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Welcome to /cuckquean/! Anonymous Board owner 09/01/2019 (Sun) 03:13:55 No. 1 [Reply]
/cuckquean/ lives!

/cuckquean/ is a board all about the fetish of cuckqueaning - an arrangement where a woman enjoys her partner having sex with other women. In real life it is open, consensual and encouraged by the woman - distinguishing it from cheating - but may be secret and/or non-consensual in fantasy. It can be done simply out of joy in the partner's pleasure (compersion) or with a flavour of humiliation. It was once also known as female cuckold or reverse cuckold, until the cuckquean term entered general use. The Japanese equivalent terms are 「逆寝取られ」 (gyaku netorare) or 「逆NTR」.

All combinations of compersive, humiliation/degradation, and other cuckqueaning are relevant, as are related topics such as harems or polygamy. Porn (2D & 3D), discussion, information, questions, stories and so forth are all very welcome!

Welcome back. I'm the same board owner as always. This is our new home. I have a copy of all text of all threads and will consider spooling them back into this board's history if appropriate. Now, let's keep discussing the world's comfiest fetish!
Edited last time by cuckqueanadmin on 09/01/2019 (Sun) 04:54:42.

(561.12 KB 788x1000 13.jpg)
Raising the Dead Anonymous 09/04/2019 (Wed) 04:22:04 No. 88 [Reply]
Continuing my story from the old board, as requested. I do post this on literotica in chapters, which you can find, under under "Raising the Dead...", here: https://www.literotica.com/stories/memberpage.php?uid=4256681&page=submissions

I'm not going to post the whole thing on here, because that'd be an awful lot of posts. I'll be starting where the chapters on literotica end, as of the writing of this post, which would be chapter 11.
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(340.86 KB 3400x2268 4a79fdf1f0fba47698b9a0de0aff9b00.jpg)

She gasps and her body stiffens as Eve exposes her rear to the air. Yeah, you might want to relax, honey, or this might be a little rough.

Not a bad ass, though, I've got to say. A good hip to waist ratio and a nice roundness to the back end. I am rather surprised that her pants came down so easily, considering all the cop implements (safely removed before she woke up) that she would carry on that belt, you'd think she'd keep it tighter. Maybe she subconsciously knows she needs to get fucked, and dresses accordingly. Regardless of the reason, she -does- need to get fucked. Imagine keeping that ass hid away, only to be touched by lesbians, and never getting dicked. It's a total waste; I can see that, and I don't even have a dick. This is actually quite the fortuitous set of circumstances for her, if we're being honest.

"I... I don't know about this..." Karen shivers a little as Eve presses fingers against her exposed pussy.

"Your thoughts and feelings on the matter aren't relevant," Eve bluntly informs her, the forces a pair of fingers into the poor woman.

She gasps again, but lets Eve do as she will, "I've just... I've never... with a man. I'm not into them or anything."

"Your pussy says differently," Eve pistons her fingers in and out of Karen, "You are very wet already."

"That's not... !" she whimpers as Eve penetrates her, "That's not because of him!"

"You just had his cock in your mouth and swallowed his semen, and now you are thoroughly moist," Eve says, "These are the facts. You can't fight nature."

Message too long. Click here to view full text.


Eve reaches out and grabs Eli by the cock as soon as he comes into range, using it as a handle to pull him over. She's a bit like a cock grabbing octopus with all those arms; as soon as you enter the radius, she's got you. I briefly weight the pros and cons of giving her actual tentacles, too, but that's not important right now. It mostly seems unnecessary to grab him, since he was already coming over. Admittedly, Eli was dawdling a bit, when he should really be balls deep already.

"Easy, Eve," he tells her, but doesn't fight it.

"It may not be. She is very tight," she comments, "I suspect she doesn't even use any sort of dildo on a regular basis."

"I don't. If I wanted to have sex with something shaped like a penis, I would just find someone with a penis," Karen confirms Eve's suspicions of her dildophobia.

"You don't need to, we already have one for you, it's fine," Eve says, pressing the head of Eli's cock to Karen's exposed pussy, which elicits a sharp breath from the girl.

