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Cuckquean Stories Anonymous 09/07/2019 (Sat) 02:08:09 No.110 [Reply] [Last]
Are stories the best medium for cuckquean porn? This thread is for the good ones you've found.
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>>4778 >gif nostagia! still sometimes sing that one potato song to myself outta nowhere https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WKbJLCZsIOA
Open file (500.03 KB 900x506 two cats.png)
>>4800 >I'm glad you have the kind of trust based relationship that allows both of you to be yourselves. At the end of the day that story wasn't really important. Please accept my apologies, Anon—I didn't mean to boast. >But I also have to face the fact that underneath all of that in a deeper desire to feel valuable, to feel worth defending, to be worth something at all. >Maybe that's why I have both a praise and a humiliation kink, I feel worthless so I want my worth to be affirmed but but it can also feel good to revel, rather than wallow, in my lowness. Sex can be weirdly sensible, can't it? >I feel like the stereotypes are that way for a reason, but what if it's confirmation bias? That's what I was groping at, yeah. I think both things are true: The stereotypes are that way for a reason, and confirmation bias exists. There's no easy answer! My own rule of thumb is to deal with individuals and design for populations. I fuck both up all the time, but then most things in life require my being better than I am. >It comes across like a sugar coating on "get back in the kitchen where you belong" when it could be more about how you can be a woman and a scientist/worker/gamer/whatever and you don't have to sacrifice your femininity to be those things. I have to come at this one from outside, I'm afraid, because I don't really relate: Growing up as a tomboy who liked both "guy things" and "girl things", I never found that to have much impact upon whether I felt myself to be a girl/woman or not. I just like things; the fact of my liking them is neither feminine nor masculine. This is, in part, why I always found the whole GaMuRgUrL thing to be a bit of a beat-up—yes, and?—but that's a whole different subject. The system wants us to care deeply and worry about this for its own reasons, but I personally don't. The medium turns the messages into tar babies: They don't particularly care whether you support them or oppose them because the real (not necessarily conscious) objective of the system that carries them is to have you engage, to agree with the implicit idea that it is part of your life, which in turn makes it true. The trap is in touching them at all. That said, I think it's important to distinguish the parts of messages that seek to control—take (destabilized characteristic of target group), glue (payload), release in direction of (target group), go to lunch—and those that arise from the culture at large doing a little introspection, which we experience as the memetic ferment. That arises from questions far too large and important for treatment in a post like this. My own experience is that it was hammered into me from all around as I grew up, sometimes in very frightening ways, that to fall pregnant was to lose and to learn any home-making skills was to set oneself up for surrender and a lifetime of soul-crushing servitude. As with all conditioning, these messages were not thought but felt. I have only been able to dig up and confront the deeper parts in the past few years and have determined with quiet regret that on the whole it was not a good thing. I'm just lucky that I didn't get the full press.

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Open file (356.30 KB 1920x1024 IMG_5524.jpg)
>>4808 >At the end of the day that story wasn't really important. It was an appropriately related story, and I AM happy that you seem to be in a happy, fulfilling relationship. There isn't anything to apologize for. >My own rule of thumb is to deal with individuals and design for populations. This seems like a good rule of thumb. What matters most is that your intentions are in the right place, and when we miss the mark we can always apologize and use the experience to try to be better in the future. >So when I see home-making and child-rearing cast in these kinds of woo-woo terms, I interpret it as attempts to smuggle these roles past the cultural constructs whose mission was to suppress them This seems plausible to me, it always did come across kinda like it was part of someone's agenda. >By what lights do you think you might dissect them, by the way? Candlelight of course! It's the best for intimate work where you're really getting to know your subject, you know? Cheekiness aside, I'd like to explore more about the characters and their relationships. I didn't get to the part where the sister was an actual person, she was just fap material. I'm interested in seeing if there is any chemistry between her and her sister or her and her husband, enough of something to make the relationships believable. While I often find authorial intent to be a rather boring part of literature, here I would like to know what's going on in the author's head. What are they getting out of this, what are the parts of the story they revel in, what kinds of things are being skipped over? I also enjoy rewriting stories in my head, so it could be fun to read it all the way through to see what's there then play around with trying to make it a better story. You've already done some of that above, so I'd have a starting point. >This is kind of fun! I'm glad you didn't hate it! My fingers are crossed that it will get a good ending, I have read a few other stories that seemed like they were leading up to a nice sisterwife harem ending but then they took a hard right and didn't deliver. Though I'd rather have have a wimpy ending than a shift to a squick like cuckhold.
>>4822 Looking forward to your analysis then, Anon.
>>4800 >>4808 >Dark Whispers The author Tessaly came out as a MtF tranny who styles himself a lesbian hypnodomme. Whether that’s relevant is up to you.

