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Open file (1.24 MB 2500x1000 Pregnancy Envy.png)
Pregnancy thread Anonymous 11/03/2019 (Sun) 21:59:11 No.449 [Reply] [Last]
What role does pregnancy and impregnation play in your cuckquean fantasies (or reality)?
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Open file (85.24 KB 683x357 oh.jpg)
>>5484 Ethical senses scream, prudence insists this'd put him on the hook for child support, other considerations assert themselves in lockstep march... yet imagining myself doing as you plan has me feeling like I just sat down in a puddle of warm honey, panting. Fuck.
Open file (6.81 MB 406x720 chad.webm)
>>5485 >>5484 is bad idea but if bad idea why hot
>>5484 It took 3 more weeks of careful nudging and threesome drinks/meals after work, but I got them to seriously discuss the whole baby thing. In the end, the decision came down to me because my bf STILL feels like he's betraying me to a degree and she claims to just want to go with whatever we want (lie). We tried for the first time on the weekend and holy fuck was it hot. They were both so jittery that I couldn't even get them to kiss before we got into bed and I volunteered to warm them up, which she was VERY receptive to. It was so fucking cute that when the started, she'd kiss him and he felt like he had to kiss me every time, so it wouldn't be unfair. I slipped a hand in to play with her so he could focus on keeping a good pace. I kissed her, nibbled on her ear and neck and whispered encouragement, which resulted in a beautiful, shuddering orgasm and necessitated a short break. When she was calmed down and ready, he was already pretty close, so I cradled her between my knees and played with her nipples as I fingered her in the perfect position, while he built up steam. I had wanted her to repeat a phrase I'd been using on him when he came during roleplay, but she was obviously pretty distracted and just kissed him right before she latched onto him and he filled her. I made sure she was more than willing to stay horizontal for another 15 minutes, giving her a lot of kisses and the best chance of conception. My boyfriend, obviously feeling guilty, tried to show me he still wanted me, but I'd already finished myself twice during their time together and I was way too sensitive, so I got to taste her on his cock instead, since she refused oral from me, and later admitted she was a little squeamish about me eating her out while she was filled with my boyfriend's cum. I'm currently counting down the days until the pregnancy test. We're going to do it as a pair on the 2nd of next month, but with how into it they were both were by the end, maybe they'll agree to another try this weekend...ya know, just to make sure.
>>5607 Congrats. If you're a good girl and keep giving her orgasms, she might just invite you to the wedding. Convince her to let you take on clean-up duty and she might invite you to the honeymoon.

young vs old Anonymous 04/08/2020 (Wed) 20:55:47 No.872 [Reply]
old vs young I am interested in seeing art where there is a age difference between the vixen and cuckquean. It could go either way: younger stealing from the old, old stealing from the young. There's inferiority complexes in either direction. They might be mother/daughter, an older/younger sister, older/younger cousins, aunt/niece, teacher/student, etc. For example here is Ronnie Anne Santiago getting cucked by her older thiccer cousin Carlota Casagrande with her love interest Lincoln Loud (shotas obviously allowed)
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>>2242 >Imagine being such a cuck that you give birth to your own replacement. >It's so romantically twisted how can you not want it? Because it's at the intersection of two things that interest me not at all: Actual pedophilia (the actual situation described, not the 2D loli art) and incest.
Open file (502.21 KB 1200x1703 3[1].jpg)
>>935 [Satsuki Imonet] The One - https://nhentai.net/g/96473
Open file (1.21 MB 1200x1600 1549017458492.jpg)
>>2226 >it occurs to me that 'sharing daddy' or 'stealing daddy' situations come up possibly moreso than boyfriend-stealing Does it? This is probably ones of the hottest situations I can imagine and I don't find nearly enough of it. If you have more to share I'd be really grateful. >>2242 You're the original model, but he also gets to take the newer model for a spin. If your ride has gotten a little stale, imagine how smooth and exciting it must be to ride that newer one? Plus she came out of that dick, it gave her life, its only proper that she serve and worship it like a good girl. And it's only proper that I, her loving mother, encourage my husband to save all his cum for her.
What do you think is a hotter idea? An older man growing dissatisfied with his wife and getting a newer model as a side piece? Or an experienced cougar showing a younger guy things his girlfriend could only dream of doing?
Open file (599.68 KB 391x616 GFs Mom.PNG)
>>5578 For me it's very much the older man being seduced by a younger woman. Maybe it's just because I tend to like older men, or maybe its because I didn't figure out I was a cuck until I was in my late twenties so I was already closer to being a cougar and didn't feel as threatened by one. Then again, I do like it when the vixen is the one initiating the seduction since I like the idea of the man being stolen more than him straying, and that setup seems more common for older woman/younger man pairs Plus, the idea of a guy being seduced by his girlfriend's hot mother is also pretty steamy. I think I need to conduct additional research to explore that thread further.

