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Open file (658.23 KB 1035x480 Yarra_banner_cropped.png)
Open file (293.11 KB 544x416 ProstituteExotic.png)
The Last Sovereign Anonymous 04/28/2020 (Tue) 07:59:26 No.905 [Reply]
Now with art! There is a thread for this game on the old board, but it hasn't been migrated here, so let's start a new one. It's a good milestone for it because after years of not finding an artist, they finally got one, and just added art through Chapter 1. Despite being a lewd game, TLS features intelligent writing and protagonists who use their brains and resources skillfully to reach the goals of their story. The male lead isn't some unlikable loser to self-insert as, and the women who love him are written with personality rather than just representing a particular kink or two. H-scenes in this game are usually several paragraphs of text punctuated by 1-2 images. It focuses much more on a happy and cohesive harem-of-friends-and-equals situation, not much on humiliation or dominance games. However I'm gonna paste one scene that does have some of that feel since people liked it in the fullchan thread. --- Though it seemed like they were meant to stay back, Aka found herself peering after Simon. He'd propositioned the most exotic-looking prostitute and now sat back, watching as she danced before him. The movements were strange and flowing, nothing like anything Aka had seen before. As she danced, one strip of cloth after another came off, revealing her pale skin slowly but surely. It was certainly elegant, more graceful than Aka could ever be, but she took a little pleasure in noticing that the prostitute's breasts weren't as large or pert as her own. What was she doing? Aka pulled back and averted her gaze from the scene. She was jealous, that much was obvious, but how did that make any sense? Simon had never promised exclusivity - almost the opposite, actually. Her confusion wasn't helped by the fact that she realized Yarra and Cumdump were beside her. Not only were they watching, Yarra had a hand down her skirt and Cumdump was vigorously fucking herself with several fingers. They didn't even seem to notice that she was staring at them.

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>>1744 There's a cheat mod for that. It covers all but the past couple updates' content. https://thelastsovereign.miraheze.org/wiki/Cheating#Story_mode_mod
>>1744 I didn't like the RPGmaker gameplay either. I did appreciate how they'd made the effort to make it less tedious by limiting the number of encounters per area and a couple of other things. Picture unrelated, but pretty.
>>1744 >>1747 I'm with you all on this. I really don't like JRPG combat, and the RPGMaker stuff isn't sweetening that deal. I like the spirit of what they're doing, it unfortunately isn't for me. It's like with trying to get into Touhou, but then remembering all the actual original games are made for autistic Japanese people.
Open file (221.96 KB 500x512 ценннцук.jpg)
>>1750 Honestly I didn't notice this game's RPGMakerness much when I played. I remember the majority of the time ended up being the investment system, the puzzle bits, exploration, and story. >all the actual original games are made for autistic Japanese people >tfw you discover you're an autistic Nip
>>1753 >tfw you discover you're an autistic Nip I'm sorry if discovering this is difficult for you. We're here to support you.

Open file (4.78 MB 640x360 lakesidefun.mp4)
Anonymous 09/05/2019 (Thu) 16:39:38 No.98 [Reply]
Welcome to the webring!
I was able to view the Catalog by manually appending the URL to create:

But why is there no actual clickable catalog button?
The button on the top-right.
Open file (248.67 KB 875x619 thick automaton.jpg)
Happy Thanksgiving, /cuckquean/! t. your friends at /robowaifu/ and /monster/ also, where is your meta thread? I don't think you have one.
>>1738 Thank you, /monster/ and /robowaifu/! Those are a very cute turkey and robutt. I hope you all had very nice Thanksgivings.
>>1738 >also, where is your meta thread? I don't think you have one. Thank you for pointing that out. Our meta thread at >>2 is now properly marked. Happy thanksgiving to you all too!