"No penetration? Not even a small vibrator? Or a strapon with a girl?" I question, a little perplexed, "That's not very adventurous."

"I told you, I'm not into dicks," she claims, while one is rubbed against her pussy, "Strapons are just pretend dicks. Treating it like a lesbian thing is silly. You sound just like my..."

She pauses and looks serious, as if something important just occurred to her. May or may not involve certain chemicals wearing off. She could probably use a booster on that. Hopefully the other syringes at least have the same mixture.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

(602.09 KB 1200x1600 e3aa1453c56cf71549bfbd8f6c82019b.jpg)

"Eli, you aren't thrusting," Eve observes, after a full three seconds of him being balls deep in Karen, "What's wrong?"

"I think she might need a moment, Eve," he says, "let her get used to it, you know. To stop trembling and spasming and all."

"I'm not concerned with that," Eve shows us her compassionate side, "Fuck her. I want you to-"

"Drain my balls in her pussy. Got it, Eve," he gets a bit snarky, "Your desires aren't hard to read."

Wait. What did he say about spasming?

I walk to the side of them and kneel down to see a noticeable amount of moisture all over Eli's balls, and coming down her thighs. And a single, thin droplet from her pussy.

"Karen... did you just cum?" I ask.

"I... Immm... Idunowafugonon..." she mumbles something incomprehensible. Possibly a yes.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.


"Fuck!" Karen screams, throwing her head back.

She is looking a little flushed. And by 'a little flushed', I mean she looks like she's about to burst a blood vessel or something. Like she's tensed every muscle she possibly can, and maybe some that are completely involuntary. Her skin turns a nice shade of pink and her eyes are bugging out of her head. It's sort of like Eli when I ask him to lift some heavy equipment for me, except without the death glare.

"Are you okay, Karen?" I walk over to the side of the slab to examine her.

"No! I have a giant fucking cock in me!" she gasps out.

'Giant' is a big dramatic, but I'm glad she's at least coherent enough to make out words properly. I hop up on the slab to get a better look at her. I brush back her hair to see her pupils as dilated as they can get and feel how hot her skin is to the touch. She's either getting ready to pop or pass out.

"Should I... stop?" Eli pants out.

"Don't you-" I begin before Eve jumps in.

"Don't you fucking dare!" she shouts at him.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

This is so sweet.

(591.12 KB 1407x2000 tei_00.jpg)
(1.13 MB 1391x2000 tei_03.jpg)
(1.14 MB 1391x2000 tei_04.jpg)
(827.24 KB 1391x2000 tei_05.jpg)
(637.81 KB 1391x2000 tei_06.jpg)
Cuckquean Eromanga/Hentai Manga Thread #1 Anonymous 09/01/2019 (Sun) 15:09:27 No. 6 [Reply]
This new place is looking nice. Time to decorate it with some good old fashioned smut. This thread is for cuckquean eromanga. Without further ado, let's try the one that I was posting when Endchan died weeks ago...

Kanojo ga Iru noni Uwaki Shite Tewi-chan to Sex Shita by Ippongui
featuring Udonge as a clueless and frigid girlfriend, and Tewi as an aggressive bunny-vixen.
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That single line of bash script does in fact download, so your first and third points are moot.
Telling people they could be using beter tools has nothing to do with feeling better than others, it's a sign of believing others are good enough to be on par with you. What you describe would fit if anon thought you too dumbto use linux.
Seems you are suffering from mental disability, forcing you to feel inadequate compared to others. I mean, that is partially of the point of the board, but still
>That single line of bash script does in fact download, so your first and third points are moot.

Downloading is really taking data from internet/other source to a computer. By that definition, what you are suggesting is not downloading, its transferring the image itself. You just don't want to admit it isn't.

But then again judging from the way you act, it seems you do have the disability to need to feel better than the others.
>>709>Downloading is really taking data from internet/other source to a computer. By that definition, what you are suggesting is not downloading, its transferring the image itself. You just don't want to admit it isn't.
It saves the image on your computer, I'm not sure what else you want it to do? What the hell do you even think it is doing?
And the only thing that makes me feel better than you is the fact that I don't redditspace. Shouldn't you be on /r/cuckquean instead?

