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animu thread Anon 05/02/2020 (Sat) 17:11:35 No.640
Post here whenever you finished watching an anime. I'm very new to it so I don't think I could fit on /animu/, less /a/, so I figured I may make a thread here. Watched pic related recently, it was very neat but I didn't like the ending a lot, seems like the rewards Chihiro got were too given at the palm of her hand there. Other than that it was pretty neat and reminded me to care about your friends.
Open file (1.47 MB 720x1280 evangelion1.webm)
Starting to watch NGE, would like to find subs in spanish since it translates better from japanese to that than english, but I couldn't find any. Guess we'll just deal with the hand that is given. I think Shinji is a bit of an assclown, and I always laugh when he suffers in one way or the other. Misato seemed nice at first but she ends up becoming a "pump and dump" woman by the 2nd chapter. Also I wish I didn't see the first episode in 144p tier quality, I kinda ruined that. Let's see how it develops later
Open file (206.72 KB 809x1101 Ushio to Tora.jpg)
Open file (71.87 KB 1280x720 Tora smug.jpg)
Open file (183.92 KB 1680x1680 Katt.jpg)
Watching Ushio to Tora, I like Tora's character design, his looks reminds of Katt from Breath of Fire II still havent finished it and the banter is funny.
>>669 Furshit is not comfy and you will burn in hell.
I've just finished Samurai Champloo and Space Dandy, I need to get on Cowboy Bebop now. I've absolutely loved Champloo but thought the latter was meh. Champloo has an honestly solid story and world, while Dandy feels... random, at worst, and poorly executed at best. The various animation styles are what made me stay, it looks stunning.
>>769 Those characters are youkai >>770 If you looking for show like bepop/champloo give Black Lagoon a try
>>668 Are these Italians? Why are they all weebs?
>>770 I'm the opposite, I've watched Bebop and now I need to get on Champloo. I don't think it will be as good as Cowboy Bebop though, honestly.
Open file (1022.05 KB 672x640 evangelion choir.mp4)
>>779 Quarantine was an interesting time. I'll miss it
>>769 not a furfag myself but i love seeing rudefags get hammered :3
Open file (145.17 KB 500x281 1580602284714.gif)
k then i just finished 2nd season of MP100, gotta admit it's been a while since i've seen such clean dynamic animations, definitely a very refreshing watch. Anyway anons what should i watch next, pick 1 from these that are on my list: Nichijou, Texhnolyze, Gurren Lagann or Darker than Black (i'm leaning towards GL, i feel embarassed for not having watched it already)
Open file (16.64 MB 1920x1080 ttgl.mp4)
>>828 Definitely watch Gurren Lagann. Along with Monogatari, it is the single most important anime I ever watched, it changed my life.
I'm currently about to finish my first run of K-On. I'm on season 2.
>>783 I've been getting a HUUUUGE urge to re-watch Bebop! But ahg, there's just too much anime to watch!
Open file (13.66 KB 512x512 1563779317965.jpg)
just watched ElfenLied. Idk, kinda disappointed, right at the beginning the actions of the characters are unbelievably retarded, so much so that it is almost ridiculous. The gore really bored me. the novelty faded away quickly. The ending was good though. A reason to not give the 5/10. Think it's a 7/10 after all don't really know what to think. I still don't understand why it is considered a 'masterpiece' by so many...
>>784 cringe
I finished Domestic na Kanojo recently. It was one of the most enjoyable romantic animes I've seen recently because it isn't the usual harem shit and the characters and their motivation is well build. However, I'm well aware that the ending was not in the like of everyone, let alone the general theme of the anime, so no second season at all, which is a shame. The opening is also top notch.
Watched Beastars. Was expecting Zootopia 2.0 furshit hell, but it's surprisingly comfy and different enough from zootopia despite dealing with the same kind of society. Opening is 10/10, I fucking hate the rabbit, though.
I started watching this obscure anime called from way back in 2002 called Haibane Renmei. I don't really know it is about and I try not to spoil it for myself, but I picked it based on the vibe that the screenshots give off, and I wasn't disappointed, it's exactly what I expected so far (2 episodes in). The anime is just so comfy that it makes me cry, and I'm not exaggerating, it feels like experiencing childhood again, and maybe even one that I never had.