Good, Old Fashioned Cuckquean Pornography Anonymous 09/02/2019 (Mon) 22:49:58 No.41 [Reply] [Last]
Let's get things going properly with some pictures, gifs, and videos displaying nice, wholesome cuckqueanery.
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Humiliation Anonymous 03/07/2020 (Sat) 15:07:31 No.809 [Reply]
Cuckqueans into humiliation, how do you like being put down? Do you have a preference for being humiliated by your partner or the vixen? For instance, do you mostly enjoy the feeling of being compared to another woman's body? Or being bad at sex and having your partner complain about it, using it to justify the cucking. Share your thoughts, fantasies and such.
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Homophobia is important in a Ds cuckquean relationship imho idk if that's weird to say
Open file (90.47 KB 820x843 Thonkkip.jpg)
>>5469 I think its mostly just weird to say here. Why not say it in the touching the vixen thread, or the male advice thread? Or are you saying that the dom needs to humiliate their quean for getting off on him fucking other girls, but the reason she should feel humiliated is not because she's a cuck but because she's gay? >>5466 Checked
>>5461 That's actually quite sweet. Sometimes our tastes change based on our emotional attachments. You love your husband, he becomes a caveman, now you kinda love cavemen. It's sort of like the middle aged man cheating with a woman who looks like his wife but a little younger. Or sometimes those attachments just causes us to consider things we normally wouldn't, and something clicks. You could have dismissed the grug body type in the past because it's not the norm, but now that your husband has it, you kind of have to confront it and found you like it. That being said, as others have pointed out, women having a thing for chungy men isn't anything new. Sometimes attraction changes over time, what you're exposed to, changes in body chemistry, what mental/emotional associations you make, etc.