Open file (2.31 MB 3072x4096 98238672r378634678.jpg)
Meta & Moving Thread Anonymous Board owner 09/01/2019 (Sun) 03:40:45 No.2 [Reply] [Last]
Hello anon! Did you miss us? Regroup here if this is your first time on /cuckquean/cafe! This is also the board's general meta thread, for all discussion concerning the board itself.
Edited last time by cuckqueanadmin on 11/27/2020 (Fri) 07:24:47.
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Open file (108.27 KB 356x481 ClipboardImage.png)
Just gonna leave this here
>>438 >>439 If we have a lesbian quean thread and we have hetero quean why wouldn't we have futa which is in between those two?
Seems the Animu bunker is gonna die, figured I would mention it https://prolikewoah.com/japan/res/7642.html
Open file (24.09 KB 184x314 oo.png)
>>1203 Yeah, I saw all that too. All this drama keeps happening! I'm glad that our little café doesn't seem to have any of this seething clique nonsense going on. I like my imageboard hosts like I like my cuckqueaning: Cozy and drama-free.
Open file (1.21 MB 2050x1674 story of cuckquean.png)
Open file (415.05 KB 2050x642 cuckquean memento mori.png)
This is now the meta thread. Here are two posts from the old meta thread that I thought were worth saving. It's scary when ordinary warnings come true.

Origin story Anonymous 11/19/2019 (Tue) 04:51:19 No.485 [Reply]
Origin story time!

When did you discover you were a cuckquean? What got you into this lifestyle and does your lover know?
Post any other details as well, I'm genuinely curious!
When I was younger a guy I've had feelings for for a very long time started dating a very attractive woman with nice curves. It broke my heart because I wanted to be with him. That night when I was touching myself I kept thinking about them having sex and I had the hardest orgasm of my life thinking about the man I love breeding another woman.
About five years I’ve known for sure. I’ve always been a bit submissive. I was also deeply ambiguous about threesomes because of what I saw as a bisexual expectation. I liked picking porn for my bf to jack it to since his sex drive is way higher than mine, and one day I imagined he was fucking someone else. All I could think about was how good it would feel for him and I found myself getting really excited. We tried it out really carefully and talked a lot, but in the end it was confirmed that I love it when he fucks other girls and I especially love to watch him doing it. I just love it when he fucks, it makes me so happy.
>When I was younger a guy I've had feelings for for a very long time started dating a very attractive woman with nice curves.
This actually seems to be a common awakening point for the fetish. I saw another quean long ago talking about how her best female friend had bigger boobs when they were teenagers and so received much more male attention, including from the author’s crushes. Because they were close, this girl would frequently confide in the author about her sex life, so the author almost ended up living vicariously through her.
That's not too far off of my situation. I think I've had more men than her but she has the only one I actually want.
>>485 A year ago, but I'd had fantasies about it before that I didn't really understand. Not sure when the urges started. I mean, who imagines the best part of a threesome as watching the other girl? Porn always sets it up like FFMs are where girls get bisexual and that just doesn't do anything for me. >does your lover know? He knows but we both want to be careful about exploring it. >>510 >That night when I was touching myself I kept thinking about them having sex and I had the hardest orgasm of my life thinking about the man I love breeding another woman. Anon no, I'm not allowing myself to develop new subfetishes until I have a handle on this main one.

young vs old Anonymous 04/08/2020 (Wed) 20:55:47 No.872 [Reply]
old vs young I am interested in seeing art where there is a age difference between the vixen and cuckquean. It could go either way: younger stealing from the old, old stealing from the young. There's inferiority complexes in either direction. They might be mother/daughter, an older/younger sister, older/younger cousins, aunt/niece, teacher/student, etc. For example here is Ronnie Anne Santiago getting cucked by her older thiccer cousin Carlota Casagrande with her love interest Lincoln Loud (shotas obviously allowed)
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>>936 Sorry. A little gun shy from all the shit going on on some of the other webring hosts.
Open file (105.54 KB 850x607 Sirata mogs Hinata.jpg)
Open file (498.47 KB 850x601 Sakura mogs Sirada.jpg)
did not realize the potential Boruto brought tbh
But why is it all incest?
>>1694 Because fanart is mostly based on cartoons, and how many cartoons have adult characters that aren't just the family of the kid protagonists? It's inevitable really.
Serious question, because I'm curious: A lot of this Western cartoon porn art is low-quality and just fucking ugly. Is whoever's posting it here doing it because they legitimately like it, or as some kind of esoteric archiving?

