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Open file (191.53 KB 850x531 spring_forest.jpg)
Anon 05/09/2023 (Tue) 02:37:28 No.5351
Post here when you visit /comfy/ Thread #7 Springtime Edition Prervious >>1956
Just a comfy bumperino for convenience. Night ends soon, birbs starts singing. I'm tired but in a kind of fulfilment. Wish you all a nice day !
Hello /comfy/ friends! I hope you are all well. How has the year been for you all so far?
>>5351 Oh? OH! New thread! It's been a while.
I'm getting ready to put together a computer in a few days and don't know what I'm doing. I hope I can get away with watching some videos walking me through it and that it doesn't take me too long.
Got some break days from work. Planning to go do some speleology and outdoor climbing this week-end. Can't wait. Be fine /comfy/
>>5372 More caving, spelunking or potholing depending on your region as I don't do it for science but for the fun.
>>5372 >speleology Neat. Are you a Geologist?
>>5373 >caving Watch out for bats. They are cute but untrustworthy.
>>5385 >Watch out for bats. They are cute but untrustworthy. Bats. Why'd it have to be bats?
Open file (4.84 MB 640x360 Batclub.mp4)
>>5377 No, I do it for fun, that's why I added >>5373 after realizing the english meaning is different. >>5385 Bats are cute. Here we call them flying mice. And mice are cute. So a mice with wings is double cute.
>>5394 >>5373 Do you know what that sport or hobby is called where Scottish or Irish people walk in streams and jump down ravines? It's got some strange gaelic sounding name that I can't remember.
>>5395 I can't tell the gaeic word but here we call it canyoning. And lot of non scottish people do it.
Open file (36.60 KB 985x504 pacific sunset.jpg)
I haven't visited here in ages, but I recently lost a quite old friend, and I want to make a /comfy/ post or two explicitly in memoriam of him. He was a real human being, and a real hero.
Open file (85.82 KB 1440x1310 1653504264287.jpg)
I finally realized why any kind of erotic media doesn't work anymore. Talking with girls (people of the other gender) is my new fetish now. Guess it's time to start dating!
>>5397 May he rest in peace anon. >>5406 I recently opened an account on a dating website and it's cool to chat with some nice girls. Better than porn to be honest.
Been a while I wasn't woke up this earlier. Didn't slept enough but it's comfy to see the birth of the day. Wish you all a nice week-end.
>>5416 >Wish you all a nice week-end. Thanks Anon, you too!
Open file (24.50 KB 100x100 (´・ω・`).gif)
>>5411 Lurking female-oriented websites helped me understand that women don't really get it as easy as it is so often said on the internet. Granted, they also do have a more positive mindset, compared to men. I think what is less seen is this side of the coin, and it's just assumed women have it easier. If men were to get their head out of the spots they're in, they woodn't realise that life can be as difficult as you want it to be. Anyhow, I hope you too get to see some nice people out there.
Open file (29.50 KB 680x445 adapted.jpg)
Guys, I'm exhausted but happy. Seen a bat but she wasn't untrustworthy at all. I think we were more disruptive for her than she was for us. Did some nice hiking and climbing to. For sure that was a good week-end Tonite : pizza, X-Files and maybe some chat with the girl. In two words : total comfyness. Stay well friends.
>>5430 make sure to say swag randomly, girls like that swag
Open file (90.48 KB 400x300 sleepy.jpg)
Overall a quite comfy day. Watched some anime, studied kraut and this week i´m going to be preparing for finals. Now i´m preparing myself to sleep. Sweet dreams /comfy/
Open file (305.29 KB 1300x1300 IMG_20200411_002011.jpg)
its been quite a while frens! I haven't been on here for some time but I think I'll start that again. Its nice here :] anywho, whats up with all of the old posts? why are they all dated as 2022?
>>5439 Welcome back to /comfy/, nice place for nice people. tl;dr : board closed by old owner, opened again by the cafe admins and rebuilt by hand by anons, hence the posts dating from 2022. >>5431 Not sure it's something that popular here, but I have my own hit words when it comes to this subject ;)
hello friends, got me some new green tea, it's berry nice, have a comfy week
The elections ended where i live and the results are basically worse than ever, i got my tooth pulled and it was soo infected my dentist basically digged a hole in my gum but i get to silver 3 in HOTS and i am upgrading my headphone to a second hand SHP2500(my former was a horrible frankenstain monstrosity that used HP-190 as its shell) soo it is all good.
hello eberryone im feeling oddly lonely today but am overall comfy im alone most of the time and enjoy it but once in a while i get this feeling
>>5459 I know that feel lonebro.