>Shouldnt you be on /r/cuckquean

What makes you think I am not frequenting this place and that? And if not using green text makes you feel better, then you just admit you do have that disability.

Well you first "I am better than Thou" comment already suggest that.

If you download you download, what you are saying is transferring. Either you sux at describing the process or you.are wrong altogether. For example imgtc stops the need to download and image and allow image transfer using "i.". Idk if it works here but ingtc was down last I check so ,I dont bother trying
Wait, I think I get what this autist is trying to say. The initial question was about whether it was possible to share images without downloading them, and the linux user's response was to give a way to download them. The reddit spacer took exception to this, though it wasn't apparent due to a potent combination of autism and ESL.
With that solved, let's get back on topic.

(541.02 KB 1385x2000 riko_and_haru_vol03_ch16_057.png)
lesbian cuckquean thread Anonymous 11/19/2019 (Tue) 05:32:49 No. 486 [Reply]
"Please sleep with my girlfriend!"
17 posts and 10 images omitted.
there is a lesbian cuckquean scene in the game SWEET VOLLEY HIGH
What is wrong with it? I genuinely want to know.

It’s okay to like what you like. What do you like about it? Why does it hurt?

Mainstream cuckqueaning thread Anonymous 01/16/2020 (Thu) 05:58:02 No. 695 [Reply]
Post any non-pornographic movies, tv shows, commercials, books, comics, etc. involving cuckqueaning.

I'll start with this Pewdiepie video which I found interesting. It's about ads for a mobile game, Lily's Garden. They feature the main character having her fiance cheat on her with her own mother. In a later ad she falls for a hot new guy, and then in yet another ad the new guy is making out with her friend. The actual game may have nothing to do with this, it just looks like a puzzle game. Interesting that cuckqueaning is popular enough that it's being used as clickbait though. I've noticed similar ads for other mobile games in the past too.
(134.56 KB 960x958 vtppaw93ltc31.jpg)
(99.73 KB 640x1138 bdbiwxxgyyz21.jpg)
(504.96 KB 640x1138 ls7163le1cp21.png)
(443.88 KB 640x1138 hjk3jyyikkn21.png)
(442.72 KB 640x983 it8r8yvudbn21.png)
Here are some more cuckquean clickbait ads for mobile games I've come across.

(9.86 MB 320x256 voyeur.mp4)
(8.11 MB 320x256 cqi crack.mp4)
(9.53 MB 1158x1636 good girl.webm)
/cuckquean/ OC Thread: Resurrection Edition Anonymous 09/14/2019 (Sat) 00:49:05 No. 140 [Reply]
This thread is for /cuckquean/ OC. Anything's welcome including videos, shops, captions, and so on. Reposts from older versions of /cuckquean/ are welcome too.
40 posts and 91 images omitted.
Actually I stole it from halfchan, I didn't create it myself.
Huh. It reminds me a lot of the captions that the one chastity-obsessed Anon made. Maybe they fell back to there when 8chan went down.
(863.50 KB 1386x1629 monster christmas card.jpg)
(856.19 KB 1386x1629 a christmas card.jpg)
(868.99 KB 1386x1629 robowaifus christmas card.jpg)
I made some Christmas cards for other boards. Merry Christmas to us, too.
(1.31 MB 2082x1095 1579134587165.png)
More from halfchan
>>693 What board is posting cuckquean content?

(2.02 MB 1920x1440 tfw reading three squre meals.jpg)
Cuckquean Stories Anonymous 09/07/2019 (Sat) 02:08:09 No. 110 [Reply]
Are stories the best medium for cuckquean porn? This thread is for the good ones you've found.
17 posts and 1 image omitted.

Apparently only the centfiles are dead or not working and the 3 books I tried to download just for the sake of first impression, all use the centfiles.

That being said I only found 5 Cuckqueanish book there. Havent read all though
What books are you specifically looking for? As long as they're on Kindle Unlimited I can download them for you and upload them here.

Also, anyone found any other good harem stories out there, fanfiction or otherwise?

