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Open file (363.36 KB 1200x1200 computerMeneer.jpg)
Call Center Anon's Adventures Thread Anon 02/12/2022 (Sat) 02:15:48 No.6362
>Be spic-boy in spic country >Wanna stop being a n337 >Know how to speak the engrish because of my chan posting career >Apply to different jobs >Engrish Call-center calls me back >*got le job* >it's literally being paid to be bullied by anglo-clients while strictly following guidelines So, this is the beginning of my adventures, my dear friends. Eberry day I work I will post at this thread what happened.
Open file (848.73 KB 4000x3683 NONEEDTOCALLIUSELESS.PNG)
I'm OP. Hello frens, will tell you what happened today. >Be having a call with boomer >Say to boomer I must verify his account so he can cancel >"oh yes i can send it to your cellphone, it's a text message with a verification code" >boomer agrees >"okay, I sent it to you, you can check your cellphone right now to see if it arrived" >boomer hangs up immediately to check his text messages on his phone >mfw boomer clients I also gotta say that my first call today the guy who I was attending got quite frustrated and he said "ur engrish sucks" to me in that pretty murrican snobbish way. It was pretty unkind; I wrote on the interaction report that he was unkind so next time anybody who has to handle this guy will know he was pretty unkind to me. Though, I'd think it coulda be quite frustrating when trying to cancel your subscription but the process is pretty messy and the guy who has to attend you won't even speak right; we all gotta blame the tribe who "outsourced" the contact-center services to third-world country corporations in order to save more shekerus at the expense of the customers' experience. I don't really like this job and I'm even getting into this kind of mood where I can't enjoy a thing because the fact that I will have to get into this hell tomorrow again won't leave my mind, but I want to stay in that job for at least two months so I can save enough shekerus; am asking help from heaven. I will make this thread as long as I can; it will be both my motivation and my way to cope with all of this. My goal is to desensitize myself from this whole call-center thing and for it to become just another clock in and clock out from a boring and repetitive job that I won't suffer at, and also bring some funny stories to you; wish me luck frens. The kind vs unkind score today was: 10 kind people to 2 unkind people. I also felt like punching somebody today.
>>6363 >My goal is to desensitize myself from this whole call-center thing Best of luck, anon. I'm not sure if I could handle that kind of work, but try and remember it's like you said >strictly following guidelines The unkind people are only frustrated with the situation and you shouldn't take it personally. I hope you can get the shekerus you need and come away from the experience with some good stories to tell. If you can keep it up, I look forward to reading about your posts. Also, if you call a number in the US and some autist answers by speaking random Japanese phrases, that might be me. Whenever I suspect a telemarketer I sometimes will open with random Japanese phrases that I know because I am a weeb. Spanish, for example, does not stop them because they usually have a Spanish speaker that they can transfer the call to, but with Japanese telemarketers will become confused and give up and I find it amusing.
>>6362 I got fired from a call center because my boss listened to a call where I was being rude to a customer and basically called me out for treating customers differently based on their race. (I was being patronizing to sheepskins, but in my defense they literally were quacking stoopy and couldn't understand basic things so I slowed down my speech for them to hear but apparently it was really demeaning or something).
Hey OP. Are you still around? Hows the work life going for you now?

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