>>5459 I get that feeling too sometimes, I do enjoy being by myself most of the time too, I guess it's natural
I feel like I've been neglecting this thread (and others) due to hanging out in puzzle thread so much recently. Sorry /comfy/, I'll try to do better.
>>5574 np anon, posting in /comfy/ is not mandatory, otherwise it woodn't be comfy :) But thanks for caring.
>hot shower with shampoo >a bowl of cereal in bed >while watching some Shrimpsons episodes Things will finally turn comfy. Have a nice day anon !
Skipped a test today. At the library studying. Way too many people here, did some work but I want to go back to my bedroom. I know I won't get anything done there since the looming presence of my mother will render me unable to even concentrate. Also I have not showered since last Friday morning. The bathtub is currently occupied by the drying rack. At least I'm listening to the Last Window soundtrack. Here you go, anons. Remember to play Hotel Dusk and Last Windows. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-qM2_rT4nQE
Open file (161.38 KB 998x800 eec-1041690671.jpeg)
>>5593 if you dont 'hey this is library' then you have no right to complain
Hope eberryone is doing fine. Popped on by to check for comfy video games, movies and anime for a friend of mine. >>5578 Sounds comfy! Mind if I what season you watched?
>>5596 They were all bretty quiet, I only mentioned it because it is usually not that crowded but I guess during exam week it is.
>>5600 >what season you watched? Currently I'm on the 20th.
Now that we've finished them all, which room wood you want to live in /comfy/?
>>5615 Combo of the 1st & 2nd so you'd have a full kitchen + full bathroom. Then I can go over to Wyatt Earp's place after work.
>>5616 Mediterranean room does have a full bathroom too. And a comfy little fireplace.
>>5615 The Mediterranean one.
>>5615 The first one reminds me of something from Chronopolis.
Open file (78.51 KB 411x503 sklt.jpeg)
Guys my back is hurting, I got sciatic pain.
>>5651 I hope it gets better soon Anon.
>>5651 Sounds painful. Is it because of age or your job? >>5615 The white room, I like the way you combined white and green in the furniture, plus the whole house has this sleek aspect to it. Modern, but cozy.
>>5654 >because Not my age as I'm in my mid thirties and still fresh, doing sports and have a decently healthy living. I think indirectly my job as it can be quite demanding. I cant' tell clearly but lately I work a lot and don't sleep enough. >>5652 Thanks anon, it's not that painful, just a bit crippling when doing some moves. Will go to the doctor and go for a smooth swimming session thursday.
>>5655 >Will go to the doctor and go for a smooth swimming session thursday. Yep I bet that will help. Deep musculature needs that kind of relaxed stretching to stay flexible. I'll pray for your healing to be pain-free soon Anon. Cheers. :)
>>5656 >I'll pray for your healing Thanks for your praying anon :)
>>5651 Tonight is better, almost felt nothing :)
>>5651 > sciatic pain thats sodomy according to your jpeg poofter
>>5669 Excellent! Thanks for letting us know Anon.
So tired today, will go swimming later. Hope eberrybody's alright.
>>5689 Get feeling better. Hope you have a great swim today Anon! Cheers. :)
>>5690 There was LOT of people at a point it was sometimes difficult to swim correctly. Anyway I was in the need for it so it was more than welcome.
Wood any /comfy/ anons volunteer for the next icup? They are in dire need of someone to simulate the games. /icup/ at anon.cafe https://anon.cafe/icup/res/5026.html
It's berry humid today but it doesn't seem to be as blisteringly hot as it did all last year.
after a long time I decided i'll make these my new place to return to. how is eberrything /comfy/?
>>5771 Trying to keep myself busy learning things. How are things going with you Anon?
>>5771 Welcome back anon, nice to see you again :) I'm tired today but hollidays are starting, the weather is nice and I have a date so it's quite good there. Hope you're fine.
I was able to pick this year's first peppers from the garden this morning. It's gonna be a good day.
>>5775 Sounds promising Anon! :)

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