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Open file (121.08 KB 1600x900 dfg74946d9gf7446sdf5g74.jpg)
hi losers! lol jk i'm almost positive i'll like all of you wanderlust 07/29/2022 (Fri) 18:43:27 No.7206
i'm new here. lurked mainly 4chan for a long long time. not /b/... that place gives me the creeps. anywho been looking for more chill places to hang with channers or whatever you're called. anyways what's the happs? i'm about to start work in a couple hours. i have a pretty sweet WFH setup so i'll probably be here all night to chat! whats the current status the of the board? i just found this today and haven't looked into the catalog to see if this place is alive yet!
>>7206 uh mods you can delete this. it didn't let me post it at first so i went and commented elsewhere to get accqainted w/ the community. guess the page refreshed and posted dunno
>>7209 You can delete it yourself, if you can
>>7210 nah it kept asking for a password which i'm not positive i ever setup
>>7206 Welcome fellow night worker. I enjoy being on boards while night working.
>>7214 It's the deletion password, it's automatically generated and should be entered automatically.
>>7216 Until OP deleted the browser history.
Open file (675.00 KB 1006x651 65791686168.png)
>>7215 oh hallo! yes isn't it great? cozy at my desk. got my eberrything i need all at my fingertips. and the music..... you gotta get your night WFH lighting just right for maximum concentration and coziness. >>7216 >>7218 damn i didn't know.... i didn't delete history either. maybe i'll try and fiddle with it more instead of just giving up. well now i'm not even sure i want to delete the thread. i reported it too hahaha
how are you /comfy/bros? I'm just about to play some fallout new vegas while some sap pays me to be at my home desk doing nothing! there's not much else out there comfier than that. i have a cozy greentext to share if anyone else hops on the wagon first and shares theirs!!
>>7226 >i have a cozy greentext to share Please, share. I may find something in return.
>>7237 finally!!! >moved 3,000 miles east >just another year and another move >settle into new place >decorate with some fun cut wine bottle light fixtures >decorate further >live, laugh, love >it's all there. new decor. new place. new vigor >living real cozy off the coast instead of in the desert now >oldest sister leaves her husband and kids >major sadness all around >brother contracts testicle cancer. asks me to come dog sit along with his place. needs some assistnace >he's better now. but i gained a friend. actually 2 >get to spend 3-5 days a week at his place now. the others at home in my other cozy territory >the dog. the bear. he likes me now. our walks have become runs. i'm more passionate about personal care now >bear motivates me. i workout. i find passion again. >i find my addiction to alcohol go away watching this dog and caring for my half non-blood family >i find peace again. i find solitude in myself once more >i write this greentext in a comfy board >i look back again and remember what randomness led me here. and to you reading this. caca this was probably trash greentext but im cozy as hell sitting out on the back porch with a single light and umbrella over my head, the rain pitter pattering on either side of me and above on the canvass. I have my books, my dog, and you all here. I'm just feelin it so much. this is peak /comf/ if you ask me. now share yours
Open file (181.16 KB 1000x667 sec.jpeg)
>>7244 >be me >browse /comfy/ >read green text >anon seems to be alright, nice for him >hope anon's family's all right despite the life quackery (it habbens) >hope his alcohol addiction will be kicked off >I miss the rain (constant heat waves from almost two months here) >want to be be on pic rel with a good doggo, some comfy music and nothing but the smell of the forest in the rain >write this poor green text in response pic rel, me depressed by no rain but still comfy. Some daybreak from work, I want to go outside but damn it's too hot. I'm just in my comfy house clothes listening music and drinking my coffee. Maybe in the evening I may go outside if something nice habbens in the near city (I want to go to a music show but don't even know if there are one tonight, may look for it).
>>7263 >I want to go to a music show Found a nice spot along the river with some band playing reggae / ska music. Took a swim as the sun was setting down then drank a beer or two while laying down in the grass. Was quite /comfy/ (expect some old women that took videos with there smartphones and that irritates me because they were not only filming the concert, but also the people, including me. Hiding my face in my hands then giving the finger made them stop this poopy behavior). Also we were granted by a short but harsh rain in the end of afternoon. Man I almost cum in my pants.
>>7263 hey man its gonna be ok. genuinely thankful that you posted a greentext. sorry i haven't been on in a couple days. this dog and house sitting along with work has been pretty hell on my normal routines. i think the alcoholism is getting better over time. it's tought stuff if any of you have suffered from the illness. boredom is to be avoided if you're looking to get out of it. unfortunately i'm bored a lote *shrugs* hey why don't you go out and maybe hit up a local park, even in the rain, or maybe a walk around your favorite parts of the city listening to some relevant music? just a couple ideas i guess! >>7266 dude that sounds legendary. are you same anon from the last post? if so i'm glad you found some shade and a nice place to /comfy/ up! that's excellent. lol to those morons living their life through a digital screen, huh? you had an infinitely better time there than they did. i'm going to find a nearby lake to feed some turtles and ducks. used to be a favorite past time of mine in Arizona before i moved away. i'll post pics of my park adventures there soon how was the music btw? any good? i like ska a lot

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