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lesbian cuckquean thread Anonymous 11/19/2019 (Tue) 05:32:49 No.486 [Reply] [Last]
"Please sleep with my girlfriend!"
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Tracer already had gf. It should've been her instead of Widowmaker. https://twitter.com/cawneil
>>5713 With phone in her hand for a moment I thought she was watching them. Maybe we'll get a sequel and she will.
Open file (627.70 KB 2297x1996 EGhaJ8xVAAEPWFN.jfif)
Open file (677.06 KB 2297x2352 EGhaJ8wU4AESnsn.jfif)
Open file (687.53 KB 2297x2968 EGhaJ85UUAAWNrF.jfif)
Open file (424.15 KB 2297x1400 EGhaJ8wU0AAELUQ.jfif)

Open file (783.74 KB 500x268 direct.gif)
Open file (101.86 KB 800x1132 close indirect.jpeg)
Open file (152.92 KB 1200x800 close nonsexual.jpg)
Open file (891.72 KB 500x427 close no contact.gif)
Open file (120.25 KB 570x428 within sight.jpg)
Touching the Vixen Anonymous 09/28/2019 (Sat) 01:18:28 No.340 [Reply]
How much physical contact do you like to have with the vixen while they fuck? Direct sexual contact like touching her pussy, ass, or tits directly? Close but indirect sexual contact like spreading her? Close but nonsexual contact like hugging, having her rest on you like a bed, holding her arms/legs? Close to the action but no contact like being under them or behind them? A little way away like on a chair or couch? Distant but within eye/earshot? In a different place altogether?

Do you prefer a different level before or after they fuck?
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I think there should be a natural progression from one picture to the next one, until full-on sexual contact. That´s how we did it with my wife.
There is also the fact not every cuckquean is a submissive, and not every vixen is dominant. Contrary to the popular belief, there are very dominant cuckqueans, and the other way around, just like this picture shows. In that case, the cuckquean herself will take charge and probably decide for a fair amount of skin-on-skin contact, if not outright lesbian sex.
>>1188 I think these two anons just have different ideas of their ideal relationship dynamic, and that's okay! But they shouldn't phrase it like it's a prescription for everyone else. >>3680 I'm not sure there is a "popular belief" for a kink as niche as ours. By the way, you don't have to fill out every field when replying, unless you just want to.
>>3785 I like that picture. It's very cute. >I'm not sure there is a "popular belief" for a kink as niche as ours. Niche as it is, it does get discussed, and I've seen enough belief in certain cuckqueaning role stereotypes that I'd call them "popular belief" even if those discussions aren't populous enough to be "popular" in a strictly literal sense.
Open file (343.64 KB 924x748 106788625.mp4)
Physical contact doesn't have to be about submissiveness or dominance. You could get physical for a lot of reasons. You can try to get her to make lewd faces or noises maybe you are not into it yourself but your husband could be. If he is he is gonna start moving faster and hitting harder. You could watch his face as he does it. Or maybe she is struggling to stand because the pleasure is too much. As a bonus, you will feel it every time he trusts. Or maybe she is a shy friend(of yours or his) and you are just messing with her. https://www.pixiv.net/en/artworks/106788625

Open file (1.22 MB 850x1183 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (1.31 MB 850x1202 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (1.67 MB 1000x1000 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (924.45 KB 360x640 boingy.mp4)
Breast Thread Anonymous 01/23/2021 (Sat) 04:52:29 No.2022 [Reply] [Last]
Let's talk tits! Breast envy is best envy. What is your preference for your man to fuck in an ideal world? Bigger than you or smaller? Completely flat chested?
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>>5676 I hope you don't mind one with 2 heads. https://i.imgur.com/hSJCXB8.jpg
Open file (199.73 KB 625x700 Sandwich.jpg)
>>5675 >what I enjoy the most in big boobs is how unwarrantedly jealous and insecure they make my gf, she is all adorably pouty and cute when that happens. It can definitely be cute but I'd rather they eventually come to enjoy what is a gift to humanity.
Ever since I read all that stuff about bags and backpacks in the other thread I can't stop fantasizing about my husband and I keeping a convenient little flattie around for his sexual relief. I'm very subby myself but the idea of taking our pet pettan for a walk on a leash or casually bullying her by pressing her head against my cleavage like it's normal (because in my fantasy it is) or putting out a bag for her to obediently climb into like a trained animal is just too good. Not even in a mean way, just like it's natural for things to be that way. Feels like small-breasted girls being pets is gonna be my new autistic pervert fantasy world conceit for a while.
Open file (2.11 MB 1360x768 Show Butt.mp4)
Open file (1.24 MB 1360x768 Brand.png)
Open file (947.27 KB 1360x768 Slave.png)
>>5698 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5A68WEdTNbQ I know Tohru is far from a flattie but a dragon maid sounds great regardless of the bust size.
Open file (105.52 KB 406x310 ea5.png)
>>5698 >like it's normal I-is it not?