Open file (103.93 KB 1005x760 X.jpg)
My Fantasy Courtney 10/10/2020 (Sat) 06:26:02 No.1561 [Reply]
I dream about this every day.
1 post omitted.
>>1561 I enthusiastically support you in this endeavor. The trick is finding a man who digs the idea as much and really anal. Because you don't want a situation where he's not getting pussy when he wants it because his girlfriend is anal only. Realistically, having vixen pussy conveniently on hand is just not going to happen a lot of the time. He's got to get off on denying you, and your ass needs to be very satisfying to fuck. My understanding is that kegel exercises do strengthen the anal sphincter as well as the vaginal muscles. So that's important. But attitude is important too. You've got to be eager for those times when he decides to use you for sex. The more you want him, the better the lover you'll be. If you're giving up vaginal sex, it may already be a given, but if not, consider giving up your orgasms, too. If you can't do permanent orgasm denial, or can't make the leap all at once, consider having him deny you for regular stretches of time. Maybe an orgasm once a week or once a month. Make sure to edge daily so that you are still thinking about sex and don't become detached from it. And you should regularly have some sort of stimuli (video, audio, writing, watching your man fuck other girls) that focuses on other women experiencing orgasms. Obviously though, no touching your pussy while he's actually inside you. This becomes more complicated if you're one of those poor girls cursed with anal orgasms. You'll have to learn to hold back while he's fucking you, in that case. But hopefully the denial has made you such an amorous lover that you'll have an ass full of his cum before you risk any accidents.
not sure where else to ask this, but do you think all Vanillas from both genders who hate cucking are in denial? What about voyeur?
>>1653 Uh... no? People not sharing your fetish are not necessarily in denial, lol. Especially when it comes to cucking, which is just a form of betrayal if it's not something you consented to.
Open file (32.54 KB 500x481 hissing_booth.jpg)
>>1653 >do you think all Vanillas from both genders who hate cucking are in denial? As in they secretly like cucking/being cucked and are denying it? No. Of course not. Cuckqueaning is a niche fetish, and there are many excellent and valid reasons for people without the fetish to regard it with suspicion and/or horror. Even those with the fetish need to be very careful of how they do it, if they do it at all. Why did you ask this?
>>1653 >What about voyeur? Again, no? What kind of voyeurism, anyway? Doesn't matter. "People without a fetish secretly like the fetish but don't want to admit it" is a brain problem tier assertion.

Asian Thread Anonymous 09/14/2019 (Sat) 12:49:05 No.149 [Reply] [Last]
I remember there was a thread about oriental girls...
56 posts and 81 images omitted.
>>175 I know it's been a year since that post, but does anyone know where such content actually went to? I've missed /wmaf/ discussions.
>>1430 Am curious at this "Collectively meltdown"
I need more of Asian qts cucking white women. FFM with blonde women sucking ass to mouth from an Asian qts anus is my fetish.
>>1320 What do White women find in Asian males that makes divorce so less likely? Math homework?
>>1644 salaryman money

Chastity Anonymous 09/18/2019 (Wed) 15:53:53 No.161 [Reply]
Is there a better feeling than being locked away snug and secure in your belt while hubby rails some tight pretty thing? Not all underwear is made of steel, just the best kind.

This thread is for discussing female chastity play, chastity devices, chastity practices including orgasm denial, chastity life, and so on.

Do you own a belt? Two? More? Talk about them. How long do you wear them for? Who holds your key while you're locked away?

