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Open file (261.99 KB 1280x697 Sql-3RZuV0o.jpg)
Visualizing Anon 05/05/2020 (Tue) 22:48:14 No.766
Tell me about your ideal comfy life. >ideal house >ideal gf >ideal source of income >ideal country to live in >ideal average day
Suburban or Woodlands Virgin, loyal, compassionate Film (directing and/or screenwriting) US if it wasn't so dysfunctional, Australia, there is this place in Bolivia where it rains all the time, would be comfy Breakfast with gf, go to work, go gym, come home and hang with gf, go out alone and enjoy nightlife, go home to sleep, repeat
>>766 >ideal house A comfy shotgun shack in a hundred acre property >ideal gf/wife A cute tomboy loli >ideal source of income Farming crops and raising livestock >ideal country to live in Dixieland >ideal average day Wake up, kiss my loli wife good morning, eat breakfast, tend to the animals and crops, work where needed, have lunch and supper, read books and enjoy time with loli wife, bathe with her, and then go to sleep.
>>766 >ideal house A classy country estate, with a decent bit of land to be worked. Nothing huge, a few spare rooms so old friends and comrades can come and visit and we sing old songs. Small enough the wife can mostly take care of it. >ideal gf Stern and pious housewife. >ideal source of income Wool and fruit grown on my land, selling mastercraft artisan goods and art I make in the workshop. >ideal country to live in Canada >ideal average day Coffee on the bedroom balcony watching sunrise and flocks graze while wife makes bacon and eggs. After breakfast go to the workshop for a few hours. Go fishing at the lake, talk to the shepherd and groundskeeper. Eat supper. Go to the study and read or plan out some projects for a bit. Spend time with the wife for the rest of the night.
Open file (280.16 KB 864x1080 8i6pAJZePiU.jpg)
Open file (453.70 KB 865x1080 4uN4aiiElYk.jpg)
Open file (83.91 KB 1200x675 EVgRbzqXgAMq2zQ.jpeg)
Open file (323.19 KB 811x1080 Y4v33BMK-IM.jpg)
>>766 >ideal house Tall Gothic castle with lots of contraptions, rooms and secret passages, or a comfy old mansion with lots of land and a private forest near water. >ideal gf Aloof goth chick with fatass tits. Intelligent and has niche/sophisticated hobbies. Treats me like a king. >ideal source of income A bunch of online businesses bringing in a semi-passive income which I reinvest in more businesses and creative projects like writing, art and game design. Maybe also leasing extra property. >ideal country to live in Some beautiful third-world-ish European country like Bulgaria or Romania where it's relatively cheap to live while getting money from elsewhere. >ideal average day Wake up, do some morning exercises, have tea and breakfast in the kitchen with my beautiful wife, water the garden and feed the animals, take care of my businesses then work on some creative projects, make some lunch while working out, go for a stroll around the estate while coming up with new ideas and have a picnic somewhere outside, finish up some extra work, high-intensity workout in gym, relax in sauna, have snacks and chill with wife, make dinner together, chill some more and discuss things, hot sex/bed time.
>ideal house Ranch style home on a decent plot of land with a big garage/workshop in the back. >ideal gf Someone sweet, beautiful, and a little clingy WITH BEEG AMERICAN TITTIES. Also, someone not big into trends. I hate it when people post intimate moments online. >ideal source of income Making furniture. I've always liked the idea of working with wood and metal. Don't know why I havent even tried it as a hobby at the very least. >ideal country to live in I'd still live in America, but I'd like to live somewhere temperate yet seasonal if such a place exists. >ideal average day Uneventful yet intrinsic. Like a Norman Rockwell painting.
Open file (190.44 KB 320x180 spinofthemojoqueen.gif)
>ideal house i've always fantasized on living in one of those cute scandinavian houses near a lake, immersed in the woods, but i could honestly just settle for a comfy urban apartment too (the only thing that could bother me would be loud city noises) >ideal gf what >>768 said >ideal source of income programming, software development, or sec testing >ideal country to live in Norway, Japan >ideal average day wake up and cuddle in bed with the loli tomboy, coffee and a small j to start the day, program, gym to release tension, come back home, the loli tomboy is making yummy lunch; after eating i chill on the net or read a mango, 1.5 hour nap, wake up, coffee, cig, and go for a walk with the loli tomboy around the city/town and do stuff; we go home, order some pizza; then we fug (this only if the tomboy loli is old enough to receive benis); then we cuddle in bed and watch some dumb anime while i smoke a fat fucking blunt to cool off; the tomboy loli falls asleep, it's time to shitpost.
>ideal house A shitty ground level apartment in the city >ideal gf None >ideal source of income Welfare >ideal country to live in Don't really care >ideal average day In front of a computer shitposting and playing video games
Open file (269.70 KB 1280x1600 1468453037180.jpg)
>>863 >>ideal house >A shitty ground level apartment in the city >>ideal gf >None >>ideal source of income >Welfare >>ideal country to live in >Don't really care >>ideal average day >In front of a computer shitposting and playing video games Holy shit anon, your dream is to live like me? But my life is garbage!