Cuckquean History Anonymous 05/18/2020 (Mon) 17:35:23 No.999 [Reply]
With the power of baka-trips, I summon the history thread! Concerning Tales Olde and Antiquated of Ye Singuler Creature known as a "Cuckqueane" We know that cuckqueaning is older than any of us and that from time to time, we have been mentioned in writing whether fictional or factual. Cuckqueaning throughout history thread! First, some old smut. In the Bibliography of Forbidden Books, Volume 3, I found this little gem: >I cannot better terminate this bibliographical attempt, in which English fiction so largely figures, than by noticing two tales which reach me as these pages are passing through the press: Abishag; a Luscious Tale of a Successful Physiological Search after Rejuvenescence, Fully disclosing the Secret of the only natural and true Elixer capable of effecting such a desirable necessity. By David II. Jerusalem 1851. >This is a husband's confession of infidelity to his wife, and the Elixer for rejuvenescence, promised on the title-page, is nothing more than the contact of a young girl. Taking the episode of David and Abishag for his text, the narrator tells us how, tiring of his wife six months after marriage, he has connection with Jemima, his servant maid, and continues the intimacy for two years, until she gets a husband. As he grows older his power of satisfying his wife diminishes, until he seduces Jemima's successor, "a young orphan girl of about eighteen, who has never been in service before," and finds himself in a position to serve both mistress and maid. His wife compliments him on his return of vigour, and enquires the cause, which, after some hesitation, he discloses. His partner expresses surprise that such girls can have so much influence, but, being an accommodating woman, she determined to keep the secret, and to profit by the discovery. On Polly's departure to wed "a particularly well hung young butcher," she engages another docile maid, "always making a change every three months or so, as fresh girls are most effective." >The idea of a wife condoning, and even profiting by her husband's libertinism, if not strictly new, is at any rate not hackneyed, and a more thorough, less flimsy treatment than in the volume before us might have secured an attractive narrative. Only one copy is known to exist and is in a private collection. http://www.eroticabibliophile.com/publishers_carrington_a_d.php mentions the original copy of Abishag is >Pamphlet. 36 pages. Burnt-umber colored wrappers with decorative frame. Title page printed in black only.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

