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Anon 07/02/2021 (Fri) 04:01:31 No.5207
Hdllo comfy, any ideas to make the image in the left to the one in right but also from several bunch of angles? also means that the whole motion will also adhere to the perspective of sorts? oh, also, MaNUALLY. i figured you can motion the system thru basic perspective idea but then the movement don actually follow perspective of sorrs...
>>5207 no one knows what your talking about if you mean rendering a 3d object through different perspectives then you just use a matrix and swap x,y,z coordinates in your renderer eg. top view [x,y,z] left view [y,z,x] right view [x,z,y] bottom view [z,x,y]
Use Matlab or wolfram (wolfram is caca but is good at 3D). Python could also work. Whatever program you’re using anon I’d stop using that program.

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