Fantasy Cuckqueaning Thread Fantasy Cuckqueaning Thread 10/04/2019 (Fri) 00:19:30 No.357 [Reply] [Last]
It's October, and as such, I feel it's time we have a proper fantasy thread, to discuss all the elves, monstergirls, and other supernatural beings that are almost certainly going to steal your bf. (Moderation edit: Copied name field into subject, as was probably intended.)
Edited last time by cuckqueanadmin on 11/05/2022 (Sat) 09:46:20.
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Open file (115.22 KB 316x399 IMG_9901.png)
>>5441 Gonna elaborate?
Open file (861.99 KB 1024x1024 ClipboardImage.png)
>>5126 LOOK AT THE PICTURE!!! See the penis, the part of cock inserted, the "master-race" cuckquean radio controls, the Cunt-thoughts Broadcasting Radio, the Husband Television, the Frankenstein Livecam Radio, the Closet Goblin Nest Brainwash Radio, the latest new cock reforming to contain ALL Cuckquean Controls, even in THIN skulls of WHITE PEDIGREE FEMALES! Visible Cuckquean controls! The synthetic nerve-radio directional adulterty loop! Make copies for yourself! There is NO ESCAPE from this best imageboard sex state, using ALL of the deadly gangster Cuckquean controls! In 1965, CQ gangster police BEAT ME HORNY, dragged me IN CHAINS from Kennedy New York Airport! Since then I HIDE in forced chastity opulance, felching in this comfortable sex den apartment. The brazen, deadly CQ Police and niggerpuppet underlings spray me with APHRODISIAC NERVE GAS from automobile exhausts and even lawnmowers! SEXY ASSAULTS, even in my bedroom with cameras, even vibrators and ropes, even SENSUOUS TOUCH VIBIN or ELECTRIC SHOCK STIMPADS; even remote electronically controlled around-corners-projection of ORGASMIC TOUCH ANAL FOX TAIL PLUG or even fifteen-woman "orgies" to shut me up forever with a Juice Soaked Penis! Even with trained parroting puppet vixens in MAXIMUM MASTURBATION CLOSET PRISON for writing these unforgivable TRUTHS!!
Open file (191.63 KB 480x352 1329249699381.png)
>>5444 I saw this post on the front page and had to let you know what a great one it is.
>>5444 lel
Open file (538.20 KB 1118x1196 kejourouhugfrombehind.png)
Open file (111.48 KB 800x1000 kejouroububblebutt.jpg)
>>5443 >>5443 Yeah. There was this cute girl on F-list I was playing with. She has a sexy OC and I was her DM for a lewd D&D campaign. I gave her an offer of several monster girls as followers and she chose the kejourou bard. The first enemy they defeated was a cute incubus boy and the Kejourou started titfucking him. Before the fight began, her Kejourou follower mocked her because the incubus noticed her huge tits first before her. After the defeat the kejourou began tit fucking the incubus to relieve him of his cum. While she was doing this, the player, who was a wizard, watched it while it was happening. the bard mocked the wizard several times because during the tit fuck she made the incubus confess that he liked her tits more than the wizard. The wizard player would later confess to me after our first session that she was simping for the kejourou and loved being degraded, compared, and watching her have sex. Next session I will bring up her engaging in actual cuckqueaning. Does it sound like the wizard might be a cuckquean?

Origin story Anonymous 11/19/2019 (Tue) 04:51:19 No.485 [Reply]
Origin story time!

When did you discover you were a cuckquean? What got you into this lifestyle and does your lover know?
Post any other details as well, I'm genuinely curious!
4 posts omitted.
>>485 A year ago, but I'd had fantasies about it before that I didn't really understand. Not sure when the urges started. I mean, who imagines the best part of a threesome as watching the other girl? Porn always sets it up like FFMs are where girls get bisexual and that just doesn't do anything for me. >does your lover know? He knows but we both want to be careful about exploring it. >>510 >That night when I was touching myself I kept thinking about them having sex and I had the hardest orgasm of my life thinking about the man I love breeding another woman. Anon no, I'm not allowing myself to develop new subfetishes until I have a handle on this main one.
Not really a fetish of mine as I would be perfectly happy with a monogamous relationship but it's kind of perfect for my breeding kink combined with my enjoyment of genetic imperialism. We must build a harem Noah style with 2 of every race.
>>1730 >Anon no, I'm not allowing myself to develop new subfetishes until I have a handle on this main one. It'd be so hot and taboo to break that restriction though. You know you want to. >>2126 I know this isn't what you meant but I'm chuckling at the implication that Noah fucked all the animals.
>>2127 Someone should do a story of Noah's ark, except the creatures on the ark are all monstergirls/demihumans. God told him to take two of each creature but he never specified one male and one female of each so Noah just took two females of each. To make up for his mistake God orders Noah to help the creatures repopulate the earth in a more hands-on manner.
Open file (188.88 KB 1920x1187 980.jfif.jpeg)
>>1730 >Porn always sets it up like FFMs are where girls get bisexual and that just doesn't do anything for me. Thank you for putting it into words. Porn in general leaves me cold (how do you even make video of people fucking this fake, uncomfortable and BORING) but I got especially irked at this for a long time without realizing why. It doesn't help that "bisexual" in porn usually means flailing tonguetip vaguely at the other girl's clit for a little while like it's coated in bittering agent, but that's aside my main point. (I guess if you've paid for two girls and a stunt cock you want as many different combinations of membranes rubbing together but cost efficiency isn't something I look for in my erotica. Oh yeah baby, make some a them super-sexy(???) choking noises on dat RoI, finally something that will feed my need for financial asphyxiation unf.) I like looking at girls, which isn't surprising cause statistically everyone likes looking at girls. Do I like touching girls in their no-no places? Not really, but that also isn't surprising unless you live in porn world where boring bisexuality is mandatory and every clit's gotta be dipped in denatonuim daily. Cool, but turns out I especially like looking at girls and even touching them a little bit when they're on my husband's dick specifically. Should this little detail have made things as confusing as it did? Probably not but here we are. I tell you when I discovered cuckqueaning in Literotica stories and hentai manga I was like Leonardo DiCaprio pointing at the TV, I'd found what I was looking for, it all clicked and next thing hubby's telling me to slow the fuck down, why'm I talking so fast, what's all this about threesomes in porn and I want him to do what to who? Yeah damn right I want him to do what to who, in her where, vigorously how, and I don't care why! >>485 So yeah my origin is basically that I'm a huge pervert and now I know what my huge perversion is called. I got into this lifestyle because I wanted it for a long time without knowing what it was and yes, my lover absolutely knows.

