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Welcome to /cuckquean/! Anonymous Board owner 09/01/2019 (Sun) 03:13:55 No. 1 [Reply]
/cuckquean/ lives!

/cuckquean/ is a board all about the fetish of cuckqueaning - an arrangement where a woman enjoys her partner having sex with other women. In real life it is open, consensual and encouraged by the woman - distinguishing it from cheating - but may be secret and/or non-consensual in fantasy. It can be done simply out of joy in the partner's pleasure (compersion) or with a flavour of humiliation. It was once also known as female cuckold or reverse cuckold, until the cuckquean term entered general use. The Japanese equivalent terms are 「逆寝取られ」 (gyaku netorare) or 「逆NTR」.

All combinations of compersive, humiliation/degradation, and other cuckqueaning are relevant, as are related topics such as harems or polygamy. Porn (2D & 3D), discussion, information, questions, stories and so forth are all very welcome!

Welcome back. I'm the same board owner as always. This is our new home. I have a copy of all text of all threads and will consider spooling them back into this board's history if appropriate. Now, let's keep discussing the world's comfiest fetish!
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Fantasy Cuckqueaning Thread 10/04/2019 (Fri) 00:19:30 No. 357 [Reply]
It's October, and as such, I feel it's time we have a proper fantasy thread, to discuss all the elves, monstergirls, and other supernatural beings that are almost certainly going to steal your bf.
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There really is rarely any form of Cuckquean or Reverse NTR stories in japanese hentai. I've read a few recently but the straight NTR just keep coming compared to the reverse NTR.

If only there is a website like western website for western hentai that have more of Cuckquean stories...
/monster/ just had an interesting thought.
The inverse yandere. please excuse the male pov
>If you so much as look at another girl she’ll lose it and… kidnap and mindbreak that girl for you before depositing her in your bed.

>A yandere who kidnaps and mindbreaks women for your harem.
>She edges them for months and refuses to to them climax until you stick your dick in them.
>If they do happen to climax before they get to you, she holds them even longer.

>"Honey?" you ask as you stare at the cat girl wrapped in ribbons and gagged on your bed.
>"Yes, dear?" asks your bicorn wife with a stupid grin on her face.
>You know this grin all too well.
>"Why is the cashier from the supermarket tied up in only ribbons and on the bed?"
>Your wife presses up against you. "Why, because you looked at her. I saw the attention you were giving her. So I decided to make her yours, my dear. She's a nice present, isn't she? Just makes you want to tear off her ribbons and fuck her stupid don't you?"
>You stare flatly at your wife. "Of course I had to look at her, you daft woman. How the hell else would I buy the groceries?"
>You wife looks hurt and tears up. "B-but I got her just for you. I-is my love for so little?"
>Ah damnit. You don't want to see her cry. Not to mention what she might do to the cashier just squirming lewdly there.
>You let out a sigh. "Fine. I'll fuck the cat."

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

That's so cute!
>... as you stare at the cat girl wrapped in ribbons and gagged on your bed.

Merry Christmas!

(9.86 MB 320x256 voyeur.mp4)
(8.11 MB 320x256 cqi crack.mp4)
(9.53 MB 1158x1636 good girl.webm)
/cuckquean/ OC Thread: Resurrection Edition Anonymous 09/14/2019 (Sat) 00:49:05 No. 140 [Reply]
This thread is for /cuckquean/ OC. Anything's welcome including videos, shops, captions, and so on. Reposts from older versions of /cuckquean/ are welcome too.
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(C92) [Pan to Butterfly. (Tokei Usagi)] Isekai no Hanayome -Bride of a different world- (Kono Yo no Hate de Koi wo Utau Shoujo YU-NO) [English] [Highest Judge]
(246.95 KB 719x1016 01.jpg)
(247.03 KB 719x1016 02.jpg)
(304.12 KB 719x1016 03.jpg)
(260.08 KB 719x1016 04.jpg)
(267.41 KB 719x1016 05.jpg)
Superior flat 'quean helps blonde tittymonster friend get a creampie, bleached for your viewing pleasure.
(299.10 KB 719x1016 06.jpg)
(284.36 KB 719x1016 07.jpg)
(269.19 KB 719x1016 08.jpg)
(220.00 KB 719x1016 09.jpg)
I really like the little out-of-shot cleanup blowjob in the last one. It's a nice detail.
Damn Anon, that’s good stuff. I really like the second-hand mana bleed thing you put in there too, I thought it was a nice touch.

