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Open file (195.22 KB 736x920 cbn.jpg)
/comfy/ temporary bunker Anon 02/03/2024 (Sat) 02:04:11 No.8178
cozy winter cabin edition Due to the downtime of Trashchan scheduled for 2024-02-04 18:00 UTC this thread is set as a bunker in the meantime.
Edited last time by Taulier on 02/03/2024 (Sat) 02:20:32.
> Sunday hard-day (why is r9k here edition?) > 1'250
>>8180 I've enabled r9k here as a counter-measure in caseof spam, but I turned it off now :) sorry
>>8181 Heh, no worries. Actually, thanks for looking out for Anoncafe that way, BO. :)
>>8180 Also, here's the puzzle created last night prior to Sunday hard: https://jiggie.fun/comfy482
Open file (419.28 KB 1127x813 sunday hard 2-4-2024.jpg)
For some weird reason I can't seem to make puzzles or access jiggie from clearnet but I can on Tor. Which is the opposite of what it has been for several months. Anyone know what's going on? >>8180 Sunday Hard https://jiggie.fun/comfy483
>>8184 Also the canvas is weird for me rn and I can really work on puzzles. Coomdev must be fiddling around with jiggie under the hood.
Seems to works fine for me rn on Firefox.
Also, anyone have the neocities link to check status of Trashchan, I dumbly forget to note it.
>>8187 Got it, I can access Trashchan rn. let admin give green lighgt before going back to it. https://trashchan-status.neocities.org/
>>8188 Admin already did it according to that site, so trashchan won't be going down.
>>8189 It kinda works, if you don't receive an error when posting it should be alright. There was some networking problems a bit before, I'll try to monitor the situation and fix problems that come up.
>>8190 Did trash go down?
>>8191 Just for maintenance.
Do anyone know what habbened to jiggie.fun? Since yesterday opening a puzzle causes 100% CPU usage on 4 cores and generally it runs at 2FPS on my notebook. It was fine before.
>>8193 Lol, what is this sh*te? :D Is this related to your proxy somehow, Trashmin?
>>8194 IIRC, there's a repo for it Anon. Maybe someone has filed an issue there? From your post seems like it's something new. Good luck.
>>8195 No, that site has nothing to do with me.
Open file (223.09 KB 1009x875 cat sorted.jpg)
>>8183 Seems like jiggie is working better.
>>8197 I see. Is this some kind of Rickroll I'm ignorant of? :^) >>8198 Good news. BTW nice sorting, Anon!
>>8199 I'm not sure about the origins, but when Francisco (the owner/CEO/technical support/server admin/whatever of BuyVM) quacks up something and your server goes down, they started calling it "franned it". And someone made that website.
>>8200 >quacks up Lol word filter
Open file (333.66 KB 1379x779 mill.jpg)
When does trash/comfy/ come back fully up? >>8184 Look like someone has sorted the Sunday Hard one too.
>>8202 Not too certain yet, but I think the Trashmin has given the green light there.

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