EPIC MOMENT!!! 07/30/2020 (Thu) 08:12:25 No.1215 [Reply]
When your husband's girlfriend lets you play animal crossing past your bedtime!
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>>1219 >(is vixens giving their queans a bedtime a thing tho?) I guess it'd work if the quean had strong little tendencies or the desire to be controlled as a humiliation thing. Maybe also if it was a bisexual mommydom dynamic with the vixen, like the quean was doing it as a signal of surrender? I dunno, I think there's something there, but it seems too specific to be 'a thing'. >>1221 Kind vixens who intervene on the quean's behalf do sound cute. I personally feel it more the other way but that's just my general vixenology preferences coming out. >>1222 >>1223 Tomoko seems like she'd be crazy and obsessive enough that compersive cuckqueaning would be a good outlet for her. Helping procure other girls for her man would give her creepy semi-bisexuality a useful purpose as well.
>>1221 Hot.
>>1224 >Tomoko seems like she'd be crazy and obsessive enough that compersive cuckqueaning would be a good outlet for her. Given some of the comments she's made towards her own brother/about her brother when talking to other girls, it wouldn't be too far off from how she already is.
Open file (46.62 KB 236x334 WHAT HAS BEEN SEEN.jpg)
>>1215 Memetic purposes aside being matronized by your vixen sounds haf.

Open file (228.43 KB 1280x960 1.jpg)
CUCKQUEAN TRANSLATION THREAD Anonymous 06/21/2023 (Wed) 01:41:36 No.5277 [Reply] [Last]
https://nhentai.net/g/443423/ https://e-hentai.org/g/2476036/1e501d560c/ PAGE [54.jpg] Seth (participating, spoken): どこで仕込んだか知らんが感謝するぜ >Dunno where you were brought up, but - heh - I’m grateful. Augusta (participating, nonverbal utterance): ううっ Xaveria (observing, thought): オーガスタと同じ / 勿忘草の花の色の… >The same forget-me-not blossom hue as Augusta's... Seth (participating, spoken): 百年待った完璧な女だ >The perfect woman for whom I waited a hundred years. Xaveria (observing, thought): …まさか…

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

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[PAGE 63] AUTHOR'S AFTERWORD あとがき オッスオラ59 掘骨先生の「夜に虚就く」 みたいな漫画が描きてえな~俺もな~ と思い立って獣人と人間がセックスすると人間がケモ化するというシナリオで 描き始めたものの、同人サイトで獣姦禁止とかいう御触れが発布されたとかなんとか すわせっかく描いたのに発禁になっちまうー!と下書きまでやってたのを全面改竄。 女の子たちも初代プリキュア=t.A.T.u. がモチーフだったので 女の子たちの故郷をロシア(ビザンチン)風にしたら現実で戦争始まった…だと う・・・ ウソやろこ・・・ こんな事がこ・・・ こんな事が許されていいのか 労働者なので着手から完成までに1年以上かかりました。 グスン なお当初ケモ化がコンセプトだったので女の子のおっぱいが6つに増える予定が ケモ化はしない事になったので単に盛られました。いいのか悪いのか。 人型になった事で話が膨らみ、このお話は上中下の上巻にあたります。 なっちゃった こんなに