Chit-chat thread Anonymous 12/23/2022 (Fri) 00:53:30 No.4621 [Reply]
Can we have a thread about general not necessarily sexual or directly cuckquean related girl issues? Since fullchan, end full/fem/ died I've kinda missed casually talking about our lives. Pic not necessarily related.
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Open file (314.95 KB 1080x1041 ClipboardImage.png)
>>5498 >but I liked the consequences of doing it even less Of not doing it. Time to take my own advice and sleep more, I guess.
Open file (5.74 KB 213x237 Otter Heart.jpg)
>>5498 Thank you for taking the time to write all this Anon, I really appreciate you taking my 4am fever dream post seriously. >As for that side of things, the usual advice applies. All of this is good advice, I definitely need to be more physically active as I feel better in all ways when I am. If I can get over the hump it might make a positive feedback loop. >Find that thing that you need to do. Not immediate goals or self-care or whatever, but the thing that makes all that necessary as a means to an end. >There's something like that for you too, Anon, something more than "I can't let people I care about see me like this". >Finding it is the most important thing you can do, at least next to the lifelong journey that finding it will put you on. I guess this is my real problem. I don't have anything to live for? Don't get me wrong, I have no reason to die, but I already did all the things I wanted to with my life and i never had very lofty goals to begin with. I have lots of little goals, I want to get better at Splatoon but I'm not going to make my life about that. I want to clear more land for gardening so I can plant more food crops in my little space, but that's not a reason to push forward. I can hope that by taking better care of myself I can amend some of my messed up thinking and get to a place where I can find a purpose, but as is? I'm just living my life on cruise control, I want to maintain my standards of living and that's it really. I'm unsure if that's a moral failing on my part, but I'll definitely try to do more soul searching to see if anything is hiding under the mental rocks. Even if I find nothing, there's a part of me that is now embarrassed that I admitted to the internet that I'm living like a worthless blob and wants me to get my shit in order for that sake alone, so with luck I can at least plaster over the root problem for a little while longer. Thanks again for reading all this. I wish you the best of luck in keeping your backsliding demons in check, as well as in your pursuit of whatever that thing is you found that gave you purpose.
Open file (565.79 KB 428x566 Kek.PNG)
>>5500 This beautiful post number, and I cant even put spaces in the right place. Truly, doubles are wasted on the foolish.
>>5500 >I'll definitely try to do more soul searching to see if anything is hiding under the mental rocks. I found that the first part of the Seven Habits stuff provided a pretty decent method, which helps a lot. This sort of thing isn't something one can wholly think one's way out of, it's more a case of practice, and of having something to guide your practice. I don't think what you described yourself doing is a moral failing so much as a form of self-medication. Something's wrong, but you can't tell quite what, or what you should do about it, and so you do whatever you can to try and relieve it, even if that just numbs it for a time. In the physical sense, this might take the form of someone abusing weak stimulants to salve an underlying executive dysfunction. In the spiritual sense, someone might become a workaholic to try and exhaust themselves mentally in order to avoid insomnia caused by a crisis of meaning elsewhere in their lives, or overeat to salve persistent emotional distress from dysfunctional relationships. It's a fact that lots of people end up figuratively blowing themselves up to avoid what they should do. Some do it in a quick, sharp one-night bender, others take years. Some do it before they begin, others do it right on the threshold of their destination. Same result. I don't think this is wholly physical or mental, but something larger, and that's why it's important to recognize that you'll always meet this resistance even and especially if you're on the right track, and that the only way out is through it. Anyway, imagine where you were in life before you blobbed out as a kind of exploratory base camp - somewhere you strike out from and can return to while you scout, but not somewhere you're going to permanently stay once you want to move. The camp metaphor works in other ways. For example, spending time and effort improving it can help you, but if you spend too much time just getting better at being where you are then you're by definition not going forth. Seems to me that until now your friend was acting as a kind of beacon who helped you get back to camp. Think of her assistance, and of the structure and social guide-rails you had in university, as being a tutorial. But like anything with a tutorial, you eventually have to go and do it for real, and adapt to whatever twists and turns on the original material get thrown at you. What's happening right now is that you got a little lost - which is expected when you're exploring, there are no maps - so your next task is to return and recover. It's not directly finding that meaningful thing, but it is something you need to do to eventually find it. Put like that, isn't it exciting to know that you're turning for home, that you can be back where you were, and that getting there will set you up to go forth again?
Open file (48.15 KB 795x900 F5qIq8CXwAALwzD.jpeg)

