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Quantum Immortality Thread Anon 03/27/2022 (Sun) 20:21:30 No.6621
Do any of you believe in quantum immortality? Throughout my life, I have had multiple instances that I can point to where I should have by all rights diad, but did not, either due to a stroke of good luck or fortune, events and circumstances beyond my control, or an inexplicable burst of strength, speed, finesse, or skill (notable by the absence of an associated adrenaline rush or any sort of effort on my part to exert myself beyond my limits). Having (through absolutely no effort on my part) evacuated the continental united states immediately before the lockdowns, I can't help but feel I've dodged a bullet. Feeling pretty comfy, not going to lie. What about you all? Do any of you believe in Quantum Immortality, guardian angels, plot armor, or similar life-saving "luckiness"? Have you experienced anecdotal evidence in support of its existence in your life? Does it make you feel more secure, and less anxious?
>>6621 of course plenty of times when I was younger where I should've OD'd off certain drugs as well as getting hit by a car and not dying. It's either sheer "luck" or quantum immortality. No other explanation. I don't do any drugs and haven't for the past 5-10 years now as well just FYI this was in my teens. As for if this makes me feel less anxious I'm not sure I feel indifferent about it all.
I'm indifferent about it. It's outside of mine or anyone's control, so it doesn't really matter.
I'm from 4chan. This place is fun :D

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