>>1046 Hane haeterun? >it feels like experiencing childhood again, and maybe even one that I never had I won't spoil anything for you. The first time you watch Haibane Renmei is very special. I watched it more than a decade ago and it healed me in a very particular way. It's a small, rough, beautiful jewel. A few years ago I spotted Yoshitoshi ABe in person, introduced myself, and thanked him for being its creative force. He seemed surprised that it was still remembered. Watch it all, hold on as it goes past, and drink what it has for you.
>>1053 >Yoshitoshi ABe Wow, where did you meet him? >Watch it all, hold on as it goes past, and drink what it has for you. Ok, thanks.
>>1046 >>1053 This is the second time I've seen this anime mentioned over the span of a week. I'd never heard of it before. Guess I'd better get cracking.
Open file (162.54 KB 1280x960 z_3701f297.jpg)
Open file (330.95 KB 1280x805 z_f84f06b0.jpg)
Open file (311.03 KB 1280x914 PK_snxtbtWA.jpg)
Open file (179.56 KB 1023x1024 gNjIbKNYPNg.jpg)
>>1077 This was such a heavy anime! I cried in almost every episode and wished I could just reach out and give the characters a hug. I thought I had seen everything by now, but I didn't know treasures like this still exist. I also realized half-way that the music is made by Kou Otani the guy who made the OST for Shadow of the Colossus, and some stylistic choices are also reminescent of that masterpiece, so that was also a very pleasant surprise.
Open file (3.21 MB 1310x973 Despera.full.2361182.png)
>>1053 I remember the first time I watched it. The art style was really appealing and after the scene in the first episode where Rakka grows her wings, I suspected I was in for a wild ride. I wasn't disappointed, and I watched the whole thing in one sitting. Even after seeing it for a third time a while ago, the ending still gives me the feels. The series has really amazing writing too. I am impressed by how real and developed Rakka and Rekki's stories are, all while still being packed full of Konaka's conceptual exploration of redemption and forgiveness. I feel like this is one of the high marks of quality that many works fail to meet, and I don't think I've ever seen something that has executed this so seamlessly. Abe gets well deserved credit for the art, but the series definitely would not be the same without Chiaki Konaka. In a lot of ways, I'd say the series is more deserving of praise than lain. Sure it's not nearly as out there, but I think the art and story are as good or better. The fact that it's not some avant-garde piece is not a detriment really. Honestly, I think it may be the best series from the Abe, Konaka, and Ueda triangle. Texhnolyze would be my other pick, but it is an entirely different can of worms. Interestingly, Texhnolyze is simultaneously very similar and very different from Haibane Renmei. I could elaborate, but I urge you to watch the series and compare them yourselves. Note that Texhnolyze is considerably less light and pleasant, so be prepared. Now I'm just waiting for Despera to be released. I doubt there is any news, but here's to hoping.
>>1105 >In a lot of ways, I'd say the series is more deserving of praise than lain. Sure it's not nearly as out there, but I think the art and story are as good or better. I don't have much to add to what you say here except to echo it. >Texhnolyze Ohohoho. I tried this. I was intrigued but at the time I didn't have the spare energy and time to put the work in that Texhnolyze wanted out of me.
>>1107 Many have mentioned pacing is an issue, and I initially did give it a pass for that reason. The first two or three episodes are excruciatingly slow, but it just keeps picking up after that. It is a bit rough around the edges in other respects too, but the writing and art are very good, and I wouldn't say it suffers too much from its one or two loose ends. Like Haibane, I found that the series ends with a certain sense of catharsis regarding its darker subject matter. I found this very explicit in Haibane, but Texhnolyze does require the viewer to work more to find it. This, however, makes sense when you consider that both series' are mirror images of each other. Haibane is a mottled black spot on a white wing; Texhnolyze is a tiny glimmer of light in the darkness.