Asian Thread Anonymous 09/14/2019 (Sat) 12:49:05 No. 149 [Reply]
I remember there was a thread about oriental girls...
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(630.73 KB 1407x594 1575752102267.png)
(79.20 KB 597x1024 1575757843852.jpg)
(855.68 KB 1197x844 1575757057593.png)
(51.86 KB 639x322 1575757494611.jpg)
(1.92 MB 540x960 1575748152313.webm)
The man I've always loved is happily married to an Asian woman and I cry myself to sleep thinking about him at least once a week. Tonight's looking pretty good for another session.
Is it, like, the erotic kind of crying yourself to sleep, or...?
Only if you find loud sobs erotic.
christ, you can't have one fucking dump without some american pushing his fucking cuck shit

(561.12 KB 788x1000 13.jpg)
Raising the Dead Anonymous 09/04/2019 (Wed) 04:22:04 No. 88 [Reply]
Continuing my story from the old board, as requested. I do post this on literotica in chapters, which you can find, under under "Raising the Dead...", here: https://www.literotica.com/stories/memberpage.php?uid=4256681&page=submissions

I'm not going to post the whole thing on here, because that'd be an awful lot of posts. I'll be starting where the chapters on literotica end, as of the writing of this post, which would be chapter 11.
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We all hold our breaths and stare at her as she just kind of sits there with bug eyes, like she's trying to process something important. Which could be any number of things, right now.

"Wha-" she begins to say before she proves herself unable to handle a sitting position and starts falling to the side, towards the edge of the slab.

Eve catches her, by virtue of being well equipped to catch things, and hoists her back up to a sitting position, and holds her in place. She just stares at Eve with big, spacey eyes.

"You're pretty," she announces, her head tilting to the side, "What's your name?"

"They call me Eve."

"Hi Eve, I'm Karen. Why do you have so many hands?" the cop asks in a curious tone, clearly not as shocked as she was to start with.

"Because I wanted them," Eve says, "It allows me to do more things, and increases my physical power."

"Oh, okay," Karen nods, her eyes focusing on Eve's chest.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

Cute responses! Victoria should brand that pharmacopia and sell it through sex shops as a marital aid; I'm sure she'd end up rich enough to perform as much science unrestrained by short-sighted "ethical" limitations.

"I don't think she knows anything, Victoria," Eve says, flatly.

"Well she probably still knows it," Eli counters, "I don't think that was the amnestic. Your syringes of mystery predate that."

"They're not a mystery," I say. They totally are.

"Of course, she probably won't remember anything until she comes out of this," he continues, "because someone prematurely pumped her full of-"

I clear my throat, "Thank you, Eli! We're aware!"

"Speaking of pumping her full, I think-" Eve is cut short by Karen making muffled noises while rubbing her face between Eve's tits.

Eli raises a finger in the air, "I'm still not really on board with that Eve."

"That's not really relevant, Eli," she informs him.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.


"Not what, who," Eve places a hand on the top of Karen's head and turns her to face Eli.

"Ohh," she nods with a blank expression, "Okay."

Her brow furrows a little bit and she examines him, then looks back at Eve. Then back at Eli. Then back at Eve. You can practically see the gears turning before the eyes go wide.

"Wait," she pauses and squints, "I don't get it."

"I mean you're going to have sex with him before you do anything with me," Eve informs her.

"Um. Nah, I'm not... I don't swing that way, honey," she reaches out for Eve's tits again, only for them both to get slapped away.

"It isn't negotiable, Karen," Eve says.

"I don't do penis," she stares up at Eve.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

(357.50 KB 1068x1600 3271d1a3d343116600ba9b7567707478.jpg)

"I mean, I'll give it a try," Karen announces after a long breath.

That was fast. Kind of absurd to be persuaded to go against your sexuality in such a quick... you know, nevermind. I'm going to be honest, I'm a little proud that my creation can make a full on dyke go to trying dick like that. I'm less enthused about that dick being attached to my boyfriend, but we're a little past that point of complaining -every- time Eli fucks a new woman in front of me.

"I'll... just try, like oral or something... will that be good?" she asks.

"No. You will have him penetrate you and ejaculate in every opening, Karen," Eve commands her. She really doesn't know how to haggle.

We have another long pause of those gears turning in her head, "We'll... um, see how it goes."

Eve immediately grabs her, almost before she's even finished talking. She lifts her with all four arms and sets her down on her knees, then stands behind her, steadying her from wobbling and falling over.

"Eli, bring your penis over here, we require it," Eve barks at him.

"What, just my penis, do I come as-"

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

(591.12 KB 1407x2000 tei_00.jpg)
(1.13 MB 1391x2000 tei_03.jpg)
(1.14 MB 1391x2000 tei_04.jpg)
(827.24 KB 1391x2000 tei_05.jpg)
(637.81 KB 1391x2000 tei_06.jpg)
Cuckquean Eromanga/Hentai Manga Thread #1 Anonymous 09/01/2019 (Sun) 15:09:27 No. 6 [Reply]
This new place is looking nice. Time to decorate it with some good old fashioned smut. This thread is for cuckquean eromanga. Without further ado, let's try the one that I was posting when Endchan died weeks ago...