No specific book, although I do want to see a story where the Vixen steals the reluctant husband from the wife.

All 5 books I got from mobilism tells the stories about cheating husband or the wife is willingly share.

This author makes quite some book about cuckqueaning. Though doesnt seems like you can get it for free without Kindle. Unless there is an app that have those book for free.
>This author makes quite some book about cuckqueaning.
She does seem to have a pattern, yeah.

(346.89 KB 500x900 1574658437077.png)
Star vs the Forces of Evil: In Memoriam Anonymous 11/25/2019 (Mon) 06:23:24 No. 493 [Reply]
The series is dead but the threads on 8chan were some of our most popular. I wasn't crazy about how it ended but I'll always appreciate the show for the spectacular cucking in the second season, all the cute vixenfus, and how much great fan content it resulted in. For old times sake, let's post any new cuckquean fan art or stories we've come across, discuss the show, and share our favorite memes, cartoons and stories from the old threads.
(398.27 KB 1167x881 1564864353754.jpg)
(83.18 KB 500x500 1565246044249.png)
(158.86 KB 560x350 1565327233278.gif)
(548.58 KB 1200x750 1560635375658.png)
Janna has become generally accepted as the post-game winner, based on the answers given in the reddit AMA.
(2.34 MB 2700x2200 1577501946476.png)
(80.78 KB 450x1079 157750595192684326.jpeg)
(1005.85 KB 900x600 1577504791036.gif)
(1019.91 KB 1200x1800 1577504994103.jpg)
Some newer fan art. Last one is old but recently colored.

Fantasy Cuckqueaning Thread 10/04/2019 (Fri) 00:19:30 No. 357 [Reply]
It's October, and as such, I feel it's time we have a proper fantasy thread, to discuss all the elves, monstergirls, and other supernatural beings that are almost certainly going to steal your bf.
25 posts and 38 images omitted.
> after everyone has finished Velma flickers through a wall and returns with a glass of fresh squeezed juice for you
> Eir's ears prick up and she asks, "Juice is good for sick people, right Mommy?"
"Yes sweetie, it can help with a cold. It has lots of vitamins!"
> Eir looks thoughtful for a moment, walks over, and touches the glass of juice with her horn
> you're about to ask her what she's doing when she scrunches up her face and you see her white mana gather in her horn again
> just a little bit this time, and this time he glow fades smoothly instead of flickering out
"I tried to make the juice even better for sick people Mommy!"
> your jaw hits the floor
> you're not an expert in healing magic but you think she just made the glass of juice a weak cure potion
"That was amazing... Mommy's so proud of you Sweetie!"
> Ingrid rushes over to give her sister a big hug
> there isn't an ounce of envy in her, she's genuinely completely happy that her sister can do something she'll never be able to do
> you're so proud of them both
> you scoop them up and hug them as tight as you can
> only let them go when Eir starts yawning widely
"I'm tired..."

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

(74.94 KB 600x800 wolf2.jpg)
> you've achieved a Zenlike state in between cozy restfulness and sexual frustration by the time Velma floats into the bedroom
"The girls are asleep. Vixie will be along shortly."
> picking up on the mood Velma lets her ghostly clothes fade away and snuggles up to you in a little spoon position
> you enjoy hugging your first sister wife like a body pillow while Darling continues to curry comb you
"Vixie and Velma were a huge help today Dear. Velma took care of the kitchen and Vixie did a lot of cleaning. A lot of cleaning..."
> that seems to have been a cue and you hear the bedroom door open
> your eyes widen with surprise and you start smiling uncontrollably when you see Vixie
> and what she's wearing
> she's blushing like crazy and is obviously super embarrassed, but she's actually wearing the sexy maid outfit you bought her!
"T-t-this maid would like to know if the Master and Mistress have any more tasks for her tonight?"
> Oh God, she's even roleplaying, you couldn't be happier
> Darling whispers in your ear
"What do you think Dearest? Can you think of anything you want the maid to do?"
> you put on a comically pompous voice with a terrible English accent
"Hmph. Maid, inspect the Master's penis. I want to be absolutely sure it's spic and span. Shipshape! No sloppiness! Hop to it!"
> poor Vixie's face is practically glowing red as she kneels beside the bed and Darling presents her with his rapidly enlarging member