>ideal house Small house with a decent backyard where I could grow a few crops and maybe have some animals >ideal gf No women for me, thanks >ideal source of income Coding or anything I can do from home >ideal country to live in I kinda like it here, weather is not that bad, not that much crime, stuff isn't too expensive. Maybe I'd move to a colder place within same country, but that's about it. >ideal average day Get up, brew some coffee, do some work, have lunch, play videogames, maybe walk the dog, feed the animals, play some more videogames. Go to bed. Maybe get drunk on weekends. Pretty much the same shit I do every day but with more money.
>ideal house real small house/cabin and workshop/shed completely surrounded by woods without much restriction on their use, preferably a mid-range drive from a small town >ideal gf traditional, nature-oriented, wants lots of kids >ideal source of income none, i'd prefer to just live growing and hunting my own food, but unfortunately that's not possible anymore so probably selling food and crafts in town >ideal country to live in US, Pacific Northwest or Appalachia >ideal average day pre-kids: wake up with the sun, nutritious breakfast, tend garden and work on diy stuff, read/study for a while and smoke a cigar, work out outside or in open shop, maybe walk in the woods, help wife with housework, play music around sunset, go to comfy sleep. with a period of being awake at night between two sleep blocks for reading and/or sex. with kids it would be mostly the same but with some things shortened and replaced by teaching them and playing with them.
You're all gonna make it.
>ideal house innacity, a place i truly own. like, 'paint the walls whenever i want' own. >ideal gf intelligent and cultured, attracted and attractive to me of course. not a leech. >ideal source of income paid contributor of various FOSS projects. remote work is comfy. >ideal country to live in remaining in germany could be nice. canada could be comfy too. most of north/west/east EU wood be fine for me as long as they speak english/german and don't hate me. >ideal average day >wake up at 9 >shower >walk/jog to cafe for breakfast >leave society >shower >program >eat pasta >have fun on IBs or anywhere really >shower >comfypost on IBs with cartoons or music >eat dinner >fill in remaining time with computer >late night fap >retire to self-painted autism chamber to sleep rate 0-10
>>1382 Are the last two in the right order, anon? It wood add +1 to the 7/10. Needs more endorphins!
>>1382 8/10 nette Fantasie
>>1382 Showering three times a day doesn't seem too comfy to me but anyway I'd accept that too.
Open file (1.41 MB 1588x1334 an attempt.png)
Open file (84.87 KB 950x657 kokko.jpg)
>ideal house smallish cabin/homestead, large enough for a few guests. not too deep on the forest (so emergency personnel don't have a hard time reaching it) but close enough that you can just walk into a forest >ideal gf virgin, sweet, artistic, a classic housewife (and looks like pic.) >ideal source of income selling artisan goods, handcrafts and the like, I'd like to get most of my food of my own land raising a few animals and crops >ideal country my home Finland, but with a few modifications, a more conservative and "old timey" version >ideal average day wake up next to wife, go have berakfast with wife. hour later kids wake up, say good morning to kids. go feed the animals and take care of the crops, while wife cares for the kids. have lunch with kids and wife. after lunch homeschool kids and then play with them. dinner time. personal time reading, walking in the woods, or being with wife. at night tuck kids in for the night with wife, and then go stargazing. go to bed with wife and sleep.
>ideal house depends, either somewhere in the suburbs that's fairly close to civilization or a modern cabin in the swiss alps >ideal wife tall, blonde, fit, berry loving/caring >ideal source of income making bideo gayms >ideal country to live in none of them at the moment, preferably a more stable America or anywhere that's away from the chaos >ideal average day wake up to wife and kids, breakfast, go to werk, make gayms, come home, have dinner, make love, go to bed, repeat
>>1401 >tfw no berry-loving wife what kinds of games you want to make anon?
>ideal house Just a small shack somewhere in the woods. Somewhere in the vicinity of a small town. >ideal wife Someone who is considerate and careful for eberryone, including me. The kind that wants to put her life on the line to help others. I'd prefer a small B-cupped wife. >ideal source of income Maybe work at a hardware repair shop. >ideal country to live in Norway or in the Swiss >Waking up early in the morning, eating together with my wife. After that, i cycle to the hardware repair shop. Just do my job with passion until I can leave. After I get home, I will immediately turn on my music collection and make some dinner together with my wife. Than make love and sleep. Repeat that.
>>1409 >Repeat that. Repeat that enough times you'll have some kiddos underfoot to accommodate as well, Anon. :^)
>>766 >ideal house Small homestead with barn/forge. >ideal gf Traditional tomboy, enjoys nature, animals, and wants kids. >ideal source of income Farming, raising livestock (chickens, a horse,a few goats, a few pigs), and working in the forge for cash. Wood ponder opening a proper shop in town but I don’t want to be too far from home. >ideal country to live in The U.S., in ether Montana or Idaho >ideal average day Wake up with chickens and eat a light breakfast after tending to the livestock , spend the rest of the morning in the forge or tending to the crops when they are in season. Have lunch with gf and finish up the afternoon in the forge or working on our crops. Have supper with gf, spend the evening watching a movie or reading together, and fall asleep after passionate sex with gf. Once I am a father my days will be similar, save for teaching my kids the basics of farm work and how to manage a forge.