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Bump for history.
According to Socrates of Constantinople, the Roman emperor Valentinian the Great practiced polygamy, defying Roman law and Christian tradition to marry a woman named Justina after his first wife Marina Severa saw her in the bath and talked his ear off about how beautiful she was. Nobody knows for sure whether this account is true, but if it is, it's fairly easy to interpret Marina as bisexual, a cuck, or both.
Open file (335.96 KB 501x510 smug roman.png)
>>4810 >Justina being thus bereft of her father, still continued a virgin. Some time after she became known to Severa, wife of the emperor Valentinian, and had frequent intercourse with the empress, until their intimacy at length grew to such an extent that they were accustomed to bathe together. When Severa saw Justina in the bath she was greatly struck with the beauty of the virgin, and spoke of her to the emperor; saying that the daughter of Justus was so lovely a creature, and possessed of such symmetry of form, that she herself, though a woman, was altogether charmed with her. The emperor, treasuring this description by his wife in his own mind, considered with himself how he could espouse Justina, without repudiating Severa, as she had borne him Gratian, whom he had created Augustus a little while before. He accordingly framed a law, and caused it to be published throughout all the cities, by which any man was permitted to have two lawful wives.
Open file (261.50 KB 1600x1004 georgecaroline.jpg)
Caroline of Ansbach, wife of George II of Great Britain, seems to have fit the bill of a great historical cuckquean: >George Augustus and Caroline had a successful and loving marriage, *though he continued to keep mistresses, as was customary for the time.[23] Caroline was aware of his infidelities; they were well known and he told her about them himself. His two best-known mistresses were Henrietta Howard, later Countess of Suffolk, and, beginning in 1735, Amalie von Wallmoden, Countess of Yarmouth. Howard was one of Caroline's Women of the Bedchamber and became Mistress of the Robes when her husband inherited a peerage in 1731*; she retired in 1734.[24] In contrast with her mother-in-law and husband, Caroline was known for her marital fidelity; she never made any embarrassing scenes nor did she take lovers.[23] She preferred her husband's mistresses to be her ladies-in-waiting so that she could keep a closer eye on them.[25]
Open file (276.88 KB 1134x1772 08749.2pcf-dc.jpg)
Open file (2.09 MB 2040x2040 ClipboardImage.png)
>>4932 Reading an article about her at https://royalcentral.co.uk/features/the-wives-of-the-georgian-kings-caroline-of-ansbach-39011/ and she seemed formidable: >Lucy Worsley has called Caroline of Ansbach "the cleverest queen consort ever to sit on the throne of England". >served as regent on occasion >both intelligent and curious, vastly outshone her husband in most cultural and political aspects. So much so, that when they were crowned King and Queen, a satirist wrote about the royal couple: “You may strut, dapper George but ‘twill all be in vain; We know ‘tis Queen Caroline, not you, that reign.” >Caroline convinced the King to commune the sentence of six prisoners, so that they could be a part of an experiment. She made an attempt to inoculate these prisoners against smallpox, and when they all survived, she tried it again – this time on children. The results were favourable, and Caroline soon had her own children inoculated against the disease. In her own way, she was a pioneer in the field of medicine. The relationship between her and her King seems very sweet, too: >Sophia Charlotte was the sister of the future King George I of England. George had a stormy relationship with his own wife, and didn’t want his son, George Augustus, to go through the same thing. So George Augustus was given the freedom to choose a wife of his liking. He settled upon Caroline when, after having heard good reports of her from his aunt, he visited the court in Ansbach to see his future bride. George Augustus immediately took a liking to Caroline’s good character, and the couple were married in Hanover in 1705. >Almost immediately after [their first son] Frederick’s birth, Caroline came down with smallpox. Her infant son was kept away from her to avoid catching the disease, but George Augustus stayed by her side and subsequently developed smallpox himself. >On her death bed, Caroline urged George to remarry, but the King was devoted to his wife, and refused, saying that he would only ever take mistresses instead. After her death, George said that he had known many women, but none of them were fit to buckle Caroline’s shoe. >True to his word, George II never married again, and when he died, 23 years later, he was buried next to her in a matching coffin, devoted till the end.

