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the past , the present & the future Anon 05/09/2020 (Sat) 09:31:41 No.825
Why does the world have to be so cruel to us? I just wanna have fun and post with anons in peace but they keep deplatforming us, smearing us, running fed ops against us etc. Even if the webring becomes a stable home now, we've lost so many anons and communities over the years that'll never come back. 8chan has no clear successor which caused anons to be splintered far and wide around the internet with little ways to get back together again. I remember back on 8chan in around 2015, on the board list the top 50 boards each had hundreds and hundreds of users and tons of activity. Now no boards outside of /cow/, /v/ and /a/ seem to have any significant userbase left and you can easily go days or weeks without one post on many of them. Basically the question is: How do we bring back the golden days? Can things ever go back to how they were?
>julay 502ing and another one gone
>>832 A 502 should be something robi can fix. As for OP, from my experience anons are generally lazy as long as they can afford to be and only sufficient drama or problems will change that. Which is to say that I am not that pessimistic about being able to get more anons back if the backend not only stabelizes but also gets more convenient.
Open file (223.86 KB 1024x710 _jAaR725QBY.jpg)
>>825 Calm down, newfriend, I've been around since '08, I've seen countless imageboards die and be reborn. A Julay or an 8chan means nothing to me, it's the spirit of imageboards that should live on, and it does depending on where you look. The true power of imageboards as a platform has yet to be realized, today we only see 10% of what they are truly capable of. It's the cycle of life, everything is as it should be, things die and then they come back in a more glorious form. Even the human species will eventually die and be reborn as something else. No one misses being a monkey or a neanderthal. If you want some really practical advice: improve yourself, earn money, and pay someone to make your ideal imageboard if you really care. You can learn the skills to do it yourself too, but I don't recommend being an altruist and creating something for free and giving it away for free, if there's nothing in it for you then your imageboard will go the way of all the others, you will have no real reason to keep it alive.
>but they keep deplatforming us, smearing us, running fed ops against us etc. how to identify /pol/ users in one sentence Quite frankly, keeping politics out of my imageboard life outside of shitposts, parody and rebuttals has left me enjoying these places. I come here to relax, escape and discuss. Politics, especially imageboard politics (hate, fear and enjoyable hate), is potentially the most uncomfy you can get by choice. I think the golden days are before the sites got ruined by floods of drama and uncultured users, so maybe we have different ideas. 8chan was never my golden days (maybe yours, and that's fine) the true golden days would have been pre-INTERNET HATE MACHINE and mine were before 2016 elections began. Others say the golden days were before mobile users showed up (I disagree). My point is, popular sites like 4chan and 8ch have been 'dying' like this for a decade now. Communities change as anons grow up, change or become busy, it's life in motion. Nostalgia is in all of us who grew up here. It's not new, it's normal. It's nothing to do with feds (unless you are on a really really popular board which russian or us state actors target but again, those boards were always kind of crappy regardless) >can we get the golden days back? They never left, but you need to embrace the quiet life. My true homechan (janny here) has been moving along for over 12 years and nearly died twice (apathetic admins who barely managed to pass the baton, replaced by revitalizing fresh blood, plus popular IBs stealing our top board's topic). It has almost always been comfy, drama is rare and far between. A few posts a day is not dead. Find a few of these stable boards. If you can, escape any echo chamber politics dens (left or right). We often don't realize how much these screw us up, they are very cult-like and self-radicalizing even without antagonistic interference. Lastly, try to only be a board on a site where the admin cares about you. 8ch and similar board-creation imageboards (8ch was not the first) result in scope creep and owner apathy, like julay. Julay is doing the right thing by culling, not just for them but the boards they would have neglected. 8ch died because the politics boards caused drama, and took all the peaceful boards down with it. The webring and other scattered IBs avoid this. It's the way to make progress. We will grow and hopefully not too bad. We're out of the mainstream for better and worse.
I'm honestly scared for the future of image boards. 8chan came back as 8kun but it's impossible to make new boards, they added in some new rules, and it has less than a fraction of the activity it had before it went down (which in itself was already less than comfortable). There doesn't seem to be any image board to take 8chan's place. Julay.world could've been it, but the owner announced he's shutting it down!
