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Open file (1.90 MB 2736x3648 comfycirno.jpg)
So anons, how's your life going? Anon 07/09/2021 (Fri) 20:33:28 No.5219
Me, I'm thinking of getting the ASVAB because well... I don't exactly know where to go in my life than just being a neet and I don't want that. Might as well make my self useful huh
>>5219 Becoming a ZOGbot from this point forward wood be a serious mistake in my opinion OP. Bolshevik-in-Chief Queen Neighbour Kamihaha isn't going to treat you berry well, on that you can rest assured. Do you have any skills on your own yet?
>>5220 Skills? Nope not really I'm hoping I can at least get in and fix computers because with those I'm at least knowledgable on how to fix and diagnose those stuff (ie use Google efficiently lol) What about you anon, you doing good?
>>5221 >I'm hoping I can at least get in and fix computers because with those I'm at least knowledgable on how to fix and diagnose those stuff (ie use Google efficiently lol) Well, exactly that Anon. Get a job doing computer work for your bread. If you become skilled at Linux Administration, you can bank money here on the outside. Far better than stepping into the absolute cesspool of degeneracy that the US military is being transformed into in current year. At the berry least have a looooong talk with any military/veterans so you know something about what you're getting into. >What about you anon, you doing good? Yep, learning how to program pretty much six days a week. I still have a long way to go, but I've come a long way already too.
>>5219 >finally ready to be healthy, again >after a month and a half of dieting get sicknes that won't go away clockwork
>>5260 oof the fug happened anon
>>5260 When you say 'dieting', do you mean eating healthily and avoiding snacks? Or are you referring to those 'crash' diets in which people lose weight really quickly? If it is the latter, you are basically starving yourself and depriving your body of vital nutrients and could run the risk of irreparable damage. See a doctor.
>>5219 I trully dont know. Rn I'm studying in one of the best unis in my country. Also, I already have some decent job in the field of science I currently studying. I have loving parents and no problems with health so far. But I dont know, I feel empty for some reason. I have some tasks to be done but for about a month I mostly dont have a willpower to even play a game or smth like that. Sorry, if this is wrong thread for my bullcaca but its the only place I could think of to post. Sorry.
>>5285 You don't have willpower... to play a game? That's not what willpower is for.
Open file (146.82 KB 960x720 Melon.jpg)
Just wanted to say i ate the best melon in my life some days ago. I left it out for a couple days more to ripen up extra, chilled it in the fridge for another day or two and then picked out the fruit with an ice cream scoop. Separated the big scoops from the small shavings in different plates and chilled them both for 10-15 minutes more in the freezer. Quite refreshing and sweet, at times it felt more like honeywater rather than juice. Cheaper than a dessert and as good as one from a normal restaurant.
Open file (44.18 KB 540x360 No.mp4)
To be quite honest: It could be better. I've been trying to make something, a dApp or something similar, that I can put on future resumes, but I can't stick with anything. I build a frontend, and then I get another idea and I drop the previous one. And so forth. Also, I hate my current job. But I work for one of the best employers in my region, so I don't really have a reason, and I feel guilty for disliking it. >>5285 >I'm studying in one of the best unis in my country. Also, I already have some decent job in the field of science I currently studying. I have loving parents and no problems with health so far. I'm berry jealous, anon. Don't mess it up. I had to drop out because I'm a schizo, and it messed up my life to a certain degree. Stick to it. Your efforts will be worthwhile.
Open file (447.17 KB 746x2192 0c7.png)
>>5219 Military's great if you get an interesting/useful job you can learn things useful outside with. Donr be a grunt or a truck driver. Lifes been steadily improving. Working through some life long phobias/mental health issues, learning 2 code, and spending most days reading, studying, exercising, or playing fighting games with friends Maybe cheesy, but feels like I can attribute a lot of recent improvement to mental improvement I got from implenting buddhism/meditation practices into daily life. Been a while since I felt this at ease in life, hope you all succeed in finding inner tranquility and kindness through your own ways
We finally hired a new guy and stopped being understaffed about a month ago. Things have been slowly getting better since, I'm able to relax more and I have energy to do things after work (besides sitting at the computer doing nothing useful). So I started reading SICP and got back into exercising for the first time in over a year. Feels nice overall.