Open file (30.51 KB 313x500 41IjL00OMDL.jpg)
Cuckqueaning and children Anonymous 09/12/2021 (Sun) 07:15:50 No.2850 [Reply]
Do you plan to have kids? Would you be okay with the vixen getting pregnant? How do you plan to tell the kids about daddy spending time with a woman who isn't mommy?
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>>3536 That's overstated, what was more common was siblings murdering each other when dad died to head off civil wars over succession As for divorce, could be sorted out by not getting legally married and instead having contracts written out in advance pertaining to what happens in the event you split up, would obviously need to be in a jurisdiction that doesn't recognize common law marriage and the man would obviously need to be wealthy to support 2 or more partners. >>3528 It could also come out as competitiveness over kids, I've heard lesbians that get sperm donors often have their relationships go down hill as they argue over which child is cuter/better, not a lesbian so can't confirm but could see a similar dynamic happening with a harem >>3539 >wasn't just to your benefit but was also to the benefit of yourself kek >>3563 This, make sure to vet the other girl(s) thoroughly before contemplating adding them into the dynamic and don't rush it, you can take your time decide, not that many people get married a few months after meeting
Open file (972.67 KB 2100x2100 FXpAmJwagAAH92n.jpg)
I was thinking about this the other week. It's only tangentially related, but I've heard that children being brought up inside poly households (the kind where there are multiple guys and multiple girls all sexually involved with some combination of each other) are starting to show up as having certain risk factors. Apparently the unspoken relationship dynamics of a sexually fluid household tend to get a bit strained, and children - who instinctively pick up on such things as part of their drive to seek and maintain nurture - end up affected by it. It's way beyond a developing child's ability to comprehend adult emotional and sexual dynamics, and so not only can the child end up with confused parental imprinting, they also end up competing with unrelated adults for their caregiver's attention and affection without realizing it. Also, the partner count and soft periphery that such households often have brings with them the same risks associated with children whose parent repartners (e.g. single mother with series of boyfriends). I've not studied the topic myself, but I thought this was interesting to consider against the kind of polygynous households discussed ITT, which if nothing else at least have one father to unify beneath, a more limited set of emotional/sexual dynamics, and something of a social framework setting their expectations.
>>4742 Oh, which reminds me: >children - who instinctively pick up on such things as part of their drive to seek and maintain nurture >children whose parent repartners I remember long ago reading on... Tumblr, I think, or maybe another blog platform, the diary of a divorced woman who had recently re-partnered, bringing her daughter with her. This woman was sexually submissive, and had a master/slave dynamic with her new... I can't remember if it was boyfriend, husband, fiance, or what. We've all seen and heard the different angles on stories both real and fictional that hinge on how children refer to their new stepparent. The two adults were supposedly careful to keep the sexual and D/s stuff out of view, but one evening they're all together and the daughter calls her new stepfather not "<name>", not "Dad" (as they were probably hoping)... but "master". Then she looks over to her mother for approval. Of course they were appropriately shocked and embarrassed, and gave the daughter a talk about how that's a special way that mommy calls <new man> when they're alone together... but reading it still dropped my stomach. Like, geez, can you imagine? Poor kid's just modelling what she overhears, instinctively seeking security, probably picked up on how that was a special word that made <new man> like mommy more. I guess that in spite of what you think might be your best efforts, you can't really control what kids pick up on.
>>2850 I can't imagine it being different from having moms and stepmoms. I've met muslims who grew up with polygamous fathers. And it all depends on how the relation goes. If mother and sister wife dont fight with father and no abuse vice versa, kids dont mind.
>>3537 >If we had more general knowledge as to what it's like growing up in such a household, good and bad, we'd have more to go on. I have muslim friends AMA

Chastity Anonymous 09/18/2019 (Wed) 15:53:53 No.161 [Reply] [Last]
Is there a better feeling than being locked away snug and secure in your belt while hubby rails some tight pretty thing? Not all underwear is made of steel, just the best kind.

This thread is for discussing female chastity play, chastity devices, chastity practices including orgasm denial, chastity life, and so on.

Do you own a belt? Two? More? Talk about them. How long do you wear them for? Who holds your key while you're locked away?

Do you want a belt of your own? Of course you do. Which are you thinking of picking? Why? How're you going to use it?