Kanojo ga Iru noni Uwaki Shite Tewi-chan to Sex Shita by Ippongui
featuring Udonge as a clueless and frigid girlfriend, and Tewi as an aggressive bunny-vixen.
98 posts and 408 images omitted.
(2.20 MB 1062x1500 016.png)
(2.14 MB 1062x1500 017.png)
(2.10 MB 1062x1500 018.png)
(2.17 MB 1062x1500 019.png)
(1.80 MB 1062x1500 020.png)
This is the end of the actual comic. All that's left is the little editor's page at the end scanlators sometimes put.
It's nice to see a thieving vixen from time to time.
Yeah, most of what I have is just cheating behind the spouse's back. Even most of the stealing ones I have are the final chapter after a bunch of going behind the wife's back. Other than those, I think the closest I have is one about childhood friends loving the same man. At the very end the one who "won" and married him catches him having sex with the other girl.

Thats not lighter Quean, that not a cuckquean at all, thats cuckold. You got it completely wrong.

The mother didn't even like the guy. Those 2 chapters ruins everything else in this thread.

And Savan used to make good Vanilla too.
She obviously likes something about him.

(948.43 KB 1300x1055 4c33e1aa0ac6b4a8e3aef43b4f1c374c.png)
Cuckqueaning in Two Dimensions Anonymous 09/02/2019 (Mon) 23:19:08 No. 46 [Reply]
Just because they don't really exist doesn't mean they shouldn't be cucked.
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A few more.
>filename related
Lucky vixen.
(353.26 KB 2000x1812 Hinata helps Sakura.jpg)
(222.25 KB 1097x850 Hinata cucks Sakura.jpeg)
(348.01 KB 1153x869 Sakura cucks Hinata.jpg)
which of these has the best chemistry for cucking in the primary Narutoverse triangle?
(126.33 KB 964x645 cuck inception.jpg)
or maybe this one wins. I'm not sure who is supposed to be cucking who in this scenario
(50.04 KB 564x1003 1575698414584.jpg)
(296.22 KB 1292x1991 1575501281247.jpg)
(616.95 KB 508x575 1575856547265.png)

Origin story Anonymous 11/19/2019 (Tue) 04:51:19 No. 485 [Reply]
Origin story time!

When did you discover you were a cuckquean? What got you into this lifestyle and does your lover know?
Post any other details as well, I'm genuinely curious!
When I was younger a guy I've had feelings for for a very long time started dating a very attractive woman with nice curves. It broke my heart because I wanted to be with him. That night when I was touching myself I kept thinking about them having sex and I had the hardest orgasm of my life thinking about the man I love breeding another woman.
About five years I’ve known for sure. I’ve always been a bit submissive. I was also deeply ambiguous about threesomes because of what I saw as a bisexual expectation. I liked picking porn for my bf to jack it to since his sex drive is way higher than mine, and one day I imagined he was fucking someone else. All I could think about was how good it would feel for him and I found myself getting really excited. We tried it out really carefully and talked a lot, but in the end it was confirmed that I love it when he fucks other girls and I especially love to watch him doing it. I just love it when he fucks, it makes me so happy.
>When I was younger a guy I've had feelings for for a very long time started dating a very attractive woman with nice curves.
This actually seems to be a common awakening point for the fetish. I saw another quean long ago talking about how her best female friend had bigger boobs when they were teenagers and so received much more male attention, including from the author’s crushes. Because they were close, this girl would frequently confide in the author about her sex life, so the author almost ended up living vicariously through her.
That's not too far off of my situation. I think I've had more men than her but she has the only one I actually want.

(2.31 MB 3072x4096 98238672r378634678.jpg)
Moving Thread Anonymous Board owner 09/01/2019 (Sun) 03:40:45 No. 2 [Reply]
Hello anon! Did you miss us? I've put up as many banners as I could find but the place is still looking a little empty. Regroup here if this is your first time on /cuckquean/cafe!
38 posts and 16 images omitted.
Yeah, it's basically down again, as expected.
8kun is back up as 8kun.top. Some of the images on /cuckquean/ now load but I still can’t post, it just says “Invalid Board”.
The "mainframe test #1" is gone and a few more images load, but apart from that it's identically unpostable-on.
Looks like it's back and can be posted on.
Good to be back.

(64.83 KB 500x710 beach selection.jpg)
(3.72 MB 2508x1771 bunny selection.jpg)
Vixen Picking Game Anonymous 11/27/2019 (Wed) 14:19:00 No. 504 [Reply]
Let's play a little game. Post a picture with multiple girls (2D or 3D) if you have one, and then pick one (and only one) girl from your and/or other anons' images to fuck your man. Give reasons.

Here's an example:
Second from the right. She's got a cute expression that suggests she'll be a little bit submissive, plus my bf likes little nipples like she has. Some of the others have better individual features but come off as not having good fuckbuddy personalities.

>2d bunnies
Rightmost for sure. Middle girl has a much nicer butt, which is important for him, but rightmost girl looks like she'll turn out to be an Energizer bunny. The tallest girl is also definitely in the running because she'd be able to do standing sex with him, and I think he'd like grabbing her tits.


no cookies?