Open file (2.38 MB 1508x2388 1606404277982.png)
Robots and AI Anonymous 12/16/2020 (Wed) 11:32:59 No.1871 [Reply]
We had some discussion on this on the old board. Would you like to get cucked by a fembot? Or have a fembot plan your bf's dates? Perhaps the bf has been chosen as a breeding stud by the enlightened AI. Maybe she would reinforce your fetish to ensure things go smoothly.
43 posts and 78 images omitted.
>>5688 What the hell? Am I just being stupid? Can I not post webms on cuckquean?
>>5689 Was it above 20mb?
>>5690 No it's not. it's only 4mb. It's a webm file if that makes a difference. I'm going to try posting it again.
>>5692 That's weird. Maybe mods remove it for some reason?
>>5688 Was the webm encoded with AV1? Anon.cafe doesn't support AV1.

Open file (41.88 KB 900x348 01.jpeg)
found out Anonymous 03/13/2021 (Sat) 01:35:33 No.2285 [Reply] [Last]
you are now in this situation. gentlemen, how do you handle the situation? how do you tease your gf? is there anything specific you wanna try? ladies, where do you take it from here? also more stuff like this welcome.
69 posts and 22 images omitted.
Open file (284.26 KB 500x800 637.gif)
>>4112 You are the dumbest motherfucker alive. You ruined a perfectly good relationship because you can't talk your feelings through. You could just tell her "this is getting too much for me" and she'd be off with it. Hell, you could've man up and direct the entire relationship however you wanted since she gave you all the power and respect. But you had to pussy out. Now she blames herself for everything and is alone. Don't cry about being objectfied when you could have just stopped this whole shit by a gentle caress and bedside light talk.
>>5654 Ghosting immature creeps who you don't want to waste time getting dragged into (at best) dumb and boring shit is the correct response.
Open file (1.33 MB 640x356 maddox.mp4)
>5655 This.
>>2285 >how do you handle the situation? Look through the folder to see if she's got anything good I can use. I wouldn't press, though, enjoying stories about something is different from actually wanting it to happen to you or someone you care about. I wouldn't tolerate a girl who had sex with other men, nor would I want her to openly talk about it, so I wouldn't do anything that would make her doubt my fidelity unless she specifically asked for it. >how do you tease your gf? Watch harem anime with girls similar to her and keep asking her who she wants to win and why. "Accidentally" call her the names of the characters that I prefer. If she's not insecure about it, compare her to other girls we know that are better than her in some way. Send her to the store and then text her to pick me up some pussy on the way back. >is there anything specific you wanna try? I really like the idea of a girl so devoted to my pleasure that she's willing to use other girls to get me off and, hopefully, earn a reward. It could also be fun to be stolen away by a vixen and talking about how much better she is. About the only thing that gets posted here that I would veto would be her going in chastity.
>>5655 Get a load of this cuck. You are the dumb boring creep against the topic of the board who clearly doesn't belong here.

