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/imbibe/ General - What are you drinking? Anonymous 11/11/2019 (Mon) 10:39:12 No.685
I want to shitpost about alcohol. What are you drinking, Anon? Tell us about it! This /cafe/ is licensed, right?

I've been on a cocktail kick lately. I decided to have an apéritif tonight, so I made this gin martini with Beefeater London dry gin, Carpano dry vermouth, and a dash of Angosutra bitters. I considered a lemon twist but ended up garnishing with an olive because I wanted that slightly briny flavour. It's certainly stimulated my appetite, but I think maybe the dry gin might be a little harsh so it might have benefited more from the lemon oil from the twist to perfume it, give it a little less of the one note. I thought that the herbs from the vermouth came through beautifully bitter. Still prefer a Negroni as an apéritif, though.
Open file (1.52 MB 4032x3024 vodka martini.jpg)
Decided to compare a vodka Martini to the gin one. Half the vermouth and no bitters this time, with an olive to garnish again. Used Finlandia vodka. The whole arrangement is very crisp. The vermouth takes the aggressive edge off the vodka, but interestingly enough this just stretches the vodka's other flavours out in the mouth with a little bit of the vermouth accompanying it after a few seconds. The scent of the olive hits my nose when I sip, which didn't happen with the gin martini. It's all very salty and pleasant. The high proof might be hitting a little hard on an empty stomach; technically a Martini is apéritif in nature but I have my doubts as to whether it's really suitable for the role.
Open file (33.24 KB 368x238 white ace.jpg)
only the cheapest and strongest piss around
Latest /imbibe/s.

I wanted to try making something with a digestif liqueur, so I picked Jägermeister. I think Jaeger's reputation has chased a lot of people away from it, or it could be that digestif liqueur cocktails are difficult to formulate. I popped off a Surfer on Acid and a Fright Night in the Grove. The surfer tasted very sweet and tropical with the herbs from the Jaeger grounding it and the foam from shaking adding a nice little touch of texture. The fright night was quite strong and I was surprised that the tequila worked well with the Jaeger.

Lately I'm trying out riffs on the Daiquiri. I tried two similar recipes side by side that use scotch - the Smoke and Mirrors and Smokescreen, each distinguished only by their use of absinthe or green chartreuse. They tasted fruity and a little smoky, with the first having a pronounced "down" complexity and the latter having an "up" complexity.
what the fuck is that
Open file (1.04 MB 1889x3795 sherry cobbler.jpg)
Open file (958.74 KB 2106x2718 traction.jpg)
Open file (1.04 MB 1980x2827 1.jpg)
Open file (787.67 KB 1763x3069 2.jpg)
Open file (558.09 KB 1464x3074 3.jpg)
More! I am loving these experiments.

First I tried a basic sherry cobbler using amontillado sherry. It was a nice little number that basically evened out the sherry and made all its dry fruity favours slow down to the point I could taste them. Then I tried two elaborations - one underfunded Traction with muddled lemons, rum and curacao, and one peachy... thing with muddled lemon_orange, cognac, and peach liqueur. The first was delicious. The second was very sweet but I don't feel it landed, just tasted a little blurry.

Then I tried two flips - one basic one with sherry and egg with nutmeg on top, the other a more complex nog with scotch, Campari, maple syrup, cream, egg, and a splash of spent coffee grounds from a Nespresso capsule with cinnamon on top. The basic sherry flip was nice and creamy, but again quite basic - the texture and fattiness stretched out the sherry really nicely. The nog came out with a lot more coffee than I expected, but it still worked and the coffee grounds that fell through the strainer formed a nice little pattern at the bottom of the glass.

Maybe I should move this to julay/ck/, which also seems fucking dead.
cheap and strong white cider. It's what homeless alcoholics drink
Open file (15.22 KB 466x466 41llCWXVCWL._SX466_.jpg)
Pepsi is the best
Enjoy spending thousands on drugs and dentist "treatments".
I mostly drink black tea these days. Never been into alcohol much.
Open file (162.53 KB 1200x500 tea farm.jpg)
Anyone else love green tea?
>>1521 Yes.
>>1521 Green tea stinks but it tastes good >t. green tea drinker
I had to quit because I was on my way toward raging alcoholism, though these days I'll pick up a gram of some legal weed eberry few weeks and get ripped for a weekend.
>>1570 Congrats on quitting anon, I'm happy for you.
>>1521 I drink sweetened tea mixes eberry day, which almost always includes a lot of green tea bags. For some reason when I make a batch, it ends up going bad in the fridge though.
It's cold in the Southern Hemisphere now that winter arrived, and my throat is clogged and hurts to breathe from, so I made myself a nice tea with lemon and honey
>>1632 Did it help, anon?
Open file (168.65 KB 1024x768 1588653116934.jpg)
>>1633 just a bit, juust a bit. my nose is still stuffy
>>1634 I don't know of any drinks that can remedy that, unfortunately
Open file (224.88 KB 474x355 ClipboardImage.png)
I'm drinking pic related, it's destroying my teeth though. My upper left fang kinda hurts when it passes through there. Can finished, may open another one later
>>1638 >fang Huh??
Open file (83.04 KB 297x170 ClipboardImage.png)
>>1641 These things
>>1642 those are referred to commonly as canines.
Open file (1.42 MB 605x793 1588827268618.gif)
>>1643 oh yes, I forgot I'm getting dumber by the day

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