Open file (1.01 MB 1280x720 ClipboardImage.png)
It has too much Shogi
>>1053 you convinced me to watch it
Open file (467.04 KB 2048x1538 EYIXtMNXkAA07Cy.jpeg)
Is there someone here, who watch seasonal stuff? Eberryone I know say that the current season isn't that good but there are some anime what I really enjoy so far. For example Kaguya, but I love the manga too so I'm pretty biased. But Nami yo Kiitekure and Yesterday wo Utatte are also really good, or for instance Kakushigoto is berry comfy as well. To be honest, I can watch almost eberrything, maybe my taste is just bad. But if we only can talk about finished anime, I recently watched all episodes of Legend of the Galactic Heroes, and that was undoubtedly one of the best pieces of any media what I ever watched. Not exactly because of the story, but because of the characters. It's a shame that I didn't watched it because it's just so long and I don't have much free time, but if someone interested about it, I definitely wood recommend.
>>1220 watched it what a ride gave me some feels I haven't felt in a long time
>>1053 >>1046 >>1077 thanks guys
Open file (113.52 KB 360x450 C_zerotwo_stand.png)
Just finished Darling in the Franxx. I didn't watch it when it came out for the whole drama around it, so I assumed it was going to be some retarded NTR that was so popular back then or just pure suffering. It was surprisingly comfy and emotional. I think the ending was kinda rushed, but it was berry cohesive and eberrything ended nicely, I'm satisfied with what I watched and I swear I don't understand the drama around it, I searched a bit about it and it had to do with Ichigo, but if it is what I think it is, then jesus, the otakus in japan that sent the dead threats were fucking retards. Maybe I should give Re:Zero a try, since I have not watched it for similar reasons to Darling in the Franxx.
>>1275 I've been holding off on Re:Zero because of the director cuts and not knowing what exactly to download, also the grimdark feel doesn't seem appropriate right now. The manga was breddy gud but it's still not the best isekai imo.
>>1275 You ain't wrong about Re:Zero. It's is so forgettable and mediocre, honestly. I think only 15 year old normalfriends treat it like some good anime because it's the first real anime they watched besides kid shows like Naruto and One Piece.
Open file (1015.15 KB 1647x1419 1591281075472.png)
>>1275 You should read the Darling in the Franxx manga, it's finished recently and feels much more complete. Also I woodn't recommend Re:Zero. Not exactly because of the drama but the absolutely pathetic protagonist. He was irritating even in the novels but the anime butchered his character even more. It has a few nice scenes but if you're interested I'd recommend the LN instead.
it's not animu, but baman piderman is overall berry comfy up until the spoopy ghost seasons. still good but with dashes of uncomfy. i don't know if there are many comfy western shows beyond intentionally child-oriented shows. interstitials like CN city often count but hardly any shows.
I can't believe I'm just watching Eromanga Sensei right now. The reason I avoided it back then it's because even though I'm kinda a siscon myself, I have bad memories about it and I also have bad memories about Oreimo, plus I outgrow tsunderes even though I do still find them pleasant, but I guess the market was so trucking full of them that I didn't feel like seeing them for a while. Having said that, boy did taking time away from them helped, and even then, I have to say Sagiri is FAR from an annoying tsundere, I found the Elf girl far more annoying then her. All the characters were pretty cool and the synamic was different from ship I've seen before. I'll give Eromanga Sensei a 10/10. I'm about to watch the OVAs, though, but I do have a couple of questions before that: What the hell was that scene with Kirino and Kyosuke? What the truck? I mean, I guess they are in akihabara so it is probably cosplay? I thought that maybe the anime acknowledge itself being fictional, but there are also other fictional franchises alluded like literally inside, like Sword Art Online and even Toradora. So just what the hell?
I watched FLCL again after a long time, and it is as great as I remember. I have a question, though, I know that over the years FLCL had some sequels, I believe? Are they worth watching? I'm berry afraid of sequels because I think almost all the time they retroactively ruin their originals.
>>770 Did the main female character ever get groped or raped or anything like that? Im curious if i should keep watching it. I dont want to watch that kind of stuff. I heard that she gets kidnapped and then groped. Is that true?
>>1864 A bit I guess. She was forced into a whorehouse one episode.
>>1873 It isn't berry vulgar, though.
Been watching el cazador de la bruha a bit, but I have found it hard to commit to the end. It's not that the shows bad perse, its just thats how I always am with these things. The show is essentially mystery with "professional" bounty hunter girl and her bounty. The music and the characterization really helps to make the show fun to watch if anything. I keep asking why does a show like this have music like this? It's so good! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OJz13G9x-eY and this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aTAmfkx7Gbc
>>885 I think it’s considered a “masterpiece” because compared to what was there at the time it’s much more mature.