>>842 >Julay.world could've been it, but the owner announced he's shutting it down! He did it with good reason though, robi didn't want to be the next moot and the webrong's supposed to be decentralized anyway.
>>844 While I understand the point of decentralization, his decision to shut down and 're-brand' Julay.world is quite possibly one of the most idiotic I've ever seen in IB history. By that decision, he's avoided becoming the new Moot and instead became the new Jim.
>>842 We don't need a 8ch replacement website. It is a bad role model. We need to replace the 8ch system. A single point of failure is horrible design. Hotwheels and Jim could not care about most of the boards. Having smaller, self-managing sites is far better in the long run. >>855 >became the new Jim I don't think that's a fair comparison at all.
>>855 >his decision to shut down and 're-brand' Julay.world is quite possibly one of the most idiotic I've ever seen in IB history How so?
>>859 there has definitely been worse
>>859 It was completely unnecessary, obviously.
>>862 It was completely necessary in the long run, and the sooner it is done, the less damage is caused. There has been more than enough warning to allow successful migration. I came from an IB that died because it went down the path julay was headed for. Those moves are necessary if you want an imageboard with good culture and less drama and surprise takedowns.
>>876 >Those moves are necessary if you want an imageboard with good culture and less drama and surprise takedowns. Julay will always be full of drama, it's staffed by idiots
>>907 In that case, every single culled board benefits. Why would you want to remain a board attached to a site staffed by idiots?
>>842 It only costs a few dollars a month to host a small imageboard with adult content. Smaller imageboards are ideal because people take the time to express their thoughts in a way that's engaging instead of just firing off as many shitposts as possible since they'll be forgotten in 15 minutes anyway. In my experience the golden days aren't back but are now here. Anons are creating OC again. Newfags can't understand our memes or look them up online without lurking moar. Drawfags are actually drawing instead of just talking about it. Anons are making video games and posting progress again. They're making waifu AI, robots and AI that plays old SNES games. They're programming new imageboard software that doesn't run like crap and working on many other projects. A whole new imageboard culture is being created.
>>917 The problem is those niche boards are easy to disrupt. It only takes 1 dedicated troll to destroy any of them and every time it happens you lose more people. Image boards have died out because everything they did well is done better else where. Thanks to monetization people can make a profit off of what they used to go on image boards for fun. You can join a subreddit to get news faster and avoid all the twitter screencap threads.
>>917 >It only costs a few dollars a month to host a small imageboard with adult content. We don't even have adult content here. I believe /comfy/ wood be a perfectly family friendly board. >Smaller imageboards are ideal because people take the time to express their thoughts in a way that's engaging instead of just firing off as many shipposts as possible since they'll be forgotten in 15 minutes anyway. You're right, there's much less simply fishing for (You)s here. For having so few users this little cafe has achieved a lot; the best thing is that it still lives. The future is looking pretty great from here.
>>917 I think we can go become a full Forum board or something of that nature at this point. I’m not saying we should destroy the imageboard but we can go full legit because we’re relatively family friendly
>>917 You're crazy. Image boards are dying because there's no new blood to them. The most active threads on image boards are usually twitter screencaps these days. image boards went from being the river internet culture drifted on to being the life raft on ship reddit/twitter. >>1829 Forums are good for long term topics which need to be followed in order. Like someone working on building a tree house, you need to see it all. Image board content isn't like that and falls more in line with a social media feed where current topics fall away as new ones replace them.
>>825 The world and other people don't owe you anything. Accepting that, things start to make sense. Image boards will always be a niche because they don't require user accounts to post and therefore can't be used as reputation management systems. Facebook and other's are all reputation management systems. They let users track each other's activities. They're a lot like opting-in to stasi severance, only what's being reported on is available to any one else also being reported on. Frankly I like the niche status. Normies ruin eberrything. They all feel like cult members to me. Eberrything they say and makeup to rationalise just sounds like crazy talk, like UFO churches. It's definitely as elitist opinion, but keep the normies out.
>>3561 That's a pretty normal opinion to have. You sure you're not normal?
>>3562 Glad to read it. People I'm around think I'm out of it for not wanting to listen to their wagi cagi.