Just have chastity fantasies and aren't interested in doing it in real life yet? That's okay too! Post fantasies, porn, stories, hentai, whatever, as long as it involves female chastity play!
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>>4616 >Sensitivity shifting If you're weird then so am I, because I like it a lot. I didn't do it as part of chastity play, but conditioning me to feel pleasure when I give head was one of the first things my man and I worked on when I first became his pet. There's something very dirty yet loving about having someone customize you like that. These days I don't usually need or want any direct foreplay as long as I'm allowed to worship his cock for a bit before we have sex. I can't physically cum from giving oral the same way I cum from getting fucked or having my clit played with, but I do get a really strong, really pleasurable rush when he cums (whether in me, another girl, my mouth, whatever) that I find more satisfying in some ways than an actual orgasm. What do you like about it Anon? >Maybe mix in some orientation play if both you and the vixen are kinda straight and she's far younger.. Orientation play can take different forms, depending. What kind of activity or scenario with this younger vixen would you imagine?
>>4617 > Orientation play can take different forms, depending. What kind of activity or scenario with this younger vixen would you imagine Punishment for stepping out of line leading to getting to sexually submit. Maybe a mind game where there's a choice between staying locked up and being made to cum by humping the Vixen's leg like a disgusting dyke bitch while she tells me to go faster. Might be punishment for something as simple as trying to kiss m— her man without asking for a nod of confirmation. Or maybe giving her one orgasm earns half a cuckie point that can be traded in for getting to sit at the table rather than beside it at dinner when I've got enough > can't physically cum from giving oral the same way I cum from getting fucked or having my clit played with, but I do get a really strong, really pleasurable rush when he cums (whether in me, another girl, my mouth, whatever) that I find more satisfying in some ways than an actual orgasm. Holy based!
>>4636 >a choice between staying locked up and being made to cum by humping the Vixen's leg like a disgusting dyke bitch while she tells me to go faster That's pretty hot. Love a bit of mind-gaming and humping, and although I don't go in for girl/girl stuff or humiliation myself, I find it very... cute? Like, imagining that situation makes me feel gooey and happy because everyone's getting what they need, especially if that's to be goaded to a shameful leg-humping dykegasm by a smug little vixxie before getting locked back up into being a belted lickpuppy (straight). >Holy based! Thank you Anon, but I don't think of it as anything special; just a fun little quirk, part of what I am.
>>4541 >>4550 >I can't stop thinking about how it would sway and bounce off his chest as he fucks and now i can't either! thanks anon... >>4636 orientation play is based as fuck. >Maybe a mind game where there's a choice between staying locked up and being made to cum by humping the Vixen's leg like a disgusting dyke bitch while she tells me to go faster high tier idea anon. i would love the idea of having such a degrading choice where i am reminded how worthless my own orgasms are. i have to do the work to get off, i don't even get to get fucked its just basically masturbation. perhaps my arms would be shibari tied behind me to throw me off balance and force me to work at it harder. and when i collapse from exhaustion at the end i get locked back in and my vixen and master fuck like real people.
Open file (584.75 KB 1017x1800 23923190.jpg)
Open file (812.32 KB 1499x1124 92837098.jpg)
>>4725 >my vixen and master fuck like real people >like real people unf

Anonymous 11/12/2022 (Sat) 15:34:32 No.4427 [Reply]
>tfw no wifepoints app or chart
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>>4452 >being allowed to touch yourself >implying I have the self-control not to itf https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dS6rV4p38Yo
Open file (96.61 KB 807x1200 horny dungeon.jpg)
Open file (154.99 KB 752x1063 morning_after.jpg)
>>4464 We have special undies for girls like us, Anon. They're very shiny and fun, and you might resist a bit at first, but you'll come to enjoy them with time.
>>4455 >implying I don't want the added humiliation of being cucked by someone more autistic and silly than I Gimme one of the bitches in pic related as a vixen; that's the shame that hurts so good. Also I had to look up good boy points. Get out chicken tender, get in dickin' tender. >>4462 this >>4467 Cute and sexy.
Open file (3.79 KB 68x69 Vixen.PNG)
>>4472 >Gimme one of the bitches in pic related as a vixen >The Monkey's Paw curls Your Vixen has been assigned, Anon. Enjoy!
>>4472 My bf did pick up an autistic vixen once, actually. Female autism isn't as obvious and she masked well during their initial encounter so he didn't realize she was an aspie - thought she was just a bit awkward and shy, as many academics are - until they were already in bed relaxing in between their first and second tumble. The topic of the Japanese having heated toilet seats happens to come up (as it does) and she suddenly has a minor freakout, says that she can't stand the idea because she's sensitive to temperature and it'd feel like someone else's leftover body heat. My bf's lying there next to this girl listening to her chatter away about this and apparently that was the moment something clicked and all the other little weird things he'd noticed lined up to the realization that he was in bed with an autistic girl. Didn't stop them from going for a second tumble though; he said once he knew what was going on it was more fun in its own way because by then she'd lowered her guard and her body reacted differently than he was used to. The part that made me laugh was that partway through their second fuck she just cuts off a moan halfway through, stares at him, and says out of the blue with completely flat affect >"I'm tired." "Okay," he says, "would you like to stop?" She thinks for a second and then grins and says, >"No. This is fun." and so that was that, the train kept rolling. >>4467 Cute!