Do you want a belt of your own? Of course you do. Which are you thinking of picking? Why? How're you going to use it?

Just have chastity fantasies and aren't interested in doing it in real life yet? That's okay too! Post fantasies, porn, stories, hentai, whatever, as long as it involves female chastity play!
25 posts and 35 images omitted.
I don't really advocate using glue on your genitals, but the dedication is respectable.
Open file (893.25 KB 2208x2944 BeckyDuctTape.jpg)
Open file (109.11 KB 1000x1333 StaceySuperGlue.jpg)
>>1622 For some reason the pictures didn't go through with it.
Anyone has IRL experience being belted? I want to experiment with it but I've no idea where to start, belts seem either expensive or crap with no middle ground, and I don't want to put superglue on my pussy. How do I explore this?
>>1630 I do not, but there was at least one girl on the old 8chan thread that was talking about being full time belted. It's buried somewhere in here: https://8kun.top/cuckquean/res/1871.html The impression I got was that, yeah, they're either cheap flimsy toys not intended to be worn for any length of time, or something that's expensive and might need to be custom made. Unfortunately kind of a niche fetish that requires hardware, so you're in a difficult position. I suppose it depends on what interests you about this. You could try doing orgasm denial without a belt if that figures into this.

Open file (1.92 MB 2100x1485 1582761092519.png)
Open file (770.22 KB 1200x1299 1583233167286.png)
Open file (771.52 KB 1300x1350 1584480492131.png)
Open file (678.59 KB 1080x1920 1587669686610.jpg)
Open file (2.05 MB 2012x2241 1588653385134.jpg)
Worldbuilding/Fantasy Anonymous 08/19/2020 (Wed) 04:20:17 No.1331 [Reply]
Let me start us off with some questions. 1: What is the best way to establish cuckqueaning in our culture? Legislation? Social change? Blood rituals? Hyper-sentient AI? 2: What should the average Ratio of men to women be? 1:2? 1:10? 3: Why is Cuckquean the superior fetish and lifestyle? Please support your argument by citing a peer reviewed clinical study. Shitposts are also allowed. 4: How advanced must a machine be in order to cuck you? When does a rumba become a romantic rival? 5: Do elf males exist?
22 posts and 9 images omitted.
>>1559 What about if a large part of the male population is volcel, like monks? Maybe a vow of celibacy is necessary for men to practice magic or something.
>>1494 You could just not have v*ting.
>>1560 I'd hardly call that voluntary. And anyway it'd only get you a society run by wizards who artificially inseminate women. >>1562 Yes that was covered under "strip the vote from everyone"
>>1559 >Anything else requires a bunch of incels Are you suggesting this like it's absurd or unrealistic? t. IT sector, lots of co-workers male and female are STEMcels.
>>1565 No, I'm suggesting that it's unsexy, undesirable, and contrary to the spirit of the whole idea.

