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Open file (245.66 KB 800x720 15049865349.jpg)
Anon 10/16/2021 (Sat) 04:15:32 No.5904
Tell me a short story from your life. Anything mundane, exciting, nostalgia, emotional. Literally anything as long as it's a vaguely happy one.
I died.
>>5911 but then how are you writing this?
Open file (806.09 KB 3840x2160 download (12).jpeg)
A beautiful rainbow appeared right outside my house today. I've never seen one so close and vivid before. It was like it was almost solid and touchable. 🌈
>>5918 Wow! I don't think I've seen a rainbow in at least 5 years.
>>5920 Yeah I never used to see them until a ritual out of enjoying the post-rain sensations like petrichor and fog. Its funny but nobody ever seems sad when they're looking at a rainbow. It must be some primal thing.
>>5921 *i made a ritual out of. i can type........
Open file (382.72 KB 680x544 ff3.png)
People I remembered only as memories appeared to me again in reality Where I once thought I was long forgotten, they too remembered me. We take our precious time together to create even more memories
This one time twin toddlers were here And they threw tupperware eberrywhere! But they were meant to be thrown And so the mess was sown And nobody had to thwack a derriere!
Open file (23.31 KB 820x1252 1612157445718.png)
I didn't know boys were supposed to wack their pp until later when someone at school told me, so i used to play with my bumbum until it bled.
>>5941 Wow thats kinda gay anon
>>5941 Sounds pretty painful.
>>5904 When I was a teenager I used to hitchhike eberrywhere. One night, I’d hitched to a near by town (50km away) and drank with friends. Near the end of the night, we realized that there’d be no party or anything so most of my friends went home but I was tuck in town with my best mate (from my town). We had no where to stay and I’d kind of assumed that we’d crash at a The party hosts house as we usually did (but no party see). So we wanted around town until we ran into some older folks (25-30). After some brief convo they realized we had nowhere to stay and offered to pay for us to get a cab home ($60, an absolutely enormous sum for me at the time). It was the kindest thing a stranger had done for me at the time (was used to strangers being a bit meaner) and I thanked them profusely, and it legit turned my life around. I realized that there were kind people out there and people for whom $60 wasn’t much, and that I could be both of them..
>>5979 That was nice of them.
>>5904 >in first grade >get one of those simple vocab assignments >it was just writing words that end in -it >put down "caca" because kids are dumb >teacher complains to my dad >"But did he spell it right?"
>>5981 meant sh*t, weird word filter.
I lost my virginity at 14 behind a tree in a public park. One of the neighbors heard and I almost got arrested.
So I got a new boss, and things got bad. Then things got even worse and I was on my last legs and decided to leave. Got a new job in a new company, things got better. Oh yes, you want the happy part? Sure, that happened when the police called me - about my ex-boss. The bog cheese was not distinctly smaller now, and I was prosecutor's witness! The ex-boss was jailed for fraud. Life is good.
>>6016 Huh? What did he do?
>>6017 It was fraud. The company was in dire troubles, and was extra vulnerable to fraud. Essentially there were many private purchases presented to the company as travel expenses and thus paid back in full.
Huh, almost forgot about this one. It's bee ages ago a friend of mine and me where around 14/15 and went to a local park to take some photographs. We stayed there past opening time it seems and when we wanted to get out, the gates where closed. It's a park build in the middle of the towns medieval defensive works, so there few exists. It was also the middle of winter so we where freezing our asses off. (I can't remember why we didn't just exit through the turnstile, maybe it was broken). My memory is hazy, but we must have wandered around there for quite some time, trying to figure out how to get out. Eventually I remembered that there is another exit where it should be easy to hop the fence. And as we climbed the hill towards it and the exit gate came in sight, there was a gust of wind that gently opened the unlocked gate towards us. It was a truly magical moment. It's a definitely a "you had to be there to get it" story and I probably woodn't tell it to anyone else, but here you go. >>5918 Berry nice makes me want to go on short hikes more often >>5930 That sounds nice, I for one don't even know if I want to meet the people I knew from long ago. I've changed so much as a person and I'm not sure if I want to be reminded of my past self. >>5979 heartwarming. Reminds me of when I fell asleep on the bus in the middle of rural nowhere, where two stops ca be 10km+ apart and had to walk back and a nice lady just saw my walking down the road and asked if I wanted a ride over. Even asked me which address I need to go to when I was just happy to not have to walk through fields for an hour.
in elementary school, i really liked ranma ½ and i met a boy who also really liked it, so we chose to get married. it was a big event in my school like a girl brought her parent's digital camera for it. he kissed my head and we were legally married. we divorced after i told him i liked cowboy bebop better than ranma ½. i think back on it a lot, its one of my favorite childhood memories
>>6181 haha what
>>6181 children are quacking wild. I'm pretty sure we had several "law suits" in our childhood friendgroup
>>6181 I am confused in ways I can't express
>>6198 >>6184 says it well.

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