Open file (100.29 KB 1280x720 maxresdefault.jpg)
Cuckqueaning in anime Anonymous 05/08/2020 (Fri) 00:53:00 No.967 [Reply] [Last]
We had a good thread about this on the old board, so let's start a new one here. Obviously there are a lot of harem anime, but it's usually of the 'competing for one guy' type rather than the 'sharing one guy type'. I've been watching this isekai, 'The 8th Son? Are You Kidding Me?'. In the 5th episode, the protagonist gets engaged to a girl and his 2 female party members start plotting to become his concubines. I just watched the 6th episode, and already the fiancée has said she is fine with the girls being his concubines and he's agreed to it! And they're all living in the same house together.
218 posts and 267 images omitted.
>>5673 I'm afraid we will have to consult halfchan for this one.
Open file (65.18 KB 982x1080 Confused.webm)
>>5674 Aren't they all wizards or waiting for their wizard license? How are they getting cucked?
>>5670 >>5671 >Does this count as backpack cucking? Traditional depictions of backpack cucking encloses the cuck within a backpack worn by the cucker. Transforming this into backpack cuckqueaning seems straightforward: Place the quean in the backpack and then put the backpack on her man or the vixen. But that isn't what's happening here - the man has not merely been moved to a new position but has also become the backpack itself, so we have no choice but to dig deeper. To solve this problem we must steel ourselves and seek to not only at backpack cucking, but to understand it. Let's start by breaking backpack cucking down into four parts: The backpack itself (fetish object), the cuck being packed within the backpack (fetishist position), the backpack's being worn by the other two (linking usage), and the cucking (activity). Adjusting each of these and asking ourselves "does this feel like backpack cucking?" carries us closer to its mysteries. To a long, sad, introspective shower also, perhaps. First Gate: The Cucking-Backpack "What? How can backpack cucking be backpack cucking without a backpack?" you ask. Not so fast! There's an argument to be made that backpack cucking is a subset of a larger fetish involving worn containers - one might imagine "saddlebag cucking" involving a centauride, for example, or "slung burlap sack cucking", which is both simpler and scratchier. However, nowhere in the canon do we see any mention of bindles, satchels, messenger bags, duffel bags (popular in other types of containment/carrying play), suitcases, or any other kind of human-borne container. Backpack cuck even mentions enjoying a backpack TF fetish story in absence of any other element: >I once saw a /d/ story about a girl slowly turning into a backpack that did it for me. This suggests that backpacks are the exclusive fetish object in orthodox backpack cucking. Second Gate: The Packed Cuck If we remove the cuck from the backpack and place them on the sidelines where they can watch the backpack bounce, are they still being backpack cucked? Everything's still present and accounted for, isn't it?

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

Open file (1.22 MB 1360x768 In The Bag.mp4)
Open file (3.48 MB 1360x768 Box.mp4)
>>5681 Thanks for helping me understand backpack cucking. >Baikapaika baikapaika borna vismaya paikiṃga jāgaraṇa svāhā! Is this a cryptic message from backpack cuck?
>>5681 Truly the thinking woman's fetish.

Asian Thread Anonymous 09/14/2019 (Sat) 12:49:05 No.149 [Reply] [Last]
I remember there was a thread about oriental girls...
119 posts and 129 images omitted.
Open file (1.59 MB 720x400 blindfold.webm)
Open file (1.53 MB 852x480 loads of yummy cum.mp4)
Open file (135.15 KB 329x1629 012.jpg)

Open file (524.11 KB 1067x1600 gaem.jpg)
Cuckquean Games and Gaming Cuckqueans Anonymous 03/26/2022 (Sat) 07:49:36 No.3267 [Reply] [Last]
Games about, with, during cuckqueaning - this thread's for 'em all! Cuckqueaning-related discussion about games? Also here! Other dedicated threads: - The Last Sovereign, a very queany RPGmaker game, at >>905
265 posts and 387 images omitted.
Open file (200.48 KB 1920x1080 what I've learned.jpg)
>>5473 >Do you ever look at 2D girls and wish they were real so they could cuck you? Just where do you think we are? >what you've learned over the dev process so far I've learned that I hate and mistrust computers; those who do this for a living have assured me that this is right and proper. Seriously though, I'm still coming to grips with what an undertaking even a small game can be. There's a lot to even simple things, in every discipline, and a lot that can go wrong in non-obvious ways. No matter what I'm doing, I've always tried to fish around for leverage - things that might be hidden and hard, but which have outsize impact in that they make everything else easier. In games, this means trying to make something that can... self-assemble? It's almost like building one's very own make-an-X toolkit, in that you have to make choices about how your very general tools end up being applied to make more specific tools. That's been useful, though it can often feel like you're wasting time on extra work, at least until it lets you churn through a half-dozen versions of something that really needed the ability to quickly tweak in order to get right. There's also a lot of catch-22 to this, in that it's difficult to design something without actually having it in your hands. This knack only seems to come with experience, so the only real way is to stumble your way through whatever you can and keep your eyes open. There are times when you can see everything, and times when you're deep in a valley and just have to trust that you're not hopelessly lost even though often you are. What helped me a lot was to make an inert "playground", which was an environment made of shitty placeholders that formed things I wanted to include. I wanted the player to be able to uncover and crawl through small spaces, so the playground has a little tunnel. I wanted inclines, so the playground has inclines. I wanted moving scenery, so the playground has bridges. I wanted ladders and one-way jump-down points, so the playground has those. You get the point. The great thing about the playground was that it became a physical (well, virtual) to-do list. Once something was working and I had an idea for how it could go just a little bit further, all I needed to do was edit the playground a little so that I couldn't do what I wanted to do without going that little bit further. Also, having everything in one place meant that I ended up trying to make systems that would address as many things at once as possible, instead of trapping myself in little cul-de-sacs that only did the one thing I was trying to do at that point. Also, making said placeholder assets intentionally shitty or garish can be a good thing because then you can't get used to seeing them. However, you do have to make sure you get those placeholders communicating the concept you want - a placeholder for a glowing tree should still be tree-shaped and glow, or do you want to find out at the last minute that light-emitting textures don't work the way you thought they did? A placeholder for an elevator mechanism should still move the way you want it to, or do you want to find out that moving it around causes something else to go horribly wrong?