Cuckquean History Anonymous 05/18/2020 (Mon) 17:35:23 No.999 [Reply]
With the power of baka-trips, I summon the history thread! Concerning Tales Olde and Antiquated of Ye Singuler Creature known as a "Cuckqueane" We know that cuckqueaning is older than any of us and that from time to time, we have been mentioned in writing whether fictional or factual. Cuckqueaning throughout history thread! First, some old smut. In the Bibliography of Forbidden Books, Volume 3, I found this little gem: >I cannot better terminate this bibliographical attempt, in which English fiction so largely figures, than by noticing two tales which reach me as these pages are passing through the press: Abishag; a Luscious Tale of a Successful Physiological Search after Rejuvenescence, Fully disclosing the Secret of the only natural and true Elixer capable of effecting such a desirable necessity. By David II. Jerusalem 1851. >This is a husband's confession of infidelity to his wife, and the Elixer for rejuvenescence, promised on the title-page, is nothing more than the contact of a young girl. Taking the episode of David and Abishag for his text, the narrator tells us how, tiring of his wife six months after marriage, he has connection with Jemima, his servant maid, and continues the intimacy for two years, until she gets a husband. As he grows older his power of satisfying his wife diminishes, until he seduces Jemima's successor, "a young orphan girl of about eighteen, who has never been in service before," and finds himself in a position to serve both mistress and maid. His wife compliments him on his return of vigour, and enquires the cause, which, after some hesitation, he discloses. His partner expresses surprise that such girls can have so much influence, but, being an accommodating woman, she determined to keep the secret, and to profit by the discovery. On Polly's departure to wed "a particularly well hung young butcher," she engages another docile maid, "always making a change every three months or so, as fresh girls are most effective." >The idea of a wife condoning, and even profiting by her husband's libertinism, if not strictly new, is at any rate not hackneyed, and a more thorough, less flimsy treatment than in the volume before us might have secured an attractive narrative. Only one copy is known to exist and is in a private collection. http://www.eroticabibliophile.com/publishers_carrington_a_d.php mentions the original copy of Abishag is >Pamphlet. 36 pages. Burnt-umber colored wrappers with decorative frame. Title page printed in black only.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

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Open file (1.02 MB 1043x765 ClipboardImage.png)
Just wanna leave this here LOL!
"How dare you seduce my husband...AND NOT INVITING ME TO WATCH?!"
A letter from J.R.R Tolkien to his son. Although a good Catholic, he admitted that men were instinctively polygamous and could happily beget a few hundred children, while women are naturally monogamous. http://glim.ru/personal/jrr_tolkien_42-45.html >You may meet in life (as in literature) women who are flighty, or even plain wanton — I don't refer to mere flirtatiousness, the sparring practice for the real combat, but to women who are too silly to take even love seriously, or are actually so depraved as to enjoy 'conquests', or even enjoy the giving of pain – but these are abnormalities, even though false teaching, bad upbringing, and corrupt fashions may encourage them. Much though modern conditions have changed feminine circumstances, and the detail of what is considered propriety, they have not changed natural instinct. A man has a life-work, a career, (and male friends), all of which could (and do where he has any guts) survive the shipwreck of 'love'. A young woman, even one 'economically independent', as they say now (it usually really means economic subservience to male commercial employers instead of to a father or a family), begins to think of the 'bottom drawer' and dream of a home, almost at once. If she really falls in love, the shipwreck may really end on the rocks. Anyway women are in general much less romantic and more practical. Don't be misled by the fact that they are more 'sentimental' in words – freer with 'darling', and all that. They do not want a guiding star. They may idealize a plain young man into a hero; but they don't really need any such glamour either to fall in love or to remain in it. If they have any delusion it is that they can 'reform' men. They will take a rotter open-eyed, and even when the delusion of reforming him fails, go on loving him. They are, of course, much more realistic about the sexual relation. Unless perverted by bad contemporary fashions they do not as a rule talk 'bawdy'; not because they are purer than men (they are not) but because they don't find it funny. I have known those who pretended to, but it is a pretence. It may be intriguing, interesting, absorbing (even a great deal too absorbing) to them: but it is just plumb natural, a serious, obvious interest; where is the joke? >They have, of course, still to be more careful in sexual relations, for all the contraceptives. Mistakes are damaging physically and socially (and matrimonially). But they are instinctively, when uncorrupt, monogamous. Men are not. .... No good pretending. Men just ain't, not by their animal nature. Monogamy (although it has long been fundamental to our inherited ideas) is for us men a piece of 'revealed' ethic, according to faith and not to the flesh. Each of us could healthily beget, in our 30 odd years of full manhood, a few hundred children, and enjoy the process. Brigham Young (I believe) was a healthy and happy man. It is a fallen world, and there is no consonance between our bodies, minds, and souls.
>>1425 Absolutely! Decorum and manners are important. >>1501 I don't really have anything to add except to say that I think this is a wonderful little letter.

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