's not enough for the audience to go on. Like >>2779 says, you'll want to give us more than a few lines that terminate in "How are you?", especially at the all-important start. A question like that gives us no choice, doesn't have any impact on the story's events that we can see, and doesn't permit more than one person to contribute coherent responses. Instead, consider establishing the story up to the point where a choice can be made that's meaningful, even in a small way. Give a few different courses of action that the audience can discuss and vote on, and include the option for the audience to make additional suggestions if they like. Also keep in mind that we need to know what our character wants or needs in order for choices to be meaningful.
>>2779 >>2783 I think you both make a very valid point. I am going to start over with the opener. I probably won't be able to write it up right now, but I will get back to, probably this weekend. I will however, probably keep your husband's war hero background. I find that easy to work with. image unrelated.
>>2788 Looking forward to seeing the new version!

Open file (78.70 KB 1280x720 Hypno.jpg)
Hypno Anonymous 05/03/2020 (Sun) 17:08:20 No.955 [Reply]
Are their videos that can hypnotize women into being a cuckqueans?
3 posts omitted.
>>1216 What in fuck? How is this a response to OP and what is even going on in the replies to that thread?
>>1216 >>1218 It's just goons being their usual selves.
>>988 Then tell us your elite cuckquean hypnosis strats. (I almost wrote "vids or gtfo") >>1225 No wonder SA are hated.
>>988 >I'm a hypnotist If you're the hypnotist who visited /cuckquean/ years ago, hello! I found your posts very helpful. >>1226 >elite cuckquean hypnosis strats I made a cuckquean audio "hypnosis" file a while ago. I put it in double quotes because it wasn't really hypnosis in the way I understand it, but rather the audio bombardment style that's often called 'hypno'. It was more fetish than serious adjustment attempt, now that I look back on the script with hindsight. I took recordings of one single mantra, five intensifiers, three deepeners, and one hundred forty seven statements. I won't share the mantra, but the intensifiers were things like >Every time you hear these words you hear more and more. The deepeners were things like >It's so easy and comfortable to open your mind to my voice. The statements were little 5-10 word suggestions. Some were designed to set up triggers that would strengthen cuckqueaning fantasies (e.g. "When you see a nice girl you imagine/want..."), trigger physical reactions (e.g. "...makes your pussy soft and wet."), build self-referencing feedback loops (e.g. "The more... the more you want..."), earworm using rhythmic language, suggest importance, adjust attitudes, and various other things. Into the mix I threw twenty copies of the main mantra, two copies of the intensifier set, two copies of the deepener set, and one copy of the statement set. These were randomly layered to create a 'babble track'. Two babble tracks would be generated - one for the left ear, one for the right - and then stereo mixed to form the main babble track. On top of the babble tracks I put a track of muffled, low-volume soft porn moaning, just enough to feel like an exciting overheard snippet but not so rare that it would draw the listener's attention too much.

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