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Anon 07/19/2021 (Mon) 12:52:33 No.5261
>Nanochan base >remove name, email and sage options (no attention-seeking hobbits!) >remove eberry formatting option except quotes and links (isn't plaintext UTF-8 enough?) >remove images (they are more often than not cacaty irrelevant wojaks and avatars) >no /pol/ board Ah yes, perfect-chan. Don't you agree?
>>5261 Anon, I... Nobody wood use it, not even granny lain LARPers. Now go back to 4chan and enjoy your dopamine hits.
>>5261 >>remove images (they are more often than not cacaty irrelevant wojaks and avatars) That's not a great idea for attracting members below the age of 40. Text-only BBS are not berry popular. A better idea if one where to not want avatarfriending and wojakposting wood be to simply make avatarfriending and wojaks a reportable offense. I genuinely never see anyone posting wojaks outside of the big chans though. I think kind is kinda like that though, no names at least.
>>5267 lainons are berry modern and hip, of course they wovldn't use it. Images give a post chewyness, texture, elevate it beyond just banter and info.
>remove formatting >remove images >remove posting entirely >remove all boards now THAT is the perfect chan
>>5275 i'm already a user
>>5275 >add grassy meadows, blue sky, and clouds >add trees and a river >add birds and deer and rabbits yep... I'm thinking its perfect bros
>implying I don't have an imageboard on my local network where I'm the only user its for dev purposes and image transfer, but it's not bad >>5261 >they are more often than not poopy irrelevant wojaks and avatars No offense intended; browse better imageboards. There's one that's been up and famous since '07 and you can count the wojak-derivative images on one hand. Maybe two hands if you include threads still up from 2014. (And yes, they don't have a /pol/ board. All politics in one thread, which is mostly dead. It's unintentionally an honorary /comfy/ site) >isn't plaintext UTF-8 enough? 🤷 I'm not going to say a perfect-chan, as a graphics person, but it wood rank berry highly provided enough content and users existed. >>5270 >I genuinely never see anyone posting wojaks outside of the big chans though. To overgeneralize, I notice three crowds of alt. imageboard users; those there for niche interests, those there for less moderation (often politics-related, drama-related or wojak-related) and those there to escape 4chan's increasingly monotonous anti-culture.
>>5261 maybe you wood like to use a textboard instead
>>5838 Not OP, but I visit a few textboards from time to time. I wish they were more popular, it's berry slow to the point of being almost dead, sometimes there are several days with no new posts at all. https://4-ch.net/4ch.html <-- Ancient, my favorite. https://dis.tinychan.net/ https://dis.4ct.org/ Might be interesting if some of the bigger altchans opened textboards to increase interest in other existing textboards as well, but I fear they'd just be dead on arrival.
>>5270 >simply make avatarfriending and wojaks a reportable offense. If only moderation there wasn't a problem...It used to be good, but it is really bad now. I'm probably steering clear because the place is either run by glowies, in bad hands or they're not being berry responsive enough with junk posting.
>>5831 Sounds great, please share the site.

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