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what is there to look forward to? Anon 11/09/2022 (Wed) 22:20:09 No.7687
i'm down anons. really down. and for me, there's really nothing to look forward to. i lost the girl i made a promise to, and was excited for a ring that she was to give me, but that didn't habben. i'm curious, what are you anons looking forward to right now?
>>7687 I'm aiming to improve my life using self-hypnosis.
>>7687 well i'm looking for a girl to spend the rest of my days with, sadly none are compatible with me in any way (i read, play vidya, and just wanna chill and hang out in the park or in a quiet place). so i'm kinda sad as well.
Funny caca.
Open file (2.14 MB 1191x1630 voided.png)
>>7687 >what are you anons looking forward to right now? Nothing special tbh. Just making my life more comfy because, you know, people die in the end anyway... I'm too old to suffer about all these cacas. I'm quite in peace. Speaking about girls, it's been a while I accepted not loving anymore... There is this girl tho, with sexy big thighs at my sport club...
>>7687 >what are you anons looking forward to right now? the day ill finally get hired i guess if i wont be able to find anything substancial by the end of this month ill apply to the nearest mcdonalds, as much as i dread the thought of being 'the wagie' ive accepted that ill die surrounded by nothing but my own thoughts, maybe its just me but ive realized i dont 'love' - i only feel lust towards people >what is there to look forward to? those are goals you have to set up yourself, anon, like a favourite musicians next album, the day youll finally bake the cake youve been hoarding ingredients for, the weekend, winter, etc.
>>7687 Looking forward to the second american civil war.
>>7747 >those are goals you have to set up yourself You said it right anon. After all, it's the purpose of life, setting goals, achieve 'em, repeat untill the last one. It's up to you to build your life as you want.

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