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

Open file (9.32 KB 305x165 Tech.png)
>>5482 >Just where do you think we are? I had intended it as more of a rhetorical question, but point taken. >I've learned that I hate and mistrust computers One of us, one of us! >I'm still coming to grips with what an undertaking even a small game can be Even as a modder, this resonates with me. My experience with dev work has helped me develop my patience, you wont catch me complaining about long devtimes on games, that's for sure. >even though trying to make a game sucks, it SUCKS, it sucks and I hate it, it's possible to do I definitely hope you're giving yourself lots of time to decompress and do self care after your sucky coding sessions. I know people spew this a lot but it can be especially easy to burn out on self-directed work, so here's hoping that isn't happening for you. The work we choose to do isn't always fun. I know I curse myself when I have to weed out thorny plants in my potato patch and I wind up pricked in all the wrong ways, but after I do that work I do at least feel accomplished and its all worth it come harvest time. I hope your gamedev time evokes similar feelings of achievement for you. At least it sounds sucky in part because you're trying to do things the right way, which should mean you're more likely to make something you like in the end, no?
>>5487 I'm just griping for effect. Compared to some, my yoke is in truth very light. Observable reality suggests that rarely is the miserable slog of making things going to be worth its price, but we do it anyway because a) fuck observable reality, don't believe its lies! and b) to turn away would be a kind of death. Iucundi acti labores - toil is pleasant when 'tis over. In the meantime, there's work. Work and faith.
Open file (397.58 KB 707x1000 ClipboardImage.png)
>>4940 >If that's what they post on the open clearnet, what are they getting up to in their Discords? Wonder no more, it's worse than you thought: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bLV2HX4rQ5A
>>5630 Thank you, I hate it. Such details nauseate but no longer surprise, and from what little I've previously glimpsed, I'm sure there's worse yet to come to light. There was a moment, many years ago—burned-out fake tits overstretched into floppy, scarred masses like day-old helium balloons, over-tightened rope coils over-binding what suffering flesh remained to spotted scarlet-blue, affixed atop a swirling spiral splattered across Tumblr timeline exhorting any viewer whose eyeballs it could force its way into to accept instructions that would destroy them in every way that matters—when I glimpsed the shape of a Hell that was not the classical Hell of pooling molten sulfur but one that presses itself out into waking reality through whatever fissures it finds, an active woken cunning Hell, a worm-tongued whispering Hell, a Hell that grasps and recruits and spreads gangrenous roots, a Hell whose maw lives among us, delightedly slurping down the psychic pus squeezed from the thousand thousand suppurating infections its tearing tendrils cultivate into contagion-spreading agents. Words cannot describe the bone-deep revulsion I feel every time I see one of those tendrils, so I'm glad that this case study was unearthed and laid out in such detail because incomplete as it is, it's able to convey to its viewers the stench of this thing, the shape, the feel, and that awareness is what I hope will lead to its final purging and immolation.

Open file (364.88 KB 1080x1920 product placement.jpeg)
Open file (5.05 MB 2477x3497 sneak peek.png)
Open file (1.24 MB 2364x2344 backstage.jpg)
Open file (474.53 KB 4096x1504 in session.jpg)
Open file (1.62 MB 2000x2000 gamers.png)
Virtual Youtubers/VTubers, Cuckqueaning, and (You) Anonymous 09/01/2022 (Thu) 02:03:47 No.3839 [Reply] [Last]
>see girl with cute voice and cute anime avatar >want my man to fuck her Simple as.
174 posts and 143 images omitted.
>>5534 They're bitches, not felines.
Open file (16.05 KB 640x360 Oh well.jpg)
>>5535 hmm, less hot. Shame..
Open file (67.90 KB 554x390 flood risk.jpg)
>>5155 >FFFFFFRRRRRROOOOOOOOGS Gets me every time.

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