Open file (366.32 KB 744x683 cuckooClockStore.png)
Open file (516.14 KB 859x683 CuckooClocks.png)
Open file (607.73 KB 850x683 RainKiss.png)
Anonymous 11/14/2022 (Mon) 05:39:48 No.4437 [Reply]
Just noticed this subtle nod with what happens to Judy Tobin in the latest episode (Mall-mento Adventure) of The Great North, makes me wonder what other subtler references might've been dropped that I missed.
>>4437 Lmao that's pretty good. Probably should've posted it in here though. >>695

Open file (130.05 KB 708x999 lesbian cucked.jpg)
question Anonymous 05/16/2022 (Mon) 23:36:00 No.3433 [Reply]
does a guy cucking a chick in a lesbian relationship count as cuckquean?
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>>3627 If dykes just hate men (which is the main thing I got out of this), then why are you posting here? >>3630 No, that's completely wrong. "Gender" doesn't exist in the sense the bluehairs use it, but its only purpose is to socially construct relationships in ways that are useful to biology. Someone who doesn't get that can't figure out why a lad with two lasses has a great thing going on the first place, and biology trumps all the other made-up concepts people are on about. So, men and women are not the same, and nothing makes that more obvious than dykes coming in and immediately trying to just level the whole thing so it caters to them instead of chad sir-man. Lesbians being on about feminism demonstrates that they just hate men and don't belong anywhere near a man, really. >>3756 No, you sound based AF.
Open file (15.82 KB 500x375 is this a pigeon.jpg)
>>3772 >If dykes just hate men (which is the main thing I got out of this), then why are you posting here? This question makes no sense. I explained how (some) dykes think, but nowhere in there did I claim to be one.
>>3770 >No, you sound based AF. Y-you too... >If dykes just hate men (which is the main thing I got out of this), then why are you posting here? Maybe it's just personal bias but I think all girls are varying degrees of bi and androphobic. Some study said that the vast majority of lesbians had been domestically abused at some point of their lives (not by their homosexual partners necessarily) , so I'd guess that we call lesbianism nowadays are just exaggerated expressions of said tendencies triggered by past trauma and negative experiences with males.
>>3467 > cuckquean has now come to mean any woman who gets cucked by anyone for any reason with or without her participation or knowledge If you have consent/knowledge/participation of your partner being with someone else, I don't see how that fits any definition of cuckold/cuckquean tbh The whole idea of fetishism tends to be "roleplaying something without it genuinely being that". IE roleplaying rape is not actual rape, and roleplaying cuck is not actually cuck. By definition they cannot be - because roleplay is giving consent to pretend to be involved in these non-consent situations (either not giving permission for your own body's participation, or your approval for your partner to be involved with others) IE a man is made a cuckold because his wife sires brood via another man's seed and he raises them as his own under the impression they are - this is what the Cuculidae did - we must remember the Cuculidae when we get to a point like "my wife is siring brood from other men but I knew all along" it's really not cuckoo it's just sperm donorship like Buck is doing in the latest 9-1-1

Open file (333.27 KB 607x497 cuckquean.png)
Open file (286.73 KB 540x304 sekai middle.gif)
Open file (14.27 KB 225x225 ToraDoraTriangle.jpg)
fixer-uppers Anonymous 12/02/2020 (Wed) 09:29:47 No.1759 [Reply]
what do you think of the trope where there's a girl trying to fix up a guy with another "better" girl but you secretly root for all three of them even though it never happens?
I think I would be interested to know more.
You might not want to use School Days as an example here.
>>1759 I quite like it! I remember one triplet (quadruplet, actually) that I rooted for and (to my absolute surprise) got was in Asobi no Iku Yo! where the three girls just say "fuck it, we like each other enough to share him" and humanity gets a space elevator as a Christmas present. That was a fun anime.
>>1759 Funny thing is, the original School Days visual novel has an ending where they DO start a three-way relationship.
>>1762 the girl in the first pic is Bumblebee