I’ve just been watching animes like YuruYuri and Non Non Bikori and I just don’t care
I completely agree, outside the opening music and that escape scene the rest of the show was extremely meh. That music is just so good.
>>1046 This anime is one of the greatest things ive ever witnessed. Dying and being reborn sounds wonderous, becoming something entirely different than what you once were that even your family woodnt recognize you. Just passing on to another place of existance.
Kaiji: Ultimate Survivor will always be one of my favorites. One Outs is good too.
>>640 Just finished watching Dorohodero. It was pretty good.
Open file (767.26 KB 1366x768 splrt.png)
aight bros i just ended Texhnolyze. Probably the best psychological anime in a dystopian setting i've ever seen. Actually, i was asking myself if there is anything close to it stylistically; besides Lain, does anon know of any similar shows that deliver that same feeling of despair, slow paced but with intense scenes and lots of symbolism?
Open file (97.02 KB 1024x398 shigurui.jpg)
Open file (189.83 KB 1024x713 Mononoke.jpg)
I recommend you watch Shigurui and Mononoke (12 episode series) if you're into psychotic levels of violence or Japanese ghost stories. Both look great and are 9/10 and 8/10 respectively.
Different anon, but if you enjoy stuff like that, ghost hunt is pretty good, the op was a favorite and it had geniune creepy moments. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JTR7QjVqPEE&t=25s[Embed] If you haven't watched ergo proxy its pretty dystopian with some religious themes and trippy atmosphere mixed in, though the art style isnt similar. It also has alot of despair as you get closer to the series end. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oAXrRWLKzko[Embed] A really bleak one is shin sekai yori, where the dystopia involves mankind having been bred and controlled to prevent certain things from occuring again. I wont describe more since it wood massively spoil stuff but it is really bleak if nothing else. Me, I'd kill for something like bokurano, all the mc kids are destined to die with no chance for escape, so they each have an episode devoted to them as they make peace with their death for the good of their planet.
I just finished rewatching Kurenai and it hit me with a wave of nostalgia. The end of it still kinda ticks me off despite being so long since I watched it. It's allright to watch it if you have spare time and want to watch something.
Since this is a anime thread, ill add a few favorite slice of lifes, maybe someone will enjoy them. "Usagi drop", a nice 13 episode series about a 30 year old man who takes in his grandpa's illegitimate child. It's not nichijou where theres constant slapstick, just nice and wholesome. Next is a less known parody of good versus evil shows called "astro fighter sunred". Both seasons are on youtube and each ep is around ten minutes or so. The "hero" is a thug who abuses the "villians" while the villians are just good citizens, who have it out for red. To give an example, the main villian is more like a motherly figure to his henchman and shares numbers and recipes with the heros gf. finally "aria the animation", Extremely wholesome, the entire cast was likeable for me, and even though its broken into three seasons, it never lost its charm. Essentially it's venice on mars and its so good.
Open file (1.04 MB 574x832 ClipboardImage.png)
Not an avid viewer of anime but since I lurked in a local imageboard about sad anime I ended up giving a try to Aoi Bungaku. It's a bunch of short stories basically, the first one that lasts four being the one that really pulled me in. I liked how miserable the character ended up becoming and how eberry step he took only plunged him into deeper mistakes and things that shouldn't have happened. Eberry moment he fell onto misery I was actively laughing at him, not from disdain or detachment but because the solutions to his problems seems no existent. Fairly relatable and I wished it continued from there Ended up dropping it after the seventh episode because it became too lighthearted for me to bear. If anyone know some similar anime dealing with misery (as in, the problems that cannot be fixed and are just dealt with) or sadness, please post 'em.
I started watching Maison Ikkoku which is somewhat of an berry old anime, but I've started to like it actually, the animations are not half-bad but I'm hooked on the songs it uses. Currently I'm still watching and at the beginning.
Hey can you give me a basic list of recommendations?
>>2369 Same anon as this post but I just love Hiroyasu Ishida stuff as they’re all comfy in some way or another. I can’t put it into words but you should watch his short films and full films.