I'm 5 years deep on a 6 years contract, don't quacking sell your soul to the military. That pit of purpose you might be lacking; the only thing the military can fill it with is suffering. When I was in A school 2 of my classmates killed themselves, the trend continues throughout the military only you get less sensitive to it. It never gets any better; I don't expect it to get better when I get out, I only hope it will stop getting worse.
>>5375 >the only thing the military can fill it with is suffering. You are w.eak anon >When I was in A school 2 of my classmates ki.lled themselves Maybe you should consider sui.cide we.akling
smelly post
Open file (558.77 KB 521x716 farming asiatic clams.png)
>>5380 You first friend. :-)
Open file (47.34 KB 512x512 Mmm.jpg)
I got an 87 on my asvab. Navy air. Went in for four years, quacked a bunch of kids in the orient, got out, got a cacaload of benefits that will stay with me forever, free drinks at bars, discounts at restaurants, free pills for whatever etc. Was fun, but my family company is doing well and I don't ever really have to work again. So except for last year, I just fly around finding kids of different continents and hiking/backpacking. Getting kinda old though. Gonna hit 40 soon.
Open file (2.06 MB 3600x3000 New_World_Order.jpg)
>>5219 >back in college full-time >got a job working 30 hrs/wk >running eberry other day >practicing spanish >reading more It feels nice to be doing something with my life, but I'm so tired...
>>5845 my goodness sounds like a recipe for burnout (if i were in your shoes)
Life should be going good. New job that I really wanted with lots of training and potential. Health is going OK. Spooky season is imminent. But, I'm feelin kinda lonesome. Got a case of the melancholy. Wood like someone nice to hold hands with and look at the sea.
>>5848 Wood, not wood. But I was thinking of a nice forest walk to be fair
>>5849 You shouldn't try to fight the filters, to bee honey.
Working on living the r9k life of surviving off disabilitybux. And by working I mean waiting months and months between eberry interaction with the disability offices.
>>5867 Nice dog.
>>5867 >disability ssi or ssdi? I got ssdi, I guess because I was and am somewhat working part time and my living circumstance I am living with my parents and I can't afford to pay the fair share because the cost is too high but my lawyer got me out of ssi. your mother is probably gonna control your check just like my mother is. This is why I work part time and mother feels berry controlling. I honestly don't know to do once my parents retire because they are moving somewhere far away. >>5845 >practicing spanish you have someone to speak to in Spanish? Berry good for odd jobs but language learning is pointless if you can't practice taking with someone otherwise you will only know how to read or listen but you will not what to say in real time. I think talking is the first to lost once stop using the language because I understand spanish but I can't remember any of words, like it is on the tip of tongue but can't remember what the words are anymore. I honestly want to learn Portuguese because there are lots Brazilians in my area but I am afriad I will neglect Portuguese just like I did with spanish
>>5870 Nah, I'm just building up vocab at the moment and reading/listening to podcasts. But I'm in Florida, so finding someone to talk to shouldn't be hard.
>>5358 Update: he quit. To work at the grocery store, of all places. And for some reason my boss doesn't want to hire another guy. So now I'm considering either A) finding a new job that's less stressful or B) resuming my search for a shrink, hoping to find a better way once I have the mental strength. Problem with A is that there's few/no jobs in my line of work around here, so I'd have to move. It honestly sounds really difficult, like I'd have to find both a job and a place at around the same time so one doesn't get snatched up before I can get the other. With B, I'd have to find one that's available on weekends. I don't want to regularly take time off on a weekday and have my boss ask me what's going on.
Open file (4.96 MB 1923x1080 1578736427516.png)
>>5219 woah surprised that my thread is still going dang >>5356 >>5375 >>5390 I got 81 on my ASVAB and got in for AV (Avionics Technicians) cause quack it might as well be working on some of the coolest caca on the planet (well that is if I got working on jets lol)

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