>>825 Looking at this from a biological standpoint as website-communities as living entities - colony organisms. You see imageboards started small and grew big - too big - and attracted attention from dangerous predators who want to feed on their fat, social media, and TV mainstream media. We see Apple and Google removed Parler from the App and Android stores because Parler became #1 most downloaded - and Amazon removed Parler from their web hosting service because competitors fight to take each other down - an old lion wood fight a young lion who wants his harem of female lions. And when dinosaurs walked the earth, mammals got smaller and hid more in burrows and caves and few mammals could thrive until dinosaurs were wiped out. So 4chan is still kicking but has been lobotomized and rolls around fatly in a zoo somewhere and 8chan was slain for its ivory. Now the best strategy for remaining imageboard-organisms is to stay small and reproduce until the tide turns until environmental factors change - maybe hibernate until 2022 where a dubs year has a chance of happenings and a turnabout. It's obvious as >>837 said that developing a /pol/-appendage (antlers) to the chan-organism attracts attention from predators and should only be used if an imageboard has enough strength to maintain it - or to be so small as to be barely noticeable that most predators wood not care beyond maybe one or two part-time gl*wi*s. That imageboards with weak /pol/-appendages - or without - where the center of the chan is somewhere else like pre-2015 4chan's center was /b/ - live longer like 420chan. The answer is not being disingenuous like >>917 but recognizing the reality of the situation and realizing that growing big will have to wait and energy must be gathered before a campaign.
>>3582 >The answer is not being disingenuous I didn't see a single 'disingenuous' thing about that Anon's post though. He's simply optimistically highlighting the goods things instead of pessimistically groaning over the bad things. Different personal outlook than yours perhaps, but certainly honest AFAICT.
>>3584 Sugar Coating is the disingenuous-nus of our age. From participation trophies to middle managers forcing workers to lie about their emotions and pretend to be happy all the time to NASA claiming victory after a decade of their failiure culminated in the Artemis engines killed themselves yesterday live. These distortions of the truth are all lies. When the situation is bad - admit that its bad because New Age positive thinking represses genuine emotions like sadness and anger that must be worked through and suffered through consciously because that's what it means to be a whole healthy human being. There is a sickening movement in our time that shames people for grieving and considers anger to be a sin in and of itself. A zetigeist that both tramples over human rights by going beyong thought crimes into feeling-crimes and desecrates thousands of years of human behavior and nature itself.
>>3586 Lel, you're plainly bent out of shape over something Anon. I hope you find a way to resolve it soon. I'd suggest forgiveness and attempted reconciliation with whoever offended you. If at all possible, for your part live in peace with all men. Now, quite apart from the false dichotomy you're sort of strawmanning here (and back to the post in question) mind explaining specifically exactly what that other anon was lying about? Seems to me he simply has a positive outlook on things just on the surface of it.
>>1837 >implying imageboard types went to reddit/twitter/etc rather than simply being ran off the Internet such as >>835 is some corrected go-getter that no longer wastes time communicating freely but instead contributes to society while ironically hating altruism >>837 More than pol gets knocked off when indeed pol users get attacked, they attack other sub cultures too. The gold days did leave or censorship wood not have gotten worse. About traffic, the lower the population of a society the less likely a genius happens by, ergo the lower intelligence and productivity of the society the lower that the numbers are. Most are not geniuses so you need a populace of many thousands for something good to happen as the first few hundreds will most likely be comprised of an army of retards. >>917 The only new thing I'm aware of on the Internet is javascrip watching you. Also I find it odd that it's harder to download and set up a chatterbox AI than it used to be in the win9x days. Or can you download alex's AI rather than just pay for a connection to it? I've never used it, but I noticed an anti-download trend that applies to more than just videos no longer being in the temporary Internet folder. >>920 I'd be nice if people wood stop bringing up redditors and twitter users for once as they are part of the problem most likely. Not eberryone even watches the news also. >>1837 Image boards died because of the law. An imageboard anonymously is a mob, the mob doesn't want rules.
Open file (2.17 KB 452x242 tablecat.png)
oldfag here. The golden age of imageboards ended in 2007. The best imageboard was idlechan. The best community was News 4 VIP
>>3633 Ah, I was just thinking of how I missed idlechan. Sometimes I think about how things wood have turned out if world2ch took off instead of 4chan.
>>3633 what is best board now?
>>3651 Anon Cafe
>>3633 >>3634 Never heard of idlechan, what was it like?

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