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

Open file (1.44 MB 498x331 g_b.gif)
Typesetting is mostly done, I'll start working on redraws next week, it's going to take a while, if someone could proofread the script to look for typos or misstranslations, I believe Anon said they were using MTL, which that alone is pretty demoralizing tbh,but I'm saving the PSDs, in case someone with actual experience in jp shows up.
Open file (1.01 MB 894x894 raiju headpat.png)
Open file (430.33 KB 1624x2185 born_to_be_disgust.jpg)
>>5364 >I believe Anon said they were using MTL, which that alone is pretty demoralizing tbh It is a shame. Alas, the lesbian thread has for some time been one of /cuckquean/'s more special places. I think it's admirable that you're putting in the work on the typesetting and redrawing part of things, though. >in case someone with actual experience in jp shows up. Someone with actual experience in English too, we can hope. I'm not translating this because I've little interest in it, nor am I presently in a position to translate the titles I do have interest in. Perhaps someone else will appear to save this one. >>5309 >I am only using MACHINE TRANSLATE PLEASE HELP! ...I'm not sure what you hoped to achieve here. I just hope that it wasn't your plan to use MTL to goad someone else into translating it.
I decided to cut my losses and drop the project. Even with a single year of doing Duolingo, I can tell some sentences read stiffly at best and make no sense at worst. So, unless there's someone that wishes to step in an actually translate the thing, I won't spend another minute on this work. God knows I could've used those 2 hours better by scrolling trough twitter. I'm out!

Open file (49.96 KB 550x850 the new infinity cup.png)
Infinity Cup Anonymous 05/11/2020 (Mon) 23:23:53 No.972 [Reply] [Last]
Hey there, /cuckquean/ If you got a moment to spare, would you mind paying us a visit over https://anon.cafe/icup/ and joining us with a team of your own? We'd like to have you with us.
111 posts and 88 images omitted.
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, to our fellow /icup/ underachiever friends!! /yuri/ anon dropping by again, once a year ain't bad for a dickery board visit, how have you been? Genki?? Granted this year wasn't all that great, given both our teams were dropped from the tournament rather early, but that doesn't mean a thing. We''ll be back to overturn that ridiculous result as many times as it takes. With that out of the way, all that's left is to wish you a nice 2023 again, and to extend some invitations to a little streaming event we'll be having to celebrate the occasion. Second pic related with the schedule, first part should be starting tonight at 9pm EST. Address here https://pomf.tv/stream/ShizurusLoveHut rtmp://streamserv.pomf.tv/live/ShizurusLoveHut Honestly I rarely check your board, for self-evident reasons, but you dear friends can leave your questions or comments either here https://anon.cafe/christmas/res/21.html or back at home on https://smuglo.li/yuri/res/20802.html You can find more details on those threads too, but I can already assure you a total lack of dicks on display, you dear thirsty sluts you... Also cute fun, if a little gay. I really hope to see you around, even if just to say hi. Oh, and if it's more to your liking, guess I could tell you... That I will be visiting /eris/ later to invite them too. You may have been first, but definitely not the only one.
>>4710 Thank you, /yuri/!
icup 8 needs volunteers. we have 2 months to prepare, but if icup 8 doesn't get all the help they need there might not be an icup 8. https://anon.cafe/icup/res/5026.html volunteers requested or anyone willing to help.
bumping with an anti-pic for possible interest, this board's name has been thrown around a lot over at /icup/ lately.
>>5280 I went and had a look. Seems like the usual story wherein we're not really understood by those in charge. Can't offer anything beyond our usual team management but we'll play if we're wanted.

Star butterfly vs forces of evil Anonymous 02/13/2021 (Sat) 04:57:22 No.2117 [Reply]
Come on post more from the origical cuck woman
Open file (96.36 KB 800x800 ESluSyVXgAYD2SH.jpg)
There was a thread already; check the catalog. >>493
Open file (25.90 KB 715x429 images (11).jpeg)

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