Open file (112.26 KB 434x550 d53435.jpg)
Open file (340.77 KB 1380x690 7f6g8.jpg)
Open file (137.75 KB 750x1123 09hm87t.jpg)
had watched these series eons ago thought of sharing them here
>>2307 Yea. I watched that one a while ago. Mainly because I read the books. The no longer human one is the best of the bunch. It basically depicts alceholism, the twisted minds of an alceholic and how it can completely change you or whatever, I think that's the main message I still don't really know. Still I was kinda able to relate to the character which is basically Osamu himself and tried real hard to become an alcoholic after reading the book and drank several bottles beer eberryday for some time, one time ingested a whole bottle of vodka, but it didn't work out. I think my body can't properly process it idk. Whatever anyways I think I'll reread the book sometime soon and watch the anime. There also are several movie adoptions of no longer human, I watched one and it wasn't that good. It just fails to deliver the message properly in an appropriate time. Whatever good luck on you path anon
Open file (643.14 KB 1042x1483 r4_pirtig.jpg)
Hakumei to Mikochi is pretty /comfy/
>>2418 That picture has me sold
Open file (679.84 KB 2560x1910 g6ee.jpg)
>>2424 the anime give me the Gnomes feel, specifically the Secret of Gnomes book series
>>770 Space Dandy is a parody of Cowboy Bebop iirc there created by the same person
>>897 You need to read the manga. This is why anime is inferior to manga. The manga is completed.
I've just started watching the Monster Musume no Oisha-san from this current season.
>>2462 Well, so far it's as I've predicted. There are many monster girls naturally. probably they'll end up as harem members. I like it's quirky moments that are here and there, I'll see what my final judgement of it will be.
Open file (330.39 KB 665x598 reptile origin.png)
Finished reading Parasyte some days ago. It was pretty neat but nothing to write home about. Now I'm currently watching Kaiji, I'm up to the episode after the second game where they have to walk over a thin rail. It is filled with asspulls eberrywhere, but even then it gets pretty thrilling
>>640 I generally hate running into silly anime for kids and while watching Tsubasa *gag* switched to Psycho-Pass and watched 1 and 2, but not done with 3 as it's kind of not good by then (and my Internet is too slow and anime streaming sites don't load ever if you wait and a putlocker clone had eberrything but 3 and I have no space nor speed nor vpn as a neet for torrenting and etc) But I loved the anime. It's like minority report. Anime like From The New World or Haibane Renmei or even Ergo Proxy I like. Mature anime. But anyway, I watched Psycho-Pass for the first time and like the mature anime. I have yet to watch any movies of it nor finish the last few episodes of 3 as previously stated. >>784 Do we have to bring up such (((things))) in eberry little corner of the Internet? >>886 The news isn't cringe so much as anger inducing propaganda. It should not make you cringe. By the by I know you meant that meant that you are a bad person and hate nice things that people do and that you meant the people singing together was cringe when it was not. People singing their national anthems is though.
>>1046 Oh i see I'm not the only one that knows about Haibane Renmie, but it's not obscure anymore than Serial Experiments Lain is obscure as the same people did it. I watched it ages ago as it was in the top downloaded anime on isohunt before that went down back in like the early 2000s or something. Maybe 2009. I torrented it back then.
Somali and the Forest Spirit was nice. anyone?
Finished watching Non Non Biyori season 1 a few days ago, school girls living in the boonies wasn't as boring as I thought it was, I suspect this might have been due to the unique setting allowing for more innovative stories, but I could be wrong. Definitely recommend it for a comfy watching.
One of my favorites, Yuru Camp. I love eberrything about it, especially the clothes' and gear designs, I wish I could find more patterns like those. >>646 I have to pick these again, I was in a bad mood when these aired. >>1115 Rewatching this soon, hopefully, never finished the second season. >>2380 Gin no Saji is peak /comfy/! Kamichu is on my plan to watch list. >>3792 NNB is a great anime, it definitely is /comfy/ and hilarious. I'm watching the third season right now, but I save up the episodes for shipty days, so I can go to bed feeling better.
>>3792 NNB is just the best on the third season right now.
>>3760 Haibane renmei is a gem, I always tell people about it when asked what my favorite anime is, the setting of waking up in this unknown place, (not talking about isekai stuff, this was cool before that kinda thing became mainstream) and immensely enjoying the relationship between her and reki. I only wish I could something like it to scratch the itch.
