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Open file (139.73 KB 540x674 cabin.jpg)
I wanna live in the woods Anon 04/02/2022 (Sat) 04:09:09 No.6646
To get away from the world. Post comfy cabins.
>>6646 >obligatory
Open file (85.21 KB 650x460 e8e8657acd0fa6b0.jpg)
Open file (231.47 KB 700x525 tea_house_1-main.jpg)
I hope to move soon, and I'd like a house with a LARGE garden. There I want to plant all sorts of fruit trees and bushes, especially cherry trees. Those are comfy. A little teahouse next to a tiny pond wood be lovely.
I randomly bumped into somebody I know while walking round outside a music festival and mans just got a house on the farm where he builds extra segments and weird caca. He's doing it right
>>6646 yes one day i wood love to move to the woods and build a little cabin like this from scratch and have a little wood fire stove inside >>6939 that sounds lovely i hope you get to move soon
>>6949 I haven't moved yet, I shrimply haven't found anything attractive and within my financial means. Inflation could make home loans distinctly uncomfy, and we all prefer the comfy way. Meanwhile I am planting cherry and plum trees in my garden which makes for lovely flowering during spring, reminding me of the time I lived in Japan. I'll see if I can build a tiny pond and an equally tiny teahouse. I don't need planning permission for a garden shack, but the pond can be a problem. Sitting inside, nice and warm, while looking and listening to the rain, is berry comfy.

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