>>766 >ideal house An small penthouse, just one or two rooms, a comfortable kitchen next to the living room. A big bathroom with a big bathroom with a big japanese soaking tub. My room being small and comfy, and maybe an extra room big enough for me to do martial arts. Definitively a big terrace with a great view, bonus points if my room has a great view as well. >ideal gf Around my size (5'8''/170cm), tanned or brown skin, small tits and fit with developed muscles, a pixie or bob haircut. Someone who I can share with my passion for video games, martial arts and hentai. If she is an artist, even better, she can help me with games. >ideal source of income Video game development. >ideal country to live in Honestly, no idea, eberry country seems shipty for one reason or the other. US, I guess. >ideal average day Wake up to cook with my gf, have a nice breakfast, play some video games eberry now and then while making video games, have a nice lunch, do exercise around sundown, have passionate sex until out bodies give up, take a shower, have dinner and sleep.
>>766 >ideal house A Small house about 5-ish rooms. >ideal gf A smaller woman, with maybe short hair and lighter skin but nonetheless I will still love and care for that won’t screw me over >ideal source of income Acting, Firearm development, a government official, or hey farming might just work. >ideal country to live in Mainland China, because it’s not as polarized as America, Uber-capitalist like South Korea, and I probably won’t get attacked by people on the internet probably boosting my happiness. >ideal average day Wake up, exercise, and just spend the day with my wife and/or children doing something we enjoy.
>isolated studio apartment >someone who engages in my bad habits and supports me >the most possible lol >maybe in the american south. >gaming and smoking
>>1646 Ideal house I don't really mind it as long as I can have access to food and drink. Ideal gf That one probably won't happen, i'd be terrified of doing something to scare her or having her hate me Ideal source of income Librarian, a nice low stress job for me Ideal country Venice, If it wasn't such a tourist trap I'd love to spend evenings among the gondolas, listening to the music in the square, enjoying the acqua alta on free days. Ideal day Go to work, have time pass by sorting books and helping the occasional patron, then evening is indulging within hobbies, explore the alleyways, take a gondola out on the lagoon, maybe try to make a new recipe (and fail in the process).
>ideal house One my dad and I planned out and built, someone beautiful (i.e. Carpenter Gothic style home). I'd have a garden in the front with statues of the Most Holy Family and St John the Baptist as well. >ideal gf Wife wood be devoted to God, Catholic, traditional, raise the kids, stay at home. >ideal source of income UI artist/tech artist with experience as a character designer >ideal country to live in New England, US. If not, then European countries such as Georgia or Bulgaria come to mind. >ideal average day Wake up, coffee, tend garden, play with kids and meet wife's needs. Get to work. Break in-between for imageboards and/or instructional. After work attend church. Night time pray rosary with the family and then go to bed.
>>1885 Sounds like a nice life Anon, I hope you can achieve it.
Open file (42.48 KB 638x629 mleko.jpg)
>ideal house Small house w/ built in studio >ideal gf --tfw no weregarurumon punk rock gf who bullies me for liking prog-- independent but also we wood see as equal rather than one being the tool of another >ideal source of income musics lol >ideal country to live in I'd like to be a session musician so I'd probably have to move a lot, but I'd ideally live somewhere like Duluth, MN. Or Bemidji if we're discounting the punk rock gf >ideal average day - 6:00 wake up, take shower - 6:15 make breakfast - 6:45 watch the news - 7:00 check e-mail - 7:30 practice instruments, do rehearsal etc. - 9:30 prepare to record needed parts/takes - 10:00 record takes - 12:00 have lunch break - 1:00 practice again - 2:30 prepare for second round of takes - 3:00 record takes - 5:00 go home/finish up work day - 5:30 write new material, write stories, read, listen to music etc. - 7:00 update website if needed, check up on twitter account to see any news or feedback - 7:30 check e-mail again - 8:00 have dinner - 8:30 draw, paint, etc. (do creative cooldowns) - 9:30 read some more - 10:00 go to sleep
Open file (1.98 MB 854x480 gondola shire.webm)
>ideal house Either a decent sized old house in a comfy country town or a lighthouse on the coast >ideal gf A redheaded tomboyish type who's not afraid to call me a hobbit but otherwise cherishes our family. Also doesn't mind playing vidya on rare occasions. >ideal source of income anything working with my hands that's also enough to make my family comfortable. Failing that, aerospace. >ideal country to live in I like mine for the most part, even though it's falling to pieces before my own eyes. I guess anyplace where the locals are friendly yet respectful of others' privacy. Guns are a plus but not a deal breaker. >ideal average day Any day where I can work with something tangible for hours on end, come home and kiss my wife and play with my kids is ideal. Jeez talking about this makes me feel like a complete ass for barely trying to make it come true.

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