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

(418.48 KB 424x597 ghost2.png)
> Velma is the only one not left gasping in the aftermath
> you scoot over to give Vixie a peck on the cheek
"Thank you so much Vixie. You look amazing in that outfit."
> you can tell she wants to pretend she doesn't care but her eyes give away the lie and she just looks away from you, embarrassed but pleased
> wanting to reward her for being honest about her emotions you hold her hand and put your head on her shoulder
> as a result you can feel her entire body tense up when Darling pulls himself out of her poor oversensitive cleft
> and you almost laugh out loud as Velma zooms in to suck up the seed dribbling out of Vixie
"Now, now, don't be greedy. Only what come out naturally." you give Vixie's hand a squeeze, "If we want werewolf puppies we need to leave some inside her!"
> Vixie is back to whimpering as Velma heeds your admonition and switches to sucking on the werewolf's clit
> this time you do laugh out loud
> Velma really is a secret perv
> maybe it's for the best she isn't super confident...
> with one last squeeze you let go of Vixie's hand and reposition yourself behind Darling so you can watch the action from his point of view
> you hug him from behind and start running your hands over his chest
> you can tell the sight of two of his wives going at it is getting him hot and bothered
> you slide one of your hands down to check

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

Anon. This is the cutest. Also possibly the hottest. I love it. You put in a lot of elements that I really, really like.

>loving cohabitating harem
>waiting to show off first time in maid dress to other wives fuckkk
>praise for being a good girl by waiting to show off to other wives FUCKKKKK
>scaffolding of magic system present
>embarrassed shy girl turns out to be a massive perv when in loving environment
>happy family interactions
>being carefully bathed like a piece of property I am surprised and delighted to see understanding of such a niche but wonderful interaction
>non-sexual skinship with sister-wives in sexually charged environment

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

Well its nothing really explicit but ugh...


In Final Fantasy XV: You play as Noctis Lucis Caelum, a prince who is on a suicide quest. Along the journey in his quest you can take a lot of picture inside the game, including picture of some of the female characters. At the end of the game, Noctis will pick one picture and give it to his Fiancee at their "Afterlife" moment, in which she will smile at the picture no matter what. Its nothing explicit really but him giving his semi-wife a picture of another woman and his Wife actually smiling at that, kinda give me ideas

(948.43 KB 1300x1055 4c33e1aa0ac6b4a8e3aef43b4f1c374c.png)
Cuckqueaning in Two Dimensions Anonymous 09/02/2019 (Mon) 23:19:08 No. 46 [Reply]
Just because they don't really exist doesn't mean they shouldn't be cucked.
62 posts and 147 images omitted.
(50.04 KB 564x1003 1575698414584.jpg)
(296.22 KB 1292x1991 1575501281247.jpg)
(616.95 KB 508x575 1575856547265.png)
(1.28 MB 1680x2538 RCO004_1493961461.jpg)
(1.30 MB 1680x2529 RCO005_1493961461.jpg)
(1.25 MB 1680x2554 RCO006_1493961461.jpg)
(1.25 MB 1680x2562 RCO007_1493961461.jpg)
(1.40 MB 1680x2595 RCO011_1493961461.jpg)
Cuckqueany bit from the comic adaptation of X-Men Evolution. Rogue's jealous of Jean being with Scott, then Mystique poses as Jean to rub her face in it.
(1.54 MB 1453x489 1574928928807.png)
This cuckquean wife is happy when Jucika/Krampus steals her husband.
(2.02 MB 2000x2000 1577236621770.png)
(77.50 KB 694x600 1577146262450.jpg)
(220.89 KB 689x892 1542925615462.jpg)
(233.46 KB 990x765 1551345091176.jpg)
(243.68 KB 976x785 1445361643519.jpg)
(860.35 KB 1198x627 1518453424392.png)
(67.90 KB 900x714 1577146423078.jpg)
(265.55 KB 765x990 1551359728331.jpg)
(49.39 KB 720x544 1577196662316.jpg)


no cookies?