>>3792 me too, only that i watched half of season 1 last year and just finish up the other hlaf earlier this week. >living in the boonies wasn't as boring i lived in similar environment for like the years before i have to start schooling. if i am to choose now, i don't mind living back at the same house i grew up in. The only problem is, since me & my family moved out (due to getting a new home in the sub-urbs that is both near to a preschool for me and better transport system for my parents), the area has been developed, and the old charm is totally gone. a pity. it's a place that's pretty /comfy/ (and i bet pretty affordable) for people seeking a place to stay which is near or within forested area, and away from constant street noises. back to topic: personally i won't say the boonies "weren't be boring if you 'so-and-so'". Each to their own, i guess.
>>1937 >Shigurui Good taste.
I'd suggest Genshiken, laid back anime about a collage otaku circle, lots of refrences and comfy to watch, then Great Teacher Onizuka, Lucky star, and Bakemonogatari, maybe get a version with voice actors commentary.
Open file (554.62 KB 1920x1080 7kinjfgi4ny.jpg)
while currently at episode 2, Super Cub shows some /comfy/ promises
I recently finishd Wandering Witch, it was pretty good for an anime without much of a plotline. Decent per episode plots.
Open file (441.79 KB 958x720 ereveto eskareto.png)
Been watching Azumanga Daioh and I can't believe I put this one off for so long. It's so good and comfy. I thought there probably was a Seinfeld effect going on but it's fantastic on its own.
Gonna try to watch Angel Beats since a guy in a forum I used to browse a long time ago rec'd it.
>>4304 Watched it years ago and it's good. feels a little forced at times but nowhere as bad as Clannad
>>3880 El Hazard is a 90s anime, so is Magic Knight Rayearth and they wake up in other worlds. I don't think that the isekai genre is a post 2000s thing much less a thing that came after the early 2000s....anime has been 'out there' since at least the 1990s.
>>4214 >OH MAH GAH
Open file (127.36 KB 550x550 1594956144887.jpg)
Open file (56.12 KB 800x640 osaka.jpg)
Open file (923.94 KB 1382x956 1618181590194.png)
>>4214 >>4412 I've been watching Azumanga as well. I haven't finished yet but I can tell that Osaka is the best girl.
FInished Lucky Star, it was berry comfy, I could relate a lot to Konata (this is intentional of course, but who cares at this point). Now I'm going to watch Haruhi Suzumiya, which is mentioned a lot of times in this anime.
>>4516 Don't skip the endless eight, anon-kun!
>>4585 I don't kno what that is but I was planning to watch the entire thing anyway my friend.
>>4585 >>4586 Now I know what you mean.
>>4778 You didn't skip any of them right?
>>4808 No, I actually enjoyed them but I kinda wish it had a better pay-off, finished the second season last night, gonna watch the movie one of these days. I really didn't like the way Haruhi was treating Mikuru on the second to last episode.
Started AnoHana It's gonna make me cry isn't it?
>>4828 No ofc not Anon. Only females and literal hobbits cry over animus. Wait.. you're not a...
>>4830 Implying a women using a alt ivb is most schizo thing i have ever saw on internet. what is wrong with you. He is just sensitive.
>>4830 Well I must be a literal hobbit then because that ending made me cry like a little girl
Open file (184.37 KB 560x396 1600609773699.gif)
I feel like I'm a philistine when it comes to anime and manga. When I finished Puella Magi, the ending left me pretty cold. And when in Fire Punch I got to see the real intentions of the "witch of ice", I had to stop reading. And then seeing anons being berry vocal about liking this stuff makes me feel like someone who can't read, or can't appreciate the good things in life. Maybe it's because I haven't watched and read enough anime and manga that I can't appreciate it. Could it be that? Or are my interests just too bland and generic that I can't appreciate stuff like that?
>>4860 Maybe you just like other things. Don't beat yourself up about it.
>>4860 >I feel like I'm a philistine when it comes to anime and manga. Do you mean that you like older anime and manga? That's fine, popular tastes change over time and not always for the better. If it's that you just can't get into any at all then what >>4862 said. But there's a lot of different genres and things to try. If you want more cerebral stuff check out Ghost in the Shell or Serial Experiments Lain. If you want some comfy lower stakes shows try K-On or Nichijou. There's also middle ground like Rozen Maiden with both drama and slice of life.