Open file (84.08 KB 745x1003 20221024_220847.jpg)
Open file (120.63 KB 1080x1186 FgBjOXjakAEY4Up.jpg)
Anonymous 11/05/2022 (Sat) 04:15:15 No.4307 [Reply]
One thing I notice is that there is a distinctive inconsistency as to whether or not humiliation is included in this fetish. Obviously any given individual is inclined to have their own very specific brand of a fetish with consistency only becoming apparent across large sample sizes. The only thing I find odd is that any given point in time I swing wildly between being convinced either way as to whether a humiliation angle is the norm with CQ. It is generally the norm among male cuckolding to have comparison and humiliation take center stage. Confident male cucks certainly exist but a fair portion of them tend to simply be swingers mislabeling themselves as they rarely stay monogamous too in those situations So I figured I'd get it from the cuck horses mouth. Do you get off on a sense of inferiority and comparison with this fetish? If it's less direct than that what are some qualifiers and details? For myself I could write a fucking memoir on the finer details but to simplify I want to see men I like fuck women who are better than me. The sexual draw of them being better than me is not the same as me getting off on myself being worse. I'm unsure as to if it's even possible to properly detail what I mean by that other than saying it's a completely shameless sense of inferiority if such a thing is possible. Often I remove myself somewhat from the situation, I merely want cute guys I like to fuck other women regardless of if I'm acknowledged or included. It's closer to infatuation than overtly sexual sometimes but always psychologically rewarding. Like a humiliation centrist or some shit. Some pseudofreudian-esq bullshit is probably afoot here for me but who am I to attempt to understand what makes me coom? I'm sure this question has been asked to death but I'm decently new to the community. I'm just interested to hear individual thoughts and to get at least some confirmation of the average
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>>4311 Good detailed answer, thanks >Sniff him like a madwoman Very good taste you've got there
>>4307 >the cuck horses mouth
>>4307 >I want to see men I like fuck women who are better than me. The sexual draw of them being better than me is not the same as me getting off on myself being worse. Makes complete sense to me. It’s a little like worship, maybe, or infatuation like you said - you’re getting off on admiring them. Definite sexual charge there, yeah.
>>4329 >>4329 It's hard to describe but it's not really a worship of the women. I'm not gay. They're not quite props per se either. More like I enjoy the vicarious nature of his excitement, infatuation and desire for them but I don't hold those feelings towards them myself
>>4330 Oh! That sounds like a kind of compersion, but I don’t mean to tell you what you’re feeling or anything like that. Maybe you can write us that memoir if you’re interested in laying it out in more detail. >it's not really a worship of the women. I'm not gay. Apologies for clumsy language, I didn’t mean it like that. By “them” I meant the cute guy and the better-than-you girl together. Fucking. Like, >wow, she’s hot, they look so good together like that, he must be having so much fun, this is the best That sort of thing. The girl’s better than you, the guy’s having fun with her, and that makes you feel good. Simple. And he’s cute and she’s hot, so it’s almost like admiring art of Greek gods, to exaggerate for effect.

Open file (63.96 KB 650x638 Eag6JsmWkAEYJuk.jpeg)
Open file (109.79 KB 1028x674 EaraQqlWAAEmFnq.jpeg)
Open file (317.81 KB 2000x1333 EaRFwQWXgAEr23J.jpeg)
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Silly Twitter meme Anonymous 06/18/2020 (Thu) 09:14:53 No.1090 [Reply]
Where do you take your boyfriend for dinner, and what do the waitresses do with him?
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>>1462 Thank you Commissar Vi, truly heresy grows from idleness.
>>1462 >>1464 Agreed and based.
>>1472 God spoke through you, anon.
>>1097 >You like crossdressing """"race-traitors"""" and that's actually ok this is very shallow and stupid. no point in elaborating

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