Open file (222.46 KB 933x1282 1619911378870-s4s.jpg)
>>4863 >Do you mean that you like older anime and manga? It's not really that. It's more like, these things went into a way different direction than what I expected and left me kind of frustrated because of it. And eberryone still like this anime and manga because of it, as if it was something I should've expected instead of something else. Most of the stuff I seem to be liking has been released in the 00s as well, that doesn't strike me as old.
>>4864 I can't get into most post-2012 anime so I can understand where you're coming from.
>>4872 I still don't believe it's because I like stuff that's old, been watching Super Cub and I can't really say I hate it. It's berry comfy and I like it
Open file (577.75 KB 1920x1393 1533478917984.jpg)
Made in Abyss is really comfy when it's not dark and disturbing.
>>4830 Hey, hobbits are the absolute pinnacle of comfy.
I just finished Welcome to the NHK. It's a great un-hiki anime.
>>4976 I felt like I was being made fun of and hated how unrealistic being rescued by a random female at my door wood be so I cringed away from it. Also trying to market off of people that are neet is bad to me, and even if not such a person ideally needs an escape from reality and not a reminder of it to give false hope. >>4872 Most older people are going to have no 'word of mouth' to go by in this day and age to sort out what they personally wood like. Most things I see advertised are not even finished on an IB in regards to anime/manga of which makes me shy away from it. No one hardly lists giant lists of favorites either on such places. Because most of any subject is going to be bad due to tastes you need to sort through a mounting of misses before you get something you personally wood like, then no one comes back to tell you about it either due to a lack of like minded personalities having a structured society of their own. Eberry 20 years someone will compile a list of 'best anime' or 'best games' or 'best movies' and etc. Even when going by genre it takes a decade or more to find a list of things you'd like and most people advertising are either paid or teens with no experience.... or both perhaps.
>>4916 Thanks for the mention. I went looking recently through such genres and nothing linked me to that.
watched last episode of odd taxi today damn i REALLY love this show
>>4916 >manga is not even finished >one manga per year, only 9 Another one of 'those'. Fullmetal Alchemist in contrast had 27 novels in 2 years. I'm on the last episode and just realized that the novel is 'one of those'. Sadness.
>>5148 (me) At least they had that third movie as their second season I guess.....
>>5139 >I felt like I was being made fun of I struggle a lot with paranoid ideation, I actually enjoyed being made fun of. >and hated how unrealistic being rescued by a random female at my door wood be so I cringed away from it. Also trying to market off of people that are neet is bad to me, and even if not such a person ideally needs an escape from reality and not a reminder of it to give false hope. It did make it clear that unlike in the show, nobody is going to come save us and we have to save ourselves. In the mean time, I'm going to continue escaping reality. It is more comfy. The outside world is scary. I'm just not ready for anything else.
Just finished with I'm Standing On A Million Lives. Pretty derivative as one wood expect from the ever stagnating isekai genre but not so bad.
>>5145 what's "odd taxi"? never heard of that show before
Open file (28.98 KB 844x475 Odd-Taxi-08-14.jpg)
>>5246 It's a comfy show about a walrus dude who drives a cab It came out this year
>>5251 Haha that show looks so cool and interesting. Where can I watch it?
Open file (25.14 KB 448x252 AAAAB.jpg)
>>5251 Kinda like Time Taxi?
>>5254 Wut that?
>>5257 It seems to be a famous series, or so i say because it's berry rare to have japanese live-action series in my area and that one appeared in two open-air channels, but late at nite. The basic premise is random people having specific troubles on a random day of their lives and needing to go somewhere, so they grab a taxi driven by that dude from that cab company that can reach a destination sometime shortly in the past aka it's a brief time machine, but it's all played as it is a normal thing to do or to happen. Other than the particular affinity to feminize young males i found it to be pretty decent and light-hearted, if wholesome at times hence why i suppose they threw it late at nite on an educational channel. It's kinda like Bernard's Watch but more focused on a teenager/young adult audience, or at least that was my impression after seeing two episodes AND thinking the japanese don't make taxi shows all the time.
>>5259 stream where?

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